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Do escorts really mean it when they say these 13 things?

Everyone knows that when you’re an escort, you’re playing a role. For your clients, you are their fantasy woman. Each sentence you speak and move you make is observed closely by the men you meet, and your actions have to be well-calculated in order to play into the dreams your clients have created in their minds. To fulfill their pretend realities, you are required to tell lies.
Most of the time, these lies are innocent ones that fall into the category of “little white lies”. However, more serious ones are required when it comes time to protect your secret from family and friends who might disapprove of your career choice.
The success of telling lies that are believable relies on their simplicity and consistency. Crazy embellishments and extensive details are rarely necessary, and your lies must be simple enough for you to remember them, so you can repeat them without variation. Lying really isn’t so difficult; but, people often make it much more complicated than it has to be.
Throughout your career (and personal life) you probably tell several lies. Here are the top 13 most common lies that escorts tell their clients and others:

  1. Oh, that feels good!” Of course, you don’t want your clients to know that the ways they rub your breasts or squeeze your butt cheeks don’t do anything for you. They need to feel that they are the world’s greatest lovers. As a result, your moans and groans of faked ecstasy are required. And, if a client hits on something that is mildly satisfying, you are going to jump on it by telling him it feels really good. Your clients yearn to feel like they are exciting lovers. And, many of them seek reassurance that they can pleasure a woman. The male ego can be incredibly fragile when it comes to sex and intimacy, and it’s your job to build your clients up, even if it requires fake praise. And, because women’s preferences vary, your client could very well please some other woman with his bedroom moves. So, your little white lies may not be true for you, but they could apply for another woman down the line.
  2. I’m 29 years old.” No woman wants to admit her real age when she starts getting a few more candles on their birthday cake. However, despite your best efforts, you can’t stop time. But, with a good diet, healthy lifestyle and wholesome habits, you can dodge the age bullet to an extent. Women lie about their age all the time in other industries and in their personal lives. As long as the lie you are telling is believable, your indiscretion is excusable. Saying you’re 29 when you are actually 33 is no big deal, especially if you look younger than you are. However, an escort who claims she is 22 years old, and she’s clearly 40, is deceiving her clients unfairly. Keep this in mind as you market yourself and develop a successful career. (You can’t say you’re 22 or 23 years old forever!) Clients actually cause many escorts to market themselves as younger than they actually are, due to their desires to be with younger women. But, more mature escorts are getting bigger and bigger pieces of the pie as men learn to appreciate the experience and wisdom that comes with age.
  3. I weigh 107 pounds.” Clients consistently ask escorts how much they weigh, as if knowing an escort’s weight is going to tell them what her body looks like. Weight is a subjective way to judge a person’s appearance. Women carry pounds very differently. And, a woman who is 5’8″ and weighs 125 pounds is going to look much different than one who is 5’3″ and weighs the same. Additionally, women who are more muscular will weigh more than their counterparts who are not toned up, but they may actually have slimmer waistlines. Because escorts know that clients put a lot of stock into how much they weigh, lying about weight is a significant trend across the industry. However, if you do lie about your weight, make sure that your number is believable. Don’t attempt to deceive a client into thinking that you’re a thinner escort if you’re actually a bit pudgy.
  4. You are so handsome, smart, funny, etc…” Escorts want their clients to feel good about themselves during an encounter. They dish out compliments ranging from loving a client’s body hair to thinking his feet are sexy. Some escorts find genuine compliments to give their clients, such as telling him that his laugh makes her happy or that his eyes are a pretty color. However, sometimes the niceties handed out are completely false and only for the client’s benefit. Escorts know that part of their role is to create a positive, accepting environment for their clients; and, these kinds of lies help to do this.
  5. You are my first client today.” Clients often want to know if they are an escort’s first encounter of the day. They also ask questions about how many clients an escort sees each day. Some escorts simply refuse to answer the questions, through obvious avoidance of the issue or changing the subject. Others, though, make up answers that they think will satisfy their clients. These lies really don’t matter in the whole scheme of things; they are usually to make a client feel more comfortable, which is the overall goal of the entire encounter. When you are asked this, avoid telling your client that you’ve actually had several bookings throughout the day. He doesn’t want to hear this. Just go along with what you think he wants to hear, unless you’ve already indicated otherwise.
  6. You are my favorite client!” Each of your regular clients want to believe that you like them best out of all of your clients. They want to think that you would drop everything for them, if they wanted to schedule a spur-of-the-moment encounter. And, to keep them happy, you want them to feel that way, too. So, you lie and tell each of them that he is your favorite client. You may even embellish your falsehood by giving him a reason that you love seeing him best, such as he’s always in a good mood, he’s so excited every time or he’s the best kisser. It’s not hard to tell this lie, especially since you know it makes your guys so happy. And, if your clients really think about it, they probably realize that you tell all of your regulars this, too.
  7. I would date you if we had met under different circumstances.” Some clients push for relationships that cross the boundaries of the escort/client relationship. If you are not interested in pursuing anything different with your client, it’s best to ease the blow to his ego by telling him that your policy is simply not to date clients and that you would definitely have dated him if your situations were different. By telling him this, you are making no promises and are informing him that a relationship is off limits as far as you are concerned. However, you didn’t come out and tell him that normally he wouldn’t have a chance in any way to date you; you left him feeling good about himself, which is your mission as an escort.
  8. I’m the girl next door.” Most escorts are similar, at least in some way, to the image they use to brand themselves through their online marketing. However, it’s a lie to claim that you are exactly as your image says you are. Each escort creates a personality that she thinks her clients will like. Some women transform themselves into champagne sipping, designer-clad society women. Others tame their language and wild ways to be the innocent country girl. Many escorts are not exactly as they appear to their clients. Their images are important marketing tools, but they aren’t usually a true description of who they actually are. By claiming that you are something you’re not to your clients, you are telling a lie…albeit a necessary one.
  9. I’m all booked up.” When you have a client who you don’t actually want to see, it’s common to tell him that you’re all booked up, even when you aren’t. It happens that sometimes you’re considering cutting a client loose, but you want to avoid the drama and scene associated with telling a client you don’t want to call anymore. So, you turn him down a few times by telling him you’re booked up. Maybe he will get the picture and move on to a more available escort. This helps you to save face from telling someone you don’t want him as a client, and it enables a client to avoid a negative experience. While some escorts elect to simply tell a client the truth, this white lie creates fewer problems much of the time.
  10. I’m not sleeping with anyone else, honey!” Escorts with significant others who don’t know about their secret careers believe the promises of fidelity. Never assuming their partner is intimate with not just one other man, but many others, boyfriends are usually kept in the dark about the sexual activities an escort is involved in. It is necessary for an escort to lie to a boyfriend who will fail to understand her career choice. However, she must realize that this lie could easily come back to haunt her in the future, despite the status of her career at the time.
  11. I work as an X” Lying to friends and family members about what you actually do for a living is a common problem for escorts. Cover stories about working as a consultant, in a restaurant, through a temp agency and many other lies are used to conceal the fact that the escort industry pays the bills. Most escorts are afraid of the judgment, disappointment and anger that family members and friends will feel if they really knew the truth. So, it’s easier to avoid hurting others by making up lies.
  12. My most previous employment was as a marketing professional.” Escorts have huge gaps in their resumes when they decide to return to the “traditional” workforce. To fight this problem, they may falsify their resumes to include a recent position that will make them look as though they have been steadily working in the conventional world, instead of earning their money through alternative means. Escorts have to be cautious when they do this; HR managers are notorious for checking up on resumes. If it’s discovered that you lied on your resume, you won’t be considered for a job.
  13. I think sex work is disgusting.” Most escorts have to hide their true feelings (and knowledge) about the sex work industry. Because their friends, family members and coworkers do not realize that they are engulfed deeply in a taboo world of sex, escorts have to maintain a status quo attitude about escorting, sex workers, promiscuity and other legal issues that deal with individual rights and the human body. It can be quite stifling to feel forced to conceal your real beliefs, but it often proves necessary.

Lying all of the time can become a habit for escorts, especially for those who find it easy to do. It’s possible to become superficial in your conversations with others, interjecting fake compliments and praise. You may find yourself embellishing true stories to make them sound more interesting. And, the truth may become extremely boring to you. Some escorts get so wrapped up in their lies, they don’t even realize they are doing it.
Some lies can seriously damage relationships, if the truth is discovered. Escorts have to come clean when this happens and attempt to mend those ties. It’s difficult, but to have a regular life, it’s a requirement.

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