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Welcome to Swedish Angels Toronto, a leading Toronto Escort Agency providing top quality companionship. We cater to a clientele who appreciates fine taste, and will settle for nothing but the best escorts in Toronto. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of service, discretion and confidentiality for both our Toronto escort service providers and our clientele alike. We offer a wide selection of fine Toronto escorts to suit every taste. We rank among the top escort agencies in Toronto for top notch customer service.

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Swedish Angels are a rich and delectable confection for the discerning taste. They each have an enchanting style and elegance, enrobed in their own unique and distinct exterior. But beauty is not only skin deep with these authentic delights that would please even the most discriminating sampler. A plethora of taste, with an excitingly wide and tempting range of flavours, they are delightful mouth watering treasures to be desired, savoured and enjoyed thoroughly. Swedish Angels are perfectly blended to create a truly refined taste sensation.

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Our business does not associate itself with prostitution. We exchange money for services which provide time and companionship. These services are provided based on the consent of two or more adults over the age of 18. We do not force our escorts to do things they are not comfortable doing. Likewise, we do not force you to make choices which are not comfortable for you.

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Welcome to Swedish Angels Models Toronto, a classy Escort Service Promotion Agency based in Toronto serving Mississauga, Scarborough, Airport the GTA. We promote professional models that have the right touch of sophistication & beauty, which today's modern gentleman seeks for his companionship needs. Platinum models has a companion to match your busy lifestyle.

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Sex workers could be forced to ‘risk their lives’ if prostitution bill c-36 passes, escort service owner says


Swedish Angels Escorts Toronto Ontario. We are an elite, upscale, premium escort agency.

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9 reasons why escorts should grant clients’ weird requests
February 26, 2013 | For escorts, Marketing

All escorts may agree that clients can come up with some pretty crazy things they hope to experience during an encounter. As a result, escorts are sometimes a bit unprepared for their clients’ creativity. Provided that an activity does not compromise escort’s health and safety, putting it on the “NEVER!” list may result in predictable, cookie-cutter encounters.

Wheel of fortune

This is perfectly fine for an escort with a strongly established client list. But escorts who are building up their client lists may be well suited to accept some odd requests along the way.

Additionally, well-established escorts may also find it entertaining and a journey from the “norm” when she fulfills a client’s unique desire.

Here are the top 9 reasons an escort should grant clients’ weird requests:

1. It costs you nothing. Many times, a client will make a request that will not cause you to put out any money in order to fulfill. For instance, if foot worship isn’t really something on your list of services, it still won’t cost you anything to allow a client to lick and suck your toes. Just make sure you wear a good pair of stockings and stilettos. Clients may ask for special treatment or a role play situation that only requires you to use a bit of creativity. Most requests don’t require any kind of financial investment in order to make them happen. Keeping in mind that the encounter won’t cost you a dime, there really isn’t much of an argument against going along with a client.

2. It could be fun. Clients sometimes spend all day dreaming up ideas for escort encounters. They have a lot of creativity and pent up anticipation. They may ask an escort to fulfill an odd request, with the disappointed anticipation already in place that he will be denied. A client whose odd scenario is accepted is going to be the happiest client you see all week. As a result, his enthusiasm may rub off on you, making the encounter the most fun one you’ve had in a long time. Don’t judge an encounter idea as being too silly, juvenile or just plain goofy until you’ve thought it over a bit more. Realize that once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with being goofy.

3. Your client is a loyal regular. It’s difficult to accept an off-the-wall request from a client you don’t know and have never met before. Not only is a first encounter sometimes awkward, but it would be even more weird when it involves a service you’re not accustomed to providing. First encounters should always be comfortable. However, if one of your regular clients has a unique proposition for you, consider it. You and he are used to one another and have a good rapport. You’ve already established your relationship. As a favor to a good client, it’s a wise decision to follow through with his fantasy, unless it crosses one of your personal boundaries. By conceding to his special quandary, you may make him feel special and appreciated. He may even feel that he is your favorite client, which will inspire him into increase loyalty and regularity.

4. The client will pay extra for the privilege. If a client wants to be tied down and tickled with a feather all afternoon, go for it—especially if he’s going to kick in an extra $100. Many clients know their requests are different, and they are willing to pay for the activity and the discretion that goes along with it. A client may want to simply dress up in your lingerie and put on make up with you. Or, he may have something else that is far from the norm for him. Regardless, if he’s willing to pay extra for the task, take him up on his offer.

5. The requested encounter may actually take less work for you. Working as an escort is hard: it’s physically and emotionally demanding. You must be willing and able to perform a non-stop sex marathon for clients if they wish, and also be his confidant, therapist and best friend, all at the same time. But, when clients request special services that are straying from the traditional, they often require less work from you. Sometimes a client just wants to cuddle and watch you pleasure yourself. Others may want you to give him a bath or wash his hair. Don’t look at a request skeptically; most times clients are very direct about their simple desires. And these desires will often require less effort on your part than a full-fledged encounter.

6. Call your client’s bluff. If you’ve established a regular relationship with a client, he may tease you about his “fantasy” encounter, which is full of weird elements. He may expect that you are far too traditional or stuck in your ways to grant him his perverse or taboo request. Surprise your client with your open-mindedness and stretch your services a bit to oblige him. Your client may be so surprised it takes him a few minutes to fully engage in his requested activity. Seeing the surprise on his face may be worth a full week of encounters for your own personal pleasure.

7. Consider it a way you can expand your services. Some escorts get repeat business because they provide unique services. Not every escort is into giving a client a golden shower. If some odd request by a client is something you find you can endure (and maybe even enjoy), you may have found a new line of services you can offer to select clients. You may be able to attract a whole different group of clientele as a result of your new services. And, if after trying something new and different with a client you conclude that it’s not really for you, add it to the “NEVER!” list.

8. You may earn a great review. You should never feel forced into providing any kind of service for an exchange of a good review. However, if your client usually gives you decent ratings, he may provide a stellar review for you if you go the extra mile to grant his oddball request. An escort may even go as far to inform her client that she expects a review that will really boost her ratings as a result of her willingness to try something new to fulfill a client fantasy. Look for the review afterward. If the client follows through, consider being open to his future requests.

9. Business is slow. When times are slow, it’s tempting to take on clients that are questionable in order to make ends meet. Additionally, it may be appropriate to fulfill that odd request from a client that you got a few weeks back. Perhaps, you put him off, in order to think about his fantasy. If business is slow, you should contact him to see if he’s still interested in doing that weird thing he asked about. If he is, make it happen. Slow weeks call for creativity on your part. And, picking up on client requests that you didn’t fulfill in the past is a great way to generate some extra business.

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Can escorts coast through on good looks alone?
March 13, 2013 | For escorts, Health

Of course, one of the unspoken requirements to being an escort is to be blessed with beauty. While not every escort is goddess-grade beautiful, most women who enter the industry are attractive, pretty or cute at the very least. Yet there are many other traits and skills that escorts should have in order to become successful as a professional companion.

Unfortunately, some escorts don’t fully think through how they will acquire success; they simply assume that their good looks alone will get them by.

This is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Any escort who relies on her appearance as her main way to attract clients will fail in the long run. Despite having a short run of success, escorts who don’t continue to put in the effort required to remain profitable will never reach their potential. Coasting through on your looks may get you some perks, but it takes much more to accomplish a prosperous career. Consider these ways that your looks may let you down:

1. Your looks aren’t going to last forever. Although a woman may be lucky enough to have great genes, she isn’t going to look 20-something for the rest of her life. Fine lines and wrinkles start to appear, skin may lose its elasticity and sun spots may show up out of nowhere. Dark circles, bags under the eyes or other side effects of stress may demonstrate themselves on your face. Despite your best efforts to retain your beauty and youth, your good looks will mature. And, while you may still be beautiful, your appearance won’t be that of your youth. Many escorts try to stretch out their beauty for as long as possible with the aid of cosmetic surgery, but the fact remains that beauty fades over time. An escort who relies solely on her looks is decreasing her chances for success in the long haul. If you are depending on your looks to put money in the bank for you, disappointment may be the end result in a few years.

2. Clients need something other than your appearance to draw them in. Most of the escorts out there are good looking. They may all offer something that varies: hair color, complexion, body type, eye hue, heritage or other physical attributes that differentiate them from others. However, as a client is making choices about which escorts to choose, he appreciates something more than just blonde vs. brunette as criteria to use in his decision. He wants to know if an escort is light-hearted or serious, innocent or naughty, and smart or ditzy, for example. He often looks for an escort who sees herself as more than just a pretty face. Women who rely exclusively on their looks are usually stereotyped as vain and self-centered. If you can’t project something else about yourself other than your beauty, clients may not line up at your door for bookings. While your beauty is a definite trait in your favor, it won’t guarantee your success.

3. Your appearance can’t compete with great marketing. Even if you’re the most gorgeous escort in your region or city, you must be able to market yourself effectively in order to attract quality clients. Other escorts become marketing specialists as they promote their services to interested clients. They spin an appeal to clients that features all of their best traits along with emphasis on their beauty in order to create a package, so to speak, that clients can’t turn down. They learn how to draw clients in, how to play up their best attributes (physically and otherwise) and ways to promote themselves that your good looks, alone, won’t do for you. If you fail to reach out to prospective clients in powerful, marketable ways, you will lose them to escorts who are willing to put in the work to craft a sense of allure around themselves and what they have to offer.

4. Beauty can’t apologize for disorganization. Seasoned, successful escorts know the importance of being organized and prepared. Scheduling clients is sometimes challenging, working around their routines and obligations and still meeting your available slots. It may take creativity and flexibility; but, it most importantly requires organization in order to ensure that you aren’t overbooking or double-booking yourself. Keeping track of clients is hard, too, but it’s necessary in order to weed out timewasters, creeps and security risks. Clients may ask for special services that require preparation or planning to provide. For example, a client might ask for a special role-play scenario that requires you to bring along a sexy outfit as you meet him for an outcall. Forgetting to bring the costume makes fulfilling the client request impossible. Additionally, escorts have to keep themselves organized to ensure they have plenty of condoms and lube with them, along with other supplies or clothing necessary for encounters. Wet wipes, make-up for after the encounter and a change of clothes is often helpful to have along with you when outcall bound. And, finally, organization is required to know where/when you’re supposed to go for outcalls. Knowing the address, how to get there and how long it will take ensure on-time arrival. Disorganized escorts often see clients unprepared and late. Clients don’t often forgive this type of unprofessionalism just because an escort is pretty.

5. Good screening skills trump good looks. Escorts have to be able to keep themselves safe in order to be successful. Experienced escorts develop screening methods that research the background of clients to check them out for security threats. The client’s name, address, profession and other details are researched to prove that he is actually who he claims he is and to verify if he has any criminal history record. Escorts who don’t rely on a screening process leave themselves open to all kinds of risks including robbery, rape, assault, murder, and, even, arrest. Escorts can’t just naturally assume that their good looks will keep them safe; their beauty might, in fact, attract someone who might want to hurt her. So, it’s important to develop proper and strong screening skills to avoid risky situations. (Of course, even the best screening methods may miss something, and a client may slip through who is dangerous or threatening.)

6. Your good looks can’t help you think on your feet. Across the board, successful escorts have one trait in common: common sense and the ability to think quickly. Running into all sorts of situations as an escort, you must be able to come up with solutions to challenges quickly and convincingly. Escorts are stopped at reception desks at hotels all the time, with the hotel manager inquiring about their presence there. They have to be able to quickly think of a story that will get them upstairs without any suspicion. Clothing malfunctions, scheduling conflicts and unexpected client requests may leave escorts temporarily baffled about what to say or do. But, because they are accustomed to working off the cuff, they can talk their way out of nearly anything. However, an escort who simply relies on her appearance to get her by will be extremely disappointed when her looks fail her.

7. Communication skills are much more necessary than attractiveness. An escort may render a client speechless with her beauty, but she had to be able to communicate with him in the first place to schedule the encounter. Some clients require a lot of persuasion or coaxing to schedule that first booking. Others need some encouragement at the beginning of a session to move past that awkward first-meeting discomfort. Sometimes, clients need instruction about how to do something, including how to get to your incall or ways to pay your rates. Escorts have to be able to clearly and concisely communicate with clients about all things ranging from services to expectations to general interests. An escort who is uncomfortable chatting up a client may lack success, because she is unpersonable or shy. A client may think she’s stuck up or overly reserved, choosing to contact a different escort next time, instead. And, clients who don’t understand the whole escort/client routine may get mixed messages or unclear instructions from an escort who can’t clearly communicate her thoughts.

8. Good looks won’t put money in the bank. Escorts who can’t count their pennies or attend to basic business concerns will find themselves lacking a career they can rely upon. Business matters are an essential element to a successful escorting career. From managing website hosting to making wise investments to coordinating your banking accounts, you have to have a head for business (or learn about the required tasks to make your business function). Paying bills, saving money, filing taxes and keeping necessary paperwork are integral parts of keeping your business legit and creating a reliable way of doing business. Escorts who fail to treat their profession as a business will find themselves in trouble with the IRS or under other intense scrutiny. Even the best looking escort has to file taxes. She also has to save for a rainy day (or slow months). Business sense may be inherent or acquired, but it’s as important to a successful escorting career as your appearance.

9. Intelligence and general smarts will get you much further than your looks. Clients may initially be attracted to you due to your beauty, but they will become long-term clients because of your stimulating conversation. Most clients want an escort they can talk to intelligently and who understands various subjects. Your general intellect will allow you to converse about many topics, especially if you take some time to do a bit of research ahead of time. Furthermore, your street smarts may keep you out of trouble. Street smarts may be defined many ways, but it boils down to being able to read people and their intentions. A comment that could be taken innocently may actually mean something much more serious, and it takes that sense about people to be able to infer the true significance. Experienced escorts can tell many things about a client right off the bat, just from watching and observing him. Their street sense and intellect allow them to put together what they know and what they see in order to assemble a large-picture view of a client. It helps you know what to expect. Often, it gives you warning to cut a client short as he progresses into activities that you don’t want to be a part of or suggests services you aren’t willing to provide.

10. General beauty is nothing compared to kindness and patience. Sometimes, escorts work with clients who are damaged goods. They have been unlucky in love, rejected by those who should love them and don’t know how to romance a woman. Escorts must exhibit kindness, patience, compassion and generosity for these ugly duckling clients who are simply looking for affection and a place for acceptance. Unless you serve a niche where kindness and compassion don’t fit in (as a dominatrix, for example), your main goal for clients is to give them pleasure and kindness. If you are unable to offer these things, it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are. Clients won’t come back to see you if you don’t make them feel appreciated and important. Take your time with them, give them affection and allow them to feel as though there is no place you’d rather be than with them. Combine that with your beauty, and you’re set for success!

11. An escort without a sense of humor is about as useless as one without condoms. Escorts meet up with all sorts of characters through their careers. From odd and creepy to handsome and charming, clients run the gamut of stereotypes and personality traits. They have unexpected fantasies, fetish requests and emotional issues that may create challenging encounters. Though many experiences may be unsettling or uncomfortable (even maddening), it’s better to laugh about them than to dwell on them. Also, sex is funny. Bodily fluids, naked genitals and humorous sounds are all part of sex, which can be downright hilarious if you look at it with a sense of humor. Clients appreciate an escort who can laugh at herself and the situation. Additionally, many are attracted to women who are witty and funny. (They also secretly want a woman to laugh at their jokes, regardless of how bad they may be.) So, when you factor in the humor of sex, the situations you may find yourself in and just joviality, in general, being able to laugh is necessary and is much more important than being a beauty queen.

It’s obvious that an escort’s appearance may be the first thing a client notices. However, your appearance, alone, doesn’t ensure that you will find success as an escort. And even though being hot doesn’t hurt, it takes hard work and many traits to consistently attract clients for a long-term career.

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How long would an escort last without the sense of humor?
June 4, 2013 | For escorts, Health, Safety

An escort’s lifestyle consists of daily challenges ranging from scheduling obstacles to unpleasant clients, in addition to normal irritations that are bound to happen to anyone. And, like any other career where you deal with people, a sense of humor is required in order to keep the peace and your sanity. Escorting is a profession that puts you into any number of awkward situations, causes you to have to think on your feet and requires a great deal of patience to get through encounters, little lone an entire day.

Being able to laugh at your work and life, in general, is a necessity. As proof, here are the top 11 reasons to have a sense of humor as an escort:

1. Sex is funny. There is no doubt about the fact that anything that involves bodily fluids, natural body noises and weird limb positioning is going to be humorous. Even though sex and physical intimacy is a very serious issue, especially when pleasure is concerned, there are many things about sex that are often perceived as funny when you’re in the middle of the act. Escorts see their clients contort and twist their faces in odd ways during the point of climax, which is sometimes extremely funny. Sounds associated with sex are often embarrassing (vaginal flatulence, or queefs, and a client’s strange grunting noises). But, the embarrassment can often be laughed away with a simple joke or smile. Escorts may become impatient with their client’s proclamations during orgasm (“Oh, God, Oh, God!!!”), but they can usually become much more tolerant when they are able to find humor in their words. Actually a ridiculous physical act when you really think about it, sex is hilarious, and escorts have a front-row seat to all the action.

2. Clients say and do weird things. Humor helps escorts to accept the actions and statements of clients that might otherwise be offensive or hurtful. Often, clients are nervous, so they do awkward things and forget to display the respect or consideration they do in everyday life with others. They may show up to an encounter with an anti-social attitude or say rude things to an escort, as a result of a bad day or week. However, being able to laugh at the client’s behavior helps to make a bad situation an acceptable one. And, when an escort gets a particularly odd client, it’s much better to find a bit of good-natured humor in his actions or looks than to think negatively of him or the encounter.

3. Humor relieves stress associated with being an escort. Escorts incur a lot of stress due to many issues. They worry about their secret lives being revealed to the public and discovered by their loved ones. Escorts deal with clients they don’t always find to be the most pleasant. They stress over how to best please their clients to create the best encounters possible. Significant social stigma is attached to escorts’ professional careers, which can be a cause for stress and concern. Overall, there is a lot to worry about when you’re an escort. But, laughter is scientifically proven to reduce stress and promote overall health. When you laugh, you increase your oxygen intake, which not only stimulates the lungs, heart and muscles, but it also increases the endorphins released by your brain, helping to relax you and make you feel better. Laughter also increases circulation, which helps to loosen tightened muscles.

4. A sense of humor helps an escort connect to others. Escorts often have clients who are extremely nervous or uncomfortable during encounters. They are often quiet and hesitant to open up. It’s essential for an escort to get her clients to relax during a session in order to help them have a great encounter. She may use conversation, affection, massage or other methods to reach a distant client, but humor often works the best. People instantly connect when they laugh together or find humor in a shared situation. The common ground over a shared joke expands to an increased comfort level that both the escort and client can work from to establish a good relationship. Whether an escort uses humor to make fun of herself or something in the surroundings during an encounter is irrelevant. It’s the act of laughing together that bonds an escort and her client.

5. Life’s mishaps are funny. Everyone has embarrassing situations they find themselves in, but escorts often find their way into more of them, simply due to the nature of their work. Crazy requests, untimely minor accidents or slip ups and scenarios that would only be imagined in the movies are often regular occurrences for escorts. At best, life is unpredictable. Despite how prepared you are, escorts know that you can never be ready for everything. As a result, you can either cry about frustrating chains of events that occur or you can laugh at them. Escorts who are experienced in the business have learned to laugh off many of these scenarios. By being able to find humor in these minor obstacles, life’s simple frustrations rarely frustrate an escort for long.

6. Creating a positive attitude is essential to being a good escort. A sense of humor is required in order to have a good outlook on life and work. Being able to see the humor in life and activities with clients helps you to be in a better mood the majority of the time. Clients look for escorts who help them see things in a brighter light, too. They want to be around someone who puts a positive spin on life and makes them feel better about their own lives. Maintaining a good mood most of the time can be a challenge. It requires the ability to look for the positive, which often means finding the fun in any circumstances. When you can do this, you are a much more pleasant escort to be around. Clients will respond to your efforts to put on a smile and muddle through obstacles by booking encounters with you repeatedly. They appreciate someone who isn’t trying to bring them down and helps them return to their lives with a better outlook.

7. A bit of laughter throughout your encounters causes fewer wrinkles than frowning all the time. Even though some escorts may have quite a bit to frown about when life isn’t going as smoothly as they would like it to, there is no need to frown all the time. Frowning, especially when repeated over time, creates deep creases and wrinkles in your forehead, brow line and around your eyes. And, while laughter and smiling may cause a few crinkles at the sides of your eyes and around your mouth, these wrinkles are not as deep and pronounced. All escorts should be concerned with keeping their skin in top-notch shape and attempting to reduce wrinkles when they can. Incorporating more laughter and smiling into your daily routine can be a way to help.

8. Defuse awkward situations with humor. Some psychologists are incorporating humor therapy into their practices as a way to deal with difficult subjects or patients who have hard times opening up. When you have a client who is finding the encounter to be difficult, you may be able to use humor to loosen him up. Embarrassing situations with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, the inability to climax or other issues could make a client so humiliated he would never call you again for an encounter. However, if you handle the experience with tact and a bit of humor, your client may feel so relieved that he wouldn’t consider calling any escort, besides you! Humor can go a long way in making a bad situation a good one.

9. A sense of humor can discourage you from taking yourself so seriously. When you’re a popular escort, it could be pretty easy to develop quite a large ego. Your impression of yourself can be easily inflated due to client compliments, agency marketing hype and appreciative glances you get when you walk into any room. However, it’s important that you keep your attitudes about yourself in check. There’s a difference between having self-esteem and being egotistic. But, when you have a sense of humor, you can typically laugh at yourself and identify flawed aspects of your personality or appearance. Additionally, implementing humor into your encounters is also a way to keep your clients grounded and in check. When they know you may find things they do humorous, it’s easier for them to view things as funny, too, including their own actions or statements. This is very important with some clients who tend to be a bit full of themselves or quite pompous.

10. Clients look for an escort who can have fun. An integral part of having fun is laughing. Light-hearted encounters are often just what many clients are looking for, as an escape from their ever-serious lifestyles they normally lead. Taking a break with someone who easily finds humor in the world is like a mini vacation for clients. Furthermore, many clients think they are funny, too. These men are excited by a woman who laughs at their jokes and seems to enjoy their senses of humor. It makes them feel appreciated and worthy.

11. A sense of humor can reduce the self-criticism you give yourself. Just like other women, most escorts criticize aspects of their appearance or personalities. An escort may hate her nose, butt, big toe or any other body part that doesn’t suit her ideal “normal.” However, if you can find something funny about the things you don’t particularly like about yourself, it may be a way for you to embrace your flaws. Being able to laugh at your imperfections is a way to shrug off anything about yourself that isn’t exactly as you wished it could be. It’s a way of telling yourself not to sweat it. And, it’s also a form of acceptance that helps to boost your self-esteem.

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13 motivation boosters after taking a break from escorting
June 10, 2013 | Finances, For escorts

Whether your break was for the duration of a long weekend or for several weeks, it’s often difficult to get back into the swing of things after having some time off from any job. Escorts may have particular challenges becoming motivated to work, again, due to the nature of their profession. They often feel their careers are stigmatized, judged and unaccepted by their families and friends. However, just like any job, it’s necessary to “get back into the saddle” and return to work once vacation is over.

Escorts can rely on the top 13 ways to get motivated after taking a break from escorting:

1. Use being refreshed from your vacation as a springboard to gain momentum on your career. Many jobs create burnout in their employees, reducing performance and satisfaction. The escort industry has a high level of burnout, because women may choose to work schedules that are difficult to maintain long term and allow society’s judgments to weigh heavily on their consciences. As a result, escorts get tired of their jobs easily. But, coming back from a vacation with a fresh perspective may be exactly the type of attitude you need to rejuvenate your career with creation of a new profile, posting different photos or developing a renewed attitude. When you return to work, you shouldn’t be as jaded or critical of your career. Use the happiness you created for yourself when you were on vacation to instill pleasure into your career.

2. Focus on the money. Sure, your vacation was a lot of fun. But, it cost you quite a bit of money, too. Not only did the vacation, itself, cost something for your airfare, hotel and activities, but it also cost you in terms of lost income. While you were off, you weren’t bringing in any money from encounters. Your break created a double-whammy on your pocketbook. When you return to work, it’s essential to get your head into the game in order to get back on track financially. Adjust your budget to offset your losses, and move forward with a new financial mindset including the amount of money you need to make over the coming months to recoup your vacation losses. Many successful escorts use money as their main motivating force, because it’s one of the primary reasons they became escorts in the first place.

3. Set goals for the future. Setting career goals for yourself is one of the best ways to get in gear and become motivated after an absence. The most obvious goal would be a financial one, to ensure your expenses are taken care of. However, there are several other goals you can focus on, too. Some escorts determine their success by the number of clients they see weekly or monthly. Establishing a quota for the number of encounters you book is a measurable, true indicator of how well your marketing is doing and your level of attraction to clients. However, instead of a goal of clients or numbers of encounters, some escorts determine their success according to the number of hours they book with clients. (This helps to cover clients who book multiple hour, extended encounters.) Perhaps, you’d prefer to set goals that reward you for your hard work, instead. Select a high-end purchase you would like to make in the future as your goal, and work toward it by figuring out how much extra you have to make weekly or monthly in order to afford it. Long-term goals are good, too, but are often less motivating initially because they are not realized as quickly.

4. Focus on your good clients. When escorts come back to work, they often dredge up memories of their least favorite clients or encounters. Don’t do that! Focus, instead, on the ones that make you feel special. Many clients truly appreciate their escorts and the services they provide to them. They lavish compliments upon them and make their escorts feel beautiful and admired. Some clients are, in fact, quite good looking, have amazing personalities, are brilliant and laugh contagiously. These are the clients you should think of when returning to work. It also helps if you can schedule your first few return encounters with some of these special guys.

5. Get back into your routine. Routines are traditionally good for your health. They cause you to get up each morning, eat a healthy diet, exercise and go about life. These routines naturally lead you back into your regular working habits. As you drink your morning coffee, you may habitually check on client emails or communications, glance at your profile and tend to other administrative tasks related to work. Allowing the progression of your normal routine will provide you with some motivation to get back to work. Otherwise, when your routine is broken through no encounters to go to, you feel like something is missing or out of place. That empty feeling may motivate you to get back on track with your clients.

6. Stop feeling lazy. After a vacation, it’s easy to get stuck in the unproductive rut. It’s nice to laze around in your pajamas all day and watch inane daytime television. However, after awhile, it becomes extremely boring. When you find yourself getting bored, it’s definitely time to get busy doing something productive. Getting busy with work-related tasks is the easiest way to become productive, again. However, because you’re accustomed to being a bit leisurely, ease back into work gradually. There is nothing stating that you have to jump back in where you left off. Slowly get your schedule booked back up and get used to the demands of your career, again. The important thing is to increase productivity so that eventually you are running full-tilt, again.

7. Consider what and where your clients will go while they’re waiting for you to return. If you fail to begin seeing clients as you originally promised them, they will find a new escort. Most are understanding when you elect to take some time off and enjoy life. However, they expect you to come back within an expected timeframe. If you put them off when you return, they may decide they are tired of waiting on you. When you lose your regular clients, you are left with trying to acquire new ones. It takes twice as much effort to gain new clients as it does to retain current ones. So, you will have to exert extra effort to attract a new group of regular clients. Additionally, you will have to screen each of them and get to know them so encounters are comfortable and you can anticipate their needs. This is quite time consuming and will require extra work on your part. It’s much easier to keep your current clients, and this concept should be quite motivating.

8. Consider what it would be like to go back to your old job. Regardless of how much you may have enjoyed aspects of your previous profession, you switched to escorting for several reasons. Your escorting career is more flexible, pays better and allows you to be your own boss. You determine your working conditions, who you see as clients and what circumstances you work under. Through your old profession, you were likely managed by others, obligated to a strict schedule and paid far worse. When your motivation is lacking, especially after taking some time away, think about the alternative to escorting. Typically, the thought of making less and working more is not one that is inspiring, and escorts have no trouble getting back to work when they address this possibility.

9. Book fun encounters as you return. Perhaps, you have some clients who have talked about doing some fun activities with you in the future. Encourage these interesting encounters as a way to break back into the escorting monotony. For instance, if a regular client has been trying to convince you to come to his yacht, agree to see him there. Suggest a ball game or other out-of-the-ordinary adventure with another client. Maybe, a client wants to explore an interesting role play or fetish. Go for it. Something different may be the motivation you need to get excited about your profession, again. Embrace the encounter and enjoy the experience.

10. Suck it up. Just like anyone else with a job in the world, when your vacation is over, it’s time to go back to work. You may dread it all you want, but the reality is that you’ve got bills to pay, obligations to tend to and people depending on you. While it’s fun to indulge in luxury fantasies, the real world comes back and has realistic expectations of you. Everyone does it; they come back to work after vacations, and they do their jobs. That’s what you have to do. Ignore your feelings of laziness, hesitation or boredom. Once you get back to work, things won’t seem nearly so bad, after all.

11. Buy something new for your encounters. When you can look forward to using or wearing something new that you really like, going back to work is not a chore, it’s an adventure! Consider buying some expensive lingerie that you can wear to feel especially sexy. Or, maybe a new toy is more your style. Either way, incorporating something new and enjoyable into your comeback will motivate you even more to book that first return encounter. As an added bonus, you can create excitement for your client, too, by sharing that you have something new and exciting to show him. The mystery will drive him wild, and creating suspense for your client is sexy for you.

12. Incorporate elements of your vacation into your daily life. When your vacation extends into your regular routine, it doesn’t seem like you’ve left those memories so far behind. Place photos around your incall of your vacation. Prepare recipes from the local culture of your vacation destination or wear an item of clothing (such as a robe) you picked up while you were away. Perhaps, you can create a play list of music that will remind you of your vacation or put up decor items you purchased on your trip. Keeping elements of your happy times visible and present in your life may help you maintain a positive outlook and implement it into your regular world.

13. Pre-book encounters so that you have clients waiting for you when you return. Coming back from vacation and knowing that you have to do the work to book appointments isn’t anything to look forward to. However, if you arrive home from your break, with encounters scheduled within the next couple of days, you are compelled to follow through with your obligations. Motivation becomes much easier, because some of your work is already done for you. Of course, you have to jump back in and schedule additional appointments with clients for the future, but your immediate work is completed for you already.

You should never feel badly about experiencing low motivation levels for your work. It’s a common problem across all industries. However, it’s essential that you find ways to overcome it in order to continue with a successful escorting career. Struggling to make ends meet as an escort isn’t any more fun than when you were scraping by in your other career. When you have the capacity to have a better life through escorting, it only makes sense to conquer your lack of motivation.

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How to comfortably use the words “penis” and “vagina” in business talk
July 9, 2013 | For escorts

Escorts who refer to their clients’ penises as “wee wees” or “willies” cannot expect to be taken seriously. And unless you’re attempting to indulge your client with some dirty talk, the slang alternatives are not much more suitable. As a result, becoming comfortable with the correct anatomical names for the genitalia is necessary. However, the words “vagina” and “penis” seem so taboo in regular conversation, it’s often quite challenging to incorporate them smoothly into your instructions to clients.

It’s important to understand the significance of the taboo issue concerning these parts of the body. In ancient times, the female genitals were worshipped and idolized for fertility and love. It’s only when Christianity began to be shoved down people’s minds as a state religion that nature (allegedly created by the very same God) became something to be ashamed of. This taboo – as a part of the blanket demonization of everything related to sex – is alive and well to this day. Few parents are willing to teach their children the correct names for their private parts, opting instead to use “pee pee”, “willie”, “ding dong” or “hoo ha”. People seem to have a sincere phobia of teaching these words, feeling they are wrecking their children’s innocence. The taboo on these words went so far in June 2012 as to cause Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown to be banned from speaking on the house floor after using the word “vagina”. The Speaker of the House insisted she failed to maintain expected decorum.

According to linguistic specialist Shonna Trinch, Ph.D. of City University of New York, taboos associated with words stem from three categories: 1) fear, 2) illness, death or criminality, or 3) decency or propriety. In the case of words for the genitals, all three categories may be applied to discern reasons for society’s association with discrimination against the terms.

Additionally, through the use of common slang terms and swear words, the names for the genitals are often used as insults. Men are called “dicks”, “dickheads” or “pussies”. Often, women are labeled as “cunts”. With these terms in use regularly, it’s no wonder that any word associated with them is often avoided.

Many groups have fought against society’s ban on these words. Recently in the U.K, Jamie McCartney created a piece of art called the “Great Wall of Vagina” on display featuring various depictions of women’s vaginas and vulvas. The Muff March took place in London, and Naomi Wolf’s recent e-book entitled Vagina: A New Biography had its full title returned on iTunes after being listed as V****a: A New Biography). U.S. stand-up comics regularly use the words “penis” and “vagina” in their routines, much to the pleasure of their audiences. In 1996, the play “Vagina Monologues”, written by Eve Ensler, made quite a stir and was performed worldwide for liberal crowds. Two years later in 1998 in Australia, Simon Morley and David Friend developed a performance they called “Puppetry of the Penis”. They performed their show for global audiences and bent their penises and scrotums into hamburgers, the Eifel Tower and the Loch Ness Monster, in attempts to bring “penis” to the mainstream.

However, efforts have not been fully successful, as the general public is still sensitive to words describing the human genitals. From school children being removed from classrooms after being taught anatomical terms to U.S. advertisements banning the word “vagina”, people are still immature and resistant to embracing the reality of having a body.

Why does this matter to an escort? Well, it seems silly to refer to your client’s penis as his “ding dong”. Imagine tell him that you want to stroke his big, erect “wee wee”.

In order to be taken seriously as an escort, you must learn to use these terms comfortably, as they really are words of your trade. Here are some realistic tips you can implement to ease into using “penis” and “vagina” with comfort and style:

1. Desensitize yourself with practice. While you’re preparing for an encounter or just milling around the house, say phrases that include the words to yourself. Say them out loud. Focus on being able to say them comfortably and without hesitation. If it helps, just say the words (without the phrases or full sentences) as a way to become accustomed to them.

2. Retrain your brain that it’s okay to use these words. Just as the rest of society has been subjected to prudish perspectives, you may be under the impression that these words are dirty. Realize that educators, psychologists, physicians and child specialists encourage the use of these words early on, teaching children that these terms are acceptable and preferred descriptors. Review their true definitions, focusing on the fact that these are the words that educated, respected people use.

3. Listen to how silly the alternatives sound. If necessary, record yourself iterating phrases using childish words for the genitals. Put yourself in your client’s place if you were to say these things to him. Realize that even if you are uncomfortable with the genuine terms, you will sound even more ridiculous using the substitutions.

4. Take pride in your body parts. The ancient Greeks and Romans (along with many others) were very comfortable with their natural organs. Follow suit and realize that the genitals are vessels of wonder. If that’s too corny for you, simply be confident in the amount of pleasure that can be created with these body parts and realize that it’s not shameful in the least.

5. Use confidence as you say these new phrases. Even if you are not completely comfortable, attempt to use the terms with certainty. Eventually, your assuredness with become genuine and comfort will soon follow.

6. Avoid pausing as you’re using the words. If you pause in the middle of a statement, perhaps, right before using the word “penis” or “vagina”, you are bringing much more attention to it than you would without the slight break. Say the entire phrase or sentence using the word without hesitation or stopping. Make your delivery smooth and effortless.

7. Encourage your clients to use the words, too. Ditching the silly names will help you both avoid the giggles when your client says, “My willie is hard!” You are both adults, and you should both use appropriate adult terminology for your genitals. (Unless, of course, your role playing dictates otherwise.) You are both sexy, passionate adults and deserve to treat your encounter as such, instead of applying a juvenile context to it.

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Do all clients realize it when they are hurting the escort?
July 18, 2013 | For escorts, Health, Safety

Some clients who seek escort encounters are quite inexperienced with women and the female anatomy. While they may have kissed a girl a time or two in their lives, their involvement never extended much past second base. They didn’t have the opportunities (or the desire) to learn how to please a woman in a gentle, appropriate way.

Escorts run into clients of all types. And, many of them present challenges to providing fulfilling and positive encounters. Much of the time, escorts can find something about the encounters that was pleasant or enjoyable. But, when an escort runs across a client who is rough or awkward as he attempts to pleasure her, the encounter becomes nearly unbearable.

So, what are you supposed to do when you incur a client who is rough when he touches you intimately? What are the appropriate steps to take to correct the situation? Here are some things to consider when you have a client who doesn’t realize he is hurting you:

• Know that some clients just aren’t aware their actions are undesirable. They’ve watched extensive amounts of porn and think that slapping at, erratically rubbing or aggressively fingering your lady parts is the key to turning you on. They probably don’t realize that their clumsy attempts are
only drying you out worse and making you sore, the reverse of what they’re really trying to do. Most men don’t really comprehend the sensitivity of the female genital area. It is rare that a client really intends to hurt you.

• Many escorts hesitate to correct rough clients. Because they fear offending their clients, many women endure painful foreplay from clients who really don’t know any better. Escorts are afraid of hurting their clients’ feelings. These inexperienced clients have finally built up enough courage
to call on an escort for help fulfilling their fantasies, and escorts hate to burst their bubbles by telling them that their efforts don’t feel good. Some clients would be so embarrassed and humiliated that it would be difficult to carry on with the rest of the encounter, or so some escorts
think. Meanwhile, they allow their clients to continue to clumsily finger them and rub their clitorises to the point of numbness.

• Escorts should realize that they don’t have to allow a client to hurt them. Even if it is unintentional, clients should never inflict pain on an escort, and she should speak up if she experiences discomfort. If a client hurts you through other means (grabbing you harshly, hitting you or
causing painful intercourse), you would definitely complain about it and insist that the actions cease. However, because escorts attempt to be sensitive to their clients, they allow painful foreplay to continue. You should never accept behavior that is causing you pain or will leave you
unnecessarily sore. You have the right to avoid discomfort.

• Consider reversing the pleasure for your client. It is rare that a client will turn down oral sex. Offer to perform a blow job as a “thank you” for all of the enjoyment you received from his attempts to please you. Avoid giving him much of a chance to resist; make the offer quickly and
position yourself so that you can start giving him oral sex immediately. Once you’ve touched his penis, it’s very likely that your client will forget all about what he was doing to you. Move the encounter along from this point, never really giving your client another chance to touch your
genital area. You’ve solved your problem without offending your client in any way.

• Demonstrate the right way. If his clumsiness is too painful to endure any longer, stop your client in mid stoke and suggest a new way. Most of the time, clients want to learn how to please a woman, but they’ve never really had a chance. Demonstrate by showing him how you like to be touched. If
necessary, do it yourself for a bit so he gets the idea. Then move his hand to where yours was to continue the motion. If he still doesn’t get it, show him again. Most clients are willing learners, especially if you exhibit patience with them. And, keep in mind that his technique doesn’t have
to be perfect. The objective is to get him to stop hurting you. If his attempt is not uncomfortable, do what you have to do to convince your client that he’s doing a good job.

• Explain to your client that your lady parts are over sensitive. When a woman gets really turned on, her clitoris becomes enlarged and extra susceptible to touch. Tell your client that he’s got your motor running and that his efforts are just too much. Most clients will take this as a
compliment. They will feel that they’ve done a good job in getting you aroused, so they will be pleased to move on to some other intimacy. If necessary, really play it up that you’re nearly to the point of orgasm. Tell your client you want to wait for him, and make a move to change positions
or transition into intercourse.

• Be honest. Some clients simply can’t take a hint. For these guys, it’s best to come right out with the message that they are hurting you. Be clear, direct and nice. Tell your client that his efforts are appreciated, but they are extremely painful because it’s not how you like to be touched.
It’s okay to inform him that you prefer gentler stimulation or a more tender caress on your clitoris. Unless your client is a complete cad, and some are, he will understand that he needs to simply stop what he’s doing…now. If he doesn’t stop, you have every right to be unkind or harsh and
insist that he quit touching you. Depending on the situation, it could even be grounds to call the encounter off and leave.

• Prefacing the encounter with a warning about being sore could help you avoid painful situations. While it may not sound sexy to talk about previous clients at the beginning of an encounter, it is appropriate to quickly mention a rough experience with one in order to deter painful foreplay.
Tell your client that a previous guy was rough and clumsy as he attempted to arouse you, leaving you extremely sore. Tell him that you’d appreciate him being extremely gentle or avoid touching your lady bits altogether. Most clients will take the hint and happily make detours. And, this client
might even take the hint that he should be gentle with women, for fear of making them sore. He surely wouldn’t want to be the client talked about later.

• Create some foreplay through dirty talk, describing how you’d like to be touched. Essentially, you’re attempting to give him some directions for when the clothes come off. Talk about what you want him to do to you, explicitly talking about gentle caresses and soft touches. Make sure that he
gets the idea as he begins to touch you through your clothing. If you suspect that he’s still going to be rough, quickly move past this part of the encounter and on to something that you will enjoy more.

• Masturbate in front of your client. If you suspect that your client will be rough with you, completely take this activity out of the encounter. Most clients enjoy watching an escort bring herself to climax, so it’s a great way to avoid a painful experience and get him turned on at the same
time. Your masturbation session may alleviate some efforts you would have to make to get him turned on, otherwise, which can speed up other activities associated with the encounter. And, you get some enjoyment out of the experience, too. As you touch yourself, make sure you explain to your

how it feels and why you like a particular kind of touch. If this client becomes a regular, maybe he will learn the finer art of turning you on.
• Substitute his penis for his fingers. When a client begins to awkwardly poke at you, suggest something different. Position yourself so you are straddling him and use his penis to masturbate with. Not only will it be a softer touch, which won’t hurt you, but it will also arouse your client. You
won’t have to endure his rough jabs, feeling like he’s digging for gold…and, it might even reduce actual intercourse time. Because the head of the penis is extremely sensitive, he may come close to climax before intercourse even begins.

• Set firm boundaries ahead of time. Some escorts refuse to kiss their clients or to engage in anal sex. You could ban particular clients from their attempts to finger you. Establish this as an unapproved activity from the very beginning if you suspect that you’ve got a client who is going to be
rough or cause you pain. Simply taking this intimacy off the table will help you avoid the situation altogether.

• Tell your client about another act that really turns you on. Men are usually eager to please, and if they discover something that instantly turns you on, they will want to do it ASAP, often abandoning any other action they are engaged in. They easily take the suggestion that kissing your neck
or licking your belly button will instantly get your motor running, almost to the point of climax. They will likely drive you crazy with the new activity, but it will get them away from your vulva and clitoris. Just be sure that you give them an alternative that won’t cause you discomfort in a
different way.

• Be weary about bacteria and germs from a client who insists on touching your vaginal area. Your genital area is extremely susceptible to infection and upsets in pH balances. Make sure that your client has washed his hands before he begins to touch you intimately. Additionally, if he appears to
have jagged, dirty nails, tell him that he can’t touch you until he cleans and trims up. Jagged nails can cause scratches or tears, which can get infected. Dirt under the nails can spread germs. And, any client who attempts to anally stimulate you and then touch your vagina needs to be
stopped. Bacteria from your anus should never be spread to your vagina; it can cause severe infections and discomfort for you.

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What escorts should know about date rape drugs – and why
July 23, 2013 | For escorts, Safety

Escorting can expose you to clients with bad intentions. Although they may know that you’re a “sure thing”, that doesn’t mean that they are willing to play by your rules. You have to look out for your safety during each encounter, especially with new clients. While all clients want to indulge in their fantasies, some fantasies may include robbing, injuring or assaulting you.

Occurrences where escorts are drugged by clients with date rape drugs are not overly common, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect yourself from possible situations involving them. Date rape drugs are used to incapacitate a person and render them temporarily unconscious and unable to recall the details later. The prevalence of their use is increasing at clubs and raves, in addition to reports on college campuses. Many executives are also using them recreationally or to induce sleep. China has recently seen a rise in the number of incidents of “bar girls” spiking drinks of Western businessmen in order to rob them later. It’s not out of line to assume that these drugs could be used on escorts, too.

Similar situations have been reported where escorts were physically and sexually assaulted by not only their clients, but by other men who accompanied the criminal to the scene. They have also been robbed.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Women’s Health, there are three most common date rape drugs in use. They are Rohypnol, GHB and Ketamine.

1. Rohypnol: The trade name for Rohypnol is flunitrazepam, and substitutes such as clonazepam (Klonopin) and alprazolam (Xanax) may be used with similar results. Rohypnol is commonly known by several names including: Circles, Forget Pill, Lunch Money, Poor Man’s Quaalude, R-2, Rib, Roofies, Whiteys and other names. Illegal in the United States, it is trafficked in from Europe and Mexico, where it remains legal. Usually in pill form, Rohypnol dissolves in liquid and is usually tasteless and colorless. However, manufacturers have included an additive in some pills that causes clear liquids to turn bright blue and dark liquids to turn cloudy when diluted with the drug. (Old pills will not have this effect.) If you’ve been slipped Rohypnol in your drink, it will usually take 30 minutes to begin affecting you, and the symptoms will last for several hours. To another person, you might simply look and act drunk, but something very different will be going on. You will have trouble maintaining your balance, so standing will be difficult. Your speech will become badly slurred, you may lose muscle control, experience dizziness and have difficulties seeing correctly. Nausea and other stomach issues may accompany other symptoms. Eventually, you will pass out and experience memory loss when you wake up.

2. GHB: Gamma hydroxybutyric acid is a legal substance in the United States, but its distribution is highly restricted. Extremely potent, the drug is also known as: Bedtime Scoop, Cherry Meth, G, Gamma 10, Georgia Home Boy, Gook, Goop, Liquid E, Liquid X, Salt Water and Vita-G, among many other names. It is often made in home or street labs. It usually appears in liquid form, but it can be produced as a white powder or in a pill. It adds a salty taste to a drink. Many criminals will make sure the victim is drinking a sweet or fruity drink that will disguise the salty taste. Effects of GHB set in within 15 minutes and last for three or four hours. Because of its strength and varying chemical composition, overdose is common and can be fatal. Drugged victims experience extreme relaxation, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, breathing difficulties, sweating, vomiting and a dream-like feeling. Some extreme symptoms include convulsions, tremors and full-blown seizures. Most people wake up with no ability to recall what occurred after their last drink.

3. Ketamine: A legal anesthesia for animals, Ketamine has several street names including: Black Hole, Cat Valium, Green, Jet, K, Special K, K-Hole, Kit Kat, Super Acid and several others. It is often distributed in liquid and white powder forms. Veterinary offices and animal hospitals are robbed frequently for this drug. Ketamine is a fast-acting drug that may make a victim unable to move or speak, despite being aware of his or her surroundings. Distorted sight and sound, loss of time and identity, out-of-body experiences, impaired motor function, breathing difficulties, vomiting, numbness, convulsions, loss of coordination, slurred speech and the general feeling of being out of control are common symptoms of the drug, in addition to blacking out with memory loss the next day.
While not one of the most common date rape drugs, Fry Cigarettes are prevalent on the scene, too. They are cigarettes laced with marijuana and coated with or dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde). Commonly called Water-Water, Drank, Amp and Wet Daddy, Fry Cigarettes create psychosis, hallucinations and delusions for those who smoke them. Often, people who smoke an entire cigarette will pass out and experience memory loss about what they did while under the influence. They taste like rubbing alcohol and smell like gasoline when lit, but most who take a drag from one think it’s just a joint. The Network of Victim Assistance indicates they may also be laced with PCP. Cigars laced and dipped the same way are often referred to as Smurfs. Fry Cigarettes made their debut in North Carolina in the late 1990s and are used by abusers who want to convince a victim to accept a laced drink more easily. They make you much more susceptible to suggestion and may even increase your sex drive and vulnerability.

While there is no sure way to avoid being drugged by a client, there are some precautions you can take to avoid the situation. Most date rape drugs are administered through a drink. To avoid the risk of being drugged, always make or open your own drink – and watch it. Pour your own wine or champagne. If you can’t prepare your own, carefully watch your client as he pours it for you. Never leave your drink unattended while you go to the restroom to freshen up – take it with you. Avoid any drink that tastes or smells funny. Ask for a new one or go without.

Most victims report that they begin to feel overly drunk for the amount of alcohol they’ve consumed. If you begin to feel woozy on a few sips of wine, take precautions quickly. Call your security partner or a friend, make arrangements to leave or contact the hotel concierge for assistance. If you wait too long, the drug will take full effect, rendering you incapable of helping yourself. Whatever you do, attempt to leave or get out of your situation immediately. Don’t bother to make excuses about leaving; just get out.

If something happens and you wake up from an encounter feeling hung over (despite drinking very little with your client), be aware that something may have happened. If you feel disoriented and can’t remember what happened after you drank from your beverage, it’s a significant sign that you may have been drugged. Pay attention to your surroundings. Do things appear to be in proper order? Are they as you would have left them? If things seem out of place, take note that you may have been drugged. Additionally, if your clothes are not on correctly or they are torn, it’s a sign that things weren’t going right at some point during your last encounter.

If you sincerely suspect that you’ve been the victim of a date-rape drug incident, seek help immediately. Go to the closest emergency room. Leave your incall or hotel room without urinating, douching, bathing, brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Don’t change your clothing or eat or drink anything. Consider calling the police from the hospital. Ask the doctor at the ER to take urine samples to test for drugs.

The doctors at the ER will likely administer a rape kit to test for sexual assault, collecting semen and hair they find on or near your genitals (and clothing, etc.). This will help them track down the person (or people) who assaulted you.

When you return home, do not move or empty wine or drink glasses, as they may still have residue from the drugs on or in them. They can help lead investigators to the person who drugged you or prove that drugs were administered to you without your knowledge.

In addition to sexual or physical assault, there may be other things to worry about if you’ve been drugged during an encounter. Your client may have had unprotected sex with you that could’ve spread an STD or other infection to you. Additionally, unless you are on birth control, you could become pregnant. In addition to sexual aspects of your attack, the date rape drug could have significant side effects for you, such as heart failure, stroke, seizures or other problems sometimes associated with these drugs or overdoses.

Despite how you may fear your situation will appear to police or investigators, do not avoid calling the police because you think they will arrest you. If you’ve been drugged, you’re the victim of a crime. You did nothing wrong except to trust the wrong person. Even though your screening methods are thorough, it’s impossible to detect someone who will stoop to such measures to rob and assault an escort. Unless he had a prior criminal record that you overlooked, you had no way of knowing that your client would end up being a psychopath.

Remember that apart from yourself nobody is either responsible for nor concerned about your safety, no matter what they say.

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The unbelievable act of balancing motherhood and escorting
July 24, 2013 | For escorts

Moms aren’t expected to be sexy. They are rarely thought of as women who break the rules. And they are always at home to tuck their babies in bed at night. However, moms defy these stereotypes every day in ways that raise the eyebrows of the mainstream population and prompt harsh judgment on their lifestyles. Many of these moms work as professional escorts and make respectable livings for their children and families.

Walking the line between society’s stereotypes of being a victim or a deviant, escorts lead a life that they often keep hidden from others. Some escorts worked in the industry before having their children, and they returned to it as a successful occupation. Others found themselves struggling in their present lifestyles and discovered a better life through escorting.

Many women attempt to lead an “upstanding” lifestyle when they have children, away from the escort industry, but they find it difficult to support their families that way. Child care costs, work schedules and low income levels all make it quite prohibitive to raise a family, especially if a woman is single.

Child care costs in the United States average $10,233 per year ($197 per week) per child. Utility prices have increased by 46% in the last 20 years. The National Association of Realtors reports that rent prices for apartments and homes will increase by 4% in 2013; after increasing by 5.4% (and 10 to 15% in many markets) in 2012. The median average single mom income in 2009 was just $25,172, and 38.5% of single mothers live at or below the federal poverty threshold. Forty percent of single mothers are employed in low-wage jobs. It’s difficult to find jobs that allow time off to take care of sick children or attend their activities; and many careers require excessive hours of work throughout the week to make a livable wage.

Women are stuck spending time away from their children at work just in hopes of supporting them and putting food on the table. When put in these terms, it’s no surprise that women find the escort industry alluring: they can spend less time away from home, make more money and set their own hours – all things spectacularly lacking in most career paths.

However, escorts also face severe consequences if their secret lives ever become public. Society’s attitudes about the morality and propriety of the escort industry permeate into perceptions about a woman’s fitness to be a mother if she works as a professional companion. She faces harsh ridicule and discrimination, but these are not the worst outcomes she could experience as a mother and escort.

1. Endangerment of her family: Escorts don’t often attract crazy clients. However, from time to time, they will get a client with mental issues or instabilities. These unstable clients may harass or stalk an escort. If he discovers that she has a family, her children or spouse may be the target of his attention, too. An escort must be cautious about giving out too much personal information about herself or leaving too many clues that a client could use to learn more about her and her family. For example, using a phone number linked to her home address can give a client immediate access to her personal world. Carrying your identification in your purse and allowing a client an opportunity to look at it gives him not only your name, but your address, too. Escorts should never see clients in their own homes or allow them to pick them up or drop them off at their residences. The last thing an escort needs is a crazy client to show up at her door and attempt to create a scene that will threaten or scare her children. Subjecting your children to your escort lifestyle is never acceptable and should be avoided at all costs.

2. Dealing with health issues associated with career risks: Even the most careful escorts may contract STDs or other illnesses as a result of their exposure to germs and bacteria from clients. A simple flu bug or cold may zap your energy, in addition to the possibility of spreading it to your family members. Contracting STDs will require treatment and recovery time, and a serious HIV/AIDS infection can have fatal effects, orphaning your children. HPV can cause not only cervical cancer, but also cancer of the vagina, vulva, mouth, throat, head or neck. The American Cancer Society reports that HPV-related cancers have dramatically increased over the years. Your family members will have to endure your treatment and recovery along with you, which can be quite stressful on them. It’s important to catch these cancers early, as most are treatable. But, many women have limited access to healthcare, so it is often difficult to get an early diagnosis.

3. Recovery from injuries due to assault: Although most high-end escorts do not incur regular threats of violence when they visit with clients, especially their regulars, aggressive and abusive clients do exist. If you are the victim of a violent attack, you may be hospitalized with your injuries or temporarily disabled due to the assault. You may have to recuperate from your injuries through physical or occupational therapy or just time to heal. And, that takes time away from your job and limits your income. Depending on the severity of your injuries, your children may have to stay somewhere else during your recovery period. And, finally, if you are attacked by a client, your injuries may instill fear in your children. They may be scared for your safety or their own, realizing that bad things really can happen to people.

4. Child custody issues: Typically when child custody issues come before a court in the U.S. the judge is mandated to consider what is in the best interest of the child. In order to completely lose custody and visitation rights to her children, a woman must be determined unfit. However, with society’s current stigma associated with the escort industry, it wouldn’t be too hard for a judge to rule that an escort mother is unfit to raise her children. Often, questions about which parent can provide a better environment for a child are asked; if it is proven that a mother is an escort, the father may be able to discredit her good traits with the fact that she sleeps with many men, making her sound sexually promiscuous. A mother’s reputation, stability and character can be compromised if her secret life is exposed. Some states have laws suggesting that custody be revoked from a mother who is convicted of prostitution-related crimes. And, if a woman were to be incarcerated for law enforcement’s perceived crimes of prostitution, she could completely lose custody and visitation of her children.

5. Humiliation of children: Escort mothers who are “outed” to people such as faculty at their children’s school, their classmates’ parents or their friends may be gossiped about wickedly. Children may be teased and ridiculed, in addition to being discriminated against due to their mother’s activities. They could be excluded from activities, and your presence may be unwelcome at sporting events, assemblies or volunteer efforts. You and your children may become outcasts and considered unworthy.

6. Being an effective role model: All mothers strive to be good role models for their children. They hope to instill confidence, pride, independence and self esteem in their children, in addition to teaching them things like being nice, consideration of others and how to do the right thing. One way that mothers are role models to their children is through teaching about healthy relationships, including sexual ones. However, it can leave an escort in conflict when she attempts to teach her children that sex is an intimate act shared with only someone special, especially as she reflects on her own professional attitudes toward sexual activities. If her life lessons contradict her own lifestyle, she runs a great risk of losing the respect and admiration of her children if they learn the truth about her career. They may discount her lessons about relationships and all others about life, too.

7. Emotional issues lack priority: Escorts experience emotional highs and lows; it’s just a part of the job. From dealing with the stigma placed on them by society to the pressures that clients exert through their expectations, escorts may experience a wide range of feelings about their lifestyles. It’s common to suffer bouts of depression, lack of self-esteem and frustration, along with feeling empowered and capable, all at the same time. It’s difficult to deal with all of these common emotions when there are diapers to change, temper tantrums to curb, extra-curricular activities to attend and homework to help with. An escort’s chances of having free time to work through her emotions are few and far between. To keep her sanity, she must find ways to deal with her issues, and those ways will probably have to include her family.

8. Lack of personal time: Due to rigorous schedules with clients, escorts often require some time to recharge. This may mean time to rest up or to unwind after several encounters. It’s hard to do that when your children need you. Escorts are mothers first, and their jobs come second. Usually, their personal welfare comes last. Professional burn out is common for women who have personal responsibilities that take priority over their own needs. The lack of personal time as a mom may make it difficult for an escort to get the break from life she sometimes needs in order to have a successful career.

Escorts who are moms learn quickly that things in their worlds will never be perfect or ideal. While most escorts don’t hope their children follow in their professional footsteps, they are appreciative of the career they have built. As long as food is on the table, the lights are on, the rent is paid and the kids have the new basketball shoes/doll/gadget that everyone else at school has, everything in an escort mom’s world is going to be okay.

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10 adult video games escorts should know about
July 30, 2013 | For escorts

Many escorts work with clients who are avid gamers. Many of these gamers are much more comfortable in their online gaming environments than they are in person with a real, live escort. Even though you may go the extra mile to draw out your client, your communications with him may still feel awkward. And if you fumble for conversation, it’s very possible that any physical interactions will be clumsy and unpleasant for each of you.

Some escorts have discovered that they can engage their clients and entice them through playing games with them, especially games that include sex

Sex and video games have gone hand-in-hand for many years. Ever since the 1980s, nudity and sex have been included in games. The first game may have been the text-based Softporn Adventure created in 1981 for the Apple II. Japanese developers jumped into the arena and produced the majority of titles and advanced the genre with sexually-explicit graphics, called eroge.

Today, a couple of different terms are used to define online sex games. MMOEG stands for “massively multiplayer online erotic games” and tend to be centered around foreplay, seduction and arousal. Games focused on oral, anal and vaginal intercourse are termed MMOVSG (“massively multiplayer online virtual sex games”). Single person versions are available, too, and are indicated by SPVSG and SPEG. These kinds of role playing games allow you to control your avatars within scenes and direct them to engage in specific sexual acts. You can find online role-playing games by using a search engine or asking your client for suggestions.

Accessories for sexual role play games exist, too. They can be synced with the programs and elicit erotic sensations when used. All aspects of sex are represented: BDSM, orgies, transsexuals, role play and fetishes, in addition to more traditional sexual practices. Incorporating these technological accessories could be an excellent way to seduce your client. While many sexually-targeted games are currently available for PC or Mac use, several more are getting published as phone apps.

At least one developer is working on ways to make 3D sex games compatible with the Xbox Kinect, so users can “touch” the avatars. Most games serve the straight male demographic, although versions do exist for gay men, heterosexual women, lesbians and members of the fetish community.

A few games give users the opportunity to produce their own erotic scenarios, use unique camera angles, write musical scores and emphasize body parts with large sizes. Technology provides many options for the sexually-desirous gamer. In order to engage your client consider any of the following games:

1. Traditional games that include sex scenes: Your gamer may be accustomed to playing popular, mainstream games. If so, indulge his habits by playing one with him, and encourage him to get to the sexy scenes quickly. Options might include: Alpha Protocol, Mass Effect 2, Grand Theft Auto: Hot Coffee, God of War 3 or The Witcher 2.

2. Bonecraft: Producers coin it as when Sci-Fi meets fantasy for the ultimate 3D sex game. You and your client can direct Captain Fort Worth and his crew as they encounter naughty elves and racy robots for sexy romps. Sensual content is available throughout the game and is enjoyable for both you and your client.

3. Seduce Me: The game includes five mini-games based on real world card games. You can choose from four seducable characters and 10 supporting roles to explore the luxury mansion and look for erotic scenes. This is not as popular of a game, but the graphics aren’t bad. Some gamers will balk at its simplicity, but it’s a fairly easy game to get through so you can enjoy more action together in real time.

4. BoneTown: Action Adventure Adult Video Game: Claiming to be the first porn video game, BoneTown has been compared to SecondLife, but with much more gratuitous sexual content. It’s a single player game, so you will have to hover as your client plays it and maneuvers through the naughty role-play scenarios that include sex, drugs and debauchery. Reviewers suggest its comedy is a bit off-kelter, so reserve this game for a client who won’t be offended.

5. Jenna Jameson Strip Poker: Portraying the traditional game of strip poker, this game triggers different strip tease sequences as various card combinations are acquired. Actually, any strip poker game will suffice for getting your client loosened up, even if he isn’t really into card games.

6. Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude: The seventh in the Leisure Suit Larry series, this game requires the player to prove his seductive wits by obtaining tokens of affection from 16 different coeds on campus through free exploration mode. It’s a little cheesy, but its humor and ease of play should inspire your gamer client to want to indulge in some affection of his own.

7. Polymorphous Perversity: A 2D role-play game, your client gets to play a sexually-disturbed hero who must deplete others’ hit points by having sexual intercourse with them. The plot is quite simple, as most sexually-centered games are, but it’s fun for your client for a little while.

8. Second Life: Celebrating 10 years of play, Second Life enables players to interact in a virtual world where they establish the plotlines. The game really has no objectives or rules, and various levels of play exist including an adult status that features overt sexual activity and nudity. If you have a Second Life profile, you can play with your client, while spending time together in real time, too.

9. Red Light Center: Designed to resemble Amsterdam’s Red Light District, the game features an online community site that offers virtual hotels, movie theaters, nightclubs, bars and stores. Membership, as of March 2008, was estimated at over 1.5 million profiles. As an escort, the role of a Working Girl would be perfect for you, and you can interact with your client through sexual activities or simple conversation, whichever he is more comfortable with.

10. 3DX Chat: Virtual sex is possible through this online role play game, and features realistic graphics your client will surely enjoy. Customization is possible with this game, so your client can spend time adjusting his avatar so it looks just right prior to interaction with you, if he so chooses. Updates are added nearly every day, including new sexual positions based on real-life action from porn actors and actresses. Users can chat, invite and interact with others at the virtual beach, bars or other game locations.

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No matter how slow the business, escorts should never take these 11 risks
August 9, 2013 | For escorts

During a slow economy, it’s extremely common for an escort to experience a reduction in the number of encounters she books. And, during the course of the year, a natural fluctuation of business can be expected, with certain times of the year being slower or producing more business than others. However, if you find yourself in a predicament where your number of clients is consistently dwindling to a point where you’re not able to pay your bills, it’s definitely time to take action.

Desperation often takes hold when an escort gets to the point she feels she must do something to increase client traffic. However, desperate acts aren’t always well thought out and can be risky. Be aware of these top 11 risks you should never take regardless of how bad business is:

1. Accepting bookings from clients who didn’t pass your security screening can be dangerous. You have implemented a screening process as a method to preserve your personal well-being, in addition to avoiding clients who might be trouble in other ways. Clients who don’t pass your security checks are often hiding something. They may not have revealed their real names, avoided giving you information that would allow you to find criminal background details and purposefully gave you false data in hopes of tricking you. You should never entrust your safety or freedom to a client who can’t pass screening efforts. Not only could a client be dangerous, but he might be a police officer. Either way, your desire to earn some quick cash could cost you considerably more when you ignore your own security check results.

2. Over communicators should be blocked, despite how badly you need the money. Clients who successfully book an encounter with you should have no need to continue further contact unless plans need to be changed. However, some feel an instant “connection” and want to build on that. Others are so happy for the attention from a beautiful woman, they take the need to text or call too far. These clients become too much work and result in a very small fee for the amount of time they take from you. Sometimes, these very over-communicative clients cancel appointments at the last minute, having already gotten significant attention from you. If they don’t cancel, be aware that they are not afraid of pushing your boundaries. In person, they may be even more tempted to test your limitations. Avoid lowering your standards to accept clients who will drive you crazy with endless attempts to chat and possibly more.

3. Do not agree to visit crime-ridden neighborhoods for any amount of money. Clients who live in sketchy areas don’t always recognize the dangers associated with their homes. Escorts who agree to meet clients in risky areas of town may not only incur security threats as they travel to and from the client’s home, but they may also experience property damage, mugging or verbal assaults. If a client books an encounter and requests you to visit a dangerous outcall location, attempt to persuade him to visit you at your incall or any other mutually agreeable location. You may be able to salvage the booking by changing locations. But, it’s not worth it to risk your safety or property for the fee for an hour booking.

4. Agreeing to reduce your booking time to 30 minutes starts a snowball effect you can’t undo. Clients who can’t/won’t pay your full fee may suggest that you book them for half of your minimum or some other amount of time, with an appropriately discounted rate, too. Even though your pocketbook tells you that some money coming in is better than no money, allowing clients to book in 30-minute increments is not going to be good for business, ultimately. You will start a trend that others will want to take advantage of. Before you know it, the majority of your clients will be interested in booking shorter encounters, eventually netting you much less money for your time and efforts. When you consider how much time it takes you to prepare for an encounter, travel to and from it and clean up afterward, a booking for only 30 minutes doesn’t have a rate that adequately pays you for your time. And, reducing your encounter time increments compromises the quality of services you provide. An encounter is about not rushing and enjoying your company. One-half hour bookings don’t provide adequate time for the full experience associated with your reputation.

5. Accepting bookings with clients who make detailed sex requests is not a good idea. First of all, clients who are so unsavvy that they initiate a conversation about sexual activity as they book an encounter are very inexperienced or not very bright. Dealing with such a client could be challenging in a number of ways. He may not understand the importance of discretion, fail to follow instructions and expect more than what you’re willing to offer. Secondly, conversations that involve the mention of sexual intercourse or other sexually-intimate activities are big red flags for law enforcement officials. Simply talking about money and sex during the same phone call could get you arrested for prostitution, even if you’re not exchanging intercourse for cash. Even if you need the money badly, avoid this client at all costs.

6. Avoid pulling clients off of your blocked list when you need to increase business. You put these unpleasant clients there for a reason. They should stay there. No level of desperation should make you want to book another encounter with the client who constantly smacked his lips or the one who cancelled four times in a row. Regardless of why you blacklisted them, do not think that resurrecting a connection with them will bring you satisfaction. They were the source of trouble or unhappiness previously; they won’t be the answer to your current problem now. You only risk more issues with them in the future by encouraging contact.

7. Resist the urge to advertise on questionable marketing sites. Many websites exist that will help you get the word out about the services you offer, in addition to being able to share photos of yourself with interested clients. However, sites you know are patrolled regularly by law enforcement should be avoided. Additionally, if it appears that the status of escorts who appear on the site do not meet up to your standards or level of expertise, the site might not draw the kind of clients you’re after. Do some research about the general demographic of the clients who utilize a site before advertising on it. Instead of increasing your business, you could simply be maximizing your headaches and disappointment, in addition to attracting some really sketchy characters.

8. Watch out for agency scams. Being desperate for income can put you at your most vulnerable point, increasing the chances you could be susceptible to escort agency scams. The ones that advertise for escorts, because they have many more clients than they can service with their current escorts are going to be scams. Agencies that require you to pay an application fee, get professional photos and give them other sums of money are not going to get you any additional business. Be wary of agencies that hire you on the spot or make you audition for the job with the general manager (or any other male employee). There are a number of other agency scams out there, and it’s most possible to fall for them when you are really at rock bottom, yourself. Don’t allow your desperation about money to cloud your good judgment. Use your head when applying at any agency and ask questions that will indicate whether you will be better off working for them or staying independent. If an agency won’t answer your questions, avoid them like the plague.

9. Car meets are dangerous and should never be an option for you. Escorts who are talked into meeting a client in his automobile and driving somewhere for some intimacy are asking for trouble. Getting into a car with a stranger relinquishes all control you have over the situation. You are powerless to defend yourself against an attack or to influence where your client takes you. The possibility of rape or murder is very genuine. Car meets are perhaps the most risky of encounters and are not worth any amount of money. (Usually, clients who suggest car meets often expect a discounted rate, anyways.) Subjecting yourself to dangerous situations like this can cost you more than money.

10. Letting your security partner go to save money is not a viable option. Some escorts think they can operate more efficiently without a security partner, especially when they figure out the amount of money they could save. However, your security is something you can’t put a price on. If you have another option for security that is just as effective and cheaper, it’s something for consideration. But, otherwise, you shouldn’t think that this is a good risk. Maybe you’ve never been assaulted or robbed during an encounter. But, the presence of your security partner may intimidate any clients with ulterior motives from acting on them. Staying safe is not an option, it’s a necessity.

11. Compromising your personal boundaries is risky behavior that can result in your career downfall. Many escorts who stick to the policy that all clients are required to wear condoms during intimate acts can see that their less strict counterparts may get more client interest. It’s a fact of life that men, generally, don’t like to use condoms. However, as a precautionary method to protect not only your sexual health, but also the health of your clients, condoms are a necessary evil. Escorts may be tempted to offer bareback services as a way to lure in more clients, especially if business is lean. But, if you contract an STD as a result, you will be unable to work and have to find another source of income, in addition to paying medical bills associated with your illness or infection. If you contract a curable STD, you will still experience downtime from working, in addition to possibly exposing other clients to your infection, which does not bode well for business.

Risky behavior might have short-term benefits in some situations. But, these hazards could result in long-term issues that will derail your career and life.

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