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Sex workers could be forced to ‘risk their lives’ if prostitution bill c-36 passes, escort service owner says


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9 ways escorts are like sex therapists – and 5 ways they aren’t

Sex therapy is a recognized specialization wherein trained professionals help individuals overcome mental and physical issues causing sexual problems. Many people who suffer from sexually-related issues are against pursuing formalized therapy to find resolutions for their problems. Some of these affected individuals turn to escorts for solutions.

Whether they need someone to ease them through sexual situations or to simply talk to about fears or concerns about sex, clients find that escorts are much like sex therapists, when they need them to be.

There really are several similarities between escorts and sex therapists. Here are the most significant likenesses:

  1. Both professionals charge clients for their time. Sex therapists typically see several clients per day (much like escorts do), and they spend at least 50 minutes with them. (The other 10 minutes of the hour is spent prepping for an appointment or making notes about the previous experience with the client.) Escorts book encounters with clients ahead of time, just like sex therapists do, and inquire about their major concerns before meeting up, in order to be prepared ahead of time. Therapists ask clients to fill them in about their concerns ahead of time, so they can prepare, too. Escorts usually have a one- or two-hour minimum, much like therapists do.
  2. Escorts and sex therapists may work independently or with another group of professionals. It’s common for escorts to work on their own or for an agency. A sex therapist may have a private practice or counsel clients through a clinical setting with other professionals. When an escort or therapist works independently, they may set up their own appointments and coordinate their own marketing. However, when either of these professionals work with others, the scheduling, marketing and billing is often a separate affair.
  3. Incall or outcall, it doesn’t matter. Escorts and therapists work from either location. Escorts typically call encounters they travel to outcalls; therapists often use the term onsite when they visit a client in surroundings other than their offices. Therapists set guidelines as to where they are willing to visit with patients at, just as escorts do. (Escorts don’t usually travel to sketchy neighborhoods, personal homes or undetermined locations.) When therapists visit with clients in their own spaces, it’s usually within an office setting. Their offices may be quite casual or formal. They vary greatly, based on the therapist. Escorts’ incall locations vary, too, with the decor set by the escort’s personality and escort image.
  4. Both professionals may address specific sexual concerns. Many escorts have been contacted to help a client get past a sex phobia, learn a new technique or to enhance arousal. Sex therapists address these same concerns, too. Clients of either type of professional usually set forth a goal to achieve as a result of the visits, which directly correlates to overcoming an issue through finding a solution. The ways in which an escort and therapist may approach a client’s problem may be similar: they talk to the client as much as possible about the issue, exploring any deep-set issues in order to avoid adverse reactions in the client.
  5. Escorts and sex therapists are extremely comfortable discussing deeply intimate and overtly sexual topics. There often isn’t room to be shy or naive when working to help a client overcome a problem related to his sex life. All details, regardless of how gritty or intimate, are significant to helping a client work through his issues. All categories of sex are possibly on the table for discussion, from typical heterosexual intercourse to fetish desires to crazy fantasies. All are up for conversation, depending on the client. Neither professional can shy away from sex talk and must be comfortable using not only “proper” terms, but slang or urban talk, too. Escorts and sex therapists must also be informed about a variety of sexual issues in order to be comfortable talking about issues with clients.
  6. Sex therapists and escorts must possess excellent communication skills. Both professionals must be blessed with the gift of gab. Small talk and basic conversational abilities will go far in opening the door for clients to bare their souls, confiding their deepest, darkest secrets and fears to their professional of choice. However, beyond basic communication skills, both escorts and sex therapists must be able to draw out a client, knowing when they’ve asked too much and sensing when there is more to learn. They must be excellent at encouragement when a client opens up to share. Part of their communication skills must be the ability to listen. Listening is not just about hearing what a client is saying, it’s comprehending and applying their thoughts and feelings to applications that can help the client.
  7. Professionals dealing with sex must have open minds. Being judgmental has no place when working with clients who have sexual dysfunctions, fears or other issues. Because clients may have wide ranges of experiences, their stories can be shocking and surprising. Some clients may have been involved in extremely deviant behavior. Others may have contributed to depraved acts. Regardless of their previous actions, all clients deserve to be heard in order to overcome their problems. Escorts who judge clients for their requests often find their client lists dwindling, just as sex therapists do who fail to keep an open mind when discussing client issues.
  8. Escorts and sex therapists network with other professionals for the good of their clients. Often, sex therapists obtain clients through referrals from other therapists. General psychologists and the sort may refer a client with specific sexually-related problems to a sex therapist so specific issues can be directly addressed. Escorts often receive referrals from other escorts or agencies when a client comes along who is a perfect fit for them. Additionally, if a extra help is needed in order to solve a client’s problem, an escort may send a client to another escort who can better help him. For instance, if a client is experiencing problems associated with his need for affection and intimacy, rather than simple sex, an escort may refer her client to another escort whose specialty is the Girlfriend Experience. Sex therapists often do the same thing, in a way. If impotency is a problem for a client, physical issues may be addressed by referring the client to a physician who can check a client’s medicines or other health for reasons associated with the inability to perform.
  9. Discretion is key in both lines of work. It’s common knowledge in the escort industry that escorts are highly discreet about their client lists and what occurs during encounters. Escorts need it to be this way for several reasons: their own privacy, the privacy of their clients and steering clear of law enforcement, as examples. Sex therapists also keep their sessions and clients confidential. The federally-mandated Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act creates laws requiring that therapists and other health care professionals must protect their clients’ identities and case notes. The laws indicate that all diagnoses and other information related to patients are to be private. Even without the laws in place, it’s important that sex therapists promise non-disclosure in order to gain the trust of clients so they can help them solve their problems. Privacy and discretion are paramount in both professions.

While both professionals maintain many similarities to one another, there are definite differences, too. Even though both escorts and sex therapists work to help clients find resolutions to their sexual problems, sex therapists work in a much different manner. Here is a closer look at some of the things that set true sex therapists apart from escorts:

  1. Education is required. Sex therapists must obtain a graduate degree in a mental health field (social work, psychology, professional counseling, family and marriage therapy, etc.) from an accredited college or university. Many sex therapists earn a doctoral degree, in addition to completing required sex-related education provided by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). Additional training includes: 90 hours human sexuality; 60 hours sex therapy; 10 hours Sexual Attitude Reassessment seminar; 50 hours sex therapy sessions. Through their training, they obtain a higher awareness of sexuality that rises about opinion or personal experience. Knowing how the brain affects sex and the body through science, sex therapists are prepared to address all issues of sexual problems.
  2. Sex therapists never allow physical contact between themselves and their clients. Unlike escorts whose encounters are based on physical intimacy with their clients, sex therapists abstain from engaging in any intimate situations with clients. The kind of therapy they provide is simply through discussion and exploring one’s emotions, fears and memories. Talk therapy provides clients an opportunity to verbally explore their problems and implement solutions later with their partners. In fact, most medical ethics guidelines prohibit the physical contact between a sex therapist and her patients. However, sexual surrogates (not to be confused with sex therapists) readily engage in intimate acts with their clients.
  3. Rarely do sex therapists engage in any kind of refreshments or alcohol with clients. Sex therapy sessions are based on a more formal relationship that doesn’t include sharing a meal or a glass of wine. Therapy sessions are conducted sober, without the influence of alcohol. (Escorts may often indulge in a bottle of wine with a client or eat dinner during an encounter.) Sex therapists are purely there for conversation…not companionship. Their appointments with clients are not to make them feel like they are friends, but they are intended to address a client’s sexual issues.
  4. Insurance may cover sex therapy. Probably, a lot of clients wish their insurance would cover their encounters with escorts, but it doesn’t work that way. If clients are diagnosed with issues that a licensed therapist may be able to help with, most insurances that cover the costs of mental health care will pay (or partially pay) for appointments to resolve problems. Of course, paperwork and bureaucratic red tape are part of this process, but it can seriously offset the costs associated with therapy.
  5. Sex therapists are there for serious issues. Escort encounters are for fun and excitement, in addition to helping a client get through uncomfortable issues. However, a sex therapist is there to help a client with problems that need addressed with serious solutions. It’s not about pillow fights or getting a massage. A therapy session with a licensed sex therapist is sometimes hard and requires a client to focus inwardly, when that’s sometimes painful and awkward.

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Escort’s small talk cheatsheet

When you’re getting to know a client, it’s important to encourage them to reveal as much of their true personality as possible. Escorts should strive to make their clients comfortable, and part of that process includes getting the ball rolling for innocent chit chat that will take the initial awkwardness out of your meeting. Subjects for conversation should be somewhat universal and apply to nearly anyone you meet.

While some escorts ask questions that delve into a client’s personal life, most attempt to avoid topics that could leave the door open for clients to inquire the same about them. For instance, discussing details about his career, family or life may allow him to expect that these topics are available for him to explore with you, too. For instance, if you inquire about how many children he has and if he spends much time with them, he will automatically infer that you don’t mind discussing your own family. If you want to keep your personal details out of the conversation, stick to topics that avoid divulging any of your own information. Consider these ideas for conversation starters:

  1. Above all, ask questions, listen more and talk less.
  2. Sports is an excellent topic of conversation for many clients. Even if your client isn’t an avid team follower, he likely knows something about one of the sports being currently played. If he doesn’t, you learn something new about him through attempting to start this topic, too. (From here, you can ask what he is interested in, since he doesn’t follow athletics.) And, if your client is an enthusiastic sports fan, he will likely take the conversation forward from your initial question. You may find out more than you bargained for as he proceeds to quote stats, figures, predictions, etc. during your conversation about his favorite team. Even if his conversation extends beyond your knowledge, it may quickly become obvious that you’ve stumbled onto a topic that will always get him excited and put him at ease. Other times, for a client who isn’t as passionate about his team, the topic is good for a few minutes of casual conversation, which gets you to the next segment of your encounter.
  3. Current events and news stories are excellent subjects to talk about with a client. If you don’t pay attention to the news, you should start. In your community, there are many events, occurrences and activities that can stimulate conversation between you and your client, without getting into any subjects that might invite questions about your personal life. From new businesses in town to a recently passed ordinance by the city council, you can pick up relatable subjects to talk about. Current events could include activities scheduled in your community or a recent crime wave. In addition to local current events, focus on national or world happenings for ideas to discuss. For instance, when Colorado legalized the sale of marijuana, the topic was discussed by people throughout the United States. A natural disaster in another country is always an issue you can explore, as well as any crazy news tidbits you have caught online. (Interesting, bizarre news is often great to bring up to your client, because it’s usually light-hearted and won’t broach any touchy subjects.) Peruse local news sites, listen to NPR or read the newspaper for ideas.
  4. A client’s hobby may be a great platform for some warm-up chitchat. If your client has mentioned that he actively pursues a hobby through any of your communications with him, allow him to share with you details about his passion. If you know nothing about the pastime, do some quick research online prior to meeting up with him. A quick Internet search should give you a few points that will help you ask questions or comment intelligently as he discusses the ins and outs of his activities. From sailing to stamp collecting to golfing, most clients have some sort of hobby. Even if he hasn’t mentioned what he does in his free time, it’s a very safe question to ask if you’re looking for safe subjects of conversation. If your client replies that he doesn’t really have a hobby, proceed to tell him briefly about something you enjoy. Maybe you like to read or garden. It really doesn’t matter what the hobby is; it’s just the creation of a safe conversation that isn’t overly personal. After some brief conversation, the encounter can move on to more interesting stages.
  5. Encourage your client to divulge his likes and dislikes about sex. For clients who don’t seem shy to discuss it, sex is a great topic that will bond you and your client quickly. (Of course, sex may not be a suitable topic for a client who seems awkward and uncomfortable just by your presence, without any mention of anything more intimate.) By talking about the things you like and the acts you don’t prefer, you are getting to know one another on a level that is much different from other mundane warm-up conversations. Even though the entire discussion is geared to take the edge off of your initial face-to-face meeting, it also works to rev up your motors and put you on the same sexual page. Plus, it helps you understand what you must do in the encounter in order to please your client.
  6. Akin to the sex likes/dislikes conversation, asking your client about his craziest/best/worst sexual experience ever is a great way to break down the walls of intimidation. Opening up to each other about crazy adventures or sharing secrets that very few others or, perhaps, nobody knows about is a way to create a bond between you and your client. You can encourage him to share details about how the experience made him feel and how it affected his future adventures. However, to get your client to fully open up about these treasured memories, you may have to be willing to share some stories of escapades, yourself. Have a few good stories ready, and persuade him to tell his, possibly with the promise of more from you. The best benefit from this line of discussion is not only that you break through that awkward state at the beginning of an encounter, but that you also have shared some secrets together, which makes it feel like the two of you already have an intimate connection. It makes the rest of the encounter move along like clockwork.
  7. Get your client to tell you something non-obvious about himself. Even the most conservative, uptight client has a past and a personal life. Instruct him that you don’t need to know that he has 12 children or has been married four times. The kind of details you are looking for might include streaking the girls’ locker room back in high school, going skydiving, watching NASCAR or something else that could seem unsuspected, based on his appearance or demeanor. Consider a few facts about yourself that might be unexpected to share as an example for him. Once you’ve divulged something, he will be more inclined to reach inside himself for a piece of trivia that makes him special or unique. If he can’t come up with anything, ask him questions about his childhood nickname, an activity he’s always wanted to participate in or the worst trouble he ever got into. Everybody has something to share; it’s your way to discover bits about his personality. This works well for clients who seem very uptight. It helps them to remember they have a side to their personalities that is more relaxed and fun.
  8. Discuss favorites. From foods, colors and seasons to vacation destinations, electronics or banks, compare notes with your clients about the things you like, especially those you find that you have in common. It’s easy to come up with a quick list of items to ask about. As a way to engage your client, ask him to come up with some subjects, too, for your replies. As you go back and forth, sharing your preferences, it’s possible to get to know each other through trends in your answers. You may notice that your client has a sweet tooth or enjoys active pastimes, for instance. While you can’t learn everything you will need to know about your client through this line of conversation, it will help ease tensions between you and open up further conversation. If your discussion tends to sway from these “favorites,” allow it to. Let the chitchat take on a life of its own, providing more and more comfort to your client and reducing any awkwardness between the both of you. As you continue to talk, your interactions become increasingly natural, which leads to the rest of a successful encounter.
  9. Conversation about your neighborhood or community is an excellent way to break the ice with a client. Maybe there is construction down the street or a new organization is coming to town. Anything happening in your area is fair game for discussion when trying to find topics that both of you can comfortably converse about. Even if your conversation results in how the neighborhood has changed, the point is to get you talking, easily, to each other. Stimulating easy interaction between you is a result of finding common ground you can both identify with, such as knowledge of local occurrences. Establishing that initial level of pleasure through conversation is necessary in order to advance to more intimate stages of your encounter. If you can’t even talk to each other, touching one another may be extremely uncomfortable.
  10. Typical ice breaker questions can come in handy when you’re stumped for topics. Three typical ice breakers are fairly common and won’t have your client rolling his eyes at how ridiculous your methods of stimulating conversation are. The first is: “If you could pick anyone in the world, either living or dead, who would you pick to have dinner and drinks with once? Why?” Most people answer with a famous person from history or God. You can learn a lot about your client from his answer, ranging from his interests to his priorities. The second question to consider is: “What three things would you take with you if you were to be stranded for the rest of your life on deserted island?” As he answers this question, you will learn what in life is most important to him. And, the third question (which could receive eye rolls) is: “What fruit or veggie would you be? Why?” This question requires him to tell about his observances of his own personality, giving you some concept about how he perceives himself.
  11. Describing the perfect date or day with a romantic partner allows you insight to what he feels is essential for fulfillment. Encourage him to provide details about the activities, the feelings and how he would expect to be treated by the other person. If your client has some steamy details, you may be able to use them later in your encounter with him. Otherwise, you get insight to his romantic side and how he feels about relationships. If he shares details about a date where he and his partner do friendly activities, it indicates that he sees romance as a partnership and wants a woman who can be a companion. If his perfect day is sexually-based only, he is focused primarily on the physical aspects of a relationship.
  12. Easy questions about seasonal worries/topics are fodder for when conversation is challenging. If you get the feeling that your client doesn’t want to participate in idle chitchat, ease into with innocent questions about whether he has seasonal tasks completed, such as holiday shopping, taxes, summer vacation plans, fall leaves raked or things ready for the upcoming weather. Ask about spring/fall allergies. Encourage him to share about how he’s dealing with whatever the seasonal concerns are. While this is pretty inane, it helps open up the lines of communication so you can get to more interesting conversation.
  13. Some clients are drawn in by your questions about what prompted them to call you. Much like a psychologist will launch into questions about why a client has made an appointment, you should ask your new client what instigated him to seek out an escort, most specifically you. (Not only does this start the ball rolling for conversation, but it also helps you gauge what your appeal is to clients and determine what’s working in your marketing strategy.) You may learn about a particular incident that caused your client to call, or he may tell you about a lifetime of unfulfillment. Either way, you learn, in a nutshell, what he needs from you. You obtain knowledge that will help you provide a satisfying and enjoyable encounter, based on his specific needs and wants.

Without making that attempt at a few minutes of conversation at the beginning of a booking, you and your client may both feel like the encounter was forced and uncomfortable. Of course, you don’t want to take too much time from the booking, as you want your client to feel that the time you spent with him was well worth his fee. Don’t allow him to think that he missed out on a lot, because you and he talked for too long. If you notice that a client seems happy with the conversation, let him know that it is cutting into the other portion of his encounter. He can then make the choice to move on or continue with your discussion.

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Know the emotional boundaries of escorting

As a new escort, you may think that physical boundaries are the worst you’ll have to deal with. Unfortunately, as the case may be from moment to moment, they’re not. What is more exhausting and what will wear on you over time are the moments when you’ll find yourself feeling hurt, uncomfortable or just sad because of an action or conversation with a client. Often it may be something you don’t expect, or something that may not seem completely apparent to the client, and you’ll have very little chance to right the situation once your time together has passed. Or it might not be appropriate or necessary to even bring it up with the client. What is most important for your emotional health and sanity is to be prepared as possible as to what you’ll do to protect yourself when emotional lines are crossed.

Here are some things to consider:

Political and social issues that really affect you emotionally

These are different than your opinions on those issues, ones that you can debate upon, but that don’t stir any emotional leanings in you. Let’s say you grew up on a farm or in a rural area where you dealt with the lives of animals from start to finish and have an emotional reaction to hearing of their abuse. If you’re out with a client who, maybe, used to go to cock fights or is telling you the details of a bull getting killed in the ring during a trip to Spain, it might do more than push your buttons: it might pull up some deeply emotional reactions in you that have more to do with your own history than animal rights.

What to do? In reality, the conversation is obviously not that big of a deal. The practical thing is for you to try to steer the situation in another direction before it gets to a point that it upsets you. But if it’s gone too far, you have a decision to make: do you tell the client a bit about yourself personally, exposing the situation to friction, or do you let it go and deal with it later? Remember, the client is your focus and your profession means that you cater to their pleasure. But only in a way that is also safe for you as well.

How will you brush this off later? Can you prepare yourself for such a situation but maybe listing “hot-button” topics that you know instigate really negative reactions in you and so that you’re ready to see them coming and avoid them or somewhat tune out if they come? Sometimes just being aware is helpful and a sign of victory.

Your opinions on your profession and its value

Escorting can be a very liberating profession for human beings, so much so nowadays that it’s not uncommon to hear stories about educated, successful persons who either started as escorts or joined the industry when their careers flagged for economic reasons. But it’s one thing to believe in your opinion of the industry, and another to deal with a client who is disrespectful of this.

Hopefully, this doesn’t happen often, and most likely it won’t happen blatantly and to your face. But there are signs—subtle ones—that can affect you emotionally. When a client shortchanges you, they are basically telling you that your profession is not as legitimate or valued as others (would she ever not give her dry-cleaner a full amount owed?). When she uses words, either socially or intimately, that have generally negative connotations, she assumes you’re cool with them when maybe you’re not: some people get turned on by being called a whore or a slut in bed, others find it very off-putting and offensive, it all depends on the person. When he or she doesn’t treat you with proper respect in public (simple things like remaining attentive etc.), she’s showing you where you lie in value in their sight.

These lines are different for everyone. If you’re very secure in your opinions and can roll with clients easily, it may not be that big a deal to hear, see or be treated in certain ways. But if one of those situations happens and you feel cheated or belittled, how are you going to brush it off to move on to the next client. Will you refuse to see them again? Be verbal with them as to your discomfort? As far as your longevity in the escorting field goes, respecting yourself and making your working environment as comfortable as possible are the most important things to consider, as well as making sure you respect and value your client as much as possible.

Physical boundaries – great and small

There are a variety of sessions you may be having with clients, from the Girlfriend Experience where you’re out socially, to private dinners, trips, or simply hotel time for two.

How will / do you feel when a client is both negligent in paying you attention or physically all over you in public? Does he try to hide you and ignore you when there are other people around or is he liberal with his public displays of affection? How do you feel about either end of this range?

This will change depending on the client, as well it should. Your physical comfort levels and boundaries are yours to determine. When you work in a corporate environment most managers make it clear when sexual harassment policies are explained that the same physical touch between two people may be completely appropriate whereas completely inappropriate with others: it depends on the level of communication, comfort and the relationship between the two parties.

The same is true in the escorting industry. It is never right for a client to assume that they can do what they want with you physically. Nor is it right for them to hire you for company and then try to avoid you completely physically when together. Escorting is an extremely personal profession: how to you plan to present yourself in regards to what you will and will not take from a client physically? What are your limits? What do you enjoy and what repulses you? Have an idea of this so you can avoid those lines being crossed.

How to let it all go

Emotional lines are going to be crossed at some point, no matter how prepared you may be. So here are some ideas as to how to check out at the end of the workday.

  • Have a meditation or breathing sequence that helps you physically let it all go: If you drive away from appointments, have a ritual that maybe thanks you for your time together with that person, and then helps you to release that time into the cosmos. Maybe breathe in and out deeply, put on some music that calms you, and say a mantra or prayer. By the time you’re done with the ritual, tell yourself that the session is over, and it’s time to move on, either to your next client or your personal life. Exercise is also a great way to get it all out physical.
  • Have a friend to mull it over with, but give yourself a time limit: If a client really pisses you off and you need to vent about it, talk to a trusted friend and let it all out. But at the beginning of the bitch session, tell him/her “I need to get this off my chest but only for 15 minutes, then we’re changing the subject and you can’t let me go back to it”. When it comes down to it, your time is your own, and you’re the only one with the power to let the client occupy your thoughts and time or not. So let it out, then let it go.
  • Journal on what you’ve learned: Maybe a line was crossed that you didn’t know you had. What can you learn for the future? How could you have handled the situation better? Keep a journal of this experience so that you can refer to it later when the same line is crossed, so you’ll know how to better react.
  • Appreciate what you have. If you don’t know how to be happy with where you are and what you have, more—time, money, friends, square feet, independence—will not make you happier.

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7 tips for interviewing a prospective escort agency employee

If you are ready to start an escort agency or already running one, you will need to prepare interview questions to ask prospective escort employees. Using the correct interview and pre-interview questions can help you to pick quality escorts to join your business.

It’s not just rejecting the good candidates that kills a business, but also hiring the bad ones.

  1. Before meeting in person, it’s important to run a mini-interview over the telephone. Here are some questions to ask:
    • “Have you ever worked as an escort previously?” Interviewees who have no experience within the escorting industry may not be good prospective escorts for your business, unless you have enough patience. While an interviewee might be teachable, it takes extra time and attention to mentor a young, inexperienced escort. If an interviewee has no experience, politely inform the caller that you require previous experience as an escort. If the caller has experience, find out where, when and for how long. Also, ask the caller why he or she is no longer working as an escort.
    • “Why do you think you want to work for my agency?” Ask the caller how they found out about your agency, what he or she knows about it and why he or she thinks it would be a positive experience to work for you. You will find out if your caller has done his or her homework by checking out your website or ads, in addition to discovering if the escort is simply calling everyone in the yellow pages looking for “easy” work.
    • “What hours and days are you available?” Any escort who tells you he or she is available 24 hours per day/seven days a week won’t be. Nobody is available that much. Any caller who tells you that she or he can’t work after 9pm is not someone you want to hire, either. Many of your appointments will occur after 9pm on a regular basis. If the caller indicates she or he will be available a few nights per week for the majority of the evening, in addition to some daytime slots, it might be a good idea to consider meeting with him or her.
    • “Describe yourself.” Request the caller to describe his or her physical characteristics. Ask for age information, weight and height statistics, measurements and hair color/style. Request the caller to email or text you a photo of him or herself in appropriate escort attire. (This does not mean in lingerie or in the buff.) Any caller who describes herself as the Big Beautiful Woman type should be stopped right there. While there is a market for the BBW type, it is not a prevalent market that you will want to hire for. If the caller indicates he or she is height/weight proportionate, that is what you are looking for. Additionally, the caller should be over the age of 21 for you to consider him or her seriously: they simply haven’t lived long enough. Escorts who are over 21 have more experience and, often, a better handle on things.
    • If the answers to these questions are satisfactory, ask to meet with the caller for an in-person interview. Request the caller to dress as though he or she is meeting a client for dinner and schedule your interview in the evening at a local coffee shop.
  2. Start the interview with small talk. Each escort you hire must be a competent small talker. The art of small talk, along with many other things, is essential to the success of an escort. He or she must be able to put clients at ease through small talk. If your interviewee is not good at general conversation, politely end the interview and explain to the person that he or she isn’t a good fit for your agency.
  3. During the interview, ask why he or she wants to work as an escort. If anything at all in their answers doesn’t sound right, gut feeling is enough: this person shouldn’t work in your escort agency. Don’t give it a second thought, trust yourselfEscorting is hard, emotionally challenging work, and your potential escort should realize this. Hiring someone who is unaware of the level of commitment and difficulty associated with escorting may mean that he or she won’t work for you very long.
  4. Ask to see the interviewee’s Social Security card and driver’s license. It’s important to know that you are working with someone who is being honest about his or her identity to you. You cannot work with someone who is working under a false identity.
  5. Ask the interviewee to share with you how he or she handles stress, embarrassing situations and uncomfortable settings.
  6. Ask them about their worst failure. This will (a) give you an idea about their life experience and (b) show you how honest and determined they are to work for you.
  7. Ask them about their best moment for the same reasons as the previous question, as well as to neutralize the effect of forcing them to re-live bad memories.

It doesn’t really matter what they say. What matters is your reaction. You are not hiring a Ph.D. in rocket surgery—all you need is an honest, nice, smart, and good looking person. If you want your interview to last beyond schedule, hire them.

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What are the 12 justifiable reasons for an escort to stop seeing a client?

Typically, when an escort has a client she considers a loyal regular, she nurtures the relationship with him in order to keep it strong and intact. However, from time to time, it becomes necessary to “break up” with that client for specific reasons. Basic escort logic denies the concept of wanting to sever contact with a consistent client you’ve seen several times.

However, there are justifiable arguments for wanting to cut an existing client from your list of current customers. Also, keep in mind that nobody else has to approve your decisions for letting a client go; you are an independent escort and may see clients base on your own preferences and choices.

You may choose to never see a client again for simple reasons such as you don’t like the way he smells, he kisses roughly or he reminds you of your seventh grade science teacher. But, in addition to these personal reasons that you may decide against seeing a client, there are some universal justifications that all escorts may identify with when examining their client lists:

  1. Get rid of clients who haggle with you about your rates. Anytime that you and a client disagree about what your time with him is actually worth, he demonstrates his lack of respect for your professionalism and personal value. After repeated encounters, he should realize that your fee is standard and is not likely to be discounted. If he continually attempts to negotiate with you to get a bargain or a freebie, you should feel completely validated in cutting him loose. Some escorts don’t even tolerate a client who attempts to get a cheaper rate during the first encounter; they certainly won’t continue to see a client who makes a deal of it each and every time. In addition to the client who tries to get a cheap visit, there are others who don’t transition well to a rate increase. As escorts improve and become more experienced, they often raise their fees to reflect their better statuses. Any client who won’t accept your new rates (especially after being gradually worked into the new rates) isn’t a client you need. Give this client one more chance to forego the haggling bit before cutting him off.
  2. Clients who become increasingly needy can be removed from your client list. In the beginning, it’s fairly standard for a new client to ask lots of questions and require some gentle reassurance about encounters with you. But, after a few successful meetings, your client should get the gist of how the process works and require less attention and coddling from you. Some clients don’t know when to back off, though. They assume they deserve even more attention as your relationship with them progresses over time. While this would be natural in a dating relationship, it’s inconvenient and excessive when you’re simply his escort. If after addressing his neediness and constant attempts for your affections during non-encounter times he doesn’t change his ways, you should consider breaking up with him. No escort has time to provide small talk and friendly commentary to a client on a consistent basis when scheduling an encounter is not involved. For that matter, any client who regularly makes up excuses about scheduling questions or inquiries about the encounter should be limited to little communication. Clients don’t need your attention regularly when a booking is not involved. Removing this type of client from your list will enable you more time to focus on other important aspects of your career.
  3. Refer your client to another escort if you change your niche. As you progress in your career, your personal style and preferences may change. Often, escorts may identify certain niches they want to explore or expand into as they work as a basic escort. When you decide it’s time for you to direct your attention to different types of clients, your previous ones may no longer fit the demographic you are hoping to attract or service. Additionally, when you adapt your niche, you will probably alter the way you look, too. This may directly affect how your current clients are attracted to you. When you have a client who doesn’t want to accept your new look, it may be time to refer him to an escort who fits his desires better than you do at the present time with your new image. For instance, when an escort chooses to go Goth or get several tattoos, her appearance is no longer that of the squeaky clean girl next door. If your client only wants you to show up to encounters looking like your old self, he may be ready to move on to another escort. Sending him along his way is the best thing you can do for both of you. Part amicably and wish him luck with the new escort.
  4. Clients who exhibit negative changes in their personalities should be removed from your regulars. Clients lead real lives with crises and drama, just like escorts do. Sometimes, when a client experiences a significant life-changing situation, his personality may change. A client may realize that life is short and start acting the way he pleases, instead of the way he should. Or, he may become bitter and angry at the world, allowing that to taint his behavior. Regardless of what the motivating factors are to his negative behavior adaptations, you don’t have to put up with it. If he’s recently become hateful or demeaning, get rid of him from your client list. Clients may become increasingly violent, if they are seeming angrier and less satisfied with life. Often, big personality changes predict other more serious problems in the future, such as criminal actions, addictions or other unacceptable acts. Escorts should cut ties with clients who seem to be morphing before their very eyes as a way to avoid inevitable trouble.
  5. Avoid future interactions with clients who continue to be abusive. In the beginning of your career, you may have overlooked behaviors that are simply not acceptable to you now. If a client had said things to you that you felt were verbally abusive, you may have made the excuse that you had to tolerate it, because you didn’t have enough clients to make up for him. Or, you may have put up with a client who physically pushed you around or became too rough during sexual activities, due to needing his business. As you become more successful and confident, the excuses you made previously for these kinds of clients no longer hold water. You can’t justify taking their ill treatment when you no longer need their business in order to survive. When you finally come to this conclusion, it’s essential to know that it’s never too late to deny a client. There may come a day that you’ve simply had enough of a client who always pushes you around or insists on telling you how worthless you are. You can stop seeing him at any time. Simply because you’ve allowed him to become a regular is no reason to allow him to treat you badly. Cease your relationship with him when you please.
  6. When clients take up habits you don’t approve of, you are justified in ending your relationships with them. Many escorts have started seeing clients who seemed perfectly nice and good in the beginning, only to learn later that they’ve developed a drug or alcohol addiction or changed their ways in other manners. A substance abuse problem may cause a client to start acting in various ways that completely differ from how he first presented himself to you. The meek, mild-mannered attorney may turn into a raging, ranting sex maniac when he’s high or strung out. An alcoholic may become angered quickly if he hasn’t had the drink or two he thinks he needs when he comes to an encounter. These habits can seriously change a client, and they present you with adequate grounds to terminate your relationships with them. In addition to habits that change their behaviors, some clients adjust their methods of living, too. A once clean, shaved client may experience a crisis in his life and resort to poor hygiene. He will appear for an encounter unshaven, dirty and smelly. If his behavior continues, you don’t have to keep booking him. Habits that completely alter your original impression of your client may cause you to determine you won’t see him any longer.
  7. Boundary pushers can be blocked at any time. Escorts may start out with a client who accepts her limitations and is willing to proceed with encounters despite the “fun” he is missing. However, as time progresses, this same client can become pushier about his “needs” and attempt to persuade you to participate in activities you have clearly prohibited. Over more bookings, he often becomes more aggressive with his attempts to encourage you to step past your boundaries. He may offer you more money, tips and gifts; some clients say they will give their business to other escorts or out you to your family or friends. Others may make more serious threats that involve your safety or well-being. After being continually pushed by a client, it’s common to desire to drop him from your list. And, if he threatens you, breaking things off with him is more than justifiable. In fact, it would question your sanity if you continued to see him for bookings.
  8. Escorts who reduce their level of business or numbers of clients will need to drop someone from their client lists. Some escorts find themselves in the position that they want to reduce the size of their client lists due to taking on full-time jobs, having children, meeting a new partner, health concerns or establishing more lucrative arrangements with a few clients. Regardless of your reasons, when you decide to shave your list, you’re going to have to break up with some of your clients. The clients who are given the boot may not understand why they are the ones chosen to be eliminated from your schedule, but that’s not your problem. You can set their feelings at ease, though, by letting them know you were scaling back and several clients were referred to other escorts. This can happen at any time, and it’s best to plan ahead when you start eliminating clients, choosing to do this all at once.
  9. Some clients must be eliminated when you gain better ones. Unless you want to expand your work schedule by a lot, it’s necessary to terminate your relationships with some clients when you obtain others to take their places. (The others are, obviously, preferable in some way: they pay more, are better looking or are more fun to be with.) But, it’s often difficult to break up with clients once you’ve established a consistent relationship with them. The best thing to do is to choose the clients you wish to remove from your clientele, before you do anything. Once you’ve chosen the clients who didn’t make the cut, tell them personally during your next encounter with them. It’s unfortunate that becoming more successful sometimes means saying goodbye to good clients, but it’s a choice that an escort has to make. More regulars may mean a an expanded work schedule, which is probably not what you’re working toward, unless you are in the beginning stages of your career.
  10. Eliminate clients who get on your nerves. For unexplained reasons, some clients are just annoying. The way they breathe while you’re performing oral sex may drive you crazy (and, not in a good way). Others may have other frustrating habits that become deal breakers at some point during your relationship with them. Even if a client is a great guy, otherwise, you have the right to avoid seeing clients who make you miserable when you are with them. It may not be a testimony about their ill character, but if they make you uncomfortable, stressed or unhappy for any reason, you don’t need to continue seeing them. Feel free to suggest that these clients find another escort next time.
  11. Escorts who decide to quit the industry will have to stop seeing their clients, even the ones they really like. Once you’ve made the decision to leave your career as an escort, it’s essential to cut all ties. It’s not fair to yourself to keep one or two clients, on the side, if your intention is to get out of the business, altogether. Even though you may feel it’s difficult to leave a few of your favorite clients, it’s necessary if you want to remove yourself from this career.
  12. Escorts who get too involved with clients should end their relationships with them. The most justifiable reason on the list to break up with current clients, it’s necessary for you to terminate relationships you have formed with clients where you have become emotionally attached or romantically involved. Unless you and your client are both serious about moving your relationship forward, it’s best to pretend that it never happened and remove yourself from the situation and temptation altogether. In most cases, the fairy-tale scenario where an escort is swept off her feet by a knight-in-shining armor client is just that: a fairy tale. It doesn’t happen like that. Pursuing the relationship usually spells disaster for both you and your client, so it’s best to nip things in the bud and send your client on his way.

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Which 15 practices can help escorts stay fit for a busy work schedule?

It’s common for escorts to work crazy hours in order to meet the demands of clients. Not only will they work long days in order to make encounters happen, but they may work late-night or all-night bookings for client satisfaction. By working an irregular schedule that affects sleep patterns, you let your hectic habits take a serious toll on your body and mind.

According to the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, 22 million Americans work evening, rotating or on-call shifts. Their irregular schedules often negatively affect their attention spans, concentration abilities, reaction times, memory capabilities and moods. But, there are several things you can do to counteract the ill effects of an escort schedule that evolves based on client availability:

  1. Maintain a healthy diet. Many people who work irregular schedules eat poorly and at odd times. Even if you have to adjust your normal meal times for your erratically booked encounters or life’s other obligations, attempt to maintain space between three to five regular meals each day. Your meals usually serve as time cues for your body’s rest clock, so it’s important to fuel up at semi-regular intervals. Ensure that you eat a balanced diet with healthy portions that include natural foods such as fruits, veggies and lean proteins. Try to incorporate low-fat options, and make sure you are hydrating with at least 64 oz. of water daily. Reduce your alcohol intake, because it can make it difficult to rest when your schedule finally allows it. Avoid junk and fast food choices, because they may cause your body to react sluggishly, especially over time. The fuel that you put into your body helps create the energy you need to go about your business with clients. Ensure that you are eating properly in order to keep up your energy and immune system.
  2. Get enough rest. Despite your crazy schedule, try to fit in at least eight continuous hours of sleep daily. Sleep experts from WebMD.com indicate that anytime the body begins to function on less sleep than eight hours per day, it malfunctions. All systems of the body are negatively impacted by lack of adequate sleep. And, the experts all agree that sleep patterns that include interrupted sleep shifts are not sufficient alternatives to a continuous eight-hour stretch of slumber. However, as an escort, it is sometimes necessary to resort to any method you can get to obtain a few extra zzz’s. In these cases, physicians concur that some sleep is better than none at all. However, experts who counsel rotating shift workers encourage people who know they will experience a change in their schedules to attempt to transition their sleep patterns ahead of time by altering the time they lay down for bed. By going to sleep an hour earlier, it’s possible to get up earlier, too. If enough time allows, doing this repeatedly for a night or two, gradually transitioning to a closer sleep schedule will ease your body’s reactions to the new patterns. Of course, if you anticipate only one or two nights where your patterns are affected, it’s best to simply get more sleep when you can ahead of time.
  3. Don’t allow interruptions. When you do get to lay your head down for some rest during a period of crazy encounters, prohibit others from disturbing you. Tell friends and family members you don’t want to be disturbed, set your phone to silent and tuck your laptop or tablet away from you so you’re not tempted to use it. Interruptions to your rest period may cause you to lose valuable time sleeping, for no good reason. Give yourself the best chance possible to succeed at an erratic sleep schedule.
  4. Utilizing sleep aids or stimulants should only be temporary solutions. If you’re anticipating a drastic shift in your schedule for a night or two with clients, you might consider using Lunesta, Ambien or Sonata (among other sleep aids) to help you fall asleep earlier and stay asleep as a means to rest up ahead of time. Use as a temporary solution is perfectly reasonable. However, relying on these sleep aids for long-term solutions is not good for your body, as it can become accustomed to this medicinal cue to go to sleep. Some physicians recommend melatonin, a natural hormone, as an over-the-counter option to induce sleepiness. It might be just enough extra help to fall asleep naturally during times that your schedule is irregular. Additionally, stimulants such as caffeine are great ways to jolt your body awake when you need to be alert. Caffeinated beverages and coffee are great ways to perk yourself up when you need a boost. Medicines including Nuvigil and Provigil are used when you need a little more “oomph” than coffee provides. However, it is unhealthy to rely on these medications consistently. Over time, they may have reduced effects, discourage sleep when you need it and cause difficulties trying to reset your body to normal rhythms.
  5. Take naps. Naps ranging from 60 to 90 minutes are the most effective for restoring alertness and helping to feel refreshed, according to a sleep study performed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Escorts who feel they are not getting adequate amounts of sleep to help them function with family and clients should consider sneaking in a power nap at some point in their schedule. Experts reveal that even if you don’t fall asleep, the down time you spend relaxing helps to recharge your body, restoring some energy. If you have late-night clients, try to slip in a few moments rest before or after seeing them. Little bits of extra sleep won’t take the place of an entire missed night of rest, but they will assist your body and its functions. Additionally, a nap restores a balance of hormones, increases digestion and improves your mental clarity. In fact, even if your schedule is fairly consistent and you get the requisite eight hours of sleep per night, a short daily nap may help you beat the afternoon’s doldrums that create heavy eyes and a tired mind.
  6. Reduce stress. If you know you’ve got a hectic schedule coming up, do what you can to reduce the complications affecting your daily activities. Pay bills, clear the air with family members and complete other tasks that you’ve left previously undone. Knowing that everything is taken care of the best that you can will help you focus better during your irregular schedule. Stress is an energy sucker that causes the body to worry and dwell on issues that may be difficult to fix while you’re extra busy. Even if you’ve got stress in your life that you can’t control, attempt to defer your thoughts to more positive concepts. Your body is tired and under additional pressure from your odd escorting schedule; do your best to life other concerns from your mind for the time being until things return to normal.
  7. Avoid scheduling late- or all-night bookings several nights in a row. Sleep experts indicate that adjusting your schedule for a night or two here and there where you lose sleep is acceptable and won’t cause damage to your body’s rhythms. However, if your schedule is affected for three or more nights consecutively, your sleep patterns and cognitive functions will be negatively affected. Keep this in mind as you book encounters with clients. Also, remember this as you schedule extended encounters, such as vacations with clients. You may be up later than usual many nights in a row, so this is also a change to your normal schedule. Don’t expect your body to react without symptoms of being tired.
  8. Irregular scheduling of late-night encounters should not include long commutes. Escorts who book clients into late-night slots should think about how far away the outcall is from them. When you book an outcall that is several miles from you, you run the risk of getting sleepy during your commute. Whether it’s time spent in the car as your driver transports you or time alone as you drive yourself, this span of time may allow you to become extremely sleepy. Driving yourself late at night for encounters may be dangerous, because your reaction times are decreased and your alertness is diminished. You could wreck or get lost, due to being tired. Additionally, if you take the train or subway to outcalls, your fellow riders may be less desirable late at night than they are during the day. Long commutes simply add up to challenges that you don’t need when you’re already extremely tired. If you must schedule encounters at odd times for you, encourage your clients to come to you for an incall.
  9. Utilize bright lights as a way to increase your alertness. If you are preparing for an encounter that starts at 1 AM, turn on all the lights in your bedroom and bathroom, in an attempt to make it as light and day-like as possible. You can sort of “fool” your body into believing that it’s a reasonable time to be up and functional by subjecting it to bright lights. Many shift workers use light boxes or other methods to stimulate artificial sunlight for extended night-time shifts. However, if your escort schedule only includes occasional night bookings, you can probably fake your body into alertness using your indoor lighting. Much in the same fashion, if you are attempting to catch up on your rest during daylight hours (after a late encounter), reduce the light in your bedroom using black-out blinds, shades or heavy curtains. If you don’t have these types of window coverings, consider putting a blanket or heavy comforter over your windows temporarily until your rest is over. The darkness may trigger drowsiness and enhance sleep.
  10. Attend to all health issues when your schedule is off. What may seem like a trivial health condition may become a more serious or sufferable one during a time where your schedule is upended. As your body is getting less rest due to lack of sleep, it is more challenged to handle health issues. For instance, if you catch a cold during a time where you’re working odd hours, you should go see your doctor to fend off a sinus infection or other complications. Other more serious conditions should definitely receive attention, too, because they will not remedy themselves during a time where your body is stressed simply trying to keep up.
  11. Get plenty of exercise. Just like during your regular routine, exercise is important to your health and energy. It can also help your body wake up and be more alert. By incorporating a consistent work-out into your irregular routine, you are helping keep your body healthy and energized. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic report that people who exercise regularly have more energy than those who don’t. And, it’s fairly evident that when you’re working crazy hours, you need all of the energy you can get. Utilize your exercise routines at all times in order to keep your body healthy and awake.
  12. Try to fit in time for things you enjoy. Despite a hectic schedule with irregular hours, you may still find yourself with some free time you can use for hobbies or other activities that you like to do. Whether you like to read or sew, try to incorporate some time to embrace your hobbies. If you’re so busy that you never get to do anything that makes you happy, the time you spend with an irregular schedule will be extremely difficult. If you enjoy part of your time, it will go by much more quickly, returning you to your old schedule soon. Additionally, it’s good for your mental health to do things you enjoy, especially when you’re engaged in a pattern of activities that seems unusual or overly hectic.
  13. Get support. When your schedule changes erratically, you may need some help, especially if you have a family to take care of. Enlist babysitters, friends for carpooling and others for extra assistance when you need it to fulfill the needs of your family members if you can’t be there. Call a friend to watch your baby while you get a few hours of sleep after a late night. It’s tempting to try to do it all yourself. But you will simply wear yourself down.
  14. Set rules for your clients that prohibit booking encounters at times you are normally unavailable. There is no crime in the escort industry in telling clients that you are not available for a 2 a.m. encounter. Just because a client is able to see you then doesn’t mean that you have to go along with his request. Protect yourself and your schedule by refusing bookings that don’t fall within your scheduled openings. Many escorts think they have to operate with an extremely versatile and flexible schedule. You don’t. And, when you start allowing clients to schedule crazy booking times, you start down a slippery slope of allowances that will continually keep you at clients’ beck and call.
  15. Work less. First, you will never make all the money in the world: Bernanke will always win. Second, you will die anyway, and whether your net worth is 100 or 100 gazillion dollars, you won’t be able to take a single penny with you.

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16 effective home remedies to help escorts overcome bad odors “down there”

A smelly vagina is the last thing that escorts should have to worry about, but it seems like it’s sometimes a constant fight to keep that fresh scent lasting all day (and night). One might even say that an odorous vagina is a job hazard of being an escort. There are many reasons that a woman may experience a pungent scent coming from her nether regions. Sexually transmitted infections and diseases (STIs and STDs), yeast infections and urinary tract and bladder infections may all create unusual odors that are emitted from the vagina.

However, most of the time, an escort experiences a bad odor due to an imbalance in her pH levels. A woman’s pH levels are delicately maintained through a routine wash cycle that should only include unscented soap and water. But, when other factors interrupt this normal cycle, the bacteria (both good and bad forms) react and grow at different rates. Showering often (as escorts do), lube, sex toysand lots of sexual intercourse can create influences that may stimulate imbalances. When an imbalance gets more severe, it may be diagnosed as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). The most common symptom is a smelly discharge that is grayish white or yellow. A “fishy” smell, which becomes worse immediately after sexual intercourse, may accompany the infection. Sometimes, the only symptom a woman notices is the odor.

Although some escorts may choose to seek professional medical help for the condition (which will include a regime of antibiotic treatment), others opt for more natural methods of clearing up the imbalance:

  1. Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is an anti-fungal substance that contains antiseptic properties that will help alleviate the imbalance experienced by BV. Using an eye dropper, put 10 drops of the oil onto a tampon and insert it into the vaginal area. Leave it in for one hour and remove. Do this regularly for three or four days, or until the odor seems to clear up.
  2. Garlic: With its natural antibiotic and anti-fungal properties, garlic can help restore balance to your lady bits. Grind the garlic into a powder form and create a paste with it by mixing in water. Apply the paste to your vagina and allow it to sit overnight. In the morning, wash your vaginal area and dry it. The paste may cause your vaginal tissue to burn slightly, but unless the pain is severe, do not wash it off. The burn/tingle indicates it’s working. If you don’t like the paste idea, some escorts take a whole clove of garlic and wrap it in a piece of gauze or panty hose. Insert the clove into the vagina and remove it within a couple of hours. Repeat this for a day or two. Make sure you have something tied onto the clove to facilitate easier removal. Some herbalists recommend incorporating garlic regularly into your diet, but then you may experience problems with bad breath!
  3. Salt water: Salt water has all kinds of healing properties when used on the body. From curing sore throats to helping cuts heal more quickly, salt has restorative properties that can also help balance your pH levels. Dissolve one cup of salt into a warm bath and soak in it for 30 minutes. Do this a few days in a row, and results should follow.
  4. Water: Hydrating yourself with at least four 8-oz. glasses of water a day will help to flush out toxins and reduce any body odor or other scents. Water is necessary for your body to perform well and lacking hydration can make any odors your body is emitting even worse.
  5. Waiting: Many physicians indicate that less severe cases of BV will cure themselves. The body is geared to naturally restore its balances to their preferred states. Your vagina may go back to normal within a few days. Additionally, after your period, it’s common for a slightly different odor to be noticeable due to hormones and other factors relating to menstruation. Give your body a few days to fix itself before getting too excited about implementing home remedies.
  6. Yogurt: Plain yogurt can help digestion and your pH balance “down there.” Nutritionists recommend regular servings of yogurt as a way to keep tummy troubles away, but it can also be used topically to remedy vaginal issues. Mix a bit of yogurt and water together and soak a tampon in the mixture. Insert the tampon and leave it in for at least 30 minutes. Upon removal, wash the vagina with warm water and unscented soap. After doing this for a couple of days, your odor problems should go away. (Do not use flavored yogurts; they will not work as effectively as plain varieties.)
  7. Vinegar: Apple cider or white vinegars have unlimited uses from serving as household cleaners to providing medicinal properties to your body. Soaking in a mixture of warm bath water, one-half cup salt and one-half cup vinegar can help to alleviate any bad odors you may notice coming from your “love cabin.” Vinegar has cleansing properties and benefits your vagina through introducing alkalinity and acidity that helps to restore pH levels to a balanced state.
  8. Baking soda: Said to whiten your teeth, baking soda can also balance your pH levels. Dissolve three-quarters cup of baking soda in a warm bath and soak in it for 20 to 30 minutes. Do this for three days in a row and you should experience a noticeable difference in your odor.
  9. Indian gooseberries: Also known as Amla, Indian gooseberries are natural purifiers and organic cleaners. They help regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle and can control vaginal discharge. Naturists advise eating it daily, in its raw form or as pickles or in a powder.
  10. Fenugreek: In addition to being added to cuisine as a seasoning and a vegetable, fenugreek has medicinal properties that help balance female hormones. Used to increase lactation, it can also help control any vaginal odor you may have. Moisten two tablespoons of fenugreek in a glass of water and allow it to sit overnight. Drink the water before breakfast in the morning (on an empty stomach) and after a few days its effects should kick in. This can be a regular addition to your routine to ward off future odor problems.
  11. Caffeine/Sugar: Avoiding caffeine and sugary foods and drinks may help reduce the chances of a foul smell in your vagina. Also, decreasing the use of any chemical products may help. Incorporate more vegetables and fruits (especially citrus ones) into your diet to maintain your overall health and balance. These foods will help create a consistent good smell and taste in your girly parts.
  12. Pubic hair: Most escorts keep their pubic hair trimmed neatly (or shaved or waxed), but if you don’t it may be something to consider. Lengthy pubic hair can retain and trap odors that will ruminate from your nether regions when they are unleashed. The hair holds in any odors that you may have. By trimming the hair so that it is close to the skin, you reduce the chances of the odors staying so close to the vagina, allowing it more room to breathe, so to speak. Waxing or shaving the area entirely is another option.
  13. Granny panties: Consider wearing loose, cotton panties for a day or two until your body corrects the pH imbalance. Your sexy, silky duds are great for encounters with clients, but they aren’t doing your “vag” any favors as it tries to fix itself. Provide your genital region room to air out with looser panties with a cotton lining to absorb moisture. And, stay away from thongs for a day or two.
  14. Stay dry: Excessive moisture around your vaginal area may create or enhance an already existent odor. When you shower, be sure to towel off until you feel dry. Do not put on underwear until you’ve allowed yourself to air dry for a few minutes. Trapping moisture in your genital area can make any odor you have even stronger. And, if you sweat during the day, attempt to dry off when you can, alleviating the problem of a sweaty, smelly vagina.
  15. Deodorant: Even though deodorant is typically for your underarms, it can also be applied near your vaginal area as a way to mask any scent that you have emitting from your inner parts. It’s not a way to cure the problem, but it may be a way to feel like you smell a bit fresher.
  16. Wash ahead of time: Before a client arrives, an escort who is worried about her smell should quickly wash off so she is odor free for her encounter. Just use some warm water and a bit of soap to wash away any odor to restore your vagina to a fresh state.

As you see clients on a regular basis, you may notice that your odor after sexual intercourse differs with each of them, especially if you aren’t having protected intercourse. The combination of your fluids and his semen can interact together to create an unpleasant smell in your vaginal area. Additionally, lubricant and the latex from the condoms can cause your natural odor to change after intercourse. If this is the case with your body, the smell will only get worse as you see more clients in a day.

And if you do have an odor problem, appreciate constructive criticism from clients. They know you are only human and that your vagina is a hard-working part of your body. They are much more understanding than you think. Take their comments in stride and attempt to remedy the problem. (And, be happy that they told you about the issue. They could just avoid mentioning anything and never book again, leaving you wondering what you did wrong.)

Vaginal odor is nothing to be ashamed of. But in your line of work it does need your attention in order to maintain the level of hygiene you desire for client satisfaction. (And for your own personal standards, too.) If the home remedies you try do not seem to correct the problem within seven days, consider seeking the professional opinion of your doctor or a nurse practitioner. You could have a more serious problem that needs medical attention. In addition, if you experience other symptoms besides an odor, they could be indicators that you need to consult with health care professionals.

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12 ways an escort can deal with a jealous spouse

In an escort’s perfect world, all clients are so discreet that their partners or spouses never discover their wayward wanderings. However, reality sets in and partners find out that they’ve been cheated on — and with an escort to boot! Some partners are so hurt and surprised that they never retaliate against the other woman. Others want to immediately release their wrath on the so-called home wrecker that ruined their marriages or relationships.

They call, text, stalk and confront escorts about their men, hoping to get revenge, gain information or simply find reason. But, escorts are put into the middle of a private issue that is not their concern or business. Escorts are only doing their jobs when contacted by clients. They aren’t home wreckers or whores out to steal married men. They are simply providing companionship to clients who seek out their services. But, escorts still have to deal with jealous partners from time to time. When incidents arise, consider these options for handling situations involving clients’ partners:

  1. Don’t answer phone calls from numbers you don’t know. Most escorts require clients to leave messages, text them or email requests before they speak to them directly. It’s a quick way to screen out timewasters and other people you don’t want to talk to, including spouses or partners of clients. Always check voicemails before returning a call, and do a reverse look-up on numbers you don’t recognize. Being smart about inviting communications into your life can save you a lot of difficulties down the line with people who aren’t calling to book encounters. And, don’t feel obligated to reply or call your client’s spouses back when they leave messages. It doesn’t matter if they’ve left you a message asking for a return phone call; it is unnecessary for you to become involved.
  2. Always answer your phone professionally. Even if the number calling appears to be from one of your regular clients, resist the temptation to answer the caller with a sexy greeting. A spouse, colleague or family member of your client could be using his phone to call your number to investigate who he’s been communicating with. By answering with a greeting that indicates you are a legitimate business or colleague, it decreases the suspicion that your client is cheating or monkeying around with something he shouldn’t be. Always do your best to cover your tracks, just in case.
  3. Inform your client if you’ve been contacted by his partner. Clients aren’t always aware when their significant others have started to suspect that something is going on or when they’ve been found out. Attempt to communicate with your client to give him a head’s up he could be in for trouble. Help him get his cover story straight, so that he’s clear on what to tell a jealous, distrusting partner. Many issues can be avoided if they are met head on or with an effective strategy that is realistic and not overly complicated.
  4. Deny that anything is going on. If you are approached, point-blank by your client’s significant other, and asked about your relationship with him, deny any and everything. In fact, you should insist that you barely know him and was working on a consulting project with him briefly, or whatever other story seems to work in your case. If you are asked whether you had sex with the client, deny it. If the question about other intimate acts is brought up, deny any intimacy ever occurring between the two of you. Deny that you’re involved with your client in the slightest way. Even though denial isn’t always effective, because the truth may reveal your lies, it’s the most immediate way to defuse an explosive situation.
  5. Explain your relationship with your client using the business cover story you’ve concocted. You can be a special consultant, a colleague, a personal masseuse, an assistant or any other role that you’ve used as your secret life. You should use this pseudo career to your advantage when you are pressured by a client’s wife to spill the beans about how well you know him. Discuss what you know about him from a business standpoint and convincingly explain that your relationship with him is purely professional, due to the fact that you never mix business with pleasure. After you’ve done this, be sure to fill your client in on what you and his significant other discussed. He needs to know what the lie is in order to follow through with it.
  6. Make your client do the dirty work. If/when you are contacted by an angry, jealous spouse, refer him or her back to your client. Refuse to share any details about the extent of your relationship or familiarity with him, and suggest that the questions should be directed toward the client. It isn’t your fault that the spouse discovered your client’s indiscretions and involvement with you. You didn’t lure him away from the client. And, you should never intervene into a client’s problems with his significant other. You will always be in the wrong, according to someone, so it’s best to simply stay out of it. However, it doesn’t always work. The best thing to do is to be firm, kind and quick about stating that the spouse should ask the client these questions, because he knows best how to answer them.
  7. Firmly tell your client’s partner to stop communicating with you. You’ve already told the significant other that you’re not willing to speak to him or her. Now, you need to simply inform them they should cease all communications with you immediately. Don’t tolerate any future calls, texts or emails. Set up blockers so that these calls don’t even come through, tempting you to answer them and say something you shouldn’t. Call blockers are available on most mobile phones and through many free apps. Additionally, email can be filtered so that you never even see these messages from undesired sources, especially when you have a direct email address to use for a block target. If you don’t see these communications come through, you don’t have to worry about answering them.
  8. Threaten a jealous spouse with harassment. Most out-of-control partners don’t want to get involved with the police. They want to simply follow or call you in order to agitate you, as their simple, passive-aggressive method to seek revenge. Don’t allow yourself to become a hostage or hermit as a result of attention from a jealous lover. Inform the partner that you have recorded/filed/saved each and every communication they have sent/exchanged with you…along with keeping careful records about how much you’ve been followed. If and when the time comes, let the stalker know that you have ample information to move forward with that could seriously cause her some issues with law enforcement. Most crazy partners will back off, once they realize that you really will go to the police over their harassment.
  9. Avoid physical confrontations with partners. The last thing you want is to be involved in some catfight with another woman over your client. After all, you certainly don’t want him for anything else than an encounter or two here and there. But, the spouse, in her flawed thinking, surmises that you’re trying to take him away, so she wants to fight you. If you and the partner meet face-to-face, violence is apt to erupt. If the spouse really feels betrayed or jilted, weapons could be entered into the situation, which causes a much more serious scenario. Do what you can to avoid the spouse’s neighborhood, including shopping in new locations to avoid an accidental meeting.
  10. Explain to the partner that you, as an escort, are not the issue between her and your client. Suggest that your client picked you randomly, from a long list of prospective escorts. Challenge your client’s partner to think rationally about whether you were really the cause of their break-up, or if something else was at work. Recommend that the partner focus on the issues that drove your client to you, instead of cementing her bonds with him. Encourage her to examine the relationship, observing that it was not in good shape, with or without your involvement. Most clients’ partners will begin to comprehend that an escort isn’t an evil woman who lured their husbands away from them; in fact, they may realize that an escort was in the wrong place at the wrong time, by becoming involved in something beyond her own control.
  11. Refuse to see your client any longer. If his wife or partner is really making life difficult for you, drop him from your client list. When a spouse is giving an escort the dickens over her involvement with a married man, it’s best to cut the client loose in order to forego any future complications with the spouse. Even though the client may be perfectly wonderful, there are other escorts he can see if he continues to partake of the pleasures from the industry. You don’t need to complicate your life further by continuing to agitate a spouse with your involvement with her husband. Additionally, it may help you to get rid of a headache client who can’t be discreet. If he is so sloppy that his wife discovers what’s going on, there is really no limit to how many other people know your situation with him.
  12. Educate your client about discretion. When a client fails to be discreet enough to hide his involvement with you from his significant other, it’s time to do a little one-on-one lesson about how to cover his tracks. Teach him about hiding his communications on his tablet, mobile phone and laptop. Encourage him to schedule encounters at opportune times that allow for the easiest explanations about his whereabouts. Persuade him to shower before he heads home after seeing you. And, insist that he doesn’t change other things about himself, as a result of seeing you. Show him that he needs to remain as consistent in her personality and dressing style as possible, since this is one of the first ways that men give away to wives that something is going on with another woman.

Most of the time, an escort will only get a call or two from a curious, jealous wife. Other times, the wife may get a little crazy and follow the escort around. But, this is completely safe the majority of the time, despite the creepiness of it. Regardless of whether a spouse presents a threat or not, it’s always best for an escort to avoid becoming involved in a client’s personal life. It’s not a place that has any room for you, nor is it a place that you want to be engaged in. Avoid being pressured into becoming involved, rescuing your client or helping him to save face. Also, know that the best piece of advice you can give your client is to do the best he can to avoid this happening in the first place.

While all of the articles always say this, it’s true: discretion is key to a positively functioning relationship between an escort and her client. Once third parties (such as spouses) become embroiled in the dynamics of the relationship, nothing is ever the same, again.

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13 relationship risks with regular clients that escorts should be aware of

Every escort builds bonds and relationships with the clients who regularly see them. However, while many advantages come with those closer ties, some pitfalls do exist that make encounters with regulars quite tedious. It’s natural that as you begin to spend increasing time with someone (such as your clients), the formality of the new “friendship” begins to wane

and is replaced with the kind of familiarity that brings a variety of new characteristics and dynamics into play. And, when it is most often considered a positive experience to create regulars from one-time encounters, many escorts experience serious complications that make bookings difficult to endure.

Consider these top relationship risks with regulars as you grow your client list:

  1. Regulars feel more comfortable pushing boundaries. During the honeymoon period when your client is learning how you operate and what you allow, he will adhere to your guidelines and requests. Usually being overly cautious about breaking any rules, escort clients will obey, to the letter, what their escorts have told them. However, once the client and escort have become more familiar with each other, those bonds allow clients to feel that they can ask for special privileges, beyond what is traditionally offered to them. They feel that their escorts really like them or that they are special, so they suspect that they can request more or different services than before. Privileges are often assumed, without first asking for them. Clients cross escort lines by taking their friendships too far. Feelings of entitlement due to being a regular can consume a client, which creates a totally different focus on encounters. Clients who begin to push boundaries or pressure for extra allowances are not worthy of keeping. Their shelf life has expired, so to speak.
  2. Attachment issues can become a hassle. The attachment fiasco can work both ways: escorts can develop feelings for their clients, and vice versa. It’s pretty common for couples who spend considerable amounts of repeated time together to develop some favorable emotions toward each other, especially if the emotions are associated with positive physical sensations, such as climaxing from sexual activities. Whether it’s a natural association of love and sex or strong feelings of affection and admiration, these kinds of internal rumblings can definitely complicate matters between an escort and her client. If you suspect that your client is becoming a lovesick suitor, it may be time to make this regular client an irregular one. Along the same train of thought, any time that you begin to have unprofessional feelings for your client, beyond a simple respondent physical spark, you should consider backing away from your regular, in the interest of maintaining a business relationship with him, instead of developing a personal one. Feelings of attachment cause hurt feelings, misunderstandings and much more serious consequences, if left unchecked.
  3. The “Girlfriend Experience” begins to feel real. When escorts see their regular clients, a “standing date” is typically established where the client has a consistently booked encounter at regular intervals, such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. For many escorts and clients, this begins to feel quite like a traditional relationship where you have an expected date every week, for instance. The GFE begins to feel like the genuine article, when you can look forward to it regularly, knowing the type of date to expect. Some escorts and clients begin to feel quite comfortable with each other, and they discuss their time apart, big events or occurrences in their lives and other trivial matters that are of interest about their activities. This habitual sharing process and the predictability that the encounter, itself, begins to bring along with it creates artificial senses about the escort/client relationship. Stronger than appropriate bonds may be forged, simply due to habit. You or your client may realize that more emotions are involved in your relationship than you anticipated, simply by spending considerable time together.
  4. Changes in the sexual chemistry between an escort and her client are apt to occur. Just as you become more used to having sex with a long-term partner in a personal relationship, an escort and her client may become adjusted to each other, getting more in-sync and able to predict each others’ actions. At the same time, though, other changes may occur as the client/relationship adjusts with the occurrence of encounters. The “spark” that fuels the sexual excitement may grow or decrease, which can be good or bad, depending on the individuals. Additionally, if emotional issues begin to factor into the dynamics of the relationship, other noticeable changes to intimacy may be observable. Clients may experience bouts of erectile dysfunction or inability to climax, as a result of frustration about the relationship. Or, they may become overly intent on fulfilling the needs of their escorts, becoming obsessed with helping them achieve climax, too.
  5. The true personality of a client may become apparent. During the first meeting or two, it’s fairly easy for your client to conceal negative characteristics that are part of his personality. However, as the two of you meet more frequently, it becomes more difficult (and, perhaps, less important) for him to keep himself in “check.” Hygiene, manners and courtesy may become less of a priority, resulting in a client who is much different than the one you originally established as a regular. He may feel like he can be himself with you after meeting several times for encounters, which reveals an entirely new side to a client. Escorts often put up with bad clients, because they know they can be delightful, if they want to be, and in hopes they will be, again, in the future. Unfortunately, once a client gets away with less-than-perfect behavior, it will become the norm and continue to taint the relationship for as long as an escort is willing to tolerate it.
  6. It’s too easy to get dependent on the regular money. Even though it’s great to be able to rely on a consistent client to provide you with a portion of your steady income, it can cause an escort to become complacent toward others. Instead of continually trying to attract new or prospective clients, it’s tempting to rest on your laurels and coast through, thinking that you’ve got your income covered. However, if something happens to a regular, many escorts don’t have any clients waiting on standby or coming along to pick up the income that is lost. Even if a client is absent for a routine visit or two, it can mean a significant deficit in one’s income, if an escort becomes too reliant on his steady encounters. While regulars are the bread and butter that most escorts use for their base salaries, an escort should never depend on any one (or two, etc.) clients to create an income that will pay her bills.
  7. The frequency of encounters may become too frequent. Many escorts have reported issues with clients who start out with a monthly-scheduled encounter and want to shorten time between experiences. They may go to twice-monthly or even once every two weeks. Some clients, after changing their waiting intervals, even want to reduce the time more. Some escorts have complained about clients who want encounters less than 24 hours apart. Even the best client can become hard to deal with or, even, annoying if you have to see him without being able to put enough time between visits. Encounters become cumbersome tasks that accompany unpleasant feelings and, sometimes, dread. A regular client who wants to visit too regularly needs to be encouraged to back off, with the promise that “good things come to those who wait.”
  8. Discount requests are huge turn-offs. Despite being very clear about charging all clients equal rates and never being willing to haggle over your price, some regular clients will feel free enough with you to request a discount for their regular patronage. They may insist that they get special member status breaks at their favorite restaurants or retail stores and that it makes sense for them to benefit from reduced rates for their loyalty to you, too. They will attempt to bargain with you, bringing up the number of times they visit you, etc. Some budget-conscious clients may even inform you what else they could buy with the money they’ve spent on you. Don’t be quick to retaliate with an unkind reply, but do not allow your client to debase you or your services. Remind him that he enjoys himself a tremendous amount, and that you doubt he could find the amount of enjoyment from his other example that he discovers with you. Feel free to encourage him to seek out better arrangements if he thinks he can find them, but let him know he’s welcome to continue seeing you at your previously stated rates.
  9. Regular clients sometimes feel like they can be nosier. By spending so much time with you, some regulars feel like they are privileged to information about their escort that others may not know. They may begin to ask you many questions about your personal life or history. They want to know information about your career, stressing that they desire details about intimate aspects of your job. From how many clients you see daily to the worst client you’ve ever had, questions about your career may overwhelm you. In addition to career-oriented curiosities, your regulars may develop a fixation on other details of your life, such as your childhood, what you were like as a teenager or the relationship you have with your husband or boyfriend.
  10. An obsession to know how they rate compared to other clients can become obvious. They are aware that you engage in intimate acts with other clients, just as you do with them. So, because they feel really close to you due to the consistency of their “dates” with you, they want to know if you like being with them more than others. They may inquire about if they are better at sex or other acts than other clients. Questions about endurance, size or other factors may begin to dominate all conversations, which can be truly annoying or distracting. While it’s natural for clients to wonder these things, it’s best for escorts to discourage conversation about them. Too much information (good or bad) can change the dynamics of a perfectly good escort/client relationship. It’s best to remain discreet about all other clients, just like a doctor would about her patients.
  11. Regular clients become more concerned with your position in life. They may want to save you from your hooker lifestyle or encourage you to get a “real” job that utilizes your intellect or other skills. Some might worry about you and your safety with other clients, while others hope that you will find a respectable way to live. (They say all of this, though, while they continue to pay for your companionship, taking full advantage of the services you offer.) But, because they have gotten to know you personally and realize that you are a human being, they feel it is their moral obligation to encourage you to seek out greater things.
  12. The consistent meetings between you and your client leaves an odd dynamic creating a relationship that is more than business, but less than friends. First of all, the professional relationship between an escort and her client is an odd one, where personal boundaries stop at physical intimacies but are fiercely upheld when it comes to emotional issues. It creates a true dichotomy, of sorts, where some aspects of the relationship are as intense as they can get and others are prohibited altogether. While most clients and escorts might be friends under other circumstances, they aren’t in a position to go get coffee or meet up for an innocent cocktail together. Serious limitations exist for the relationship, even though it is much more intimate in nature than other friendships or acquaintances experienced in life.
  13. Some clients become timewasters. Because they are so certain that an escort is a sure thing when they want her to be, regular clients often blow off dates as the relationship ages. When it begins to be less exciting to meet regularly, clients may find that it’s more difficult to leave work early, get away from the family or avoid other obligations that prevent them from arriving to booked encounters in a timely fashion. If something else arises that is potentially more fun, an escort may receive a cancellation call or text from a client. They begin to take the escort and the consistently-scheduled encounter for granted, which is a huge downfall for the relationship.

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Snapchat and Instagram: Escorts’ indispensable marketing tools

Mobile social media apps are still hot. Anyone with a mobile phone can communicate in a multitude of ways with pictures, text, voice and video. For an escort, it makes perfect sense to harness this visual method of communication for marketing purposes. Despite the arguments that it’s generally a younger demographic that uses Snapchat and Instagram, you can create quite a following with both applications, if you use them resourcefully.

Snapchat is an app for iOS and Android devices, which allows users to send and receive photo and video messages that automatically delete themselves after being viewed. That’s an immense huge boon to the privacy of escort-client communication built right into the product.

When you send a picture to a client, he doesn’t have to worry about getting caught with the evidence, because the photo disappears automatically after opening, unless he saves a screenshot. The Snapchat community is growing rapidly and has shared more than a billion snaps since it was introduced. In November 2013, CNet reported that the app users shared 400 million snaps daily.

Instagram is a social app much like Facebook (and, coincidentally owned by the social networking giant) that uses photos as a means of expression, instead of textual posts. In March 2014, it was estimated by the company that it had 200 million active users in any given month. Its popularity has soared in the past year, and it’s a favorite for visually-influenced businesses.

Together, the pair could be a strong marketing tool for you, especially when you factor in information like this:

According to a McAfee survey, 45% of U.S. adults say they stored intimate content that they have received in comparison to 40% who store risqué photos, videos or messages they have sent

Your clients want to use their mobile devices for more than just contacting you via text or phone. They are looking for ways to interact with you on several levels, with hopes of developing a system of engagement beyond their scheduled encounters. This would include text, email, phone, social network, chatting and virtual connections. It’s important, especially as technology becomes more and more a part of everyday life, that you strive to engage with them through mobile apps.

Consider these tips for using both Snapchat and Instagram as marketing tools:

  • Learn the basics of the apps. Don’t jump in and start using either of these apps until you understand them and have observed what others are posting. Join and be a lurker for a while, without stumbling around. It may be best to join as an individual first and experiment with the various tools and functions. If you goof up, it won’t look unprofessional from a business standpoint, because you’ll only be interacting with friends or family members. When you begin posting from your escort profile, you want your connections to be impressed with your smooth ability to utilize the app to its fullest, not amused by your ineptness with the technology. It will also help you to scroll through others’ posts in order to see what seems to be relevant and most followed. Getting the feel for the attitudes of users is important.
  • Determine overall goals for your posts and profile. Much like with any other form of marketing, you must know what your intentions are for the actions you are taking. Without a goal in mind, it’s always unclear exactly what you should be doing or when you’ve accomplished something successfully. Establish your intentions for a post prior to putting it out there to the world. Will it attract a new client? Will it cause a prospective client to call? Is the post just to say hello to your clients? Or, do you want to provide some eye candy as a thank you for their support? Regardless of what the purpose is, you have to establish it as you craft your post. A post that is hoped to create some engagement with your clients has to be better thought out than one that is simply to give them a quick thrill on a boring afternoon. Know what you want to accomplish and be purposeful with each and every post.
  • Create multiple profiles. Until you’ve really worked the app, you won’t know what is going to be successful at reaching out to clients. Consider using contrasting marketing ideas and names. Posting at entirely different periods of the day will help you find the most effective timeframe to connect with followers. Utilization of various keywords may help attract different followers. Try out diverse picture styles, making use of filters, perspective and unique lighting, in addition to disparate setting and attire. As you test out the assorted marketing styles, analyze which ones get the most positive responses and apply these lessons to a fully polished online persona.
  • Invite clients to follow you. Because you won’t want to be advertising to everyone that you’re on one of these social networks, it’s going to be necessary for you to specially invite your clients to join up and follow you. For many of them, they haven’t even heard of these apps, and they certainly aren’t in the typical demographic for the typical user. You will have to educate them about the apps, show them how they work and demonstrate how they can access your photos and content. (This is kind of a fun process, too, as you’re sharing information and learning together. Your client may even feel like he is getting some kind of “secret” access to you.) As you visit with clients, tell them what they are missing by not following you on an app. And, as you discuss encounters or “business” with prospective clients, you can encourage them to follow you on one of these apps as a way to get more insight about you. These apps are probably not going to be a source of recruitment for clients, but they can nicely augment the directory profile you have online.
  • Create a helpful profile. While you will want to use caution as you establish a profile on either of these sites, it can benefit you to give brief descriptions about what followers can expect from your services. However, it’s best to refer the follower to your directory profile for more information. You can also encourage him or her to call, email or text you for further details, including pricing. Your profile should be a fun way to interact with clients, but it shouldn’t be the platform you base your business on. Your app profile information should be clear and concise, but it should also allow other formats to do the business work for you.
  • Provide behind-the-scenes views for clients. Your clients are always interested in what it takes for you to become the ravenous beauty that you are as you show up at their door for an outcall. Take a series of photos as you get ready for a “date” and post them prior to arriving at a client’s location. (You might even message him to let him know you’ve posted something he might be interested in.) Other things you can post might include shopping for lingerie, picking up a box of condoms at the pharmacy or things you do to spruce up your incall prior to encounters. Some escorts like to reveal details about their personal habits on such platforms with pictures of their favorite perfumes, a bottle of wine they’re about to pop open or anything else that provides insight into their personalities.
  • Demonstrate your personality. Use photos that display characteristics about you, other than just your physical attributes. Maybe you’re a little goofy with a silly sense of humor; take photos of funny things you see throughout life or of you being funny. If you’re mischievous or ornery, post pics that show this side of your personality. Hobbies that you’re involved in are easy to showcase. Because you’re not relying on textual status updates to give information about you to followers, your photos need to reveal details about you. Pay attention to small aspects of your photo that will tell your clients things about your preferences… such as a photo of you at dinner might reveal that you’re a steak lover versus a salad diner. Photos can tell much about you, and it’s essential to pick ones that help show clients what you’re really about.
  • Tell stories with your photos. With Snapchat, there’s an option to post several photos about one experience or time period. For instance, if you want to give clients a bit of insight about how your days progress, take pictures throughout the day and post it to a story link. When clients click on this (which will be available) for 24 hours, they will see photos placed in sequential order that fill them in on what a day in your life is like. You can do similar posts in Instagram, especially if you create a collage and post it as an update. The important thing is to remember that the story you’re telling must be one that your clients will be interested in. They don’t care that you go grocery shopping and run errands. But, they might be interested in the fact that you answer your emails in your underwear, take a bubble bath prior to encounters, put on bright red lipstick and sport stilettos as you walk out the door. While these activities, themselves, may not be overly sexy in and of themselves (a couple might be), they are over-the-top seductive when all the images are put together.
  • Show off your beauty. It’s one of your best assets, so it should be something you focus on when you market yourself. Even if you choose not to show your face in photos, post photos that emphasize your figure, beautiful skin, lips or other physical attributes in the best ways possible. Lingerie shoots, photos of you in your favorite outfits and pictures of you in various states of dress and undress can really amp up the excitement followers have about you. Posting photos that focus on specific parts of your body can really entice clients, too. If you have a terrific booty, post pics of it. Love your legs? Give your clients pictures of your gams. Have great hair? Let those locks show! Your photos should showcase your beauty to drive your marketing, and what better way to do that than through photo-based marketing apps?
  • Create effective captions. Even though both Snapchat and Instagram are photo-based apps, your captions are still important. While your photos may tell a tremendous story about you or your activities, your captions can really drive it home to clients. Additionally, captions are an easy way to demonstrate your personality. A dry wit, zany sense of humor or sarcastic tone can set off your photos so that they reach your client at an entirely different level. Craft your captions with care, and realize that they will help your followers develop opinions about you, even before your first encounter with them. Another thing to consider about your captions is that they should sometimes create a call to action. Part of the time, you need to be encouraging your clients to do something: call you, book an encounter, reply to your post, etc.
  • Offer specials, perks and contests. Many escorts may wonder if something like this will really work for a business like theirs. Of course, contests or discounts are terrific incentives for retail stores or more traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. But, what escorts don’t realize is that they can utilize these kinds of promotions, too. And, Instagram and Snapchat are excellent platforms to use to launch such marketing campaigns. For instance, an escort could invite her followers to submit sexy poses back to her with the promise of 15 or 30 additional minutes being given to the sexiest/funniest client (provided the client books a standard encounter). She could do a drawing from those clients. She could offer the opportunity to try out a special toy or new position with a client who comes up with the most creative name for it. Celebrate a funny holiday. While this may sound trite, crazy “holidays” are quite humorous and give you an excuse to post, without looking completely desperate. For instance, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” gives you an excuse to drag out your wench costume. National Pie Day allows you to talk about sploshing as an interest. Check online for a variety of wacky days and schedule your posts accordingly. Allow your imagination to run wild; clients like to see how creative you can get. (They are fully aware that your creativity may also extend to the bedroom!)
  • Entice your clients with a new purchase. Escorts are always picking up new toys, lingerie or other accessories that can be used during an encounter. Post a picture of a new vibrator or a sexy new bra/panty set for your clients to drool over and fantasize about. It might even be worth promising the first client to book an encounter special privileges with the item. These kinds of pictures will not only seduce your clients, but they may be an inherent call to action that gets them motivated to book an encounter.
  • Know what makes for a good picture to post to an app. Don’t waste time on photos that aren’t going to resonate with your followers. You know your clients the best; post quality photos that speak to your clients in a way they will appreciate. Posting photos that don’t intrigue or excite your clients will eventually turn them away and cause them to be uninterested in everything that you post. Keep them excited by staying true to your overall message, whatever it may be. Avoid overposting: don’t post just because you can.
  • Stay classy. Despite the fact that Instagram and Snapchat may both allow some level of nude photos, it doesn’t mean that you should go pornographic with your posts. Keep them dignified and chic. Your photos should never offend or embarrass anyone.
  • Stay safe. Realize that all of the other rules that you follow to keep yourself safe and your privacy intact apply on Instagram and Snapchat, too. Never reveal your location. Be wary of showing your face. (However, with some make up, glasses or a hat, a seductive angle and good lighting, your own mother might not recognize you.) Avoid posting photos that reveal too much information about your life… like photos of your children in the background, your name visible anywhere in the photo or other things that might tell more about you than you want someone to know. Just be aware of what your posting and what it might tell others about you.

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