Escort Agency Talk – 415

13 things escorts should know about men July 20, 2015 | For escorts Becoming an escort means that you should have a wealth of knowledge about a LOT of things, but especially the subject of men. And, while all men cannot be stereotyped into one little category with very precise descriptions, there are some basic statements that […]

Escort Agency Talk – 414

  How to be an escort in suburbs and small towns July 23, 2015 | For escorts It is easy to think of escorting as a big city, urban activity. But there are escorts who never see the downtown core and don’t want to. Instead, they live, work and play in the suburbs and smaller centers in […]

Escort Agency Talk – 413

  13 precious lessons taught by a negative provider review July 28, 2015 | For escorts You try your very best with each client to give him the very best encounter his money can buy. You may painstakingly plan out details of your trysts, prepare special props and pull out all of the stops. However, there are […]

Escort Agency Talk – 412

  13 indispensable leadership skills for every adult service provider August 11, 2015 | For escorts Most of the time, escorts work independently and rarely collaborate with others. Because of this, teamwork and leadership skills used to influence and guide other co-workers aren’t common traits that would normally be considered essential for an escort. However, escorts have to act […]

Escort Agency Talk – 411

  Back to school: College escorting 101 September 8, 2015 | For escorts As summer winds down the great migration of college students all over North America is beginning. Bags are packed, computer stowed and, yikes, tuition fees paid. And in cities and towns all across America little ads begin to appear. by Hannah Jay “College girl seeking […]

Escort Agency Talk – 410

  10 misjudgments that some escorts are quick to make September 19, 2015 | For escorts Escorts have been subject to judgment and stigmatization by the bulk of society for hundreds of years: people assume they are drug addicts, mentally ill, victims of abuse, immoral offcasts, perverts or a multitude of other stereotypes. However, escorts are just like anybody […]

Escort Agency Talk – 409

  What can the escort’s astrological sign reveal? October 2, 2015 | About escorts, For escorts People believe that your astrological sign determines your fate in many different venues of life, including your sexuality. Venus, the planet of beauty and love, interacts with other planets and influences your enjoyment of pleasure and enhances your distinct sexual desires. Harmony […]

Escort Agency Talk – 408

  13 reasons to prefer outcalls October 16, 2015 | For escorts The idea of lying around leisurely in your incall, awaiting your next client encounter seems like a reasonable fantasy. But, most escorts can attest to the fact that seeing clients in your incall and maintaining it for bookings are not as easy as you think […]

Escort Agency Talk – 407

  11 life inconveniences for escorts to plan around June 20, 2015 | For escorts Life happens and, despite your best efforts, it interferes with your escorting schedule and lifestyle frequently. Regardless of your efforts to avoid scheduling disasters, you will find yourself in a bind and unable to follow through with encounters, as planned. But being […]

Escort Agency Talk – 406

  Circle of noise: Automatic social marketing for escorts June 29, 2015 | For escorts, Marketing The advent of the Internet revolutionized marketing for escorts. Now a girl could create a free internet ad, have an inexpensive website, post her own pictures and be found by potential clients. Of course with the internet other things have arisen including […]