Verified through AZN

Dear Gents,

We have noticed on the AZN747 forum some members voicing struggle to complete the screening needed to become a verified patron at our agency. To make things easier for everyone we will be allowing verification via AZN747 private message system.

In order be verified via private message on AZN747, you must be an active contributing member with a posting history & a join date of August 2023 or earlier. Each verification will be treated individually, and decisions are made on a case per case basis.

The way it works:

  • text or call us at 416-560-7286 and let us know you are an AZN747 member.
  • Please provide your user name (exact spelling)
  • Our telephone staff will send you a code by AZN747 private message.
  • Provide that code to the phone staff and it’s done.

All newly verified AZN747 clients will receive a $100 credit towards their Toronto Girlfriends (TGF) account which can be used over the next 4 sessions. This promotion cannot be combined with any other special or promotion.

In addition to this we want to invite you all to join our loyalty program. The 4 discounted sessions can be counted towards loyalty program at a .5 value. Toronto Girlfriends loves and appreciates the Chinese community and we look forward to hearing from all of you and welcome your feedback. If you have any questions please email the owner directly at [email protected]