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Welcome to Swedish Angels Toronto, a leading Toronto Escort Agency providing top quality companionship. We cater to a clientele who appreciates fine taste, and will settle for nothing but the best escorts in Toronto. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of service, discretion and confidentiality for both our Toronto escort service providers and our clientele alike. We offer a wide selection of fine Toronto escorts to suit every taste. We rank among the top escort agencies in Toronto for top notch customer service.

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Swedish Angels are a rich and delectable confection for the discerning taste. They each have an enchanting style and elegance, enrobed in their own unique and distinct exterior. But beauty is not only skin deep with these authentic delights that would please even the most discriminating sampler. A plethora of taste, with an excitingly wide and tempting range of flavours, they are delightful mouth watering treasures to be desired, savoured and enjoyed thoroughly. Swedish Angels are perfectly blended to create a truly refined taste sensation.

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Our business does not associate itself with prostitution. We exchange money for services which provide time and companionship. These services are provided based on the consent of two or more adults over the age of 18. We do not force our escorts to do things they are not comfortable doing. Likewise, we do not force you to make choices which are not comfortable for you.

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Welcome to Swedish Angels Models Toronto, a classy Escort Service Promotion Agency based in Toronto serving Mississauga, Scarborough, Airport the GTA. We promote professional models that have the right touch of sophistication & beauty, which today's modern gentleman seeks for his companionship needs. Platinum models has a companion to match your busy lifestyle.

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Sex workers could be forced to ‘risk their lives’ if prostitution bill c-36 passes, escort service owner says


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What do guys want – and get – from male escorts?

March 6, 2014 | Escorts on escorting, For escorts, Male escorts

My escort name was Jake. If I wanted to know more about you, I’d tell you it was Jacob, off the bat. You can tell a lot from someone by the way they respond to a person’s name. Would they make fun of it, would they test it, or would they think it’s cute? Does it remind them of someone from their past and is that good or bad? After all, we’re in the business of pleasure and it’s bad for business to choose a name that your client may have negative associations with.

by Jake S.

There is a lot I’ve learned over the years: much of which contradicts normal stereotypes about human behavior, while others ardently confirm it. Still, throughout all my adventures one thing remains true. It is that all men are not entirely created equal. Now we’re not talking about penis size, or how much money a man has here. We’re talking there are countless persuasions that turn men on and no one is ever the same. You have to get to know your client in more ways than one.

Yes, men in general do tend to be rather aggressive and assertive to a larger degree, perhaps even considered a bit “penis-forward” when a decision has to be made regarding… well, just about anything. But from my experience as an escort, men are fascinating creatures. I never get tired of them, which was a good thing in my profession. It is a unique challenge to discover what makes them tick, and more importantly what gets them on your side.

One mistake young escorts make is that they assume all men want the same thing. They think they all want a quick fuck and that they’ll never see them again. That’s not exactly the reality. It can be, but I’ve found there’s a story involved that gets lost in assumptions as well as expectations. It would behoove escorts to always be on their game and to always expect the unexpected. That way they’re always in control and never get too bored. Just like any service, repeat customers can certainly have their benefits, if this is something you are looking for. I’d recommend it for a few reasons.

Repeat customers establish long-term economic stability and a pleasant working environment. If you both know what makes each other tick and consent to the agreed upon business terms, it takes a lot of the danger out of the equation. There can also be the situation where a john gets too attached, but this is truly up to the escort to establish clear boundaries and not to push the envelope too much so that the ball is left solely in the customer’s court. You can still have a lot of fun and remain professional at all times.

I’ve noticed while speaking with other escorts that there is a perception that sex work is all the same, which is very wrong. Escorts are, on average, highly intelligent people. Most don’t assume this for reasons of social perception, but it’s clear to me that over the years the more knowledgeable you are about human nature and the complexities of the human condition, the more successful you’ll be at any job…quite literally, I must say. It’s my opinion that escorts are more than just hard working sex-workers. They are fantasies incarnate, entrepreneurs of resourcefulness, and masters of survival and persuasion.

I remember I had a customer once who was an older gentleman. I wasn’t expecting much. I just wanted to do my job and I had only had a few johns before. I was young and didn’t really know what I was doing at the time, but he picked me out for some reason and I began to go about my routine as I had been instructed. The table was set, the lotions were aligned, and the light was lit just enough to make us both look and feel attractive and safe.

He began to take off his tweed jacket and hang it up on the hook on the back of the door. He explained to me that he had just finished teaching a class that afternoon at a local university and hadn’t had much time to go out looking for anyone later that evening. He was a bit of a regular there and his smile was quite cordial. He had obviously grown up in a time much different than today and still he had the moxy to retain a sense of dignity and adventure amidst it all. So, I allowed the scene to play out as it would in order to remain present and vigilant in case anything out of the ordinary occurred.

At this point he was naked and lying on the massage table face up, which was different than what I was used to seeing so early on in the session. I began to lotion up my hands and proceed to touch his thighs when he stopped me. He looked at me dead in the eyes and said, “I just wanna talk.” I had never had anyone say that before. I mean, talking was always in the cards. In fact, it was encouraged in order to gage the client: his likes, dislikes, fantasies, expectations, etc.

I took his lead and pulled his hand off my wrist and placed it gently into my smooth hands. I sat down next to him on the table and he began to tell me stories of his life. I sat there for almost an hour listening to him talk about his experiences as a gay man and a teacher in England; his tragic losses and his deepest desires. All the while he was telling me the stories of his life, he was naked and occasionally touched himself, but never became fully erect. I asked a few times if he would like me to help, but he just smiled and said, “You already are.” I thought that was sweet albeit not at all what I was expecting, but the session continued.

I realized then and there that a lot of what men want from male escorts is to be heard, listened to and acknowledged for something deep down that may be continually overlooked and undervalued by others. Whether that’s their wives, their girlfriends, their students, their bosses or even their parents to a large extent. I’ve had men of all ages and persuasions come to me for services and not once was it ever the same. Sure, a tight ass and a smooth face doesn’t hurt. But you’d be surprised to find out that men are much more complex than we give them credit for.

Men want to be shaken up a little bit. They want someone to talk to that won’t judge them because of all their idiosyncrasies. Guys want to feel from someone else the way they want to feel about themselves. If you can give them that, you’ve done your job, and hopefully you’ll be compensated well for you work.

As the old man left he slipped me $250 as a tip. He wished me luck and hoped he’d see me again: The old man whose life just flashed before me in a series of vignettes spoken aloud, some for the first time. A man who appeared to me with a youthful smile and a belly full of life just wanted to be completely vulnerable with someone else, if even just for an hour. Something transformed in him in that hour and it was such a pleasure for me to witness it. I was happy to give that to him and it made the rest of the day’s work that much more interesting.

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How to approach an older man as a male escort

April 1, 2014 | Escorts on escorting, For escorts, Male escorts
An escort knows the majority of his clientele will likely be older than he is. There is just a certain level of understanding that youth is a very prized and alluring attribute to possess; with it the world is often your oyster. From a man’s perspective, virility and power are the two characteristics that comprise the majority of what gay men consider attractive, and therefore – in our business – highly marketable.

by Jake S.

When I was a young, ravishing escort I didn’t really have much trouble finding clients. I lived in New York City and took quite good care of my body. There was a level of invincibility to my carefree ways and yet still I held firm to what I was willing to do in any given situation. I learned how to approach older males and how to act when approached by them in order to be considered appealing and on my game.

There is a certain level of dumbing down conversations for those who just want to get to the point and ramping up for others who prefer the company of an intellectual in order to pass the time, to be seen out in public with, and to experiment with if nothing else. Either way, there is an art to seduction that is very important to learn how to manipulate and master in order to remain ahead of the curve and profitable.

There were a few places I remember going to pick up my johns, before I knew about agencies, massage parlors, and how to maximize your efforts on the Internet. I’d go to a bar, the park, or a bathroom to find my johns. It was there that I was able to find ways to approach men who were interested in purchasing my services for hire.

At the park

My first venture was at the park. I always made sure to wear form-fitting clothes and to walk around slowly as if I was looking around or didn’t really have anywhere to go. That usually attracted the guys who were on the prowl or guys who had nothing to do and wanted a bit of companionship. I’d get all kinds of guys. Back then, there wasn’t much of an option to act any other way than discreet. There wasn’t that much acceptance and there was a culture that I had to learn how to read and speak fluently in order to survive.

Once the bait was set, I reeled in the big fish. I tried to find what it was the guy was looking for. You can figure this out by asking him a series of questions that were evocative enough to spark his curiosity, but not too overpowering that he would lose interest in the game or the hunt. When the moment arrived where public displays of affection were in order, I’d make sure to walk him to some of my favorite secluded sections of the park. You’d have to have a few in your back pocket just in case. You’d have to know when the park is less busy and what sections of the park have the least amount of visibility and may even be the hardest to get to. There always has to be a level of play or achievement involved in an escort’s art of seduction. That keeps things interesting.

At the bar

The next best place to pick up guys was at the bar. This was the easiest and most fun. Everyone goes to the bar to have a good time, spend lots of money, and to expect to find someone you may be willing to go home with. This is why bars can be an escort’s prime locale. Of course, you have to be clear when you are being approached that you are an escort once the moment arrives, because your potential client may not be willing to spend money on something he thinks he’s getting for free and you will have wasted a lot of time. So, working up your john enough to keep things suspenseful, then when he gets a little too familiar explain your purpose for being there that evening. If he’s onboard, then go for it. If he’s not, find a new spot to scope out prospects.

Usually at bars you can feel out the best spots to wait. Do you want to be standing, leaning or sitting at a table off to the side? Usually your demeanor is what’s going to be picked up on first. Standing usually implies you’re up for anything. It’s the strongest stance you can have. If you’re leaning, that usually means you are waiting for the other person to make the move and that may leave you prone to riffraff. But each pose has its pros and cons. Sitting down is too passive. It’s basically saying you’re off the radar and you’re waiting for someone and can’t be bothered. Standing allows you be ready for whatever the night has in store. You can remain the hunter and the hunted and have your eagle eyes scoping out the whole place. After all, you’re there to work aren’t you?

I’d recommend drinking water, because you want a guy to buy you a drink. Of course be close enough to the bar so you can see if he’s slipping something in and also what the bartender is putting into it. You have to always remain in control as much as possible. There are too many variables. The best seat in the bar is the one where you can see everyone and everything, who enters, who exits, the bathrooms, and still remain alluring and moderately inconspicuous. Once your client returns with your drink, give him your undivided attention.

Most men want to talk about themselves. Listen. You don’t have to divulge much on your end. Even if he’s prying it’s a far better business practice for an escort to remain a bit elusive. If you say you’re an escort that may intrigue him, but always put the focus back on the john for conversation. Gage if the time you’re spending on him is worth it. Get to the point rather quickly and see if this potential client is a jackpot or a dud. When you are comfortable, make the verbal contract and get to business. You may even be able to swing back by the bar afterwards to scope out additional prospects

In public restrooms

One place that is often teeming with prospects is public restrooms. I was taught early on that there is a protocol when trying to pick up an older male in the restroom. Usually they are the ones who initiative this ritual, but it would behoove you to be on the up and up when faced with this strange dance. Yes, tap dancing is not just found on stage, but in men’s dressing rooms and public bathrooms as the number one indicator of discrete sexual advances. It’s been around for decades in the United States and in Europe.

It is usually the older male who initiates contact by tapping his foot in a way that’s visible beneath the bathroom stall divider. If the second person responds with a similar tap, the initiator moves his foot closer to the other person’s stall. If the other person makes a similar move, the first will inch closer yet again. The pair usually goes through the whole process a few times, just to confirm that the signals aren’t an accident.

I’ve actually been in a restroom once while I was not on the clock and noticed two different dances being played out in the stalls next to mine. It was very funny. It just goes to show how popular these kinds of things are and how useful it can be for a male escort to learn how to utilize these tips and tricks properly.

Next, one of the men will slide his hand under the divider. Depending on who began the initiation it is often up to the second person to decide what his role is. Is he going to play or is he going to wait to see what the initiator has planned? This usually means he’s inviting the other person to present himself. This is a delicate part of the dance because you don’t really know what the other person has in store. I’ve seen presentations of water sports to all types of sexual displays.

Then, the partner can respond by kneeling on the floor and presenting his penis or ass underneath the divider. You have to be a little careful here. You want to make sure if you’re doing this that it’s for show to proposition the other man. After all, you’re not giving this stuff up for free. One technique I’ve seen is that you can swipe your hand on his under the divider, as if to say, “You go first.” That gives the man a clue that you are interested, but do not want to go too far just yet.

Once the coast is clear and you both are getting hot, you may slip a note under the door either with your services and fees or your phone number. Depending on how he plays, you either have him or you don’t. Wait a while and if he doesn’t respond, feel free to slowly exit the stall and walk towards the sink. Stay a while and play with your hair giving the other stall a few once-overs. He will most assuredly be looking at you through the crack of his stall. If you’re john wants to play he will let you know. Try a few different tactics, but eventually you’ll know whether or not this is an appropriate way to spend your time or not.

Now, you may ask yourself, “How sexy can you get in a public bathroom when there’s a divider in the way?” Well, it kinda depends on the bathroom. If the guys are in the last stall in a long row, they might have enough privacy to get it on right there beneath the divider. One person can enter the other’s stall by ducking out and back or eventually entering the stall from the front if no one is in the restroom. Positions vary depending on the space, but one classic setup has one man sit on the toilet while the other straddles his legs and receives oral sex. Sexual preferences varies for each person, but I’ve found that often a lot of older men who like sex in bathrooms would rather give head then get it. That’s just been my experience.

Regardless of the technique used, it’s always so important for a male escort to remain vigilant and cognizant of his surroundings. The goal should always be the money in the pocket and the money shot. Those of us in the business of sex understand how important it is to work smarter not harder, to always come out on top, and to never forget to get the cash upfront.

Escort agencies

Nowadays, it’s a little easier to pick men up as an escort. If you’re working with an agency then you don’t have much to worry about because your clients have already been pre-screened. But depending on your agency you want to make sure your representatives are reputable. Make sure your agency has been around for a while and that their word-of-mouth from either current or former escorts and clients is positive. You want to make sure you will be paid on time and be respected. Without you, an agency would cease to exist. And johns will always be looking for escorts.

Massage parlors

If you are working in a massage parlor, you will likely be paid for your happy ending skills verses your profundity for muscle manipulation. Still there is a different layer here that needs to be considered. Agency escorts often go out into the field and are left with merely a phone number to call in case anything happens. In a massage place, you can likely be kept there under your will if you’re not careful. You have to always have an out and always expect the unexpected. There is also something to be said about approaching older males on the Internet that adds a whole other layer to the mix.

The Internet

With both agencies and massage parlors you have a bit of oversight. You have a manager there to perhaps protect you in case anything happens. But you also have to share your earnings with them and who knows what that power dynamic may look like. With the Internet you are really left to your own devices, but you get to keep all the money. So, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword where you have to be very prepared and very smart to be successful for the long-term.

Nowadays, online is usually the most popular place to score a score. Older men love to prowl here looking for all sorts of qualities to fulfill their fantasies. You have to know what you want, what you are willing to provide, and also be on the lookout for patterns. If you see certain patterns within the ad itself that you find off putting, check to see if there is history there that would lead you to consider this a flaggable occurrence. After all, you gotta look out for your other escorts in case they may miss something similar.

The bar, the park and the bathroom are all viable ways to make the connection but it seems that older people are gravitating more towards doing business online that it’s almost second-nature to find sex there as well. Lots of men are using hook-up and online dating sites. Escorts are pretty successful using these and their apps as well. The most important thing is to make sure you identify yourself as an escort in order to attract the right kinds of onlookers. It will save you time and money and save others a lot of headache and hassles.

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Ask an escort: Who is your favorite customer?
December 15, 2017 | Escorts on escorting

I’ve been asked a number of times about who my favorite customer has been. To be perfectly honest I have had a number of clients, who were absolute sweethearts and I would genuinely look forward to their appointments. Why were they favored by me, you ask? There were a few simple reasons.

First of all, they were respectful of my time and would give me a great deal of warning before each appointment. Most gave me at least a days notice but some would book me a week or two in advance. One man would call me and book our appointments months in advance but he was an out-of-towner so this wasn’t the norm. Booking so far in advance may seem like overkill but to me it was such a relief to know that next Tuesday I was going to see Eric at 2pm. Last minute bookings were always moderately irritating… on one hand I was glad to be working but on the other hand I was probably already in my PJs with my makeup off, watching Seinfeld.

Rushing to get ready for a client at the last minute is not my idea of a good time. When I had lots of time to prepare I would make sure that I looked my absolute best. I’d try on different outfits, different hairstyles. I’d apply my makeup carefully and if there was a certain look I knew he liked, I’d make sure to doll myself up for him. Almost every single one of my favorite clients would give me tons of warning in advance and if there was an occasion where they were unable to give me ample warning they were always quick to apologize. Hell, sometimes they would even bring me gifts or leave me extra money as an apology.

Every escort appreciates gifts but let me be honest: if you decide to take it upon yourself to pick out a gift, there is a good chance that your lady will not like it.

I don’t mean to be rude by saying that but most of the time when I was given gifts by customers I would never use them. I’d typically stick them in the back of my closet with a post it note with the customers name on it to remind me of who had given it to me. Once in awhile I’d show up to their appointment in the outfit and I’d always make sure to mention how much I loved it. Yes, I was blatantly lying but lies are part of the game.

Would you really want to hear your favorite lady telling you that she hates the color yellow and will never ever wear the baby doll you bought her? No. You want to think that she appreciated the gift and that she appreciates you for buying it for her. The gifts I received that I appreciated the most were the ones that were bought off a registry or ones where the customer asked me flat out what I wanted. Asking if your escort has a registry takes the mystery out of it and you can rest assured that you’re buying your girl something she will enjoy and most importantly, use. I have a closet full of lingerie and outfits from customers that I will never wear again but I also have certain items that I use on a regular basis. That reminds me… I should have a garage sale.

Now to be clear, not all of my favorite clients bought me gifts but the ones who did always asked me ahead of time what I would like. I’m not saying you have to buy your escorts expensive gifts or lingerie but if you buy her something that she actually wants, she will repay you one way or another.

The favorites also always practice good hygiene. They were either freshly showered and clean for their appointment or they made sure to shower as soon as they arrived. There’s nothing more embarrassing then having to ask a customer to clean off their dick so when they make sure that they are spic and span, it not only makes our time together more fun but it saves me from having to ask them to get in the shower. No escort wants to tell you to clean up, it’s a conversation no one wants to have. We make sure we are nice and clean for our appointment so respect that and make sure the same can be said of you.

One of the best things about any good client is that they know when their time is up and they leave. If they are still rarin’ to go or hoping for some cuddle time they will ask you if you have another appointment and if your schedule happens to be open, they will book another half hour or hour with you. Sometimes I’d offer my favorite regulars some extra time at no charge but that’s up to me to decide, not them. As much as clients might want to believe that I’m their girlfriend or willing mistress, the truth is they are paying me for my time and that has to be respected. Good customers are respectful and punctual. They show up on time and leave once the time is up. Consistent good behavior such as this will get you bonus points with any escort.

Sarah is a retired escort. She spent nearly ten years working in the industry and now enjoys a management role in a busy agency. She enjoys writing about her experiences in her free time.

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10 things an escort can do if she’s pregnant by a client
September 18, 2013 | Health

Even though condom manufacturers report their condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy (with perfect use), that still leaves a 2% chance of failure. When factors such as misuse and malfunction are figured in, WebMD reports that a more realistic percentage — 85% — is accurate for birth control purposes.

Knowing this, an escort should acknowledge that an accidental pregnancy with a client is a possibility, despite her best efforts to prevent it. Even if an escort uses a condom with every one of her clients, there is still a chance that the condom will break, slip off or fail for other reasons. Even if escorts use a back-up method of birth control, which is highly recommended, pregnancy (though unlikely) can still occur.

Despite becoming pregnant by a client being only one of the “worst case scenarios” that an escort might think of when mulling over the disadvantages of her career, it is one that occurs and requires decisions that could seriously impact the future of both her and her client. These steps should be taken by any escort who finds herself in such a sensitive predicament:

1. Make sure that you are actually pregnant. Many escorts with regular menstrual cycles start to freak out when their period doesn’t arrive on time. For them, a late period is thought to be a sure sign of a “big problem”. However, instead of jumping to conclusions by assuming that you’re pregnant, you should take action to make sure. According to the Mayo Clinic, home pregnancy tests are extremely reliable as long as they are taken a week after a missed period. If they are taken too early (such as the day of the missed period), there may not be enough of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the bloodstream/urine to register a pregnancy. However, to ensure accuracy, it is essential to follow all instructions carefully as you take the test. Users rarely get false-positive results, and medications do not interfere with the test results. Once a pregnancy is confirmed through a home test (or two or three!), an escort should verify the results with a blood test at her doctor’s office or a local clinic.

2. Identify the client who may be the father. Even though it may be difficult to pinpoint who you think the father could be, it’s important to attempt to narrow it down. Usually, after an examination, your physician can provide you with an expected due date and possible conception dates. Use those conception dates to figure out which clients you saw those days. Certain situations may stick out in your mind as occurring recently, such as a condom falling off or breaking, not using protection with a specific client or a client who tricked you into skipping a condom. Odds are, the experience occurred several weeks prior, so you may have to tax your memory to remember the clients you saw, especially if your pregnancy could have occurred during an encounter with a one-time client, instead of a regular. Even if you don’t want to confront your client, it’s still a good idea to identify who you became pregnant by.

3. Consider the options for your pregnancy. There are three basic actions for your situation. In no particular order, the first option is to abort the pregnancy. Depending on your age, lifestyle and personal beliefs, you may elect to terminate the pregnancy, because you don’t want a baby right now or don’t feel like you could raise it the way it deserves. Realize that terminating your pregnancy doesn’t mean that you will have no consequences from the situation; you may experience a wide range of emotions at the time of the procedure and long afterwards, in addition to a sense of relief. Another option is to have the baby and raise it. Of course, it’s unlikely that your client will take an active role in your baby’s life, so you must be prepared to raise it alone (or with your partner, which is quite a lot to ask of someone). Having a baby means more responsibility and increased expenses, in addition to less personal freedom. However, a baby can make your life fulfilled, despite the terms of your pregnancy, if you are ready to become a mother. A final option is to go through with the pregnancy and offer the baby for adoption. Many women experience a sense of loss after giving a baby up, but others report they feel good about giving their baby a good home. Regardless of your decision, it is a difficult one that only you can make. And, you will likely always wonder if you did the right thing.

4. Determine whether you want to involve your client(s) in your pregnancy. If you’ve narrowed your pregnancy down to one or two clients, you may be considering telling him, regardless of your decision about the actions you will take concerning your situation. Most clients won’t want to hear this kind of news from their escort. And, he may not believe you. After all, he knows that you do engage in intimate activities with other men besides him, so his argument against being the only “suspect” is somewhat valid. However, if your client remembers a mishap that could’ve caused your predicament or that he talked you into not using protection, he may be much more inclined to hear you out. Plan out what you expect from your client when you tell him your news. Be clear whether you want any kind of support or assistance from him, or be ready to tell him that you only wanted him to know, with no further expectations. If you choose not to tell your client about your suspicions about becoming pregnant by him you will have to make the choice whether to see the client again or not. The client may be bewildered if you refuse contact with him, wondering what he did wrong.

5. Consider getting a DNA test to determine paternity, if you elect to have the baby. There are many reasons that paternity is important: 1) A child would be eligible for Social Security or Veteran’s benefits as a dependent; 2) Inheritance rights; 3) Accurate family medical history; and 4) Ability to provide child with a clear understanding of his heritage. No child should be brought into the world thinking that he doesn’t have a father. There are different ways to prove paternity, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Before a baby is born, an amniocentesis can be performed when you are 14 to 20 weeks pregnant. Risks of miscarriage are associated with the test, which involves drawing out amniotic fluid with a long needle. Chorionic Villus Sampling is done when a mother is 10 to 13 weeks along and involves the collection of tissue. Both of these methods require a doctor’s consent. A third non-invasive method is the SNP Microarray and is done through a simple blood draw to analyze DNA. It can be done as early as 9 weeks pregnant and experts report it is 99.9% accurate. Other home DNA tests are available, but they are considered less reliable by experts. Costs for DNA tests range from $200 to $1,600.

6. Decide whether you will continue to work while you are pregnant. Many escorts can’t afford to simply quit their jobs, especially if they are going to be keeping the baby. (A baby will cause many more expenses, so extra money is a necessity.) While your current clients may not be excited about your changing curves, other clients are very aroused by the pregnant form. Consider changing your marketing and offer encounters for men interested in pregnant escorts. You may have to look for new advertising sites and directories that cater to this escort preference. Once you’ve established clientele for your pregnancy (and some of your current clients may continue through with you), you will need to address other issues related to your health. You have to pay attention to what your body is telling you: if you’re tired, rest; if you don’t feel good, seek care; etc. You will require more rest, so you should plan to take on fewer clients. Limiting uncomfortable positions (which may change throughout your pregnancy) will be essential. Ask clients to limit how they fondle your breasts; your breasts may be extremely tender and leak breast milk. Nausea may be a concern at the beginning of your pregnancy, and odors and tastes may trigger bouts of sickness. Using more lube becomes important, as your body’s natural lubrication may become limited. Avoiding risky encounters (such as threesomes or threatening neighborhoods) becomes even more important, especially since there are two of you to worry about. Don’t be talked into not using protection – your pregnancy will not protect you from STDs. Your body image may plummet, so it’s important to continue to dress sexy and attempt to feel good about yourself. And, you have to prioritize your doctor’s appointments above your encounters; prenatal care is essential to a healthy pregnancy and baby.

7. Realize that having a baby will seriously impact your escorting career. Not only will the sleepless nights and day-to-day care of your baby wear you out, but there are other effects that being a new mother may have on your profession. For instance, it may take several months and a lot of work for your body to return to its pre-pregnancy state. And, even if you have extremely understanding clients, they may tire of waiting for stretch marks to fade or the baby belly to disappear. If you’re nursing your baby, your breasts will change in appearance. You will have to pump breast milk if you plan to be away from your baby for long periods, or scheduling your encounters so that you can always be near your baby at feeding times will have to be a priority. Finding child care for your inconsistent schedule may be challenging, especially if clients expect you to respond to spur-of-the-moment encounter requests. Even though it is possible to escort with a newborn baby, many challenges will present themselves.

8. Consider getting counseling or seeking out a support system, regardless of your decision about your pregnancy. If you have the baby or terminate the pregnancy, your emotions are apt to be all over the place (for more reasons than just hormones). You will need someone to talk to about life and how your situation is impacting you. Whether you seek professional help or the assistance of friends and family is irrelevant; the important thing is that you have someone available to talk to.

9. Attempt to avoid a tainted view of the escort industry. It’s understandable that you might be pretty gun shy about returning to work; the fear of another accidental pregnancy could really dissuade even the most successful escort. Realize that your situation was a rare incident. However, if you can’t get past your negative feelings about the career, take action to find a new professional path. Use the skills you developed as an escort to work in a more “traditional” job; emphasize your marketing, communication and business management skills to land a great career.

10. Know that life goes on, no matter what. Even if it feels like life has treated you unfairly, know that others have it much worse. Accidental pregnancies happen every day. Single mothers raise babies all of the time. Women terminate pregnancies regularly throughout the United States. Despite your predicament, brace yourself for some tough times and look for the light at the end of the tunnel. You’re an escort: that means you’re smart, tough and have the skills to survive anything.

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Escorts’ guide to skin resurfacing techniques
June 9, 2014 | Health

Escorts need to look their very bests for their clients, and part of that preparation includes developing a top-notch skincare routine that highlights their natural glow. However, sun, time and other of life’s incidents can cause skin to no longer look its best, despite one’s efforts and best intentions.

Those fine lines creep up and skin may lose its luster. Dry patches may come on, blotchiness due to sun damage may appear and scars from teenage acne breakouts become more obvious with time. While all of these skin conditions are normal, clients expect their escorts to be above average in the appearance department and don’t expect to find these skin downfalls when they meet up with their beauties for encounters. They expect escorts to be fresh-faced and with skin that nearly screams to be touched, especially on the face and neck.

As a result, escorts who want to continue attracting clients (and keep their current ones) may need to explore options beyond their standard skincare regimens. Cosmetic surgery offers several skin resurfacing treatments that will restore a youthful glow and get rid of skin imperfections that hinder an escort’s marketability.

Various treatments exist including:

•Chemical peels
•Dermabrasion (or dermaplaning)
•Laser skin resurfacing

These treatments all have different recovery periods, costs and results and may be more suitable for some conditions than others. The treatments are explained here:

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use chemical solutions to smooth the texture of the skin. The procedure includes the removal of damaged out skin layers on the face (most common), neck and hands. This method is one of the least invasive methods of obtaining a fresh-faced look that will improve the look of sun-, acne- or age-affected skin. It can help improve or fade acne scars, age/liver spots, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles, irregular skin pigmentation, rough skin or scaly patches, scars and sun damage. While it is very effective at treating some symptoms, it will not eliminate deep facial lines or scars, tighten loose or sagging skin or change pore size. Escorts who do not have extensive issues to correct may find that a chemical peel will help rectify their problems.

The cost for a chemical peel is somewhat moderate at $720 per treatment (according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ estimate of the average cost in 2013). Escorts should keep in mind that additional costs will be figured in top of the main quote, including fees for anesthesia (if necessary), facilities and particular types of peels. Geographic location and the expertise/qualifications of the surgeon may cause the cost to increase or decrease, too.

Escorts who have a history of abnormal scarring or pigmentation are not good candidates for any type of chemical peel. Additionally, escorts of Afro-Caribbean or Asian descent may not receive the best results. Redheads or other pale complexioned escorts may have difficulties with the procedure, too.

Three main types of chemical peels are used to resurface the skin and they use phenol, tricholoroacetic acid and alphahydroxy acid.

Light chemical peels produce the most subtle results and often require follow-up treatments to produce lasting effects. A light peel is recommended for treatment of uneven pigment, dryness, acne scars and fine wrinkling. The process removes only the outer layer of skin (epidermis) in a light exfoliating manner. The results of a light peel produce a healthier glow on skin. Recovery is the easiest of the peels, but it still includes redness, stinging and flaking, irritated skin for several days.
Medium chemical peels result in noticeably smoother skin with a fresher look. It’s a great procedure to correct acne scars, deeper wrinkles and uneven skin color. The treatment removes both the epidermis and the next layer of skin (dermis) Recovery includes redness, stinging and skin crusting for several days to two weeks, possibly more. It may take up to six weeks to look completely normal. Sun sensitivity is customary for several months and should be heeded in order to protect the newly-formed layers of skin.
Deep chemical peels are the most intense techniques and usually require the administration of local anesthesia to curb pain. The procedure creates the most dramatic results, but it also has the longest recovery time. The process penetrates down to the lower dermal layer of skin to treat deep wrinkles, sun damage, blotchiness and pre-cancerous skin. Escorts who choose these procedure will have to undergo eight weeks of pre-treatment therapy. Recovery time is much longer, and skin may remain red up to three months. However, the effects will last longer than the other two options and may not require touch-ups for up to 10 years.
Overall risks for chemical peels include scarring, infections, skin color changes, cold sore outbreaks and extreme sun sensitivity.


Dermabrasion is the process of refinishing the skin’s top layer with controlled surgical scraping, using a wire brush or diamond wheel with rough edges. Also called dermaplaning, the procedure diminishes the sharp edges of surface irregularities and gives the skin a smoother appearance. The technique can improve scarred skin (from accidents, fire or surgery), smooth out fine facial wrinkles and remove pre-cancerous growths (called keratoses). An alternative use is to remove undesired tattoos from the skin. Surgeons can perform the procedure on the entire face or only in problem areas. Sometimes, the process is conducted in conjunction with other treatments, too, such as facelifts and chemical peels.

Escorts who have darker skin may not be good candidates for the procedure, because blotchiness may be a result. Anyone who is prone to allergic rashes or skin reactions is not advised to pursue the treatment. Other candidates who may not experience optimum results include: people who have regular outbreaks of cold sores or fever blisters, recipients of radiation treatments, people who have recently gotten a bad sun burn or patients who have had a recent chemical peel.

Risks and complications can be serious from dermabrasion. Abnormal darkening of the skin (if the skin is exposed to sun too soon in the days/months following treatment) may result. Tiny whiteheads after surgery may crop up. Pores may enlarge immediately following surgery, but they should diminish after the swelling subsides. And, infection may occur, which can result in scarring.

The recovery period involves at least a couple of weeks of extremely sensitive skin that is red and swollen. Immediately after surgery, it may be difficult to eat or speak, and skin may tingle, burn and ache. Some surgeons apply a freezing (cryogenic) spray to harden the skin for deeper abrasions, if anesthetic and ice packs don’t make the skin firm enough. Scabbing may occur as the skin heals, which will eventually reveal new, pink surfaces. Doctors typically allow patients to return to normal activities within two weeks, but advise refraining from more strenuous activities for at least six weeks. Dermabrasion patients should steer clear of the sun for six to 12 months. The entire process takes several months to fully heal, and it will influence how you look to clients. Escorts who are considering taking some extensive time off from escorting may be able to fit this procedure into their schedules. However, if you need to get back to work with clients quickly, this treatment won’t give you the results you want within a timeframe that will coincide with your career’s schedule. But, if you have the time to spare, the procedure is well worth it as results are permanent, until additional damage, due to time, the sun or injury, is done.


Microdermabrasion is a minimally-invasive treatment to gently sand skin to remove thicker and uneven outer layers. This abrasive procedure treats light scars, discoloration, sun damage, stretch marks and age spots. Uneven pigment issues can be rectified and skin will be refreshed. Fine lines and wrinkles may be reduced, and the procedure may eliminate or shrink enlarged pores. In addition to getting rid of unsightly skin issues, it can actually thicken skin’s collagen, which can lead to a younger looking complexion that is smoother and tauter.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimated that the average cost for microdermabrasion treatments in 2013 was $148 per session. Of course, this estimate does not include fees for anesthesia, outpatient facilities or other costs. Geographic location and the expertise and qualifications of the surgeon will also impact the fees charged for the treatments.

Patients typically have two treatments per month in the beginning of therapy, and the sessions are reduced to one per month in order to maintain the results. So, once you start microdermabrasion therapy, the time/money to maintain it is necessary to sustain the results. Escorts will find that failing to maintain their efforts will result in even more obvious results than they had prior to the treatments initially, since a more dramatic difference will be seen due to decline in appearance.

The procedure is done with the application of microparticles or a diamond-tipped wand to remove the epidermis, or upper layer of skin. It can be done in small locations on the face or neck or over the entire facial area. Most of the time, the sessions only take 30 minutes and will be done in the office.

Escorts who opt for this treatment will experience mild scratching sensations, along with feeling slight vibration as the tools work their magic. Discomfort for this procedure is short-lived and may include slight redness or swelling that should dissipate within a few hours. The skin may be dry or flaky for a few days, but it is nothing that should discourage an escort from meeting with clients. Risks include slight bruising or increased sensitivity to sun.

As there is no down time for recovery, this is a great option for escorts who want a quick fix for their skin problems.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Often referred to as a laser peel, laser vaporization or lasabrasion, laser skin resurfacing is done with beams of light. Lasers send short, concentrated pulsating beams at areas of skin with irregular surfaces in order to correct imperfections. The procedure can reduce wrinkles, eliminate or fade acne and chicken pox scars (along with others), get rid of blemishes, repair aged or sun-damaged skin, re-tone skin with gray or yellow hues, zap warts, remove birthmarks and diminish enlarged oil glands on the nose. It’s precise and largely effective on small and large areas. The treatment even stimulates the growth of new collagen in the skin, so your results feature smoother, tighter skin.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimate that the average cost of laser skin resurfacing procedures were $2,222 for ablative treatments and $1,113 for non-ablative therapies in 2013 in the United States. These fees were figured without costs for anesthesia, surgical facilities or other items. Costs may also be subjective to geographic areas and the expertise of the surgeon.

The treatment can be very painful and will require pre-treatment therapies for up to six weeks. Each treatment may last between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the scope of work necessary.

Recovery can be a little rough, as skin will be red, swollen, stinging and raw for several days. It may ooze or blister (much like a bad sunburn) and form crusty scabs. Ice packs will be administered regularly the first few days. Eventually, the scabs will fall off, revealing new, pink skin that is incredibly sensitive. The pinkness will last for a couple of months, and possibly longer for blondes and redheaded patients.

Complications may include acne breakouts, cold sores, infection, hyperpigmentation (too much color), milia (small white bumps), prolonged redness, scarring and extensive swelling. Prior to laser skin treatments, escorts should stop smoking, as it helps with the healing process. Additionally, secondhand smoke can act as an irritant to your new skin surface.

Escorts who are interested in this procedure should know that it takes (at least) two weeks to return to semi-normal activities. In the meanwhile, escorts should cover up their new, pink skin with oil-free make-up in order to see clients. Their skin may lose its pink shade, but the sensitivity will remain for an extended time.

Is it the right thing for you?

The costs for any of these treatments can be pretty expensive, so it’s best to find out what your fees will be upfront. Of course, a surgeon can’t tell you down to the penny what the costs will be, in case complications arise. But, he can give you a pretty close estimate. And, because most cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance, many plastic surgeons are in the business of working on a cash basis, so they may be willing to negotiate their prices, especially if you are willing to pay upfront and in cash. (Cash is usually a tender easy to come by for escorts.)

As you consider any of these treatments, know that they can only do so much. Having realistic expectations and honest conversations with your doctor may help you determine which procedures are best for you, based on your circumstances and goals.

Take a look at before-and-after photos that your surgeon will have on file for each type of procedure. These photos may give you a clear idea of what fair expectations for the treatments will be.

While cosmetic surgery may be an expense you hadn’t planned on when you first became an escort, it may be necessary to maintain the niche you currently serve. However, many escorts allow their more mature facial appearances to serve them well by working as older escorts who can play the “cougar” roles with younger clients. But, if a few wrinkles aren’t your only problem, skin resurfacing treatments may help you create a fresh-faced look with which to greet your current and new clientele.

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Quick tour of the subtle art of undressing
May 27, 2014 | For escorts

Getting undressed, oddly enough, begins with dressing.

If you would like to enchant your client, titillate him, tease him, practical, day to day underwear will never do. In fact, it is better to wear nothing at all than some rag bag Fruit of the Loom granny panties and a shapeless over washed bra.

by Hannah Jay

Our grandmothers had the right idea: layers and lace.

But even before those layers and lace consider what your end state is going to be: do you want to be naked or would you prefer to leave more than a little to the imagination? If you have a perfect body nude may be an option but, even the most perfect body looks a little better and more mysterious with a bit of gift wrapping.

A pretty slip or a lacy chemise gives him just a glimpse while letting you control the action. Sooooo. How do you get from here to there?

Or, even before we go there, why obsess about undressing? Frankly because the difference between a professional and an amateur is that a professional sells an amazing experience and while amateurs take money for sex. As an escort you make a choice between delivering a fantastic experience which your gentlemen callers will return for again and again, or simply being a no frills service provider. I am going to assume you’d like to be the very best you can.

The great courtesans, the high end mistresses, the elite escorts all know one thing: men thrive on mystery. It is mystery which keeps them coming back and keeps them tipping and wanting more of your time.

For a married man an excursion to an escort offers the thrill of transgression and the certainty of discretion. Variety without complication.

For a single man, the escort experience ensures he will leave with a smile on his face. Discretion and no complications are huge; but so is the pleasure of being taken in hand, taken care of.

That in mind, undressing is as much a ritual offering as it is a practical necessity. To undress is to unveil a wonderful and sacred mystery to the profane gaze of the client. Which means a girl can and should work very hard indeed to ensure that her client fully appreciates one of the great gifts he is paying for.

First off, think about your environment. Will you be entertaining in your living room before leading him to your bed? Or will your entire date take place in a hotel room or bedroom? Your options for undressing are dictated by the layout of the room or rooms. So is the pace.

3 things to have or look for:

1. A soji screen – just a simple Japanese black and white screen. It is translucent which means with a light behind your silhouette will be seen. Putting it in your living room gives you a place to take off at least your dress or skirt and top. In your bedroom, if you put it at the foot of your
bed, you can have your client slip between the sheets while you undress in privacy.

2. A door – Undressing behind a door is not as private or as titillating a undressing behind a back lighted screen but it will preserve the mystery. In a hotel room the bathroom door will do the job; in an apartment the bedroom door will let you change in private.

3. Bed Curtains – If you don’t have a screen and have a studio apartment, an alternative is a ceiling hung, translucent curtain dividing your bed from the rest of the room. Amusingly, it does not have to go to the floor. Mid thigh can be very enticing. Install the curtain right, use real curtain
tracks and have it a couple of feet away from your bed. It should be in two halve which can be drawn together or flung apart. Pick an attractive color white, very light pink, cream or light grey will work with most decors.

Now you have your privacy, time to think about light. Lighting sets the mood. It also displays your body and your lingerie to best advantage. What you are looking for is soft, indirect light. Avoid ceiling lights at all costs.

Attractive table lights and bedside lamps work well. Girls look best with a little pink on their skin. So, step one, low wattage incandescent bulbs. Step two, pretty shades white or light pink. Pinker and dimmer near your bed. If you can’t find a pink shade drape a pink scarf over a white one.

Candles are always lovely. Lots of candles. And make a ritual out of lighting them when your client arrives. This will give him a little while to settle in and relax.


A bit of planning can make sure that when it comes time to undress you can make every item count. In a sense think the opposite of practical. You may spend your days in a sports bra and leggings with a t-shirt tossed on top but that is not what your client is paying to see.

Work from the outside in. What you wear will, of course, depend on the nature of the date. If you are going to meet your date for drinks or coffee or dinner you’ll want a pretty, appropriate, outfit.

A couple of basics: a below the knee pencil skirt in black or grey with a buttoned slit is brilliant. Do up all but one of the buttons and you can go to Church, unbutton a bit and you are perfect for a cocktail lounge or a dinner engagement. Over the course of the early evening another button or two may come undone. Stocking tops or a lacy slip may be peeked at.

Second piece – a simple, well tailored white shirt. Again, the buttons are your friends. Two undone and you are a pretty young college girl of slightly conservative deportment, three and you’re in the naughty zone. One more after that or even a good lean forward and your pretty bra or cami or slip will fill his vision.

These same pieces can be worn if you are visiting his hotel – a tailored jacket will add a business lady look. And they can work well in your apartment. (For what I hope are obvious reasons, unless your gentleman caller is a regular, a lady is never dishabille (clever French word for nearly undressed) when she greets a new client in her apartment.)

Shoes present that dilemma between wearable and wonderful. While a nice kitten heel is walkable, the fact is gentlemen love the look of high heels. However, the higher the heel the more you are going to have to pay for a pair of shoes you can walk in. 5” and above are really “once around the bed” shoes. If a gentleman would like you to fulfill his happy heel fetish let him invest. But make it very plain that clear plastic platforms belong on the Gentleman’s Club stage.

Depending on your height, a three and one half inch heel can do wonders for your legs and look elegant for cocktails or dinner. Done well they are walkable but not for more than a couple of blocks.

The danger zone is four to five inches. They look fantastic but they are killers to walk in. And, unfortunately, unless you buy expensive brands like Jimmy Choo or Louboutin, they can look tarty. But teamed with a pair of sheer stockings you really can’t go wrong.

Now for lingerie: for the modern escort the range and availability of beautiful, sexy, wispy pieces of lingerie is extraordinary. But, remember, you are undressing the mystery so layers and lace are your friends.

Long out of fashion, the full slip, ideally lace trimmed, is an escort’s best friend. Ideally a slip will fall about three inches above the hem of your dress or skirt. It will have ribbon shoulder straps and should be well fitted to your torso and breasts. Shop vintage for slips – look for real silk or real satin. A nylon slip (which cost about $5.00 at thrift stores) will do in a pinch, but you’ll feel sexier and look much better in a little satin creation from the ‘40s or ‘50s. It is certainly worthwhile, if you are even a bit handy, to put a little tuck in the seam just below your bustline. The classic color is black but white or ivory or cream can be gorgeous.

The great advantage of a slip is it is a halfway point between being fully dressed and completely undressed. Taking off your skirt and blouse only to reveal a sexy full slip is a terrific tease and will be a surprise to most men under sixty.

Under your slip are the essentials – bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. Yes, yes, I know…many young girls have never worn pantyhose, much less stockings, in their lives. Remember what I mentioned about the difference between a professional and an amateur; well, a professional is in the business of surprising and delighting her clients. If you take a look at anything from porn sites to old men’s magazines there is one constant…stockings. (Pantyhose, dreadful things that they are, are rarely in evidence.)

A good pair of stockings – black or nude or grey are the best colors – will be sheer and very thin. Yes, they will run but if you buy three or four pairs of the same sort and color you’ll be able to swap the runned ones out. (Keep the runned ones beside your bed for a little fabric bondage.)

The fun thing about stockings and a garter belt is that, worn with the garter straps under your panties, they can stay on throughout the date. Whatever you do, buy a good garter belt. Look for metal tabs and a fitted, three hook, belt. The frilly elastic garter belts are, at best, stunt lingerie and will slide down at awkward moments.

Bra and panties come in sets. Mismatched lingerie looks silly. Buying – or better still, having bought for you – a good, lace bra in a shelf or demi-cup style is a treat every girl owes herself. (And you would be surprised how many men would be just delighted to take you lingerie shopping.) For perfect undressing there is a lot to be said for front closure. It avoids awkward fumbling. Look for real cups and light padding if required. At all costs avoid the horrors of made in China molded cups which fit no known woman.

Panties should match the bra. If that isn’t possible, look for the same color. While thongs will avoid VPL, the reality is that the additional coverage of a boy short or brief works to your advantage undressing.

Finally, pick colors which flatter your skin. Pale pinks, grays, black for drama, white for a girl next door. Patterns are fine but avoid anything jarring. And do we really need to discuss why fluorescent orange or day-glo green are bad choices….of course not.

The Reveal

Undressing begins long before you start taking your clothes off.

If you meet your date for drinks or coffee, beginning with almost all your buttons done up gives you plenty of room to maneuver in public. Undoing a button or two on your skirt will reveal, at minimum, the lacy hem of your slip. And if your slip has a slit, there is the very real possibility of a glimpse of stocking top. Going from two buttons undone on your shirt to three and an artful lean in or two, will reveal the lacy bodice of your slip and, quite possibly, your bra. He’ll catch the signal and the invitation instantly.

If you are going back to or meeting him on your own ground or his hotel, the same techniques apply. But now you can unbutton your shirt to your waist and let your skirt ride up to reveal your stockings. If you have a screen, a curtain or a door, you can excuse yourself to make yourself more comfortable and take the skirt and shirt off all together.

And here is where the beauty of the slip is evident. When you return you are not “undressed”, rather you are undressing. Now might be the moment to begin to undress him. And, indeed, a girl in a slips’ oral attentions are a wonderful promise of what is about to happen. Once you have him as undressed as you want him, you can retreat behind your screen or curtain and slip off your bra and panties. Hanging them on the side of the screen or the door knob will keep his attention. Slip, garter belt, stockings and shoes usually stay on.

Now you lead him to bed, remove the last of his clothing, and slip out of your shoes. From here it is up to you. However, removing a lovely vintage silk slip before the possibility of staining it only makes sense.

Make sure you have a pretty robe handy for the end of the encounter. While he will certainly see you nearly naked, you want to keep the mystery alive. Naked is not mysterious. And, for extra fun, have a pretty pair of frou-frou bedroom mules strategically located on your side of the bed. Your robe should be figure hugging but not sheer. You want his imagination working overtime as he leaves.

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There’s never too much privacy for an escort
June 24, 2014 | For escorts, Safety

Keeping your working life as an escort private is a matter of choice. Some girls don’t care, others think their privacy is a matter of utmost importance.

What most escorts will agree on is that their privacy should be their decision.

by Hannah Jay

The suggestions below are all at a girl’s discretion. Make those which are right for you but remember, if you don’t make them someone else can and, very likely, will.

Who are you?

You are your name. Your are your social security number. Your picture. Your address. Your phone number. Your driver’s license. Facebook page. Web page. Social media profile. Grad picture. Mug shot and every picture you have ever posted on the internet.

You are also socially constructed. You are your parents’ child. Your children’s mother. Your husband’s wife. Your grandmother’s confirmation Queen. Your high school’s valedictorian and your Prom date’s sweetest memory. You have people you know from your neighbourhood, from work, from that club you went to last Saturday.

Which adds up to the fact that you are what other people know or can find out about you. Escorting is a choice you are making. You have a past which cannot be changed, only hidden; a present which you can control; and a future which your choices shape.

The Audience

An escort looks for clients. Usually by advertising. That is a choice. But who reads her ad is not her choice; instead, by advertising in the internet age an escort is making a version of herself public. While your grandmother probably doesn’t frequent Skipthegames.com, your grade nine teacher might.

More to the point, Google’s busy little spiders are recording each escort ad. Indexing them and storing them – along with accompanying pictures – in the searchable world. Suddenly your audience is worldwide, and when someone types in “girl next door in LA“, there you are!

Again, very much an escort’s choice. But if you use your real name and an identifiable photograph, you will be found and all your escort advertising promises are there, too. Probably not tracks you want to leave.

Taking Control

Even if you don’t care now, you may care later. Remember, the Internet never forgets. And, as importantly, while you may not care now, your family, friends and business associates may not be quite so blase.

So using your real name while escorting is unwise. So is using an identity which is linked to your real name. Your granny, if no one else, remembers your middle name.

Your escorting clients don’t care. They want a name, but if Debbie Smith becomes “Blaze Comet” they will still get in touch.

First Rule of Privacy

Your escort name should have nothing to do with your real name or, for that matter, normal names at all. The old joke about “porn star names” being about actions is not a bad guide.

A simple first name, Amber, Tracy, Tami, Katie and such like combined with an action, attribute, or noun: Fall, Wren, Grace, Robin, Knight, Slide, Strict, Found, Dash creates a full name which has nothing to do with your actual identity. It is an escort brand and can be promoted. (Generally, I’d avoid the coarser actions or attributes – Annie Anal is going to be a one trick pony.)

The key thing is for your escort name to be comfortable for you. In particular, pick a first name which you will find easy to respond to.

You’ve got a Name… Now what?

Time for Technology

First a phone. The fact is that if you want a contract you need ID and the phone ends up in your real name. Yes, that can be traced. But not easily. Barring a Court Order or a friend at the phone company or at NSA, phone contracts are not public records.

Getting a smartphone – Android is cheaper – will make your escort life a lot simpler because a Smartphone can become your work computer. You can check your email, text clients, keep contacts all in one place.

Go for an unlisted number and dedicate the phone to your escort business. No personal calls, ever. Yes, it is a bit expensive to run two phones, but it is simply a cost of doing business.

Next an email account. I recommend Google simply because it opens up a variety of promotional opportunities.

Set your email and your phone up with only your working escort name and number. Set a distinct ringtone and remember to turn the phone off when you are visiting your parents, grandmothers or straight-laced best friends.

As it happens, courts in the US have ruled that the police can search a Smartphone during the course of an arrest. Which means if you are arrested – for anything – the whole contents of your escort smartphone is potentially up for grabs.

Be smart. Password protect the phone to prevent a casual browse through by your friends, parents, or your local police officer.

Be smarter. As well as passwording your phone’s screen, you can encrypt your entire escort phone. Both Android and Apple phones allow you to encrypt the phone’s contents. Yes, it is a pain to have to enter two passwords but compared to having your privacy destroyed because you left your escort phone somewhere you shouldn’t have, it is a small price to pay.

A Story

The biggest enemy of your privacy is yourself.

Simply carrying two cell phones is a “tell” for an observant friend. But not having a great cover story is even worse.

A cover story needs to be simple and it needs to be broad enough to give you something easy to say when your escort phone rings. You may have to break off a date for an escort “appointment” or your friends may notice you have more money than would otherwise make sense. Support your cover story by avoiding having to use it more than is absolutely necessary. Most of the people in your life are never going to check out what you tell them unless there is some reason to doubt what you are saying. Keeping things simple is a great way to avoid the mistakes which arouse curiosity.

You are never going to be able to explain a $5000 a week lifestyle if you are officially a student. Being “unavailable” for hours at a time while you attend to an escort appointment also may ring the curiosity bells. A little bit of the truth may be your friend. Being an “on call, online, personal assistant” can explain absences and a good deal of money. So will actually having an actual business as a downsizing consultant or Kindle Romance writer. The point of the cover story is to have it ready to cover all the issues which may come up as you escort.

Your Privacy with Clients

Most escorts’ clients are not very curious. At least not the first time you see them. The traditional, “How did a nice girl like you get into a business like this?” question is easy to answer –“Well, money and I love the hours.” – will shut down the punter. But the great trade off for the safety and predictability of an escort’s regulars is they will get to know you a bit. There is nothing wrong with that; but once in a while an escort client can turn into a stalker or just a guy who wants more than you are in the business of giving.

The big difference between an escort’s curious regular and the general public is that he knows what you do and where you do it. Now, if all you do are outcalls the “where” is useless to him. However, if you escort from an dedicated apartment or your own home some basic privacy moves are key.

First, again, a cover story. And there is no reason not to use the same cover story. If your escort client tries to run it down he’ll hit the same wall which defeats your friends and family if it is a pure fake. If you really do have a day job you can use it for cover but simply refuse to give the curious escort client any details.

Keep your work environment – even if it is your own home – absolutely devoid of personal items – pictures, phone numbers, a computer, medicines in your bathroom cupboard – all give a casual observer too much information.

Set Hard Limits

Just because an escort client is buying your time he does not have any right to pry into your life. And you have no obligation to discuss your life.

Hard limits are set quite easily if you are prepared. If a escort client asks you about something you are uncomfortable discussing you can gracefully say, “Oh I never discuss my family, (boyfriend, work, city of origin, high school…et al).’ If he pushes, the push back is straightforward, “No, I really don’t discuss that sort of thing. I value my privacy as I am sure you value yours.” End of discussion. Be friendly but firm. The threat is not particularly subtle but it reminds your escort client that he has a reputation to consider as well.

Have Plan B

Scenarios: You are out for a dinner with pleasure to follow with a client old enough to be your father and you run into your actual father. Or your client shows up and he actually is Mr. Green, that nice Grade 9 teacher, who is still teaching your youngest sibling. Or you forget to turn off your escort phone, go to the washroom and your best friend answers a work call.

Cover blown? Not if you have Plan B. And the key thing about Plan B is it is different, but the same in every awkward circumstance. Assess, relax, divert and, most importantly, don’t even think of explaining.

Running into your father when you are escorting is nothing more than a socially awkward moment. You have been caught in a not very compromising position with a date your father would probably prefer you were not seeing. Your escort date is, no doubt, none too delighted to be meeting the father of his dark desire. “Hi Daddy. This is Mr. Jefferies whose online marketing I’ve been doing, Mr. Jefferies this is my father, Mr. Jones.”

The reality is that if you are out in public with an escort date you should be entirely prepared to run into anyone from your father to your date’s wife. Which means that on the way to the restaurant you will take a moment to set up the “story”. “So if we run into anyone either of us know, I am your online assistant and you are Mr. Jeffries my boss.” And you’re done.

Having Mr. Green, your grade nine teacher, show up at your door for an escort encounter is more of an unexpected problem. He will be just as embarrassed as you are but, unlike you, he will not likely have a Plan B. Your choice is straightforward – have the date and count on Mr. Green having more to lose by even mentioning it; or deciding not to have the date, in which case Mr. Green, to his relief, needs to know that he has arrived at the wrong house. “April Wren? Who is April Wren Mr. Green? I’ve never heard of her. But it is lovely to see you again.” Mr. Green will never know and if he suspects he’ll be relieved that his reputation remains unsullied. This is especially true if it is 11:30 at night and Mr. Green has had a couple more drinks than he should have.

The errant phone call to your escort phone answered by your gal pal should, in fact, take care of itself. If the caller is looking for “April Wren” your girlfriend will, reasonably enough, tell him he has the wrong number. If he calls back he’ll get the same response. Any questions from your gal pal can be met with anything from “Some drunk” to “I don’t know, some girl had this number before I did. I keep getting these strange calls.”

No matter what the circumstance, an escort needs a solid Plan B.

Confidentiality and Discretion

Ultimately, what an escort is selling is a private matter between consenting adults. Just as her clients have an expectation of discretion, she has an expectation of privacy. By treating her business as confidential, she creates a private, intimate, space.

At the same time, it is vital for an escort to take responsibility for keeping her business life separate from the rest of her life. Privacy is service an escort gives her clients and a gift an escort gives herself.

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Ms Jay answers escorts’ questions #1
July 8, 2014 | For escorts

Q: Every so often one of my gentlemen arrives none too, well, clean.

A: What to do? Run a bubble bath, of course!

by Hannah Jay

Light some tea lights around the tub and make it a sexy, thrilling treat for the gentleman. Pour two flutes of champagne, put on some jazz – he will never suspect your motives. Think of it as foreplay with a purpose.

You can either relax and wait, or join him (in the tub or merely in the room) – your call.

This maneuver can be a mainstay for most of your appointments because it is so unexpected and yet sensual. To do it right, install a dimmer switch in your bathroom and invest in some thick, luxurious towels. No cheap rose-scented soap, please. Opt for something citrus or with lavender. Check out the selection in your natural food market. Often a big bottle can he had for a very reasonable price. Ultimately, buy what you like, because you are going to be using it a lot. And finally, have a man’s robe at the ready for his journey to the bedroom.

On a practical note: the great advantage of putting him in the tub is you can discretely inspect your envelope.

Q: I have a wonderful, generous, regular who seems to want more of my time than I am comfortable giving him.

A: Well, lucky you. A faithful regular. What every escort wants, right?

So, if you are being paid for your time what is the issue? You can feign a full schedule if you wish, but he will eventually just go elsewhere. Or you can tell him that your rates have risen slightly and he may cut back his time with you all on his own.

But before you risk losing a happy client, figure out what exactly you are uncomfortable with. Remember, this is business, not a date.

Q: One of my regulars wants me to buy him some girly lingerie and make him wear it for our encounters. I think that’s weird but, well, do I charge him extra?

A: Of course!

What fun, you get to go lingerie shopping. You may think it’s weird but be accommodating and open-minded. That’s what you’re getting paid for. In terms of requests, this one is absolutely harmless. Have a little fun with the experience. Talk to your client about his expectations beforehand, so you know what he wants and how you are to play your part.

Think of it as adding to your repertoire as an escort. Always valuable. You might be surprised to find other men who would love the same opportunity to explore their submissive, feminine side, either in a pretty slip or a good, firm, girdle.

One practical note: you’ll tend to do better with lingerie items which don’t fit too tightly. He may say he wants a bra but a wise escort starts him off with a pretty camisole. Buy large! As ever, the thrift store is your friend.

Presentation matters. If you can locate a couple of lovely boxes and a bit of tissue paper he’ll be even more delighted when he’s told to put on his surprises. And, if you possibly can, add stockings and a garter belt to his outfit. Again, go large on the stockings or use the one size drugstore stockings which stretch.

Q: How can I raise my rates? When I started I set my rates at about the same as the other girls in my city. Now I’d like to charge more and see fewer clients.

A: Great ideal. So let’s talk economics.

Firstly, why are you now worth more? Lack of supply? Don’t think so. Increased demand (for you)? If yes, then you have a market that will allow you to move up the pay scale. You obviously have something special that keeps your clients coming back. Whatever that attribute or skill is, play it up. There are lots of escorts, but only one you.

By limiting your appointments to a select few, you will get to know these particular gentlemen rather well. Something that is an advantage for both you and him. Comfort and trust are huge reasons that he will pay more to see you rather than some stranger.

When you up your rates, make sure you up your game, too. Do something noticeably different. Cut or colour your hair. Freshen up your surroundings – rearrange the furniture, buy a piece of art. Take a class, read more books. Get fit. Develop a unique fashion style. These men are going to see you regularly; make sure they love what they see. You will have both more time now, and more money. Use both wisely.

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Escorts’ cover stories
May 7, 2012 | For escorts

While the need for a cover story may not be as great as if you were spying, many escorts find that a good cover story can divert attention from their odd schedules and helps to smooth things over with friends and family members.

While some family members and friends are wise enough not to judge their loved ones, others simply can’t wrap their mind around the idea of their daughter, niece, cousin or friend being an escort who spends time with clients for money.

Here are some stories that real escorts use to keep the peace:

•Temp agency work: Many escorts find that telling people they work for a temporary agency working to fill in the gaps is a way to explain why they work odd hours. Filling in at restaurants and bars that need additional wait staff for specific days or to fill absences at the last minute seems to be
a reasonable job that might take a woman out at varying hours. However, use caution when you’re leaving the house dressed to the nines in your best designer gown. It’s rather hard to explain that you’re going to the neighborhood pub to waitress wearing your little black dress.

•Successful business professional or consultant: Because your lavish and luxurious lifestyle may support this story, the image of being a business woman is a believable one. Often, business executives are called out of town unexpectedly in order to deal with mini crises or to seal deals with other
professionals. Your attire and lifestyle must support this story for it to be reasonable.

•House cleaning: Some escorts claim to be housekeepers. They clean at night or early morning, so as not to bother the homes’ residents. Some escorts say they work in housekeeping at large corporations or businesses and clean overnight. Be sure to avoid being seen leaving the house in your designer
clothing, though. Housekeepers rarely make an income to purchase those; and, they also rarely wear designer clothing to work.

•Sitters: Many escorts claim to be house, pet or baby sitters working odd hours, staying overnights and being out of reach. Stories about keeping track of others’ belongings or loved ones can be believed. There is no way to call and check out your story, and incomes from this type of work vary.

•Boyfriend: A few escorts invent imaginary married boyfriends they run off to meet in the wee hours of the morning or night. While this story may raise a few eyebrows casting you as the “other woman,” it’s sure to cause less tongue wagging than revealing what you really do for a living.

•Event Coordinator Assistant: Working at events as an assistant is a believable cover story for escorts. Attending nice galas or charity events, planning the activities or seeing to logistics and covering last minute details seem like tasks that could require you to be gone at odd hours and dress
well. Out-of-town events would cause you to travel overnight, and late events would create a schedule where you got home late regularly.

•Unemployed: Many escorts simply report to others they are unemployed when asked what they do for a living. Usually, the nosy questioner becomes embarrassed and doesn’t ask much more. However, you do run the risk of being offered significant amounts of unsolicited advice about how to find a job or
file unemployment.

•Technical, boring job: Some escorts create some absurd title or adopt a highly-technical title that sounds boring in nature. Often, as the escort begins to describe her “job,” the family member or friend cuts her off to discuss “more interesting” things. People always prefer to talk about
themselves, anyways, so it’s a good way to bore them into changing the subject.

•Be honest. A number of escorts actually tell the truth about their careers. However, most people rarely believe it. So, escorts are sometimes allowed to carry on without feeling guilty about lying about their jobs.

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How to make the escort decision?
August 5, 2014 | For escorts

Deciding to become an escort is, for many women a conscious choice about taking advantage of a business opportunity. The decision to sell your time to men who would like companionship is what launches a girl into the escort world. Here are a few factors to consider when you are thinking about escorting.

by Hannah Jay

1. Is this your own decision? For a girl contemplating escorting there can be a variety of factors which will influence her decision. However, deciding to be an escort must be a girl’s own choice. After all, she will be the person doing the escorting.

People ranging from boyfriends to other escorts may try to influence a girl’s decision to escort. Don’t let them. Even if they are well meaning, they cannot know whether you have what it takes to be an escort.

2. Money. Making several hundred dollars for a couple of hours of work is very seductive. It is even more seductive if a girl thinking of escorting is unemployed or on welfare.

There is no question that girls who escort do so primarily for the money. However, becoming an escort is not necessarily going to lead to riches unalloyed. Escorting is a business like any other business. Escorting is a service business which means you make money by selling your time. So when you are thinking about the money you might make as an escort you also need to think about how you are going to actually go about selling that time.

Which brings up the question: are you entrepreneurial? The more successful escorts spend a lot of their time selling their escorting services. They run escort ads, solicit escort reviews and run their escort website.

Does running your own service business appeal to you?

3. Sex Do you like sex? Enjoy pleasuring men? Enjoy seduction and being seduced? The legal concept behind escorting is that a girl is perfectly free to sell her time and that sex, like board games or a great dinner, is an option between consenting adults. As it always is. That said, it is an option than many of an escort’s clients will exercise if they have the opportunity. And successful escorts usually ensure that that opportunity arises.

But when a girl is deciding whether or not the escorting world is for her she needs to think about how she feels about very casual, non-emotionally entangled sex. Many escort dates will end in the bedroom and the ability to have sex with a relative stranger is important to the success of an escort.

4. Meeting New People Do you like getting to know people? Are you shy? An escort will meet new people every day. She has to get along with new people and she has to be able to assess who they are and whether they are the sort of person she wants to do business with.

Most escorts develop what might be called a “game face” which they bring to first encounters. A good game face lets the escort interact with her clients without having to expose her own personality too much. Even a girl who is normally very shy around men can create a game face for her encounters which lets her slip into her escort persona.

At the same time, girls who are not shy can have a great time meeting and getting to know their escort clients. While escorting is a business it is a very social business and for an outgoing girl being an escort means being able to encounter, charm and seduce new men every day.

5. Enjoying the Feminine While escorts can adopt any persona they want, ultimately what they are offering is female companionship. And they are offering a fantasy which is rooted in the feminine.

When a girl is considering becoming an escort she needs to think carefully about which aspects of femininity she is most comfortable with. Is she a lace and frills girly girl or a no nonsense business woman? Bossy or submissive? A grizzly momma or a frail princess? While most women are all of the above and a lot more besides, the successful escort will pick a “style” for her femininity and work that style.

Which elements of your femininity you decide to focus on in your escort business will help to determine everything from your lingerie to your preferred clientele and even the décor of the space you use for escorting encounters. For your clients, their encounters will be infused with the feminine focus you choose. It won’t be to every client’s taste, but the men who click with your focus will become escorting regulars.

6. Planning Deciding whether or not to explore the escorting world implies a plan even if that plan is only to place an escorting ad and look at the responses. Are you good at planning? Then being an independent escort may be your best route to take. Not so good at planning? Well, sharing your escorting fees with a reputable agency may make more sense. An agency lets a girl concentrate on escorting itself while leaving advertising, booking, screening and security up to the agency.

For a girl entering escorting there is another element of planning which is important – how do you see your escorting career? Escorting work comes in many varieties – a basic service provider is light years away from an exclusive high end call girl who is equally distant from a well kept mistress; but each girl is providing female companionship.

As a girl is making the decision to escort she needs to consider what sort of escort she wants to be and how she is going to make that happen. This sort of early planning lets an escort set goals and actually progress in her profession by meeting those goals.

7 Outlook How do you look at the world? Escorting, like any service business, has its down days. Difficult clients, missed bookings, escort ads which fail to draw customers – all sorts of things which can and will go wrong. The question is how an escort reacts to the inevitable ups and downs of her business.

People who start their own businesses tend to be optimists. Having an optimistic outlook means that when the business is not going exactly as you hoped it would, you bounce back. At the same time, people who succeed in business, especially service businesses, are also very realistic.

Optimism and realism are an escort’s allies whether she is meeting a date or planning an advertising campaign. Meeting an escorting client, a girl needs to be optimistic. She has to look forward to the encounter, be delighted by her fee, and enjoy her pretty dress or silky lingerie. But, for her own safety, she also has to be realistic about her escorting date – from the moment he calls or writes, an escort needs to be screening her date. A keen realism helps to ensure that the escort is not fooled by the occasional less than great client.

8 Goals Becoming an escort can be anything from a past time to a profession but in any case when you are making the decision a girl should have a goal or several goals. Setting those goals before you make your decision is a great way to know if escorting is for you.

Goals can be quite short term, “Pay my tuition” is a finite, number defined goal. If tuition is $2000 a semester you can calculate how many dates at what rate you would have to do to reach that goal. Or a goal can be open ended: “make enough money to live nicely while keeping most of my day free for my art/starting my business/finishing my book”. An open ended goal lets a girl work out everything from her escort pricing to how many days a week she wants to work.

It is worthwhile to pay attention to the alternatives escorting offers to a girl who wants to reach her goals. Reaching a short term goal may mean doing a number of dates at fairly low rates simply to make the money. A longer term, open ended goal requires more thought: how can you maximize your revenue while minimizing the hours you are actually working?

When you are setting your escort goals remember to be optimistic but realistic. If the standard escort rate in your city is $200 an hour you need to recognize that it will be difficult to make a great deal more than that.

Goals don’t have to be about money although they usually will come back to money. Saying that you want to take a year to travel is a perfect long tern goal and it does not say how much money you would need to make to take that year.

9 Lifestyle Escorting, even part time escorting, is a demanding profession. You have to be “up” for each of your dates. Which means taking care of yourself. Before you decide to escort running a quick check on your lifestyle is a good idea.

Just the basics: are you healthy? Having a checkup is a good idea before you begin escorting. Then take a look at your diet. If your take out/junk food vs healthy home cooking ratio is heavy on the junk food you will want to adjust the ratio. Drinking? A glass of wine is delightful and sometimes three are great fun. But make sure you have strict control on your drinking before you think about escorting. Drugs are never a good idea and an even worse idea if you are escorting.

On the positive side, what do you do for exercise? You don’t have to be a gym bunny to be an escort but being fit certainly helps. More importantly, getting exercise every day, even if it is simply a twenty minute walk, does wonders for your complexion, your body and, critically, your attitude.

Coming to escorting from a healthy place will let you adjust to the escort world easily and with a capacity to make the most of your opportunities.

10 A Story Most escorts keep their escorting and the rest of their lives separate. To do this well you’ll have to have a general cover story which will explain to friends and family why you are not available at certain times. Keep it simple. Something as easy as being an on call “personal assistant” will cover almost any eventuality.

When you are making the decision to become an escort it is a good idea to check in with yourself about how you feel about leading a somewhat double life. And you might also consider how you would deal with the possibility that someone you know will discover you are escorting. There are no right answers here, just your own sense of who you are.

Putting it All Together

The decision to escort is different for every woman who makes it. If you are thinking of becoming an escort all of the factors listed above can be part of your decision.

As much as anything, deciding to escort is about balance. On the one side is, obviously, money; but money is the result of what you are bringing to the escort business.

If you decide to enter the escort world you’ll have more decisions to make: your escort persona, your preferred escort clientele, your prices, where you will put your escort ads and what your online escort presence will be. You’ll decide what your escorting name will be and how you will market your escort brand.

All those decisions and many more will be much easier if you take your time deciding if escorting is for you.

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