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Welcome to Swedish Angels Toronto, a leading Toronto Escort Agency providing top quality companionship. We cater to a clientele who appreciates fine taste, and will settle for nothing but the best escorts in Toronto. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of service, discretion and confidentiality for both our Toronto escort service providers and our clientele alike. We offer a wide selection of fine Toronto escorts to suit every taste. We rank among the top escort agencies in Toronto for top notch customer service.

What Are Swedish angels Escorts?

Swedish Angels are a rich and delectable confection for the discerning taste. They each have an enchanting style and elegance, enrobed in their own unique and distinct exterior. But beauty is not only skin deep with these authentic delights that would please even the most discriminating sampler. A plethora of taste, with an excitingly wide and tempting range of flavours, they are delightful mouth watering treasures to be desired, savoured and enjoyed thoroughly. Swedish Angels are perfectly blended to create a truly refined taste sensation.

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Our business does not associate itself with prostitution. We exchange money for services which provide time and companionship. These services are provided based on the consent of two or more adults over the age of 18. We do not force our escorts to do things they are not comfortable doing. Likewise, we do not force you to make choices which are not comfortable for you.

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Welcome to Swedish Angels Models Toronto, a classy Escort Service Promotion Agency based in Toronto serving Mississauga, Scarborough, Airport the GTA. We promote professional models that have the right touch of sophistication & beauty, which today's modern gentleman seeks for his companionship needs. Platinum models has a companion to match your busy lifestyle.

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8 alternative therapies that can help you be a better escort

Being an escort is hard: it’s tiring, emotionally draining and physically demanding. The activities required of an escort may result in the development of several medical conditions, both physical and mental, including sprains and muscle aches and pains, insomnia, anxiety and related disorders like headaches and depression.

While an escort can go see her regular physician for treatment, alternatives exist that may help her without the use of mainstream drugs. Alternative therapies have been around for many years, and have recently begun to get proper recognition by people who want to be responsible for their lives.

Alternative and complementary medicines have been practiced for thousands of years both in the U.S. and well beyond its boundaries. Acupuncture, reiki, chiropractic medicine, yoga, homeopathy, naturopathy are being used more and more to defy the monopoly of Big Pharma.

Escorts can become much healthier with the use of alternative therapies. Here are the top 10 alternative therapies that escorts should consider when seeking treatment for issues that are problems to them:

  1. Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a therapy that involves the insertion of tiny needles into specific points of one’s skin to stimulate, disperse and regulate the flow of vital energy. Practitioners say it helps to restore the natural energy balance to patients. Hailing from China, acupuncture relieves pain, treats disease and boosts overall health. A typical acupuncture session, costing between $25 and $80, involves the examination of a patient’s tongue, along with evaluation of his or her pulse. Licensed Acupuncturists are degreed and board-certified and may provide additional therapies (such as acupressure, sonopuncture and moxibustion) along with acupuncture. Acupuncture may be used to create pain relief for migraines and other headache, neck disorders and osteoarthritis. The U.S. National Institutes of Health endorses it for the treatment of asthma, insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and smoking cessation. Other studies indicate its effectiveness in treating ADHD, hay fever and hypertension.
  2. Feng shui: A Chinese therapy over 3,000 years old, Feng Shui uses the laws of Heaven and Earth to improve life and health by promoting ways to receive positive energy into one’s life. The literal translation is “Wind-Water,” and the therapy is associated with the Chinese practices to bring good health and prosperity into one’s life. Escorts can definitely benefit from positive energy that may help them financially, increase their health and improve their abilities to work well with clients. Additionally, good Feng Shui efforts may help clients, too, when they enter an incall that benefits from positive Feng Shui energy. Ways escorts can use Feng Shui to their advantage include: cleaning out clutter, purifying the air and opening windows when possible, letting in natural light, defining natural energy areas of their incalls. For example, the money energy area in an incall may be in the southeast area, and it should be bolstered with wood and water items. If an escort’s health energy is located in the eastern portion of an incall, it should be enhanced with wooden items, such as bookcases, figurines or other furniture made from wood. If an escort’s birth element is fire, she should focus on incorporating reds, oranges and yellows into her color scheme. Escorts may benefit by reducing stress and increasing their overall health and good fortune.
  3. Hypnotherapy: Often used in comedy routines and as a complementary therapy to psychology or psychiatry, hypnotherapy can be used alone to bypass the conscious mind to access the subconscious to increase motivation or alter behavioral patterns. Many patients experience relief for chronic or intermittent pain, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, asthma and eczema. Others gain assistance for weight loss and learn new relaxation techniques through the treatment. A typical session with a hypnotherapist includes an assessment of the patient’s needs, the hypnotherapy session and an after-interview, determining how the patient feels about the subject post-hypnosis. Many escorts can relieve worries and stress they build up over their secret lives or involvement with clients.
  4. Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy is the treatment with water for relief of such problems as pain or joint issues. Using temperature and water pressure to stimulate blood circulation, reduce weight and stress on muscles and joints and using water-related weight as resistance, escorts may be able to tone up and exercise their muscles to an extent not available in any gym. It’s a great workout for escorts who engage in extremely physical encounters with clients who require stamina and great flexibility. Additionally, treatment with water jets, underwater massage, mineral baths and whirlpools may be just what the doctor ordered for sore muscles received through encounters with very athletic clients. An escort may be able to administer her own type of hydrotherapy at home in a hot tub, as well, as seeking professional attention for her ailments.
  5. Massage therapy: Escorts may receive great health benefits by visiting a massage therapist, who will manipulate and massage their muscles and body tissues to increase circulation and work out sore muscles. There are many different styles of massage therapy including: Swedish massage, hot stone massage, Reiki massage, deep tissue massage and Shiatsu massage, among many others. Escorts may increase flexibility, reduce pain, increase energy and focus on specific problems when they get a massage. According to a study conducted in 2003, back pain patients reduced their needs for medication by 36 percent after undergoing treatment through massage, and cortisol levels may be reduced by over 50 percent, helping patients cope with anxiety and other stress-related problems. Patients reporting headaches and depression also saw favorable results after getting massaged, according to other national studies.
  6. Chiropractic: Chiropractic medicine is a complementary and alternative discipline concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the effects these disorders have on a patient’s general health. Patients who seek out help from chiropractors receive manual therapy, with emphasis on manipulation of the spine to ensure that their bodies are lined out properly so they can function correctly. Lower back pain, caused by strenuous activity with clients, headaches and other joint-related pain may be alleviated or relieved with a visit to a chiropractor who can realign an escort’s body so it performs properly. Chiropractors often incorporate methods standard to Western medicine in their therapies, by employing diagnostic imaging techniques such as X-rays and CT scans to assist in the management of patient care.
  7. Yoga: Yoga is a commonly accepted term for the mental, physical and spiritual disciplines originating in ancient India. Brought to the Western world in the late 19th century, yoga may be effective as an interventionist for cancer, schizophrenia, asthma and heart disease. Long-term yoga practitioners in the U.S. have reported musculoskeletal and mental health improvements as time progressed. Additionally, the practice is believed to reduce stress and make the spine supple. It can be used as a complete exercise program and a physical therapy routine. It has effects that have proven to be beneficial for asthma sufferers, and its habits including meditation and relaxation have reduced symptoms in heart disease patients. Escorts can reap the benefits of yoga through improved flexibility (which clients will appreciate wholeheartedly), increased stamina and reduced stress. The meditation associated with yoga may help escorts to relax and take their lives one moment at a time, which may make them much better at meeting the needs of their clients.
  8. Herbs: Herbal therapy is often debated among medical professionals, but certain benefits cannot be ignored. Escorts who may be having difficulties getting in the mood with clients can rely on certain herbal remedies provided by homeopathic medicine. Several herbs may help an escort get “ready” for her clients. Some include: 1) Daminan: contains alkaloids that stimulate blood flow and increase sensitivity; it also relaxes the body and reduces stress; 2) ShatavarI: battles internal dryness and nourishes the female reproductive organs; 3) Muira Puama: provides benefits for all kinds of sexual therapies; 4) Ginkgo Biloba: increases the blood flow throughout the body, which raises sensitivities.

While official medical practices are a indispensable in emergencies, they are not well suited for healing or health management as they are based on “rob Peter to pay Paul” principle. If you want to improve and keep your health – and thus be a better escort, – look to the East.

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Monogamy is overrated: Why married people still need escorts

Escorts will always be in high demand. Despite the fact that we try to tell ourselves that the human species is evolved, in social terms nothing has changed for thousands of years. In terms of physiology, even longer.

You can’t make nature go away by pretending it’s gone away

In hopes of making the nature go away, men and women invented everlasting love and laws to enforce this illusion. But guess what? Neither men nor women are hard-wired to feel attraction toward a single person – at least, not with the same intensity over time.

Our only physical purpose on Earth is ridiculously simple: to produce as many children as possible. Everything else is fairy tales that we have been telling ourselves for thousands of years.

So, why is it, exactly, that men and women want several sexual partners?

  1. Polyamory is an issue of science, not morality. Since the first days that man and woman walked the earth, the physiological imperative of humans was, as with other species, to procreate. To generate as many new human beings as possible. Men sought out many mates, women welcomed seekers. The strongest and most virile subjects were able to pass along their genes to the most females. Along the way, humans were one of only two mammals to have discovered that sex can mean pleasure alone, not just pleasure and kids. (Dolphins figured this out too.)
  2. Monogamy is misunderstood. Science has reported time and time again that several species of animals are monogamous, mating for life, much like humans pretend to. However, with recent research, many of these findings have flaws. Eagles, beavers, grey wolves and gibbons were all previously thought to be monogamous animals. Through vast DNA research of these animals, it is proven that there is hanky panky going on within these animals’ societies. In fact, only 7% of mammals are considered monogamous. And, while anthropologists research societies around the globe, they labeled most contemporary western countries as practicing monogamy, mostly exclusively. However, only 20% of the world’s societies actually practice monogamy; others live favoring to embrace lifestyles of multiple partners for both religious and pragmatic reasons.
  3. Humans are opportunistic. In the Western paradigm, boys and girls are instructed to grasp onto every chance of material wealth, vanity and sensual entertainment that life brings their way. When an opportunity presents itself for fun and adventure with a new sexual partner, most men and women will jump at the chance. It’s just human nature coupled with training.
  4. Humans are taught to strive for the best. Most people are raised with the encouragement that they can always do better, keep trying and attempt to excel. Even humans who feel they have a perfectly wonderful partner at home, may be secretly hoping to find someone better, because that’s how they’ve been taught. The trophy spouse of a few years ago may still be wonderful, but a younger, fitter and more willing partner could be all it takes for a person to stray. As a result, people may end up with several partners, as a way to fulfill their need to better themselves. Escorts are constantly called by clients because they fit that mold: prettier and more accomplished than their current partners. They represent a “step up”. They are sexy, smart and really good at sex. For most human beings, it means an improvement.
  5. Humans are hard-wired with sex on the brain. The human species is the most sexual of all species on earth, and men and women are sex addicts at heart. Males, whose biological role is ridiculously tiny, think with their testicles more than with their brains. Women use sex to guide this thinking process in the direction of their choice – which, given our education system, rarely means anything other than more debt and vanity. But it’s all for the best: men have sex they dream of, escorts have their money, wives have guilty and thus malleable husbands. Everybody wins.
  6. Variety is the spice of life. Men’s natural purpose is scouting, conquering and expansion. “New” is on every healthy men’s mind. This means new mating partners, too (see #1). Female escorts have built their whole business on this simple truth that is here to stay for as long as our species.
  7. Sex with several partners is what male mind is wired for. Unlocking this achievement satisfies our natural purpose or procreation and makes it known by letting a male feel good. The knowledge that more than one partner in the world finds them attractive enough to have sex with can be a huge ego boost for a man or a woman. People thrive on compliments, recognition and approval. Escorts provide this and cover all previous points.
  8. Sex is often about power. And, by having sex with multiple partners, a person can feel even more powerful. Much like how a woman feels powerful as she can command the attention of every man when she walks into a room, a man who has several sexual conquests as notches on his belt feels empowered, too. Regardless of the reason, it’s about power.
  9. People have different needs. We have different aspects of our personalities that sometimes we don’t want to disclose to the same partner. Having different partners to fulfill all of their needs is something that many humans find comforting. We marry in order to share the load of the never ending war against the world. Some of us have affairs in order to hear how wonderful and unique they are.

While monogamy works for a few uniquely happy couples, for many people it’s simply not enough – let alone the boredom and predictability that set in after a few years. Some of these bored people rely on escorts for a vacation away from the formaldehyde jar of their official lives.

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How can an escort reply to “do you find me attractive?”

Despite your best attempts to keep things purely business between you and your clients, they often cross the line and ask you personal questions. They may ask you about your personal life, your family, your relationship status or other things. And they may ask whether or not you find them attractive. For many clients, the ultimate fantasy is knowing that their escort would find them attractive (and thus, datable) if they had met under different circumstances.

Some escorts are immediately put off by this line of questioning, while others embrace it due to the type of girlfriend experiences (GFE) they offer. However, your response depends on you and your client. Several variables may factor in to the way you wish to answer a question that could lead to misunderstandings between you and your clients.

Before you answer, you must keep in mind one thing. As an escort, you provide services to your clients. They come to you to feel good. They want encounters that make them feel confident, positive and good about themselves. It’s your responsibility to stroke your clients’ egos, fib to them and make them feel like they’re on top of the world. If you can’t do that for your clients, you may be in the wrong line of work. (Unless, of course, you are a dominatrix, but even then you are making your clients feel good the way they imagine it.)

Here are some ways that you may choose to reply to clients who ask you “Do you find me attractive?”:

  • Say “yes.” Everyone has something that makes him attractive to someone. Even if his physical appearance may not be Hollywood-grade, he may be funny, sweet, smart or generous. These qualities can make a man incredibly sexy. Funny guys can become very good looking because of their positive attitudes and how they make others feel. As you tell your client that you find him attractive, point out one of his endearing qualities that don’t pertain to his looks that you like. Let him know you appreciate him for his good points. Don’t mention anything that does not turn you on. Stroke his ego a little and build up his self-esteem by telling him how much you love his personality or outlook on life. Maybe he has really nice eyes or a grin that warms a room. Find something that is nice about your client and use it to answer his question.
  • Avoid leading your client on, even if you are complimenting him. As an escort, you should try to make your client feel good. But if you suspect that your reply could lead to more, don’t lead your client on. Some clients are simply looking for an opening they can use to convert their business relationship with you to a personal one. Don’t provide your client with such a chance. You can explain to your client that you don’t typically become attracted to clients, but follow that statement up with a compliment about what you enjoy about him. Your client may be hurt that you don’t think “that way” about him, but you can soften the blow with a compliment.
  • Inform your client that you would prefer to not answer his question due to your relationship being a business arrangement. Compare your relationship to your client with that of a doctor and patient or a lawyer and client. Tell him that you see yourself as a provider and him as a recipient of your services. You don’t really survey his attractiveness, because it’s not in your best interest to become too involved with clients. Be truthful with him about how your clients sometimes come and go and that it’s silly for you to even think in terms of attraction levels since so many clients walk in and out of your life so easily. Ask him to make things easier for you by not requesting you cross any professional or ethical lines.
  • Answer physically. When your client goes so far as to ask you whether you find him attractive, answer by getting intimate with him. A good dose of oral sex, a passionate kiss and grope or a full-fledged snogging session should make him forget the question or why he asked. And, if he hasn’t forgotten the question, he may just assume that you do find him very attractive as a result of your actions. However, if he asks this question near the end of an encounter, you can’t very well launch into a full-blown passion session. Answer by saying that you will show him just how attractive you think he is next time you see him. Wink and let them make their own interpretations.
  • Distract your client with some other conversation. You can all of a sudden remember a subject you wanted to discuss or be surprised by something you see in the room. Another option is to answer with a question about what he wants to do during the encounter, if it’s just started. Many clients ask this question soon after they first arrive. This leaves a big opportunity for you to change the subject by talking about the plans for the encounter and finding out what he wants to do. You can even suggest that he begin to remove his clothes as a way to distract him. Just the thought of getting naked with you may be enough to distract him from his questioning.
  • Throw yourself into a sneezing fit. This is a bit of a deceptive way to avoid his question, but it usually works, especially if it’s during allergy or cold seasons. Begin sneezing and do it several times. When your sneezing fit “subsides”, you can rush to blow your nose or take a few minutes to recover. Usually, a client is concerned with making sure you are okay and he forgets about the question he asked. If he doesn’t forget, he’s too embarrassed to ask it a second time. If he does, just sneeze a few times, again, and follow up with comments about your darn allergies.
  • Tell your client that you are in a lesbian relationship and don’t favor men. Explain that you are not really attracted to men “that way” due to your relationship with your partner. Even if this is grossly untrue, your client will likely drop his line of questioning immediately. However, be prepared for more questions about your relationship with your girlfriend, such as “Is she as hot as you?” Your client may become so obsessed with his fantasy of you and another woman he will forget his question about being attractive altogether.
  • Talk to your client about what you find attractive about men. Indicate that it’s not always physical appearances, but do explain what physical features really turn you on. Then go on to talk about personality traits and other aspects of a person that make you hot and bothered. It could be a sense of humor, gentleness, intelligence or compassion. Regardless of what the slough of traits you list that you find attractive, your client is likely to find something in the list that he thinks pertains to him. They should be able to determine from your list whether they fit the bill or not. Sometimes, it’s enough to throw clients off the trail, and they may even think you’ve mistakenly misunderstood their question, misinterpreting it to mean, “What do you find attractive?” If this is the case, that’s okay!
  • Ignore the question. Ignoring your client is not usually the best way to communicate with him, but when it comes to silly questions that are too personal, it may be an acceptable method of getting out of a tight situation. Pretend that you didn’t hear your client and move on to something else. But, you must move on to something else to distract him. Acting like you didn’t hear him and leaving him an opportunity to ask the question again immediately won’t work in your favor.
  • Tell him the truth. Maybe you do find your client wildly attractive. If that’s the case, let him know. Tell him you think he’s really hot. However, most clients won’t fit the “hot!” category. If he doesn’t trip your trigger, tell him that he’s not the type of you guy you usually fancy. But, follow up with the explanation that you like him anyways. Inform your client that he doesn’t have to be hot for you to have a good time with him and enjoy his company.
  • Explain to your client that as an escort you try to be immune to clients’ charms. Tell him that if you fell for every great grin or set of bedroom eyes who came through your incall door you would be in trouble and not able to be very professional. Tell him it’s for his own good that you don’t really consider your clients attractive. Joke with him that if you found him too attractive he might be in trouble: you could become a stalker and want him to divorce his wife!

Most clients who ask these kinds of questions are simply looking for reassurance that they are desirable or physically appealing in some manner. They may be in relationships where they don’t feel very confident. Giving your clients some self-assurance and a boost in self-esteem isn’t going to kill you or immediately turn your client into a stalker.

However, keep in mind that some clients will take the nice things you say to them too far. They are a bit twisted to start with, and they may read more into your innocent comments than you intend for them to. Keep track of your clients by checking up on their references and attempting to discover if there’s anything you should be weary of when engaging in encounters with a particular client. If you a client has stalked or become violent with another escort, call off all encounters with him and refuse to see him in the future, especially if you feel uncomfortable as he begins to ask more and more personal questions.

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Pet peeves escorts can try sorting out with clients

As an escort, you should expect to be irritated by the things your clients do. You must overlook many of these things if you want to keep them as clients. A client’s nasal voice is not something he can really change. Another’s annoying habit of snorting as he laughs is a trait, not modifiable behavior.

However, if a client’s behavior has a true negative effect on his escort, she should inform him how his behavior needs attention. She shouldn’t complain about his actions; she should explain to him how she’d like it to change and why. A client will respond more positively when an escort explains how he will be rewarded for changes, instead of receiving criticism or ultimatums.

The top 15 peeves that escorts may feel they should address with clients are:

  • Smoking: Smoking can yellow a person’s teeth and skin, along with leaving behind a strong odor. Kissing a smoker is like kissing an ash tray for a non-smoker. A client who smokes in your incall can stink up the place and will leave the scent on your clothes and other items laying around. All in all, an escort who doesn’t smoke must have quite a bit of tolerance when she has an encounter with a smoker, especially one who takes the liberty to smoke during a booking. However, beyond a client just being smelly from tobacco, an escort may be allergic to secondhand smoke. Affected by her allergies, an escort is not able to perform properly for days. It’s wise to inform your client that smoking during an encounter is prohibited. And, it’s common to ask a client to shower prior to any physical contact, especially in order to wash off the smell of cigarettes.
  • Shaving: While some women are really “into” facial hair, others are turned off by it. But, it’s not really an issue of liking someone’s beard or not. The client’s stubble may cause an escort with sensitive skin to break out in a rash that lasts for hours or days…all from too close of contact with whiskery skin. Escorts with sensitive skin should encourage (and insist) that their clients shave prior to encounters. Additionally, if clients have longer facial hair, they should keep it neatly trimmed and conditioned.
  • Dirty nails: Depending on a client’s profession, he may have the job hazard of having dirty nails. Engineers who work hands-on with mechanical operations, construction workers, electricians, automobile mechanics and other clients who do physical labor for a living may have dirty nails. While dirty nails may be thought to only be a hygiene issue, it can be more serious than that. A client who has dirty nails may spread germs and bacteria to an escort as he touches her most tender and private parts. Escorts should ask that any clients with excessively dirty nails to trim them and clean them with a nail brush before becoming intimate.
  • Overall bad hygiene: While overall bad hygiene may not be a health risk in and of itself, it can still present problems. Being unclean can cause body odor and unsightliness, which is an immediate turn-off for an escort. Escorts find it nearly impossible to become intimate with a client who looks or smells dirty. An escort should never find it questionable to ask a client to tend to his hygiene before she follows through with her services. The hygiene issue could be oral, dealing with the teeth or mouth; physical, focusing on overall cleanliness of the body; or head, relating to the hair or scalp. To combat this, most escorts make it their general policy to require that clients shower prior to an encounter.
  • Cursing: Many escorts curse or use foul language. But, they don’t do it with clients. Many escorts maintain a very clean way of speaking. However, clients don’t always do the same. They drop “F” bombs, call everyone a**holes and take god’s name in vain regularly. That doesn’t always set well with an escort who is attempting to promote some class and dignity. An escort should never be ashamed to request that a client cut the cussing and use reasonable substitutes as he talks to her. And, this goes double if a client is actually cursing at an escort.
  • Rudeness: Escorts are people, too, and do not deserve to be treated rudely, disrespectfully or without common courtesy. Many clients think that because they are paying for an escort’s time they can be jerks, because it is their right. However, this does not carry over to acceptable behavior. No escort has to tolerate a client who is rude or discourteous.
  • Drug use: Some escorts think recreational drug use is okay, as long as a client doesn’t get too carried away. However, this is the kind of thinking that has gotten more than one escort in trouble. Drug use is never okay during an encounter, and this policy should be enforced, as drug users may become aggressive or violent. If an escort discovers that her client is using drugs during an encounter (or has used directly before an encounter), she is justified in walking out on the spot.
  • Being late: When a client arrives late and expects to still receive a booking of a full hour, he is taking advantage of his escort. Arriving late, especially habitually, is a way of showing blatant disrespect for an escort. Escorts who have habitually late clients should feel free to only allow them the time she has booked for them, which includes the amount of time they were absent. It’s not the escort’s fault the client was late, and she shouldn’t be penalized.
  • Refuse to follow directions: Escorts give specific directions to clients for reasons, yet many clients fail to listen to an escort’s directions and choose to go against them. For instance, an escort may ask a client to park in the back, instead of the front, because the snow plow comes along at specific times. If a client fails to follow directions, his car may be buried under the snow. Other situations may involve discretion, privacy and other issues that should be important to the client, too. If clients do not follow instructions, escorts may consider refusing the bookings.
  • Too much contact: Some clients like their escorts too much and want to talk to them too often. Escorts should cut off all extraneous contact with clients like text messages, phone calls and emails “just because.” Escorts should inform clients that they are not their friends and that they have a business arrangement, not a romance.
  • Lack of discretion: Despite multiple warnings and tips, some clients are just dolts about being discreet. They fail to cover their tracks on computers or smart phones, brag to their buddies and leave evidence behind. Escorts should remind clients that they expect them to do all they can to be discreet and give them a crash course on what that means. If an escort determines that a client simply can’t be discreet, she should consider dropping him from her client list.
  • Boundary pushing: Clients who consistently push boundaries by asking for prohibited services, extra time or other things they know escorts don’t typically allow should be reminded that they are crossing lines of acceptability. Boundary pushers don’t often stop, and their coercion may get worse the longer an escort caters to their requests. Escorts should nip such behavior in the bud.
  • Last-minute appointments: Even though an escort specifies on her profile that she requires 24-hour notice for all bookings, clients often ignore this and try to book anyways. Escorts with clients who think they can ignore her policy about last-minute bookings should be willing to deny their requests. Unless an escort is really desperate for money, she shouldn’t be convinced to take sudden, spur of the moment bookings, even from her favorite clients. It causes an escort to be unable to make plans and solidify her schedule when she consistently takes last-minute bookings.
  • Using an escort’s personal items: Escorts often have personal items such as shower gels, towels and other things hidden away in their incall bathrooms. Clients who seek out these items and use them should be reminded that other products are available for their use out in the open. If a client persists in finding an escort’s hidden items, he should be strongly discouraged from using them in the future. Additionally, to avoid any future problems, an escort should simply remove her items from the bathroom when she knows the guilty party will be arriving for an encounter.
  • Leaving the bathroom (or any other room) a mess: Some men just don’t see messes the same way that women do. But, that doesn’t excuse them from leaving water puddles on the bathroom floor or powder all over the countertop. Clients who can’t clean up after themselves should be reminded that their escort is not their maid or their mother. Escorts could inspect the bathroom before a client leaves and insist that he do his part to clean up any messes. Escorts should also explain that it costs them time to clean messes up themselves or money to hire cleaners.
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How to keep escort booking methods consistent

In order to be a successful escort one must attract clients and book encounters with them. In turn, to be able to book encounters, an escort must have a consistent and reliable booking method he or she uses with clients. Many clients don’t end up booking with their first choice of escorts because they’ve have trouble reaching the escort.

Clients often have unreal expectations of escorts. They envision you waiting all day, every day, for their all-important phone call. They don’t anticipate that you have business to tend to (marketing, website design, client communications and accounting details), let alone that you might have a life like the rest of us, with grocery shopping, gym sessions, visits to the bank, etc.

They expect immediate replies to every request whenever they want to talk to you be it over the phone, email or text. In the best case scenario, they will want their date immediately, too.

It doesn’t work that way. It’s essential for you to make it prominent in your directory profile or on your website how you preferred to be contacted and when you are available for communication. By giving clients this information, you are helping to establish realistic expectations of you, which will help tremendously when time for the encounter actually arrives.

In order to set consistent booking methods, you must first determine which type of communication you like best and would prefer that clients use to contact you. Many escorts exclusively use phone calls as a method to book appointments with clients. They feel that by speaking with a prospective client it helps them to weed out timewasters and creeps, along with speeding up the booking process. However, some escorts choose to only use text messages or emails.

Determine when you want to communicate with clients. Unless you want to be glued to your phone or laptop 24/7, setting up a communication schedule will help you communicate with clients efficiently. If you don’t set up a scheduled time to communicate with clients, you may feel that you must instantly reply to every message or phone call you receive. If you have set aside a specific time daily to communicate with clients, any messages or phone calls can be returned during that time, which saves you from feeling tied to your e-gadgets all the time. You can choose the time that is most convenient for you. For instance, if you have children, choose a time for when they are at school or after they’ve gone to bed for the night. Maybe you want to only communicate with clients first thing in the morning, or the last thing in the evening. Regardless, set up a schedule for communication.

Inform your clients when you are available to communicate with them. Give them specific times. For instance, indicate in your profile that: “I am available to communicate with you daily from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.” List any times that work for you. If it’s different times on different days, list that information, too. However, try to avoid getting too complicated. Overcomplicating things can deter clients from attempting to get in touch with you. Simple directions work best:

Call me on weekdays from 8 a.m. to noon to book appointments. Thank you!

By informing clients, you are helping them to establish expectations that you can meet, which promises to make the entire process that much more rewarding and easy.

In addition to informing your clients when to communicate with you, tell them how. If you only communicate by phone calls, tell them that explicitly in your profile information. Indicate if you prefer emails or text messages. Some escorts even request that clients be discreet and refrain from using crass or sexually-charged language in their messages or communications.

Avoid encouraging your clients to communicate with you in ways other than how you prefer to be contacted. Don’t reward a client for texting you by texting him back, when you have specifically requested to be called. Respond to voicemails with text messages, if you prefer to text with clients initially. Many escorts use texting or email templates that reply to clients in such a way that encourages them to call them in order to ask more questions or book encounters. If you allow a client to continue to contact you by texting when you’ve requested phone calls, that’s all he will ever do. Stand your ground about how you prefer to be contacted.

Clients are teachable and learn easily… especially if they want to spend time with you.

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Escorts must keep appearances

High-end escorts are expected to keep up their appearances in order to appeal to clients and maintain a successful client list. While one can argue that it’s not one’s personal beauty that makes a woman special, it is imperative for an escort to maintain her appearance in order to continue to attract clients for a successful business. Men hire escorts many times based only on their attractiveness. Here are some tips of what to pay attention to when considering how to make the most of one’s appearance:

  1. Body size. An average man prefers average-sized women. However, “average-sized”, as anything average, does not exist: every person is different. It is safe to say, though, that most men consider “average-sized” to refer to a woman who is weight-height proportionate, has a definable waist, does not have a flabby belly, possesses shapely legs and sports a firm derriere. She has very little jiggle and no fat rolls. In other words, she is in shape. Other categories of escorts exist, including those who are model-thin types and the Big, Beautiful Women (BBW). To be considered BBW, a woman is usually a size 12 (or bigger). The other categories do not get as much mainstream business, generally. Most escorts advertise their measurements (chest, waist and hips) along with their breast size (cup size). Many escorts adjust their measurements slightly (even numbers look better in print), but the listed measurements should always be within a couple inches of the real measurements. Escorts almost always list their height information, too.
  2. Age. Most men are curious as to the age of the escort they are considering hiring. Never fake your age by many years; it just doesn’t pay off. The most popular escorts are between the ages of mid-20s to mid-30s. Men like a woman who has some experience, so being 20 years old is not a prerequisite for success in the high-end escort business.
  3. Hair. Men like to touch women’s hair. A woman’s hair should be colored well. No roots or crazy, off-the-wall colors. Your hair color should complement your complexion. Additionally, men prefer hairstyles they can touch without you objecting. A natural hairstyle with volume is recommended. Your hair should be shiny and soft to the touch. Also, most men who hire escorts are turned off by wigs or extensions. Wigs or hair extensions don’t indicate class; they may make a classy woman seem like a street prostitute or regular hooker.
  4. Breasts. Keep them real. Men like the feel and look of real breasts. Men usually accept if they sag a little or have stretch marks. Implants just don’t have the same feel for men; they usually prefer the real thing and can tell it from the implant right away. While some men do prefer largere breasts, it’s naturally large breasts that they admire, not a lump of foreign matter that distorts natural shapes and reduces dating from a real life experience to a cartoon. However, if you are still inclined to go the implant route, carefully research the topic and providers. Get a good surgeon, and never go above a C cup unless you’re planning to be a stripper or porn actress. Keep your breast augmentation proportionate to your body’s frame, in order to make them look realistic.
  5. Skin. Soft, silky skin is a natural APHRODISIAC. It’s important to keep your skin in top shape, so the secret to that is exfoliating and moisturizing. Pay attention to rough spots, like knees and elbows. Use lotions that make your skin feel silky, not oily. Always keep your hands soft and supple, too.
  6. Hands and feet. Keep your nails natural and unpolished. Nail polish chips and needs replacing often. Chipped nails look trashy. Keeping your nails buffed and natural will save you lots of time. Avoid applying artificial nails as they may make you look cheap and be confused with a stripper or street hooker. Don’t chew your nails and keep them looking nice at all times. You may choose to polish your toenails, but keep in mind that when they get chipped, they look bad, too.
  7. Hair removal. Keep your legs shaved and free of hair. One may choose to wax them, however the regrowth period often requires your legs to become prickly feeling, which no client is going to enjoy. Keep your bikini area groomed and maintained. This may mean getting a Brazilian wax (which is VERY popular currently). Other ways to maintain your bikini area is to shave or wax it, or to get laser treatments. Some women very successfully keep it neatly trimmed, as well. Wax or shave your underarms regularly. Most escorts have their upper lips waxed or threaded, even if they only have blonde hair on their faces. Eyebrows need to be neatly groomed, which may mean threading or waxing them regularly. However, be wary of any professional who grooms your eyebrows to the point of making them disappear. Healthy, full eyebrows are in style and frame your eyes. If you have extremely light eyebrows, you may want to color them to make them show up better.
  8. Teeth/breath. It’s important to maintain your dental health, not only for your career but also for your general health. If your teeth are not straight, you may benefit by investing in invisible braces. Bleach your teeth to get them as white as possible. You may opt to use over-the-counter bleach strips or pursue professional bleaching from your dentist. Always drink lots of water to help maintain good breath. Bad breath could cause an end to your escorting career. Nobody wants to spend time with an escort whose breath is intolerable.
  9. Perfume. Do not use it if you’re seeing married men. It may rub off on them, which can be detected by a wife or girlfriend. Instead of using perfume, layer your scents so you have a subtle suggestion of perfume without the strong effect of it. Use shower gel, lotion and a body spritz. Light florals or vanilla are good choices. Avoid using shampoos or deodorants with strong scents, too.
  10. Tattoo/piercings. If you’re attempting to work as a high-end escort, steer clear of getting inked. Escorts with no tattoos or piercings (other than a single piercing in their ears) often fare better in a highly competitive market of high-end escorts. Men tend to think women with not tattoos or piercings appear classier and more appropriate to take out in public for events and dates. If you have a tattoo, don’t panic. Just be sure to let your clients know you are inked. If it’s in a place that can be hidden with clothing, it may be a plus. Some clients find tattoos extremely sexy—as long as they are not obvious out in public.
  11. General. The most important thing is to keep yourself in shape, in style and dressed well. Take care of yourself, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and stay healthy. Looking healthy takes the place of all of the other tips and suggestions listed here.
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The impact of erectile dysfunction drugs on escort dates

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all claim to give men longer-lasting, more intense erections. However, these drugs are meant for men who have erectile dysfunction and find it difficult to obtain or sustain an erection, not for clients who want to get the most bang for the buck.

Erectile dysfunction drugs can completely change an encounter with an escort from an intimate, pleasant experience into a slamfest, without warning to the escort.

Millions of men take ED drugs recreationally jut to see what it’s like. Many of them think that taking it prior to showing up for an escort date is cool and will let them ride their dollars further. These clients often get a surprise when the escort leaves them high and dry, refusing to see them and their chemically-enhanced friend.

Using ED drugs prior to an appointment with an escort is much like athletes using performance-enhancing drugs. It’s unfair, inappropriate and hazardous, unless legally prescribed by a physician.

For escorts, it’s increasingly difficult to determine when a client is truly aroused. Part of the encounter is based on the natural arousal of a client. An escort takes her lead from her client’s breathing, heart rate and erection. However, if a client arrives standing tall, it’s difficult to gauge if he’s truly turned on or just affected by the pill.

Men are sometimes nervous about being able to perform when they meet an escort. Nervousness or stage fright is understandable, but popping a pill for recreation is something entirely different.

ED drugs often make it difficult, if not impossible, for a client to reach full orgasm, so the entire encounter is, in their eyes, futile

Reality is that instead of an intensified heaven the client ends up sore and raw—just as the escort. The client leaves dissatisfied, the escort is upset and tired and nobody is happy.

Men who take ED drugs without prescriptions are at risk for health problems, too. Men who take them illegally often obtain them illegally, too. Whether they are getting them the dealer down the street or an online pharmacy, there’s always a risk that the pills are not what they think they are. Impure or laced pills are often obtained unknowingly through illegal sources.

Additionally, men who have heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure complications or visual problems should never take ED drugs without their physician’s supervision. These conditions can be complicated by the use of ED drugs.

On top of that, men who are on many medications should check with a physician before taking any ED drug, as some medications can cause severe interactions.

ED drugs taken recreationally can cause dependence or reliance. Studies have proven that men who take ED drugs unnecessarily often find they become reliant on the drug to obtain or sustain an erection, which is not what most men’s aims are for the experience.

Finally, escorts and clients alike find that when ED drugs interfere with the normal encounter, it somehow takes meaning from the entire date. The session is based on ridding the client of his “situation” instead of on enjoying each other. Intimacy, affection and enjoyment fly out the window and are replaced by the need to orgasm, which is typically secondary for the real reasons men visit escorts.

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How to extend escort sessions? 12 creative tips

When you get a booking that is scheduled for three or four hours (or more!), it’s essential to arrive with a plan. Arriving for the appointment with the attitude of “whatever happens, happens” may be a recipe for disaster and leave both you and your client twiddling your thumbs without a plan of what to do next.

There are about as many things to do during extended escort sessions as there are clients to do them with. It’s just a matter of being creative and taking cues from your client.

The first thing to do when booking an extended encounter is to ask the client what he or she expects during the time you spend together. Sometimes, clients have very real, tangible expectations that will help you create the perfect encounter. If our client doesn’t have a plan in mind, consider what you know about your client. If your client is new, it was pretty brave of you to schedule an extended encounter for the first appointment, not knowing how you and he will click when you meet in person. It may be more difficult to plan ahead for a new client, but you should still make an effort. However, if your client is an established regular, you may be able to anticipate some of his desires for the extended encounter. Attempt to recall any activities your client especially liked or mentioned that he’d like to try someday. Try to implement these ideas during your visit with your client.

If you are simply out of ideas, think about trying one (or more) of these things with your client:

  1. Conversation: Talk to your client about their day, week, year. Don’t probe or ask questions that may make him or her uncomfortable. However, if your client brings up a subject, don’t be afraid to ask questions or discuss the topic with him, even if the topic is his wife, family or other life issues. If your client is a new one, try to get to know one another. Ask him about his favorite things to do, work, hobbies, childhood, etc. Ask him about the last movie he saw or the last book he read. Catch up with a regular client, learning what’s new since the last time you both saw each other. The conversation shouldn’t take up the entire encounter, but it can help to set the stage for a good appointment, along with killing a little bit of time.
  2. Refreshments: If you’re doing an incall, offer your client a glass of wine (or two) or a beer, yet make sure that you don’t have enough alcohol to allow your client to become drunk. (A drunk client can be a problem client.) Also, be careful to not provide your client with alcohol if they will be driving. If you don’t want to provide alcohol at all to your clients, offer them soft drinks, water or tea. A refreshment before things get hot and heavy means a few minutes taken up, which can help to break up an extended session. Also, if it seems appropriate, you can offer a refreshment half way through your date, especially if hydration may be an issue after rigorous activity.
  3. Massage: Ask your client if they would like a massage. Learn to give a good, real, therapeutic massage where muscles are loosened and tension is released through deep tissue manipulation. A good massage can last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes and up. Don’t offer to give a real massage unless you’re actually pretty decent at it. After you’re done giving an actual massage to your client, you can engage in a sensual massage where things begin to get more intimate. Keep in mind that if your client wanted a massage, though, they could have gotten in at a spa or massage parlor. Your massage must be an appetizer, not the main course.
  4. Fashion show: Model your best lingerie for your client in a mini-fashion show. Tease him from behind the bathroom door as you change your clothes, and give him an eyeful each and every time you come out with a new outfit on. Most men like to look AND touch, so make yourself available for him to inspect the “goods” up close.
  5. Foreplay: Extend the amount of time it takes for your client to climax by engaging in extended foreplay. When you can tell your client is close to orgasm, slow down the teasing and bring him back to reality… then begin the process over again. Some clients love this, others do not. Make sure your client is into this before doing it over and over.
  6. Dinner/snack: During an extended encounter, there is usually some time for some grub. You can even use the excuse that the two of you need to refuel to build up more energy for the rest of the session. If you’re at a hotel, suggest room service — it can be champagne and strawberries or macaroni and cheese or a steak dinner… whatever you and your client agree upon. It helps to break up the encounter and set the mood for more fun. Also, keep in mind that eating can be sexy. Feed each other to intensify the experience. Or, better yet, blindfold him and feed him, making him guess what you’ve just fed him. Fruit trays work great for this activity.
  7. Striptease: Perform a striptease for your client. However, he may tell you he can go to any strip joint in town to get this kind of entertainment. But, reassure him that he’s going to have a lot more fun with this kind of a striptease than he would even in the VIP room at the swankiest (or skankiest) club in town.
  8. Shower/Bath: Take a bath or shower with your client. This can occur at the beginning of your encounter or toward the middle point. A shower may ruin your hair, but a bath may let you keep your hair and make-up intact. A bath with scented candles, oil and sexy music may be the perfect mood setter for the rest of the appointment. The bath can be sensual or it can be simply relaxing. Most men adore having their hair and back washed gently by a woman… so a bath can be a great experience for your client.
  9. Cuddle: This is good only if your client is into the Girlfriend Experience dates. Snuggle time with a client can help them feel appreciated and wanted.
  10. Role play: Get out that police costume or schoolgirl garb and prepare to engage in some major role play action with your client. Even though the story always ends the same way, the role playing up to the main story line can be entertaining and can help to eat up some time during your encounter. Also, clients love this kind of thing. Ask him about his deepest fantasy and attempt to reenact it with him.
  11. Tie them up: Some clients have never experienced this type of activity with anyone. Tie up your client and tease him or engage in some degree of intimacy with him. Make sure you have a “safe word” established for when/if your client wants the end the game. Use soft scarves or other ties for his hands, and blindfold him, too.
  12. Porn: Watch an adult video with your client. This can be at the beginning to get things rolling, or it can be toward the middle of your encounter as things have slowed down a little. Either way, a porn flick is apt to get things moving, again, if your client is into this type of video.

ALWAYS ask your client if you have any doubts about any of these activities during your encounter with him or her. You never want to offend a client due to making assumptions or guesses. Your client’s encounter with you should be what he wants it to be… not what you want to do during the time with him. Additionally, if your client has any other ideas, make sure you consider them. After all, they are the customer and the customer is almost always right.

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5 more reasons escorts should accept credit cards

In the age of digital money, it makes even more sense for escorts to accept credit card payments for sessions they book. Whether their clients pay for their appointments online or in person, several advantages make credit card acceptance nearly a no-brainer for high-end escorts who wish to cater to well-to-do clients. Here are five more reasons why escorts should accept credit card payments:

  1. You can help your clients earn additional money-back points, airline miles, fuel credits or other incentives from their credit card loyalty programs. Who hasn’t heard of an executive who takes his family to the Bahamas every year with his accumulated airline miles from his credit card? Well, that executive may very likely be your client. And, if you can help in earning points, credits or whatever, he may be more appreciative. Additionally, it’s one more incentive you can give your clients for booking with you instead of with your competition.
  2. Credit cards are the preferred payment method for many people, including your clients. So few people actually carry cash anymore; they depend on their debit or credit cards getting them by wherever they go. Places that used to never accept credit cards are beginning to take them like they’ve been doing it forever, such as sporting event concession stands, your lawyer and your neighbor’s plumber. Because most people live in the digital age where their money is always accessible with plastic, it is important to provide your clients with their preferred payment method. If they feel that working with you is convenient and easy for them, they are much more likely to become returning, regular clients.
  3. Clients tend to spend more freely when they use credit cards. Because they don’t physically see the hundred dollar bills slipping through their fingers, clients may be more apt to tack on an additional hour to the booking when scheduling their time with you. They may be more apt to casually add on a generous tip. Also, some prospective clients may be more willing to impulsively schedule a date with you by using their credit cards, much like people engage in impulse spending. As long as you are getting paid and the client leaves happy, make the most of whatever it is that gets your client to your doorstep.
  4. Your competitors are accepting credit cards already. As you peruse other escort’s websites or profiles, you may notice they have capacities to accept credit cards and are currently encouraging their clients to use them. If you haven’t gotten started on the process, you are behind! You may lose clients to other escorts who are “with the times” and using current, up-to-date methods of fee collection. You don’t want to be left behind. By being unwilling to accept credit card payments you may be turning away potentially great clients and allowing them to become friendly with other escorts.
  5. Credit card payments are not counterfeit. Some escorts have been burned with counterfeit hundred dollar bills. Escorts are not expected to be currency specialists and don’t always know the fine details, watermarks, colors and holograms that ensure paper money is real. Counterfeiters are getting more and more high-tech and creating better and better products. But, when you accept credit cards, you don’t have to worry about whether the money you are getting is “funny money” or genuine bills. The Benjamins spend the same way, regardless of whether they came from your client’s credit card account or directly from his wallet. Eliminate that concern when dealing with clients.
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7 reasons why escorting is addictive

Anything can be addictive. Chewing gum, checking your Facebook, jogging daily or tapping your fingers. Anything you become accustomed to doing easily becomes a habit

, especially if it’s something you do regularly at the same time of day or in similar instances.

Escorting is much like a habit. It entails many specific behaviors that you become accustomed to. And those behaviors can become addictive. Many escorts have reported that when they stop escorting, they feel like they have lost an old friend or are quitting some other habit, such as smoking or caffeinated beverages. Escorting is truly addictive to many involved in the industry. But why? Here are the top seven reasons escorting is addictive:

  1. Routines: Escorting involves many routines that become a part of your daily life. As an escort who is conscientious about your business, you likely check your emails, phone calls and messages at least once per day, usually at the same time of day. While you’re doing that, you may tweak your profile a little bit and work on your marketing. This is all very habit-forming. Doing something daily at the same time of day leaves your brain expecting these same behaviors regularly. This becomes your routine, and you may find it difficult if you try to break that routine. Escorts who take a vacation report that they have difficulties “turning off” their minds when it comes to their regular daily time to communicate with clients.
  2. Adrenaline rush you get when meeting new people: Some people are simply “people persons.” As an escort, you must be good with people and have that innate ability to make friends easily and quickly. Each time you prepare to meet a new client, you may get a slight adrenaline rush, anticipating the meeting and how it will go. That adrenaline rush is quite like feeling high momentarily. It’s a good feeling that you want to do again and again, especially when your encounters go well.
  3. Self-employment is hard to beat: Making your own schedule, answering to nobody besides yourself and making your own work budget are reasons that many people like being self-employed, escorts included. Escorts set their own schedules and have some control over when they choose to see clients throughout a day and how often they choose to see them weekly. You get to create your own marketing plan and run your business and service the way you want to. You set your own rates and do things your way. Going back to an 8-5 job after working for yourself is often problematic for many people, including escorts, because they have difficulties transitioning to a structured work environment where they answer to a boss, supervisor or manager.
  4. Risk + reward = Addiction: Psychologists from long ago identified the Risk, Reward and Addiction Theory, and it applies to escorting, as well as many other behaviors. For instance, in any normal scenario where you meet up with a new client for an encounter, you realize that you are taking a risk. Meeting some complete stranger in private and engaging in intimate acts with him or her is a risk. Your safety, money and health are at risk. Immediately after meeting your client, you get a reward (your fee). This combination of being rewarded for risky behavior creates addictions. It’s adrenaline. It’s a rush. It feels good. It’s satisfying. Consider gamblers, stock market traders and athletes. They all engage in risky, possibly destructive, behaviors all for a big pay-off in the end. Good rewards keep them coming back for more. For that matter, even the hopes of a good pay-off keep them trying the pattern over and over.
  5. Money: The money in the high-end escort industry is terrific. There’s not debating that concept. Making 10 times or more per hour than you would in a traditional job is definitely a draw for escorts. Additionally, once you become accustomed to the income you receive as an escort, it’s challenging to scale back your budget to include income that is a bit more realistic. You are used to having extra money for this or that, and it’s nice to have money in savings. It’s hard to give the money up — especially when you can make it so quickly while doing something you enjoy.
  6. Ego boost: As an escort, you may get regular comments from your clients. They tell you that you are beautiful, sexy, sultry… the whole nine yards. The compliments really make you feel like you’ve “got it going on!” That positive affirmation can give you high just like other positive experiences can. You become used to clients making you feel good about yourself… and that is a good feeling. To think about giving that up may make you feel unappreciated and undesirable, especially if the people in your “regular” life don’t stroke your ego like that.
  7. Sex: The sex is good. As an escort, you may have a lot of sex. Sex with strangers, steamy shower sex, hot sex with your high heels on or just simply sex with a lot of desire. It’s fun, playful and different with each client. If you were to give up escorting, you might be stuck with plain, old sex with your partner. (Not to say that sex with your partner is boring or bad — but it may not be as exciting regularly as having sex with a stranger.) Sex in relationships happens once to three times per week as a norm. If you’re accustomed to having sex twice a day daily, it may seem odd to back off to the once-per-week kind. And, it’s a proven fact that some people really have sex addictions. It can be difficult to consider backing away from escorting if you really love the sex that much.

As an escort, you may truly love your job. Most people find that when they quit or leave a job (any job), they have many things they miss about it, and some of them are a little addictive. There are certainly many addictive activities you engage in as an escort.

If you find yourself taking a break from escorting in order to recharge your batteries and start fresh, try to fill any voids in your life associated with escorting with activities that keep you busy. Yoga, jogging, meditation, reading, hobbies, volunteering or other activities can keep you busy and your mind off the things you miss about your escorting career.

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