13 precious lessons taught by a negative provider review

You try your very best with each client to give him the very best encounter his money can buy. You may painstakingly plan out details of your trysts, prepare special props and pull out all of the stops. However, there are times that your efforts are not fully appreciated or may even receive criticism.
Your reactions and recovery from less-than-stellar reviews are direct indicators of the caliber of escort you are and what you have the potential to become. Use these tips to help put it all into perspective and come back from a negative client review:

  1. Admit that we are all human, we all make mistakes. Even though you may pride yourself on being as perfect as possible, especially with clients, escorts may screw up or commit faux pas without evening realizing it. You may have truly offended a client with your actions or an off-handed statement, when you certainly didn’t mean to. And, as is true for yourself, your clients are guilty of being imperfect, too. His review of your joint activities may be a simple mistake or an error in judgment. It’s possible that a client will accidentally tag the wrong escort in his review, especially if he contacted several prior to setting up an encounter. If you’ve done something wrong and caused a less-than-favorable review, face up to it. If a client has reported falsely about you, don’t get all out of whack about it. Mistakes happen.
  2. Acknowledge that some criticism may actually point out areas of your performance that need attention. Again, per the first point, you are not perfect. Despite your best efforts, your manner with clients may be at a level that can be improved upon. For instance, if you showed up late to your encounter, you need to work on your punctuality or scheduling abilities. If it was difficult to communicate with your client, be accountable and determine that your conversation skills need enhanced so that you can talk to a client, despite any issues that make a discussion challenging. If your client criticized your intimacy skills, consider that you should get a little practice with a trusted partner or loyal client — and, initiate honest input about what you’re doing wrong and right. Accept this negative review as an opportunity to better yourself and expand your abilities to a higher professional level.
  3. Resist the urge to insult the reviewer. Your initial response will probably be to lash out at the client who expressed such little appreciation for your services. But, posting a scathing, negative reply to your client will only make you look bad. Even if he was a complete jerk during the entire encounter and his review is full of lies, do not retaliate by attempting to make the client look bad. Posting degrading and personal attacks about the client only cause you to appear bitter and unsophisticated. Find other methods to vent your anger or disappointment. And, block this client from your client list for good. Even though you wouldn’t think this would be necessary, you’d be surprised how many clients will leave unfavorable reviews and then attempt to book another encounter. If your client does attempt to contact you after his negative comments, you have every right to question him about the review. But, refrain from using insulting or hurtful language.
  4. Appreciate the additional perspective that the reviewer provides, even if you don’t initially agree with it. It’s easy to only the view the world one way. Getting stuck inside your own bubble where you don’t look at things from other ways is something everyone is guilty of. But, when a client offers a critique of your services, it gives you a chance to analyze what he’s said about what you and compare it against the service you actually deliver. Despite the fact that you think you are giving spectacular bookings, it may be that clients don’t actually enjoy themselves as much as you assume they do. Getting a review that provides constructive criticism may give you a chance to better yourself and examine areas of your services that need some revamping. Perhaps, you’ve gotten a little stale with your greeting… or maybe a little lax with your communication efforts. Whatever it is, the review may be a wake-up call that can help you improve your bookings. These reviews that cause you to take a closer look at what kind of encounters you are giving clients may be extremely helpful to your career.
  5. Extract the positives from the situation. Even though it may seem extremely bad at the time, you may actually learn some good things from the bad reviews. Firstly, it may be a chance to legitimately block or remove obnoxious clients from your list. If a client has been a pain for a long time but hasn’t really done anything wrong, it’s hard to find an excuse to strike him from your contact list. However, if he leaves a bad review, it’s easy to cut him off. Additionally, it’s a chance to glean good information from the review. Most clients won’t leave only hurtful comments in a genuine review. They will often point out good things about the escort, too. Focus on compliments about your appearance, your scheduling style or the way in which you made your client feel, if he mentions any of these things. Comments about your incall, the guidelines you use or other elements of your business can also give you good insight about things you are doing right. Forgetting to look for the good comments is easy to do, so don’t lose sight that your client didn’t think the entire encounter was a bad experience.
  6. Rein in your emotional response to a negative review. It’s very easy to react personally to the unfavorable comments that your clients leave online about you. After all, you share incredibly intimate moments with each of them. Their criticism feels like a direct, personal attack. However, you have to remember to be professional. You are running a business and your services are part of that, regardless of how personal it feels. Instead of taking offense to a client’s comments, react analytically and try to objectively determine whether his review is accurate and fair. When you read the criticism with a clear head and compare it to your perspective of the encounter, you may still feel that your client is wrong… but, it won’t hurt your feelings. Your client isn’t attacking you with his post: he doesn’t even know who you really are. He is leaving a review for the persona you take on as an escort. His comments are about the booking he paid for. It’s not anything about you personally or an affront to your character. The only way it becomes personal is if you allow it to.
  7. Ignore the entire review. Once in a while, a client will leave ridiculous feedback. He may make crazy suggestions about how you should change the decor in your incall or that he didn’t like your red lace bralette. Nitpicky comments should just be ignored; don’t allow them to get the best of you. Additionally, any review that is full of untruths is not worth worrying about. If a client complains that you were late (and you were, actually, five minutes early), or that you looked at your watch the whole time (when you don’t even wear one) or that your long, brown hair got in the way (when you have a blonde pixie cut) — don’t even waste your time getting upset over this review. Your client, obviously, is just looking for attention and may be trying to get you to respond. Don’t take the bait. Just ignoring the criticism is the best way to avoid becoming upset and angry. Check this client off your list and block him from future bookings.
  8. Contest the review with the website administrator. If you know that the entire review is false or full of lies, consider refuting it by contacting the site admin. Provide as many reliable details as you can that discount the review the client left about you. If you have any documentation (like text message or email transcripts), provide them to the admin if it helps prove your case. Most admins don’t want false reviews on their sites; they desire credibility among the client and escort community. As you approach the admin, make sure you deliver your request in a professional, calm manner. Do not make snide remarks about the client or act out in a crazy fashion. Yes, you are probably furious about the situation. And, yes, you have every right to be when your name is slandered. However, it’s not the admin’s fault and you make a much stronger case for yourself when you act rationally. Show some class throughout the situation, as you work to have the review removed.
  9. Contact the reviewer and ask for an explanation. This probably isn’t the best course of action for all situations. But, if you know the client well and have been booking his encounters for some amount of time, you deserve to know what went wrong to cause his negative comments. Avoid being confrontational or snotty when you bring up the conversation. Tell your client that you had no idea that he had been displeased with the booking. Apologize for anything that went wrong. And, ask him to explain the situation as he saw it. Draw him out and encourage him to talk about what he felt warranted his criticism. During your conversation with him, be sure to fully listen to his comments. Don’t just hear what you want to hear. Listen and ask questions. Attempt to get to the root of the problem and offer a solution, if one is available. After discussing the situation with him, you still don’t fully understand what went wrong, it may be time to end the relationship with this particular client. If, during the midst of the conversation, communication is difficult or you feel yourself using accusatory language, end it. The goal of the explanation is not to accuse your client of wrongdoing, but to get to the bottom of the issue.
  10. Prepare for extra business. Reviews, even bad ones, can draw attention to your profile on escort directory sites. When your name and picture are brought forward in front of the members of the site, it’s very common that more traffic will be directed toward your profile. Some will check you out, only out of curiosity. If they like what they see, these nosey clients will contact you to schedule a booking, despite the negative review. They are willing to take a chance, if they like what they see. The attention brought about by the negative feedback may actually create a business boon for you. Ramp up your profile, add more pictures to your photo gallery and get ready to communicate with more prospective clients. However, be ready to deal with a lot of timewasters, too. Just because more clients will be contacting you, it doesn’t mean that they will all be legit clients. Get your screening tools ready and pay attention to your instincts as you vet clients for bookings.
  11. Be ready to explain yourself to future prospects. Just as you should expect more inquiries about your escort services, you should also anticipate having to provide explanations about the negative review. Clients may ask specific questions about what they read about you. Everything from your appearance to your guidelines may be queried about. Potential clients want to know what to expect when they book an encounter with you. If you’ve had bad reviews, they want to make sure that the situation is resolved and they won’t experience the same issue with you. Don’t insult the client who provided the negative feedback. And, don’t act defensive when they ask questions. They are paying their hard-earned money for time with you; they deserve to feel confident about the encounter.
  12. Encourage your loyal clients to provide positive feedback on your behalf. A negative review can really knock your rating and cause you to feel that potential clients won’t consider you. Positive comments will go a long way to offset the bad ones. Talk to your loyal clients about the situation and ask if they would be willing to leave nice reviews about their experiences with you. Do not pressure them. Do not offer free or discounted services. Just simply mention the issue and explain how much it would mean to you if they’d be willing to help you out. Most will be happy to do so. But, you shouldn’t feel insulted if one isn’t comfortable with leaving a review.
  13. Do not allow a bad review to damage your performance. Criticism can really be a downer. It’s natural to be in a bad mood when you get feedback that suggests your services are not up to par. However, allowing it to get to you will only worsen your abilities to provide good encounters to clients. Getting down on yourself or lashing out at clients will seriously impact how you interact during bookings. Even if you feel the review is truthful, do not think badly of yourself or your skills. Many clients fully appreciate your abilities and the companionship you provide. Focus on that, instead of letting the feedback influence your outcomes.

A review is just an opinion. One single review will not make or break your escorting career. However, if you notice that the majority of your reviews lean toward the negative nature, it may be time to overhaul your efforts and business practices, altogether.

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