11 life inconveniences for escorts to plan around

Life happens and, despite your best efforts, it interferes with your escorting schedule and lifestyle frequently. Regardless of your efforts to avoid scheduling disasters, you will find yourself in a bind and unable to follow through with encounters, as planned. But being prepared and thinking about situations ahead of time will save you from full-on disasters:

  1. Service calls may take a full day from your escorting schedule. If you visit with clients from the privacy of your own incall, there may be times that your schedule is hindered. Escorts who spend much extra time at their incalls may want to have cable or satellite installed so they can watch television while they wait on clients or get ready for upcoming encounters. But, everyone who’s ever had cable or satellite understands that the installation techs may arrive anywhere around a four-hour block of time. The home office may tell you that an installer may arrive between noon and 4 p.m. And, usually, you sit around waiting until nearly 4 p.m. for the tech to arrive… and, then you have to wait another hour or more while he gets everything done for your installation. The same goes for repairs to any major appliance or your heating/air unit. Service technicians may not arrive when you expect them to, and then you must wait for them to do their jobs. They are often never on time (and never early!) and the time to get the work done is never as short as quoted. If you have any kind of service tech scheduled to do work at your incall, you might as well figure that the time slot is not available for clients at all. And, because you are required to be present to let the service tech into your incall, you are not available for outcalls, either, during this block of time.
  2. Delivery of major items to your incall may interrupt your schedule for clients. Updating your incall, especially if it’s your personal residence, is essential to providing a modern, comfortable place for your clients to come for entertainment. And, even if you don’t allow your clients to go into your kitchen, having a good working refrigerator or stove are necessities for you as you spend a lot of time there, waiting for clients. You may need to have new appliances delivered, and the timeframe for them to arrive may be a broad one. Additionally, you may need new furniture, such as a new bed or couch to make your incall complete. The person dispatching the deliveries may not have a clear plan about when the items will actually be at your door, so you may be left waiting for a considerable amount of time, unable to see clients during this time. Don’t schedule clients around or during this timeframe, because it would be terribly inconvenient to have to stop an encounter to have a new television set up or swap out your bed. Additionally, it directly interferes with the discretion you offer your clients. If you are planning any kind of delivery, it’s best to keep your clients clear of your incall. And—some deliveries through UPS or the U.S. Post Office require your signature. Try to plan around these, too, as you don’t want to be pulled away from a client by your mailman.
  3. Breakdowns will cause problems with your schedule. Inevitably, things quit working and need fixed. It could be anything from your plumbing to your car, but it’s going to cause a major kink in your plans. When you work mainly from your incall, any kind of plumbing issue that involves major water leaks, a clogged toilet or drain problems may shut down your ability to see clients. (They need to be able to use your bathroom and shower, without having issues, so until things are fixed, your place is off limits.) Additionally, having a car with major malfunctions may interfere with your ability to travel to outcalls, especially if public transportation or taxis aren’t available or prevalent in your area. Furthermore, your clients may be hindered in their abilities to keep appointments with you if they’re experiencing issues with breakdowns. Car problems may make it impossible to arrive at your incall, especially if the problem arises as they are enroute. You may have to be flexible as issues arise. Life is never perfect. But, you can help lessen the impact of such issues if you don’t schedule yourself so tightly that there isn’t room for improvisation.
  4. Repairs to your incall or other possessions may result in time away from your escorting schedule. Just like in the point previously, things break down, which can cause major inconveniences while you’re waiting for them to be repaired. But, the actual renovations or fixing process may result in conflicts with your escorting plans. For instance, if your incall needs a new roof or you’re getting your place painted (for updating and cosmetic purposes), you’re going to need to keep clients away while contractors are in place. It’s not discreet for either you or your clients to have a steady flow of traffic in and out of your place. Additionally, the noise and smells associated with renovations may not be conducive to romance for your bookings. Some repairs, such as for plumbing or electrical issues, may require contractors to be in various parts of your incall, which hinders discretion, even more. There is just no way to bring clients to your incall when you have repairs or renovations being done. One way to circumvent missing out on escort work during this time is to simply go to outcalls, unless you have to be present to let the contractors in or feel you have to supervise their work.
  5. Traffic issues may prevent or delay you from scheduled bookings. Sometimes, things (like traffic) just aren’t on your side. But, being late for an outcall encounter because of traffic is not excusable. When you know that you are going to be hitting rush hour traffic to get to a booking, make sure you leave early. Or, attempt to avoid rush hour when you’re setting up appointments with clients. If you’re traveling to a location you’re unfamiliar with, check the route out ahead of time. Find out if any construction work will prevent you from arriving to see your client at the assigned time. It’s your responsibility to get there punctually–and traffic or construction is not a justifiable reason to be tardy. You must plan around it. With that being said, sometimes things happen that you can’t control. If a major wreck on the freeway cause an unpredictable traffic jam, you’re going to have to contact your client to warn him you’re stuck. And, you must know, some clients will use traffic as a reason they ran late to see you at your incall. It depends on if they use this excuse repeatedly, whether you should excuse their late arrival or not.
  6. Illness can be a problem. Escorts get sick, just like anyone else. And, it’s up to you to determine if you’re too ill or contagious to see clients. If you’re just going to spread around your flu bug to them, stay away. They are successful and busy professionals in their “other” lives, and they don’t need to miss out on work and life because of the flu they caught from their escort. You’re going to have to cancel bookings and reschedule when you feel better. Additionally, clients don’t like to be sneezed all over and may not find you nearly as attractive with allergy eyes and a dripping, red nose. You may have to make the decision to delay bookings until you get your symptoms under control. Conversely, if a client calls and asks about keeping a booking even though he’s sick, encourage him to stay home. You don’t need his cold…especially if it may keep you from working in the future. One encounter isn’t worth losing five more, because YOU’RE too sick to work.
  7. The weather may cramp your style. Major thunderstorms, snow storms, blizzards or other weather-related issues may make it difficult to get to your clients if you’re traveling for outcalls. It’s beneficial to pay attention to the weather forecast as an escort. That way you have an idea about how to dress appropriately for the day/evening before you head out. And, you know what to expect in the upcoming week as you book encounters. For instance, if you know it’s supposed to be stormy on Wednesday, you may want to attempt to book clients to your incall on that day, instead of having to travel out and about in rain or other storm-related conditions. Or, you may just decide that the stormy day will be your day off, so nobody has to travel in it. Sometimes, though, the weather may halt all of your plans, altogether. When the roads are bad, nothing has been cleared or visibility is zero during a snow storm, it’s not wise for you OR your clients to be out in the weather. No encounter is worth risking you or your clients’ lives for. Encounters during bad weather may need to be rescheduled for a later date.
  8. Unexpected visitors or plans may derail your escort schedule. When you use your residence as your incall, it’s very possible that family members or friends may stop by unexpectedly. When these guests arrive, you could be in the middle of a booking and have to find a way to get rid of your client discreetly. Or, you may have to turn your loved one away, using the excuse that you’re prepping to head out the door, yourself. If visitors arrive without warning prior to a booked encounter, you may be able to call your client and cancel or reschedule. You must find a way to avoid the client and your friend/family member from meeting face to face at your incall. If you’re dating someone or involved in a relationship, you may have to alter escort plans to accommodate surprise activities that your partner has planned for you.
  9. Hotel issues may cause you problems if you’re using a suite as an incall. Once in awhile, a hotel has a booking error and won’t have your room ready at the assigned time. Or, they may not have a room/suite available for you at all. When this occurs, you have to think quickly and take any alternative arrangements they can offer or move to a nearby hotel, getting in touch with your client to change locations. Sometimes, when you arrive at a hotel, you realize that they are undergoing extensive renovations or construction, which may not create an environment of upscale sophistication, like you desire. And, construction to the area of the hotel you are in increases the number of workers on your floor—hindering the discretion you can offer your client and that you enjoy, yourself. Other room problems, like a faulty heater or cold water in the shower can also dampen the atmosphere and pleasure for your client. If you notice problems, work quickly to get them resolved before your client is scheduled to arrive.
  10. Prepare for your encounters ahead of time. While many of these inconveniences may be out of your control, they are able to be dealt with or worked around when you’re prepared, otherwise. Make sure you’ve planned ahead for your clients, gathering all of the items you need and having them ready to roll when it’s time to head out the door. Don’t leave all preparations for the last minute. Get dressed, do your makeup and hair and tie up all loose ends before it’s the very last minute to leave. When you’re ready ahead of time, you can use those last moments and extra time to deal with unexpected circumstances as they arise. If you are doing all preparation at the last minute, you won’t have time to work out last minute details to fix inconveniences or problems.
  11. Avoid scheduling your encounters too tightly around your life. When you only leave yourself a few minutes to pull everything together prior to getting to an encounter, you’re asking for trouble. It’s usually when you have no time to be flexible that real problems arise. As an example, if you schedule your first encounter of the day for 20 minutes after you drop your daughter off at school, you’re cutting things a little short if you have car trouble, your daughter’s teacher needs to speak with you or if you have any other errands you need to run. And, if you forget something for your daughter and have to return home for it, you’re completely out of luck at getting back to your incall in time for your client. Allow plenty of time between bookings and your life’s events so that you have breathing room… and space for anything unexpected to occur. Plus, it gives you cushion to relax a little, unwind and mentally transform into your escort persona.
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