Back to school: College escorting 101

As summer winds down the great migration of college students all over North America is beginning. Bags are packed, computer stowed and, yikes, tuition fees paid. And in cities and towns all across America little ads begin to appear.
by Hannah Jay
“College girl seeking company.” “A GFA with a college girl next door”; yes, many of the girls advertising have not been within a thousand yards of a campus in years. However, more than a few girls work as escorts to put themselves through college or just to have a bit of spending money.
Whether it is retail escorting, being kept as a mistress or occasionally going on a “paying date” college girls know that there is a real market for their companionship. How they approach this market while keeping up with their course work is an interesting balancing act. I spoke to three girls in three very different situations.

Annie is a twenty five year old graduate student at a university on the Eastern seaboard. “I’m a little older than the typical college girl escort. I love university and I love doing advanced work in history. I suppose, eventually, I’ll get a “real job” but right now I like going to my seminars and writing my papers. What I didn’t like when I was an undergraduate was constantly being broke.
As an undergraduate the escorting thing was not really an option because I was in a really small college town a long way from the anonymity of the city. But I certainly looked at the possibility. So, when I was accepted into the graduate program I am in I very deliberately tested the escorting waters in the city the university was in.
Even before I moved to the city I was researching – PhD candidates are very good at researching – the business in that city. Based on my research I spotted what I thought would be a comfortable, up market, niche. The city is a fairly serious financial center and there are a lot of men travelling into town.
I was very deliberate. I wanted a certain sort of client. Older, well off, very safe. I read a lot about the business. Everything from advertising to protecting myself legally to how various girls organized their business. I didn’t need to make a fortune escorting. Just enough to cover a nice apartment and have a few treats. I had a fellowship which covered my tuition so it was just my living expenses I was worried about.
I wanted to keep my privacy. I had a nice apartment but in a small building and even a few different men arriving would have been suspicious. Obviously I didn’t want my fellow grad students or profs figuring out that I was escorting. Easy enough. I bought a dedicated smart phone which was switched off during the time I was on campus. I could check texts, emails and messages discretely but I usually did not return the calls until I had lunch, off campus, and again on my way home. Of course, one of the pleasures of graduate student life is that I only had classes two days a week. For extra privacy, I never went directly from campus to a date so my peers never saw my escort look.
I paid attention to that “look”. I wanted to have a polished, professional style even though I was planning on advertising as a student. Because I knew the gentlemen I was targeting would be older professionals and there was no way I could see them in the grad student uniform of jeans and a top or even a peasant dress. Again, I did my research and with a little money I had saved found a couple of smart pencil skirts and professional grade white cotton shirts. A couple of jackets and I looked like the sort of up and coming girl who drops off papers to business executives at odd hours of the evening. Now, underneath, and in my very demure advertising pictures, I was all about lacy bras and pretty stockings: but on the outside I was all business. I had professional pictures done on a “Time for Prints”, in this case a CD, basis. Sexy, but a very long way from slutty. And my face never showed. Neither did anything more provocative that the outline of a nipple.
I wanted to see businessmen from out of town in good hotels. So that is exactly what I advertised for. “Attractive, intelligent, graduate student seeking evening conversations with discrete, older businessmen. Executive hotels only. Expensive but worth every penny. I never watch the clock. Dinner? Of course. Email preferred.” I put that ad up on a couple of the more exclusive escort advertising sites. And then I waited.
I didn’t have to wait long.
At my rates I needed two dates a week to do well, three to have plenty of treats. The day I put my ad up I had six emails, three realistic and booked two dates. The next day I had nine, five realistic and booked three more dates.
I was not the least bit nervous about my first “escort” date. I treated it like any other date. I met my client for a drink in the lobby of his hotel and, when we hit it off – which we did as he was a rather nice, if slightly balding, guy – we went up to his room. I always carry what is known as a lawyer’s bag on my dates. It is a really big leather brief case, about three times as thick as a regular brief case. In it I have everything from sexier heels to condoms to candles to unscented shower gel. A couple of toys, a riding crop and a little Bluetooth speaker for my smartphone. It is a great prop. What escort is going to carry that around. Well I do. And it serves me well.
From that date forward I have been booked two or three evenings a week. As I say in my ad, I don’t watch the clock but on average, from drinks to taxi home is about two and a half hours. Dinner adds, at most an hour unless I am having a great time in which case, who cares.
On average I am making a little over $5000 a month. For a very part time commitment with no serious expenses I am pretty happy with that. I bank two thousand and keep the rest in cash for treats and fun. Almost all my dates are from Monday to Thursday. My clients like to fly out on Friday.
I’ve been doing this for two years and have a set of a dozen or so regulars who I see every month or, maybe, six weeks. Of course I prefer my regulars. Less hassle, no screening, usually a good dinner. My biggest problem is too many great meals. I have to make sure I work out on about a one to one ratio.
I don’t think escorting is for every girl. You have to be a little detached and really understand it’s a business. I see really young girls, 18 or 19, advertising and I am not sure they are ready. But, their choice. I’ve made mine and I’m happy with it.
Down the road? Well I have three years to finish my thesis. Then we’ll see. It is easy to escort when you are a student, not so easy if you have a real job. But I can’t see giving up my regulars. They are a really nice bunch of men.

Tonya, twenty, vivacious on Skype and very, very blonde, has an entirely different story. She is at a Mid-Western school in a fairly big city.
I was in my second year as an undergraduate and I was just loving my courses and my profs. I like living on my own though. I lived in a dorm in first year and it was awful. I guess I am really private and I really, really like to study. The dorm was too loud, too much of a party. So I got a cute little apartment off campus with a room mate. Which worked great until my room mate decided to have a serious melt down and move out nine days before rent was due. I have a really nice landlord and I figured I’d tell him what the problem was and ask for an extension on the rent until I found a new room mate. He had another suggestion. Well, the rent was $500 and I have to admit I sort of like the idea of getting half off for a few consenting adult activities on the quiet a couple of times a month. So, I said yes.
I have to say he was a great way of getting into the business. Gentle, clean and not very demanding. In fact I would say he sort of lulled me into the whole thing. And once I had given my first “professional” blow job, the rest was pretty easy.
The nice thing about my apartment is that it is very private. It is above a garage in a busy downtown neighbourhood. Lots of trees out back and a very simple layout: just a little kitchen, a nice big bathroom and a bedroom and living room all in one room divided by two of those Ikea cube shelving units. My door is up a flight of stairs and just off an alley one house in. I thought that it would be pretty easy to see clients without anyone really knowing what I was doing and I was right.
I needed a bit of money every month. My parents were financing my tuition and giving me a bit of extra money but it was really tight, even with half my rent being paid by my landlord. With the internet this was really easy. I put up an ad once in a while, had about a hundred calls every time. I like the soccer dads. You know, the guys in the mini-vans with a couple of kid seats in the back. They are really safe, really grateful and some of them are kinda hot.
My ads are really basic. “College student available for GFE. Blonde, 34 D, love my work!” I am actually a C cup but I have never yet had a guy check. I don’t see many guys. I could, I guess, but I am really religious about screening. I want nice, clean, dads who have way more to lose than I do. And there they are parked at the end of my little alley.
I have to admit I really like dates around 7 in the evening. I’ll do one at 7, one at 8:30. No rush and I can go and hang with my girlfriends by 10 and they all think I’m a study bunny.
Biggest challenge? OK, this is weird, but way too much money. No, really. When I am not doing exams I can see two or three guys a night five days a week at $250-300 a guy. You do the math. 2000 to 3000 a week is what most of my girlfriends have to live on for a semester. It kinda shows. I try to be cool about it but girls notice a new bag or a really cute dress. I say my parents bought stuff or sent me money. But I really do have to be careful.
And, of course, there is the damned phone. I keep it turned off in school but if I turn it on and I have an ad running and I’m having coffee with a girlfriend nine calls in ten minutes begins to show. I don’t think they have a clue. But I am sure some of them think I run a giant drug empire or something.
The only other downside is that this is not that big a city. I see my clients all the time in the same places I like to go to. Most of them are really cool and there is no problem. But some of them feel they have to say Hi. Which is a little awkward if I am out with friends.
The way I am getting around that is that I keep my hair down on my dates and put it up the rest of the time. I mean I am still me but with my hair up I look just different enough that a client feels ok not recognizing me.
Long run? Look, I’m twenty, in second year. I don’t really even know what I want to major in. But, seriously, can you think of another business where a girl my age can make 10K a month working pretty part time? I can’t. I have two years of college left and I know I am going to escort through those. Beyond that? I want to travel. Maybe go to Australia where this is totally legal. I mean my main worry is that some cop will go on a crusade and catch me. Which would kill my parents. But I have never had a hassle yet. So, really, I don’t know. The cash is awesome.

Two very different approaches and there are hundreds of other college girls each with their own take on escorting. Kelly, who is a twenty one year old art history student, has a radically different take on the escort business.
“I decided I wanted to have a lot of time to myself so I could really go deep with my studies. That takes money but money that I don’t have to put thirty hours a week into. I looked around and tried being a “sugar baby” for a while. Not my thing at all. I didn’t want to be someone’s pay to play girlfriend and a lot of the guys you meet are very unpleasant. But the idea itself was is not half bad.
When I came back for third year I had a bit of a plan. The big problem with sugaring is that the “boundaries” are badly defined. You get booty calls at 2 in the morning. On the other hand, very selective escorting when it works, has all the boundaries in place. The problem there is that it is hit and miss. Busy one week, dead the next. Plus, in the city I live in we have a very active “vice squad” and state law which is pretty hard on even higher end girls.
The solution I came up with was to start looking for several men who would enjoy pampering a pretty young college student in a mistress style relationship. Not sugar, not exactly escorting: rather an evening or an afternoon every couple of weeks for lunch or dinner and then a lovely, sensual, encounter. Which was pretty much what I put in my ad. Because it was not directly escorting I was able to put it in the companionship section of the advertising sites.
My dates were just that, dates. I always let the gentleman bring up the subject of money and I never set a price directly. Instead I would say that I very much appreciated generosity and I would always say that I liked to see my friends with no time limits and no more than twice a month. Some of my gentlemen pay me each time they see me, others prefer to make a monthly arrangement.
I entertain at home for the most part although I have seen men at their hotels. But the key thing is that I try to provide a wonderfully luxurious, genuinely non-rushed, encounter. If I see more than one man in a day it is because of an unavoidable scheduling problem. Right now I have a waiting list because I limit myself to six patrons at any one time. I know that restricts my income but seeing more would eat into my time and I don’t think I would provide the same, superior quality service.
I don’t like to talk about my actual income, but I never see a man a second time who does not bring a minimum of $750. Most of them quickly get the hint that $1000 plus a lovely gift and a tip will ensure I am available when next they call. I screen every man I see thoroughly and I never accept random encounters.
I am a bit snobby. If I was three inches taller I could model. I much prefer wealthy, older men for who a $2000 dress is just the sort of thing a girl like me needs and which does not matter to their wallet. It’s great fun.
After college? I can’t imagine closing my little business until I get married. Why would I?

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