Circle of noise: Automatic social marketing for escorts

The advent of the Internet revolutionized marketing for escorts. Now a girl could create a free internet ad, have an inexpensive website, post her own pictures and be found by potential clients. Of course with the internet other things have arisen including review sites, cam girls and a cornucopia of pornography.
by Hannah Jay
While there are lots of girls who want to keep things simple and content themselves with a ad, other escorts go to some lengths to create major web presence for their escort brand. One thing about the internet is that while it is very inexpensive to publish material that is only the first step. Somehow you have to have your material rise above the vast amount of material published by your competition.
There is no sure fire way to “game” the internet and, in fact, it is a waste of time to try. Being the first result for “escort” on Google is as pointless as it is impossible for an independent escort. In fact, search results in themselves may not matter that much.
What really matters
For an escort time really is money and there is no point investing time if you are not going to make money. When you recognize this a great deal of the hype surrounding internet marketing falls away. As an escort you want to sell your services. You only have a set number of hours in a day and you want those filled up as efficiently as possible.
To fill your hours you want clients calling or emailing or texting you. Which means the “right” people have to be able to find you.
The simplest way to put the word out is a free ad on Skipthegames or one of the other escort sites. Now, once you have done that is there more you can do to find the right sort of client? Of course there is but time is money. You do not want to be spending your day updating your Facebook page, Tweeting up a storm and tying to think of things to blog about unless there is going to be a payoff.
Once you go beyond the straight advertising model and move into marketing what you are actually doing is increasing the value of your escort brand. This does a number of things all at once. First, it will increase the number of potential clients who are aware of you and your services, second, because of the brand recognition, you may be able to charge premium rates for your dates. Third, and perhaps most lucratively, you can explore higher value niche escort markets very inexpensively.
Post once, echo
For the moment I am going to assume you already understand why the internet is a key piece in an escort’s marketing kit. Some escorts have websites, some have blogs or Facebook pages: but one way or another having some pictures, your specialties, your rates and a little about yourself online is important.
The problem is that a website just sits there. A blog, if you remember to update, is a bit more dynamic and Facebook can be dynamic, again if you remember to update.
The web in general and search engines, well actually Google which is the only search engine which matters, hate sites and pages which are static. If a page never changes it will rank low in the search results But, realistically, how much time do you want to devote to what amounts to secondary marketing?
The answer is that you probably should not even think of spending more than a few minutes a day or an hour a week updating your web presence. And you should not think of devoting less than that hour. The trick is to maximize the impact of the time you do spend.
The way to do this is to create an automated circle of social media which allows you to post one thing and have it echo across the web. Doing automation right means that you can post a picture or a special or simply a blog post about a restaurant you like and have it appear throughout your social media network.
The minor miracle of #hashtags
Entire books have been written about hashtags and how to use them for marketing. Here are the basics. Hash tags started on Twitter as a way of organizing tweet by topic. So if you were tweeting about your #dog if you put the “#” sign in front of the word dog your tweet would show up with all the other #dog tweets.
It is a simple, elegant, concept and one which can, very quickly make your social media efforts really extend your reach. How? Well you can combine hashtags, for example: #seattle and #escort will put you in the Tweet stream for each word and if you were to search Twitter for “seattle escort” there you would be.
Facebook and Google+ have adopted hashtags.
Hashtags let you use social media for marketing even when you don’t have masses of Twitter Followers or Facebook friends. Best of all, you can build hashtags right into your blog posts and have them used by social media. Just make sure that your hashtags appear in the first 140 characters of your headline and post for Twitter. Facebook is many more characters.
Your own private escort echo chamber
To automate you first need a blog on your website. Using WordPress this is fairly easy to do. Even easier is to have your website built on a WordPress platform because then the blog function is baked right in. Then you need to have a Twitter and a Facebook account.
For your blog/website, Twitter and Facebook accounts (as well as your Pinterest account if you decide to have one) it is important to use an account name which will draw clients. And it is important to have your city in the name if possible. Something like “Tami-Seattle-escort” may look awkward but it is search engine bait.
Now for automation. There are many ways to link your blog to social media and vice versa.
Signing up for an account at — for example — TwitterFeed takes a couple of minutes. Once you have that account you take what is known as an RSS feed — something which is automatically generated by your blog — and marry it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It takes a couple of minutes but when you are done whatever you post to your blog is echoed to your social media accounts.
Step two is even easier: whether you use WordPress or some other blogging platform you can feed your Tweets and Facebook posts back to your blog. Again, this takes a little setup but the directions are easy to follow. (And for extra fun you can also set it up so that your Tweets and blog posts appear on Google+ but that takes a while and is not obviously effective.)
A third step if you have a lot of pictures—or even just a few to start—is to set up a Pinterest account and post your pictures there. Here the trick is to have the right name for the account “city + escort” will work. The fact is that very few potential clients will be browsing for escorts on Pinterest, but Pinterest boards are often listed on the front page of Google for the particular search. If you are able to set up “Dallas escort” as an account name or tag your pictures “Dallas Escort” you have a shot at the Google front page.
Content is queen!
Once you have built—or had a clever geek build for you—an automated social marketing system what do you put on it? This is obviously very much up to you but the key to social media is personal engagement. Whatever you decide to put up needs to be about you.
Or, more exactly, your escort persona. In many ways, creating a social media profile forces you to take a close look at that escort persona. Who is she?
The evolution of an escort persona can be great blog fodder. Looking at your ads—which you can post as blog entries—is a great place to start. What sets you apart from other escorts? What is your favorite consenting adult activity? On a blog it is easy to post pictures—I suggest discreet in the public areas—and posting lots of pretty pictures of your outfits and lingerie, not to mention shoes and toys, will keep your blog humming along. And each post will echo.
Doing a couple of blog posts a week is not difficult especially if you like taking selfies. At the same time, doing Tweets is even easier. Think along the lines of:

Quality Time

[link to your blog or information page on website]
#pretty #seattle #escort #stockings”

It is easy to upload pictures to Twitter. Now, if you have linked your Twitter account back to your blog it will automatically display your Tweet and the picture right on your blog page. Facebook can be set up the same way.
Whether you go for the longer blog entry or the short form tweet what you need to be looking at is how your material works to promote your brand.
Using social media for marketing an escort business is all about letting potential clients find you. However, the fact is that escorting is, to a large degree, a local business so the power of the internet to send your message worldwide is largely wasted.
Instead, what you want your escort marketing campaign to do is let client looking for an escort in your city find you and find out more about you. While time with an escort is often an impulse purchase it is also a luxury. A gentleman looking for an escort knows that the consenting adult activities are a given; but what else are you offering which will lead him to pick you?
In all your web activities you need to maintain a consistent message. While your services are important, your location, your willingness to entertain in “select hotels”, the discreet charm of your incall are all part of the package.
Google is getting smarter and gentlemen are using mobile phones and tablets. A man sitting in the lounge of an up market hotel and thinking that a bit of female company is just what he needs at the end of the day will likely start looking on his smart phone. If you have been working hard on your “circle of noise” you’ll have posted a few tweets about that very hotel (make sure you use the hotel’s name and linking to it can’t hurt).
If your prospective client has enabled geo-location his search—likely “escort in name of city” may very well bring back locationally sorted results. (If he adds the magic word “nearby” this can improve his chances.) If you have been naming hotels and locations in your social media campaign you’ll move up the search results.
The circle of noise
Trying to second guess Google and reach the top of the search engine results for escorts in your city is possible but it involves a lot of work and a lot of time. The world of search engine optimization, SEO, is complicated and it changes very quickly.
The other alternative, what I call the Circle of Noise, is to flood the internet with your images and words with each element linking back to your main internet presence. With a bit of automation and a keen sense of the value of our own time you can create a social media presence which pushes your brand.
Don’t be shy. Even if you are a high value, low volume escort setting out to push your brand daily is the key to finding the well heeled gentlemen who will be delighted to purchase your time. At the same time, realize that there are many girls competing for clients no matter where you are located.
Developing an integrated approach where your advertising, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and blog all are hitting the same keywords and hash tags every time you post will maximize your impact. Remember that the Google spiders are crawling the net looking for ways to deliver the best search results to Google users. Every girl will have the keyword or hashtag “escort”—the question you have to ask and answer is what else you have to offer.
There is no single, magic, formula for marketing success on the internet; the Circle of Noise puts your brand in all the right places and lets you update quickly and easily. It will take a little while but with regular posting, updating and tweeting your escorting brand will rise in the search results for your city. Your business will grow and your bookings will multiply.

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