13 reasons to prefer outcalls

The idea of lying around leisurely in your incall, awaiting your next client encounter seems like a reasonable fantasy. But, most escorts can attest to the fact that seeing clients in your incall and maintaining it for bookings are not as easy as you think it might be. Several issues lend themselves to problematic situations that create more trouble than the “convenience” may be worth. While it is certainly handy to have all of your clothing, supplies and “extras” easily accessible in your incall, many escorts prefer to see clients exclusively (or predominantly) at outcall locations. Consider many of the reasons that outcalls may be best for you:

  1. You can leave when you want/need to during an outcall. During an encounter where you are entertaining a client at your incall, a number of things can happen that will delay his departure. He may be a lingering type who you nearly have to push out the door. He may complain that he needs a shower and piddles as he’s cleaning up and getting ready to go back out into the world. Your client may just be the type that habitually overstays his welcome. Or, maybe he wasn’t able to climax, so he tries to drag the encounter out longer. If you have trouble with THAT kind of client, it’s easiest to see him at an outcall, where you can pick up your gear and slip away when you need to. Additionally, if your client turns out to be the threatening type, it’s often difficult to get rid of him if he’s at your incall. When you run across a violent or distasteful client at an outcall, you can flee when you see the first sign of danger or negative trait.
  2. A threatening client won’t be able to find you if you saw him at an outcall location. Even though it’s never something an escort wants to consider, there’s real potential for a dangerous client to come back to do more damage after you’ve sent him packing. He may be madder and more upset than he was before you kicked him out the door before. To exact his revenge to get “even,” all he has to do is to go back to your incall when he suspects you’re working. However, if you met up with him at an outcall, he has no place to return to in hopes to find you. The likelihood of him being able to track you down is decreased considerably and your safety is much more protected. Consistently seeing clients at an incall puts you at risk for a deranged one with the intention of doing harm returning and hurting you, robbing you or damaging your property
  3. Clients are typically more comfortable in their own locations. While you may be entirely at ease in your incall, your client may feel like he’s out of place and a random visitor to your little pad. He may wonder how many other clients you’ve seen in that same bed and who else was welcomed to your door earlier in the day. He may not exactly admire your decorating skills and feel out of place. Reduce the chances of your clients feeling uncomfortable by allowing them to be the king of the castle when you book a visit with them. Let them invite you to their homes, offices and hotel suites. When a client feels familiar with his surroundings, he is much more likely to let his guard down, relax and enjoy the encounter, which is the overall goal. Otherwise, you have to spend considerable time trying to get them relaxed, so they can find pleasure in the experience.
  4. No clean up is required! Often, before a client arrives, an escort has to tidy the place up, put fresh linens on the bed and clean up the bathroom. After the encounter, there may be certain things that have to be cleaned, especially if you provide unique services (such as water sports or food fetishes). Clean up may be pretty extensive in these cases. However, if you perform these niche activities at a hotel, your clean up efforts can be much less thorough. When you’re at an outcall, you don’t have to refresh the linens, prep the bathroom for a client or do any laundry, vacuuming or dusting associated with keeping a place up to “snuff” for clients. It gives you more time to focus on fixing yourself up and making sure you have the right supplies and toys packed with you.
  5. Limiting your services to outcalls only is less, overall, work for you. When you work from an incall, you have to make sure it meets the standards expected by your clients. It must be in a nice part of town, have a cozy, welcoming appearance and be furnished and decorated in a suitable style. Maintaining an incall in a preferable neighborhood is expensive, and it may take quite a bit of time to acquire a good location. Decorating your incall may cost a good chunk of change or take up a lot of time, if you’re trying to find items on a budget. If you do a lot of the work yourself to fix a place up, your repairs and renovations will take time away from your work schedule. But, when you perform your services from outcalls, you don’t have to worry about any of that. No worries or expense are related to what kind of throw pillows you need, replacing worn carpet or wiring in new light fixtures. An outcall location is ready to go and won’t require any extra work from you!
  6. You don’t have to figure in the costs associated with your incall into your fees. Running an incall is expensive, beyond how much it costs you to decorate or renovate it. It’s likely than an escort will have mortgage or lease payments for her incall. And, utilities can run you quite a bit, depending on how efficient your incall is and what time of year it is. Sometimes, you will have to conduct major repairs, such as putting on a new roof or installing new electrical wiring. When you conduct encounters from an incall, you must incorporate these expenses into your fees to offset what it costs you to operate your business. Along with supplies and your time, it can be a tricky equation to come up with when you’re trying to cover utilities, rental insurance, lease payments, and all repairs, etc. When you mainly see clients at outcalls, its much easier to set your rates, basing them only on your time, supplies and travel costs/time. And, your clients are much more apt to understand how you establish your fees, too.
  7. Outcalls are an opportunity to scout out new locations for encounters. Escorts are usually familiar with a few hotels in the area, but may not get an opportunity to test out other places, without the case of a client request. It’s nice to venture to outcalls at a variety of hotels, neighborhoods and condo centers as a way to discover new places to use for upcoming bookings. Often, a client may be able to afford a higher-end suite or room than you are able to, which is a great way to see what the hotel has to offer for upscale clients in the future. Additionally, if you’re trying to get new ideas for your incall (or home), you may be able to utilize decor elements you notice at your visits with clients in their homes or personal getaways.
  8. Outcalls may create a nicer atmosphere than you can afford. New escorts, especially, may find it impossible to develop an incall location that meets up with the expectations of upscale clients. They are accustomed to luxury and expensive surroundings. But, that’s difficult to create on a budget. It may just be easier to entertain clients in their own elements. Let clients know that you will come to them and you won’t have to worry about apologizing for your humble incall. Many clients will tell you that it doesn’t matter to them whether your incall is fancy, but they may expect more than what you can actually deliver. Relying on clients to provide the setting will let you off the hook from worrying about whether your incall is good enough. And, you never have to tell clients this is why you are doing outcalls. They may assume that you’re a wealthy escort with a castle of your own – and, you never have to fess up to anything different.
  9. You don’t have to worry about interruptions from other clients. When you deliver encounters from your incall, your clients know where to find you. And, despite your rules and guidelines, many clients will still attempt to seek you out, even without an established encounter time. They may drop by for a visit, if they get a hankering to see you. Or, there is the over-excited client who shows up an hour early, in hopes of getting to see you sooner. Any client who shows up at your doorstep at a time other than their agreed-upon appointment may disturb you with another client, which is far from discreet or private. Not only must you protect your own level of productivity and schedule, but you should attempt to keep your clients away from each other at ALL costs! You never know when an uninvited client might drop by for a visit… it’s pretty risky. Additionally, when you go to outcalls, you won’t have to worry about any interruptions being your fault. Deliveries, repair men or other knocks on your door at your incall are, ultimately, your fault. If you’re at a hotel outcall with a client and someone knocks on the door – you know it’s not for you.
  10. Providing encounters at outcalls is a great way to keep requests from clients simple. Some clients would have you pack around your entire arsenal of toys or closet full of role play costumes, if you would It’s pretty easy to deny extensive requests when you’re traveling to an outcall by simply explaining to a client that you can’t lug around all of that stuff on your way to see him. Inform your client that it would be embarrassing and indiscreet if you were caught with all of that stuff. Some hotels question visitors as a part of security checks, and it would be terrible to have to explain why you’re carrying around a nurse uniform and a big dildo. And, while you may not mind bringing a few special things to an encounter to make it a unique experience for a client, you don’t want to habitually carry around a large supply of items for him.
  11. Discretion is easier to maintain when you travel to outcalls. Traffic flow in and out of an incall can be pretty suspicious to your neighbors. They may wonder why you have men coming and going all of the time. Even if you have a hidden entrance to your place, you may still have to give careful instructions to your clients about where to park, how to get to your rear entrance and how to conduct themselves if they encounter one of your neighbors. It can be pretty nerve wracking to not only protect your own privacy, but your clients’, too! When you go to outcalls, you don’t have to worry so much about what people think of you going to your clients’ door. And, when you are visiting your client, you know he will go the extra mile to protect his own privacy, so he won’t be jeopardizing yours by acting out in an unintelligent, attention-drawing manner.
  12. Clients can’t get lost en route to an outcall. Even though you may think your escort incall is easy to get to, clients may have trouble following your directions. They may not understand your landmarks or take a wrong turn and end up a long ways from your location, causing them to arrive late or not at all. They often are so excited, they may not be carefully listening to your instructions about how to get there. BUT, when you deliver your services at an outcall location where your client already is, there is no worry about your client getting there late due to getting lost. The caveat to this, though, is that you need to make sure you have YOUR directions down before heading out, or you may run the possibility of a tardy arrival.
  13. You can better ensure your privacy when performing outcalls. Even if you don’t live at your incall, it’s very likely that you will keep some personal items there. After all, you will be spending considerable time there. Clients love to rifle through your mail, check out your private quarters and get ideas about who you really are through your incall. You can avoid all of this by only seeing clients at outcalls. They don’t get a chance to shuffle through your stuff, and you can retain a bit of mystery about yourself. However, be careful about what you bring with you to outcalls and leaving your belongings unsupervised in your client’s presence. Many clients have been caught red-handed snooping in an escort’s bag or purse.

While an outcall-only policy is very tempting, you need to be aware that it also creates some risks. When you’re at an outcall, you have less ability to control your surroundings and limit what happens there. Be sure your screening is intact and that you enable security provisions to keep you safe at all times.

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