How to be an escort in suburbs and small towns

It is easy to think of escorting as a big city, urban activity. But there are escorts who never see the downtown core and don’t want to. Instead, they live, work and play in the suburbs and smaller centers in America. It is an escorting life which can be very different from the in-call or hotel out-call world of the downtown girl.
by Hannah Jay
Escorting outside the downtown core makes sense when you look at the transformation of American demographics in the last 40 years. The suburban and ex-urban population has increased radically while many American downtowns have been hollowed out. And it is not just where people live which has changed, it is also where they work. Businesses have moved to the ‘burbs. All of which has created a market for escorts.
I spoke to three girls each of whom had a different and interesting take on escorting outside the city centre.
Candace is thirty two and has been escorting for four years. She works from an in-call location in a suburb of a large city in the Pacific Northwest.
I almost never go downtown. Who needs the hassle of the traffic and all the really strange people you have to deal with just walking along the street. So I was pretty sure my potential customers were going to be just as happy to see a girl nearby rather than going over the bridge and down the freeway.
The biggest issue with escorting in the suburbs is how your customers can find you. I like a steady flow of clients. I’m not high-volume, but I’m not low-volume either. If the money is right, I am delighted to do short dates. Sometimes I actually prefer it. I’ve done some advertising and that has worked pretty well. But what really works for me is my website. My advertising is all designed to push clients to my website and that makes life much, much easier.
I won’t say I have wicked web skills but I can edit my site, put my own pictures up, even announce “Specials”. Plus I have a Twitter account. Everything I do is designed to be local. But it is targeted to the suburb next to where I actually live. My in-call is a ten minute drive from my house but it is like being in a different state. Where I live is a bit of a hipster ‘burb. It has a real Main Street and micro brew pubs and some galleries. Where I target my marketing is a very white bread, upper-middle-class bedroom community with three big malls and a lot of playing fields and golf courses. Everyone there drives an SUV or a mini-van.
As far as I can tell I am the only escort who really makes a point of working in that ‘burb. And I am really discrete. My in-call is an apartment in a complex with a mall attached. So my clients are able to visit without drawing any attention. I have a unit which it took a long time to find because it has an entrance which really can’t be seen from any of the other units. Privacy is key.
I have a surprising number of commuter appointments. Guys going to or coming home from work. Which means I actually start pretty early. I will book as early as 6:30 AM. After that, my day is usually pretty open until about 4pm onwards. Happy hour I call it. I am also busy on Saturdays but not early, mainly just the afternoon and then the evening is always booked.”
My clients tend to be ridiculously scheduled. If they are on their way into work, they have 45 minutes tops; going home it is pretty much the same. And they are pretty much all married.
I don’t really talk to other escorts, but I do read some of their websites. The biggest difference I can see between girls working downtown and my business is the number of regulars I have. At least two-thirds of my bookings are regulars and I have a lot of standing “dates”. Which I really like because once you have had a couple of dates with a guy you know exactly what he likes and you are both a lot more comfortable.
I don’t charge quite as much as some of the girls downtown. But I have been moving my rates up every year. Of course my overheads are a bit lower. My clients want a nice clean place and a friendly, eager girl. I don’t have to get super dressed up; but I make sure that I have on a pretty outfit and cute lingerie.
I have never had a problem with law enforcement mainly because I am really careful to avoid any activity which draws attention. Even the public side of my website is suburb friendly. I am pretty sure the police know I’m here but as long as I am not attracting attention or doing drugs or partying at 3AM it really is not worth their time to hassle me.
The number one thing my clients are looking for is discretion. Of course they want a safe environment and a safe girl, but as I said, they are all married and they want to stay that way. They come to see me for a bit of a thrill, perhaps for an adult activity which their wives are uncomfortable with or which they are shy about asking for. But they want super clean and super careful. Which is just what I am in business to give them.
If I wanted to, and if I stayed in shape which I work at, I am pretty sure I could run this little business for as long as I wanted to. My clients are not coming to see some 22 year old with fake tits, they want a real woman who is happy to take care of their needs without a lot of hassle and absolutely no drama. It’s a steady business.
Where Candace has a separate in-call and a website to find clients, Jill has a completely different approach.
I live in a little college town. And when I say little, I mean it. Official population is 3,000 not including the kids going to the college which is the center of town. It is a great school. I know, I went there which is how I ended up living here. Believe it or not I got a degree with a combined major of economics and animal resource ecology. Lots of applied math. In my fourth year I found this amazing cottage which backs onto the river. It is actually an old boathouse on an estate. The rent was amazing. So, I stayed.
When I finished college I was offered a part-time job in the economics department helping a prof with some research. I took that job and enrolled in the Master’s program. My expenses were covered and I was doing some writing. Pretty idyllic until the job ended. I wanted to stay in my cottage but I needed to make a bit of money. So I looked around and found, well nothing. Unless you worked at the college there is really nothing else to do in town. I was lamenting the lack of jobs with my wonderful old professor and he, jokingly, said, “Well, the Scarlet Woman niche has gone begging for years in this little place.
I laughed. But then I got a little interested. I had never done anything like that but I liked men, liked sex and was pretty good at it. I read up a little and realized that my prof was right, there was a niche. The funny thing about college towns is that they attract a lot of alum who make their pile of money in the city and then decide to buy a nice house in the country to eventually, retire to. There are a lot of very well off gentlemen in this area actually. And, no doubt, some of those men would like some company and would be willing to pay for it.
The problem was finding them. While it would have been fun to put a note up at the community bulletin board, it was not quite as discrete as you have to be in a small place. Instead I placed a very small ad in the personals column of the local paper, “Young lady seeking mistress-type relationship”. The newspaper was wonderfully old fashioned and you got a numbered box for your replies. I went in and checked every couple of days and, by the end of the week, I had six letters. So I wrote each back and made arrangements to see three of them. We met for coffee and I have to say all three of them were very suitable. Unfortunately only two were able to afford my rates. But that was enough, and I was “in business”.
I ran my ad one week a month and I have gradually built up a group of clients. As I expected (and hoped for), they are all older, my youngest is in his late forties. Some are retired or semi-retired, some are still working but come up weekends.
While I understand the “service-provider” model, that is really not at all what I do. Rather I spend a few hours with a man: in the summer we’ll sit out on the balcony overlooking the river for a while and chat and sip wine and have a few bits of cheese; in the winter I have a great fireplace and the wine goes from summer white to winter red.  My cottage has two bedrooms one of which I use for business.
I am very careful about screening my clients simply because my cottage is secluded and I don’t want to see anyone I am not absolutely sure of. And one of the joys of a small town is that it is surprisingly easy to check someone out. Along with the usual internet searches, if I have the slightest doubt, I will check the references I ask my potential client to provide. My official story is that I am a contract researcher who has been asked to do some work for Mr. Smith. When I call, I explain I am looking for a personal reference and, usually, it is hard to get the person off the phone.
I don’t think the town police have any idea there is a Scarlet Woman at large in our little town. They might have noticed a little extra traffic heading down the road towards my cottage, but I doubt it. All my transactions are cash, and I have a bank in the next town which is about forty miles down the highway. I am very regular with my deposits and no one seems at all curious.
At most I have fifteen dates a month and at least ten of those are with very regular clients. It is, frankly, an almost perfect part-time job. Well paid and I have my mornings and most of my afternoons to myself. I finished my Master’s degree and I have a couple of good writing jobs which keep me busy. Most of all, I have my time to myself. Which really matters to me.
Not the case with Lisa: “I’m what you’d call a party girl. I like to party a lot and I love to get paid to do it.”
Lisa is twenty-four, tall and very curvy. I started as a dancer. I worked in a few gentleman’s clubs and while I liked the money, the hours were ridiculous. One night a guy came into the club I was working in and we got to chatting. It happened that he was looking for a couple of girls to do a stag for a friend of his. Dance, serve drinks and see what else came up. Well why not? I made $500 for the night plus another $500 in tips. Plus it was a lot of fun. We went until about three in the morning. Of course one of the guys at the stag was organizing another party a couple of weeks later and it just took off from there.
I live in one of those places which is sort of stuck between the city and the suburbs. I don’t mind the city but I am way more comfortable out in the burbs. I sort of fit in there.
I mean you have to be able to dance which I love to do. And sometimes they’ll want a toy show or something with two girls. All fun, all profitable and a bit later a few of the boys will want some private time which is always extra.
These are nice, clean-cut suburban guys. They want a bit of fun and usually a happy ending and I aim to please.
Once I got going, I put up a few ads. “Private Dancer for stags, card games and parties.” I have a website with a bunch of great pictures and no mention of consenting adult activities. Usually the party is at some guy’s house. I’ve done every sort of event. Stags are a big part of the business, but being a topless server for Super Bowl or playoff games is big. I have a monthly poker game with eight regular guys who just like having a girl around when they want to sit out a hand or two. Plus birthday parties. Thirty seems to be big, by forty I think most of the guys have settled down.
I guess what I am doing is escorting but it doesn’t feel like it. I mean I almost never see anyone just one on one. It’s always with a bunch of guys and often with another girl. I still dance once in a while at one of the clubs but the party circuit seems to be more than enough.
I have a few outfits. You know, maid, cheerleader that sort of thing. But mainly I am there to have fun and make sure the guys are having fun. Sometimes I have to break the ice a bit but that’s never too hard. The guys know why I am there and after a few drinks they’re all egging each other on.
I’m very safety conscious. I screen the guy who books me and I will usually drive by the location the day before to make sure it’s not some crack shack. A bit of Googling and a call to the guy’s place of work to confirm employment and I’m good to go.
Obviously some parties are way better than others; but I have yet to have a real hassle.
Law enforcement is not a problem for me. The services I offer — dancing, hostessing, server, party girl — are all totally legal. By the time anything happens between consenting adults, I have a really good idea who the guys are, what they do. And they proposition me. My biggest worry is that I’ll get invited to a cop stag. But I guess that would be their problem.
In a lot of ways, I feel a lot safer and a lot better doing this than dancing in the gentlemen’s clubs. There’s a lot of low-lifes in the clubs. And a lot of guys who want a lot for almost no money. Plus there are all the house rules and the politics. You have to keep management happy and some of the top girls can be really bitchy. With my party business I am totally my own boss.
Realistically, like any other girl in the escorting game, I wonder how long I’ll keep doing this. The really late nights, the whole party girl thing. I mean I love the money. Coming home with a couple of thousand dollars for a few hours work is great. But not forever.
I’ve had a couple of guys ask to see me after the party. If I did do that I would want to be really quiet about it. Have another job and maybe see a few guys a week. Guys I’d already met at parties. I’ve done it a few times now and I can see why escorts have those sorts
Escorting comes in many flavours. Location can make a huge difference to a girl’s clientele and to the nature of the services she provides. Each of these girls have found an escorting business which is right for her. Maybe there is life in the suburbs after all.
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