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Our business does not associate itself with prostitution. We exchange money for services which provide time and companionship. These services are provided based on the consent of two or more adults over the age of 18. We do not force our escorts to do things they are not comfortable doing. Likewise, we do not force you to make choices which are not comfortable for you.

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Welcome to Swedish Angels Models Toronto, a classy Escort Service Promotion Agency based in Toronto serving Mississauga, Scarborough, Airport the GTA. We promote professional models that have the right touch of sophistication & beauty, which today's modern gentleman seeks for his companionship needs. Platinum models has a companion to match your busy lifestyle.

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Sex workers could be forced to ‘risk their lives’ if prostitution bill c-36 passes, escort service owner says


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Escort Agency Talk – 56 Think before…

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Why you don’t want to get too personal with an escort
December 20, 2017 | Escorts on escorting
My name is Sarah and I have spent the better part of a decade working as an escort in a large metropolitan area in Canada. My experiences have been both interesting and sometimes off-putting. I’d like to help all you fellas out there and offer a bit of advice on what not to do. Let me walk you through the exciting and sometimes strange world of escorting.

It was early on in my career when I met Stef. He was a fresh faced college kid who was desperately trying to grow as much of a beard as he could manage. He spoke with a thick French Canadian accent and sometimes threw a french word in here or there. We had seen each other a few times and all had been going well. Then one day he started to get more and more insistent on asking very personal questions about me.

It started off innocent enough. Where do you work? Do you go to school? Have you ever gone to University or College? I was new to the business and as an independent escort I didn’t exactly have anyone there to walk me through the do’s and don’ts of small talk with clients. I opened up to him a bit more than I should have about my schooling and hobbies. One day he flat out told me that I should get out of escorting and focus on my real career. That I should finish school and concentrate on my grades instead of entertaining men. I was flabbergasted. I had no idea what to say to him and I stood there, mouth slightly agape, searching for words to say. I ended up mumbling something along the lines of “Thanks for the advice, I’ll think about it.”

He took this as an opening to continue telling me about how I should get out of the business, that I was too good to be an escort. Too pretty, too smart, too funny, too full of personality and life. You’d think that these statements he was making would come across as flattering but they did not. They were not compliments, no. I took them as insults. I was too smart to be an escort? Excuse me but do you know how much escorts earn? If I had wanted to put myself through school the old fashioned way I would still be up to my ears in student loan debt. I was unequivocally insulted. I don’t even know how I got through the appointment but I did and he left, still spouting the same platitudes he had been spouting at the beginning of the appointment. I received a text from him shortly after he left asking me if I’d like to go to dinner with him sometime.

I was still new to the business and felt that I needed every client that I could get so despite having been taken completely aback by his comments, I agreed. I asked him how long he’d like to book me for and his reply was that he didn’t want to book me at all, he wanted to see me off the books, as a date. It took me a long while to figure out how to respond to him and hours passed before I had figured out what to say. I can’t remember the exact wording of my reply but I made it clear that I was available to him as an escort and not on a personal level. While my reply was well thought out and worded carefully his reply was not.

He started by telling me that I was better than this, that I didn’t need to do this to make my way in the world. Why would I want to let a sleazy, overweight guy pound away on top of me just for a few bucks? He then started to tell me that given the information he had about me from our chats that he was confident that he could find out who I am. That freaked me out so much that I instantly blocked him and took a short break from escorting.

It wasn’t just me who had a client who tried to convince them to give up their job. I worked at an escort agency for awhile, many years after the situation with Stef, and one of our girls was East Indian. We would receive calls now and again from gentleman with thick Indian accents and the phone girl would have to tread carefully. Some Indian men would show up and their only purpose was to talk her out of working as an escort. They tried to screen her calls because of this and in fact there was one gentleman who was particularly persistent in his harassment. He would call from a pay phone and try to book a date with her.

However our phone girl knew his voice after a very short while and would tell him that she was fully booked. No matter how many times he was not allowed to visit with her, he kept trying. He never tried to book with another escort, it was always the East Indian escort that he was seeking. I sat down with her one day and we had a long heart to heart. She told me the about all the harassment that she’s received due to being from that culture and working as an escort. These men would show up and try desperately to convince her that what she was doing was wrong, that she can save herself if she gets out now. She said that one of the main reasons she signed on to work with an escort agency was because she was seeking some protection from this harassment.

You may not think that something like this counts as harassment but I can assure you that to the girls, it absolutely does. Imagine someone coming in to your place of work and trying to convince you that what you’re doing is wrong and sick. We’re not ignorant to the fact that many people don’t agree with what we’re doing, that’s fine. None of us exactly broadcast it to the world that we are escorts however we have a certain amount of pride in what we do.

The money is good and if you aren’t a complete idiot about it you can bank a lot of money. My above mentioned coworker had a four year old daughter and had recently bought a small little house on the outskirts of the town she was from, all thanks to escorting. Escorting was putting a roof over her daughters head and food on the table. She wasn’t exactly happy to be doing what she was doing but she wasn’t ashamed of it either. Another thing that sticks out to me is that she wasn’t able to escort in her own town, she had to travel three hours away and work in our town. She worked four days on and then went home for the rest of the week to be with her daughter. She was unable to continue working in her town because one such customer had went to great lengths to track her down after prying some personal information from her during their appointments.

He managed to find her brother on social media and sent him pictures and details of her secret life. Thankfully her brother was understanding and didn’t share this information with anyone else from her family but the experience freaked her out enough that she decided she couldn’t risk it. In this case a bad client not only caused stress and upset but made her change the way she did business. She was a single mother, trying her best to raise her daughter and bring her out of the poverty in which she had been born. As far as I know the harassment by gentlemen from her culture never stopped and it was something she had to learn to live with.

There might be a long stretch between incidents or they might happen within weeks of each other. It was just another part of her job, to deflect the pushy weirdos who thought that they had any right to dictate what she should or shouldn’t be doing with her body.

A lot of clients try to become friends with you, and this isn’t necessarily a problem. They like you and they want to know more about you. For the most part there’s no problem with this but sometimes it can lead down a road you don’t want to be on. Be careful with what you ask your escort. While it’s normal that you want to find out more about her you have to be careful that you don’t pry too much and freak her out. You may wonder why an escort is so hesitant to tell you personal things about herself.

What would it hurt to tell you what school she went to, what she took in University, where she’s worked before, etc. There’s a lot of identifying information that can be learned from admitting any of these things. In fact one of my friends that I met while working at an agency told me about a particularly creepy guy she had dealt with. He had booked her a few times a month for a long stretch of time and she began to open up to him more than she normally would, thinking he was not only a regular but seemed trustworthy and down to earth. Little did she know that he was going behind her back and trying to sleuth out who she was.

He became obsessed with knowing her real name, with knowing who she was and what her real life was like. One day an old coworker from her previous job called her up. He sounded nervous and after making some small talk, he finally came out with it. A gentleman had showed up at her old work asking if anyone knew her. He didn’t give a name (he knew the name he had for her wasn’t her real name) but described her and asked if she sounded familiar. Her coworker told him that he had no idea who he was talking about and continued to feign ignorance despite the guys persistence. He made some excuse about how they have a high turn over and there’s a lot of girls that fit her description but the John wouldn’t give up.

Eventually the coworker had to get the manager involved to force the John to leave. The coworker debated whether he should tell her about it at all but thankfully he did. She immediately alerted the escort agency to not book her with that gentleman anymore. She explained why and thankfully the agency was a good one and had no problem with her request. The whole thing shook her up a little. She confided in me that she was worried that maybe he had figured out who she was and spent many weeks worried that he was going to contact her family or friends. This never ended up happening but the experience left its mark on her and me as well.

It’s a case of a few bad apples ruining it for everyone else. While most clients are absolutely fantastic and pose no threat at all, there are the few assholes who ruin it for everyone else. You might be wondering how you’re supposed to know if you’re being too personal and it’s relatively simple. Don’t ask your escort anything that might identify her. Asking her where she likes to go to hang out, what bars and restaurants she frequents, what program she’s taking at what University.

These are all questions that may seem lighthearted and innocent to someone who has no bad intentions but to an escort they can be seen as warning signs. We have no idea if you are just curious or if you might be using this information to find out who we are. You might not think that this kind of thing happens a lot but it does happen and it’s such a jarring experience that none of us want to go through it. Escorts do get stalkers and it’s something we have to always be aware of. Just how much information we share with our clients is up to us. If your escort seems uncomfortable and avoids answering specific questions, let it go.

She’s not here to tell you her life story, she’s here to make you feel good. No one’s telling you not to make small talk, having a bond with your escort is important but it’s also important to respect that she doesn’t necessarily want to share potentially identifying information with her clients. Not all escorts have had bad experiences with men who have taken things a bit too far but most of us have heard of other escorts who have had such experiences with customers. Be mindful of the fact that this is not an inherently safe job.

Escorts can experience abuse, both physical and verbal, and the danger doesn’t end there. All of us are aware that this job has the potential to be very dangerous and can even be life threatening. Refusing to give out personal information about ourselves is not us trying to be jerks. We’re just trying to be safe.

In closing, be aware that this kind of thing happens and act accordingly. Asking questions that are too personal can also serve to alienate your escort. Why? Because when you’re asking what our first dog was named or what games you liked to play as a kid, it takes us out of our sex kitten persona. Now we’re thinking about our little terrier named Patch and playing Marco Polo in the pool as a kid. None of these are particularly sexy topics of discussion and will throw off her game.

If you’re determined to ask these kinds of things, that’s fine, I’m not telling you that they’re the worst things you can say, I’m just telling you that if your escort seems thrown off by these questions, that’s why. She wants to be a sex bomb for you and thinking about her innocent childhood is probably not the best way to do that.

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Escort Agency Talk – 55 Tips

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Tips from an escort: What to expect from an escort

Every business interaction has its own set of unwritten rules. For example, ski masks are frowned upon for bank customers, even when it’s cold enough outside to shatter teeth. Banks know what to expect from their clients, and their clients generally know how not to get shot at.

escorts near Toronto, Ontario / best toronto escort agency contact us hiring at toronto girlfriends

Completing a business transaction can be tricky however if the services provided are purchased through code words, acronyms and innuendo, and only a clear set of expectations can save you from a world of trouble.

While this may sound like the first time you do your taxes on your own, there may actually be a more nerve-wrecking first time experience—and that’s your first time with an escort.

Elise A. won’t do your taxes for you, but you’ll like what she does so much better. Elise is an escort operating on Vancouver Island, B.C. Although she’s fairly new to the business, she recently made the decision to go full-time and has had considerable exposure to all aspects of the industry through friends.

I became an escort because I genuinely enjoy taking care of people and I have a very passionate side, so the two just meshed.

Shortly after she had chosen to work as an escort on a full-time basis, Playboy called out of the blue and invited her to join their stable of live web cam talent in partnership with Hustler and Vivid Entertainment. Playboy doesn’t phone just anybody directly, so the dark-haired and curvy Elise knows what she’s doing.

Between Playboy and her regular clients, Elise is a busy woman, but she’s happy to provide some advice for any potential first-time customers.

What to expect from a first encounter with an escort depends on the kind of escort providing the encounter. “First of all, there’s the street kind or street walkers” said Elise. “The Wal-Mart variety, if you will. These girls tend to be the addicts and they’re very inexpensive,” she continued. “You get what you get, and hopefully the gentlemen don’t get a disease—same goes for the women.”

Occasionally street girls will band together, get a motel room and then go to a local library to post their ads on Craigslist. “These girls are still classified as street walkers, only slightly more expensive,” said Elise. “They’re just street walkers with a room. Most will just work out of cars and alley ways.”

Elise classifies herself as a escort, which she says is a whole different world from the hooker on the street. Elise works out of a well-appointed condo; she’s clean, safe and takes pride in the services she offers.

The next level up from Elise is the courtesan—a classification Elise dreams of approaching some day. The courtesan is expensive and elite. She’s going to travel, and she may even research the company and the business her client owns in order to familiarize herself so she can easily blend in, as she may well be moving within his social circle.

Any first encounter will start with a phone call. Elise uses that first contact with a prospective client to put the client at ease, and to discover what the client is looking for. “Every escort is different, and it really comes down to what the gentleman wants,” said Elise. “He’s the one with the cash. It’s his fantasy, and a good escort can help him figure out what that is.” However, if a client wants to learn more about what to ask for he can go online to pick up some of the lingo.There are also escort review websites that can tell them who to avoid, and who is very good. A client can join these sites for free, and review as a guest.

If you don’t know whether you’d prefer the GFE or the PSE, a first-timer may want to brush up on the lingo, because those three letters denote very different experiences.
The Girlfriend Experience means kissing, cuddling and cunnilingus. The Porn Star Experience means a bareback blowjob (no condom) and the client can cum in the escorts mouth or on her face. Often, PSE can cost considerably more than GFE.

If you call an escort from a blocked number or pay phone, she’ll likely talk with you but she’ll ask that you call back from an un-blocked number. If you’re wanting an out-call visit to your home or hotel room, the escort will ask for the hotel name and room number. She’ll call the room ahead of time to ensure you answer.

An escort will also expect that 50% of first-time callers will lie about their names, even though the escort typically is only asking for a first name. “It’s really funny,” said Elise. “I’ll always know if they gave me a fake name in the heat of passion. I’ll call out the name they gave me to let them know I’m enjoying it and they sort of bristle.” If you’re going to lie about your name to an escort, at least be original. The most commonly used names are Dave, Jim, Mark and ironically, John.

Elise will ask questions of her clients to find out what they’re looking for, what would make them happy and what would make it special.

Some guys don’t know what will make them happy, because they’ve never been asked that before,” says Elise

If it’s your first time you may want to ask the escort a few questions of your own. One important question may be whether the escort allows for MSOG—multiple shots on goal. This question determines whether the client is allowed more than one orgasm per session. “For some escorts it doesn’t matter how much time they’ve paid for,” said Elise. “If they cum they’re done.”

Escorts who work for agencies must often work around stricter rules than girls like Elise who are independent. “Agencies are strict about those things and about time,” said Elise. “When that buzzer goes off and you’re in the middle of intercourse you get off the gentleman and leave. Independent girls make their own rules, so we can offer gentlemen a block of time and let our passion dictate what happens instead. I want my client to feel spoiled, pampered and to get every minute he pays for.”

While passion matters, it is after all a business transaction. Elise will meet you at the door in lingerie, give you a hug and a kiss, but she expects to be paid within the first five minutes. “I’ll ask him if we can take care of business so we can have our play time. They’ll know ahead of time what the donation is.”

Elise prefers her cash in an envelope, because it makes it a little nicer. She’s too polite to count it in front of a client, but she’ll leave the room momentarily to ensure she’s not being short-changed. Those first minutes at the door are important, as it’s the client’s chance to see the escort in full light and to make sure he’s not falling victim to a bait and switch.

Much like anything, it’s normal to be nervous the first time. A good escort will know how to ease the transition to the bedroom. “Some are so nervous I have to make them coffee and we’ll sit and chat for twenty minutes before leading him to the bedroom,” said Elise.

“I do hear from clients that some ads are misleading,” said Elise. “The girls don’t look like their pictures or it’s not what he was expecting.” Once the clothes come off, there are no refunds so it’s important for a client to ensure he’s getting what he wants.

An escort is equally free to make judgements about you, and free to turn you away without explanation. Elise has turned clients away for behaving badly, or simply because they gave her a bad feeling. Sharing what you’re looking for with the escort beforehand will guarantee that when you finally reach that bedroom, you’re getting what you came for.

If you want your mind blown when you get there, give the escort as much information as you can to make sure it happens. If you have a particular fetish, let her know ahead of time so she can be prepared with the appropriate props, toys or costumes. “I want his time with me to be an hour of pure indulgence,” said Elise. “I want to make sure he feels spoiled and pampered, and every desire is met.”

Now play safe, play nice and have fun



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Escort Agency Talk – Episode 54

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#54. A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts
March 8, 2016 | best toronto escort agency contact us hiring at toronto girlfriends
“What are you doing right now?” I ask, cell phone pressed tightly against my ear.

“Nothing, just walking to my next class. Why are you whispering?” Sophie asks.

by Sarah Brooke

“What are you doing right now?” I ask, cell phone pressed tightly against my ear.

“Nothing, just walking to my next class. Why are you whispering?” Sophie asks.

“Actually, I don’t know why I’m whispering. I’m in the backyard of Angel Escorts taking a much needed break from the drama that is going on right now.” I take another drag off my cigarette, raising my voice back up to more normal levels. “I can still hear Ebony shouting at Tim even though I’m on the back deck. I guess I have no reason to worry about them overhearing me.”

“Oh! What’s going on?” Sophie asks, curiosity obvious in her voice.

“Ebony and Dixie are downstairs right now, trying to convince Tim to fire Chantal. They refuse to work with a drug addict.”

“Well, can you blame them?” She says.

“Come on, it’s not like she’s on heroin or something. She just has a pill problem.”

“And somehow that makes it acceptable? It’s still a drug and she’s still an addict.” Sophie’s never been very forgiving when it comes to drug users.

“I know, I know.” I’m not sure why I keep defending her to Sophie. I barely know the girl. “Anyways it looks like they’re about to quit.”

“God, I wish I was there for this. My life has been so fucking boring recently.”

“What about your regular who asked if you’d go to Jamaica with him? That’s pretty exciting.” I say, trying to cheer her up.

“Yeah, he asked me if I wanted to go to Jamaica next YEAR. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen. At least I’m not holding my breath about it.” She says, letting out a drawn out sigh.

“Don’t worry, if he doesn’t take you to Jamaica, I will.” I smile. It would be nice to go on a vacation right about now.

“I’m going to hold you to that. Hey, listen, I’m almost at my class. Any more juicy gossip?”

“Not really. I just needed an excuse not to go back down there and thought having a cigarette and calling you made sense.”

“You’re smoking again? I thought you were going to quit?”

“How can I quit if I’ve never really started?” I consider my smoking habit to be mild so I tease Sophie by acting like I don’t smoke at all. My habit doesn’t seem to bother her when she’s stressed or buzzed and wants one for herself. “I guess I should go back inside and see what exactly I can overhear. I’m sure Syndy will fill me in on anything juicy that I’ve missed.”

“Just go back downstairs, don’t be shy. You need to tell me all about it once I get home tonight. I don’t mean to overstate this but my life is really, really boring. I’m living vicariously through you. Don’t disappoint me.” With this, she hangs up. I find myself staring at the phone for a minute, wondering if I should continue avoiding having to go back in the house. I could call Mike. Hell, I could even call my mom or Mel. I notice that my cigarette is done and I flick it on the ground. I decide to be brave and head back downstairs.

I pause at the top of the stairs. For a moment, there’s no noise at all. No yelling, no screaming, not a peep. I wonder if maybe they’ve all left but a moment later I hear Ebony’s voice start up again. They must have thought I was a client coming into the townhouse and shut their mouths accordingly.

I carefully step down the stairs, treading down them as loudly as I can to make sure my presence doesn’t come as a surprise.

“Fine then. We both want severance pay.”

“Severance pay? Are you joking with me right now? Are you hearing the words that are coming out of your mouth?” Tim says.

“You’re basically firing us. Why shouldn’t we get severance pay?”

“Ebony, Dixie, let’s make this clear. You are both quitting right now. No one is firing you. You do not have to leave. You are welcome to apologize to me, Syndy, Roxi and Chantal for this outburst. No one is firing you.”

“Like Hell I’d apologize to the likes of her!” Ebony shouts, spittle flying out of her mouth. At first I think she’s talking about me but then I quickly realize she means Chantal. “You can go fuck yourself. Come on Dix, let’s go.” Without another word she turns on her heel and takes a step towards the stairs. I guess she hasn’t noticed that I’ve come back downstairs because she runs into me and nearly knocks me over. “Get out of my fucking way, you bitch!” She shoves me aside and I fall into the wall. My mouth is wide open in shock.

“Excuse me, apologize to her!” Tim stands up and bellows at Ebony. The sound of his booming voice stops Ebony in her tracks. She pauses for a moment and then turns around to face him.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you’re a pencil dicked moron who can’t keep his cock out of his employees. Escorts or not, you should treat your employees with more respect than this.” She points her finger towards his cock and laughs. “And from what I hear, you don’t have much going on in that department anyways. It’s a wonder that any of these girls let you stick it to them.” Ebony laughs.

Dixie’s face turns a bright shade of red. She stumbles out of her chair and practically runs past Ebony and up the stairs.

“It was nice working with you guys.” Syndy smiles sweetly and waves. Ebony does nothing but glare daggers at her. Turning on her heel again, she heads up the stairs, stomping all the way.

“Roxi, follow them please. Give them their stuff, it’s all in bags in the hallway closet. Don’t let them touch anything else and if they try to, just yell and I’ll be right up.” Tim says, collapsing into his chair. Syndy pats him on the shoulder, a sympathetic look on her face.

I nod and head up the stairs. Dixie is already gone but Ebony is searching through the closet.

“I had a pair of leather boots here. Where the fuck are they?” She shouts at me without looking up.

“Here, everything that belongs to you is in this bag. There’s a bag for Dixie’s stuff too.” I make a move to reach in front of her to grab the bags but instead I just point towards them.

“Bullshit he wasn’t planning on firing us. This is proof that he was. DIXIE!” She shouts, looking towards the door. Wherever Dixie is, I don’t think she can hear her.

“No, it’s not like that. He knew you were going to quit and he just wanted to make sure we had everything of yours gathered up in case you did. He wasn’t going to fire you guys.”

“Good luck working for that prick. No matter how he sweet talks you, don’t let him stick it to you. I heard that he has an STD. I’m not gonna tell you which one but trust me, it ain’t pretty.” She grabs her bag of stuff as well as Dixie’s and rushes out the door.

I stand there, looking out the open door for a minute, watching her struggle with these two heavy garbage bags. I can see that Dixie is waiting in a car near the townhouse. I’m stabbed with a sudden pang of guilt when I see that it looks like she’s crying. Shutting the door, I walk into the kitchen and decide to do some dishes before going back downstairs. Maybe I can just avoid going back downstairs at all but the truth is I desperately need to put up ads for the girls. I’m halfway through the dishes when I realize that Syndy’s noon appointment must be fast approaching. I shake the water off my hands and rub them on my pants. I jog downstairs to find Syndy staring at the computer screen and Tim staring off into space.

“Syndy, your 12 o’clock is going to be here very soon.”

“Okay, thank you love. That was some nasty drama, huh?” She says, her eyes wide.

“That was… something.” I say.

“Did they take their belongings?” Tim asks, his eyes focused on something at his feet.


“There were no further problems?” He looks up at me and I can see that he looks absolutely exhausted.

“No, it was fine. Ebony swore a little and left.”

“Okay. I’m going to need you to put up some ads today. We need to hire at least one more girl, preferably two or more. Is your friend interested in coming to work with us?”

“I haven’t asked her yet. She’s so busy with school that I don’t think she’d want to come on with an escort agency.” I lie, not wanting to admit that she just doesn’t want to work for an agency for the basic reason that they take a big percentage of her earnings.

“We’d be happy to work around her schedule.” Tim says, picking up a pen and absentmindedly twirling it. “Put up an ad and make sure that it says we are looking for girls who are drug and drama free.”

“OK, no problem.”

“Don’t mention the cut we take or anything like that. Be vague and don’t mention the agency name specifically either. Just say that we’re one of the areas top escort agencies. Mention that we’ll take on girls new to the industry.”

“Sure. You know, I have things under control here. Why don’t you head home? You don’t need to be here.” I say.

He stares at the wall for a minute. “You’re right. I’m going to go get some sleep. I was up all night last night. If anything comes up, call me. And if either of those idiots come back, call me right away. Don’t let them in. Lock the deadbolt on the door behind me when I leave.”

I nod and he lifts himself out of his chair. As soon as we hear the upstairs door shut, Syndy spins her chair towards me.

“That was awesome!” She exclaims.

“What? No, that was awkward.” I say, shaking my head.

“I’ve been waiting for those two bitches to leave since the day I got here.” A big smile is on her face. “We should go out to celebrate tonight. Drinks?”

I’m about to say yes when I realize that Mike is at home waiting for me. “Oh fuck, I can’t tonight. My boyfriend is at home right now waiting for me. I promised we’d spend the day together.”

“Oh, no problem.” She reaches into a drawer and pulls out a bottle of vodka. “We can do this right here if you want.”

“Syndy!” I say, laughing. “It’s not even noon! And you have a client coming in fifteen minutes.”

“So? I’m not going to get drunk. Come on, let’s go make a drink.” She heads upstairs and I follow her into the kitchen.

“Whose stash is that anyways?”

“It’s technically Tim’s but we all drink out of it now and again.” She reaches into the fridge and grabs the only drink we have in there, grape juice. “This will have to do.” I grab us two glasses out of the cupboard and pour two shots of vodka into each glass. Syndy fills the glasses up with juice, spilling some on the counter.

“To new and hopefully sweeter coworkers!” She says, clinking her glass with mine. I take a big sip of my drink and put it down on the counter. Syndy, however, chugs hers and tosses the empty glass into the sink. “Okay darling, I have to shower. We’ll continue this after my appointment. Don’t go anywhere!”

She trots up the stairs and I bring my drink downstairs with me, eager to post ads and hopefully find some new and non dramatic talent to recruit.

To be continued

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About the author
Having successfully helped a friend run her business as an escort in Vancouver BC, Sarah advanced to consulting escort agencies.



The story continues

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Escort Agency Talk – Episode 53

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#53. A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts
September 15, 2015 | work as en elite companion at Toronto’s Finest escorts agency
The phone is quiet for once and I’m able to sleep until almost 10am. The shrill ringtone that I’ve chosen for the Angel Escorts phone wakes me out of a dream and it takes me a moment to snap back into reality. When my eyes finally open I see that Mike is holding the phone out to me, his own eyes closed. I press the talk button before checking the caller ID, afraid that I might lose the call if I wait any longer to answer it.
by Sarah Brooke
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“Good morning, Angel Escorts, Roxi speaking.” I don’t think that my voice sounds like I’ve just woken up, at least I sincerely hope that it doesn’t.

“You gotta come in, Rox.”

“Huh?” I hold the phone away from my face for a moment to check the caller ID. It’s Syndy. I put the phone back on my ear. “Hey, what’s up?”

“You should be here right now.” She says, her voice almost a whisper.

“No way, Tim didn’t tell me to come in.” I sit up in bed, trying to remember if maybe he’d told me to come in today and I’d forgotten.

“Just get your butt in here. I can’t really talk. Ebony and Dixie showed up.”

“And? You can’t just leave me hanging like that, what’s going on?” I ask.

“Tim is on his way over, you should get your butt here. NOW!” She’s whispering but her voice is full of excitement.

“Honestly I don’t know if I should. Tim might not want more witnesses there if something messy is about to happen.”

“Trust me, he’ll appreciate you being here. I have a client coming in at eleven, we need this whole situation wrapped up by then.”

“Fuck. Do you think I should try to push back your eleven o’clock?” I ask.

Syndy pauses for a moment, obviously thinking. “Actually yeah, try to push him back to noon. It’s best if no one is around while Ebony and Dixie are here. I think there’s going to be a scene.”

“Fuck. Okay, I’m throwing clothes on and I’ll be there soon. Try to get Ebony and Dixie downstairs to wait for Tim but don’t leave them alone with the computers for a second.” I say, worried that they might try to sabotage something or steal sensitive information.

“Got it. See you soon, babe.” With this she hangs up the call.

“What’s that all about?” Mike says, his voice groggy but clearly interested.

“Dixie and Ebony are at Angel Escorts.”

“And?” He opens one eye to look at me.

“I think shit is about to go down.” I say, throwing my legs over the bed. “I have to go in.”

“Do you want me to go in with you?” He rolls onto his back and stretches, letting out a monster yawn.

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Tim is a pretty big guy, if anything gets physical I’m sure he’ll be able to handle it.”

“Physical? Do you really think that it could come down to that?” His eyes are wide now, concern written all over his face.

“No, not at all. I’m just saying, we have it under control.”

“I’d rather you not go in. I don’t want you involved in this.” He leans on his elbow, staring at me with a frown on his face.

“It’s kind of my job. I have to make sure none of the clients walk in on this.” Thankfully this makes me remember that I have to push Syndy’s eleven o’clock back. I grab the phone off the bed and find the clients name and number. I make up an excuse and ask if noon would be convenient for him. I’ll have to talk to Tim about giving the guy a small discount for the inconvenience. I toss the phone back on the bed and head to my closet where I throw on the first clean pair of pants and shirt that I find. I have no time to do my hair or makeup, let alone shower so I clip my hair back and hope that I look presentable.

“Do I look okay?” I ask, even though there’s no way Mike would ever tell me that I looked like crap.

“You look great. Are you going to be back before dinner?”

“I’m going to be back way before then, I promise. I’m just going to make sure hell doesn’t break loose then I’m coming right home.” Mike and I have not seen a whole lot of each other since I started this job and I had promised him that we’d spend the day together.

“Alright, well drive safe and call me if you need anything.” He looks concerned but not upset, which I take as a good sign. I give him a kiss and rush out the door, almost forgetting my purse in my urgency. A short while later I pull up to the townhouse. The door to Angel Escorts is wide open and a fleeting moment of panic overcomes me. I can’t help but imagine that something dramatic has happened. I close the door shut behind me and stand in the entrance for a moment. I hear angry voices coming from downstairs and decide to head down there first.

“You don’t even fucking know the shit I’ve gone through for this fucking agency.” I come down the stairs and see that Ebony is screeching at Syndy, who is sitting cross legged in Tim’s usual chair, staring wide eyed at Ebony. Ebony doesn’t see me enter the room but Dixie, who is sitting next to Syndy, does.

“Hello, Roxi. What brings you here?” She smiles at me, an empty smile that does nothing but creep me out.

“Hey ladies, what’s up? I thought I’d come in today to do some cleaning, what’s going on?” I decide that playing dumb is my best bet.

“As if you don’t fucking know.” Ebony turns on her heel and starts yelling at me. “Where is Tim? He too busy fucking that crackhead to come deal with his business?”

“Whoa, what?” I say, taking a step backwards.

“Ebony, be cool.” Dixie shoots her a stern look and Ebony shuts up, for the moment at least. “What do you know about this, Roxi?”

“What do you mean?”

“Chantal came in here the other day, high as fuck. You were here, weren’t you?” Dixie asks.

I lick my lips nervously, not sure what to say. “Yes, I was.”

“What happened?”

“She was just acting strange. Nothing really happened.” I say, shrugging my shoulders.

“Did Tim say she was fired?” Dixie asks.

“I can’t remember. Maybe?” I look at Syndy, who is staring at me with an amused look on her face.

“Well he’s not firing her now. He’s going to keep her around. What do you think of that? Do you think it’s a good idea to keep a known druggie working for the agency?”

“Um, I don’t know. I don’t like to get involved.”

“Roxi, you’re the manager here. You have to get involved. Why haven’t you told Tim to fire her?” Dixie says. I wonder how I went from “phone answering girl” to manager without anyone having actually discussed it with me first.

“Oh, geez, Tim wouldn’t listen to me…”

Dixie cuts me off. “It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?”

“Um, I guess?” I shrug my shoulders again. “I’m just not sure that it’s even my business. He can hire and fire who he wants, he’s the owner.”

“If he doesn’t fire her ass, Ebony and I are leaving.” She says.

“You bet your fucking ass I’m leaving. Do you know how many agencies have contacted me, wanting to steal me away? Fuck this shit, I’m not working with no fucking crackhead.” Ebony is animated as usual, her hands planted firmly on her hips, spewing her words like venom. “Nobody is gonna want to come to an agency that hires girls that are strung the fuck out.”

“If you lose us, you will lose a lot of business.” Dixie says, glaring at me as if somehow I’m responsible for all of this.

“I don’t doubt that, you guys are great and we’re lucky to have you.” I decide that sweet talking is the only way I might gain any ground here. “Why would you want to leave? We can arrange it so that you guys and Chantal are never working the same shifts. Would that help anything?”

“No!” Dixie and Ebony cry out at the same time. “What’s going on is not okay. I won’t work for a company that condones drug use.” Ebony continues.

“Ebony, we don’t condone drug use, you know that.” I say.

“She had her chance and she blew it. She doesn’t deserve to work here.” Dixie says, stone cold as ever.

“Oh, like you guys have never made mistakes?” Syndy pipes up, narrowing her eyes at the both of them. “What gives you the right to judge her?”

“My sobriety.” Ebony spits out, staring down Syndy. “You don’t bring that shit to work. Do whatever you want in your free time but there is never an excuse to bring that shit to work.”

I wish I could disagree with her but she’s right. Chantal fucked up and should be fired. I can’t agree with them though or I risk pissing Tim off.

“No one is saying that she didn’t fuck up. She did. But maybe she deserves another chance.”

“She doesn’t.” Ebony turns to face the wall and punches it. The action catches me off guard and I let out a startled cry. Dixie bursts out laughing at my reaction and I get an irresistible urge to punch her in the throat. Somehow I manage to resist.

“I don’t know what you guys want me to do. You need to talk to Tim.” Where is he? Why hasn’t he showed up yet? If Syndy texted him when they first arrived he should have had more then enough time to get here.

“We’re trying to but he hasn’t showed up yet. Is he too afraid of us? Sends you to do his dirty work?” Ebony says, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“I don’t know, is Tim on his way?” I ask Syndy. She nods her head and looks down to check her phone.

“He’s on his way.” She says, looking up at me and placing her phone on the desk in front of her. As if by some magic, at this very moment the upstairs door creaks open. It must be Tim. Heavy footsteps fall on the floor above our heads and we’re all silent, staring up at the ceiling. He pauses at the stop of the stairs, probably taking a deep breath to try to steel himself against the shit storm that is inevitably coming his way.

Slowly and deliberately he walks down the stairs. When he is finally in view, he first looks at me, then at Ebony, then at Dixie. Syndy stands up and vacates his chair, then walks over to me and takes her position by my side. Tim passes by Ebony and Dixie and sits in his chair. He leans back and crosses his arms in front of his chest.

“What is the meaning of this?” His voice is calm but loud.

“You damn well know what the meaning of this is. What the fuck are you thinking, Tim?”

“Ebony, you had better watch your tone of voice with me.” He narrows his eyes at her.

“Oh, had I? Had I better? Tim what the fuck is going on here. Chantal shows up, high as a kite again, and you aren’t gonna fire her? What the FUCK?” Ebony says, her hands back on her hips again.

“I’m sorry, but do you have some stake in this business that I’m not aware of? Are you part owner? Manager?” He says, his eyes fixed on Ebony.

“I’ve been here for a long time Tim, I’ve put up with a lot of bullshit and stayed. I am not going to work with drug addicts, do you hear me? I refuse!” Her voice is getting louder and louder with each word that tumbles out of her mouth. Dixie looks much more meek since Tim showed up, she is staring at her shoes.

“I’m sorry that you feel that you need to resign. There is no need for that.”

“That’s it? That’s all you’re going to say? You’d rather keep a crackhead slut working for you than me and Dixie?”

Tim turns and looks at Dixie. “Dixie, is this true? Are you planning on leaving too?”

For a moment Dixie says nothing, perhaps she is reconsidering her stance on the matter. When she finally speaks her voice is quiet and sounds almost shy. “I’m not willing to work with an addict.”

“We are better than this, Tim. We deserve a workplace that respects its girls.” Ebony shouts.

“Ebony, are you really accusing me of disrespecting my girls?”

“This is straight up disrespectful. We have put in countless hours for you, made you so much money and this is how you treat us. You are disrespectful.” Ebony is still talking loudly but she’s not shouting at Tim the way she was shouting at us.

The room is silent for a moment and then the shrill ringtone of the phone distracts us all from the fight at hand. I stare down at the phone for a moment and then sprint up the stairs to answer it.

I clear my throat, determined to sound confident and cheerful. “Angel Escorts, this is Roxi, how can I help you?”

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About the author
Having successfully helped a friend run her business as an escort in Vancouver BC, Sarah advanced to consulting escort agencies.



The story continues

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Escort Agency Talk – Episode 52

Running an Escort Agency – Episode 50″>← Previous episode (#51)

Running an Escort Agency – Episode 52″>Next episode (#53) →

#52. A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts
August 6, 2015 | toronto escort agency how to be an escort
I arrive at work in a bit of a stupor thanks to another long night spent manning the phones. Taylor insisted on being on until 3am which meant that my little power nap that I took while Sophie handled the phones did nothing to help me actually catch up on sleep. I rolled out of bed this morning wondering just how long I can ultimately survive on 4-5 hours sleep. There’s no way that one girl ran the phones before me, or if she did, no wonder she quit.

by Sarah Brooke
toronto escort agency how to be an escort

I needed to talk to Tim at some point about hiring someone else to work part time to answer the phones but with the drama involving Chantal, I don’t want to add more shit to his plate right now. No, for now there was nothing I could do but grin and bear it and hope that my next paycheck would make this all seem worthwhile.

Before opening the door to the townhouse, I take a moment to rest my head against the front door, trying to will myself to perk up enough to be able to talk to the girls in a friendly voice. Taking one long sip from my extra large coffee, I grab the door handle and turn. Nothing. It’s locked. Sighing, I plop down on the step cross legged and start going through my over sized purse, hoping that I remembered to bring the key. The exact moment that my hand finally finds the key I look up and see Tim standing in front of me, hands crossed in front of his chest, looking none to pleased.

“Hello.” he says, his voice deep and unpleasant.

“Hi Tim, how are you?” I look up at him, squinting in the early morning sun.

“I’m just fine. Did you lose your key?” he says, still sounding quite unpleasant.

“No, not exactly. I have it right here.” I say, holding the key up as proof.

“If you had a reasonably sized purse you wouldn’t have had to search for it for so long.” He looks at me critically, one eyebrow raised and before I can stop myself, my eyes narrow at him in agitation. I say nothing and stand, turning on my heel and opening the door with my key. I step into the townhouse before him and kick off my shoes into the closet. He follows me in but keeps his shoes on.

“I’m glad you’re here before the girls, I’d like to talk with you.” He immediately walks downstairs and I take a second to catch my breath before following him. He doesn’t seem to be in a very good mood and I’m not looking forward to whatever this conversation is going to be about. I take my time walking through the hall and down the stairs and when I finally get to the office, I sit in front of him, legs crossed, waiting for the shit that I’m assuming is about to come my way.

“As I’m sure you heard, we had a little problem here yesterday.” he says.

“Yes, I’m aware of that.” I nod my head and wait for him to speak.

“Somehow Ebony found out about what happened and she’s refused to come in today until I fire Chantal.”

“Oh.” I wait, hoping that he continues but instead he leans back and waits for me to speak, eyes staring right through me. “So Chantal isn’t getting fired?”

“Chantal has some serious problems that she is working hard to address. I believe in her ability to get sober and I’ve agreed to send her to rehab and she’s agreed to go.” he says, his voice softening while speaking of Chantal.

“Oh.” I am at a loss. What does he want me to say?

“Ultimately it’s my decision who stays and goes, who is hired and fired. It’s none of the girls business what I’ve decided to do with Chantal. They will work with her and be polite and respectful or they won’t work here at all.” His eyes narrow at me and I nod my head as if I understand. “If Ebony does not show up for her shift tomorrow, she is gone.”

“Okay. Fair enough.” I say.

“And I want you to be the one to tell her this.”

“Me? Why me?” I’m practically squealing. He can’t be serious.

“You act as a manager around here, don’t you? I want you to be involved in the hiring and firing of all our girls. I know you’ve been working hard and that some of the girls aren’t the easiest to get along with. You’ve earned a sizable bonus, at least in my opinion, and you’ll see that on your next paycheck. If you’re not comfortable stepping up to the plate, so to speak, just let me know now.” He stares and waits for me to speak.

“No, no. It’s fine. I’ve just never been responsible for giving someone that kind of news yet.”

“It gets easier every time, trust me. Ebony might think that she is playing a game with me, refusing to come in because Chantal hasn’t been fired, but she isn’t. I’m the boss and what I decide is the law around here. If I didn’t think that Chantal could get better, we wouldn’t be sitting here having this conversation right now.”

I wonder what Dixie is going to think about all this but I say nothing. If she hasn’t spoken out yet, I’m sure as hell not going to bring her into this. “I trust your decision. I don’t know Chantal very well, I just know she can’t behave like that with customers. If there had been clients here yesterday this whole scenario would have played out a lot differently.”

“But there weren’t. We were lucky.” He folds his hands into his lap and looks down at them. “I’m not entirely sure what Dixie is going to think of this whole situation but if she doesn’t show up for her shift tomorrow, she can expect the same treatment as Ebony. I don’t know how they found out about Chantal’s little episode but if Ebony knows, Dixie must know as well.”

I guess Tim has finally chosen between his two escort lovers. I couldn’t help but wince, thinking of how angry Dixie is going to be when she finds out. Although if I personally had to pick between Dixie or Chantal staying, I’d rather have the crackhead. She at least seemed like she could be nice between her drug fueled outbursts.

I debate between biting my tongue and saying nothing about my own involvement with how Ebony found out about Chantal. Should I shut up about it? No. Probably not. Ebony would likely tell him all about how she found out once she discovers that she is heading towards getting fired. I might as well come clean. “I mentioned it to Ebony, in an offhand way. I didn’t really think that she’d be upset by it. It isn’t really her business.”

“To Ebony, everything is her business. At least in her head it is.” He leans forward in the chair, staring intently at me, hands clasped in front of him. “Sarah, would you do me the favour of collecting all of Ebony’s belongings? Bring them down here, put them in the laundry room or in the corner. There shouldn’t be too many of her things, ask the other girls once they come in what belongs to her. If she does decide to quit, I worry that she might cause a scene. It’d be easier if everything of hers is ready to go. I can bring her her belongings if she doesn’t want to come back here.”

Knowing Ebony, I doubt she will take this lying down. I’m still not sure what Dixie will do and I wonder if I should get her stuff together too but I don’t want to mention it and let on that I know about him and Dixie’s complicated relationship.

“That’s all fine. I’ll work on that today. If she shows up and causes a scene should I be worried?”

He pauses for a minute, thinking. “Syndy, Taylor and Maggie are in today. You won’t be alone. I have to leave in an hour but if anything happens, just call me and I’ll come right back. If Ebony or Dixie show up, let me know right away. It could get ugly but there’s no way to know. Ebony tends to have a flare for the dramatic.” He smirks, possibly remembering some time in the past that Ebony had shown this dramatic flare.

I decide to just go right ahead and ask. “Is Dixie going to be upset as well? Did she not like Chantal for some reason?” I try to play as dumb as I can about his involvement with Dixie and her real reasons for her possible anger about Chantal not being fired.

“That’s a little complicated but suffice to say that her and Chantal were not the best of friends.” He says as diplomatically as he can. “Now, I have some work to do. You’re welcome to use the laptop to place the ads for the girls. Maggie isn’t in until noon today and as far as I know Taylor isn’t starting until one. She has an appointment with a regular at two so book her for a half hour at one if you can, but not for any longer than that. Syndy should be in shortly.” He has already started looking at something on the computer, ignoring me.

“Sure. Sounds good.” I grab the laptop and head back up the stairs, staking out a comfortable spot on the couch. I’m lost in my work when I hear the door swing open. My heart flutters for a second, imagining it’s Ebony or Dixie or perhaps them both, coming to start another fight. I hear the sound of boots being kicked off and a moment later, in walks Syndy. She’s dressed in loose fitting jeans and a t-shirt.

“Hey hun, what’s kicking?” She says, removing the headphones from her ears. I can hear the tune of a pop song playing quietly through the headphones but not enough to make out the song.

“Oh not much.” I beckon her over to the couch and she sits right next to me. I bring my voice to a whisper. “Ebony isn’t showing up for her shift today and Tim says if she doesn’t show up for tomorrows, she won’t be working here anymore.”

“No shit!” Syndy says without lowering her voice.

“I’m whispering because Tim is downstairs.” I say, my eyes wide, finger pointing towards the basement.

“Oh!” She says, laughing. She lowers the volume of her voice. “No way, that’s awesome. So he’s not firing Chantal then?”

I shake my head no. “He’s sending her to rehab.”

“Holy fuck, she must have finally got him wrapped around her little finger.” She shakes her head. “I would have thought he’d pick Dixie if he was going to choose either of them.”

“Why? She’s a bitch.” I say, surprised.

“Yeah, and he can be an even bigger bitch. Chantal is so nice and wholesome.”

I can’t help but laugh. “Wholesome? Chantal the druggie?”

“Nah, she’s cool. Once she sobers up and you get to know her you’ll see. She’s not a bad person.”

I immediately feel bad for shit talking Chantal. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be a judgmental prick. I’m sure she’s awesome.”

“I really thought she was gone this time. Good for you, Chantal.” She stares off into space, thinking. She turns her attention back to me. “Did he mention anything about Dixie quitting?”

“No, not really. I don’t think she’s made a stand or anything.” I say.

“Oh, I can’t wait to see how this works out. Can you put me on the schedule for tomorrow? I have a feeling some shit is going to go down.” A smile spreads across her face and I can’t help but feel a bit nervous. How exactly is this all going to play out?

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About the author
Having successfully helped a friend run her business as an escort in Vancouver BC, Sarah advanced to consulting escort agencies.



The story continues

Escort Agency Talk Original article found on skipthegames.com


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Escort Agency Talk – Episode 51

Running an Escort Agency – Episode 50″>← Previous episode (#50)

Running an Escort Agency – Episode 52″>Next episode (#52) →

#51. A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts
August 1, 2015 | Escort business management
I push the door open as quietly as I can, checking inside the entry way for shoes. It’s 8pm and this is a popular time for gentleman callers and I want to make sure that Sophie isn’t entertaining anyone. I know she didn’t have any appointments booked for this evening but sometimes her clients will call her up last minute to see if she can accommodate them. Peering down I see that there are no shoes in sight and the coast looks clear. Stepping in the rest of the way I kick off my shoes and toss my purse on the floor next to the door. Leaning up against the wall I let out a long, drawn out sigh. It feels good to be home.
by Sarah Brooke
toronto escort agency how to be an escort

“Hello?” A familiar voice calls from the living room, interrupting my thoughts.

“Hello, my dear.” I smile and push myself off the wall.

“How’s it going? Come here and sit with me.” Sophie calls.

“One second, I need a drink.” I stop by the fridge and grab a bottle of juice. I grab a glass from the dish rack and kneel next to our liquor cabinet, scanning the bottles and trying to make a speedy decision. I decide on Jamaican rum and carry my haul to the couch. I plop down next to Sophie who is wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt and underwear. She must have just stepped out of the shower because her hair is wet and tied back in a simple pony tail.

“Hey missy, if you didn’t bring me a glass you’re going to have to share.” She says, holding out her hand. I place the glass in her hand and pour a good three or four shots of rum into it. I take a swig from the bottle before I place it on the table and then fill the glass to the brim with juice. Sophie takes a deep sip and then starts to twirl the glass in deliberate, small circles. I’m not sure how much of the liquid she is actually managing to mix but I don’t have the heart to say anything.

“So, Chantal comes in this morning high as a kite on a windy day.” I say.

“Yup, got that part.” She nods and squints her eyes at me ever so slightly, waiting for the story.

“And about how she tried to call the cops and tell them that we were a drug den?” I ask. I know I told Mike this part of the story but how much did I tell Sophie? It’s been a long day, I can barely remember.

Sophie laughs at the thought of it. “Yep, got that part too.”

“It was crazy, Tim had to throw her phone into the toilet to stop her. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to see it.” I say, trying to imagine what that scene must have looked like. “Anyways, the girls who were working and I get together for lunch and they all get to talking about Chantal’s big blow out. Turns out these ladies don’t care for Ebony and Dixie either. They start pressuring me to text one of them and let them know about Chantal’s freak out because they’re worried that Tim won’t fire her cuz he has a thing for her. If Ebony or Dixie find out Chantal had another episode and wasn’t fired, they’ll lose their minds.”

“Hmmm. And the theory is that maybe they will get so angry that they quit?” Sophie says.

“Exactly.” I steal the drink from Sophie’s outstretched hand and grab a straw from the drawer next to the couch. I stir the alcohol and juice together and take a long sip. “I didn’t want to do it.”

“Of course not, why would you want to get involved in their girly drama.” Sophie says in.

“But I did it.” I admit, sighing.

“Did you really? Who did you text, what did you say?” She hops up off the couch. “I’m going to go grab my own glass, do you want ice?”

I nod and continue my story. “I decided to text Ebony and tell her that we were having a bit of an issue this morning and one of the girls had to go home. I said that it was a slow day and things were probably not going to pick up but if things did get busy and we needed her, would she be able to come in.”

“And?” I hear her slam the freezer door shut and then she bangs the ice tray down on the counter.

“She demanded to know what happened this morning. She sent out four texts asking me what happened, she couldn’t wait to hear the gossip. When I didn’t respond right away she sent Taylor a text asking what happened. I told her and all she said in reply was ‘thanks’. Sophie, I’m not sure that girls ever said thank you.”

She returns from the kitchen, glass full of ice. She drops half of the ice into my glass, careful not to spill anything, and sits down again. “I hope he doesn’t fire the druggie and the two bitches decide to quit.”

I shake my head side to side. “I doubt that will happen. Even if they do quit, what if the next girls to fill their places are just as bad? Never mind that recruitment is supposed to be a huge pain in the ass, most of the girls are so unreliable that they just don’t bother showing up to their interviews.”

“You should make sure that you’re involved in the hiring process, that way you can make sure that the next girls who are hired are competent and not total divas.”

“I highly fucking doubt that he would involve me in the hiring process. Sure, maybe he’d make me do the actual recruiting but the decision won’t be mine. Maybe he has to fuck them to make sure they do good work.” I say, wondering if it could really be true.

“What a creep. It might be true though. Who knows.” Sophie shrugs her shoulders and looks thoughtfully at her drink. “I should pose as an escort looking for work and get him to give me an interview. Then we’d know what kind of guy he really is.”

“No, Sophie, that’s a bad idea.” I say.

“Why?” She asks, furrowing her eyebrows at me.

“What do you mean why? If he ever found out that you were my friend, I’d be fired!”

“Oh, like you care.” She rolls her eyes.

“I do care. I mean, the job can really suck but it’s money. I need money to survive.” I say, not sure why I need to explain this to her.

“Yeah but if you have to you can just come back and work for me.” She says, her t-shirt sliding off her shoulder.

“Soph, didn’t you want to move away? Start over in a new town?” I ask, treading carefully.

She stiffens visibly. “No, forget I said that. I was just upset.”

“I took it seriously. You don’t normally say things just for the sake of saying them.”

“That time I did, okay?” She turns her attention to the TV, which is playing some sitcom on low volume with the subtitles on.

“Anyways, I can work for you if you need me to. I could definitely work your phone and the agencies phone.” I say, dreading even the thought of that scenario. I’d never have a moments peace.

“Nah, it’s okay. I’m fine. I just want you to know that there is another option. If you really do hate your job, you don’t have to stick with it.”

“That warms my heart, thank you.” I grab her hand and squeeze. “I do appreciate it. For the time being I’m going to try to keep this job though. I mean, damn, it’s getting interesting!”

Sophie throws her head back and laughs. “It’s like a fucking soap opera.”

“I know! I can’t wait to find out what happens next.” I laugh.

“Just don’t let any of them, whether it’s the escorts or the boss, treat you like shit. You deserve better.”

I shrug my shoulders. “The bitchy girls I can deal with. The space cadet boss I can handle too. It’s fine. The hours are going to be what kills me.” I look at the time on my cell phone then throw it beside me on the couch. “I’m already exhausted. I hope it’s a quiet night tonight but if it is, then I’ll have to hear the girls complain that there were no calls.”

“Who cares, it’s not your fault if there are no horny guys on the prowl tonight.” She knows as well as anyone that there are slow nights and there’s no way to predict when they’ll happen. It’s just part of the business.

“Tim texted me asking me to go in to work again tomorrow. I have to be there for 9am. I just wanna hang out in my Pjs tomorrow and not have to put my face on.” I groan, shamelessly complaining when I know that Sophie probably has to be at school for the same time.

“Just don’t wash your face and leave on the makeup from today.” She smirks.

“Really helpful advice, thank you.” I shake my head at her and try to smile. That proves to be too difficult of an effort so instead I close my eyes and lean my head back. “How much do I have to pay you to take the phone for me from 11pm to 2am?”

“I have class early tomorrow, I’m so sorry. I can take it for awhile right now if you want? I don’t have any clients tonight and I’ve already done my class work.”

“Actually… yes, please. That would be amazing. Thank you.” I stretch my back before I attempt to stand, the release feels divine. My muscles have been so tense today. “I’ll take a shower and nap for an hour or two. Wake me up when you’re going to sleep, okay? Maggie and Taylor are on still, Syndy has gone home already. Maggie ends at midnight and won’t take calls past then. Taylor is fine to be on til whenever.”

“Got it.” Sophie says and I hope she’s telling the truth.

“I’ll send you a text with that info just in case you forget it.” I say. “Just for my own peace of mind.”

“Sarah, I’m not going to forget. Taylor is on all night and Maggie is done at midnight. I got it, don’t worry.”

“Okay, yes, sorry. I’m just tired, I know I wouldn’t have remembered that if you had told me the same thing.”

“That’s because your brain is fried.” Sophie makes a shooing gesture with her hands. “Go relax. I’ll wake you when I can’t keep my eyes open anymore.” She turns her attention to the TV once again and I finally muster the energy to stand up. I finish my drink and put the empty glass on the table. “Actually, on second thought…” I fill the glass up with juice and splash a few shots of rum into it. “Better take a drink for the road.”

Sophie looks up and turns her head towards me. “Oh, yeah. By the way, tomorrow night I have a few clients stopping by. If you come home anytime between 6pm and 11pm, be careful.”

“Don’t worry, I always try to be. Thanks again. You’re the best.”

She smiles and gives me a little wave before I turn and head for my room. “Love ya.”

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Having successfully helped a friend run her business as an escort in Vancouver BC, Sarah advanced to consulting escort agencies.



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Escort Agency Talk – Episode 49

Syndy caps her lipstick and tosses it back into her purse. We’re standing together waiting in line at McDonald’s. “If he doesn’t fire her, shit is going to start hitting the fan around here.”
by Sarah Brooke

“You think so?”

“Ebony and Dixie will have a total shit fit and will probably quit if he doesn’t fire her.”

I can’t think of anything else to say, so I repeat myself. “You think so?”

“They’re thick as thieves, the two of them, and Dixie doesn’t like to share. She’s never liked Chantal but after he fired her the last time she made it very clear to Tim that she didn’t want her coming back.”

“What happened when he hired her back?” I ask.

“I wasn’t there when it all went down, but Dixie didn’t come into work for a week. We all thought she was going to quit.”

“Would that have been such a bad thing?” I ask, wondering if Syndy could possibly like Dixie.

“If Ebony and Dixie left I would be so fucking happy I would scream.” She looks up at me and smiles. I smile back, glad that we at least have the same opinion of the two girls. “They would not be missed. But they do pretty good business so it’s better for Tim if they stay on. It’s hard to find girls that will stick around, too. Most of the new hires don’t work out. Honestly though, anyone is better than those two bitches.”

“Hi, welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?” The dark haired teenager behind the cash looks bored and doesn’t smile. Even if I sometimes hate my job, I guess I can be glad I don’t hate it as much as he appears to hate his.

“Hey, how are you today?” Syndy asks, flashing her pearly whites at him. She’s still wearing her work clothes which today consists of knee high red leather boots, a black and white striped mini skirt and a black halter top. She looks amazing but the look is a little bit slutty. Her ample cleavage is hoisted so high in her push up bra that it’s been an obvious challenge for the men anywhere within her radius not to stare.

“I’m doing well, how are you?” He still doesn’t crack a smile and I think Syndy has taken this as a challenge.

“I’m doing much better now that I’m here, talking to you. You know I chose this line just so that I could talk to you? You’re really handsome, do you know that?” She bites her lip and bats her eyelashes at him.

The poor kid behind the counter finally reacts, his face turning bright red. “Ma’am, can I take your order.”

“What do you recommend?” She leans forward onto the counter and I can tell that he is getting an eyeful. This kid is trying his hardest not to stare down her shirt and I give him a lot of credit for his attempt at professionalism. I’m beyond impressed by his sheer willpower.

“I like the Big Mac combo myself.” He says.

“That’s an excellent choice. I’ll have four Big Mac Combos with Coke to drink. We have a house full of hungry girls who I’m sure will thank you for your suggestion. Now sweetheart- don’t be stingy on the secret sauce. We’d like extra.”

“No problem. Anything else for you today?” He’s fighting a losing battle with himself, he can’t stop himself from looking down at her cleavage. When he finally looks down I can see out of the corner of my eye that Syndy has a big smile on her face. I try to stop myself from laughing but this display has been too much for me. Clearly, she loves flaunting herself for attention. I wonder what it would be like to go for a night on the town with her, I doubt we’d ever have to pay for drinks.

“Throw some ketchup packets and mayonaise in the bags please, love. Do you work tomorrow?”

He smiles again. “Yeah, same shift. Why?”

“Well, maybe I will have to drop by and see you again. You can tell me what you think of my outfit. Tell me… what do you think of what I’ve got on now?” She pushes herself back from the counter, showing off her ridiculously perfect figure.

“It looks great.” His face manages to turn an even darker shade of red. The gentleman next to us glances over absentmindedly and when he catches sight of Syndy, he does a double take. His wife or girlfriend who is standing next to him catches him staring and gives him a hard jab in the ribs. I pretend not to notice and hope that my face isn’t going red as well.

“You’re a sweetheart. I’ll just be waiting over here for our food.” She winks at him and moves over so that another customer can step up to the plate. When he gives his usual ‘welcome to McDonalds’ spiel, he stutters a few times. Syndy and I look at each other and try not to laugh.

“I’m not sure if that was a very nice thing to do or not nice at all.” I say between giggles.

“He’s going to be a little more chipper now, anyways. I think that’s an improvement on his sour face, no?”

“I guess so. You’re killing me though, I thought I was going to burst out laughing. You made his day though. Good for you.” I feel the cell phone buzz in my pocket. I grab it and it’s a request for Syndy.

“You have a booking with a guy who says he is a regular for 7pm tonight. He says its the Puerto Rican.”

“Ah yes, he’s funny. Paul.”

“Paul? That’s his name? And he’s from Puerto Rico?”

She shakes her head no and laughs. “It’s kind of an inside joke. The first time he saw me he was wasted, so drunk. He could barely get it up. Anyways, he started talking in this terrible Puerto Rican accent while we were doing it. It made me laugh so hard that we had to stop. He’s funny. He’s one of my favourites. He says he’s going to take me to Puerto Rico sometime but I’m not holding my breath.”

“Well, let me tell him that you are on like Donkey Kong.” I say, turning my attention back towards the phone.

“I think he’d find it funny if you said that, you should really text him that.”

I text ‘I am right here with Syndy and she says that you are on like Donkey Kong. I will text you thirty minutes before your appointment to confirm. Have a great day!’

“You’re so fucking polite, I love it. Did you work in customer service before you got into this line of work?” Our food is finally ready and Syndy flashes a big smile at the cashier when he hands them to us. She winks and turns on her heel and leaves. I can see that the gentleman next to her is trying his best not to turn his head and watch her leave. His wife hasn’t taken her eyes off of him since she caught him oogling her. I follow Syndy towards the car.

“Yeah, sort of. I was a waitress for years. You have to be nice or you don’t make tips.” I shrug, remembering the assholes I used to have to be nice to. “Sometimes I miss working there but it’s nice to work in this industry where all the guys are super nice. I mean, don’t get me wrong, some can be horny perverts that totally gross me out, but most of them are just polite and kind. It’s quite a bit different from my old job.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I have no patience for the assholes I used to hang around with now. All of my clients treat me nicely and if they don’t, I send them hiking. I expect that of everyone now.” She says.

“Did you used to have a bad habit of dating assholes?” I ask, curious.

“You could say that. I hung around a bad crowd for awhile. You may find it surprising but working as an escort has actually improved my quality of life.” I open the car door for her and she hops in the passenger seat. I load the food bags onto her lap and put the tray of drinks into the back of my car and take my place behind the wheel.

“Why would that be surprising? Being an escort isn’t the seedy lifestyle that everyone thinks it is. I know that.”

“I come from a white trash family, poor and most of them are seriously addicted to drugs. I never got into the heavy stuff but I wasn’t exactly an angel. Since I started working as an escort I’ve moved out of the hood and into a nicer area of town. Once I got my life together I started saving up. I don’t ever want to be back where I started from or else what am I doing this for?”

“I’m so glad to hear that. I mean… it’s just nice to hear that this career gave you an opportunity to better yourself and you took it. Not everyone does.”

“Oh, I know. I’ve seen some sad cases come through this agency. I was one of Tim’s first hires. I’ve been with him through thick and thin. I vowed to never be like some of those girls I saw.”

“Like Chantal.”

“I definitely don’t ever want to be like Chantal. Ebony is bad too, that girl bleeds money. It’s not just her of course but she’s the worst. She’s always broke. How can you be broke and bring in that much money in a day? Of course not every day is a money maker but when you get a good day, you make bank. I’ve paid my entire months rent in a day before.”

“Pretty crazy, right?”

“I mean, how do you even go through that much money? This one time Ebony had made big money one day, it was a crazy Tuesday and we all were fully booked. She comes in two days later begging our phone girl to keep putting ads up for her every hour so she can book more calls, saying she’s broke and needs to pay rent. How does that even happen?” She sticks her hand in a bag and starts munching on fries.

“Is she addicted to drugs?”

“She smokes pot but as far as I know she’s not on anything. She’s never came in high, at least not that I’ve noticed. She loves clubbing and I guess you can drop a lot of money in those places if you’re an idiot. I think mostly she just spends it on clothes and garbage that she doesn’t need. She has a new pair of shoes every time I see her.”

“Girls do love their shoes.” I smile as I see Syndy reaching into another bag and grabbing some fries. She angles the bag towards me and I stick my hand in as well, grabbing a few.

“It’s nice having you on the team, Roxy. You’re a cool chick.”

I have no idea what to say in response to that and I’m thankful when the phone rings.

I fish it out of my purse and answer, “Angel Escorts, Roxy speaking, how can I help you?”



The story continues

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Escort Agency Talk – Episode 48

A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, Episode 48

“What have you been taking?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I haven’t taken anything.” Chantal replies, sounding especially defiant.
by Sarah Brooke

“Em, please don’t lie to me.” His voice is soft but we’re still able to hear them clearly. Myself, Syndy and Taylor are all parked at the top of the stairs shamelessly eavesdropping on their conversation.

“I’m not lying to you!” She says, mumbling her words enough that I have trouble understanding her.

“Just tell me what you’ve been taking. I told you after last time that this was your last chance. I can’t have you coming in to work high as a kite, upsetting everyone.”

“I don’t know what you mean, no one is upset.”

“Emily. I’m going to ask you one more time. What have you taken?” He says, his voice sounding much more patient than I’m sure he must feel.

There is a pause and she doesn’t answer him at all. He waits a moment before continuing.

“I have no choice, you know that right? You can’t work here if you’re not going to be honest with me.”

“It’s nothing, they’re pills that are prescribed to me, Tim. I’m legally allowed to have them.”

He says nothing for a moment and we hear the creak of his chair as he leans forwards or maybe backwards.

“You’re going to have to leave.”

“I’m fine to work, really I am. I promise.” She says, pleading.

“You can barely focus your eyes on me. Any customer that you see will know you’re high. I have a business to run Emily, I can’t have you here like this.”

“Don’t you fucking fire me, Tim. Don’t you dare.” Her voice breaks mid sentence and it seems likely that she’s about to cry.

“What choice do I have? This was your last chance. Do you know how much shit I got in for letting you come back at all?”

“But baby, I’m fine. I’m just tired that’s all. I shouldn’t have came in today, I’m sorry. I just need the money.” Her voice starts fading and I struggle to hear what she’s saying.

“You’re not fine. Go home and call me when you’ve had a nice long sleep and a hot shower. I’ll come over and we can talk.”

“I’m not fucking falling for that again. You’re going to fire me. I know it. You just don’t want to make a scene here.”

“That’s not true.” He says. I turn and catch Syndy rolling her eyes. She mouths the words “She’s definitely fired” and then turns her attention back to the basement.

“Yes it is, this is just what happened last time.”

“This is nothing like what happened last time because you’re not going to cause a scene. You’re going to get in a cab and leave quietly. You’re going to appreciate the chance I’ve given you here and out of respect for me, you’re going to go. Do you understand?” His voice is rising ever so slightly in irritation.

“Oh, I understand. Just sweep me under the rug, your dirty little secret. Well, I’m not leaving. You’ll have to drag me out of here kicking and screaming.” Her voice has risen considerably and she’s close to yelling now.

“Baby, please. Be reasonable. If you leave quietly then we can continue this conversation later. I’m not firing you.” His voice is softer now and it’s clear he’s trying his best to reason with her.

Finally I feel guilty enough about eavesdropping that I get up off of my knees and walk slowly, towards the couch, stepping very carefully so as not to make a sound. Syndy eyes me curiously as I go, clearly not understanding why anyone would want to miss out on such an exciting exchange. It’s just too personal and it’s weirding me out to hear Tim being so kind and caring when usually he seems to be the complete opposite.

A text comes in and I silence it right away, glad that I chose that precise time to walk away. It would have been very obvious that we were listening in on them at the top of the stairs had my phone gone off a moment ago. I check the text and it’s a request for Chantal. Not sure what to do, I delay answering the text and instead pull out my own cell phone and send a quick text to Mike explaining what’s been going down. When I’m done typing out the text, I copy it and paste it to Sophie. I know she won’t answer right away because she’s in class but I know she’ll want to hear all about this and it can’t wait til I get home.

Maggie appears in the doorway to the leaving room, a quizzical look on her face. I pat the seat next to me and she walks over. She sits next to me but places herself as far into the corner of the couch as she can.

“What’s going on?” She isn’t whispering but her voice is so naturally soft that she’s in no danger of being heard downstairs.

“Well, Chantal showed up randomly this morning high as hell. Tim’s downstairs trying to get her to leave.”

“Oh no! Not again.” She looks towards the door, eyeing the other girls who are still crouched down listening to the conversation going on downstairs. “Was she with a customer?”

“No, she hasn’t seen anyone yet. Syndy called Tim before she had a chance to. I actually have a request for her but I’m not sure what to do. I doubt she should take any bookings, it sounds like she’s going to be going home soon.”

“Yeah, don’t book her. Tell the client that she’s had to go home. Make up an excuse. You should take her ad down too.” Maggie turns her attention to her phone and we both sit silently for a moment. All of a sudden Syndy and Taylor shoot up out of their crouched position and in a flash they’re gone, having ran down the hall and back up the stairs. Maggie and I don’t have the time to do the same so by the time Chantal has stomped to the top of the stairs, we are still sitting there, trying not to look directly at her.

“I’m not high. Did you tell everyone that I was high?” She directs her question and her fury to me.

“What? No. Of course not.” I feel like I should say more but I have no idea what to say so I just shut up and try to look innocent.

“I’m not leaving so you can all go fuck yourselves.” With this she turns on her heel and rushes upstairs. Tim is not far behind her. Before following her up the stairs he walks towards me. “Hey Roxy, could you please take the ads for Chantal down? She won’t be seeing any customers today, thank you.”

Once he’s left the room Maggie and I look at each other. I shrug my shoulders and head downstairs. I see that there’s a chair overturned but no other obvious signs of a fight. I set the chair back up and settle myself down in front of the laptop. The first thing I do is remove her ad from the two sites I’ve put them up on. I then log-in to our email address and reply to the few emails we’ve received.

I decide not to go back upstairs and instead I log-in to my personal email and get to work on responding to inquiries about the vacation rental. I’ve lost myself in my task when I hear yelling upstairs. I try to ignore it, not wanting to get involved, but soon the loud yelling comes to me. Chantal storms down the stairs and right past me, heading into the laundry room.

Tim follows her down and shoots me a look of apology. I smile sweetly at him, not quite sure how to respond and not sure if that was the correct way. Maybe I should have look concerned instead? Who knows.

“Emily, just let me in.” He knocks on the door to the laundry room but doesn’t bother opening it although I doubt there is a lock on the door.

“No. If Taylor has a client coming soon, I can’t be upstairs. I’ll just stay here.”

“Em, let me get you a taxi.”

“I’M NOT LEAVING.” She screams at the top of her lungs.

He grabs a chair, the same one she had knocked over and pulls it up next to the door. “Don’t say that. You don’t want to make a bigger scene than you’ve already managed to make. Look, I’ll go with you right now. Do you want to go grab something to eat? Or we can go to my place and order in.”

There’s no reply and I realize she must be considering his offer.

“We can go to that sushi place you love downtown. I just want to talk.”

“Do you promise you won’t fire me?” She replies, her voice soft and meek.

“I promise.” He looks at me briefly and rolls his eyes. Slowly, the door opens and her pretty little head pops out.

“Can I order whatever I want?”

“Whatever you want.” He grabs her hand and she falls into him. “Come on, grab your things and lets go.” With that they walk up the stairs, hand in hand. I smile to myself, glad that the situation has been defused. A moment later I hear footsteps pounding down the stairs and look up and see Syndy staring back at me.

“Oh shit Roxy, you missed out!”

“What do you mean?” I ask as she walks over and throws herself down on a chair.

“She was calling the fucking police, telling them that she knew where they could find a drug dealers house and that it was full of cash and cocaine.”

“No! She didn’t.”

“Oh, she did. Tim grabbed the phone from her and tossed it in the toilet.”

“Seriously? Did she give them the address?” I ask, worried that a SWAT team might already be on its way.

“No, he got the phone from her in time. What happened once they got down here?”

“She went into the laundry room and he persuaded her to go out for lunch with him. She agreed and then they left.”

“He is so fucked. I told him when he first hired her that she was a time bomb waiting to go off. There was just something about her, you know?” Syndy’s eyes are wide and it’s clear that this whole situation has excited her.

“Clearly he didn’t take your advice at all because he started screwing around with her anyways.”

“I know. It’s one thing to hire a girl who is a bit on the crazy side, it’s another to start banging her. Apparently she’s broken up with her boyfriend too. I bet she wants to make things official with Tim.” She says.

“Okay, that can’t be good. What will Dixie think of that?”

“We’re lucky she wasn’t here today or blood would have been shed.” Eyes wide, Syndy looks down at her phone. “Come on, let’s go grab lunch. It’s dead today, we might as well go get some food. We’ll bring something back for the other girls.”

Not wanting to turn down her offer, I smile and nod. “Sure, let me get my purse.” Looking down at my phone I see that Sophie has replied, asking what else has been going on. I send out a quick text to her, telling her that crazy face called the cops telling them this was a drug dealers house but that everything appears to be okay. I’ll have a lot of story telling to do once I get home. For now, I had better accompany Syndy on her mission to get food.



The story continues

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Escort Agency Talk – Episode 47

A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, Episode 47

I’m sitting in Angel Escorts basement office, responding to an email when an unfamiliar face walks in. A tall and very pretty brunette who I assume must be Chantal. Her eyes are dark red and bloodshot and I wonder if she’s slept at all the previous night. She looks about as tired as I feel.
by Sarah Brooke

“Hey-Roxy. It’s nice to finally meet you.” She practically stares right through me and there is no smile in her greeting.

“Hi! Likewise. Are you Chantal?” I say, hoping that my guess is right.

“That’s me.” She sits in the chair next to me and turns on the desktop computer. She doesn’t say anything and just stares into space waiting for the computer to start up.

“I didn’t know you were working today.” I say, hoping that I didn’t get the schedule wrong. Maggie, Syndy and Taylor were on today, no one told me that Chantal would be in.

“I wasn’t supposed to be but I was in the area so I thought I’d come in.” Her computer finally loads up and I can see out of the corner of my eye that she is checking her email. Her leg is bouncing up and down and I have a keen desire to ask her to stop or maybe just place my hand on her leg and force her to stop. I turn my head to my own computer and resolve to distract myself. I’m tired and grouchy and I don’t want to start something with a coworker if I can avoid it.

“When is my first appointment of the day?” She doesn’t bother to turn and look at me, she just keeps staring at an open email message on her computer.

“No one told me you were working today, you aren’t on the websites schedule either.” I had brought up the website and double checked. She isn’t scheduled to work for a few more days.

“That’s bullshit.” She says, turning towards me. She isn’t quite looking at me so much as she is looking through me. “I told Tim to book me for today. Fuck!” She continues to stare through me and I’m starting to wonder if maybe she is drunk or on something.

“Sorry… he didn’t mention it to me and he didn’t add you to the schedule. I can let the clients who call know that you’re on.” Throughout this entire conversation her leg hasn’t stopped bouncing up and down and it proves quite distracting.

“Can you offer a special today? Fifty bucks off any of my half hour appointments. I’ll take it out of my cut so you guys aren’t out any money.”

“I’m sorry Chantal, I’m really not allowed to do that.” I say, shaking my head.

“What do you mean?”

“We can’t offer specials, especially for one girl only.”

“Why can’t you?” She asks.

“It’s just not allowed.” I hope that she accepts this answer and moves on. No such luck, of course.

“It’s just for one day, it’s fine.”

“Look, if you want to talk to Tim about it you are more than welcome.” I turn my attention back to my computer, hoping that will be enough to end the conversation.

“Tim is not going to have a problem with it, trust me.” She spins around in her chair again to face the computer. At no time does her leg stop bouncing.

“I can’t make that kind of decision. You’re going to have to talk to him and he’s going to have to tell me directly that it’s okay. Sorry, my hands are tied.” I turn my head towards her and give her a half smile but it’s wasted on her because she’s lost in her email again, not paying the slightest bit of attention to me.

“Okay.” Another few moments go by until she rises from her seat. “I’m going to go to my room. You have my number, text me if I get a booking.”

“Oh, um, the rooms are all already spoken for up there today. Sorry.”

“Oh.” She stands there, staring off into space for a minute. “I guess I’ll just hang out in the living room then.” With that she disappears up the stairs and I’m finally left undisturbed. I rest my head on the desk for a minute, enjoying the soothing feel of my eyes finally being able to close. I wish I had remembered my eye drops, my eyes are probably as bloodshot as hers. The shrill ring of the phone knocks me out of my pleasant interlude and I get back into my persona to answer. It’s a booking for Maggie and once the caller hangs up I begin texting her to let her know. Before I have the chance to send the text, I hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Was that a booking for me?”

I raise my head and see Chantal standing there, her eyes droopier and more blank than they were five minutes ago.

“No, sorry. It was for Maggie.”

“Fuck.” She stands on the stairs, looking down towards the basement at nothing in particular.

“Sorry.” I say, not knowing what else to tell her. She decides to walk down the rest of the steps and head back to her spot on the desktop next to me. I do my best not to let out an unhappy sigh and instead I get to work on making the daily ads for the girls. “Here, I’m putting up an ad for you online so that you should hopefully get some calls coming in soon.”

She has no response to my statement and instead stares blankly at her computer. I almost decide to repeat myself to make sure she’s heard me but instead I focus on the task at hand. A few minutes later she breaks the silence.

“Can you put an ad up for me, please?” She turns her head towards me and stares right through me again.

“Yeah, sure, I just said that I was going to. Are you feeling okay?”

“Yes.” She gets up from her chair and practically runs up the stairs again. A few minutes later my phone rings. It’s Taylor. “Can you come and get Chantal please?” What the hell could she be doing up there? I abandon my task for the moment and take the steps two at a time.

I knock on Taylor’s door and push it open without waiting for a reply. Taylor is sitting on the bed, looking perplexed. Chantal is seated on the edge of the bed, licking her lips over and over again and staring down at her cell phone.

“Oh, hey, Chantal. Taylor already has this room claimed, remember?”

“It’s okay.” She doesn’t look up from her phone and her voice sounds distant.

“Why don’t you come hang out with me downstairs or you can hang out in the living room as well.” I catch Taylor’s eye and she shakes her head slowly. I don’t know what she means and I give her a small shrug in reply.

“I’m okay here.”

“Chantal, this is Taylor’s room for the day. You can’t stay here.” I say, doing my best to sound friendly and not let the annoyance I’m feeling creep into my voice. “You’re welcome to come downstairs with me, there’s a computer for you to use.”

“I want to stay here.” She isn’t so much looking at her phone as looking through it.

“You know what, it’s okay. You stay here.” Taylor hops out of the bed and grabs her purse and shoes.
“I’ll go downstairs and hang out with Roxy.”

I back out of the room slowly, unable to look away from Chantal. Her face hasn’t changed at all, she just keeps staring.

I wait until the door is safely closed behind us before letting out a deep sigh. Taylor shakes her head and starts down the stairs.

Once we’re seated next to each other in front of the computer she finally speaks. “She’s back on the fucking pills again.”

“I thought she was drunk.”

“No, it’s pills. It might be alcohol too but it’s definitely pills.” Taylor grabs her phone and starts texting. “I need to tell Tim.”

“What is she on?”

“I have no idea, probably a few things.”

“Is this a common occurrence with her?”

“She was fired before for coming to work high. She swore she had been to rehab and that she was over it so Tim hired her back.”

“She’s really out of it.”

“She’s probably been up all night taking pills.” Taylor shakes her head and sends the text to Tim. “He’s going to be pissed.”

“Great.” I can’t help but remember that he’s already pissed at me. Today might be even worse than I had imagine. “He’s already pissed at me, he’s going to be in quite a mood when he gets in.”

“He’s not pissed at you. Why would he be pissed at you? Oh- about the phone thing yesterday. He won’t hold a grudge about that, don’t worry. He takes drug abuse very seriously though, this is going to piss him off.”

“She wasn’t even supposed to be working today.”

“Yeah, this is exactly what she did last time before he fired her. She started showing up randomly and demanding shifts. It pissed all the girls off because she’d come in high as a kite and basically steal our appointments.”

“The customers must notice that she’s whacked out of her mind?” I ask.

“When he fired her before it was after he received a complaint from a customer. She had fell asleep during the appointment.”

“Like… during during?”

“Yep, right in the middle of the act. We had to reimburse the guy his money and ended up giving him half off of his next appointment. The guy used to be a regular but he never even came back for his discounted appointment.”

“Shit.” A text comes in on the work phone and I look down to answer it. It’s a request for Taylor asking what services she offers. I tell the client to refer to the website for a full list of her services and then I turn my attention back to Taylor. “That one was an inquiry about you. Not a definite booking yet, but we’ll see. Anyways, do you think Tim is going to fire her this time?”

“I have no idea. They’ve been seeing each other for a long time now, he has a soft spot for her.”

“You mean they’re having sex too?!” I say, completely shocked.

Taylor laughs. “Yeah, don’t remind Dixie of that fact though, she’d go nuts.”

“Who else is he sleeping with?”

“I think that’s it but there’s no way to know. Dixie and Chantal aren’t discrete in the least, so it’s entirely possible that one of the other girls is banging the boss, but we just don’t know about it.”

“Doesn’t that cause friction between them?”

“Not really. Chantal has a boyfriend so I don’t think Dixie really sees her as competition.” She looks down at her phone. “Okay, Tim is coming in to deal with her.”

“She was asking for me to advertise a special for her today. I explained to her that I couldn’t do that but she just kept asking.”

“She did that last time too. Sounds like she’s in desperate need of some money.” She stands up and stretches. “Come on, let’s go back to my room and wait for Tim to get here. I don’t want to miss what happens next.”



The story continues

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Escort Agency Talk – Episode 46

A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, Episode 46

I’m staring blindly at my computer, trying to make sense of the words swirling in front of me. There was a late two hour booking for Maggie last night and as a result of that I was barely able to get any sleep seeing as I had to stay up until 4am to make sure her appointment had left and that she was safe. Mike had spent the night and had given his best attempt at staying up with me but by 2am he was passed out and I can’t say that I blame him.
by Sarah Brooke

It’s almost 5pm and the phone has finally quieted down. I’m taking advantage of the downtime to finally get some of my other work done. Joe has been very understanding of my new situation but I can’t say the same for his lovely wife Anne. She called me up last night and ripped into me, telling me that she had sent an email from a fake account to see how long it would take me to respond.

I hadn’t responded for over 24 hours and she was absolutely outraged. It took all the self control I could muster to ignore her bitchy outburst and apologize to her. Joe had come over afterwards to apologize, I guess he had been there when she called or she had told him about it afterwards.

Instead of telling him what a bitch his wife could be, I smiled and told him that there was no problem, I was used to dealing with people like her. To my delight he had showed up with an envelope of cash containing my share of their earnings for their vacation home. He handed over the money to me and gave me a big hug, telling me that he appreciated all the work I’d been doing for him.

Spring was here in full force and the rentals had been going well and there was a good chunk of money in that envelope. When I saw the sizable stack of cash I couldn’t help but feel an immense wave of relief. I feel like I haven’t stopped for a minute since starting with Angel Escorts and on top of the nearly all day responsibility of answering the phones for them, I’ve had to find time to respond to emails and calls about the vacation home.

Most communication is done through email which is a good thing because a couple of days ago I had answered my personal phone and ended up going into my whole spiel of “Angel Escorts, Roxy speaking, how can I help you?” Thankfully as soon as the word angel tumbled out of my mouth my brain realized the mistake and saved me from further embarrassment.

The client was speechless on the other end, not sure what to say. I played it off like I had been expecting a call from my friend Angel and the client didn’t question it and instead just started rattling off questions about the rental. During the entire phone conversation my heart was beating a mile a minute, terrified of the mistake I had almost made. Being dead tired hasn’t helped things, I frequently find myself on autopilot and it scares me.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen making tea when I distinctly heard the Angel Escorts cell phone ring. I sprinted to my room to grab it and when I finally had the phone in my hand I realized it had never been ringing at all. I was so certain that I had heard it ringing that it had freaked me out for the rest of the day.

Determined to respond to emails for the vacation rental, I close my eyes and shake my head, hoping that when I open them the words on the computer screen will have stopped swirling. For good measure I rub my eyelids with the back of my hands, wondering what the hell I’m going to do if I’m in for another late night.

When I finally open my eyes again the words have mercifully stopped swirling but they still look blurry and I find myself reading over the same sentence again and again and still I’m not able to make any sense of it.

As if I wasn’t already having problems concentrating, the work phone starts ringing. I turn my attention to the phone screen and have a slightly easier time making out the words. I confirm a booking for Maggie this evening and let her know about it then toss the phone onto the bed and, cradling my head in my arms, I lay my head to rest on the desk and hope that a few moments of having my eyes shut will help with this killer headache I’m developing.

The next thing I know Sophie is standing over me, gently shaking me awake.

“Sweetie, wake up. Your phones been going off like crazy.”

The words don’t quite make sense right away but once they do I’m filled with sheer dread.

“Fuck me. What time is it?” I ask, looking at the computer screen for the time but instead I find that the monitor has put itself into sleep mode.

“Almost 7pm. That can’t have been a comfortable way to sleep, isn’t your neck killing you?” She asks, tilting her head and looking at me with concern in her eyes.

I stretch my back and neck and confirm her suspicions. A white hot pain sears up my back and neck, punishment for my impromptu nap.

“Oh god, the last thing I remember it was around 5pm and I was just going to close my eyes for a second. Shit… oh shit. Where’s the phone?” I hop off of the chair and immediately I’m hit by a wave of dizziness that almost floors me. I reach my hand out and grab onto the desk to steady myself.

“Whoa Sarah, are you okay?” Sophie grabs my shoulders to help steady me.

“I just stood up too fast. I’m okay.” Instead of trying to walk I throw myself onto the bed and crawl towards the phone. “Fuck, how did I not hear it ringing?” I check the phones volume and see that somehow it’s been turned down low. Not low enough that I shouldn’t have been able to hear it though.

“I dunno, I heard it ringing from my room and after ten minutes of it I decided to come in and check if you were okay.” She sits herself next to me on the bed and starts stroking my hair, trying to impart some comfort.

“This is going to be bad.” I say and slide the phone open, trying to steel myself against the texts that I might find. I skim through the messages, for right now I’m ignoring any messages from clients and instead I’m looking for messages from my coworkers or boss. It doesn’t take long before I find them. Ebony freaking out asking when her next appointment is, and then Maggie texting me to let me know that Tim is trying to get a hold of me. Then there’s the text from Tim. There is only one text, all caps saying CALL ME. When I check the call logs I see that he’s called me three times.

“What am I going to do? He’s going to flip.”

“You don’t know that.” She says, her voice soft.

“I fell asleep for two hours. He knows that I wasn’t answering the phone. I’m getting fired.” When I think about getting fired I’m actually slightly relieved.

“You won’t get fired, don’t psych yourself out.”

“Imagine how peaceful my life would be if I did get fired. I’m almost looking forward to it.”

“If that’s how you feel then maybe you should quit?” She says.

“I can’t, I do need the money.” I say this even though my first paycheck was not nearly enough to make up for the long hours and bullshit I’ve been putting up with. “I’m just saying, if I do get shit canned it won’t be the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Are you going to call him back?” She asks. I don’t respond, instead I just select Tim’s phone number and press dial.

“Tim- It’s Roxy. I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened. The phone somehow switched to silent.”

“How exactly does that happen?” His voice is cold but that’s not exactly unusual for Tim. He always sounds the same, monotonous and very matter of fact.

“I honestly have no idea, I’m pretty tired so I might have pressed the volume button without even realizing. I’m very sorry, I feel just awful.” I make sure to keep my gaze away from Sophie who is standing over me with her hands parked casually on her hips.

“The girls are freaking out over here.” He says.

“About what?”

“About you not answering their texts.”

“Oh, well, I’m very sorry. It won’t happen again.” I try to sound as polite and apologetic as I can.

“Why don’t you come in here tomorrow for your shift instead of staying home. Maybe being around the girls will help remind you that you need to be attentive and on the ball at all times.”

“Sure, I can try to come in for ten.” I say, making sure to give myself time to wake up, shower and get dressed.

“No, how about you come in for 8am. I’ll see you then.” Without another word and with his usual lack of goodbye, he hangs up.

“He wants me to come in tomorrow at 8am.” I throw my head down into my pillow and scream.

Sophie waits patiently for me to be done. “Feel better now?”

“No.” I say, mumbling into the pillow. “I’m going to be up until 2am at least and he expects me to be in for work at 8am? That’s bullshit. Just to punish me for this.”

“That sucks, I’m sorry.” She sits herself down next to me on the bed and frowns. “Anything I can do to help?”

“What time do you have class tomorrow?” I ask, an idea brewing.

“Not until the afternoon, why?”

“If I paid you would you answer the phones tonight?”

Sophie stops and thinks for a moment. “Yeah, I guess I have enough experience to do that. I’ll do it but only if you promise me that you’ll get some sleep.”

“Sophie, that’s all I want. I’m so fucking tired I could scream.”

“You’ve already done that and it didn’t help.” She says, smirking. “Just give me some basic info and I’ll take over for you. No worries.”

I drag myself out of bed and over to my desk, grabbing a pen and a pad of paper.

“Here, I’ll write down who is working tonight and what appointments they already have. There’s only three girls on tonight so it’s not crazy. If any of them call to talk to me, wake me up. Otherwise just text them for their appointments. You know the drill… they need to text to confirm when the guy shows up and when he leaves. I always send a text saying ‘ok’ to let them know I’m there and that I’ve received their message.”

“Easy enough. I’ll wake you if there’s anything I can’t handle.” She says.

After I’ve written all of the pertinent information down I toss her the pad of paper and then toss myself back onto my bed.


“Yeah, sweetie.”

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. I love you.”

Out of the corner of my eye I see her smile. “I love you, too. Now go to sleep. And don’t forget to set your alarm for 7am. You have work in the morning.”

With that she exits my room and within seconds I’m fast asleep.



The story continues

Escort Agency Talk  – Original article found on skipthegames.com


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