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Our business does not associate itself with prostitution. We exchange money for services which provide time and companionship. These services are provided based on the consent of two or more adults over the age of 18. We do not force our escorts to do things they are not comfortable doing. Likewise, we do not force you to make choices which are not comfortable for you.

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Sex workers could be forced to ‘risk their lives’ if prostitution bill c-36 passes, escort service owner says


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12 sacrifices you may have to make to become an escort

In any career choice, it’s common that you will have to make some sacrifices in order to be successful at it. Doctors, brick layers and teachers all go to school and train for their jobs, giving things up along the way. This dedication to a career may require money, time and extraordinary effort. Becoming an escort is not much different.

You must hone your skills. You have to perfect your image and appearance. You have to make yourself available to clients. Becoming an escort is not as simple as posting a single ad and seeing a client per day in order to pay your rent. Being an escort takes time, and it requires sacrifices.

Here are the top 12 sacrifices you may have to make in order to become a successful escort:

  1. You will have no regular schedule in the beginning. As a newbie to the industry, you will have to make yourself available to clients when they are willing to book you for an encounter, within reason. If a client wants to see you at midnight, you’d better be able to show up. If you can’t be there, he’ll find someone else. That same client may want a 3 p.m. encounter next time, and he will expect you to make time for him then, too. For an escort without a regular client list, you will have to take the bookings when you can and when they are requested. In the beginning, some of your days will be slower and some busier than you would like.
  2. You will have to keep your new career secret from your family. If your family and friends are like most, they will not readily accept your new career choice. They may be saddened, disappointed or disgusted by the fact that you’re an escort. In order to keep the peace in your family, you will have to lead a double life, lying about your job, where you are and who you are spending time with. If you share the information with your family and friends, expect for some of them to highly disapprove. Sometimes, family and friends will disown you or cut off communications, until they can deal with your new career.
  3. You will have to spend time away from your family and friends. If you have children, this may be the hardest aspect of all. Depending on when encounters are booked, you may not be able to have dinner with your family and children, rock your babies to sleep or do other family events. Your time with family and friends will be limited until you establish regular clients that you can book encounters with at more reasonable times. In the meanwhile, do your best to keep up with the important people in your life by setting aside other time to spend with them.
  4. You may feel exhausted. Working late at night, in the wee hours of the morning and in the middle of the afternoon all within one day may have you feeling like you have been drug over the coals. But that’s part of the life of a new escort. Additionally, encounters may have you feeling worn out, too. Tending to a client is much like putting on a performance for the entire booked time. You must constantly be “on” and at the service of your client, whether that is physically or mentally, or both. Your client expects your full attention and the best of what you have to give. That’s hard work. Then, factor in the other responsibilities you have in tending to your new escort business. You may be learning about web design and development. About marketing. You are responsible for taking care of your own accounting. All of these tasks, coupled with the energy you expend with clients, can have you feeling pretty zapped. The important thing through all of this is to tend to your body’s needs when it begins to tell you it needs rest. Get some sleep, eat a healthy diet and exercise. These are things that will help your body combat the fatigue of becoming an escort.
  5. You may develop a tainted view of people. Previous to becoming an escort, you may have had an overview of people along the lines that all people are generally good. But, after tending to some less than desirable clients, you may decide that people can’t be trusted. Dealing with these questionable sorts can leave you feeling like you can’t take people at face value and that people always have ulterior motives. While your skewed view may or may not be true, it may help you develop that “sixth sense” that most escorts claim to have about people. They can tell when a client is lying to them, they get a gut feeling when a client is going to be violent and others just know when something isn’t “right”.
  6. Your romantic relationships may be affected. If you are currently single, any future romantic relationships you have may be difficult. If you are involved in a relationship when you start escorting, your relationship may fail. Most partners don’t understand why a woman would turn to escorting. And, even if they understand, they have hard times dealing with it, themselves. Often, jealousy, anger and selfishness create huge problems in a relationship when someone begins escorting. If you’re unattached when you start, it’s hard to find a partner who is willing to accept your lifestyle. And, due to being involved intimately with clients while working, you may not be interested in intimacy with anyone else. (You may not even have time to devote to a relationship.)
  7. Your lingerie drawer may have a better selection than the rest of your closet. You can get by with a few good outfits to wear to encounters. However, you will need a whole slug of fancy lingerie to wear with clients. Bras, panties, garter belts, stockings and other items of sexiness will need to be varied and available for your encounters. They expect to see pristine white panties or sexy black push-up bras, depending on their preferences. In the beginning, your lingerie may be your biggest expense. You will need to stock up on great pieces.
  8. You may have to sacrifice your modesty when you begin escorting. Clients like to see their escorts prance around in their skivvies or in the nude. If this is something you’re not quite comfortable with, you’re going to have to get over it. Practice by walking around your house in the nude and performing mundane tasks such as dusting, vacuuming or watching television. Once you become more comfortable being nude by yourself, it may become much easier to function that way with clients. And, most clients won’t find it sexy that you’re a little shy about getting naked, especially when that’s what they may think they’re paying you to do.
  9. You will not be getting a regular paycheck. If you’ve been accustomed to getting a regular check monthly, weekly or in some other timeframe, you are going to have to rework your budget. When you’re an escort, you don’t get a guaranteed check every week. One week you may get a great profit, but another week may fall short. You will need to learn to budget your entire month, based on a minimum quota you feel you can bring in. Throughout the month, you will need to set mini goals in order to achieve your overall required income.
  10. You may sacrifice your safety. While most escorts refuse to travel to sketchy neighborhoods to visit with clients, there are other situations you may find yourself in that may cause you to question your safety. You may encounter criminal-like individuals on the way to and from encounters. And, despite your best efforts to screen a client, one that may threaten your safety can easily get past you. While your safety is nothing to sacrifice voluntarily, it’s something that happens each and every time you enter a room alone with a new client. If you can, back yourself up with some sort of security. And, don’t be afraid to use pepper spray, if you carry it in your purse. Many escorts take self defense classes, learning simple moves that can help them free themselves from an attacker or crazy client, if necessary.
  11. You give up your “good girl” reputation. If you’ve always been proud of the fact that you were “Most Likely to Succeed” or “Class Brain” or something else of the sort, you will be trading in that reputation for a much less refined one. Individuals outside of the escort industry think the worst of escorts, stereotyping escorts as whores, drug users and nymphomaniacs. When others find out what you do, you may automatically be judged and profiled less respectfully, despite the fact that nothing else about you has changed other than your job title.
  12. You sacrifice your sense of what “normal” is. Before working as an escort, you may have ideas concerning what a “normal”, healthy sex life consists of. However, through working with clients who have tastes that range from boring to exotic, your eyes will be opened to new activities, toys and elements of pleasure. Missionary position may no longer be good enough for you in personal relationships.

There are many sacrifices you must make when you become an escort. Perhaps, the biggest one is giving up the concept that life is made up of black and white decisions. Sometimes people have great reasons for doing wrong things. They are good people, caught up doing something that could be questionable to others. The world is full of gray levels of decisions and actions. Black and white, right and wrong: they don’t exist in the escort industry world.

Despite all of the sacrifices you may make to become an escort, it is a very rewarding career that may not only make you lots of money, but it can also provide you with a pretty entertaining and fulfilling life. You can meet interesting people, experience new adventures and do some crazy things you may never tell your grandchildren about, but will blush later when you think about them.

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9 reasons why escorts should grant clients’ weird requests

All escorts may agree that clients can come up with some pretty crazy things they hope to experience during an encounter. As a result, escorts are sometimes a bit unprepared for their clients’ creativity. Provided that an activity does not compromise escort’s health and safety, putting it on the “NEVER!” list may result in predictable, cookie-cutter encounters.

This is perfectly fine for an escort with a strongly established client list. But escorts who are building up their client lists may be well suited to accept some odd requests along the way.

Additionally, well-established escorts may also find it entertaining and a journey from the “norm” when she fulfills a client’s unique desire.

Here are the top 9 reasons an escort should grant clients’ weird requests:

  1. It costs you nothing. Many times, a client will make a request that will not cause you to put out any money in order to fulfill. For instance, if foot worship isn’t really something on your list of services, it still won’t cost you anything to allow a client to lick and suck your toes. Just make sure you wear a good pair of stockings and stilettos. Clients may ask for special treatment or a role play situation that only requires you to use a bit of creativity. Most requests don’t require any kind of financial investment in order to make them happen. Keeping in mind that the encounter won’t cost you a dime, there really isn’t much of an argument against going along with a client.
  2. It could be fun. Clients sometimes spend all day dreaming up ideas for escort encounters. They have a lot of creativity and pent up anticipation. They may ask an escort to fulfill an odd request, with the disappointed anticipation already in place that he will be denied. A client whose odd scenario is accepted is going to be the happiest client you see all week. As a result, his enthusiasm may rub off on you, making the encounter the most fun one you’ve had in a long time. Don’t judge an encounter idea as being too silly, juvenile or just plain goofy until you’ve thought it over a bit more. Realize that once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with being goofy.
  3. Your client is a loyal regular. It’s difficult to accept an off-the-wall request from a client you don’t know and have never met before. Not only is a first encounter sometimes awkward, but it would be even more weird when it involves a service you’re not accustomed to providing. First encounters should always be comfortable. However, if one of your regular clients has a unique proposition for you, consider it. You and he are used to one another and have a good rapport. You’ve already established your relationship. As a favor to a good client, it’s a wise decision to follow through with his fantasy, unless it crosses one of your personal boundaries. By conceding to his special quandary, you may make him feel special and appreciated. He may even feel that he is your favorite client, which will inspire him into increase loyalty and regularity.
  4. The client will pay extra for the privilege. If a client wants to be tied down and tickled with a feather all afternoon, go for it—especially if he’s going to kick in an extra $100. Many clients know their requests are different, and they are willing to pay for the activity and the discretion that goes along with it. A client may want to simply dress up in your lingerie and put on make up with you. Or, he may have something else that is far from the norm for him. Regardless, if he’s willing to pay extra for the task, take him up on his offer.
  5. The requested encounter may actually take less work for you. Working as an escort is hard: it’s physically and emotionally demanding. You must be willing and able to perform a non-stop sex marathon for clients if they wish, and also be his confidant, therapist and best friend, all at the same time. But, when clients request special services that are straying from the traditional, they often require less work from you. Sometimes a client just wants to cuddle and watch you pleasure yourself. Others may want you to give him a bath or wash his hair. Don’t look at a request skeptically; most times clients are very direct about their simple desires. And these desires will often require less effort on your part than a full-fledged encounter.
  6. Call your client’s bluff. If you’ve established a regular relationship with a client, he may tease you about his “fantasy” encounter, which is full of weird elements. He may expect that you are far too traditional or stuck in your ways to grant him his perverse or taboo request. Surprise your client with your open-mindedness and stretch your services a bit to oblige him. Your client may be so surprised it takes him a few minutes to fully engage in his requested activity. Seeing the surprise on his face may be worth a full week of encounters for your own personal pleasure.
  7. Consider it a way you can expand your services. Some escorts get repeat business because they provide unique services. Not every escort is into giving a client a golden shower. If some odd request by a client is something you find you can endure (and maybe even enjoy), you may have found a new line of services you can offer to select clients. You may be able to attract a whole different group of clientele as a result of your new services. And, if after trying something new and different with a client you conclude that it’s not really for you, add it to the “NEVER!” list.
  8. You may earn a great review. You should never feel forced into providing any kind of service for an exchange of a good review. However, if your client usually gives you decent ratings, he may provide a stellar review for you if you go the extra mile to grant his oddball request. An escort may even go as far to inform her client that she expects a review that will really boost her ratings as a result of her willingness to try something new to fulfill a client fantasy. Look for the review afterward. If the client follows through, consider being open to his future requests.
  9. Business is slow. When times are slow, it’s tempting to take on clients that are questionable in order to make ends meet. Additionally, it may be appropriate to fulfill that odd request from a client that you got a few weeks back. Perhaps, you put him off, in order to think about his fantasy. If business is slow, you should contact him to see if he’s still interested in doing that weird thing he asked about. If he is, make it happen. Slow weeks call for creativity on your part. And, picking up on client requests that you didn’t fulfill in the past is a great way to generate some extra business.
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Pet peeves escorts can try sorting out with clients

As an escort, you should expect to be irritated by the things your clients do. You must overlook many of these things if you want to keep them as clients. A client’s nasal voice is not something he can really change. Another’s annoying habit of snorting as he laughs is a trait, not modifiable behavior.

However, if a client’s behavior has a true negative effect on his escort, she should inform him how his behavior needs attention. She shouldn’t complain about his actions; she should explain to him how she’d like it to change and why. A client will respond more positively when an escort explains how he will be rewarded for changes, instead of receiving criticism or ultimatums.

The top 15 peeves that escorts may feel they should address with clients are:

  • Smoking: Smoking can yellow a person’s teeth and skin, along with leaving behind a strong odor. Kissing a smoker is like kissing an ash tray for a non-smoker. A client who smokes in your incall can stink up the place and will leave the scent on your clothes and other items laying around. All in all, an escort who doesn’t smoke must have quite a bit of tolerance when she has an encounter with a smoker, especially one who takes the liberty to smoke during a booking. However, beyond a client just being smelly from tobacco, an escort may be allergic to secondhand smoke. Affected by her allergies, an escort is not able to perform properly for days. It’s wise to inform your client that smoking during an encounter is prohibited. And, it’s common to ask a client to shower prior to any physical contact, especially in order to wash off the smell of cigarettes.
  • Shaving: While some women are really “into” facial hair, others are turned off by it. But, it’s not really an issue of liking someone’s beard or not. The client’s stubble may cause an escort with sensitive skin to break out in a rash that lasts for hours or days…all from too close of contact with whiskery skin. Escorts with sensitive skin should encourage (and insist) that their clients shave prior to encounters. Additionally, if clients have longer facial hair, they should keep it neatly trimmed and conditioned.
  • Dirty nails: Depending on a client’s profession, he may have the job hazard of having dirty nails. Engineers who work hands-on with mechanical operations, construction workers, electricians, automobile mechanics and other clients who do physical labor for a living may have dirty nails. While dirty nails may be thought to only be a hygiene issue, it can be more serious than that. A client who has dirty nails may spread germs and bacteria to an escort as he touches her most tender and private parts. Escorts should ask that any clients with excessively dirty nails to trim them and clean them with a nail brush before becoming intimate.
  • Overall bad hygiene: While overall bad hygiene may not be a health risk in and of itself, it can still present problems. Being unclean can cause body odor and unsightliness, which is an immediate turn-off for an escort. Escorts find it nearly impossible to become intimate with a client who looks or smells dirty. An escort should never find it questionable to ask a client to tend to his hygiene before she follows through with her services. The hygiene issue could be oral, dealing with the teeth or mouth; physical, focusing on overall cleanliness of the body; or head, relating to the hair or scalp. To combat this, most escorts make it their general policy to require that clients shower prior to an encounter.
  • Cursing: Many escorts curse or use foul language. But, they don’t do it with clients. Many escorts maintain a very clean way of speaking. However, clients don’t always do the same. They drop “F” bombs, call everyone a**holes and take god’s name in vain regularly. That doesn’t always set well with an escort who is attempting to promote some class and dignity. An escort should never be ashamed to request that a client cut the cussing and use reasonable substitutes as he talks to her. And, this goes double if a client is actually cursing at an escort.
  • Rudeness: Escorts are people, too, and do not deserve to be treated rudely, disrespectfully or without common courtesy. Many clients think that because they are paying for an escort’s time they can be jerks, because it is their right. However, this does not carry over to acceptable behavior. No escort has to tolerate a client who is rude or discourteous.
  • Drug use: Some escorts think recreational drug use is okay, as long as a client doesn’t get too carried away. However, this is the kind of thinking that has gotten more than one escort in trouble. Drug use is never okay during an encounter, and this policy should be enforced, as drug users may become aggressive or violent. If an escort discovers that her client is using drugs during an encounter (or has used directly before an encounter), she is justified in walking out on the spot.
  • Being late: When a client arrives late and expects to still receive a booking of a full hour, he is taking advantage of his escort. Arriving late, especially habitually, is a way of showing blatant disrespect for an escort. Escorts who have habitually late clients should feel free to only allow them the time she has booked for them, which includes the amount of time they were absent. It’s not the escort’s fault the client was late, and she shouldn’t be penalized.
  • Refuse to follow directions: Escorts give specific directions to clients for reasons, yet many clients fail to listen to an escort’s directions and choose to go against them. For instance, an escort may ask a client to park in the back, instead of the front, because the snow plow comes along at specific times. If a client fails to follow directions, his car may be buried under the snow. Other situations may involve discretion, privacy and other issues that should be important to the client, too. If clients do not follow instructions, escorts may consider refusing the bookings.
  • Too much contact: Some clients like their escorts too much and want to talk to them too often. Escorts should cut off all extraneous contact with clients like text messages, phone calls and emails “just because.” Escorts should inform clients that they are not their friends and that they have a business arrangement, not a romance.
  • Lack of discretion: Despite multiple warnings and tips, some clients are just dolts about being discreet. They fail to cover their tracks on computers or smart phones, brag to their buddies and leave evidence behind. Escorts should remind clients that they expect them to do all they can to be discreet and give them a crash course on what that means. If an escort determines that a client simply can’t be discreet, she should consider dropping him from her client list.
  • Boundary pushing: Clients who consistently push boundaries by asking for prohibited services, extra time or other things they know escorts don’t typically allow should be reminded that they are crossing lines of acceptability. Boundary pushers don’t often stop, and their coercion may get worse the longer an escort caters to their requests. Escorts should nip such behavior in the bud.
  • Last-minute appointments: Even though an escort specifies on her profile that she requires 24-hour notice for all bookings, clients often ignore this and try to book anyways. Escorts with clients who think they can ignore her policy about last-minute bookings should be willing to deny their requests. Unless an escort is really desperate for money, she shouldn’t be convinced to take sudden, spur of the moment bookings, even from her favorite clients. It causes an escort to be unable to make plans and solidify her schedule when she consistently takes last-minute bookings.
  • Using an escort’s personal items: Escorts often have personal items such as shower gels, towels and other things hidden away in their incall bathrooms. Clients who seek out these items and use them should be reminded that other products are available for their use out in the open. If a client persists in finding an escort’s hidden items, he should be strongly discouraged from using them in the future. Additionally, to avoid any future problems, an escort should simply remove her items from the bathroom when she knows the guilty party will be arriving for an encounter.
  • Leaving the bathroom (or any other room) a mess: Some men just don’t see messes the same way that women do. But, that doesn’t excuse them from leaving water puddles on the bathroom floor or powder all over the countertop. Clients who can’t clean up after themselves should be reminded that their escort is not their maid or their mother. Escorts could inspect the bathroom before a client leaves and insist that he do his part to clean up any messes. Escorts should also explain that it costs them time to clean messes up themselves or money to hire cleaners.
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How to stay safe while working as an escort

One of the biggest concerns people have with choosing a career in escorting is safety. How can men and women in this profession stay safe when there are so many risks?

by Ashly Lorenzana

Thanks to the Internet, escorts no longer have to walk the streets and put themselves in such high-risk situations as they were forced to in the past. For the record, I don’t recommend street walking under any circumstances. While I certainly don’t judge anyone who does this, I can’t help but cringe at the thought of how badly this jeopardizes your safety.

On the streets, you have no idea who you are getting into a car with when someone stops to pick you up. In the past, many escorts have never been seen again after getting into the wrong stranger’s car.

These days, the web helps us stay safer in several different ways. First, advertising online tends to attract a different breed of customer than you will find combing the streets on the search for escorts.

Many people who cruise around looking for street walkers are used to paying very little in exchange for an escort’s services, and they also have the confidence that comes with anonymity since you have no idea who they are at all.

What this ends up meaning is that the quality of these customers is generally much lower than the type of customers who look for escorts online. These men will generally expect higher prices and will be equally as accustomed to standard precautionary measures taken by women in the business who use the internet to advertise and market their services.

In addition to attracting more qualified clients, the web also makes it easier to screen potential clients as well. Asking a new client to provide a reference before you see them is generally a common practice these days. They will provide the name and phone number of another woman they have seen, so that you can contact her yourself and ask her about her experience with you.

I’ve had a few ladies call me up over the years and ask for a reference for a new client who I have seen. It’s important to have more than just a first name when you are asking about someone, though. That’s not enough identifying information for any escort to provide a reference. You don’t have to offer up your full name or anything, but if your name is “Tom,” then be sure to include something that will help the escort place you, such as the type of car you drive or the place where you met for the first time or where you usually meet.

This way the reference can figure out who you are and give the escort an approval or disapproval based on their experience.

If you’re contacting a reference given by a prospective client, be sure to check out the escort they are using as one as well. Do a quick Google search to verify that they actually exist and are known as an escort. Never assume everything is legit without checking for yourself. Keep in mind that any woman can answer a phone and say someone is totally safe. You need to do the homework to make sure you’re not being deceived by this new person.

Another way to keep safe is to arrange a meet and greet in a neutral location for the first time. Anyone who makes you feel uneasy for whatever reason should ALWAYS be required to do a meet and greet first, if not totally ignored and put on your “do not see” list.

Agree on a coffee shop or other public place to meet up in person for the first time. Spend a little bit of time talking with them and getting a feel for them. If you are comfortable with them, you can consider setting a date with them. If not, just be polite and when you part ways you won’t have to answer them again in the future and they don’t know where you live. Just be sure no one follows you from the meeting place to your home.

Keep in mind also that you can demand as much personal info from a new client as you need to have peace of mind for your personal safety. If you want to leave the client’s full name, employer, home address and other details with a trusted friend who knows the purpose of your visit with that person, then simply tell them that those are your conditions and stick to them.

If they want to see you badly enough, they will give you the info you ask for. Again, be sure to verify this info by doing a bit of research to ensure they are who they claim to be.

Pick a close friend and always tell them exactly where you are going before meeting with a new client, as well as when you are expected to return. If you’re gone longer than that, leave instructions for that person to start calling you immediately to check in with them. If you don’t answer and they know where you are, they can call for help.

Another tip for your safety is to always have condoms on you when you are going out to meet new clients. Don’t count on them to have this taken care of and don’t put yourself in an awkward or high pressure situation when neither of you have any at the last minute.

Being prepared is key here. This should go without saying, but never agree to see any client who asks for unprotected sex for any reason. It doesn’t matter if they are married and haven’t seen anyone but you, or claim that they can’t feel anything with a condom on. Too bad.

Even using protection, it’s also important to get checked regularly for STD’s and to use a backup form of birth control in the event of any accidents. In the US, many states have clinics that will provide these services free of charge for people who are not covered by health insurance.

There are tons of ways the web helps keep escorts safer today, but for now I’ll leave you with one final piece of advice.

Avoid meeting clients at hotels or in private buildings that they may claim to work in. This is a red flag for police stings and other law enforcement traps. Any legitimate client will have an actual residential address where they live, and that’s what you want to get before meeting them.

Don’t be lured into a sting operation. Your public reputation is at stake as well as your safety, which is important to keep in mind.


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Condom 411: What escorts should know about condoms and their use

Even though your clients may protest the wearing of the love glove, both you and they know it’s a necessary evil that keeps everyone safe rather than sorry. But, you can lessen the “evil” by increasing your knowledge about the condom, its use and some tips to make it more exciting or comfortable for your client.

Condom use goes back many, many centuries, with the oldest claims coming from cave paintings that are 12,000 to 15,000 years old. Few references were found during the Roman Empire days, due to the rise of Catholicism, but the use of condoms has been prevalent throughout history otherwise. The condom, however, was very different from today’s versions in its pre-XIX century forms. Made from chemically-treated linen or animal tissue (usually intestine or bladder), the condom was much less comfortable and somewhat less effective, although still a good solution for contraception and syphilis reduction. For many years, our sexually-active ancestors relied on glan covers, that covered the head of the penis, but they realized these were ineffective for the prevention of disease. When rubber was invented, it wasn’t long before the first rubber condoms were manufactured in 1855, and they gained popularity quickly.

Still a taboo subject for society, the first condom advertisement in the U.S. appeared in the New York Times in 1861.

However, society wasn’t quite ready to accept the mainstream manufacture and use of condoms. The moralist hypocrites influenced federal and state legislators to pass laws prohibiting the manufacture and sale of condoms in 1873. But manufacturers found loopholes around the laws, as did consumers.

When latex was invented in 1920, Young’s Rubber Company produced the first latex condom using the Trojan brand. Soon, the latex condom became the norm and was also standard issue for all U.S. military members in 1931. Because the condom industry had never been regulated for quality assurance, the Federal Drug Administration created mandates for condoms in 1940 and seized 864,000 faulty condoms during its first month of regulation. Since then, regular standards have been in place to ensure that condoms are reliable and safe for use.

14 things an escort should know:

  1. Always buy latex condoms. Although there are several types of condoms (lambskin, polyurethane, etc.), only latex condoms have been proven to provide nearly 100 percent protection against STDs and HIV. Escorts shouldn’t take risks with their health or safety (or their clients’) by selecting condoms that will not protect them.
  2. Fit is important. Clients who wear condoms that do not fit properly run the risk of spreading STDs, if they are infected. Overall, there are three sizes of condoms that escorts may choose to use with their clients: standard, contoured and large (which will fit penises 2 mm larger than the “norm”). Although these standard sizes fit most, escorts should shop around to find the best options. Condoms that are too small may break, allowing exposure to infection as semen spills out and direct skin-to-skin contact is made. Much the same goes for a condom that is too big and slips off during intercourse. Escorts should ensure that a condom is the right size by examining whether it reaches the base of the penis. If it doesn’t, it is too tight. A condom that is too tight may not only break during intercourse, but it also reduces your client’s sensations. Giving a client a condom that is too big may make him feel inadequate, in addition to running the risk of it sliding off during sex. The average penis is 7 inches long, which means that most clients will fit in average-sized condoms. However, penis size may vary by up to an inch and several millimeters in girth. As you gain experience, you will be able to quickly judge the size of condom your client requires.
  3. Shop around. Do some experimenting with various brands and varieties of condoms. Once you find a brand you like, stick with it and buy several types and sizes, including extra-lubricated and ribbed. Your clients may not like the idea of having to wear a woody hoodie, but they will be much more pleased when you have several options from which they can choose. Consider buying condoms in bulk: it’s usually cheaper and much more discreet.
  4. Store your condom stash in a dry, cool area. Put them in a container where they are loosely stored. Ensure that condoms do not exceed their expiration dates when you prepare to use them. As you go through your supply, discard any that have expired. Additionally, any condoms that have been exposed to excessive heat (sitting in a hot car, for example) or have gone through the washer (from being forgotten in your pocket) should be thrown away.
  5. Always examine the condom wrapper before using its contents. Any wrapper that displays extreme wear, appears brittle, or is sticky and discolored is a sign that the condom may not be any good. Additionally, the condom wrapper should have a pocket of air in the package. If it doesn’t, it’s an indication the wrapper has a hole in it, and the condom may be punctured, too.
  6. Put the condom on before any intimate contact is made. The only way to avoid the spread of STDs is to put a barrier between you and your client before skin-to-skin contact is made. Don’t remember in the middle of intercourse to put the condom on. Make it a priority to put it on as soon as your client develops an erection.
  7. Make sure the condom is right-side out. A condom is like a sock: it has a right side and a wrong side. Unroll the condom one-half inch or so to see which way it naturally unrolls. If it doesn’t unroll easily, it is likely inside out. Flip it around and begin again. If a condom just doesn’t want to unroll at all, discard it and try a new one.
  8. Leave space at the tip. Many condoms have a reservoir tip built into their design, which allows for a bit of space at the end for sperm and ejaculate. However, some do not. As you are helping your client put on his condom, pinch the tip slightly, allowing a bit of the condom to extend past the penis head. Not only does this leave room for semen after your client climaxes, but it also reduces the amount of air bubbles in the condom. Air bubbles can cause the condom to break during intercourse.
  9. Use lube. Water-soluble lube helps to reduce friction when using condoms, making the experience more pleasant for both you and your client. Many people think that the type of lube you use doesn’t matter, but they are wrong. You should always use water-soluble varieties; other types may break down the condom, causing it to break. NEVER use: Vaseline, petroleum jelly, massage oils, Crisco, butter or hand creams. Good brands of lube to consider include: K-Y Jelly, ID Glide, Slippery Stuff, Foreplay and Astroglide.
  10. Clean up is essential. Knowing how to clean up after using a condom is important so as not to spill the contents. Your client should withdraw immediately after he ejaculates. If he waits until he goes limp, the contents of the condom can spill out into the vagina, potentially causing an infection. After withdrawal, your client should carefully pull the condom off and wrap it in a tissue to discard in the trashcan. Your client may also choose to tie it off at the top. Do not flush it down the toilet; some sewer systems do not tolerate condoms well. Only use a condom once. A condom should never be used for both vaginal and anal intercourse. And, you should never utilize a condom with more than one person (such as during a threesome).
  11. Use a condom on your sex toys. Of course, vibrators and other accessories should be cleaned thoroughly after use with clients, but it’s also a smart idea to protect yourself during the encounter by putting a condom on a toy, especially if you and your client are both taking turns enjoying it.
  12. Uncircumcised clients can enjoy sex fully with a condom on. Some clients who are uncircumcised may complain that sex is uncomfortable with a condom. Don’t allow them to talk you into unprotected encounters. Simply pull the foreskin back prior to putting on the condom. They experience no more discomfort than clients who are fully circumcised.
  13. Never use your teeth to open the condom wrapper. Although your clients may get a kick out of it when you do this, it’s not a good idea. You could easily tear the condom as you rip the package open.
  14. Put the condom on your client so that he enjoys wearing it. Because many clients don’t particularly look forward to wearing a condom, you can help make it fun for him. Open the condom wrapper ahead of time, so it’s ready as soon as your client gets his erection. Put a couple of drops of lube in the condom, which will help increase the sensations at the head of the penis. Dab a bit of lube onto your lips and suck the non-spermicidal side of the disc into your mouth, creating a small nipple tip inside your mouth. Wrapping your lips over your teeth, put your mouth (with the condom) over the head of your client’s penis. Push your lips against the ring of the condom, and lower your mouth down around his shaft, sliding the condom on. Push it down as far as you can with your mouth, and use your hand to unroll it the rest of the way. Proceed with the pleasure by continuing with the oral sex.

Many escorts have questions about the best condoms to use for particular purposes. Here is a brief rundown:

  • Best condoms for lasting longer: Some clients may have trouble with premature ejaculation. The type of condom you use can help. Choose a condom with a special additive in the tip to help decrease sensations temporarily. Durex Performax Condoms and Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms are excellent choices.
  • Best condoms for pleasing a woman: If your client is extremely concerned about pleasing you, select a condom that is ribbed, studded or warming. One brand to try is Trojan Her Pleasure Warming Sensation Condoms.
  • Best condoms for the larger-than-average penis: Some clients are just BIG! Buy condoms meant for larger penises, including Lifestyles KYNG Condoms or Trustex Extra-Large Lubricated Condoms.
  • Best condoms for the smaller-than-average penis: While some clients are larger, others are a bit on the smaller side. Condoms to use with your smaller clients are Iron Grip Snugger Fit Condoms.
  • Best condoms for blowjobs: The best condoms for blowjobs feature a looser fit at the tip and along the shaft, while still fitting snugly at the base of the penis. Condoms that provide more wiggle room allow for more pleasure, especially if you’ve added a drop or two of lube to the inside before putting it on. Flavored condoms or Lifestyles Pleasure Tipped Condoms are good choices for oral sex.
  • Best condoms for anal sex: Always choose lubed condoms for anal intercourse. If your favorite brand of condoms have an “extra-safe” variety, that is a good pick, too, because condoms are more apt to break during anal sex. Some to try are Lifestyles Ultra-Lubricated Condoms. A great lube option is Sliquis Sassy Booty Formula.
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15 commandments of an escort driver

When you drive for an escort, you will be her security partner, transportation provider and public relations. You help her to create an image of a successful, high-end escort, all while keeping her out of danger and ensuring she makes it to encounters on time. Although an escort may be very successful without employing a driver, she is certainly benefitted from the arrangement.

To be a good escort driver, you need to follow several rules:

  1. Respect your escort. She is your boss. She tells you where to drive and when to drive there. She pays you for your time and expertise. Drivers who fail to adequately respect their escorts do not often stay employed very long. It’s an insult to an escort to bargain to trade out services with her. She doesn’t need to give you free sex or other services for you to drive her to a client’s hotel or residence. She could just as easily drive there herself or catch a cab. Be professional when you interact with your escort. While it’s polite to tell an escort she looks beautiful, it’s certainly unacceptable to ogle her or attempt to grope her as you help her into the car.
  2. Know the route. An escort relies on you to get her to encounters, without getting lost. Use your GPS or phone for directions to encounter locations. Or, if you’re local, use your knowledge of the area to get around. Regardless of which method you use, always allow ample time to get to your destination and avoid driving unnecessarily.
  3. Stay alert at all times. When you’re working as a driver, you’re also doubling as a security partner for your escort. To do this well, you must be alert and awake. Even if your escort is seeing a client late at night, that is no excuse for you to go to sleep in the car as you wait for her to come back. Don’t get so absorbed in something else (a movie on your phone or reading a book, for example) that you are unaware of what’s going on around you. You must watch the area and pay attention for any suspicious behavior or people. Take special notice of additional people in the area (especially if they enter the residence where your escort is) or police who seem interested in the neighborhood. As you watch around you, be sure you are parked inconspicuously down the street or in the back. (Position yourself so you can see the entrances and windows where your escort may be.)
  4. See your escort to the door of the outcall. You are helping your escort demonstrate to a client that she has a security partner looking out for her and waiting on her safe return. The presence of an escort’s driver may intimidate a would-be violent client into behaving himself. And, if the encounter is in a questionable neighborhood, you know for a fact that your escort made it inside safely, without any troubles. Lastly, you will be able to identify a client in case anything occurs that would cause criminal charges.
  5. Call your escort when the time of the session is up. Because escorts don’t like to be clock watchers (and, it’s sometimes impossible to know the time without a watch), letting her know that only five to 10 minutes remain during an encounter is extremely helpful. Even if you and she have it worked out that she doesn’t have to answer her phone, she can use it as a notification to wrap things up.
  6. Always be on time to pick up your escort. You’re not much help to your escort if you arrive late to pick her up for an encounter. Get there early, so you have plenty of time to drive your escort to her desired destination. If you get there late and she arrives to her encounter late, an escort’s reputation is badly damaged. And, if she has fewer clients due to being late, that also means fewer jobs for you (and less money). She expects you to do your job well, so she can, too.
  7. Don’t leave and come back while you’re waiting for your escort to visit a client. You never know when the encounter will end: some bookings end early, and your escort will come out before she’s expected. If you’re not there to pick her up, she has to wait, possibly in a bad neighborhood. She also looks suspicious hanging out with no purpose, so your job is to pick her up to avoid unnecessary attention. Additionally, some escorts leave encounters unexpectedly because of a bad situation. A client may become violent, get drunk or demand boundary-pushing services, and an escort may end the encounter. If she comes out and you’re not there, you leave her in a bad situation.
  8. Check on your escort if she doesn’t come out when expected. If your escort has told you that she will be with the client for an hour, she should come back out within an hour or so. If she doesn’t arrive back at the car, something could be wrong. Go to the door to see if something is wrong or she needs help. It could be nothing serious, such as the client asked for an extended encounter. However, it’s best to check to ensure your escort’s safety.
  9. Work out a code with your escort in case she needs help. Ahead of time, discuss cues and signals that your escort may use to indicate she needs help from you. Your code could include various phrases that sound innocent enough over the phone to a client, but indicate to you that something is wrong. She should also have some physical clues such as turning the lights on and off or moving the curtains to let you know that you are needed inside.
  10. Stay discreet. You may be driving to celebrity homes, high-profile politicians’ residences or other top-secret locations. You could see people who expect their identities to be kept secret. It’s important that you keep everything you know to yourself. Additionally, never reveal your escort’s real identity or residence to anyone else. (She expects discretion, too.)
  11. Obey the law. When you’re driving your escort, it’s essential that you avoid traffic tickets or getting pulled over by the police. Park legally and for no more than the posted times, don’t speed and avoid breaking any other traffic laws. Drawing law enforcement attention to you and your escort will not be constructive for her business or her clients.
  12. Keep your vehicle fit. You never want your car to break down as you are transporting your escort to and from her encounters. She depends on you to get her places safely and in a timely manner; the last thing she needs is to be late due to car trouble. Make sure your tires are in good shape, the oil is regularly changed, the tank is fueled up and other repairs are tended to. Also, it’s important to keep your car detailed. Your escort wants to be transported in a clean, nice smelling vehicle; she should never arrive to an encounter smelling like smoke from your car or soiled from dirty seats. Wash your car regularly; a clean car provides a better image for your escort.
  13. Always carry the phone. This tip should go without saying, but it’s probably the most important thing to remember as an escort driver. Your phone is your lifeline to your escort. She will use it to notify you of any changes in the schedule, assistance she needs with a client or other aspects of the job.
  14. Dress appropriately. You should wear a black suit or slacks and a nice dress shirt. As you accompany your escort to the door for outcalls, you want to leave a favorable impression. Your clothing should be pressed, clean and good quality. You are helping your escort establish her brand, and your appearance enables her to look successful and professional.
  15. Avoid a relationship with your escort. While you and she may be spending significant amounts of time together as you drive her around, it’s never a good idea to share too many personal details or become involved in her personal life. Don’t volunteer to pick up her kids, get her dry cleaning or buy her groceries. Avoid giving advice (you’re not her therapist) or getting sucked into family drama. Just like escorts avoid sharing too many personal details with their clients, you should adopt the same rule for a professional relationship with your escort. And, while you shouldn’t get personally involved, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be pleasant and enjoy hanging out with your escort in the car.
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12 things escorts shouldn’t take personally

Humans are geared to view the world as revolving around ourselves. Babies start out with this mentality and never really outgrow it. It’s very easy to take others’ actions personally, even when they are not aimed at us specifically.

It’s common for people who respect themselves (as everyone should) to allow a bit of “healthy narcissism”. But doing it too often can make separating reality from self-indulged fiction difficult.

Because escorts work with so many different people on intimate levels, it’s really no surprise that they run into situations that may cause them to feel personally responsible or targeted.

Try ignoring the following 12 things for a chance to make your life easier:

  1. Clients may leave early or ask you to go before the allotted time has expired. Even though you may believe that your client has signed on for your entire two-hour-minimum encounter, he may have other ideas. Once he’s happy with the time he’s spent with you, he may elect to leave early. Some clients are busy with work or other obligations and only need 30 minutes of your time to achieve satisfaction. Don’t fret. It’s not an insult or an indication that he’s not pleased with your service. Even the most regular client who uses the entire encounter may need to leave early once in awhile. And, he may not share an explanation with you for the early dismissal.
  2. Some clients can’t climax – even with you. It’s not your fault. As an escort, y it’s your job to help your client feel completely fulfilled, usually by achieving an orgasm, in addition to providing other intimacies. But, some clients simply cannot climax with you or anyone else. They anticipate the act too much, and they end up with performance anxiety. Stress and anxiety about other issues in life could be working them up so much they can’t find that release. Additionally, health conditions or medicines taken to treat them may be the culprits. Medicines for heart problems, depression and some supplements make it difficult for a man to reach orgasm. If you’re providing your usual good service, you can rest assured that it’s not your fault he can’t reach completion. Of course, you can help the situation by being empathetic and willing to try other positions to make him happier.
  3. Erectile dysfunction is common in older clients. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to obtain or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. Older clients experience this occurrence more than younger ones, however ED is not limited by age. Previously referred to as impotency, this condition is not your fault. Your client isn’t having trouble getting “it” up because of you or something you’re not doing properly. It’s not that he’s not attracted to you or that he isn’t pleased with your services. ED can be the result of several physical conditions, including but not limited to, hardening of the arteries, nerve disorders and chronic illnesses. Psychological problems such as depression or anxiety can cause this, too. Medications taken for these conditions (both physical and psychological) may be the root of the problem. If your client is having trouble making himself “stand at attention,” don’t fret or blame yourself. There are plenty of other things you can do to please your client that don’t require an erection.
  4. “You don’t look like I expected you to” At some point in her career, every escort hears this phrase muttered as she meets a client for the first time. It’s easy to feel defensive when a client says this. Perhaps, he thinks you’re not pretty, thin or sexy enough for his expectations. But, his statement may not be negative, at all. One of your pictures may have reminded him of someone he knew, and when you showed up, the resemblance wasn’t as prevalent as he had thought it would be. Other times, clients focus on the many pictures they looked at when choosing an escort, possibly confusing you with another they were interested in. Sometimes, they don’t read your profile, which clearly states your measurements and height… and when you show up standing 5’8″ instead of the 5’2″ they expected, it’s a shock. As long as you truly represent yourself online with current, authentic pictures and an accurate description of yourself, you should never take a client’s comments about your appearance personally.
  5. Clients are sometimes very grouchy, for seemingly no reason. Surly clients who are irritated about everything and can’t be pleased may cause you think you are failing to perform your services satisfactorily. However, some clients book encounters to help perk up an otherwise bad day…only to continue the bitching and moaning when they are with you, too. They transfer the causes of their problems on to you, and allow themselves to complain, gripe or rant about their issues during an encounter. Don’t give in to the feelings that it’s your fault. Taking his surliness personally doesn’t change the fact that your client may simply need someone to express anger or frustration to. You may be acting in a therapeutic role, but you don’t even know it. And, some clients are just grouches. Letting them blow and go may be just what they need, as long you remember to shrug off any criticisms or outbursts they have, provided no violence is included.
  6. Clients who can’t get in the mood are discouraging. They often get frustrated, because even when they see you in your finest lingerie or birthday suit, they still don’t feel aroused. Don’t sweat it. Low libidos are common problems in the world, and if you have a large client list, it’s going to be a somewhat usual complaint. And, while you can’t crank up a client’s arousal level without some help from his hormones, you can still conduct an encounter that pleasures him by making him feel attractive and important. Many men experience low libido levels because of dips in testosterone levels, emotional issues that make it difficult for them to feel horny, high blood pressure or medications that zap their attraction levels. You should never take it personally that your client can’t get in the mood. It’s not about you; it’s about him.
  7. Clients may experience relationship problems — they are not your fault. If the truth is told, there are relationship-based problems in the beginning if a client is calling around behind his partner’s back to find companionship elsewhere. You are not responsible for your client’s problems with his mate. Some clients blame their escorts for issues with their wives or lovers, especially when they are caught cheating. However, unless you initiated contact with his partner, your client’s love problems are not your doing. Your client made the conscious decision to contact and see you. It’s not your fault that he didn’t cover his tracks better or make attempts to be more discreet about his trysts with you.
  8. Clients may tell you that they love you. Don’t get yourself worked up over your client’s exclamation of love, especially if made during a moment of ecstasy. Unless your client has begun to give you the “puppy dog” eyes at other times (or is doing things that lead you to really believe he’s crossing inappropriate lines), don’t take his comment personally. Many men make comments like this when they love what you’re doing to them. They confuse saying that they love you with meaning they love the experience. However, you can take the statement as a compliment, letting you know you’re doing your job right. Also, many people in today’s society throw the “L” word around like it means nothing. Hollywood folks, business executives and other outgoing types are always telling someone they love them. Usually, it just means they like them.
  9. Pranksters will call on any escort who will listen to them. They may schedule encounters they never show up for, try to keep an escort on the phone for ridiculous conversations or perform any other antics they can think of. The end result is an escort who is cheated out of her time by “prospective” clients who got their kicks out of fooling her. Regardless of how seasoned an escort may be, it’s easy to taken in by pranksters or timewasters. They may sound quite genuine, with believable cover stories. However, you should never take it personally that you were targeted for a prank. There is nothing special in your profile or gallery photos that would cause someone to try to play a joke on you. For every good client out there, a twisted jokester exists that gets off on fooling an escort.
  10. Clients sometimes cry. Most clients are happy during sex and after an orgasm. However, others who are experiencing emotional upsets may cry over relationship failures or anything else that springs to mind during intimate moments. It’s not your fault, and you shouldn’t think his weeping is because of something you did or didn’t do. Chalk it up to providing such a good experience that it resonates too deeply for your client. Give him your shoulder (or other soft body part) to cry on, and encourage him that things will get better. Many clients just need an understanding ear, and an escort is often that outlet for them.
  11. Not all clients will return. Despite the connection you thought you felt with a client, some won’t return for many different reasons. It’s not something you can take personally. You may not be his “type,” he may decide he doesn’t want to see an escort any more or he may be the kind of guy who is excited by the “newness” he feels with different escorts. You can’t feel bad about the fact that an appealing client didn’t return, as long as you delivered your services to the best of your abilities and engaged in the encounter enthusiastically.
  12. Some clients must haggle. It’s easy for an escort to take it personally when a client insinuates that he doesn’t feel time with her is worth her expressed fees. Anger, hurt feelings and condescension are common experiences when a client haggles over price. However, don’t take it personally. Some clients are just tightwads and don’t want to spend their money, even though they’ve already agreed to your rates. Realizing that some clients are just cheap is better than beating yourself up over the fact that he doesn’t think you’re worth your quoted expense.

Essentially, an escort has to learn to go with the flow. It’s easy to get worked up by the ways that clients may inadvertently treat you. But, you can step back and analyze the situation to realize that their actions are not really directed at you, personally. With this attitude, your work in the industry becomes much more bearable and it’s easier to go to work every day with a smile on your face.

With that said, you can’t chalk up repeated behaviors by clients to not being related to the services you are providing to them. If a significant number of clients are unhappy with encounters, it may be a sign for you to reevaluate your conduct and professionalism.

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11 ways to a have a great escort career last into maturity

You may know and accept the fact that escorting careers usually have shelf lives that do not provide support as a woman matures. Many escorts hang up their stilettos when they reach 40, others stick with it until they hit 50. However, some escorts manage to work well into their 60s and 70s managing a successful career in the industry. How do they do it?

For some women, they are fortunate to have crazy genes that seemingly prohibit them from aging. Others, though, make it a goal to create an escorting career that endures, grows and evolves as they do. These flexible careers are the ones that are able to stand the tests of time.

In addition to proper planning and goal setting, society plays a huge role in the longevity of an escort career. Because we live in a culture where 40 is the new 30 and 50 is still considered young, clients are more accepting of mature escorts. In fact, the onset of “cougarism” has opened up an entirely new market for escorts, that seemed nearly scandalous back in the days of the Hollywood movie Mrs. Robinson.

Implement these top 11 strategies to ensure your escorting career will support you throughout your life:

  1. Stay fit and healthy. This goal should be a priority for any escort, regardless of how long she plans to stay in the industry. Being an escort can be hard on your body: long hours, rigorous physical demands, strong mental requirements, emotional stresses and irregular schedules. Working under such conditions causes many to lose control of any fitness or health routines they may have had previously. It’s imperative, though, that you maintain regular health habits that will keep you in top form. Exercise regularly, incorporating both weight training and cardio exercises for best results. If you don’t know how to put together a good workout routine, consult with a personal fitness trainer or purchase structured DVD workout plans. In addition to staying active and fit, a healthy diet is necessary. Incorporate whole, natural foods when possible (such as locally-grown fruits or vegetables), lean meats and a healthy balance of carbs and fats. Maintain a healthy weight; consult your physician if you have questions about your ideal weight. Additionally, take care of your skin. It’s going to be the first giveaway to clients as you age. Don’t tan excessively, expose yourself to the elements without protection or fail to moisturize it regularly.
  2. Market your services to clients seeking mature escorts. There’s a whole group of men out there hoping to find an older escort who will rock their worlds. Many are looking to learn a thing or two. Others are simply into the fantasy of being at the will of an older, more experienced woman. Some clients are older, themselves, and appreciate the common interests and memories that a mature escort can offer. Regardless of which category of client you are hoping to attract, it’s essential that you develop a marketing strategy for these men. Incorporate into your profile that you enjoy younger men because their passions equal yours (or something equivalent to let clients know you enjoy sex). Provide examples of the active lifestyle you lead, demonstrating that you are youthful despite your years. To draw in older clients, emphasize that things get better with age and wisdom. As long as you stay fit and maintain your beauty routines, you should have plenty of clients interested in fulfilling their fantasies with an older woman.
  3. Rejuvenate with cosmetic surgery. All the celebrities do it, why not you? If you’ve got a few crinkles or some sagginess in the bust, all it takes to fix your problem areas is a visit to your local cosmetic surgeon. Facelifts, removal of crow’s feet, bust lifts and liposuction are common procedures with quick turnaround times that will get you back working quickly. Most surgeries are non-invasive and are becoming more affordable with time. Sometimes, all it takes to give a few more years to your career is a little fine-tuning. Consult with cosmetic surgeons in your region for ideas and input concerning the work you should have done to restore you to your glory days. To ensure you visit a quality provider, ask others in the industry for any referrals they can provide. (Odds are that some others who have been in the business awhile can easily give you their recommendations.)
  4. Retain your regular clients. Client retention is essential for the success of any escort, but it’s even more imperative as you age. As many clients get older, they seek out younger escorts. However, if you are able to satisfy them completely, they may not feel the need to look for anyone younger. Make sure that you provide excellent service, attention to detail and personalized conversation for each and every one of your regular clients. If you can’t remember discussions and activities from encounter to encounter, take notes immediately afterward that you can review when prepping to see your client next time. Being able to continue past conversations, asking about important events in a client’s life and knowing his favorite intimate act will count for a lot when a client makes the decision to continue booking with you. The more regulars you can move into maturity with, the more successful your career will be.
  5. Avoid overworking yourself now. If you’re planning to work in the escort industry into your maturity, you’ve got several years left ahead of you. To make sure you’re fit for those years, take care to maintain reasonable schedules in the present. Working overly strenuous schedules now may greatly impact your appearance later. Late nights, little sleep and partying with clients will leave you looking less-than glamorous as you get older. And, if you work schedules that provide little time off now, you may become so burned out as you get older, that maintaining an escorting career will be the last of your priorities. While it’s important to have a schedule that pays your bills, make sure that you have time off to enjoy life and take care of yourself.
  6. Invest your earnings well. As you age, your encounter schedule will likely slow down. But, it’s perfectly alright for it do that, if you have additional income available. Work with a financial planner to make wise investments that will pay off as you get older. Whether you choose to buy stocks, invest in a 401(k) or put your money into an IRA (or other products), make sure that your money will be accessible when you expect your career to slow, such as in your 50s. Even if the money you receive from your investments is not enough to cover your bills entirely, it will help fill in the gaps where your escorting leaves off.
  7. Grow your business. As you get older, your schedule may slow down, which means your income will, too. But, you’ve gained extensive knowledge and contacts that will go to waste if you don’t utilize them by expanding your business to include additional escorts to pick up where your encounters fall off. Hire two or three women in the beginning, and market them using the same strategies you used to obtain clients for yourself. Establish a commission for your efforts for each encounter your escorts acquire through your newly-formed agency. As their schedules get busier and the client list builds, feel free to add additional escorts. While you may not be out and about actually spending time with clients, you are still actively participating in the business, implementing your skills and expertise. As a result of your success by being an escort, you can be an even bigger success working behind the scenes.
  8. Stay up to date with technology and marketing methods. As time progresses, the methods you utilize currently to manage a successful escorting career may become obsolete. Social media may expand; marketing techniques may become more personalized; and, the ways in which escorts attract clients may differ greatly in 20 years. You must stay current with technological advancements in order to take full benefit of trends that may help you remain a viable commodity. Additionally, marketing strategies may implement new tracking methods that will make it easier to target specific client demographics. Regardless of how things change, make sure you’re keeping yourself current and in-the-know.
  9. Consult for a living. There are many independent escorts who are attempting to create successful careers of their own. Once you reach an age where you don’t desire to book encounters any more, you may be able to complement your income nicely by giving advice and direction to others. As a consultant, you can advise less-experienced escorts on everything from marketing, bookkeeping and recordkeeping to lingerie selection. You can help them determine best photos and poses for their online galleries. You can teach a new escort not only the importance of screening clients, but also how to do it. Essentially, you can instruct escorts how to survive in the business and act as their mentors as they progress in the industry.
  10. Write a book. In a society that feeds on gossip and scandal, a book that reveals an insider’s view to the escort industry will be coveted. Your book should include the business angle of your success, but it must contain racy details, too, to maintain public interest. Some memoirs name celebrities or high-profile personalities in their books, and you can, too, if you wish. Of course, you know that divulging your clients’ names will be an invasion of their privacies, so it may be best to share stories only of clients who have passed away. The success of one good book about your escapades as an escort could set you up for life, if you have a penchant for writing or storytelling. (If you don’t write well, you may be able to hire a writer to pen your story for you.)
  11. Marry well. Although this doesn’t extend your “actual” escort career into your maturity, you could still be providing services in exchange for valuables, such as a home, jewelry and other luxuries. Rarely does a lasting romance occur between an escort and her client, but it does in unusual circumstances. If you have such a situation, taking advantage of it will make life much easier in the long run.
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Escort Agency Talk – 274

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10 questions to ask before signing up with an escort agency

In a crumbling economy, functioning as an independent escort can be challenging, especially if you’re relatively new to the industry. Agencies can help escorts by providing them with a steady schedule that will help them make the income they wish to generate for themselves and their families. However, not all agencies are what they are cracked up to be.

Many agencies are set up with the sole purpose of cheating escorts through non-payment charades, requiring escorts to audition for positions and a number of other unscrupulous tactics.

As you’re searching for an escort agency to help boost your career, you can avoid the scammers by asking the right questions. Additionally, it’s imperative that you inquire about issues that are important to you, in order to make sure the agency is a good fit for your escorting style.

When you decide it’s time to look for an agency to work with, ask them these questions:

  1. Pay structure: Asking about the pay structure at an agency includes more than inquiring simply about the hourly rate that escorts get paid. You will want to ask whether the agency has a minimum booking time (such as a two-hour minimum), because it helps to guarantee upscale clients and lucrative compensation for your efforts. Press further by requesting information about pricing for extended encounters and unique requests that require special talents or tools. Find out what your percentage will be from the hourly rate. Some agencies figure in a driver or other security measures for their cut; ask how the agency handles this with their escorts. Condoms, lube and other necessities for encounters can add up. Some agencies provide the essentials for their escorts. Ask the agency if they do this as a courtesy, or if these supplies must be purchased out of pocket by the escort. Finally, inquire about the payment method. If an agency insists that they handle all payment arrangements, you should probably consider finding a different prospect. Agencies that hold payments from escorts often short them or fail to pay at all. A legitimate agency will pay an escort her rates when she delivers her earnings to the office.
  2. Schedule: Agencies all handle scheduling differently. If you’re the type of escort who wants to set her own schedule, you’re going to have to look for an agency that provides that latitude. Many agencies put escorts on rotating schedules, with the best-rated escorts getting prime shifts. Legitimate agencies know how important it is for their escorts to have time off to recharge, but others will drive their girls into the ground with grueling schedules of day-after-day appointments. Ask about time off, and inquire about the agency’s policies on extended leaves. (You may want to take a vacation or get sick, which will require your absence from work for multiple days.) If an agency has a strict attendance policy with little leeway, that may not work for you. And, ask about how much lead time you get before appointments. If you like spontaneity, encounters planned within the hour may not bother you. However, if you like to mentally prepare ahead of time, you may seek out an agency that books encounters four or more hours in advance.
  3. Screening: Independent escorts are always responsible for their own screening, which can either be a pain or a Godsend. When you do your own screening, you can feel confident that you’re booking clients who present minimal risk. However, some agencies do a poor job at this. This is an important question to ask in order to keep yourself safe. Inquire about the extent to which they screen clients, including how much they value the process. Ask about any problem clients they’ve run across through screening, and how they handled the booking process with them. Did they take actions to cancel the encounter? Or, did they simply send additional security with the escort? Find out what their standards are for refusing a client.
  4. Agency Background: Learning about an agency’s background can help you decide whether you should sign on to be an independent contractor for them. Ask how long the agency has been in business (and, whether it’s kept its original name). The longer an agency has existed, the more reputable it is likely to be. (New agencies may be great, too, but they can’t rely only on their histories to prove it.) Request information about the number of escorts currently working for the agency and if all of them are currently active. (Do your research by comparing this number to the profiles that appear on the agency’s website.) Look for evidence that the agency is genuine by searching for online advertising, newspaper ads or other marketing that attracts clients to their services. If you can’t find any information targeting clients (and only targeting escorts), avoid any further interactions with the agency. It’s likely a scam.
  5. Current Client Demographics: If an agency can’t provide you with the demographics of their current client lists, you may want to look elsewhere for work. A good agency is in the marketing business, and they want to know exactly who is using their services so they can continue to advertise effectively. If an agency does provide you with demographics and they aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, ask around at other agencies to see if you can find your preference. And, if an agency boasts to you that they have more clients than what they can service and are in desperate need of good escorts, walk away quickly. This is a tried and true scam that many agencies have pulled on unsuspecting escorts who want to get rich quick.
  6. Escort Responsibilities: Knowing the responsibilities expected of escorts who work for an agency is necessary before you commit to working for anyone. Agencies all seem to have different guidelines for the things that escorts must pay for themselves. Some have to pay for personalized marketing, if they want it. (Some agencies pay for it themselves in order to promote a new escort and build business.) Most agencies do not require escorts to pay for their directory listings, but some do. Typically, the photographs used on an agency website are paid for by the agency, although some require escorts to provide them. Most agencies insist that escorts provide their own wardrobes and accessories. If any agency attempts to charge fees for legal counsel or other items not directly related to escorting, it may be a sign of a scam. It’s essential to ask about all fees and responsibilities before signing any documents.
  7. In-person Interview: Reputable escort agencies usually require an escort to come in for an in-person interview to assess her appearance and general qualities, in addition to going over pertinent business issues. If an agency doesn’t suggest such a meeting, it’s completely appropriate (and advisable) to encourage one, yourself. An in-person interview will give you a good feel for the people you may end up working for. Getting a good look at the offices may also tell you what you want to know about an agency. If the office is rundown and lacks upkeep, it’s a sign that you’re not signing up with an upscale establishment. Consider this an opportunity, too, for you to interview the agency representative. If you suspect the rep is on drugs or lying about the agency benefits, trust your gut and avoid further communication with him or her.
  8. Law Enforcement Issues: Request information from the agency about its criminal history. Any agency that has been the subject of a sting or investigation may still be under high scrutiny by local law enforcement officials. Even though you are not doing anything illegal as an escort, it’s a good idea to avoid any attention from the police. Choose an escort agency that seems to be flying under the radar and has not attracted legal attention to itself. You can investigate whether an agency has been named in arrests by doing public records or general Internet searches online.
  9. Client Lists: All agencies keep their client lists private, so getting specific information about clients will be impossible. However, reasonable questions to ask are: Are escorts assigned specific clients? Or, are clients up for grabs at all times? If they are assigned, how many clients will be awarded to an escort? How are the clients assigned? Can an escort decline an assigned client? Knowing how the agency distributes clients and encounters can be helpful when making a choice as to whether you want to work for them. Knowing that you have a steady list of regular clients can be extremely attractive, while an agency that requires escorts to compete with each other for clients may be an environment you will want to avoid.
  10. References: Ask if you can talk to other escorts who currently work for the agency. Inquire how long they’ve been with the agency and about their overall satisfaction levels. Compare their reports of how much they work and earn to what the agency rep promised you. Ask about any disrespect, violence or harassment they’ve experienced through their relationship with the agency. And, finally, request the escorts to give you an example of how the agency worked out a bad situation for the escort. If an escort can’t provide any instances where the agency stuck up for her, it may be a sign that you want to continue looking.

These 10 questions will help you get a clear understanding of the business philosophy of any given agency. From the answers you receive, you will be able to determine if it’s a good fit for you, or if you should continue looking for another prospect.

One last thing to consider when looking at agencies is their stance on moonlighting. Many agencies have strict policies about accepting work on the side. They require their escorts to refer potential clients to the agency. If they discover that an escort has seen a client off the clock, that escort will be dismissed immediately. If this an issue important to you, and you think you may want to keep some clients you’ve already established for yourself, addressing this with any agency you are considering is a must.

Before signing on the dotted line, clearly read and reread all information and fine print in the contract detailing your employment or independent contractor status. Your rate of pay and other specifics should be written out, without question, in the contract so that expectations are clear to both you and your agency. If an agency fails to provide a contract (or a contract with specific terms), request one or continue your quest for the perfect agency.

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12 things to remember when participating in community activities

Even though you are an escort who hobnobs with your community’s elite clientele, you may still have down-to-earth roots and engage in local activities. It’s possible that you even offer your time as a volunteer at various events throughout the year. When you give your time, it’s important that you have a realistic understanding of your role and reasonable expectations of others.

While you don’t have a “normal” lifestyle, others do and expect everyone else to

You must engage in ways that will attract very little attention to the fact that other participants know little about you.

Follow this list of dos’ and don’ts to ensure that participating in community activities is a positive, trouble-free experience:

  1. Deny knowing high-profile members of the community, unless you are acquainted with them through innocent channels. It’s common for an escort to intimately know members of a community’s elite circle; but, she shouldn’t acknowledge that she does. By suggesting you know someone, it causes others to question your connection to him or her. If the person in question is one of your clients, it’s rather difficult to explain your relationship. It’s perfectly acceptable to say you know a client, if you’ve encountered each other through commonly accepted ways (such as going to the same church or the individual is your daughter’s pediatrician). Refrain from elaborating any further about the extent to which you know him. Commenting about details you shouldn’t know about someone could get yourself into more conversation than you want. You can save yourself (and your client) a lot of embarrassment by being vague.
  2. Dress appropriately. You may be accustomed to designer duds and full make-up when you’re out on the town visiting clients. Most community activities don’t require the high-maintenance look. Small-scale charity events are not the place for designer-labeled cocktail dresses. And, if you’re working the concession stand at your son’s basketball game, high heels and a tailored pencil skirt won’t help you fit in. Tone down your makeup and dress similarly to other fashionable women at events. You’ll be more comfortable knowing that you fit in, and your attire will be more functional for the activity, too.
  3. Don’t ask for cash up front. Many community events and fundraisers work on an honor-system with pledges or a donation basket. This differs greatly from your policy of requiring payment prior to providing services. If you’re helping out by taking tickets, accepting donations or working in other fundraising capacities, ask what the guidelines are before your shift. It could be very awkward for both you and others when you begin demanding money, when the activity or organization has a much less rigid payment policy. Remind yourself that you are not collecting for your time; and, recognize you are an extension of the group you are representing.
  4. Practice your cover story. Many escorts have told and re-told their cover stories to their friends and family members, to the point they don’t have to revisit them often. However, the acquaintances you meet through other activities haven’t heard your elevator speech about what you do. Practice it a time or two before you expect to be involved in an activity where someone may ask about your career. Keep in mind they don’t want a long, extended version. They will easily accept the watered-down sample you provide to them. As you quickly explain what you do, change the subject by asking questions about his or her profession. Odds are that the person to whom you are talking will be much more interested in discussing his own career rather than asking for more details about yours.
  5. Ditch your paranoia. While it is essential that you have your cover story prepared, there is really no reason to be concerned about people doubting you. Unfortunately, when you are an escort, it’s easy to feel paranoid that someone is going to find out your secret. But, the people you run across through community activities or volunteering for charitable causes aren’t looking to find holes or discrepancies in your cover story. They take what you’ve told them for face value and believe you. Being paranoid will only cause you to look suspicious, by acting out on your fear. It’s easy to see that your life doesn’t lead you to feel you can trust others, but that doesn’t mean other people live by the same code.
  6. Avoid communicating with clients when you’re at community functions. Regardless of how short your communications are with a client, it’s never a good idea to take a phone call from or text a client when you’re with others. It may cause questions about what important issue tore you away from the function, and you’ll have to make up answers on the spot (which is never good). In addition to causing questions, a phone call can provide your client with a clue about where you are and how you spend your off time. That’s not a problem with most of your clients; but, you have to be cautious about your personal life, just the same. Clients who may be potential stalkers wait for opportunities like this so they can run into you publicly, without having to schedule an encounter to see you. And, finally, it’s rude. When you’re engaged in an activity with others, don’t take phone calls unless it’s an emergency.
  7. Refrain from over-promising. Your schedule is often sporadic and unknown. There may be instances that you anticipate you will have free time to volunteer for an activity, only to receive a call from a client requesting an encounter for that same time period. You will have to make choices: make a client happy and earn money, or refuse an encounter and volunteer your time. Often, it’s not a matter of making a choice: you may need the money. Think ahead as you obligate yourself to activities. Despite the fact that you’re only volunteering to participate in an activity, others are depending on you. It’s not flattering to back out on a promise. Sometimes, it’s easier to bring something for a function (treats, plates, balloons, flowers, etc.) rather than volunteer to be present. If your schedule works out so that you can attend an event, that’s great. But, if a client wants your time, you won’t be forced to let someone down.
  8. Avoid screening other volunteers or participants. You have the means and know-how to screen the people you meet throughout your life. But, that doesn’t mean you should. If you’re volunteering to work the bake sale for the PTA, for instance, you shouldn’t look for background information about the PTA president. It isn’t pertinent, and her history is none of your business. When you’re accustomed to knowing everything you can find online about your clients, it’s easy to assume you should know the same things about others you come into contact with. However, it’s not the same. You screen clients to protect your safety and well-being. Working with others at public community functions doesn’t create the same degree of risk you have when you meet with clients in private. You have no reasonable excuse to pry into your co-volunteers’ private lives.
  9. Don’t watch the clock. You may be very good at hiding the fact that you’re watching the clock during each and every encounter. Keeping track of your time during visits with clients is a smart thing to do; otherwise, they will take advantage of you by extending bookings. But, when you volunteer for an activity, you are giving your time away. Typically, you participate for an entire activity, regardless of how long it takes. For instance, if you’re helping to coach your son’s soccer team, each game may not last the designated hour. Games that go into overtime will last longer, as will others that incur complications. Your duties are not automatically completed once the hour is elapsed.
  10. Use your skills. Before you volunteer for functions or fundraisers, consider the skills that you possess and have perfected. You are a master marketer, communications professional and an excellent cheerleader. You have great style and possess an entrepreneurial spirit. You are organized and detail-oriented. When you sign up to be involved in a community activity, tell the organizers what you’re good at. If you’re a terrible baker, don’t get talked into bringing cookies for a bake sale. Ask if you can help market it or keep the books for the fundraiser. Most organizational leaders want to place their volunteers in activities that best suit them, and they’re always looking to capitalize on someone’s strong points for great marketing or business sense.
  11. Avoid drama. Your life is dramatic enough, attempting to keep your secret life secret. You don’t need to get sucked into gossip, useless public scenes, petty quarrels or hurt feelings among other volunteers. Keep in mind that if information about your real life gets out, you could become the subject of talk, too, so it’s best to make efforts to stay out of the spotlight and avoid making enemies.
  12. Have fun! It may be a challenge to open up and engage with others, although it’s going to be the easiest way to fully participate in the activities you choose. You don’t want to be an outsider when you’re trying to be involved. Open yourself up to making friends and accepting others into your life. You don’t have to become best friends with others, but you can forge bonds that bring with them camaraderie and warmth. You’ll enjoy life much more when you do.
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