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13 ways an escort can leave almost any customer pleased

It’s your job as an adult entertainment provider to please your customers. But making them happy is sometimes a challenge. While there is no specific formula you can use with every client or customer to ensure his satisfaction, there are some things you can do that will help create an overall level of pleasure:

  1. Provide a good booking experience: Starting off on the right foot is the best way to ensure not only a good relationship with a customer, but also a happy meeting. When he schedules time with you, whether for a party, an encounter or a personal webcam event, you have the opportunity to create an excited anticipation on his part. When you call or write back when you say you will, outline your available schedule clearly and coordinate the details in a friendly, flirty fashion, your customer will feel positively about how the beginning phase of the whole experience is going. On the other hand, though, if he has to chase you down to find out about scheduling or has difficulties figuring out how to spend time with you, he may feel like he’s already exerted a lot of effort for no pleasure, yet. He may go into the gig feeling like you have a lot of making up to do to compensate for the rough start. If you begin on a good note, it’s a whole lot easier to please your customer.
  2. Communicate clearly about the gig: The best way to ensure that you give your client what he wants is to ask about his expectations. Some customers are hesitant to share details about what they want during the scheduling process. And that’s OK — to an extent. These clients are the ones you have to be patient with and cautiously draw out what they want to say. Find a way to address his desires so that you know whether they fit within your service offerings. Ask a lot of questions and truly listen to his responses. Ask more questions, if you have to, so that you have a clear understanding of what he wants from you. Of course, some details are best reserved for when you meet up (especially for escorts), but even then, it’s imperative that you talk to your customer to get on the same page. Verify that you understand. Repeat what you think he’s telling you back to him. If you fail to communicate, you will never know what your client wanted. It will be impossible to make him happy.
  3. Observe your customer’s body language: Being responsive to what they say and how they act is necessary when you are an adult services provider. Their body language can tell you a lot about their level of pleasure and satisfaction. Additionally, it can guide you on how you approach your client for the first time. A client who seems open to physical contact and is flirty is ready for any advance you are prepared to make. But a customer who positions himself away from you or crosses his arms may not be quite ready for any level of intimacy, requiring you to extend the “warm up” period of your visit. A customer who looks you right in the eye may be ready for you to approach him when you dance at a club. However, one who looks away and prefers to glance at you when you’re not looking might be disturbed if you came up to him too early.
  4. Follow through on your plans/promises: When you discuss your plans with a customer, it’s important that you carry out what you promised. There isn’t any use in communicating with him about his desires for the encounter or gig if you aren’t going to remember what you talked about. Document it in your phone, write it down on a piece of paper — whatever! But find a way to remind yourself what you’ve promised a client when you work with him prior to meeting up. If you promised to wear a costume, you’d better do it. When you tell him you’ll give him the backrub of his dreams, don’t forget your massage oils. Leave a time slot open when you said you would next week for him. When you don’t follow through with your promises, it’s telling your client two things: 1) your customer service is faulty and 2) your conversation with him didn’t mean much to you. He feels like he’s wasted his time with you. However, when you follow through (especially without reminders), he feels important, listened to and happy. Easy peasy!
  5. Lavish him with compliments: While there is no sure-fire way to please EVERY client, one of the best ways to leave him happy is to make him feel good about himself. Some providers are intuitive enough to pick up on any doubts a customer may have about himself. If that’s you, take advantage of this skill to pinpoint areas you can compliment him on. For instance, a customer may be self conscious about his retreating hairline. Tell him how you find bald men attractive and distinguished. If he’s gained a few pounds, stress that you don’t like guys who are too skinny. Some clients are very hard to compliment, but it’s up to you to find something to encourage him about. A great sense of humor, a nice smile or pretty eyes are easy ideas to use. But try to go beyond that. Maybe, he has really nice hands. Or, he’s got an infectious laugh. Or, his voice is enthralling. Some guys are really smart — or know a ton about a certain subject. Complimenting your customer is not only a way to make them happy, but it usually leads to opening them up.
  6. Give your customers affection: One of the most common reasons customers seek out attention from adult entertainment providers is that they seek affection they are missing from other outlets in their lives. They want to be loved on, basically. They want to be touched by someone. And, while adult services providers often resort to very sexual contact, other forms of physical affection are what will really set you apart from other providers. Casually, put your hand on a customer’s arm or hand. Touch his leg as you laugh at his joke. Hold his hand. Give your client a hug — not a sexy one with your breasts in his face — But a genuine, warm hug with a pat and rub on his back. This affection will bring your clients back for more and establish a genuine connection. Acting as though you want your customer to be happy is a huge step toward making them happy.
  7. Let your customer decide who takes the lead: Even if your client doesn’t step up and say so, he has a preference about who takes the lead during your gig . And, no matter what kind of services you provide, there’s always a way to lead or be led. Some clients are tired of being in charge or are just generally more submissive in nature. When you have this kind of a customer, it’s essential that you notice and take the lead. Without you stepping in, your client will feel like he has to — which makes him uncomfortable and unable to fully enjoy himself. Conversely, some clients WANT to guide the adventure. They may assume that they have to allow you to do it, based on the parameters of your services. But that’s not true. It’s your responsibility to learn to convey that they have a choice. Without being able to discern which way the client wants it, you won’t be able to make him happy.
  8. Don’t make it complicated: Clients need simplicity. They want to meet up and enjoy themselves with you. Their lives are dramatic and challenging. One of the easiest ways to make your customers happy is to provide an experience that is easy. From the booking process to them being able to tell you what they want you to do, make it straight-forward, clear and game-free. While some providers make their rules and guidelines very elaborate, make yours simple and transparent. Never make a client jump through hoops to see you. And, don’t beat around the bush about what services you provide and which ones you don’t. He wants to know whether he’s going to get what he wants and what he has to do to get it. Give clear directions to your incall, if you’re an escort. Explain clearly what the customer gets when you come for a private dance, if you’re an exotic dancer. Don’t make him guess and don’t make it hard.
  9. Explain the boundaries: Sometimes, a client will ask for something you will not do. That’s ok. He doesn’t know until he asks. But as you explain that you do not perform a certain service, explain why, if it seems necessary. At that point, it’s appropriate to elaborate on your boundaries and guidelines. This may make your client clearly disappointed. And, you may think your chances of pleasing him from this point on are ruined. It could be. But it may be possible to turn them around. Provide alternative options for services you turned down with your client. Giving your customer some other ideas about what the two of you might do, could possibly spark an interest in something else that will make him even happier than the suggested activity. A customer should know that just because his idea got shot down, it doesn’t mean that your boundaries will prohibit everything fun,.
  10. Be creative to help meet your client’s wants: Like in the point above, a client may ask for something you aren’t willing to do. When he does, use your creativity and homework to figure out something new for him. There are times, though, when a client requests something that isn’t exactly out of your “approved” list, but isn’t specified as something you’re accustomed to. For instance, if a customer wants you and a colleague to strip and wrestle in a pool of gelatin, you may not know how to answer. It’s a lot of work, but it’s not something you’ve prohibited. And, it’s not something you’re morally opposed to. You might not want to wrestle in the gelatin, but you might have an idea for something less messy and a lot less work. Use your ingenuity to create solutions for clients, instead of just turning them down. When a customer feels like you’ve done your best to accommodate his wishes, he is going to be much happier than just being turned down, flat.
  11. If all else fails, resort to oral sex: This tip applies for escorts, only. If you’re with a client and all of your other efforts to sexually satisfy him seem to fail, go for the groin. Most customers will agree that there’s no such thing as bad oral sex. Try out all of your techniques until you find something that seems to be working. Be easy, but use pressure. And, make sure there is plenty of lube going on . Even if he’s not pleased with the rest of the encounter, your efforts should make him happy.
  12. Realize that a customer may enjoy it more than you think he does: Some customers are just grumpy or don’t express themselves very well. As long as they are not complaining and telling you that you are not doing a good job, you shouldn’t automatically assume that a client isn’t happy. Many customers are shy and, maybe, even a bit ashamed of themselves for the time they’ve spent with you. Their inhibitions are still going strong. And, they just don’t share their emotions, with anyone. When a customer lacks expression or doesn’t act elated, you shouldn’t take it as criticism or a bad review of your services. Feel free to openly ask a customer if he’s happy with the experience. But don’t be surprised when he fails to gush or shout from the rooftops about the good time he had.
  13. Know some customers are just displeased at everything: There are going to be some customers who aren’t happy with anything. You could give them a million dollars and they’d be unhappy that you didn’t give them two. Adult service providers who see these kinds of customers should just accept that they can do their best to please these types, but don’t expect to ever fully succeed. It’s not a result of your efforts. It’s not your fault. You could provide the perfect, most ideal experience and these people would still be dissatisfied.

Usually, when you do your best to be a thoughtful and thorough adult services provider, your customers are going to be pleased with what you give them. When they know you’ve put your heart and soul into it, sane and decent clients can’t help but value the time you’ve spent with them. And you won’t want to deal with any other type.

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