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The escort’s 13 ways to loosen up before going on
November 29, 2016 |
Whether it’s stage fright or just the fear of the unknown that suddenly hits an escort or any other adult service provider, it can be hard to mentally and physically prepare for performances for clients and customers. Much like any other kind of performer or service provider, there are many relaxation techniques you can use to loosen up prior to the “big event.” Relaxation may not be the only thing you need to consider as you get ready to take the stage or meet up with a client. Review these tips to help you loosen up and build yourself up for a stellar performance:
1. Engage in personal development: Even if you’re really not the sort for “self-help” books, it doesn’t hurt to try it out. Personal development can be incredibly empowering, change your overall outlook on life and build your self-confidence. It can help you focus better so that you can build your career and establish yourself as a professional in your field. Basically, personal development products build you up and help you see positives, when negatives may usually come to mind. You can read books or listen to seminars/presentations. But, all in all, personal development sessions can give you the confidence and calm within yourself that will help you loosen up with clients. It can make you believe in yourself. And, it can help you rid worries from your mind as you focus in on success.
2. Find some alone time: It’s possible that the only thing you need to get going in your direction before a performance is your state of mind. Squeezing in some alone time, where nothing distracts your focus, can really help you mentally (and physically) prepare to entertain your customers. Alone time is a valuable commodity where you can spend it however you want. If you’re forced to spend the last hour or more with others, immediately before you meet up with clients, it can really hinder your ability to psych yourself up and formulate a mental plan. Being able to focus solely on yourself prior to a performance will help you develop a frame of mind dedicated exclusively to your customers. Having to focus on others prior to your encounters or gigs will cause those concerns or issues to carry over into your experience with clients.
3. Take a hot bath or shower: Not only do you need to clean up and dote on your appearance prior to a performance as an adult entertainment provider, but you also need to use that time in the tub or shower to relax. This may be a great opportunity to enjoy some alone time where you can wash away your concerns, focus on the positive and mentally prepare yourself for clients. As you soak or stand in the steam, focus on how the sensation feels on your body. Concentrate on relaxing every body part, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Let your worries slide away. And, just enjoy the pure relaxation that the hot bath or shower provides. Consider using some aromatherapy products that will either energize or soothe you. In addition to the relaxation the bath/shower gives you, it may help relieve tired/sore muscles. And, it can help ensure that your skin is moisturized and looking amazing, which is important to your clients.
4. Get your sweat on: A good workout can increase those “feel good” endorphin and help put you in the perfect state for a performance. It helps you shake off any stress or concerns you may have about meeting up with your clients or an upcoming gig. It can lift your mood and build your confidence. AND — in addition to the enhancement to your emotions and self-esteem, it gives you a bangin’ body! Building that muscle tone, increasing your endurance and shedding unwanted fat gives you so much confidence when you’re with customers. It ensures you can fit into those slinky outfits that your customers like so much and provides you with the physical ability to withstand the activities clients request. A good workout prepares you for your time as an adult entertainment services provider in so many ways.
5. Avoid outside stress: Dodge that phone call from your drama mama and ditch the worrywart friends when you’re going to be prepping for a gig. Adding extra stress into your life immediately before your performance will only distract you and cause you to worry about your own issues tenfold. Rid your mind of outside concerns and focus solely on your responsibilities to your client. Think about his requests. Anticipate what you can do for him. Put your other worries to the side until your performance is complete. If you’re focusing on a million different things, it’s going to negatively impact your ability to please your customers. They will notice that you’re thinking about other issues, instead of them. If you have to withdraw from others momentarily to rid your stress levels, do so. But, if you attempt to prepare yourself for customers and allow outside stress factors to impact you, it’s only going to hurt you.
6. Do something you love: Personal enjoyment and satisfaction can help relieve some of your stress prior to doing your thing with clients. Pick activities that you love and that relax you. Consider sitting down with a good book and allowing it to whisk you away for a little bit. Or, tune into your favorite show on Netflix and binge watch a couple of episodes. Maybe, your indulgence is good food. Have a good meal full of your favorite things. (But don’t overeat! That could totally backfire on you!) Listening to your favorite music can be both relaxing and energizing, which could get you ready in several ways for your performance. Regardless of what the activity is, pick something that fills your soul. Don’t select something to make others happy. Opt for a pastime that you’re good at, find stimulating and think is fun or rewarding. It can have significant meaning or it can be simplistic in nature. But, doing something you enjoy prior to a gig can send you to clients in a happy, optimistic mood.
7. Complete some relaxation techniques: If you’re really tense and uptight about performing for your customers, it may be necessary to do some formal relaxation techniques. If you have free time (and funds) before a gig or encounter, consider getting a professional massage at your favorite spa. They will work out any tense areas of your body and the atmosphere will do wonders for your frame of mind. If that’s not really an option, do some meditation. You’ll need a quiet, personal space for this, so if that’s not available, it may not be a great option. Tai Chi or yoga are great physical ways to physically relax your mind AND body. But, all of these take time or space to do. If you’re lacking either of those elements, you may want to just practice some deep breathing exercises. Focus specifically on breathing in and then breathing out. Concentrate on how the air feels as you inhale and the sensation it provides when you exhale. After a few deep breaths, you may feel calm and ready to take on the world.
8. Take extra time to get ready: If you feel hurried and rushed as you prepare for a date with a client or as you set up for a webcam performance, it leaves you stressed out and emotionally unprepared for what you’re going to be engaging in. Spending some extra time on yourself as you prepare for an appointment can make you feel pampered and beautiful. Pay close attention to your make-up and hair as you get dressed. Dress in something you feel extra confident in. Whether it’s a super sexy lingerie set or a dress that’s cut down to “there,” wear clothing that gives you that extra burst of self esteem and makes you feel sexy. Winning the mind war is half the battle, and when you feel like you look like a million bucks, it will help you relax and perform with ease. If you don’t have extra time, try to incorporate something special into your apparel or getting-ready routine. Wear a special bra, spritz on your favorite scent or slip into the sexiest shoes you have.
9. Laugh: Laughter really is the best medicine. And, it can relieve stress, worry and all kinds of other negative emotions that may be challenging your success as an adult entertainment services provider. If you can’t find anything funny in your own life to laugh at, observe the world around you. People-watching on your way to an encounter or gig may provide you with all of the innocent giggles you need that will lift your spirit and help you relax. If that doesn’t work, listen to a comedy routine in your car as you travel. All kinds of skits and monologues are available to stream through your phone or iPod. If you’d rather watch your funnies, tune into your favorite sitcom or comedic movie. Just a few minutes of laughs may be enough to break the boredom and push you out of any funk that may be preventing you from loosening up with your clients. If you don’t have time to do it prior to seeing your customers, lighten the mood with them. One good laugh may be all it takes to rid you of any nerves or apprehension as a provider.
10. Do something you excel at: Shooting a couple of hoops or playing a video game may make you feel like you’re really good at something. (Or, not!) Consider all of the things you’re good at and try to incorporate that activity into your day prior to a gig or performance. By engaging in a pastime that is easy for you or that you are successful at, you experience those feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction. When you experience feeling like you’re a winner, it’s a lot easier to rid yourself of negative self think, nervousness and apprehension about your customers. It puts you in a good mood, which always helps you deal with your profession. And, it builds your confidence, which is good for two things: 1) Confidence is insanely sexy, and 2) Confidence helps you overcome any thoughts that you aren’t capable of pleasing your clients.
11. Rehearse: If you’re a dancer or performer, it’s pretty easy to rehearse your act. Do it in front of a mirror, so you know how you look and can perfect any actions that don’t seem just right. The more you rehearse, the more confidence and comfort you will build. If you’re a provider who interacts more specifically with clients, rehearsing may be a little more of a challenge — but, it’s still possible! Pretend to have conversations with clients. Act out role plays in your head that you and your client may participate in. Go through the dialogue that may take place. In your mind, sequentially, go through how you predict an encounter may take place. Of course, what you imagine and what really happens may differ greatly, but going into situations feeling prepared can help alleviate any worries or nervousness you may have, leaving you loosened up and ready for anything.
12. Avoid drugs or alcohol: Some providers will tell you that a glass of wine, a beer or a quick shot of whiskey helps them lose their nervousness and provides them with “liquid courage” as they prepare to meet up with clients. Others may say they do a quick line of coke or take a long drag off of a doobie before seeing customers. You should never teach yourself to rely on alcohol or illicit substances in order to mentally or physically prepare to do your job. It’s a slippery slope that will cause increased drug and alcohol abuse. You’ll eventually convince yourself that you need a little “more” to gear up for performances…or to deal with any other life struggle. It’s a terrible habit to get into and can ruin your career, life and any hopes of your future. A drink here and there is one thing — but, relying on a alcohol or drugs to do your job is completely different and unacceptable.
13. Don’t worry: As an adult entertainment services provider, you know that no experience is going to go exactly as you plan it out in your head. Getting nervous ahead of time really doesn’t do any good and won’t change the outcome. Whatever is going to happen will – regardless of how much you’re worried about it ahead of time or any level of preparation you’ve done. If you’re good at what you do, are professional in nature and strive to do your best with each and every customer, that’s all you can do. Exhibit confidence and calmness to your clients. Carry yourself with class. And, treat everyone with respect. If you do these things, you really don’t have much to worry about. You can’t control fate — and, you can’t control every encounter, performance, gig or experience. Not worrying about it ahead of time will create the best chances for you to have a successful and pleasurable moment with your customers.
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