As I sit here waiting at YYZ waiting for my flight to get me back home to LA, I can’t STOP thinking about ROXANNE@TGF an ABSOLUTE GEM.
The agency its self same level DAVID is “HELLA” cool will definitely direct u in the right direction. “Hella” that’s a Cali thing when we just appreciate the extra level of service.
Onto ROXANNE met her for 2hrs at the Markham location easy parking. Her pics accurate in fact she is way prettier in person, we just had a connection that was “out of this world” and she would know what I mean
Service wise don’t wanna get into specifics as everything is YMMV
Covered FS
She will like other reviews tell u what she wants so she can have her ORGASM and u can enjoy the show
I was so HESITANT to even want to share my experience she is an ABSOLUTE BABE,
I don’t usually Swear BUT OMFG I would leave CALI just so I can FUCK her might cost me a lot but who knows maybe I could convince her to MARRY me .
Treat her well as u should treat any person until the AUTUMN I will just hold onto those memories and hope my RAIDERS can win me BACK
Would I repeat YES YESand YES

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