Roxanne went all out!

Thought I’d give an updated review since the booker requested it and Roxanne went above and beyond for this 2nd session with her.

So a little background, I was having a recovery day from going to parties over the long weekend and wanted to end the weekend with a sesh. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned in reviews of Roxanne is that she has a rack full of outfits in the room. Knowing that, I booked a session with Roxanne and requested if she can pull off a clubbing/rave outfit for me. Booker tells me that Roxanne can do the request. To my surprise when I went in, I see that Roxanne went all out. Not only did she have this sexy outfit on, but she decorated the entire room and had music playing to match the theme I requested. I should’ve figured this but she is really into dressing up and doing themed parties and all that type of stuff. This is probably a very YMMV thing since it took her extra time to set things up but I haven’t heard of any other girls providing these extra services so I feel this is a real nice bonus that makes a session stand out.

For the actual FS stuff, as I hoped, service improves as you get to know each other more. I got nothing to take back from my initial review. She does love to chat so if you’re want msog you just gotta let her know you wanna start next round.

Edit: Also just wanted to give a s/o to the booker (sorry don’t know their name) for communicating so well with clients. Having only been with asian agencies that only reply with copy pastes or 3 word replies, the TGF booker is just much more enjoyable to work with lol

Written by busterform in a review forum