Nava: A: 10+ – Yes that is correct 10+

Location: Warden and Steeles

F: 8 – I really liked her look. Pretty GND looks and I’d so want to bone her if she was my neighbour lol Loved her eyes, hair and facial features. Her eyes were warm, friendly and inviting and also lustful and sexy at the same time. If you’re thinking that seems far fetched, I do too lol but I’m writing how I feel and what I saw 👍
B: 9 – Very much what I Iike. Natural and healthy with some meat in good places. I like, and feel more comfortable, being with a girl that has a natural and inviting body as opposed to something pulled out of a glamour magazine or a “perfect” model body. These body types just aren’t normal per se, and although I will admit they are nice to look at, they aren’t what I look for. From my own sexual experience, spanning over 3 decades (yeah I’m old lol), I know what I like and have had the best experiences with. Anyways back to Nava lol She’s got a well proportioned, smooth and sexy body. Nice skin, perky B cups, a little tummy, nice legs with healthy thighs and a yummy looking ass. Her pussy looks, tastes and feels wickedly good.
S: 9.5 – Everything I like and want. Pretty sure she’s more PSE, and although I reminded her I prefer a GFE/GFE+, she started with more PSE in a playful and also sexy manner that had me thoroughly enjoying it. She was able to pull it off whereas others have not/could not. This has a lot to do with her attitude which is discussed below. We ended up having an amazing time that was somewhere between PSE and GFE+.
A: 10+ – Yes that is correct 10+. I’ve given 10s to a few girls and have certainly meant it as they were absolutely terrific. With that being said, Nava has the best attitude I’ve ever experienced with an SP. Just incredibly perfect. She made me feel wanted and desired with a personality that I gelled very well with. Friendly, inviting, warm, passionate, horny, lustful, eager and sensual with a great sense of humour. My time with her was an incredible sexual experience but also very much fun too. So 10+ it is! 👍 lol

I saw Nava yesterday and have been wanting to write this much earlier than now but have been busier than shit. Tbh, a part of me doesn’t want to write this, because it might make it even harder to book her in the future, but that’s not how I operate and I enjoy giving credit where credit is due. From the moment I opened the door, and gazed upon this yummy and sexy young lady, I was absolutely enthralled and captivated for my entire one hour appointment. I’m not going to go into too much detail, because I’d like to keep some of it between me and her, but also because I don’t have a lot of extra time atm.

She greeted me with a wonderful and sincere smile that had me pretty damn sure where this one hour appointment was headed. After a nice embrace and kiss, we exchanged pleasantries before some small talk that was funny and enjoyable. It didn’t take long before we both were eager to get at each other. Forgot to mention that she was dressed only in a sexy black bra and underwear that complimented her sexy body well. We made out in the kitchen and the sexual energy was off the charts. She started to quickly remove my clothes, and when she started to unstrap her bra, I stopped her. She just looked incredible and I wanted to remove her very little clothing in the bedroom myself. I mentioned earlier I prefer GFE, but she was emanating so much lust, passion and horniness, and like fuck I was going to stop her lol When we got on the bed it was pure bliss. Hands roaming everywhere with heavy and pasionate DFK. I couldn’t wait to see her perky titties, and when I popped her bra off, I stopped to marvel at how fucking gorgeous she looked. I told her and she got even hornier hearing this lol She continued the BBBJ she had started outside the bedroom and she sure seems to like sucking cock lmao She took me all the way down her throat – fuck I think she might have had part of my intestines in her mouth at one point lol so yeah she can deepthroat. Extremely skilled and I loved her perfect rhythm when she used both her hands to stroke my cock while continuing to blow me. As great as her blowjob was, I couldn’t wait to explore her body with my lips and tongue. I nibbled, teased, licked and sucked all the way from her neck and ears, down to her ankles and back up to her gorgeous pussy. She was moaning with pleasure and was aching to be eaten out. Fuck that was hot… my boner felt like it was going to burst out of the skin lmao She has an impeccably clean, beautiful and shaved pussy. I was quite impressed with the complete absence of stubble or any razor rash. Sooooo smooth, yummy and sexy 🥰😋 I took my sweet ass time pleasuring her until she pretty much begged me to make her cum. Once again, sooooooo fucking hot! Her voice, moans and desire had me wanting to fuck her bad… When I made my back to her face, she licked and kissed all her juices off my face and lips while she was cooing in my ear to fuck her. OMG… just hot as fuck and I’m sporting chub as I’m typing this lol Fucking was just amazing. Feeling her sexy, warm body, inside and out, was almost indescribably out of this world. Seeing her expressions and looking at her delicious body as we made our way through a bunch of positions was exactly as one would imagine. She was urging me to cum, and as much as I wanted to, my rock hard boner just wouldn’t explode 🤷🏻‍♂️😵💫☹ lol Sometimes when I want to cum so very fucking badly I just can’t so we took a little break to cuddle and giggle. Sounds corny but I really enjoyed it and it was a nice little break before giving it another go. When I finally got to my happy place she cleaned up my cock with her mouth and goggled up my excess splooch. Good girl 👍🥰 lol

We snuggled on the bed, chatted and I really appreciated everything about her. Fantastically amazing girl that I enjoyed every second of my time with. Never looked at the time, nor rushed me at any point. Another thing, after I showered I went to get dressed and she had folded and laid out all my clothes almost like they were on display at The Bay. Thought that was a nice gesture 👍 There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will repeat with her. Hell I can’t wait lol $300 for an hour is a complete steal in the market these days. TGF is right there as one of my go to agencies. I’ve praised them a few times in other threads because they are very friendly, polite and accommodating. I’m not referring to just the girls either. This includes the many people I’ve encountered during my bookings with them. Great agency that I see is getting a lot more exposure in this forum and rightfully so. They seem to give a shit about their clients and the product/brand they are putting out. Two thumbs up (I’d give more if I had more thumbs lol) to TGF and the gorgeous and amazing Nava 👍👍

Written by NotMasterOfMyDomian in a review forum