Elle @TGF

First post! Longtime lurker.

I was enticed by the photos of a fit redhead and contacted TGF. Taylor was very easy to work with to make the booking and answer questions.

I would not necessarily recommend heading to Markham from a downtown hotel in late afternoon traffic but that was the choice with my schedule. Once up north, the location of the incall seems easy to access. Lots of parking in the area. And then once the fire trucks finally departed the building, headed inside.

Elle is a lovely, GND redhead. Late 20s. Pictures are accurate. I booked two hours to have lots of time to chat. She is very engaged and fun to talk to.

I’ll skip the acronyms and say Elle was open and attentive. Did not feel like she was a seasoned veteran just going through the motions. This is clearly a side gig fitting in with a busy life.

Absolute repeat!

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