An Ode to Jasmine @ TGF in praise of her sexual prowess, Outstanding

I have been keeping her to myself although it’s not a secret that she is one of the most awesome SPs in the city. Even though she has tons of great reviews, my old romantic heart wanted to praise her publicly becsuse she deserves it. To begin let me tell you that she says she loves and prefers older men, and in my honest opinion she’s telling the truth. The moment I walked through the door the first time I met her she was in my arms making out with me as we walked and kissed at the same time. She took my breath away with her skill.

We have seen each other a few times since and every time it’s the same but more passionate giving way to foreplay right at the door. She’s given me a bbbj right at the door, of course keep in mind I’m a clean older gentleman; I have given her oral at the door and she has always been squeaky clean with a fresh pink pussy that taste like potpourri.

Her blowjob is top notch with just the right amount of suction and slurping. She is a naughty girl and sometimes reaches under and grabs my balls and puts them in her mouth. Sometimes one at a time, but she tries to put them both at the same time and licks all over them while looking at me. Rimming on me YMMV of course, and god bless her soul I always give her a tip when she goes to town on my bum hole. Speaking of which, she also knows how to masterfully play with my prostate and again this could be YMMV again.

Up on top she doesn’t have much breasts so I wouldn’t recommend her for any of you young bucks looking for large knockers. She does have the perkiest cutest B cups with bright pink nipples. Her skin is so creamy white and smooth adorned by a couple of tattoos that are not intrusive or distracting of her natural beauty. Her face is a very girl next door pretty, she looks like a very wholesome Canadian white girl; her attitude is the same with charm and poise accompanying her insatiable sexual appetite.

Sexually, insatiable is the best word to describe her because she loves to get pounded and cums hard when she’s on top. There is been a few instances where we have been grinding prior to sex and we’ve enjoyed dangerously erotic pussy slides. This old man’s dick wants to get hard just thinking about our last time.

I am not much of a numbers man, so I will just summarize my review by listing the acronyms: DFK, LFK, digits, rimming on her, rimming on me ymmv, pussy slide, bbbj, CIM, COF, multiple positions, MSOG, BLS, prostrate massage. The only thing we have never tried or discussed is anal. Please keep in mind that YMMV always applies to these young ladies. I’m a clean, drug and disease free white male who works out regularly, eats well, and bikes miles daily to stay in shape.

Thank you Jasmine you are outstanding and one of a kind, treat her well guys.

Written y Eminence in a review forum