A refreshing encounter with a beautiful natural redhead Elle from TG wowsers!

Gee whiz, time sure flies when you’re having fun lads. I met this young lass the week prior and promised her to write a detailed report of our encounter. Some of you guys must be keeping her secret becsuse she was impressive.

It was my first time booking with the agency and the lad on the phone put quite a bit of effort answering all my queries and patiently directing me through that maze of a place where the hot fiery redhead we know as Elle is hiding. Whatever your name is young lad, I appreciate your patience and understanding. The booking process was smooth becsuse I was referred by a friend.

The anticipation was killing me as I stood by the door waiting for it to answer and on the other side stood this slender tall natural redhead with a smile so big that I couldn’t help but grin. She greeted me warmly and we got to chatting a bit at the door prior to her handing me a towel and directing me to the shower. When I came out, I was awestruck at the sight of this angelic figure that has pure blemish free smooth white skin that almost glowed. Can you lads believe that she does not have a single tat on her perfect skin? This day and age that is so rare. Hard to believe but true.

I Ike to take my time and get to know the lady so we started off chatting and groping at each other. The lass reaches for my groin and starts stroking at my Willy, playfully she tells me that she’s a master of blowjobs. I laughed and told her no woman has made me cum from a blowjob since the year 2002, and she must be a competitive little nymph because she sucked my knob like it was an Olympic sport. I was about the give her the silver medal and praise her effort when she suddenly did this thing with both hands and stroked and sucked at the same time making little Willy look more like Free Willy as he was massively engorged. She asked me to cum in her mouth and I did with pleasure.

After some more chit chat and cleanup she asked me if I was ready for round two. I’m not a spring chicken I told her and that I would rather cuddle and chat a little more. She told me we still had plenty of time and she wanted to make me cum again. Long story short lads, she got my Willy to come back from the dead and I gave her bright pink little pussy a pounding.

I love natural redheads and specially the fact that she is blemish free and tattoo free. For those reasons I will see her again and have no troubles letting you lads know about her.

Written by Jonpitudo in a review forum.