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Welcome to Swedish Angels Toronto, a leading Toronto Escort Agency providing top quality companionship. We cater to a clientele who appreciates fine taste, and will settle for nothing but the best escorts in Toronto. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of service, discretion and confidentiality for both our Toronto escort service providers and our clientele alike. We offer a wide selection of fine Toronto escorts to suit every taste. We rank among the top escort agencies in Toronto for top notch customer service.

What Are Swedish angels Escorts?

Swedish Angels are a rich and delectable confection for the discerning taste. They each have an enchanting style and elegance, enrobed in their own unique and distinct exterior. But beauty is not only skin deep with these authentic delights that would please even the most discriminating sampler. A plethora of taste, with an excitingly wide and tempting range of flavours, they are delightful mouth watering treasures to be desired, savoured and enjoyed thoroughly. Swedish Angels are perfectly blended to create a truly refined taste sensation.

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Our business does not associate itself with prostitution. We exchange money for services which provide time and companionship. These services are provided based on the consent of two or more adults over the age of 18. We do not force our escorts to do things they are not comfortable doing. Likewise, we do not force you to make choices which are not comfortable for you.

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Welcome to Swedish Angels Models Toronto, a classy Escort Service Promotion Agency based in Toronto serving Mississauga, Scarborough, Airport the GTA. We promote professional models that have the right touch of sophistication & beauty, which today's modern gentleman seeks for his companionship needs. Platinum models has a companion to match your busy lifestyle.

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Toronto Escort Service Swedish Angels phone lines are open from 6pm-6am 7 days a week. To see each escort's availability during the week, please click on the Schedule tab located at the top of the page. For bookings please call Toronto Escorts Swedish angels at (416) 967-1111. Same day bookings are available depending on availability. Advance bookings are preferred for guaranteed availability. Overnight appointments are available upon request.

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Your personal needs as well as your privacy are of the utmost importance to us. To book an unforgettable date with one of our beautiful escorts please call our escort service at the number below:

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Sex workers could be forced to ‘risk their lives’ if prostitution bill c-36 passes, escort service owner says


Swedish Angels Escorts Toronto Ontario. We are an elite, upscale, premium escort agency.

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Late bloomers: 12 keys to starting an escorting career after 40

Today it’s relatively common for people to switch careers midway through their professional lives. Even in days of strong economies, many executives and professionals discover they are unhappy with their careers and inspired by entirely new paths, providing room for creativity and flexibility. Regardless what your reasoning or motivation may be, contemplating a new professional career in the escort industry as a 40-something adult may be exciting and daunting, simultaneously.

Switching gears in the middle of your life to change to any profession is risky and enough to make anyone question his or her sanity. However, considering entering the adult entertainment services industry as a mature escort may sound crazy to many people. But it is really just as viable for a 40-something man or woman to seek an escorting career as it is a younger person.

For an aspiring mature escort, there are 12 keys to success:

  1. Be your “best self”. As Oprah has advised women over the years, focus on being all of the positive things you think you are. Don’t obsess over the crow’s feet around your eyes, your saggy breasts, your age or the fact you never finished up your grad degree. Let your insecurities go, and focus on the wisdom, experience and confidence you have acquired throughout your life. Exude the comfort you’ve grown to have in who you are, and allow that to shine forth. Avoid dwelling on your weaknesses or fears; they can consume you and direct your path. Emphasize the good things you have to offer, celebrate your maturity and evolve into an escort any client would want to hire.
  2. Deal with your appearance. Even when you were 20 years old and in the best shape of your life, perhaps, you were dissatisfied with some aspects of your body or your physical looks. Body image issues and negative beauty self-perceptions are difficult things for women to conquer. As a more mature escort, you may feel even more insecure about your imperfections. Find a way to deal with your issues. If your way of dealing with your “laugh lines” is to seek Botox treatments, don’t feel ashamed to go that route. Many professional escorts (even in their 20s) benefit from cosmetic surgery or other procedures intended to enhance their beauty. If you don’t want to (or can’t afford to) go down the artificial assistance path, make efforts to improve your looks through other means such as committing to a healthy lifestyle, exercise and an organic diet to shed pounds, add shine to your hair and enhance skin tone. Many escorts incorporate flattering clothing that camouflage body imperfections and great make-up to accentuate their best features. Simply embracing the wrinkles or a few extra pounds can be empowering, and most clients won’t notice anyways. Whatever decisions you make about your appearance, it’s essential that you become confident and accepting of your looks before embarking on your escorting career.
  3. Develop realistic expectations about escorting. The media’s portrayal of both gritty and glamorized lifestyles are not entirely true, whichever you choose to believe. Escorting is not necessarily a luxurious career, but it’s also not as degrading as it’s sometimes made out to be. Escorts all have different experiences, and it’s important to know that ahead of time. You must recognize that the escort profession requires hard work, dedication, perseverance and patience. The long hours and unpredictable schedules may create a tough transition for you, especially if you have a family. You will come across unpleasant clients, despite your attempts to weed them out. And, you will face harsh judgment and stigma from society and those close to you, if your secret profession is revealed. While considering these negative aspects of escorting, a potential provider might wonder if it’s really worth it to pursue a career. Most professionals agree that the benefits outweigh the costs, in that they have flexible schedules they can set themselves (in the long run) and earn significantly more money than they could through traditional working environments. But, this is all possible due to hard work and patience. Nothing will be handed to you.
  4. Time is a limited commodity. Escorts just starting out have plenty of time to build up their client lists and evolve into the escort they want to become. However, a more mature escort should approach her new career with an “all in” attitude. You should set your goals high, aggressively market for clients and strive for quick success. You can afford to be more straight-forward with your marketing efforts, defining who you are and the type of client who will find an encounter with you enjoyable. Don’t hold back when listing your positive traits and attributes. Promoting yourself in the most straight-forward way possible will benefit you highly. And, the clients you are seeking will appreciate your direct approach to them. Most of them have already stereotyped mature escorts as having more confidence and experience; your strong marketing efforts will coincide nicely with their expectations. And, realize that every day that you spend wasting time or allowing your career to move forward in a mediocre fashion is a day that you lose toward profitability.
  5. Consider joining an agency with established clientele who are looking for mature escorts. Even though the Internet allows you the opportunity to find clients on your own, it may benefit you to collaborate with an agency that has a steady request for encounters with an escort like you. Working as an independent contractor through such an agency reduces the time it will take you to get up and running with a consistent schedule. Through an agency, you may acquire regular clients who can help shape your escorting persona and image even further. It will also provide you with a chance to determine if escorting is the right move for you. After working with an agency for awhile, you can always separate from it to seek independent status. However, if you leave the agency, you will have to market yourself to attract a new list of clients.
  6. Utilize appropriate descriptors when you are writing your profile information, biography listing or any other content for web marketing. Your language should be truthful and accurate, letting clients know you are not a teenager or young coed. You should always attempt to inform your potential clients clearly about what they can expect from you, avoiding misleading statements or suggestions. However, that does not mean you have to bluntly say that you are 44 years old and have a C-section scar from 20 years ago that never healed. Despite your age, you can still incorporate adjectives like: fiery, spirited, sultry, curvy, feisty and ravishing to describe yourself. You can indicate through your description that you are youthful, fun-loving and enthusiastic, which provides insight for your client that you are going to be exciting during an encounter. Avoid using the terms: older, mature and seasoned. Utilize words that have positive connotations. (And, remember that you don’t have to reveal your true age as long as you don’t deceive clients into thinking you are much younger than you look.)
  7. Charge the rates you deserve. Many escorts who reach their 40s tend to think they can’t command the premium rates that younger providers can. That is not true. By setting your rates lower, you are undercutting and cheating yourself out of the wages you could be earning. Encounters with “cougars” are highly-sought adventures that clients are willing to pay generously for. They expect to be charged a fee that is reflective of the experience and skill an older escort has to offer. Consider all of your good traits and base your rates on them, instead of your age. Many escorts only have their youth going for them as a selling point, so their rates are somewhat reflective that they are young. However, you have so much more to utilize to attract clients; don’t convince yourself you aren’t worth as much as a younger escort.
  8. Never act condescendingly to your clients. Even though you may be significantly older than some of your young suitors, resist the urge to talk down to them or comment on their naivety. Many young clients may be inexperienced in life, but suggesting they are too innocent or unknowing can be offensive and insulting. Communicating with your clients in a patronizing manner because you feel they do not know as much about life or people as you do will not encourage repeat business or get you positive reviews. Even if your clients seem a bit wet behind the ears, cherish their youth and allow them to learn at their own paces. They are not seeing you for your life knowledge or mothering. If you must school them on something, teach them about pleasure and intimacy.
  9. Avoid trying to be something you’re not. If you see that other, younger escorts are marketing themselves as teenage party girls or crazy college coeds, do not attempt to follow suit. That’s not your scene. You can’t compete for the same clients they are working to attract; and, they are not going to fulfill the fantasies of your clients, either. Be proud of your own niche in the industry, and don’t be tempted by other demographics that won’t fit your image. Embrace the persona you have created, and don’t regret what you can’t be. Even if you had started escorting in your 20s, some demographics wouldn’t have fit you then, either.
  10. Keep an open mind. By the time you’ve reached your 40s, it is likely that you have established your morals and principles, along with many opinions about life. But, when you work as an escort, you have to realize that your opinions and judgments about people and activities must be kept to yourself, because your clients may differ from them greatly. Additionally, many clients may tell you things or ask for services that seem crazy or extremely off-the-wall compared to any experiences you’ve had previously. As an escort, you have to accept them and consider going along with unique propositions. Of course, standing by your personal boundaries is a must. Don’t allow clients to talk you into things you are uncomfortable with.
  11. Don’t assume that you are immune to the pitfalls that many younger escorts experience. Every escort, despite her age, can become attached to clients, fall victim to scams, contract an STD, fail to screen a violent client out and be the subject of police investigations. Older escorts may be the target of clients attempting to con them into bareback services, just like escorts who are young. You are not more or less likely to incur these difficulties than any other escort, simply because you’ve had more birthdays. Sometimes your age can influence your decisions, but your chances for coming up against obstacles are equal.
  12. Consider building up savings to help you get by before venturing into the world of escorting full time. The first month or two as an escort may be a bit lean, especially as you build your client list and enhance your marketing. Tweaking your profiles and adjusting your advertising by trial and error may cause some lag time between start-up and success. Having some savings held back to pay bills is extremely helpful and reduces your stress and desperation as you start out as a mature escort. Additionally, think about beginning your marketing efforts before you quit your full-time job, so that you will have income right up until the time you start meeting with clients for encounters.
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14 relationships that every escort should nurture

Nearly every job or industry has a set of individuals that a person needs to have positive connections with. As an escort, this is a significant tip to remember. Even though an escort leads a secretive lifestyle with few people knowing the truth about her career, she maintains important relationships with others who help ensure her success. Additionally, the nurturing of relationships with people who don’t know her secrets is equally important to maintaining work/life balance and helping an escort to be happy.

While every escort has her own set of networking connections or people she counts in her “inner circle,” these are a few important relationships that should never be overlooked:

  1. A good gynecologist is difficult to find. An escort’s health (both sexual and otherwise) is essential to continued optimum performance. Because an escort is intimate with many clients, it’s smart to get regular check-ups to ensure that your sexual health is not being threatened. Even though you utilize condoms with every client, risks are still involved when you are engaging in sexual behaviors of any kind. Because escorts see their gynecologists so regularly, an explanation is usually required for repeated tests to be administered. Finding a doctor you can trust with your secret is rare; coming across one who will not judge you is like discovering treasure! If you locate such a non-judgmental gynecologist, do your best to nurture your relationship with her. Always show up on time, let her do her job, inform her of pertinent information, spare the sordid details and follow her directions and suggestions. Don’t bother her or her office staff with unnecessary questions, and be pleasant, even if you’re placed on hold several times.
  2. A thrift shop owner can be your best friend. An escort who prides herself in donning designer duds and accessories will benefit greatly from the advance warning a thrift shop owner or clerk can give her when a quality piece arrives. Some relationships even result in a piece being set aside for an escort to pick up later, at her convenience. Most escorts (especially those just starting out) can’t afford designer garments at full retail price, so quality thrift shop bargains provide them with opportunities to dress stylishly for less. The problem with many thrift shops, though, is that the really great items are sold before they even hit the public racks. Thus, a good relationship with the owner or clerks can get you some great buys not available otherwise.
  3. Your accountant can help you through tax season and legitimize your questionable record of income. An accountant or bookkeeper can not only help you pay your major bills and file your taxes on time, but they also can help you take advantage of money tools you might not know about otherwise. Most escorts resist revealing their secret profession to their accountants, but those who allude to their careers get assistance in claiming tax deductions. You may be able to claim your clothing, transportation and travel if you can prove they were for your “consulting” business. Additionally, because your income is deposited into your bank using cash, some official departments might find your activity suspicious. However, an accountant can smooth things over to make your actions look more legitimate, thus avoiding questions about your business.
  4. A hotel concierge or manager can help an escort tremendously through providing her with referrals or discounts. When a high-profile guest checks into an upscale hotel, the concierge and manager (both) are made aware. Often, either of them may be questioned about where a guest can find quality female companionship. If you’ve established a strong relationship with hotel officials, they will readily provide your contact information to the guest, especially if they’ve been promised a generous “finding fee.” Additionally, they may be willing to turn a blind eye when you walk into their hotel lobby, knowing full well that you intend to conduct business in their hotel. Other escorts may be reported to police or asked to leave. Other perks of being friendly with hotel staff include assistance with valet parking, discounts for room service and complimentary upgrades for incall stays.
  5. An escort’s driver and security guard are essential to her safety and image. They make or break an escort, ensuring that her security is paramount and reputation intact. A good driver not only acts as a person to check-in with, but he gets you to appointments on time and in one piece. He is also present to pick you up after an encounter, meaning that you never have to wait for a pick up in uncomfortable conditions or circumstances. A security guard may actually walk you to the door of an outcall or check in with you if your encounter runs long or he hears suspicious noises. The presence of both of these individuals can mean that you will be taken more seriously as an escort and will intimidate any client with misdeeds on his mind.
  6. Your children’s teachers or school establish the happiness of your family. It is important at all times to uphold a good impression, not only so your children will be accepted and appreciated, but also so that you will never give a teacher reason to suspect that anything is amiss in your household. Maintaining a good image with the school may help you avoid reports to children’s services if your child knows too much or talks about Mommy getting home too late, for instance. If your secret escapes, your children could be left open to ridicule and discrimination at school. When you’ve maintained a good reputation with your children’s school, administrators may be unwilling to believe the rumors and/or will protect your children from peer abuse.
  7. Friends and family can mean the most. Unless they’ve already cut all ties due to being judgmental of the truth, friends and family are the most important relationships anybody has. Even though it’s difficult to make time for family events and simple gatherings with friends, it’s worthwhile to continue with these traditions. The general support and love you get from the ones closest to you keep you going, no matter what. They understand, appreciate and enjoy you, despite anything else going on in your life. Allowing the demands of your job to interfere with your personal relationships is easy to do, but it’s important to do your best to avoid this practice. Your friends and family members help provide that necessary balance your life requires between work and pleasure; they will be around long after your escorting career ends. Set aside opportunities to nurture these relationships.
  8. Obviously, the escort/client relationship is one that requires special attention. Without your clients, you don’t have a business. Your clients are sometimes the most difficult to establish relationships with. They know they are not supposed to become attached to you, and they recognize that your encounters with them are business relationships. But, even business colleagues can appreciate one another and enjoy conducting business together. Emphasize your fondness for your clients by not only complimenting them regularly, but by remembering their comments and conversations from encounter to encounter. Allow them to feel that they matter to you and that you think what they feel and say is important. Clients who feel appreciated are likely to come back for more, becoming regular clients.
  9. An escort may have few or many vendors that she does business with regularly. And, while close, personal relationships may not be necessary with each of them, it’s nice to maintain friendly communications. Your webmaster, photographer, costume maker or sex toy sales consultant are important people to your career throughout a year. You don’t have to talk to them daily, or even weekly, but ensure that you drop a line now and again. If you ever need a rush on a service they provide, they are more likely to help you if they recognize who you are.
  10. An escort’s seamstress helps her look like a million bucks. Most escorts don’t have the funds to purchase custom-made clothing that is tailored to their measurements. However, many escorts can afford to have their clothing altered for a custom look. Great-looking quality garments can be bought off the rack (at thrift stores, nonetheless) and fixed to fit perfectly. Pants may need hemming, a blouse could be shortened or taken in slightly or a dress let out in the bust. These small changes to items can make an item that wasn’t perfect to start with look exactly the way you want it to, for much less. But, an expert seamstress is required, and sometimes difficult to find. Once you find one, pay her well and give her regular business. Complain only when really necessary, and dole out praise for her quality efforts.
  11. Hairdressers put the finishing touches on escorts so they look the way they are expected to. Covering up roots, trimming split ends and styling unruly hair can help an escort look polished and coiffed in no time flat. But, a good hairdresser is a treasure to keep and value. Let her know that you appreciate her efforts through generous tips and praise. Always arrive on time with clean hair. Don’t arrive sweaty or in a fog of perfume. Brush your teeth ahead of time or pop a breath mint. Provide to her the same hygiene courtesies you expect of your clients. Additionally, attempt to schedule appointments ahead of time; hairdressers don’t appreciate spur-of-the-moment appointments.
  12. Consider maintaining positive relationships with other escorts. Even though you don’t actually conduct business with them (unless you engage in threesome encounters), it’s a good idea to remain friendly with other high-end escorts in your area. Not only can you share insights and funny/frustrating anecdotes, but you can also warn each other about bad or unsavory clients. You can watch each others’ backs, and fill in for each other when you’re unavailable, on vacation or ill.
  13. Your partner is someone you should strive to uphold a strong relationship with. Being the boyfriend or girlfriend of an escort is not an easy chore. Knowing that your significant other is regularly engaging in not only affection, but also sexual intimacy, with others is a hard pill to swallow. Partners are required to be patient and ultra understanding. As a result, you may have to cut them a little slack once in awhile. Value the fact that your partner tolerates and accepts your lifestyle and career. Be thankful that he is loyal and true to you. Give him bonus points if he supports your wishes and doesn’t nag you to quit your job.
  14. Finally, one last relationship to consider nurturing is the one you have with your therapist. The escort world is a difficult one with pressures and issues that few people understand. It’s uncomfortable to share your troubles with supportive friends outside of the industry, but a therapist provides you with a judgment-free zone to express your fears, frustrations, elations and thoughts. Embrace this relationship with an effective therapist by paying for your sessions on time, showing up when you’re supposed to and engaging in the activities he or she recommends.
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Do escorting and college mix? Yes: 7, No: 7

Many young women work in the adult entertainment industry while attending college and working toward their degrees. While the most popular adult career for college coeds may be stripper (or exotic dancer, if you like), many students are turning to the escort industry as a way to earn living expenses, make extra money or pay for school. The explosion of the escort industry through Internet offerings has made it an available and appealing part-time career for young women.

Being an escort isn’t like taking a part-time job as a waitress at the local diner. It has much more serious implications and consequences than a part-time job you can quit at any time. Being an escort involves lifestyle changes that create both good and bad effects for a woman. Before taking the plunge into the industry, a college student who is aspiring to be an escort should carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages to entering the profession:

Why, yes, they do!

  1. Escorting helps to pay the bills. Nearly all college students have felt the money crunch in one way or another. They’ve found creative ways to budget, learned to exist on a diet of Ramen noodles in order to save up money for weekend activities and sacrificed to fund their college careers. Working as an escort produces significant income that helps to reduce student loans, pay back credit card debt (or avoid their use, altogether), buy expensive text books, fund rent, buy food and take care of other related expenses when you’re in college. It’s a good way to incorporate immediate sums of money into your budget when you need it. Most college kids are not able to live on the stipend they receive in graduate school or from the student loans they receive as an undergrad. As a result, escorting provides a way to live comfortably.
  2. Escorting is better than other part-time jobs. Unless you really love working in the campus cafeteria flipping burgers or answering phones in the admissions department, escorting is a much better college career than other opportunities you are likely to find. An escort’s schedule is much more flexible, allowing time off to study or socialize with friends. Plus, if you have a test or a paper due on an upcoming day, you can schedule yourself with plenty of time to prepare, unlike a job that requires you to work its mandated hours. Even though an escort must book clients when they are able to meet, you can still maintain a flexible schedule that makes college life possible. (And, the late nights that people assume escorts must keep are few and far between, depending on the clientele you attract.) The pay you receive for your work is better than laboring at the local fast food joint. Bringing in $250 or more per encounter beats the typical menial jobs you might work otherwise. And, if you’re careful with your client selection and the way you market yourself, your working environment will be much more luxurious than other part-time gigs you would probably find. Many escorts meet clients in upscale hotels, complete with room service if they wish.
  3. Escorting provides great networking opportunities. Regardless of which professional industry you plan to enter after college, success is often a matter of who you know, instead of what you know. By meeting powerful industry leaders through your escorting work, you may gain connections that will help you obtain references, internships or that first job when you need it. Additionally, through meeting up with clients in various industries, you can learn more about professions you might be interested in pursuing. Most clients love to mentor a young person, and sharing useful information with an escort is a bonus for them. They are usually happy to provide insight and give advice to an escort who is serious about her future career.
  4. Escorting gives you confidence and sophistication that isn’t learned on most college campuses. Learning to market and present yourself to clients is a huge part of being a successful escort. In addition to perfecting your image, you also acquire experience with people, demonstrating (with a degree of humility) to your clients that you are exceptional and worth every penny they pay you for your time. And, it requires real gutsiness to take your clothes off with a complete stranger and find comfort in your own skin. If you can do that, any job interview or professional situation in the future should be a cinch to master, not to mention that public speaking class.
  5. Escorting builds your communication skills. Booking encounters, meeting clients face to face and retention of regulars require great abilities to express yourself and listen. Learning ways to communicate tactfully, professionally and, sometimes, firmly, are required of an escort. Written and oral communication skills are enhanced through practice and trial and error. Escorts make mistakes by being vague or unclear with clients, but they learn from their errors and improve their abilities. Additionally, escorts have to become comfortable with the art of small talk. When first meeting a client, small talk is essential to starting the encounter off well. Mastering these skills sets you up well for any career you choose to pursue in the future and for engaging in class discussions or other university-related activities.
  6. Escorting gives you a chance to get a taste of the “real world” before being fully immersed into it. Handling your money, learning to save, organizing your schedule and setting priorities are all parts of being an escort. And, many students don’t know how to handle all of these tasks when they are thrust from university life into reality.
  7. Escorting during college puts you at the prime age for client preference. Even though there are clients out there for every age and type of escort, a huge market exists for the 18- to 22-year-old escort. Many clients want a taste of youth, and they look for it by booking encounters with young women who exuberate optimism and freshness. Clients want a beautiful woman who is wrinkle-free and in the prime of life. Not only will you find numerous clients, but you may also discover many agencies looking for women your age. Agencies know that the college-aged market is hot for escorts, and they attempt to stock their listings with escorts who match the desired description. During your college years, you should have no difficulties finding clients for your part-time escorting business.

Well, no, they don’t…

  1. Escorting makes romantic relationships difficult. Often, during college, women learn about relationships and how to really communicate with a mate or partner. However, when you’re an escort, you face more than the usual challenges to romance. Boyfriends don’t usually like sharing their girlfriends with other men, which escorts are required to do. Boyfriends and dates may not understand your career choice and judge you harshly. Even if a boyfriend claims to understand your job as an escort, it will probably be a repetitive issue between you and him, sometimes to the point the relationship fails before it even gets a good start. And, if you don’t tell your boyfriend about your job, you are basing your relationship on lies from the beginning, which is never good. In addition to being an obstacle to romance during college, your experiences may stunt your desires and abilities to develop long-term relationships in the future. Many escorts reveal that they have seen too many marriages fail, clients lie to their wives and dysfunction, in general, to desire a relationship of their own.
  2. Escorting may infringe on your social life. Often, a dedicated student finds that her social life is impeded severely enough with just a demanding school schedule. Between exams and assignments, little time is left over for fun. Escorts often find this is even more true for them. During free time, escorts are dedicating effort to their part-time jobs. Marketing, communicating with clients, getting ready for encounters and other aspects of being an escort can take a lot of time. Additionally, if you do find time to go out with friends, social dates may be canceled if you get a good offer for an encounter from a client.
  3. Escorting has a huge impact on your priorities. Many escorts who are going to college find it difficult to stay focused on their original goals. They know that school is essential to getting where they want to be in life in the future. However, the immediate present often creates its own set of priorities: when rent is due, escorting is a priority to get some fast cash. After blowing off class or not studying for an exam in favor of escorting a time or two, it gets easier to do it again and again. It may even seem more fun or attractive, because it creates instantaneous pocket cash for needs or wants. (Going to class doesn’t earn you money that you can put in the bank.) It’s hard, but escorts who want to graduate with a degree, must buckle down and establish firm priorities and boundaries that keep their eyes on the prize. Otherwise, it’s easy to get distracted.
  4. Escorting influences your lifestyle greatly. Even though situations unrelated to escorting may cause a student to consider dropping out or doing questionable things, escorting has a strong impact on how you see the world and the lifestyle you lead. Many escorts find that as they make increasingly more money, they don’t think they need to go to college anymore. Additionally, they may enjoy a much more luxurious lifestyle and create extravagant spending habits that are hard to maintain after college and the escorting career is over. And, some escorts find they have an appreciation for the older men who are their clients, losing interest in men their own ages. While none of these things are inherently bad, they can create uncomfortable or challenging situations in life.
  5. Escorting can leave a student feeling drained. College life is tough enough without adding an escorting career into the mix. Working as an escort is much more demanding than a part-time job at the student union or other places near campus. Escorts have to work the back-end of their careers, in addition to giving their “alls” to clients during encounters. It’s hard work. Couple that with studying, rigorous school schedules and maintaining a social life and a student can be easily exhausted. Grades can suffer, in addition to your health.
  6. Escorting can lead to stigma and judgment on campus. College students are very hard on one another, and they can be especially judgmental of a co-student involved in the escort industry. When/if word gets out about your “extra-curricular” activities, social groups may shun you, scholastic clubs you belong to may ridicule you and other students may harass you, asking for “dates”. Your sorority or other clubs may ban you, and life could become very lonely and cruel.
  7. Escorting may affect you well into your future. Not only can life on a college campus be difficult if your secret career is discovered, but your future life may be affected, too. Employers and people, in general, are usually pretty forgiving of transgressions people commit while they are still in school. For instance, in the long run, very few people cared that President Bill Clinton smoked weed while he was a student. Lots of people are arrested in fraternity-related incidents or get in trouble in other ways. These mistakes are commonly glossed over or forgotten about. However, judgment about being an escort is much more harsh. Many women have been fired from professional positions, despite good job performance, when employers discovered information about their past careers as escorts. Your escorting career may follow you forever.

Regardless of the listed advantages and disadvantages (and any you may add to the list), you have to weigh what is best for you. Your personal decisions should be based on your goals, happiness and what you believe, in your heart, is the best for you and your future. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise; make your own choices and move forward with them.

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11 reasons for escorts to be careful with lube

The lubrication industry — a $219 million dollar business in the U.S. — is currently led by giants K-Y Jelly (produced by Johnson & Johnson) and Astroglide (a product of BioFilm Inc). And, while their marketing departments agree that sex cannot happen without their lube, sane folks are wondering about the synthetic and toxic ingredients of any mainstream product, including lubricants.

Escorts should be especially careful when making choices about their personal lubricants. Because they use lube more frequently than other people who do not engage in sexual intimacy as often, escorts may experience severe side effects from damaging ingredients. Experts urge consumers to look past the name brand hype and the fancy packaging and refer to the ingredient panel, instead. Escorts should use these precautions when they make choices for professional use:

  1. Warming lubricants may damage genital and rectal tissue. Biophysicists commissioned by the National Institute of Health discovered that warming gels (also referred to as hyperosmolar lubes in scientific circles) are actually heavier than the genital skin they come into contact with. As a result, they create a “warming” sensation through squeezing the human tissue. The skin cells react by shriveling in response, with many of them dying. As they die, they fall off, leaving tiny tears in the genital tissue that compromises immunity functions of the body.
  2. Hyperosmolar lubricants increase your chances for contracting bacterial vaginosis (BV). Scientists have linked warming gels to increased cases of BV; women who use these lubricants were found to be 13 times more likely to contract BV than women who used no lubricants at all. What makes this statistic worse is that 84 percent of women do not know they have the condition. Infection of BV makes a woman 60 percent more likely to be susceptible to other serious sexually-transmitted infections, including HIV.
  3. The mucous membranes in the vagina and vulva absorb ingredients into the body. Escorts should be concerned with repeated use of lubes with synthetic or toxic compounds in them. Occasional use should not be an issue, but when an escort utilizes the lubricant several times a day or week, it increases the concentration of chemicals she puts against her skin. Because the genital membranes are receptive, she increases her chances that toxic levels of unsafe chemicals are absorbed into her system.
  4. Lubes containing parabens should be chosen with care. Parabens are preservatives used in cosmetics and personal care products (such as soap, moisturizer, deodorant and shaving cream) that extend shelf life and prevent bacterial or fungal growths. The compounds are formed from acid and alcohol. Scientists have found the chemicals to be linked to breast cancer occurrence and fertility issues, although they have not been determined to be the underlying cause. Nothing conclusive has been found that demonstrates parabens cause cancer, but inconclusive data remains hindering a consensus in the medical world. The chemicals are under current investigation by the Food and Drug Administration. Questions surrounding the chemicals should be enough to cause an escort to carefully consider her choices.
  5. Petroleum or petroleum-derived ingredients may lead to infection or discomfort. Often found in multi-purpose lubricants such as Vaseline or others including Astroglide, these chemicals are also widely used in antifreeze, paint and oven cleaners. Impurities found in the ingredients have been linked to cancer and other health conditions. The chemicals cause the skin to be coated, which stops it from “breathing.” If the skin becomes impermeable, bacteria may be trapped, leading quickly to infection. Proven to be irritants, these chemicals may cause an escort’s vaginal area to itch or burn. In addition to being a skin irritant, petroleum and petroleum-derived products create an alkaline environment in the vagina, reducing its acidity. Without an acidic environment to fight off infections, women experience increased numbers of yeast infections or other disorders. In addition to health concerns, petroleum-based lubes are hard on condoms, weakening them and causing them to lose elasticity (making them loose).
  6. Silicone oils may cause toxic side effects. Despite silicone-based lubes being the “go-to” choice for many escorts, they may cause increased likelihoods for yeast infections and other bacterial growths in the vaginal area. Through coating the skin, much like the petroleum-based products, the skin loses its normal function to breathe. Bacteria becomes trapped, causing the pH balance to change quickly. As the pH balance shifts in the vagina, infections occur.
  7. Lubricants containing phenoxyethanol should be avoided. A preservative in cosmetics to create longer shelf lives, phenoxyethanol has been linked to contact dermatitis, eczema, reproductivity toxicity and neurotoxicity. It negatively affects the immune system and is a suspected carcinogen. (However, the research still yields some conflicting arguments for and against the preservative.) Despite any other scientific knowledge about the ingredient, it is also known for being a skin irritant. If you notice that you experience burning or itching after using lube, this ingredient may be the culprit.
  8. Glycerin and glucose ingredients may increase the chances of yeast infections. Sugars in a lubricant don’t seem like they would be dangerous, however they do pose risks to an escort’s health, especially when used more often than recommended. The sugars in these lubricants feed the Candida in your vagina. Although Candida are healthy yeasts, it is unhealthy for them to grow excessively. Also, the sugars may cause cells to eject water to correct the right balance to your genital tissues. After the cells have ejected water, they dry up and die, causing damage to the tissue. As tissue is damaged, it may provide points of entry for disease or other infections.
  9. Chlorhexidine is a skin irritant. Found in multi-purpose lubes such as K-Y Jelly, chlorhexidine is actually applied most often as an antiseptic that effectively fights bacteria growth. However, due to its strength, it’s usually irritating to the skin, especially the sensitive skin of the vaginal territory. Redness, swelling, itching and burning are common symptoms after repeated use of lube containing chlorhexidine.
  10. Spermicide nonoxynol-9 may cause genital tissue problems. The Centers for Disease Control reported that the ingredient may cause genital lesions or cause direct damage to the rectal lining. If damage to the lining occurs, the tears provide entry paths for STDs and unhealthy bacteria. Lubricants using this spermicide as an ingredient should not be used more than once per day or for anal intercourse, according to reports made to National Public Radio by medical professionals. “One of the risks that everybody who uses spermicide should be aware of is that if there is a likelihood that your partner may have one of these sexually transmitted diseases, then it should probably be used with caution,” says Michael Rosenberg, a former researcher at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “A product like this is probably best used with a couple who is monogamous.” Even though the ingredient is effective at killing microorganisms that actually cause STDs, it irritates the cells so much they become more vulnerable to infection by those same viruses and bacteria.

    When you use it frequently, it can actually erode a lot of the cells that are present that help protect against these diseases,

    explained Rosenberg.

  11. Consider natural alternatives. Organic or ingredients occurring naturally in the environment are safer choices for your body and its health. Consider using aloe vera gel, Vitamin E oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil as options for lubricants. However, not all of these are latex condom compatible. Non-latex condoms should be used with any natural lubricant that may cause a condom to break down.
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9 ways to fix common escorting mistakes

In any career, it’s common to make mistakes. But, when you’re an escort, your mistakes may result in very serious consequences, including income loss, security threats, health risks and unnecessary emotional drama. But, some errors are just embarrassing or time consuming. Depending on the misstep, you may have difficulties moving past the mistake and focusing on what’s really important: your personal well being and the next client.

When you goof up, it’s not the end of the world; but, you may find the following steps helpful when attempting to move beyond the error of your ways:

  1. Compose yourself. Depending on the blooper, you can feel quite overwhelmed with emotion. If you’ve really bungled something, you may be angry or frustrated with yourself; feel fearful of the consequences; doubt your instincts or abilities; or be saddened with a tragic outcome. Regardless of what you’ve done, it happened. Pull yourself together and put everything into perspective. It’s fairly certain that your goof-up is not going to cause the end of the world as you know it and that life will go on. Deal with your initial emotions by giving yourself a few minutes, hours or a day or two to absorb the events that occurred so that you can advance on to truly dealing with your error.
  2. Own up to your mistake. Many people, including escorts, play the “blame game” by placing the burden of accountability onto someone or something else. For instance, if you were late to an encounter with a client, you might blame traffic, your driver or the directions you were given. However, it comes down to the fact that you were responsible for arriving on time and you failed to do so. You could’ve started out earlier, researched where you were going or prepped your driver better. Realizing that you have accountability, despite outside circumstances’ effects, is the best way to admit that you did something wrong. Some errors reveal a blatantly obvious mistake on your part, while others reveal simple oversights. Regardless of which kind of gaffe you made, admit that it was your fault.
  3. Comprehend the ramifications of the mistake. For instance, if you had unprotected sexual intercourse with a client, you could contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Or, if you send a picture of yourself (featuring your face) to a prospective client, the photo could easily be distributed over the Internet. Not every mistake has life-threatening consequences. However, others involve very serious threats. After you’ve made your mistake, brainstorm all of the hypothetical and actual effects it could have and how they could impact the success of your career as an escort.
  4. Find methods to remedy the negative effects of your misstep. If you are ill from unprotected contact with a client, seek medical attention to treat your infection. When your safety is threatened, consider calling the police or protecting yourself in other ways (such as obtaining a CCW permit and a weapon). Escorts need to take proactive positions when they discover they’ve seriously screwed up by preparing solutions before the full effects of their mistakes come to light. If they are ready for the worst, it can be dealt with in the best way possible. (And, outcomes don’t seem as bad when they are anticipated.) Plus, some ill effects may be circumvented if a “plan B” is implemented immediately.
  5. Apologize when necessary. Even though an apology won’t take away the negative effects of an error, it can always help soften them. Telling a client you are sorry for arriving late or not performing the service he was expecting you to won’t make everything “okay,” but it can help mend the relationship you have with your client. If a friend or family member discovers your double life, apologize to him or her for keeping a secret and failing to be completely honest. Saying you’re sorry is the best possible way to start conversations about how to fix any problems caused by your error. However, you have to realize that simply because you offer your apology, it doesn’t guarantee that everything will right itself immediately. Relationships (both business and personal) may never return to their previous states, depending on the severity of your error. But, it’s a step in the right direction.
  6. Come back strong. Mistakes, when they are serious, can be nearly debilitating by the effects they have on you or your career. Escorts often lose focus, are unable to forgive themselves and choose to wallow in their self-pity. Nothing positive can be accomplished by acting in any of these ways. Focus on moving forward and making a success of yourself, despite your snafu. Jazz legend Miles Davis once said, “When you hit a wrong note, it’s the next note that makes it good or bad.” By directing yourself back into working toward goals for your overall future, you ensure that your mistake doesn’t define your destiny. Even the most embarrassing or degrading experience can be worked through; hold your head high and take pride in the fact that your error can’t beat you down.
  7. Learn from your mistake. “Mistakes are the portals of discovery,” said American author James Joyce. Accomplished, intelligent, successful people make errors all of the time. But, because they learn from them, they don’t make the same ones repeatedly. Closely analyze what you did, and consciously determine how you can avoid making the same goof, again. And, often, it’s even possible to learn through what you do to correct your errors. Life is a learning process, and mistakes provide bumps in the road to slow you down so that you pay attention to the lessons provided to you.
  8. Give life time to “right” itself. Despite your best efforts, your mistakes won’t correct themselves immediately. Some things take awhile to work out. Try to have some patience and accept that instantaneous results are often unrealistic.
  9. Look for the silver lining. Even though situations seem dreadful at the time, there is often some good that comes from negative experiences. Maybe you developed a new friendship or learned an important lesson. Perhaps, you obtained trust for someone in your life. Or, maybe you simply discovered that your instincts were more “spot-on” than you gave them credit for being. It’s often said that things happen for a reason – keep your eyes open for positive aspects resulting from your circumstances.

Specific erroneous situations that escorts find themselves in that may require action include:

  • Giving away freebies: It’s relatively common for an escort to get caught up in “the moment” and to allow a client to get the milk, without buying the cow, so to speak. If you discover that you practically gave yourself away to a client, don’t sweat it. Don’t do it again, and don’t put yourself in situations where you’re tempted by this client. Emphasize to him that what happened was a mistake, and that he should consider his “freebie” a great bonus, but not something he can expect to occur ever again. Additionally, insist on payment before any contact occurs between you and your client, so that you avoid any hormone-induced forgetfulness about collecting your fee.
  • Getting too involved: Many escorts report situations where they’ve fallen for a client or become emotionally attached to one. It’s easy to do, especially when you share intimate moments and conversations with him. If you discover that you’re overly invested in your client’s life, back away immediately. Remind yourself (and him, too!) that your relationship is a purely professional one based on the mutual exchange of your time for his money. If you have difficulties distancing yourself emotionally from your client, stop seeing him altogether. It may make you sad for awhile, but your relationship is a recipe for serious heartbreak if you don’t do something about it early on.
  • Sharing too much personal information: Some escorts discover that they’ve given a client too many details about their personal lives. Names and ages of family members, real names and ages and other details can give a client sufficient data to track you down in your genuine life. You may be able to block your client’s phone calls or get an unlisted phone number, but you may have to report him for harassment if his contact gets too frequent or becomes extremely unwelcome. If you suspect that a client is dangerous, consider carrying a concealed weapon. (Check on the CCW laws in your state to stay within legal guidelines.) In the future, do your best to think before you speak, leaving details to his imagination. Also, do not leave items laying around your incall that reveals information about you or carry personalized things with you when you go on outcalls (i.e. driver’s license, mail, family photos, etc.).
  • Unintentional photos on the Internet: Cyberspace is an infinite world of opportunity. However, if you’ve emailed a photo to a client that you don’t want available online to others, you have no way of stopping him from distributing or sharing it. You can do your best to track down illegal uses of your image using a photo-tracking website or app, but there isn’t much you can do once your picture hits the Internet. In the future, don’t send photos to clients unless you approve of their distribution online.
  • Failure to use protection: If you don’t use a condom with a client, serious consequences including STDs are possible. Seek medical attention for testing immediately and contact your physician for treatment if you notice any odd symptoms. Be extra careful with clients until your test results come in to confirm that you are negative for STDs. If you receive a positive STD report, approach the client you contracted the infection from and insist that he get treatment. You might also want to block this client from all future interactions with you.
  • Booking a client who turns out to be someone you know: Being found out serendipitously is a bad deal. Always research your clients carefully as you perform a security check, noting any telling details that indicate you know them in real life, either currently or from previous experiences (such as being childhood neighbors or high school classmates).
  • Getting stiffed: Some clients try to fool an escort into taking only partial payment for an encounter. They hand her an envelope with what feels like a sufficient amount of cash. Or, they may include counterfeit bills in it. Escorts should always count the money, examine the bills and look for anything odd about their payment. Don’t allow a client to go to the ATM after the encounter to pay the full amount or to catch up to you later with the full payment. Get your entire fee up front, before providing any time with a client.
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12 reasons why escorts don’t have to be nice girls

According to Coco Chanel, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”. There is no “nice” in her definition.

As children, women are taught time and time again to be “nice”. “Good girls” aren’t pushy or loud, they smile, act like ladies and are always helpful. Young girls are expected to speak when spoken to and carry themselves with propriety and modesty. They are certainly taught to never “put out” on first dates and are rarely prepared to stick up for themselves.

These women are not equipped to become escorts. In order to create a successful escorting career, women have found that they don’t have to be “nice girls”. Here are the top 12 reasons why escorts don’t have to be “nice” in order to be successful:

  1. Clients aren’t looking for a “nice girl”. Throughout their lives, clients have run across enough “nice girls” to last them a lifetime. They may have even married one (or two or more!). When they are looking through online classifieds for an escort, they are hoping to find a woman who personifies what their life may be missing. Excitement, exuberance, vivaciousness or optimism could be the traits they are looking for. Some clients are attracted to women who are “real” versus “nice”. “Real” women aren’t afraid to tell a client that she thinks his drama is senseless or that it’s silly to be shy about asking for a nurse/doctor role play. They tell it like it is, with spunk and enthusiasm. Additionally, as the old saying goes, “Men want a woman who can be a lady in public and a whore in private”. Clients are excited to find a woman who is classy and sophisticated, but can out-dirty talk them in the sack.
  2. It’s better to be smart than “nice”. Common stereotypes are that nice guys and girls finish last. And it’s often true, because nice people tend to let others take advantage of them and offer others much more than they receive in return. Overextending to make people happy, at your own expense, is a trait of being a “nice girl”, but it isn’t a trait of a successful escort. Escorts who experience high levels of achievement in the industry are smart about the way they conduct their business. That doesn’t always equate with being nice. In many professions, successful women are called “bitches”. It’s because they don’t take any flack off of anyone and are focused on the issues at hand, not pleasing everyone else. It’s okay to veer away from being “nice” in order to be successful.
  3. “Nice” girls don’t perform taboo services. In fact, “nice” girls wouldn’t perform any kind of services. To be a successful escort, you will probably want to provide some type of intimacy other than a friendly backrub. Many escorts take things even further by including fetishist activities in their bag of tricks, which certainly wouldn’t be the forte of a “nice” girl. Rimming, sexy striptease, dirty talk and anal intercourse are not common activities that “good” girls participate in. If you want to provide intimacies to your client that are non-standard acts, you are likely not a “nice” girl, which is fine by your clients.
  4. Not being required to be “nice” allows you to be yourself. One of the aspects of a successful escorting career is letting clients know what makes you unique. Demonstrating to clients how you differ from other providers is part of what attracts them to you. Escorts who have strong, individualistic personalities most often fare better than escorts who seem to put up the same “nice” facade that several others do. Escorts who put up kick ass profiles where they include opinions, humor and insights into their wicked wit draw the best and most loyal clients. Don’t be lulled into thinking that you have to be the “girl next door” who also happens to be “nice”. Exert your personality, and show your not-so-”nice” side. Clients love it!
  5. Many clients are looking for the complete opposite of “nice”. It’s becoming more and more popular for clients to seek out dominatrix services. Successful, powerful clients often look for escorts who will degrade, demean and humiliate them through their services as a way to blow off steam and release negative energies from always being the one in charge. Relinquishing control to a dom is a way that clients fulfill an inner desire to get a rush from allowing someone else to tell them what to do. And, they can’t get this kind of service from a “nice” girl. An escort has to be rough with her clients during this type of activity, and it’s certainly not for the weak stomached.
  6. Being a good person doesn’t mean that you’re stooping to “nice girl” status. Escorts can still treat people nicely, exercise compassion and kindness and provide generosity, without being wimpy and “nice”. When you’re a good person, you can still stick up for yourself and determine when someone is taking advantage of your kindness. Good people treat others as they, themselves, want to be treated. But, they maintain a backbone and pride in their relationships.
  7. “Nice” girls follow the rules. It’s fairly evident that escorts can’t be “nice” girls, because escorts do not follow any of the rules. Breaking society’s rules about acceptability is the foremost thing that escorts accomplish when they enter the industry. The escort profession isn’t one that is commonly approved of, and escorts often hide their careers from their loved ones. They choose to be dishonest in hopes of maintaining relationships with others. They make money through spending time with clients, which is typically frowned upon and judged by society. In fact, the entire industry is breaking the rules set forth by society. But, regardless of what others think of them, escorts continue in their careers, determined to become successful, despite the rules they have to bend or break along the way. “Nice” girls would never stoop to such levels: they believe that if you have to break the rules, the end goal isn’t worth it. Escorts, though, know that the end goal of economic stability and security and a luxurious lifestyle is definitely beneficial enough to bend the rules.
  8. Escorts have more fun than “nice” girls. “Nice” girls have to worry what other will think and are constantly enslaved by the concept of what is “right” and “wrong”. Escorts, though, enjoy their lives, maintaining a carefree existence, unfettered by society’s chains. After all, they are already societal outcasts. Once they entered into the escort profession, they became judged by society’s standards. After that, it’s easy to lead your life the way in which you want, instead of the way you think you are expected to. Escorts enjoy life, party and travel. They purchase frivolous items, dress fabulously and meet exciting people. They are excited about what is around the next corner…and race to see what’s there.
  9. Toughness is a more practical quality than being “nice”. Being an escort can be rough. Thick skin is required to shake off rude, insensitive comments made by some clients or others who find out what you do for a living. Clients aren’t always kind or gentle, leaving an escort bruised and insulted. Marketing yourself to complete strangers is difficult, and relying on your skills for your complete livelihood is a daunting task. Being tough and brave are much more useful traits to have when you enter the escort industry. You have to be able to stand up for yourself, backbone enough to block and refuse clients and do what is best for your business, despite your own personal feelings.
  10. “Nice” girls don’t take risks. Escorts take risks all of the time. Even after security/background checks, escorts take their lives into their own hands each and every time they meet up with a new client, not really knowing what type of man he is. Venturing to an encounter is an unsure endeavor that could result in unsafe or threatening environments. Also, it’s a risk to start your own business and rely on your talents to earn an income. Being an escort puts yourself in the line of scrutiny with law enforcement, too, as many officials are hoping to catch escorts in acts of prostitution, despite that not being their business. Escorts work in an industry that is based on risk, and “nice” girls who are afraid of such endeavors wouldn’t make it.
  11. Boundaries aren’t implemented by “nice” girls. Escorts have to set boundaries with their clients. Whether the boundaries pertain to prohibition of certain sexual acts or requiring 24 hours notice prior to all encounters, escorts set up guidelines that their clients must follow. Adhering to these guidelines help make an escort successful. And, when a client fails to follow her rules, it also tells an escort a lot about his future as a client. (Usually, if a client can’t follow directions early on, he will be a problem later.) Escorts who are too “nice” to enact their boundaries will get run over and taken advantage of repeatedly, taking away their chances of being successful.
  12. “Nice” girls experience a lot of guilt, which is not good for the escort business. When you’re an escort, there’s a lot of opportunities to shoulder a lot of guild. From entertaining married men (and helping them cheat on their wives) to deceiving family members about what you do for a living, guilt is something that could be debilitating if taken to heart by an escort. But, successful escorts learn to take it all in stride and deal with it in their own ways. Being too “nice” would cause escorts to be overly sensitive to their guilt, causing them severe difficulties in developing a long-term career in the industry. Escorts are best off to avoid the guilt, and shrug off the “nice” girl persona early on.

While it’s great to be a “nice” girl or the type of girl a guy would “bring home to mom”, that pacifistic personality won’t help you in your escorting career. In fact, it will probably hinder you in all facets of your life. In fact, women in all professions are counseled to develop strong, firm personalities in order to succeed in both their personal lives and careers.

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13 reasons for all escorts to seek professional mental health counseling

Nobody is insinuating that you are crazy if they suggest you seek some help from a professional mental health counselor. Many individuals regularly benefit from the expert insight available from therapists, counselors, psychologists and other mental health providers. In fact, 27% (59 million) of Americans receive treatment each year, according to Psychology Today. The societal stigma that was previously attached to receiving mental health treatment is no longer prevalent today, so escorts (and others) who feel the pressures of life should not hesitate to visit clinicians for advice or input.

However, despite the public taboo being gone for years, over 24 million Americans who need treatment fail to get it. Escorts find themselves living extremely stressful lifestyles. As a result, they attempt to deal with their personal issues, anxiety and dilemmas on their own, when assistance from someone else could be extremely helpful. Consider the various reasons you should seek professional mental health counseling:

  1. Escorts need someone to vent to. Psychologists and other mental health professionals respect the need for their clients to “vent”. While others may consider it complaining or ranting, professionals in the mental health field feel that being able to unload your troubles, concerns and dissatisfactions onto another person is extremely liberating. It’s emotional cleansing, of a sort. Escorts who live privately within their own existences in the escort industry don’t have anyone they can fully bear their souls to. If they want to gripe about an inconsiderate client or being tired from engaging in too much physical intimacy during encounters, they have to veil their complaints so that they don’t give away their secrets to the listener. Worrying as much about revealing their discreet lifestyles as they are the issues they are dealing with doesn’t help relieve pressure when escorts do talk with someone else about their worries or troubles. Mental health counselors can simply provide a sounding board for escorts to use to discuss what’s on their minds. It’s a free, open time that they can complain about family, friends, clients or even their landlord, if they choose. No rules nor social niceties have to be observed about their emotions or feelings; they are free to express themselves openly without limitations.
  2. Many escorts have a fear of intimacy, which should be addressed to avoid future loneliness and depression. A fear of intimacy is often the result of trauma, abuse or past relationship problems. However, it can be a product of mistrust, learned early in life through teachings or experiences. Basically, anyone who has a fear of intimacy lacks the abilities to form meaningful relationships with others. Physical and emotional relationships are often impacted, causing escorts to never fully bond or connect in a significant manner with anyone. Many escorts suffer from this fear, feeling they become extremely vulnerable if they open up too much to others. Additionally, they begin to become so immersed into their escorting careers that it becomes difficult to separate their superficial interactions with clients with genuine ones they reserve for people in their private lives. If they cannot relate to others, their lives become quite lonely and escorts feel even more isolated than ever before. Escorts who have a fear of intimacy can benefit greatly from the help of a mental health professional, eventually being able to open themselves up more fully to others.
  3. Trust issues are huge concerns for escorts. And, while anyone may have problems trusting others due to life experiences, escorts have examples before them every day that demonstrate how untrustworthy people can be. Clients who lie about their identities, set up encounters and fail to arrive for them and don’t follow through on promises or agreements are prime cases in point for why escorts have trust issues. And, then, factor in that many clients are married or involved with significant others as partners, lying to each of them in order to spend time with an escort. It’s really no surprise that an escort may have hesitations when it concerns trusting others and their intentions. Perhaps, being taken advantage of, lied to, cheated on or hurt by people whom they trusted have caused escorts to have difficulties having faith in others. Good therapists can help escorts realize that not everyone is dishonest. Through discussions and exploration about the root causes of an escort’s distrust, a mental health provider can suggest ways that small baby steps toward deeper trust and understanding of others can be implemented.
  4. Self-worth and image problems are prevalent reasons to seek mental health counseling. Even though escorts may receive ample praise and compliments from clients, they may still feel that they lack love and appreciation from others whose opinions matter to them. Knowing that clients usually compliment them on superficial things (such as their appearance or bodies), escorts begin to question whether they have worth beyond what they can physically offer to others. Furthermore, the public’s stereotypical judgment of escorts doesn’t help to enhance an escort’s self-esteem, either. As society judges escorts harshly for being “whores” who have no morals, it’s easy for escorts to begin to think the same of themselves. When you start to feel this way, it’s time to book some time on the psychologist couch for true insight to the wonderful things that make you “you”. You can gain direction by carefully-led discussions that will help you identify good things about yourself that you can be proud of. For instance, a counselor may point out that you are generous, smart, kind and funny, helping you to observe these qualities in yourself. Just a few sessions may be all it takes to open your eyes up and accept your good traits.
  5. Escorts’ family relationships are impacted through career choices. Once your family discovers that you’re an escort, dysfunction may ensure. Estrangement, criticism, judgment and disappointment may be results of your secret profession coming to light with your family members. If negative interactions are causing problems for you with your family, it may help to seek counseling. A therapist can help you to see the situation through your family’s eyes and provide ways you can cope with their actions and words. While it’s never acceptable to allow others to degrade or judge you, acceptance of family beliefs or attitudes may be necessary in order to move on. Or, a psychologist may be able to help you finesse the crazy dynamics of your family in order to make situations more livable and enjoyable, again.
  6. Abuse, assault or other violence against an escort can create mental health issues that should be treated by a trained professional. Even though escorts don’t like to admit the possibility of being the victim of violence or abuse through their work in the industry, it is a real possibility. And, many escorts are the target of harmful acts at the hands of clients. Any escort who has been attacked or hurt may need some reassurance and counseling in order to heal and recover from the incident. Crime victims often need to be told, repeatedly, that their attack was not their fault and that they are not to blame. Mental health providers can give the skilled insight and assistance needed to recover from debilitating situations and move past them.
  7. Many escorts experience depression, which is treatable through mental health assistance. According to WebMD. com, cognitive behavior therapy is extremely beneficial when treating depression, which affects at least 19 million Americans annually. With the crazy lifestyles and demanding schedules that escorts maintain, it’s no great surprise that many of them are depressed or experience symptoms of the disorder. Other factors including societal judgment, family dysfunction and self-worth opinions factor heavily into how and why an escort might become depressed. If you suspect that you might be depressed, consult a psychologist or clinic soon. In addition to therapies that can help you overcome your extreme sadness, clinicians may be able to prescribe medications that will help regulate your moods, creating a brighter lifestyle for you and those around you.
  8. Substance addiction becomes a problem for some escorts and may require mental health counseling to overcome. Even though it’s not a prevalent problem for escorts in the industry, substance addiction can happen to anyone. Whether too many prescription painkillers become a problem or the wine goes down too fast and too often, escorts need to be able to realize they have problems before they escalate to the point of ruining their careers. If you notice that you are missing encounters, failing to communicate with clients or have to get a “fix” in order to visit with your clients, it’s time to seek professional health. Mental health providers can give you the counseling you need to get past your habits and seek healthier alternatives. Additionally, they can help you get to the underlying symptoms that caused you to turn to the substance in the first place.
  9. Escorts experience significant stress on the job, resulting in anxiety in their private lives. Anxiety in extreme amounts is never good. When it starts affecting your private life, it’s time to seek some professional help in order to reduce it. As an escort, you are expected to be many things. And, client expectations vary across the board: one client may want you to be sweet, while another asks you to be salty. Some want a bad girl, while others want an escort they can pamper. It’s demanding to attempt to be all of these people for your clients. Additionally, the schedules you keep as an escort can be taxing on your body, resulting in your emotions running on high all of the time. The work you do with clients is physically demanding, making you tired and stressed, too. As a result, you juggle a lot of pressure, which can result in the need for some mental health counseling from time to time in order to balance it all out. Setting priorities, putting things into perspective and managing your time can be things that a mental health provider can help you with.
  10. An escort’s personal romantic relationships often suffer from the career. When the career becomes too much for your relationship with your significant other, it might be time to resort to couples counseling. Even though this could be something that anyone (industry-related or not) could seek out, it is especially recommended for escorts, because the type of lifestyle you lead is not traditionally conducive to maintaining consistent, long-term relationships. Typical marriages rely on monogamy in order to sustain. When you’re an escort, sexual monogamy is not usually an option, although your partner may wish it were. Several issues may evolve that challenge your relationship in ways that more conservative careers do not. It’s sometimes best to engage non-biased professionals in helping you and your partner sort emotions and obstacles out in order to succeed in your romantic endeavors.
  11. Your identity as a person is sometimes challenged when you’re an escort. Many escorts need reminding, from time to time, that their stilettos and fishnets are only their costumes for their jobs and not links to who they really are on the inside. Being forced to create a marketable image for your career sometimes influences how you think about yourself as a person. Confusing the “real” you with your professional persona is something that happens frequently among escorts. And, with society’s views about escorts being constantly stereotypical and negative, it’s easy to self-identify with those impressions, if you’re not careful. As a result, meeting up with a counselor from time to time may help keep you grounded and in touch with who you are when you’re not playing dress up for work.
  12. With over 25% of the U.S. population in mental health treatment for various issues, it’s not surprising that an escort would have concerns in her own life that call for a therapist

    And as if the pressures of your work aren’t enough, escorts have lives that create stress and issues, too. Ailing parents, failed friendships, financial issues, life disappointments and other things can cause people to seek out the input of a psychologist. Even if you just need a visit or two to clear your head about an issue at hand, meeting with a mental health professional may be all it takes to fix your insight about a problem.

  13. Physical health impacts may create the need for mental health counseling. If your stress and concern over issues in your life begin to manifest themselves with physical health problems, it’s a sure sign that you need to reduce your stress. Escorts who begin to experience high blood pressure, headaches, weight gain or loss and ulcers may be internalizing too much stress and worry. If you begin to feel ill physically as a result of your problems, consult with a counselor in attempts to reduce your load. Even if he or she can’t solve your issues, knowing that someone listens may be enough to lessen your burdens.

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How to escort a female client?

Even though the escort industry is predominantly geared to serve male clients, female ones do exist and book encounters. Most escorts don’t frequently receive calls or emails from women, but if they do, they expect an encounter that is much different than those they provide to their male clients.

Often, escorts haven’t even thought about entertaining a female client, but when the opportunity arises, they are intrigued enough to explore the adventure.

However, when you offer services to female clients, you should be aware that you may have to implement different methods to satisfy her during an encounter.

  1. Think about what you like and offer it to her. Even though all women are different, the anatomy is somewhat similar and the parts work the same…to an extent. You know what you like. Chances are that she will like some variation of the same treatment. Whether it’s having your breasts stroked, shoulders rubbed or some other intimate touching, include it in your efforts to enhance her experience.
  2. Use protection with your female client. Even though you’re not actually having penetrative intercourse with her, there is still a need to use protection to avoid potential spread of STDs or other infections and bacteria. Anytime that bodily fluids are exchanged, there is a chance of transmission. Utilize dental dams when administering or receiving oral pleasure, and use finger cots when touching your client’s genitals. These two items of protection may not be readily available at your local pharmacy (depending on where you live), but you can easily acquire them online from various vendors. Even though many escorts provide unprotected services to female clients, it’s not wise and creates risks that you don’t have to take. Implement the same policies regarding protection with your female clients as you do your male ones.
  3. Foreplay is a prominent feature of an encounter with a woman. One of the biggest complaints women have about intercourse with men is that foreplay is never long enough to adequately arouse them and bring them to a point where climax during penetration is easily reachable. Keep this in mind when you are becoming intimate with your female client. Don’t attempt to rush through the beginning stages of your encounter with her. Give her plenty of time to get warmed up, with lots of slow, sensual touching and talking. Just like you hate it when a client grabs immediately for your breasts or genital region, avoid doing the same for her. Gradually build up to more intimate exploration through slow caresses through the clothing and gentle teasing underneath.
  4. Offer to use toys. Often, to get the full effect of pleasure, toys are essential during a female-female encounter. Dildos, vibrators and other items can enhance the experience through simulation of penetration, along with other clitoral stimulation. Allow your client to bring her own bag of goodies, if she prefers, or bring out your stash that you use with clients. And, as always, sterilize and clean them properly after using with her. Do not use any toy on yourself after she has used it, as that’s a way to spread disease or bacteria. And, just as with a male client, do not allow any device to penetrate the anal region and then be put inside the vagina; bacteria can cause serious infections and discomfort.
  5. Use conversation to create passion. Women respond to mental images created through words. Describe a scenario that is both sensual and arousing. If creating an imaginary story in your head doesn’t work for you, attempt to say in detail to your client what you are going to do to her and how it makes you feel. Stress your arousal and excitement. Emphasize that it makes you close to climax just thinking about it. Because women’s arousal is dependent on mental images, in addition to physical sensations, this step is essential in order to achieve maximum excitement. Most women will respond well to conversation that is more soft-core porn version. However, others may prefer a more direct type of language through x-rated dirty talk. Talk to your client to find out what she likes better, and if she likes it a little on the grittier side, prepare to roll out the more explicit version.
  6. Expect a more sensual experience. Many male clients who are eager to book an encounter are excited about an opportunity for physical, intense intercourse. They like deep, impactful penetration and intimate acts that may include rough thrusting and fast sex. However, when you meet up with a female client, that is rarely what she is looking for from another woman. If she wants rough intercourse, she can engage in that with a man. But, a softer, gentler kind of experience is often more difficult to find. Your female client may be seeking an adventure that explores a slower, more intense way of arousal and climax. She, of course, will appreciate passion, but expect to engage her in ways that heighten her senses and bring her to orgasm slowly, but with the intensity gained from the gradual build up of excitement.
  7. Female clients may experience multiple climaxes during an encounter. Male clients are usually limited to one or two orgasms during an intense encounter, due to the refractory period that stops them from getting an erection immediately after they experience release. Unless you have extremely lengthy encounters with them, most men cannot achieve more than two orgasms per booking. However, women do not have recovery periods after their climaxes. In fact, after a woman experiences orgasm once, her potential to have repeated climaxes is increased due to her heightened sensitivity. During one encounter, it is likely that your female client may experience several instances of physical release and pleasure. However, you must be careful to avoid over stimulating her. It’s common for a woman’s vaginal and clitoral areas to be extremely sensitive after orgasm, to the point that any physical contact is uncomfortable for a few minutes.
  8. Atmosphere is more important for female clients than males. Although your male clients certainly appreciate your efforts to consider all of the smaller details that help make their encounters feel complete, most don’t really care whether you have candles lit and soft music playing or not, when it really comes down to it. They can become aroused easily without the aid of these elements in their surroundings. They are more focused on you when you come out in your lingerie than how the comforter feels or whether they hear the train outside. But, female clients are different. The way they feel when they enter your incall is based on their senses. Pay attention to how your incall smells, what sounds you can hear and the view you get as you enter. Create the most appealing version of your incall that you can, adding a flair of seduction with a musky scent, candles, sultry music and anything else you think might entice your client.
  9. Realize that a female client may require a longer warm-up period. Even with your most awkward clients, after a few minutes of small talk, they are ready to proceed with something a bit more intimate. However, women respond differently and may need a bit more time to adjust to the situation. Give her plenty of space and allow her to make the first move (unless settled differently ahead of time), thus providing her a chance to get comfortable with you. Your small talk subjects may have to vary a bit, ranging from issues other than sports or the weather. Consider commenting on her attire or hair, or discussing previous experiences with women. Definitely take her lead and converse about whatever she wants to, but always be focused on making her feel appreciated.
  10. Expect to make more of a connection with a female client. Even though most of your encounters are based on making a connection with your client, an experience with a woman is much more bonding than those with men, simply because of the truly intimate nature of the physical acts you may share. Women also tend to talk more, so it’s very possible you may get to know her better than you do your male clients. Women share their feelings, emotions, thoughts and concerns, while men often discuss issues and topics, such as sports headlines or current events. As a result, you may feel much more connected to your female clients than your male ones, because you get glimpses into what makes them tick and how they think. Use this connection to enhance your encounters with your female clients. Even though you can never be expected to read minds, use the knowledge you’ve gained through discussions to customize encounters that might be more appealing or exciting to your client, personally.
  11. Communication while booking the encounter is probably going to be better with a female client. Male clients are often men of few words. They attempt to get the encounter booked using as few of words as possible. They don’t usually like to talk on the phone (unless they are timewasters), and their emails are often short and sweet. Women, however, are known for being better communicators. They express themselves more fully and may explain their expectations of the encounter more understandably, so that both of you are on the same page. They are clear with details, such as location and time. And, they are excellent planners. (Men often are not.) The booking process is typically more seamless and complete with female clients, which is a nice change. (Of course, this is generalizing men, and there are many exceptions to this rule.)
  12. You must be more cautious about what you say to female clients. Escorts who see female clients regularly will attest to the fact that women take things to heart more easily. It’s easy to make an innocent comment about someone’s weight, appearance or other traits that indirectly insults a client. If you talk about someone being fat, your client may take offense and think that you believe she is, too. She is much more sensitive to the things you don’t say than your male clients. She notices if you don’t tell her she looks nice and will think that you don’t like her appearance. She will remember that you didn’t thank her for the encounter, and may not return to you as a result. You have to be very clear about what you, thinking ahead of time about how you say things. Despite women being better communicators, they are also pettier and more tender-hearted, making them susceptible to misunderstandings easily.
  13. Many female clients want to experiment. Some women are eager to explore their bisexual sides, but they have never found a good opportunity to do it. These kinds of women end up calling an escort with the hopes that they can learn about their desires in a non-judgmental environment, with no strings attached. Plus, they don’t have to worry about anyone else finding out. Many are completely inexperienced, except for maybe a drunken kiss with another girl in college (or maybe not even that). It will be up to you to teach her a few things. Most female clients who as far as to hire an escort become fully engaged during an encounter, finding it satisfying and exciting. However, others may decide it’s not for them and leave part way through. Either way, it’s important to be understanding and encouraging, never pressuring.
  14. Ultimately, male and female clients hire escorts for exactly the same reasons. Convenience, no strings and sexual pleasure top the lists for why escorts receive calls from both male and female clients. So, even though the methods you use and the communications you have with female clients may differ, the ultimate goals of the booking are the same. Your job is to discuss with the client his or her expectations, attempt to pleasure them, make them know they are appreciated, create a welcoming and understanding environment and ensure they leave happy. The acts you perform may be different, but your services should still be client-focused and driven by your desire to perform the best you can as an escort. Male and female clients may have varying ways of reaching satisfaction, but your job doesn’t change based on gender.
  15. Avoid booking female clients if you are uncomfortable with the prospect. Some escorts are not interested in intimate acts with other women. If you find the thought of being with another woman to be less than arousing, don’t accept these kinds of bookings. It won’t work out and you will gain negative reviews. Stick to what you’re comfortable with.

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Escort’s guide to dealing with clients who use legal stimulants

Across the United States, use of legal stimulants is spreading quickly. In a society where people are trained to always seek out sensations, it’s no surprise that stimulant use reaches all classes and demographic groups—including your clients.

Aside from coffee and tobacco, clients who use (and often abuse) legal stimulants are taking huge risks with their health and venturing into territory that may cause them to act in ways that are unbecoming to their characters.

Many escorts get requests from clients to be allowed to take legal stimulants prior to or during their encounters to enhance the experience. But, as an escort, the choice is entirely up to whether you allow this behavior or not. Legal stimulants may vary in many ways. They can be prescription drugs that are legally and regularly used by a client to fight ADHD or other health conditions. However, some people abuse others’ prescriptions in search of their own highs. Additionally, chemical substances are sold online and throughout the country that are labeled to discourage human consumption, despite their actual purposes as drugs.

For instance, bath salts (currently illegal) were sold at convenience stores for years, and were highly addictive and high-inducing with erratic effects. Others that have recently been banned, but were legally sold as commercial products, include: Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky, Bliss, Meow Meow and 5-IT. As research is conducted on various new products, legislation tries to keep up with the most recent developments by banning them from store shelves and illegalizing them. However, just as soon as drugs are banned, new formulas pop up with similar chemical compositions and effects.

Use these tips for dealing with clients who request your permission to use legal stimulants while they are with you:

  1. Refer to your zero tolerance policy on drugs. Inform your client that you feel these forms of drugs do not create behaviors you are willing to accommodate during an encounter. Discuss the fact that you are against the use of any form of drugs, except for any that are medically necessary. Tell him that recreational drug use is simply not acceptable to you, and that you have the right to refuse service at any time, for any reason. It’s important to stress to him that you mean what you say and will not see clients who insist on using the drugs, despite your warnings. Be firm and clear as you talk to your client about this. He may be just feeling you out to determine what your stance is, just wondering if he could experiment with the sensation with you. Don’t yell at a client for the request; he may only be curious. However, don’t be wishy-washy, either. This may give a client encouragement that you don’t really mean what you say.
  2. Know the signs of stimulant use. Escorts should always be able to recognize the obvious signs of drug use so she can make an informed decision about staying with or leaving a client she suspects is under the influence. Most users of legal stimulants experience increased heart rates, higher body temperatures, talkativeness and dilated pupils. They may act erratically or be unable to stay focused on one thought or task for very long. They change the subject rapidly during conversation, and they can’t sit still. Depending on how the client took the drug, signs may differ. If a client orally ingested pills, effects may be more gradual and show up slowly. However, if he snorted the drug, his symptoms may be immediate and demonstrate an automatic change in personality. Sometimes, paranoia, delusions and unexplained euphoria are a part of the user’s experience. Most clients will want to use stimulants, because sexual pleasure is typically enhanced through heightened sensitivities caused by the drugs.
  3. Tell a client to leave if he appears to be under the influence, despite your warnings. If a client shows up at your incall, obviously affected by some sort of drugs, refuse to let him in and make him leave. Unless your client is incredibly high, he will probably accept what you tell him and go. However, be aware that some clients will act erratically. Feel the situation out as you encourage him to come back another time. Perhaps, it might even be better to tell him that he has the wrong time or date, in case he becomes agitated at your refusal to let him come in. Another excuse you could use to get him to leave is that you are very ill with the flu or some other condition. Regardless of the situation, you need to take efforts to get him to leave. If you’ve made excuses to encourage him to go, be sure to contact him at a later date and inform him of the real reason you turned him away, maybe even going as far as telling him you are blocking him as a client. If you’ve warned him that you don’t accept the use of legal stimulants, you have every right to turn him away in the future.
  4. Ask for information about the kind of drugs your client wants to use. Some clients simply want to take a few herbal pills that contain ginseng or caffeine. Others, though, want to inhale aerosol substances or snort crushed up tablets of some other form. Get details about the type of drug your client intends to take and research it online. It might even be worth looking up its legal status, in addition to side effects. Many drugs are being outlawed every day, with new versions with tweaked chemical compositions showing up. Find out what your client is talking about before making a final decision. Some more conservative clients may simply want to take something that will only have slight effects similar to those of an energy drink or cup of coffee. By creating a blanket policy, you may be outlawing substances that won’t cause any significant effects on the encounter or result in any threatening behaviors.
  5. Know that legal stimulants can cause erratic and violent behavior. Throughout the news and media, many stories have been shared about murders and assaults being committed while the perpetrator was high on legal stimulants of varying kinds. Because some of them create feelings of aggression, agitation and paranoia, users of these drugs may act in ways they feel are defensive or appropriate for the situations in their delusions or hallucinations. If you decide to allow a client to indulge in any of form of drugs, including legal stimulants, during your encounter with him, make sure you have security in place in case of a situation gone awry. Security must be on-site and not just available by phone. If a client becomes angered and begins acting out, you may need immediate assistance to subdue him or eject him from your incall. If you are venturing to an outcall with a client who is using, your security partner should be within earshot of your at all times. Even though your client may be mild-mannered normally, drugs can vastly change a person’s characteristics. Escorts should always use a security partner, but failing to have one in these instances is asking for trouble.
  6. Get your money before allowing your client to take the stimulant. If you’ve decided that you’re going to go along with your client’s request, it’s wise to ensure you get payment before the drug starts to take effect. You never know exactly how your client will act afterward, so it’s best to get paid while he is still sober. All escorts should implement the practice of collecting their fees up front, but relationships with regular clients can sometimes cause the rate exchange to get a bit lax. As the stimulant’s sensations begin to take effect on your client, you may notice extreme or subtle changes in his demeanor. He may try to persuade you to take more money or attempt to get a refund on his gift to you. You should never take advantage of your sober while he is under the influence, and you do not have to administer a refund to your client when he is high, either.
  7. Limit the amount of the drug your client takes. Allowing your client to indulge in a drug while you are with him is a risk, but you may be able to control it to an extent by controlling the amount taken. Tell your client that you will only agree to the encounter with him if he compromises and only uses a small dose of the drug. Do your research on the drug ahead of time so you know what a typical dose should be; a dose should provide slight effects from the drug, but limit the extent of the high to a reasonable, manageable level. Anything more than that is unacceptable and you can tell your client that, too. Escorts sometimes allow their clients to drink alcohol during encounters, as long as they do not become drunk. This limitation is much similar and should be agreeable to your client.
  8. Avoid giving your client a chance to use the drug if you’ve denied the request. If you suspect that a client is going to use the drug at his first opportunity with you, despite your prohibition of the drug, do your best to avoid giving him an opportunity to get by with it. Don’t leave him alone for even a minute. If he requests to use the restroom, get him undressed first and don’t allow him to take anything in with him. Refuse to be misdirected to the other room for even a moment, which might give him a chance to snort a quick line or pop a pill. Escorts who catch their clients using drugs during an encounter, despite their warnings, have the right to call the encounter off then and there and refuse any further time with the client. However, if you are able to avoid leaving your client alone, you may avoid this issue altogether.
  9. Arrive at an outcall early so your client won’t have a chance to use before you get there. Many clients plan to get high immediately before their escort arrives. Botch his plan by getting there a few minutes early. If he knows you are against the stimulant use, he won’t do the drug in front of you. And, he may be intimidated enough, he will feel prohibited from using it while you are there. Nipping his behavior in the bud may be the best way to avoid any issues over the drug’s use.
  10. Suggest that the client find a new escort. After a frank discussion about legal stimulants and your attitudes against them, it’s reasonable to recommend that your client find a different escort to book if he chooses to use drugs. Although he may feel that he is not breaking the law, the use of the stimulants is against your personal policies. Referring him down the road is the best thing you can do for yourself if you don’t want added drama in your professional life. Otherwise, you will always wonder if a determined client is going to use during an encounter with you. Some clients only want to try it out, so it’s perfectly acceptable to refer him temporarily and take him back on when he wants sober encounters.
  11. Inform your client of the risks of legal stimulants. Excluding nicotine and caffeine, many legal stimulants have severe health effects that are not even fully researched. The once-legal bath salts proved to be more addictive than meth and cause extreme brain damage with short-term use. Other possible health risks include heart attack, coma, stroke, seizure and long-term organ issues. Use of aerosol inhalants may cause lung issues for a user’s entire life, in addition to other problems. Although a client may experience heightened sexual arousal or euphoria as a result of the use of the drug, tell him that he could end up dead on your bathroom floor, too, if he overdoses on it or it interacts negatively with other prescription drugs he uses or health conditions he has. It’s realistic to tell him you don’t want to deal with the possible health complications that could occur during the encounter if his body reacts negatively to the drugs.
  12. Realize that there are many legal issues surrounding so-called legal stimulants. Many are on a watch list or have recently been banned by the federal government. Possession of these substances warrant incarceration, along with other punishments if conviction occurs. Seeing a client who brings these drugs into your incall or visiting with him in an outcall with these present can seriously implicate you if law enforcement were to become involved. While some drugs are still available legally, others are being put on restricted lists daily, as new research provides information about their safety.

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12 ways escorts can identify and manage controlling clients

Despite your best efforts to avoid them, it’s fairly routine to run across clients with controlling personalities when you’re an escort. Their controlling natures could be one of the character traits that continues to send these clients to you, because they are constantly looking for a woman they can influence and motivate to view the world their way.

As a result of the dynamics in your professional relationship with them, they assume that since you accept their behavior and bow to their requests, you are succumbing to their charms… when, in actuality, you are simply being a good escort and playing along during the encounter.

However, while some clients are easy enough to appease during your weekly or monthly visits with them, others become much harder to satisfy as their demands and desires intensify. Consider these ways to identify and manage controlling clients before trouble arises:

  1. Many controlling clients attempt to disguise their manipulative tendencies by offering to be your sugar daddy. A sugar daddy/baby relationship is the perfect veil for a client’s intentions to oversee your every move and influence your behavior, personal relationships and thoughts. Even though they make their offer sound very attractive, it’s not one you should jump on. When a controlling client wants to make you his sugar baby, it’s rarely about the fact that he wants to take care of you, even if that’s what he’s claiming. Using the age-old excuse that he wants life to be easy for you, he may convince you that entering into a relationship that makes you dependent upon him is a win-win for both of you. But, you are the one who is taking the risks. Once your client begins to criticize and belittle your life, he will expect you to shape up to his standards. In order to protect your living arrangements and income provided by him, you have to do as he says. (And, by this point, you’ve probably alienated all of your friends and family members and given up your escorting career — making him the major/only player in your life.)
  2. Some clients offer to provide you with high-ticket gifts. If they catch that you are in need of (or are looking to purchase) a new vehicle, your controlling clients may suggest that they purchase it for you, with an agreement that the vehicle is payment for a specified time period. Or, a client might suggest that he’d be happy to pay for cosmetic surgery, especially if you complain about an imperfect body part or wrinkles. Other high-ticket items could be targeted by a client who wishes to gain more control over you, too. However, once you’ve gotten the item(s) the client has paid for, he expects you to consent to his way of thinking or doing things. He will begin making suggestions that he expects you to take in earnest. It’s probable that he will insinuate you owe him more time than you’re making for him. As a result, you end up feeling indebted to him, while he feels overly entitled to your time and attention. After all, he bought something big for you; he feels like you owe him. And, if you don’t comply with his wishes or way of thinking, he will threaten to take away the item he has funded, leaving you in a lurch or in a difficult position.
  3. Controlling clients often book multiple encounters with an escort on a weekly or monthly basis. While this is not a sure-fire way to predict that a client will show his controlling ways soon, it can certainly indicate that he could lean that way. (However, some clients are just eager for your attention.) Clients who wish to be in charge of your life take advantage of frequent visits as a way to learn more about your life and what you are up to regularly. They may attempt to find out information about your relationships, other clients or other aspects of your life that could eventually interfere with your encounters with him. Additionally, through booking several encounters, he limits your exposure to other clients. The move is called “divide and conquer.” By separating you from your other clients, you lack that consistent reassurance from them that you are a quality escort. As your controlling client draws you away from your other regulars, he will begin with tactics that will slowly influence your behavior in many ways.
  4. Any client who is overly consumed with discussing his potential jealousy for your other clients or your real-life partner could show signs of being controlling. Of course, it’s natural for a client to was on about how you’re the perfect woman and how he wishes he could spend his life with you, etc., etc., etc. But, when a client repeatedly mentions that he is jealous of the time you spend with other clients or is envious of your romantic partner, you may need to take heed. Even though he may be just trying to compliment you, jealousy is a common trait for ultra controlling people. To them, it’s a sign that they are not in control if you are fraternizing with other men. This realization will eat at them, until they feel the need to do something about it, such as forbidding you to see other clients or insisting that they can replace your partner.
  5. Any client with a court record of domestic abuse is a threat you should take precautions with. Even though the incident may have all been a “misunderstanding”, as your client explains to you, the fact remains that he was arrested for some sort of dispute. These domestic disputes often center around control or a lack of it, which causes a person to lash out irrationally. Many of these characters are ticking time bombs, just waiting to go off. You never know exactly what will trigger them: a comment, a look or simply not picking up the phone in time. Be sure to research your clients’ backgrounds, including a public records search that includes arrest reports. If you discover that a client has a record for domestic abuse, handle him with kid gloves or pass him along to another escort before he sets his sights on you.
  6. Clients who administer rough physical treatment may be trouble. If you and he have a disagreement and he grabs your arm too hard or pushes you down on the bed when you didn’t say the “right” thing, it’s a good sign that his underlying intentions are not ones of magnanimity and kindness. Even if your client apologizes for the bruises he left on your arm, it’s not good enough to forget the entire incident. This situation should perk your radar up for other signs that your client is trying to manage the way you act or what you say. Under no circumstances should you tolerate a client injuring you in any way, even if it’s just simply grabbing your arm harshly. He has no right to put his hands on you in a harmful manner and you can leave the encounter at any time. Keep in mind, though, that your client may react negatively if you leave, since it’s evident that he has lost control. He may lash out verbally and physically; use caution.
  7. It’s common for clients who exhibit quick infatuation with you, along with showering you with gifts during the first few days of your professional relationship, to later demonstrate controlling qualities. These type of people fall in love (or lust) very quickly, creating a fantasy dialogue in their heads. As a result, they may envision your relationship one way, while it’s really another way in life. They build it up to be more than it truly is, putting you in a difficult position to bring them back to how things actually are. Through the story they’ve manifested in their minds, everything is perfect and they are in control of the situation. However, when you start to resist their fantasies, everything unravels for them, causing them discomfort and anxiety. They may attempt to smother you with attention, in order to keep you in their lives. These kinds of clients are difficult to manage, because they don’t recognize the truth until you force it upon them.
  8. Any client who suggests that you reduce the size of your client list for him is on his way to being controlling. This is one of the first signs for an escort to back away from a client, because he is thinking of their relationship as something more than a professional association. If he wants you to stop seeing other clients (or to decrease the number you see), he is demonstrating he just wants to keep you all to himself. He doesn’t want you interacting with or enjoying other clients, because he wants you to save your best for him.
  9. Clients who begin telling you what to wear, what to say or how to act are definitely control freaks. From time to time, a client will ask an escort to wear a certain kind of uniform or outfit for a role-play scenario. Other times, he may ask her to show up in attire that really turns him on. But, the majority of the time, clients are exceptionally pleased with an escort’s choice of clothing or lingerie. But, not this client. He wants to tell you what to wear and what you should get rid of, due to his personal preferences. It’s likely that he will even offer to take you shopping, as long as you buy the items he likes. He may want you to speak in a certain way, using specific words to relay your thoughts. And, if he discourages your actions and encourages you to demonstrate behaviors he approves of, it’s a sure sign that his intentions are to mold you into his own creation. Once your client has felt freely enough to begin attempting to boss you around, it’s hard to turn his actions around. This is a client who should be cut loose before he damages your reputation or causes you much more trouble.
  10. Men who brag about their social or professional status may tend to be controlling. These clients are very proud of and put great stock into their superficial standings in society. They buy into the theory that their status, wealth or recognition will earn them great rewards. These clients who are obsessed with superficial tendencies are apt to be depending on you to act a certain way in order to ensure that his status is kept up. They are accustomed to controlling others, either through their family situations or work environments. As a result, they may attempt to manipulate you into doing what they want, too.
  11. It’s important to keep controlling clients at a distance once you’ve identified them. Despite the fact that your client is charming and gentlemanly right now, his behavior is apt to change when he discerns that you are out of his reach and unable to be controlled. As you realize what kind of personality he has, attempt to scale back the frequency of your encounters with him, eventually cutting him off altogether. Even if you see signs that he’s changing, it’s not your job to fix him or endure the process that is required to truly adjust his intentions. If you don’t cut him off completely, avoid allowing him to influence your life. Rebuke his efforts to give you advice, resist his compliments meant for manipulation and stand up for yourself. Don’t offer any more than a professional relationship; it’s fairly common for him to think that you and he have something more. Avoid going overboard with compliments or flattery once you discover that he may buy into them too much.
  12. Keep your security partner on alert. Many controlling clients are not threats. They probably won’t get violent or attempt to assault you for not going along with what they want. But, there is always that one incident that you will wish someone was there to help you. When you’re going to see this client you suspect of being controlling, notify your security partner and suggest that he accompany you to the outcall or be present at your incall. Sometimes just having your security partner around will deter your client from being overbearing or physically rough. Plus, it may intimidate him from his manipulative behavior.

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