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Welcome to Swedish Angels Toronto, a leading Toronto Escort Agency providing top quality companionship. We cater to a clientele who appreciates fine taste, and will settle for nothing but the best escorts in Toronto. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of service, discretion and confidentiality for both our Toronto escort service providers and our clientele alike. We offer a wide selection of fine Toronto escorts to suit every taste. We rank among the top escort agencies in Toronto for top notch customer service.

What Are Swedish angels Escorts?

Swedish Angels are a rich and delectable confection for the discerning taste. They each have an enchanting style and elegance, enrobed in their own unique and distinct exterior. But beauty is not only skin deep with these authentic delights that would please even the most discriminating sampler. A plethora of taste, with an excitingly wide and tempting range of flavours, they are delightful mouth watering treasures to be desired, savoured and enjoyed thoroughly. Swedish Angels are perfectly blended to create a truly refined taste sensation.

How do you choose between such a tempting selection of treats? You may have to come again and again to try our many flavours of…….Swedish angels!

Are you new to Toronto? Have a corporate dinner to attend to and need a date? Need a companion to help you get around? Go through our Toronto escorts gallery and profiles in detail, choosing one or two who fit your style. Call us for more information or click on the reservations form to put in your request. Oh yea

Our business does not associate itself with prostitution. We exchange money for services which provide time and companionship. These services are provided based on the consent of two or more adults over the age of 18. We do not force our escorts to do things they are not comfortable doing. Likewise, we do not force you to make choices which are not comfortable for you.

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Welcome to Swedish Angels Models Toronto, a classy Escort Service Promotion Agency based in Toronto serving Mississauga, Scarborough, Airport the GTA. We promote professional models that have the right touch of sophistication & beauty, which today's modern gentleman seeks for his companionship needs. Platinum models has a companion to match your busy lifestyle.

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Toronto Escort Service Swedish Angels phone lines are open from 6pm-6am 7 days a week. To see each escort's availability during the week, please click on the Schedule tab located at the top of the page. For bookings please call Toronto Escorts Swedish angels at (416) 967-1111. Same day bookings are available depending on availability. Advance bookings are preferred for guaranteed availability. Overnight appointments are available upon request.

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Your personal needs as well as your privacy are of the utmost importance to us. To book an unforgettable date with one of our beautiful escorts please call our escort service at the number below:

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Sex workers could be forced to ‘risk their lives’ if prostitution bill c-36 passes, escort service owner says


Swedish Angels Escorts Toronto Ontario. We are an elite, upscale, premium escort agency.

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Using templates in escort communications

Escorts are told over and over again that personalized service delivered to clients is part of what will make them successful. This piece of advice is very true, but highly personalized service in each and every instance may not be possible — especially if a caller, emailer or texter is not already an established client.

An escort can spend hours texting back and forth with a prospective client, only for them to suddenly disappear for good. An escort should learn to strike a proper balance between providing personalized service for each contact and efficiency of client communications. Templates can help you do just that.

Some potential clients send little texts non-stop, asking little questions like “How much?” “What services?”, “When?”, “What will you wear?”, “What color is your hair?”, “How tall are you?” and similar. It could take an escort nearly an hour to answer these questions (which are likely available in her profile or on her website) through texting. A quick phone call that lasts less than 5 minutes could cover all of these bases and take the escort MUCH less time. Templates are designed to turn texters and emailers into callers.

Additionally, text and email templates ensure proper grammar and spelling. When an escort gets in a hurry to customize a message for each and every message she gets, mistakes can happen.

It’s easy to set up templates. Most phones have a “Quick Text” function where you can store messages for use at any time. The “Quick Text” function is usually reserved for shorter messages, but it can be used for longer ones, too. Templates should be set up on your work phone and your work email. The templates should be somewhat generic for use with many situations, dates and scenarios. The template should always encourage real clients to call you for more information, while timewasters will be dissuaded from contacting you further.

Here are some examples of templates you could use for text messages:

  • Thank you for your text! However, I don’t accept text messages. Please see my profile at www.***.com/myprofile for information about services, fees and other details. If you like what you see, call me to book an encounter! Hope to talk to you soon!
  • I’m sorry I missed your call. Please see my profile at www.***.com/myprofile for information about services, fees and other details. If you like what you see, call me back to book a date. Hope to talk to you soon!
  • Your SMS message was undeliverable. The recipient has deactivated text messages. Please call instead.
  • Welcome to my blocklist. Please do not text me again.

Here are some examples of templates you could use for email messages:

  • Hello! For full information about my services, rates and photos, please visit www.***.com/myprofile
    My incall (at my apartment) rates are:
    $__- 1 hour
    $__- 2 hours
    $ __- Each additional hourMy outcall rates (at your place or hotel) are:
    $__- 1 hour
    $__- 2 hours
    $ __- Each additional hour
    $ __- OvernightPlease call me to book a session.
    Best regards,
  • Greetings!Thank you for your interest. You can find more information about me and what I do here: www.***.com/mypage. I’ll be happy to answer any questions that aren’t answered on that page — just give me a call!Ready to book? Please call me and we will discuss all details over the phone.Hope to talk to you soon.


  • I appreciate your interest, but I am unable to schedule a booking with you at this time. I will get back to you once there is an opening. Please note that your calls, texts or emails will not be replied until you hear from me.Thank you for your time and understanding.


Of course, after a client has established himself as a regular client, you should avoid using any template messages to communicate with him. This is where the personalized service comes into play: regular clients deserve your full attention. New or prospective clients deserve your attention, too, but until they have proven themselves and shown they are worth your time and effort, you can’t spend excessive amounts of time stroking their egos.

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Identify time wasting clients

For an escort it is common to get a lot of attention from admirers and potential clients. However, not all of that attention results in booked appointments. On many occasions, individuals will call or email an escort to inquire about his or her services, only to ask several questions, to chat with no honest intention of making a date. Here are some ways to identify whether or not a potential client is just wasting your time:

  • He or she asks questions that do not pertain to the possibility of setting up a time to meet. If a potential client is more interested in what your real name is, how old your dog is or if you wear a thong or a bikini, he or she may not be ready to book a date. You may need to make a judgment call as to whether you should spend more time answering his or her questions, or simply cut him or her loose.
  • After you have set up a time to meet, the prospective client continually reschedules your appointment. One time may be understandable, depending on his or her excuse. However, if a client needs to reschedule two or more times, he or she may be putting you off or failing to get up the nerve to go through with the appointment. After the second time he or she misses your date, consider just calling it quits and recommending that he or she visit with another escort. (If you wish to give him a kinder brush off, you can explain that your schedule is too full to squeeze him in during the following weeks.)
  • Big promises that guarantee a big trip, expensive gifts or different living arrangements may be empty promises. Don’t rely on the promises that a client makes to you, until he or she actually follows through and provides them. Don’t give him or her special privileges or freebies, in hopes that the gifts will come later. The client may eventually follow through with his or her promises, however, waiting on them to come true may just waste your time if the promises weren’t made in earnest.
  • Realize that many escort/client relationships flourish as a result of an escort’s own persistence. Usually, the next appointment is prompted by a request of the escort. Or, gifts are usually solicited by the escort. If a client offers more than expected without being asked, he or she may be putting you on.

Avoid wasting time on a prospective client who may or may not follow through with an appointment or with promises that were made. Spending too much time on a potential time waster may take time away from legitimate customers who will actually make appointments and provide gifts later after becoming regular clients.

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16 safety tips for Greek (anal) sex and scat play

Throughout your career as an escort, it is likely that not only will you be asked to engage in anal intercourse, also known as Greek sex, but a client may also request that you participate in coprophilia (or scat play). Whether you go along with his or her request is entirely up to you, however if you do engage in either activity you should be very conscientious to take precautions to safeguard your health.

The anus and fecal matter in it are ridden with bacteria that can cause infection. Additionally, if your client has a sexually transmitted disease or infection, it may be easily transmitted during anal intercourse, as well. Even when certain precautions are taken to stay safe, this type of sexual play is still a bit risky. However, using condoms and engaging in good hygiene can reduce health hazards.

Here are ways to keep yourself safe when engaging in anal play or intercourse:

  1. Clean the anus with a soapy finger. Get it as clean as possible for your partner. Additionally, any object used for penetration should be clean and free from germs, too.
  2. Always, always, always use lubrication. You can never use too much lube when involving anal sex or penetration. Your anus (or your client’s) does not produce any lube naturally, so in order to provide comfort and a pain-free (or less painful) experience, lube is necessary. Use a water-based lube. If you don’t use a lube, you risk tearing, which is incredibly painful. Read more about various kinds of lubrication.
  3. Put on a condom. Because sexually transmitted diseases are so easily spread through anal intercourse (due to possible tears and rips in the anus), never consider engaging in anal sex without a condom. Choose a regular condom without a scent or flavor. Scented or flavored condoms may cause an allergic reaction in some people.
  4. Refrain from switching to the vagina after engaging in anal intercourse. Wash thoroughly or switch condoms before engaging in vaginal intercourse. (The anus contains bacteria that may infect the vaginal area.)
  5. Start penetration by stretching out the anus a little at a time with a finger. (Make sure the finger is clean and fingernails are neatly trimmed and clean.)
  6. Relax! Tensing up only makes the process more difficult. Relaxed sphincter muscles allow penetration much more easily.
  7. Avoid putting anything that entered the anus (toys, fingers, penis, etc.) into your mouth unless it has been thoroughly cleaned. Putting something that has been in the anal cavity into your mouth may spread bacteria directly into your system.
  8. Use a dental dam when performing anilingus (or rimming). Avoid any bacteria that the anus may contain by using this barrier method.

Coprophilia is the experience of achieving sexual arousal from acts involving human or animal feces. This type of sexual activity may also be referred to as “scat play”, “hard sports”, “brown showers” or “scatophilia.” Use these suggestions to keep yourself safe and free from disease or infection when engaging in coprophilia (or scat play). Always remember that if this type of sexual play goes beyond your personal boundaries you are never under any obligation to agree to engaging in coprophilia with a client.

  1. Understand that it is dangerous to ingest or lick feces. It contains bacteria that can produce an E coli infection, Hepatitis A, shigellosis and many other diseases and complications.
  2. Get vaccinated for Hepatitis A.
  3. Wear protection when working with feces. Protection includes a condom, female condom or latex gloves.
  4. Remove any jewelry, such as watches, bracelets, rings or necklaces when engaging in scat play.
  5. Trim your fingernails to less than one-inch long. Do not engage in fecal play with your hands if you wear artificial nails. Bacteria can become trapped underneath your nails and cause health issues.
  6. Shower and shampoo after playing with scat. Use a liquid soap without a sponge. Dispose of the sponge afterwards.
  7. Bleach and disinfect all areas in your home that have come into contact with the fecal matter. For instance, if you engaged in scat play in your bathroom, clean all surfaces with bleach that the fecal matter touched. Clean everything and then some.
  8. Wash all linens or clothing that came into contact with the fecal matter. If you engaged in this activity on a bed, launder all sheets, blankets, comforters, etc. Use hot water and bleach to rid them of germs and bacteria.
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A guide to sexual lubricants

What’s lube? What’s lubrication? You know those little packages of lubricant passed around with free condoms and in the penis piñatas at bachelorette parties? The ones that taste banana or strawberries? Yeah, those ones.

They can make certain, um, sexual acts more tasty and provide some slip for tight squeezes, but they’re just the beginning when it comes to the pleasures that extra lubrication can provide.

When selecting your new favorite lubricant there are several factors to consider. Will the lube be used for oral sex? Intercourse? Anal? Or simply for tactile pleasure? How long do you want it to last? How concerned are you with how easy it is to clean? Do you or your partner have any sensitivities or are prone to yeast infections? Are you looking for something cooling, stimulating or arousing? Having a handle on what you’ll be using the lube for specifically can help you navigate the ever-expanding world of amazing sexual lubricants.

General lube smarts

  • If you have sensitive skin or are prone to infection, don’t use any lube containing glycerin. This is the most common irritant in women and can sometimes cause yeast infections, as the sweet base substance creates a sugar-like reaction in the body, helping ferment yeast.
  • The upside to glycerin is that it is the main contributor in all those tasty lubes that make oral sex a bit yummier. There have been very few reports of irritation in men, so they’re especially safe and fun in those situations.
  • Lubes come in all forms of consistency. The thinner lubes are most excellent for increasing sensation throughout the entire body and for lightly lubricating condoms before intercourse. For anal sex, where no natural lubrication is created by the body, a much thicker lube is recommended. Always use more than you think you need, as it both adds an excellent amount of cushion but can wear away easily.
  • Natural oil lubes break down the latex in condoms—so keep your stashes separate and don’t take the risk.
  • Most stores sell little sample sizes of lube, especially if the brand is a bit pricier. Doing some personal home-testing with your partner is the best way to find out which one will send you completely over the edge.
  • Oil and silicone based lubes can stain and require soap to clean off the body. For this reason they’re great for extended play, but just be sure to wash sheets immediately to avoid embarrassing spots for your next guest to find… or a visiting relative… that’d be bad…

Water-based lubricants

The upside: they are completely safe to use with condoms, as they don’t induce breakage or interact with spermicide. They also wipe off easily, wash away with a bit of water and don’t leave a slippery residue like oil-based lubes. Because the water content in them determines their consistency, they can be found in thin or very thick forms, and if they dry out while on the body (which they will) you don’t necessarily need to apply more: just drip some water on the lubricated body part and the lube will reconstitute itself… which could be a tantalizing act in it’s own right. Once you’ve had it on for a while and have been doing the nasty for a bit, the drying-out sensation may even result in heightened sensitivity—which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the bodies in motion.

The flipside: water-based lubes tend to get sticky when they dry, and can dry out pretty quickly. For this reason, they’re best used for intercourse in addition to condoms. When a very thick lube is chosen, they’re great for anal sex as they provide a natural, comforting base for penetration. Another thing to pout about: many of these lubes contain glycerin, which can irritate some women, especially those prone to yeast infections. So be sure to clean up when you’re done with the act, and to choose a lube with as few added ingredients as possible.

Most major lube companies now provide a water-based formula amongst their products, keeping consistent with the modern trend for applying things to the body in their most natural form.

Petroleum- and natural-oil based lubricants

The upside: Oil-based lubricants provide that oh-so-delicious slippery feeling that’s great for any situation when fingers and hands are used or bodies are rubbed up against each other. They don’t dry out like water-based lubes, so they can be used for very long periods of time when you’re stroking or rubbing delicate body parts, protecting those tissues from scratching and irritation. They’re also excellent to soothe sensitive lady parts after the act: having a very natural, vitamin E based lubricant on hand solely for this purpose can be a very smart idea.

The flipside: oil-based lubes is that they can break down the latex in condoms, causing breakage, so be careful not to use oil-based products if condoms are your primary form of birth control. They’re also only washed away with soap and water, so if you get some on your sheets they may stain if left too long.

A debate in the health/sex world about natural and petroleum oil lubricants is if they contribute to irritation and infection in women. The argument is pretty stacked on both sides, mostly from personal experience and with neither being particularly scientifically backed up. I mean, petroleum jelly was once the preferred product for diaper rash, so it can’t be that invasive, right? The conclusion seems to go back to the glycerin inclusion, firming up once again that the most simple and natural lubricants that don’t contain glycerin are the safest way to go.

Silicone-based lubricants

The upside: These are highly considered the Queen (or King, I guess you could say) of the lubrication world. Like water-based lubes, they don’t break down latex and therefore are safe for intercourse with condoms. They last longer than water-based ones and are 100% waterproof, so they’re an excellent choice when used in a shower, hot tub or any other submerged place of naughtiness. They’re also extremely gentle, so they won’t cause infections or irritation in sensitive pink parts.

The flipside: Because of the whole 100% waterproof thing, they’re harder to clean and may stain clothing and sheets (some brands specifically tout being able to wash off easily, though). Also, if completely unflavored, they have a chemically taste and smell, so they’re better for tactile rather than oral use.

Silicone lubes are sometimes more expensive than traditional water or oil based lubes and are more commonly found in sex shops and specialty stores rather than at the local pharmacy. However, they last a lot longer than other types of lubes, which may expire if left too long, becoming breeding grounds for bacteria.

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10 items an escort should stock in the incall bathroom

When a client comes to you for a date, he wants the opportunity to freshen up in your bathroom both before and after any services are provided. A good escort makes it their mission to anticipate the needs of her clients and provide a comfortable bathroom experience. And, because all clients are different, many different items may be required. Here are the top 10 items an escort should stock in their incall bathroom:

  1. Shower gel: You should select a shower gel that is a name brand, but one that is not the most expensive. (Some men use it like it’s going out of style, and they don’t really pay attention to how much they are using.) It should be good for sensitive skin, which should help out the more delicate clients when they get in the shower. Additionally, it should be fragrance-free or only lightly scented with a gender-neutral scent. Your clients may not understand why you don’t have a more fragrant product in the shower, but you can explain to them that they don’t want to head home to their partners smelling of an entirely new scent that might be suspicious. Furthermore, the shower gel should be one that is an all-in-one product, which can serve as shampoo or shaving lotion, too.
  2. Deodorant: Provide them with a name brand aerosol deodorant/antiperspirant that is only lightly scented or fragrance free. A spray deodorant is preferred over a stick deodorant for sanitary purposes. Multiple clients can use the deodorant if it’s an aerosol kind.
  3. Disposable razors: Provide cheap disposable, single-use razors for our clients to use to trim up “down there” or to use on their five-o’clock shadows so you can avoid whisker-burn. Giving your clients the opportunity to do a little manscaping will only benefit your sessions.
  4. Disposable toothbrushes: Provid disposable toothbrushes on the bathroom counter by the sink in plain sight. The toothbrush is a single-use item that will give your clients no excuse for not having minty-clean breath or clean teeth when they begin getting intimate with you. Most escorts have pet-peeves about bad breath or dirty teeth. This will help alleviate that concern about your clients.
  5. Mouthwash with a glass: Put out a bottle of name brand mouthwash, along with a small glass for them to use before and after an encounter with you. Again, this will help alleviate the problem of a client’s bad breath. And, when they see it out in a prominent location on the counter, they are reminded to use it.
  6. Client towels: Men rarely need a whole selection of towels. Put out two nice towels for your client to use. One large one for the shower, and one for his face and hands. And, if the majority of your clients are men, because men are men and can get anything dirty (it seems), put out darker towels that complement the decor of the bathroom. Avoid putting out several towels unless you want loads and loads of laundry to do from your clients using towels. If there are several to be used, count on your clients using them all. Additionally, if the majority of your clients are women, avoid white towels with them, too. Make-up stains towels easily.
  7. Hand sanitizer: Unscented hand sanitizer is always a good bet to put out for clients, especially during cold and flu season. The last thing a client wants is a sick escort, so be sure to encourage your clients to use the hand sanitizer prior to interacting with you extensively.
  8. Wet wipes: They come in handy for EVERYTHING! From wiping off a wet willy to cleaning off a rectum prior to anal play, wet wipes are so versatile it doesn’t make sense to NOT have them in your bathroom. They can be placed on the back of the toilet so they are convenient, but not an obtrusive part of the decor. Make sure you provide the unscented type that is designed for sensitive skin types.
  9. Powder: Because men often complain of chaffing, powder is often a welcome addition to an incall bathroom. Don’t buy a medicated kind. Simply buy an unscented, standard kind of powder. Men are rarely too picky about the kind of powder they shake into their underpants, but , just the same, they are pleased to have it. Many will be delighted that you’ve thought of them and included it in the offerings in your bathroom.
  10. Bottled water: Consider including a bottle or two of water in the bathroom. Some clients may appreciate an opportunity to have a drink or two of water before or after their session. This is simply a thoughtful touch that won’t break your bank and will add a lot to your client’s experience. It shows that as an escort you care about them and their needs, proving how thoughtful you are.

Other items you can include in your incall bathroom are men’s magazines. Although you don’t want to encourage your clients to come to your place to do their number twos, they may be happy to find an interesting magazine if they do have to use your facilities or if they are killing time before coming out due to nerves or anxiety. Consider including not only magazines like Sports Illustrated or Maxim, but also stock Newsweek or U.S. News and World Report or Playboy.

Finally, a lit candle is always a nice touch in your incall bathroom. It should be an unscented, pure beeswax candle. If a candle really isn’t your style, put a diffuser in your bathroom to help overcome any funky smells that sometimes lurk in a bathroom.

Remember that the incall bathroom is your bathroom, but keep in mind that your clients should only have access you want them to have. So, if you don’t want them to use your private shower gels, scents, towels, shampoos, toilet paper, etc., don’t put it in there where they can find it. Hide special towels, your robe, your perfume and other personal items you don’t want them to use (like your toothbrush!). Put away all personal toiletries, such as your tampons, bikini wax kit.

You want your incall bathroom to be an oasis for your clients. You don’t want them to try to take a shower around your personal stuff.

You must clean your bathroom after each client, as well, to ensure it stays clean and sanitary. Clean the toilet, wash off the counter and scrub the shower. Bleach wipes and other convenient cleaning tools can make the job easier.

Your clients rely on you to create an atmosphere for them that is comfortable and takes them away from the rest of their realities. Providing them with a fantastic bathroom experience at your incall can put you a step above any other escorts they see.

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10 amazing sex facts

Sex has been studied for centuries, with various explanations and discoveries that help us to understand passion and lust, bodily reactions and mechanics of pleasure. Late-night cable television shows may focus on weird sex stories and health journals publish articles about scientific sexual discoveries, but these 10 strange sex facts may surpass what the media and medicine have shared with you lately.

  1. The clitoris has at least 8,000 nerve endings. Compared to the penis with only 4,000 nerve endings, not only is the clitoris the most sensitive and sensual part of a woman’s body, but it’s also the most sensitive place on the human body, period. Fortunately, it is shielded by the clitoral hood, or accidental stimulation would surely be a problem. Because this is the most sensitive part of the female body, it is even more obvious why overstimulation or direct contact (without lube) is often uncomfortable.
  2. Nasal congestion may be cured with one good orgasm. The Journal of Medical Hypotheses reported in 2008 that the male orgasm stimulates the adrenergic receptors in the nasal passage, ridding your nose of the blockage. Male escorts may find that working while they have a cold or allergy flares alleviates some of their symptoms, especially a plugged up nose. While this is a great solution to a temporary problem, allergy sufferers should still seek treatment from their allergy medicines or other over-the-counter remedies.
  3. Sexual pleasure may be enhanced by the presence of pubic hair. Even though modern trends have gone through “bare down there” styles, it might be better to go back to the natural look. Pubic hair holds in pheromones (sex scents), which enhance arousal from the opposite sex. It is believed that pubic hair is on our body with the purpose to protect the genital regions, however scientists have discovered that the scents of sex are contained in pubic hair, which act as aphrodisiacs for sexual activity. When an escort becomes aroused, her body secretes certain odors, which can be picked up by her client, if her pubic hair keeps them contained near her body. So, not only will keeping your pubic hair intact help arouse your clients, but it will save money on that bikini wax (not to mention some pain, too!).
  4. Moisturize with sperm. According to studies, semen consists of high levels of protein, which works much the same way as anti-wrinkle cream when applied to your face and neck. Semen also contains magnesium, zinc, fructose, potassium and calcium, which have tightening properties for your skin. Even though it’s much cheaper than the designer creams you likely use on your face already, you’re probably going to stick with your traditional cream, instead of adding the sperm facial to your beauty regime.
  5. Men cum fast. According to Mark Elliot from the Institute for Psychological and Sexual Health in Columbus, the average speed of male ejaculation is 28 miles per hour. At that speed, it’s quite a surprise that sperm have so many troubles fertilizing eggs. But, once the sperm enters the vagina, they slow down and take up to 72 hours to penetrate an egg (if they, in fact, do accomplish penetration). With the speed of ejaculation, it’s a wonder that climaxes that go a little wild from oral sex don’t injure the back of the throat.
  6. Sexual attraction to objects is relatively common. Appreciation for beauty in architecture, art or other inanimate objects is a common occurrence for most of us, however some people take it to an extreme and develop deep sexual attractions for items instead of people. In 2007, a woman fell in love with the Eiffel Tower and reflected her love during a civil ceremony in which she changed her last name to “Eiffel” to honor her “marriage”. Other people around the world feel sensual, physical and emotional attraction to inanimate objects — this is called “objectum sexuality”. They place great importance on the significant relationships they build with objects, which to most mainstream individuals seems incomprehensible.
  7. A good dose of sperm can cheer you up. An article published in Scientific American stated that semen contains natural mood enhancers including oxytocin, estrone, serotonin and prolactin in addition to nearly 50 other components that are natural antidepressants. Research psychologist Jesse Bering’s article suggested that semen only contains between one to five percent sperm, so the other components are considerable and have significant effects.
  8. Love can really choke you up. Many people participate in erotic asphyxiation, which is the act of purposefully restricting oxygen to the brain during climax, typically through strangulation, hanging or other methods. As the flow of oxygen from the blood to the brain is restricted, feelings of intense giddiness and euphoria are experienced, intensifying orgasms, according to reports. However, between 500 and 1,000 people die per year from erotic asphyxiation in the United States. Attempting this type of sex play is quite risky, and even experts (escorts, for example) should never attempt it.
  9. Men who eat celery are more sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Sexperts Dr. Mark Anderson and Dr. Walter Gaman report that eating celery increases the pheromones levels in a male’s body. Androstenone, a chemical found in the cytoplasm of celery, causes the body to produce more pheromones, which cause arousal in the opposite sex. So, male escorts should regularly munch on a stick of celery prior to meeting up with female clients. It is unclear whether the chemical causes elevation in the pheromone levels in women.
  10. Live longer. The British Medical Journal reported in 1997 that a strong correlation between orgasm and mortality rates exist. Facts indicated that people in the study who reported experiencing orgasms twice a week or more added up to eight years on to their life. This is just more scientific proof that sex can boost the immune system, enhances heart health, increases brain power and provides other health benefits that help to enhance our lives. As a result, it’s scientific proof that getting it on is a recipe for a longer (and, definitively more pleasurable!) life.

Scientists are learning more and more about sex and how it affects the human body. These strange sex facts are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unique, taboo and amazing information related to how sex is experienced by various culture, the human body and society.

Unusual facts about sex are fun to learn, and escorts and their clients may even be interested in discussing them, as they come up.

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7 reasons why escorting is not a last resort career

Many outsiders often believe everything they read, hear or view from mainstream media. Much of the information released from mainstream media about escorts and the adult industry is inaccurate. As a result, viewers, readers and listeners believe that escorts are down-trodden victims who have been forced into escorting, either through trafficking or as a last resort career. There are many reasons that an escort may choose to go into the industry, and it’s not because she is unable to do anything else or that she has led a former life of abuse and neglect. High-end escorts make the industry career choices, not as last-ditch efforts, but because the option works for them in a variety of ways.

The seven reasons escorting is not a last resort career reveal that escorts choose their lifestyles.

  1. The income opportunities are better as an escort. Many escorts are qualified for other positions, but they find that it’s a constant struggle to make a sufficient income. The average salary of an escort (often in six-digit figures) significantly exceeds the income of other positions escorts are educated and qualified for. Here are a few examples from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
    • Registered Nurse: $69,100
    • Paralegal: $49,960
    • Sales Representative: $60,340
    • Event Planner: $49,840
    • Loan Officer: $67,960
    • Network Administrator: $74,270
    • Mental Health Counselor: $42,590

    When an escort can have four one-hour appointments per week, at $250 per hour, and make the gross income she or he was making in a former career, it clearly demonstrates how the income opportunities exceed the status quo. Being able to make more money in a shorter amount of time as an escort is certainly not a last resort, as many outsiders may think. Additionally, while other careers may be unstable in a dangerous economy, escorting is a stable occupation; sex and intimacy is a stable commodity that will always be in demand.

  2. The face of escorting has changed for the better. Previously, escorts had to work for an agency to be successful. (Many still work for agencies, by choice.) But, today with the opportunities presented by the Internet, escorts can work for themselves and create the type of persona and business they want. Additionally, the Internet has provided a basis for escorts to market their services based on time, not services. It gives them the chance to gain work from their living rooms (or dining rooms or bathrooms, for that matter), instead of soliciting their services at a bar or the street. Escorts are educated, experienced women with confidence, self-esteem and worldliness never seen before in companions. They are sophisticated, elegant and traveled, unlike the typical escorts of before. High-end escorts resemble courtesans of European history, which is a sincere change in the industry over the past 30 or more years. It is not a last resort to be a part of this industry; it is a privilege.
  3. Escorts are entrepreneurs. As mentioned previously, the Internet has opened up many new opportunities for escorts. Escorts can open their own businesses with little to no start-up costs, and they can manage their services themselves. Escorting allows a woman to run her business her way, with her own rules. She is her own boss, which is a freedom not available in other careers. She can set her own hours, her own standards and her own criteria for doing business. An escort is the last word on setting rates and establishing guidelines about the services he provides to clients. Escorting allows a person to be in control of his or her own destiny by working as much or as little as desired or necessary. Unlike other career choices, starting out as an escort requires no inventory, storefront or other significant costs. It’s a career that is open to nearly anyone, regardless of size, age, appearance and race. Escorts of all types and sizes are successful, which is far from being a last resort career.
  4. Escorts have qualifications for “real” jobs. Most successful high-end escorts were something else before they became escorts. They have university degrees, corporate career experience, volunteer coordination expertise and other qualifications that make them excellent candidates for jobs in the traditional world. They are not stereotypically runaways from the street; they are not drug-addled, abused victims who know no other possibilities. They have experienced the world through experience and education and have chosen to live life as an escort. They have made careful considerations and choices about their careers, and they have elected to work as a high-end escort who sees selected, screened clients. They put to use their other skills and qualifications to make their careers as escorts more effective. For instance, escorts use their marketing skills to advertise their services to targeted audiences. Escorts who have extensive communication skills utilize them regularly during their encounters with clients. Escorts who have financial experience or education implement their knowledge through keeping careful records and producing systematic reports detailing their budgets, expenses and income.
  5. Being an escort is empowering. Unlike being an administrative assistant or a paralegal, escorting is an experience that is gives women and men confidence and builds their self esteem. Escorts are consistently complimented by clients and praised for their skills and appearances. They are capable of supporting themselves through their skills and expertise, which is a huge confidence builder, in itself. They have created a lucrative business that allows them to do what they want to do as they want to do it. Because of the way in which they carry themselves, they feel empowered anytime they walk into a business, due to the way other professionals tend to them. Class and quality carry through with the feeling of empowerment, which cause reactions in others that lend to the feeling of empowerment, too. Feeling free, empowered, capable and competent is far from being involved in a last-resort career.
  6. Escorts have new experiences daily. The career of an escort is very interesting. From meeting new people, to seeing new places and doing new things, escorts live a life full of new experiences and opportunities. Many escorts get to travel to new cities and locations to work, whether they are touring or simply traveling with a client. During their travels, they not only get to see the tourist-related activities, but they also get a taste of luxury when they are away, too. Clients often give escorts luxury experiences aboard their yachts, in their penthouse suites, at concerts or musical performances and other opportunities they wouldn’t get otherwise. Spending time around wealthy, distinguished clients sometimes means a quick trip to New York City, which always means shopping, or a swift dinner flight to Paris. Escorts get new opportunities to attend galas and other events not open to the public. While it’s not every day that is full of new experiences, many are.
  7. Escorts consistently have pleasant work environments. Luxury condos, high-end hotel suites, private incalls and other locations provide escorts not only pleasant, but comfortable working environments. Often, escorts get to go to upscale restaurants, exclusive clubs and other locations as part of their encounters with clients, too. Unlike working in an office and having to deal with office politics or other details related to policies and procedures, an escort chooses her own work environment and who she chooses to be around. Nosy or obnoxious co-workers are non-existent. Over-analyzing bosses don’t factor in, and nobody is going to report your repeated bathroom break or personal phone call in the middle of the day to the supervisor. An escort’s work environment is one of her choosing, and she is responsible for making it what she wants on a daily basis. Whether an escort chooses to work from his or her living room or the cafe down the street, the work environment could change every day or stay the same.

Even though the mainstream media outlets tend to depict escorts as being trapped in their last-resort professions, many escorts feel that being an escort is the perfect career option for them, at least at the time. Even though they may choose to go back to traditional work later or use their entrepreneurial skills to open a new (more or less traditional) business at a later time, few feel that their careers are last resorts.

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How to be the escort who doesn’t get the flu

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that between 5% to 20% of all Americans get the flu each year. But you don’t have to be one of them.

As an escort, you can’t afford to get the flu

Not only would the flu make you sick enough you would have difficulty seeing clients, but you have an obligation to avoid exposing your clients to the flu. Not being able to work for a week to 10 days because you’re down with the flu can cause quite a hole in your pocketbook, as escorts have no sick days.

But this doesn’t have to happen to you this year. If you play your cards right, you might be one of the few escorts who stay healthy all year long just by following these simple tips:

  • Take common precautions. Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough. If you cover yourself with a tissue, dispose of it immediately, instead of reusing it over and over again. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water repeatedly throughout the day. Wash them for the time it takes you to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice. If soap and water are unavailable, rub your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub. (It should be at least 60 percent alcohol.) Avoid touching your nose, eyes or mouth throughout the day with your hands. Your hands pick up germs from phones, door handles, keyboards and other surfaces that you touch during any given day. When you touch your hands to your face (bite your nails, rub your eyes or pick your nose), you are directly transferring any germs from your hands directly to your face. Also, avoid spending time with other sick people. If you know that a client has a cold or the flu, refuse to see him until he is well.
  • Eat a healthy, nutritious diet. When you’re on the go, it’s sometimes difficult to eat healthy. But, this is the most important time for you to do so. A healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables and lean protein will help boost your immune system, which is essential during the flu season. A healthy diet will help your body to fight infections and ward off illnesses. Eat a diet with plenty of natural vitamins and antioxidants derived from dark green, red and yellow fruits and veggies. Foods high in Vitamins C, A, E and beta-carotene are important elements.
  • Exercise regularly. Studies have shown that people who work out regularly for at least 30 minutes per day have fewer colds and flu bugs and, if they do get sick, have less serious symptoms and shorter-lived illnesses. You can choose to walk daily for 30 minutes each day or break it up into three intervals of walking for 10 minutes each. The point is to get up to 30 minutes of exercise daily where your heart rate increases. Exercise helps to build the immune system and enhance its ability to fight off infections and the flu. Plus, exercise certainly helps to keep all aspects of your body functioning healthily, in addition to toning up muscles that make you look great for your clients. (And, it helps you build stamina for extra virile clients, too!)
  • Sleep on it. Adults should get between seven to nine hours of sleep nightly. Anything less than that can cause the body to go into sleep deprivation mode, which decreases your immunities and causes other aspects of your body to run more inefficiently, as a result. Plenty of rest helps your body recuperate each night and fortify its process, including your immune system. Sometimes it may be difficult to get the straight eight hours you should when you’re escorting late at night or in the early mornings, but during the flu season, especially, you should try to block out enough time for you to get a daily dose of zzzz’s.
  • Don’t sweat over the small stuff. Stress is a big immunity sucker. When your body is stressed, it produces increased cortisone levels, which weaken the immune system and increase chances of heart-related illnesses. Additionally, stress can cause us to make other unhealthy choices such as losing sleep, maintain a healthy diet and consuming alcohol. Reduce your stress as much as possible by adopting a less uptight attitude about life, in general. If that doesn’t work, attempt to de-stress your life as much as possible by becoming better organized, preparing for appointments ahead of time and thinking ahead. If you’re ready for anything life throws at you, life will seem much less stressful over time.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking not only lessens our immune systems because our bodies have to fight off the toxins that are in first-hand cigarette smoke, but also because it directly affects the body’s abilities to fight off infections. When you smoke, the smoke you inhale from your cigarette paralyzes the cilia. Cilia are hair-like cells in your nose and nasal pathways. The cilia help sweep viruses away before they infect the body. If these cilia are paralyzed, they are unable to do their jobs. Additionally, escorts are advised against smoking for many other reasons: it yellows the teeth and fingertips; makes you smell bad; wrinkles your skin; and makes your kisses taste like ashtrays.
  • Use tissues instead of a hanky. While tissues can harbor just as many germs and bacteria as a handkerchief, tissues can be readily disposed when you’re done using them. They are intended to be a single-use option. Handkerchiefs are used repeatedly, causing more and more germs to collect.
  • Drink less alcohol. According to studies by the American Medical Association, heavy drinkers of alcohol tend to suffer from more cold and flu during the season due to a weakened immune system. Drinkers often lose sleep during their binges and fail to make healthy choices. Additionally, when your body must recover from dehydration and other effects of drinking liquor, your immune system works to combat these symptoms, instead of staying strong and ready to fight off other infections. As alcohol is absorbed, white blood cells have a harder time fighting off disease and infections. Alcohol also combines with red blood cells and causes them to clump together. Smaller blood vessels plug up as a result and reduces the flow of oxygen to vital organs. Your organs and immune system function at less than normal efficiency. Now, this is not to say that you can’t have a drink with a client for fear of harming your immune system. One or two daily drinks will not do enough damage to cause weaknesses in your immunity.
  • Stay hydrated. It’s essential to get adequate intake of fluids on a daily basis in order to keep your immune system functioning properly. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Water helps to oxygenate your blood and flush toxins from your body. It helps your digestion system so that your body is able to extract the vitamins and nutrients necessary from your food. All in all, water helps keep your body going and working the way it should. Additionally, hydration through humidity and temperature help keep flu virus germs to a minimum. Keep your inside humidity to 50 percent using a humidifier and manage room temperatures so they are at least 69 degrees F. Additionally, when you’re in dryer air (such as hotel rooms, airplane cabins or other locations), use a nasal spray that will moisten nasal membranes. Moist nose pathways help keep bacteria and viruses out.
  • Take a daily dose of probiotics. Probiotics are friendly microbes that help boost your immune system by crowding out bad germs. Take three servings daily of probiotics, including: yogurt, aged cheese, kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi. If it’s easier for you, take a daily supplement, instead. You should look for a supplement that contains three to five billion CFUs (colony-forming units).
  • Disinfect surfaces. When clients come to your incall, they are carrying germs they’ve picked up throughout the course of their days. They touch your door handles and knobs, countertops, faucet handles and many other surfaces in your incall. After each client leaves, disinfect all surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner or bleach. Burn candles or use air freshener to disguise the heavy scent of the cleanser.

If you do get the flu, start taking over-the-counter flue remedies within the first day or two. Most doctors indicate that your symptoms will be fewer and your recovery time shorter if you utilize the remedies that you can get at your local pharmacy. Additionally, if you have a temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees F (38 C) and symptoms that are not relieved by over-the-counter remedies for more than 10 days, you should see your physician.

As an escort, you are at a higher risk of getting the flu, just because of the nature of your job. But if you feel clean and strong, there is nothing to worry about.

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Organizing escort’s little black book: 8 record-keeping tips

Escorts rely heavily on the records they keep about their clients. And, while most outsiders incorrectly assume that an escort keeps only essential details about their contact information, successful escorts keep careful track of their clients. Marketing, avoidance of bad clients and general preparedness require escorts to keep careful records about their clients. While most escorts choose to keep their client lists in different ways (hard copy, on their phones or on their computers), there are similar elements that all escorts should maintain in their little black books.

Escorts may need to get back in touch with clients for marketing purposes, to report an STI or STD(ugh!), to track lost and found items and for a handful of other reasons. And, because they need to be able to track down their clients in the most discreet methods possible, the more information an escort keeps about her clients, the better.

Here are some simple things to remember when you are organizing your clients into a contact list:

  1. Label time-wasters, jerks and no-show clients clearly. The worst thing you can do is to allow unreliable and unworthy “clients” access to you. Whether you keep your clients listed in your phone or in your email contact list, make sure you clearly label them in the name area. Some escorts list a client by his first name and then include “TW” after it to indicate the individual is a time-waster For example: STEVE TW means that the client’s name is Steve and he is a time-waster JAKE jerk means that Jake was a jerk. If you’ve clearly labeled these clients, you won’t be surprised by them when you answer a phone call or respond to an email or text. You won’t accidentally respond to them, only to remember later that the client is a jerk or is unreliable. This saves you time and innumerable headaches.
  2. List regulars obviously. Regulars may have their own category, especially if you group your contacts into types of clients. Regular clients likely have more information attached to them, including more than one form of contact information, nicknames, the last time you saw them or their favorite pastimes (services). Regulars may be buttons on your speed dial or be constants in your inbox. Regulars deserve more attention in your contact list, because you have more information to include about them. Sales professionals keep careful notes about clients in order to serve them better each time. Escorting is much like a sales career. You are consistently trying to please your clients through the services you provide to them. You will be able to provide more enhanced encounters for them when you have more and better notes to rely upon to refresh your memory about the client. Also, clients should be starred or listed in such a way that when their numbers pop up on your phone, you immediately know that one of your regular clients is calling.
  3. Keep track of the location you’ve seen clients in. Players from way back have made it a habit to keep girls’ numbers in their phone using their first names and the city where they met them in. Cindy Cleveland would be Cindy from Cleveland. Escorts who tour or have several areas where they meet up with clients can use this method, too, in order to keep track of where they’ve met with clients. An escort who tours regularly, especially, needs to be able to differentiate between John from Boston and John from Miami. It’s a simple differentiation and can help to avoid extreme confusion if you’re working on the go and answer the phone call. Additionally, if you’re an escort who works in several areas as your general territory, it can make things easier when you know you’re talking to a client from particular area, especially if you’re scheduling outcalls. Knowing the specific community that your client wants to meet in ahead of time can help you tell him your availability and schedule on the spot, instead of having to consult your calendar and detailed contact info.
  4. Include dates within your contact detail notes. Escorts who can quickly find out how long it’s been since a client’s last visit is a much more informed escort, especially when it comes time for the actual encounter. Knowing whether it’s been a week or two or a year or more since the last time you saw a client can help you when it comes time to visit with the client at the beginning of the encounter. Additionally, for marketing purposes, you may be able to establish a pattern in how this particular client books encounters. For instance, some clients book encounters around holidays or special dates that are important to them. Others allow a specified amount of time to pass between visits to an escort. By being able to recognize a pattern, you may be able to better serve your client. Also, it’s always good for conversation when you can indicate to a client that you know it’s been six months (or whatever) since his last visit and inquire how life is going.
  5. Maintain a full list of clients using their first names only. Even though you may want to keep as comprehensive list as possible, it’s also important to safeguard your clients’ privacy. What if someone else were to access your database or client list? While you need to maintain as much information as possible, your clients’ last names are hardly significant once you’ve already screened them. Within your notes, you may be able to include information that relates to your clients’ last names, but refrain from listing them in your contact lists. Your clients’ last names are hardly important when it comes time to book an appointment and show up for some fun. If you feel like you must include some additional criteria when naming your clients in the listing, use the first letter of his last name. This may also help distinguish between clients who have the same first names, such as Chris R. and Chris B. Keep in mind that some clients don’t always give you the correct first name. (If you’ve screened your client, you should know his true name, however.) Clients who have given you an incorrect name may use a different, fake name the next time they call. So, even if you have a client down as Travis W., he may call and tell you that he is Sam M.
  6. Make use of email filters for ease of communication. When you correspond with clients regularly through email, use your settings to filter messages to appropriate folders when they arrive to your account. As an example, time-wasters’ emails should be directly funneled into Trash. Regular clients’ emails should be directed to a folder for privileged clients who always have slots in your schedules. By arranging clients’ emails into appropriate folders, you make sure that your inbox contains only messages from new or prospective clients or at least something from a previously unknown email address. Your priorities should be regular clients, other clients and, then, prospective clients. Be aware that many in the prospective/new client inbox could be time-wasters or worse. Always be sure to carefully screen them and implement other precautions for clients.
  7. Keep track of the services that clients request. Some escorts organize their clients based on the services. Girlfriend Experience, Dom/Sub, Fetish, Role Play or other categories can help you distinguish the types of services your client expects when he initiates contact with you. When you know immediately whether this client is expecting a certain service, you are more prepared to discuss an encounter with him. You don’t have to ask as many questions, nor discuss the rules of an encounter, when your notes indicate that this client has already “been there and done that”. Good notes about a client and his preferences (including service types) helps to prepare you for a conversation with a client. Additionally, if you plan on doing any marketing toward your clients, organizing your clients according to service category can be extremely helpful. If you are excited about increasing your fetish business, all you have to do is send out an additional email or text to your fetish clients. If they are already organized into a category, it’s much more simple to track them down, instead of having to go through the notes for every client.
  8. Maintain all details necessary for marketing. Thanks to the Internet, escorting has undergone a huge shift in the way business is conducted. Just a few years ago, the Internet was not the hot bed that it is today for escorts who wish to market to upscale clients looking for relaxation. And, as the progression continues within the industry, various ways that business is conducted will be transitioning, too. Some escorts actively market to their current client bases with e-newsletters, RSS feeds from their blogs or posts from Instagram. In order to use some of these methods of staying in touch with your clients, you must maintain a comprehensive list of contact details for your clients. However, you must always get permission from your clients in order to contact them using their details. For instance, just because a client has given you his email address, it does not mean that he wants to keep track of your recent blog posts through emails to his private account. Additionally, other clients may not want to receive marketing texts from you. Marketing is invaluable, but you must respect your clients’ wishes and privacy at the same time, in order to make it effective for you.

Essentially, for as many escorts as there are in the industry, there are just as many ways to organize your client lists. The important thing to remember is that you must be able to access information about a client easily and efficiently. You must have accurate, up-to-date contact information for clients. And, you should have information about your last visit with your client within a notes section about your client.

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Escorting vs. private life: how to work when life gets in the way

It happens to everyone, escorts and non-escorts alike. Personal problems erupt and turn our lives upside down. And, unfortunately, escorting doesn’t usually come with sick days, personal leave or vacation time that you can use to sort out the details of your life.

When personal issues get in the way, it’s difficult to get past them and work each day. Often, the last thing you want to do is smile and put on a happy appearance for your client when you’re sad, angry or confused over personal problems. Family illnesses or deaths, relationship conflicts, money issues and problems with your children can cause upheaval in your life that runs over into your career.

Regardless of how hard you try to just leave your problems at the door, they follow you into your daily work routines. And, few escorts are prepared to simply quit working while they are dealing with their problems. But, there are some things you can do to help make things easier while you’re enduring personal hardships. Here are some suggestions to try when you must work, but life gets in the way:

  1. Put things into perspective. Some problems are not as big as we perceive them to be when they first occur. A broken-down vehicle, a small money shortage or a kid with the flu are not disasters. While they may derail your lifestyle for a few days, odds are that your life is not going to be incapacitated by them. However, some problems are much more significant. The breakdown of your marriage, a death of a family member or a severe health diagnosis is a much more significant problem that may cause you real trouble. These are things that may wreak havoc on your life and your ability to work, both because they make it physically difficult to be present for encounters, and because you are not emotionally capable of working. Putting things into perspective can help you determine just how serious your problems are and how to deal with them effectively.
  2. Take a break from work if you can afford it. This is an option for only a very few escorts who have enough savings to be able to do this. Even if your break is just a long weekend or a couple of days, it may be enough to get the details of your life straightened out or for you to emotionally deal with your problems. Some problems may require you to take an extended leave from your clients. While you’re on a break from work, attempt to reduce elements in your budget that you can. Cut back on extras, avoid shopping trips, attempt to be more efficient with your utilities and travel less, if possible. Cutting back on expenses can help reduce the discrepancy between your normal budget and the savings you use up while you’re taking some time off.
  3. Consolidate your work time. Instead of working five or six days per week, reduce your work week to three days. You’ll likely have to work more hours in a day for three days to make up for scaling down your work week, but it may pay off in the long term by providing you with more blocks of free time to manage your personal issues. If you already work a shorter work week, attempt making it even shorter by cutting out one day and packing the other two days just a bit fuller, if possible. Some clients won’t go for this, especially if they are accustomed to a regular time that won’t fit into your new schedule. Explain to them that you’ve got issues you’re trying to work around, and they may suddenly become much more flexible, especially if they find out the adjustment is only temporary.
  4. Restrict your appointments to regular clients only. You know your regular clients, what they like and how to behave around them. New clients are puzzles and require more consideration. Getting to know a new client and making him or her feel comfortable can be challenging. And, by avoiding known challenges, your work schedule may seem lighter. Regular clients already have their own rhythms and routines with you. You don’t have to work at figuring out what they want or how they want the encounter to go. It’s not safe to say that you can simply go on “auto pilot” with regular clients, but it is appropriate to recognize that working with regular clients is likely to be much less stressful than accepting new clients when your life feels as though it’s in shambles.
  5. Work closer to your problems. Some escorts have sick family members in locations away from where they normally work or live. In order to visit or help take care of them, they must endure extremely long commutes to get back home to work. However, escorts have much simpler opportunities at their disposal because they do run their own businesses. You can work from virtually anywhere. Create some quick marketing and advertise yourself as available closer to where you must be to deal with your personal issues. If you live in Connecticut, but you must be in Massachusetts, for example, to help take care of a family member, attempt to find clients nearby. While you probably won’t attract as much business as you have at home immediately, some income is better than none.
  6. Analyze whether you’re really fit to be working. Some problems are so traumatic that they cause so much emotional upheaval that it’s nearly impossible to focus with clients. If you find that you’re either stretching yourself too thin by trying to do too much or that you’re so overly emotional that you can’t deal with clients, you need to take a break. Escorts who are too distraught to be working often provide bad service to clients through only going through the motions, lacking that personal touch or failing to do other things that are regular aspects of their services and have come to be expected. If you suspect that your clients are being shorted due to your attention being elsewhere, you may need to back off. Either that, or you need to suck it up and leave your problems at the door when you meet with clients. Your focus must be on your clients when you work; if you can’t muster up the ability to do that, you should take some time off until you can.
  7. Don’t share your problems with your clients. Occasionally, there will be a client who are so close to that you can share your problems with. However, keep in mind that the majority of your clients come to you to escape the real world and indulge in a bit of fantasy. The last thing they want to learn about during an encounter is your problem with the bank, your aunt’s illness or the custody battle you’re in with your ex. To be frank, most clients don’t care. They visit with you to make their lives better and to escape whatever problems they are having in their worlds. They get a chance to pretend that nothing is wrong during their time with you. They don’t want to be weighted down with your issues during an encounter. Even if you and your clients seem to have an emotional connection, it’s not real…it’s part of the escort/client relationship. Don’t turn to your clients for support.
  8. Ask for help. Even though you are advised against asking your clients for support, you should go to friends and family members for help. Whether you’re looking for emotional support or physical help, you may need to ask for it in order to receive it. If you’re looking after a sick loved one, consider asking other family members to help you out and take off some of the load. Sometimes, you may just need a shoulder to cry on, in which case, friends and family members should be available. When you have significant personal problems, it may take your effort and the effort of others to deal with the situation. Don’t be too stoic to ask for assistance when you need it. Asking for help can mean the difference between being able to continue with your life in some format or being so over-burdened that your life falls down around you in pieces.
  9. Take some time for yourself. Depending on the issues you are facing, you will need to take some time for yourself. If you’re simply stressed about your finances or a smaller worry, going and doing something for yourself may be enough to help de-stress yourself. For instance, go get a mani/pedi, go to a yoga class or simply take a much-earned bubble bath. If, however, your problems are more significant, you may need to take some time for yourself in order to cope or heal. Dealing with the loss of a loved one, a divorce or other problem may cause you so much trauma that you require time to heal. If this is the case, you must allow yourself some time to being able to deal with life. Until you do this, you are not going to be good as an escort to anyone.
  10. Consider getting mental health counseling. Some problems are so severe that you may need to seek out mental health counseling in order to overcome them. If you’ve been the victim of rape or a violent attack, a psychologist may be one who can help you get past issues related to your tragedy. Other problems that may be helped by a mental health professional are the loss of a loved one, long-term relationship break-ups or issues related to custody of your children. If time or your budget won’t allow you to seek out individual counseling, you may be able to join a support group for help. Many support groups exist for people who are mourning the loss of a family member or friend, embroiled in custody issues or have experienced the ending of a long-term relationship. Some support groups are ran by churches, while others are sponsored by other worthy organizations that want to help anyone who is suffering. Even if you don’t engage in the support group for long, it may be healthy to become involved a few times to simply know you aren’t the only one experiencing similar problems. And, if attending a support group in person isn’t for you, you may be able to find online forums associated with support groups where you can find virtual support for your problems.

Life can really throw curveballs which can turn our lives upside down. Escorts who rely heavily on their abilities to work regularly can be severely affected when life’s issues become so cumbersome that working is difficult. But, if you attempt to incorporate some of these concepts, you may find that you can balance your escort career and your personal life.

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