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Swedish Angels are a rich and delectable confection for the discerning taste. They each have an enchanting style and elegance, enrobed in their own unique and distinct exterior. But beauty is not only skin deep with these authentic delights that would please even the most discriminating sampler. A plethora of taste, with an excitingly wide and tempting range of flavours, they are delightful mouth watering treasures to be desired, savoured and enjoyed thoroughly. Swedish Angels are perfectly blended to create a truly refined taste sensation.

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Our business does not associate itself with prostitution. We exchange money for services which provide time and companionship. These services are provided based on the consent of two or more adults over the age of 18. We do not force our escorts to do things they are not comfortable doing. Likewise, we do not force you to make choices which are not comfortable for you.

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Welcome to Swedish Angels Models Toronto, a classy Escort Service Promotion Agency based in Toronto serving Mississauga, Scarborough, Airport the GTA. We promote professional models that have the right touch of sophistication & beauty, which today's modern gentleman seeks for his companionship needs. Platinum models has a companion to match your busy lifestyle.

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Sex workers could be forced to ‘risk their lives’ if prostitution bill c-36 passes, escort service owner says


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The ladies’ handbook of heterosexual male escorts
January 8, 2016 | About escorts, Male escorts

Women are making much more money than they used to. Not all women of course; but at the higher levels we are seeing women CEOs, CFOs, partners in big law firms and as entrepreneurs. So I was curious to see if I could find male escorts who specialized in these well-to-do ladies.

by Hannah Jay

There is a huge asymmetry between the pay to play girls who escort at the higher end or who are kept as mistresses and their male equivalents. While the gay world has had a lively rent-boy scene forever, the heterosexual world has largely run on girls selling while men are buying. Finding a man who actually worked as a heterosexual escort was not that easy.

Which didn’t come as much of a surprise to Kelly, not his real name, who has been working as a male escort in a large Midwestern city for the last eight years.

“Actually, I am surprised you found me.” Kelly said over Skype. “I run my ad for about a week every three months.”

Once we had that sorted out Kelly was happy to talk. “I make art and shoot some film and photographs. I make a fairly decent living with my work but it was pretty tough starting out after college. I guess you could say I was decent looking. I am a little over six feet, I stay in shape but not obsessively. Mainly I have a great barber and I like nice clothes. Suits, jackets, good shoes, really fine sweaters – a lot of Armani. Which is expensive.”

“I did a bit of modelling when I was in college and I got to know a few of the people who run the nicer designer men’s stores and departments in the city. Which is, oddly enough, how I got into the escorting business. I was in a store trying on a really nice jacket which cost a little over a thousand dollars. I couldn’t afford it but it was fun to play. The manager, Jackie, who I knew, was a woman in her late forties. Lots of fun and she knew a certain sort of clientele very, very well. It was a store which had high end women’s designers on one side with the other side devoted to men. Nice espresso machine and, a little later in the day, glasses of champagne for good customers. I had modelled there a couple of times. I told her I loved the jacket but it was out of my reach at the moment.”

“Oh, I’m sure one of my ladies would be delighted to buy it for you.”

“I didn’t quite get it when she said it but I really wanted the jacket and so I asked, “Who are “your ladies”?

“Well, Kelly, you have seen some of the women who are regulars here. Lots and lots of money. I like to make sure they are very, very happy. And so…”

I still wasn’t getting it and I carried on home. A couple of days later a courier arrived at my loft with a box from the store with the jacket I’d been looking at. There was a note. “Kelly, Marcia Williams would love to see your new jacket.” And there was the name of a nice bar and a time the next night. I suppose Marcia Williams would recognize the jacket.

An hour after the jacket arrived Jackie the store manager called. “You got your jacket? Great. Marcia is a wonderful client and a great gal. I’m really hoping you’ll hit it off. Just let her take the lead and you’ll be fine. Take a couple of party hats.”

I know, I sound a bit dense, but I really had no idea what Jackie was talking about and even the tip about “party hats” flew right past me. The next day, after working pretty well in my studio, I had a shower and a nice close shave, put on a cashmere sweater and a great pair of well-cut trousers, black loafers and, of course, the wonderful cashmere silk jacket my benefactress had sent. I don’t wear after shave. But I am pretty well groomed – my nails are always trim and clean, my hair cut and combed and blown dry – nothing elaborate but when I am going out I like to look my best.

I went to the bar and made sure I walked in right at the appointed time. A rather nice looking forty something woman in a dark business suit gestured me to her corner table. I walked over and put out my hand which she took without standing, “I’m Marcia Williams. Sit down Kelly.”

And off we went. She was drinking a French white wine and I ordered a glass of cab. We sat and chatted for well over an hour. She was in investment banking – which I didn’t know a thing about – and spent a lot of her time travelling. She’d been married but wasn’t at the moment and wasn’t planning on marrying again. “Way too expensive.” No kids. I suppose you could say we hit it off. She took me to dinner in a really upmarket hotel restaurant a block away from the bar and then, after another glass of wine, said. “Well, do you like your jacket?”

I said I did.

“Good. You like nice things, I like nice, somewhat gentle, men. I just don’t have time for dating or relationships. What I’d like to be able to do is call you once in a while.”

“Sure Marcia. Any time.” I said still not really getting it.

“Sometimes I’ll take you shopping, other times we’ll work it out. But right now it’s time for a nightcap. I booked a room upstairs.”

“And that is how I got started in the business. She had an envelope with cash which she gave me before telling me to take my jacket off. She was in nice shape and was obviously in the mood. I saw Marcia on and off for nearly three years. The only thing which changed were the hotels because she liked different atmospheres.

Apparently Marcia called Jackie the next day because I got a big bouquet of flowers from Jackie and a note saying, “Thank you for making Marcie so happy. More soon.”

I have absolutely no idea whether Jackie took a commission from the ladies she sent my way. I know I never made any arrangement. And, the longer I was in the business the more sense that made. Because my clients were looking for a particular experience.

Like most cities there are a lot more interesting, attractive, successful women who are single than there are men. But the further up the corporate ladder a woman goes the fewer available men there are and, worse, the less likely it is that she is going to go out to a bar or a nightclub with a few girlfriends with the intention of meeting a guy. These women have way too much to lose. Socially, economically, they simply can’t afford to do what they would have done in college.

In the beginning most of my clients were referred by Jackie. But one of my clients, Elaine, suggested that it was risky to rely on Jackie for all my dates. Elaine ran her own multi-million dollar a year business consultancy, so I took her advice and started placing very discrete ads. “Straight, smart, funny, affectionate – former model and current artist enjoys the company of accomplished women.” Elaine also walked me through a few fashion websites to give me an idea of why my prices were way too low.

“Realistically, Kelly, women at my level think nothing of buying a couple of $3000 dresses at Net-A-Porter or a $5000 Prada suit with $1000 shoes. Your time should not cost less than her outfit.”

Elaine also pointed out something about my female clients which I really hadn’t thought about. “If you pay attention you’ll start noticing that your clients will rarely book you more than once a month. I mean they will call you to go for coffee, maybe, but they will really only want a full evening or maybe weekend once a month. Escorting women is totally different from escorting men. A wealthy guy will want to see a girl – and often a different girl – a few times a week. Men are like that. But women are biologically very different. We don’t like to admit it but we are totally on cycles, monthly cycles, and the days when we are horny are the only days we’d think of spending serious money on an escort.”

As I worked I realized just how right Elaine was. Some of my clients were absolutely regular – a monthly date and no more. Others were a bit more flexible but there was a bit of a pattern there too.

After a couple of dates with Marcia we went shopping together for a suit. “I love suits and I have a thing coming up I want you to take me to. I got my first Armani suit and wore it to a reception Marcia had to attend for work. It turns out that a lot of the work I do as an escort has a social component to it. In fact, Jacki, the store manager, would often call me to “walk” one of her better customers to a charity gala or benefit or yearend party. “Dress, bag, shoes…man. The perfect evening.” For those dates I had a rate which included consenting adult activity and one where I simply dropped the lady off at her door.

Now, the funny part about heterosexual male escorting is that I have found I am much more in demand as I get a little older than I was when I was in my mid-twenties. I suspect this is because, while I think I still look good, I have just a hint of grey at my temples and my face looks a little more lived in. Marcia told me she would get kidded about her “toy boy”. However, as I get older I look less obviously out of place with a powerful, wealthy woman in her 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. And, with a more mature look my rates have bumped up.

I don’t think I could do this if I had a conventional 9-5 job. Because part of the service is that I take my ladies’ calls, chat on email and text. Plus, as I mentioned, they will often want to go for a quick coffee in the midafternoon. Which may or may not be a code word for a quickie. Usually not. As one of my ladies said, “It is so nice to have the option of sleeping with a man but not the obligation.” I am always paid for my time although the calls and texts are very informal and are usually just rolled into my regular fees.

I know a few female escorts and they tell me that they often have a hard time converting clients into regulars; I have exactly the opposite experience. It is quite hard to get the first date but after that, once a female client realizes that she can trust you, that you are not a creep, that you are good fun and can keep up with her, she will want to see you regularly. But that is all about communication. It is also about creating a particular illusion.

I owe Elaine a lot for explaining some of this to me. But there are a bunch of things I now do which keeps my ladies happy and coming back. For example: I send flowers the next day. Nothing huge, just a pretty bouquet. Of course I ask first – but in general about gifts and calls and discretion. And once I have an idea of their “style” I will send them pretty little gifts. These don’t have to cost a lot but they have to be right. Something as simple as a fountain pen or a charming Deco desk clock gives just the right sense of being remembered.

My ladies tend to be emotionally pretty competent. That is one of the reasons they see me. They don’t want to lose emotional control. Which is a possibility if they go on real dates. It would be wrong to say my ladies, in general, are lonely; it would be more accurate to say that as they drove to the top of their fields they had to close off a fair number of possibilities and, now that they have arrived, they want to explore some of those possibilities.

A few of my ladies have suggested that they hire me on an exclusive basis. The money sounds great but, honestly, I don’t think it would work. Drinks, dinner and a frolic between the sheets is not an emotionally draining experience. An exclusive commitment would be and that is not at all what I want and, I suspect, not actually what my ladies want either.

I keep my business entirely private. No one knows that I am well paid to squire these often interesting and occasionally quite beautiful women around town. Well, obviously the ladies themselves and Jackie; but I like to keep my business quiet. The one downside is that a fair number of my clients, because of their business profiles, are covered in the gossip columns and online.

It turns out that my own activities as an artist, photographer and film maker are the perfect cover. I am well outside the corporate or legal or financial worlds which means I am non-competitive. But it makes perfect sense for an accomplished woman to be seen on the arm of a “young artist and man about town”. I make a point of taking interesting girls on non-professional dates to places I am known. My picture will be in the paper and my email will light up with my ladies kidding me about whether I’m getting ready to settle down.

As I get a bit older I am also going on more travel dates. Often as “arm candy” but also to provide a lady with a convenient out in awkward social or even sexual situations. Having a man along on a business trip can make it very clear to the other side that the lady is there strictly for business. I get to spend the day in the galleries and the shops and have lovely food and enjoy the best suites in great hotels.

The consenting adult thing is a bit different for a male escort in the sense that where a female escort can combine lube and a good attitude to get past any lack of sexual desire, a male escort cannot fall back on the spirit being willing but the flesh weak. Thank God for Viagra I say. The little blue pill, in relatively low doses, is more than sufficient to ensure that my clients are left in no doubt as to their physical allure. Which is often very important to them. At the same time, honing really excellent oral skills is a real asset.

What I think keeps my clients coming back is a deep sense of safety and security combined with a sense of fun and a lot of flirtation. One woman told me she used to have a really delightful interior decorator who was so much fun, albeit gay, that she kept a decorating project on the go pretty much full time for three years. It was hugely expensive and she was sexually climbing the walls, but at least she had a male friend she could enjoy. A guy who was not after her job or her clients or her body.

So, last point, making my ladies laugh and flirting with them is a huge part of my job. But the other side of my job is to let them feel safe and very comfortable exploring their own sexuality. My ladies may have been very successful but that has often come with a price. Sometimes that price is sexual inexperience, other times it is sexual experiences where they were uncomfortable, not in control.

It usually takes a couple of dates for a client to realize that my job is her pleasure. I am very good at my job and I often say to my clients that their only job is to lie back and enjoy. Or, if they find they are not in the mood, to send me to make them a sandwich.

I make a very good sandwich.

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Escort Agency Talk – 199

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First time with an escort: A male-to-male perspective
March 3, 2014 | Escorts on escorting, Male escorts

What do you do with a client who’s never been to an escort, or who might still be in the closet and looking for answers? The most important thing to remember is you are not a licensed clinician, so stay away from psychoanalyzing. But, if a client comes to you not knowing what to expect, consider what your first time was like, and be cognizant of what you’d want from a first time experience with an escort.

by Jake S.

One of my first jobs as an escort was working at a massage parlor in New York City. It wasn’t as bad as one would think, however I knew it wasn’t the kind of place I would be at for long. Still, it was a great way to make money while pursuing a mediocre performing career and was another notch in my belt of the things I can say I’ve done.

One of my first clients was a German porn star. I can’t make this up if I tried.

He simply wanted a nice massage with a happy ending from a hot guy and to be on his merry way. He didn’t speak much English, but there was honestly no need for talking when it came to the work. He was a professional and I sincerely appreciated that.

But my next client was vastly different. He was a young kid, on tour with a local theatre company, who heard about the place from a friend and thought he’d give it a try. He was hesitant while walking up the stairs, but I could tell he was really hoping for something spectacular.

The Mr. of the establishment lined up the boys and after a fairly awkward introduction session, the kid chose me. I was kind of excited because he was around my age and I really wanted to make money. I knew that this was going to be a positive experience for both of us.

I walked him down the hallway to the Venetian room; a very gay affair. However, the lights were always so dimly lit, one could never fully appreciate the fine, faux antiques or cheap, tawdry wallpaper. My music was set to play in a matter of moments and the lotions were prepared in an even line on the table accordingly.

He was a skinny kid, no more than 130 lbs. He had a bandana on and was pretty shy about taking off his clothes. So, I didn’t want to rush it. I started a conversation to gauge him. Off the bat, it’s so important to make your client feel absolutely at home with you.

“Have you been in town long?”

“No. I’m on tour with a show.”

“What do you do?”

“I play the lead in a touring company. I miss the Midwest though. I’m not really a big town kind of person and these long tours are killing me.”

“Well, this is the perfect place for you then to relax and unwind. Can I get you something to drink?”

“No, thanks. I’m still pretty nervous. I almost don’t know what I’m doing here. We don’t have these types of things where I’m from.”

“And what types of things are you referring to… I didn’t catch your name?”

“I’m Andy. And you are?”

“I’m Jake. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

I could tell that this was Andy’s first experience, probably with a guy, so I had no intentions of rushing something that could likely take a while. After all, we are in the business of pleasure, and any job worth doing is worth doing right.

I proceeded to take off his jacket and to hang it up on the hook behind the door. It was clear that I was fully in control of the environment, which is a must with any client. I walked gently over to the table where I could see he had unbuttoned the top button of his flannel dress shirt.

“I would assume that most leads in a professional touring company have had at least one erotic experience?”

I waited for his response to my bold question to see what my next move should be.

“No. I’m Mormon… I was raised Mormon… I mean, umm… I’m a Mormon.”

I could sense some difficulty, so I backed down and went another route.

“Cool. I like Mormons! I know a lot of Mormons – even a few gay Mormons – and they’re pretty great people. Do you miss home?”

I wanted to get him to talk about home because it was on his mind. I know that if we started our session too soon he would be thinking of other things rather than what was happening in the moment. So, this was his chance to get things out beforehand.

He spoke a bit about how he was raised and what an influence the church had on him and his beliefs. He then started talking about how he used to feel attracted to men, but he masked his feelings by talking to girls in the hopes of one day marrying one of them. Magically, whatever he was feeling would likely subside.

“I wouldn’t dare share my feelings with anyone, they wouldn’t understand. Plus, the church would have done terrible things to me and my family so I just decided to hide it.”

“Well, have you ever had a girlfriend or a special friend?”

“No, but there was this one time…”

He went on to talk about how he and his best friend went up to the big BYU sign in Provo. He’d wanted so badly to tell his friend all the things he was thinking and feeling, but never had the opportunity. He described the scene in vivid detail.

“It was perfect, dark and crisp. We could see the lights of the city below us like an electric grid, all squares and silent. It was just him and me and I couldn’t stand it any longer. So, I…”


He hesitated and said, “I just couldn’t.”

I then had a brilliant idea!

“Well, what about now?”


“I’ll be your best friend and you’ll be you and we’ll both be on the mountaintop in Provo together.”

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely. Look! Can’t you see the stars up there and those little lights all flickering below us?”

From that point on, Andy and I were playing make-believe in the middle of an all-male massage parlor in New York City. We tried to be as quiet as we could and eventually it livened him up enough to start to take his clothes off. He laid down on the table, his heart was pounding, and I proceeded to work my magic.

He was smiling. I had met him exactly where he needed to be met and he was grateful for it. After that, it was smooth sailing.

The most important thing is never to assume anything about a client. We are in the business of trusting our instincts as the most important survival mechanism we have. And one thing that will help is recognizing the humanity in a person. It will both give you the confidence you need to protect yourself accordingly as well as stay in control of the situation at all times.

I realized that Andy was an artist and his imagination was both his best friend and worst enemy. If I didn’t coax his fires the right way, the session would not be as successful as it was. He needed to feel safe and protected and in turn provided as handsome a compensation as he could muster.

My recommendations for handling clients who have either never been with a man or a male escort before is this: never trust first impressions, ask the right questions, obtain the right answers, and never press too deep into a subject. If you feel uncomfortable steer the conversation to something you know will bring him pleasure, which is not always sexual. Listen to him beyond what he’s telling you. Clients say a lot without telling you much.

Don’t be afraid to try new things as long as it’s safe and meaningful. A lot of what we do as escorts is tinkering the imagination, not just the physical apparatus. Many customers will likely have wishes and desires that can only be expressed in role-play. That’s why it’s so important to keep your cool, try new things and to never loose sight of the power of your imagination; not just for the job, but for survival, and in life in general.

About the author
Jake used to be a male for male escort in New York.

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Escort Agency Talk – 198

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Escorting the powers that be
July 16, 2016 | About escorts, Escorts on escorting, For escorts

“I am not at all an ultra high end girl.” said Jenny in our Skype call. “And my clients are not billionaires. They work for billionaires and they are certainly not hurting for money; but they are in a different niche.”

Escorting is a business about stratification. Super elite girls are more like models than the conventional picture of an escort. In fact, a fair number of the international courtesan set either are or have been exactly that, models.

by Hannah Jay

“Part of my business is going to parties with one or another of my clients. You can spot the girls. The impossibly high cheek boned Russians wearing head to toe couture. And California girls too pretty to be porn stars. There is a circuit and you see the same girls. But it is not my circuit.”

“There are places in America, in England and in France where the rule is that a lady’s name appears in the newspaper only three times in her life: birth, marriage, death. These are places where the kids all have trusts set up by robber baron great grandparents and money is never spoken of because if you are there, you have enough.

It is a funny world because people are born into it, lead lives which outwardly conform to the expectations of that world and, most importantly, stay married. No matter what. A lot of the people in this world are related to each other and a lot of them are in business together, or they serve on the same Boards or their wives work for the same charities. It is very enclosed, very quiet.

At the same time, there is a sort of unspoken agreement that so long as a man is discreet he is more than welcome to make arrangements with the right sort of girl. The big question is what sort, the right sort, is.

Which brings me around to my story. I didn’t grow up in this world at all. Basically I grew up in a suburb of a not very glamorous city in the mid-west and I couldn’t wait to get away to college. Off I went to a good school in Boston. No, not Harvard. Which was lucky as it turns out. In my junior year I spent a bit of time working on a project which meant I had to spend a bit of time researching in a library which one of the big consultancies kept at its downtown head office. I was doing a history degree and this library had, for some reason, a lot of material on certain 19th century tycoons. I had a visitor’s pass and one night, after I finished taking my notes, I was walking to the elevator and I heard what sounded like a party going on in one of the offices. A guy comes out, he’d had a few drinks and he yelled “You can’t go home yet, we’re just getting started.”

I had no idea what was going on but he was a good looking guy in his mid thirties. Sort of a mildly blown out preppy. Probably played lacrosse at Choate or something. Anyway he introduced himself as Charles, “But my friends call me Chas” and took me back into the office where there were two other girls and four guys celebrating some sort of deal. It was actually quite fun and we went out for a really good dinner a bit later. Living on a student budget restaurants, leave aside really good restaurants were not something I was used to.

The other two girls were very attractive, dressed nicely and were friendly. We excused ourselves for the powder room – no really, that was what was on the door – and one of them said, “So how long have you been working.” I completely missed it and started telling them about doing my research. They let me prattle on and we rejoined the party. We finished dinner and over coffee one of the men who I had been talking to leaned in and asked, “So, what are you charging for later?” Again, I really had no idea and I brushed him off. The two girls left, one with the man who had asked me about later the other with the other two men leaving me with Chas. He was actually rather sweet and he apologized for thinking I was one of the girls. Which left me no wiser. So he spelled it out. The two girls were escorts and he thought I was too.

You know how there are moments in your life where you make a sudden choice. Well I did right then, I said, “How do you know I’m not?” He said, “You are?” And I said “Very occasionally and I am very expensive.” And that, as the saying goes, is how a nice girl like me got into a business like this.

It turns out that the two girls who had been at the party had been sent by an agency and Chas didn’t like that at all. “Just about all my work is done with bankers and lawyers and politicians who can’t be too careful. Once you bring an agency in who knows who will have your contact details and your email. But, for the right girl, if she was very quiet about it, there is a lot of work. A lot.”

I left the very pleasant hotel he’d booked us into the next morning with a purse full of cash and Chas’s private number. He had told me that once I had a business phone he’d be happy to share that number with a few of his friends. I got the phone and that was exactly what Chas did.

We met again a couple of weeks later and he said the three friends he had referred all thought I was a lovely girl and would be calling again. He also suggested that I set up a members only website and have a few business cards printed. All word of mouth.

I did exactly that and kept working on this basis right through to the end of my senior year. But then I had to make another choice: did I want to keep going or would I stop escorting when I graduated? I was pretty sure I could make a very good living escorting, just seeing the men Chas referred and the men that they in turn referred, was a very good living.

The only problem I could see is that it was a bit too exclusive. I was relying upon a very small group of men for my entire income. What if they got bored? What if they moved on? So I decided to expand my horizons a little. I did this with a few very discreet ads. Very upmarket, entirely focused on the New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington markets.

“Ultra discreet Gentleman’s companion. When only the best will do.”

To that point I had not really worried much about the age of my clients but I thought I should restrict the market a bit by saying “Over 50 preferred” and I also restricted it a bit more by saying “outcalls to executive hotels only”. I figured that this would give me a bit of diversification without causing much stir.

Was I ever wrong. I put the ads up and a day later my private phone rang with a very annoyed Chas on the line. One of his friends had seen my escorting ad, gone to my website and realized that I was the girl Chas had introduced him to. He was not happy and, of course, as he was one of Chas’s more important clients, Chas was not happy.

“Don’t get greedy, Jenny. If you want more clients just tell me. If you are advertising do it under a totally different name with a different website and I don’t want to hear about it.”

He invited me for a drink. The thing about these sorts of people is that they can be entirely furious but it never shows on their face. It was a revealing conversation.

“Do you know what makes you a perfect escort? I’ll tell you. No one has any idea you are an escort. If you keep it that way and work based on referrals you’ll be safer and far better off. The men you are seeing don’t care what you charge as long as it never shows up as a wire transfer or a credit card charge. You’ve taken care of that. You have no law enforcement profile. And, between you and I, you have no security profile to speak of other than a bit which rubs off from a few of your clients.

Now, it is up to you if you want to step out into the bigger world. I won’t stop you but, seriously, think about it. You have a very good reputation with my sort of people. And there are a lot of my sort of people.”

I didn’t really need to think about it. I pulled my ads and changed my website so it was entirely members only. And Chas was true to his word. He referred a few more clients in Boston but he also took me to New York. We had a lovely time, I was well paid and he arranged for me to meet a half a dozen of his pals from prep school. Nice guys, mainly law and investment banking. We went for drinks or lunch with Chas acting as the perfect host. Not a word about my business. But all of them took my card and gave me safe email addresses to let them know when I was next in New York.

As I said earlier, it is a network. Prep schools, Ivies, banking, law, government work. I am pretty sure at least one of my New York clients works for some sort of intelligence group. They’ve come up together and they trust each other. Most of them are married, some more than once; but it seems to be part of the deal that they “work hard and they play hard”.

Of course most of my dates are pretty similar. I will book anything from two hours to a full evening. If it is an evening we will nearly always have dinner. I intuited that this group of clients wants me to look a certain way. Which is funny because it is all about the sort of sexiness that only a really discerning eye will spot. Really. On the one side these men don’t want you to look like an office drone; but, on the other, they really don’t want you to wear a skirt up to there or a top which is deeply revealing.

What they do want is good company and a girl who is interested in whatever it is they want to talk about. Yes, they will want to spend some quality consenting adult time and I aim to please; but I think what they really want is a girl they can talk to, confidentially, who is not part of their world. And Chas was right, they really don’t care what it costs.

I am very business like. I have my rates and I stick to them. But the tips are amazing. Especially on second encounters. When I see one of these men for the first time they are really just trying me out. But once they are comfortable with me they actually seem to prefer spending more rather than less. I expect that is partly because they have a lot of money but one of my clients put it a bit differently. We were having a drink before dinner in one of those crusty old mahogany and silver bars and he said,

“My grandfather kept an actress as his mistress for nearly twenty years back before WWII. The whole nine yards. Great apartment, charge accounts at all the good stores. She was a secret from his family but all his business associates knew. And most of them kept similar girls. To do that on that sort of scale today would be a million dollar a year proposition. Plus, even if you could afford it, you’d run the risk of making the papers. Just not worth it. And where would you find “an actress” you could trust? And I’d have the same problem with an escort if I didn’t have some sort of reference. Too risky. What you do Jenny is de-risk the encounter.”

I liked that. De-risking sounds like a good thing. Part of my de-risking is that I can be seen pretty much anywhere these guys go. The downtown bars and restaurants are one thing, the receptions and cocktail parties are quite another. With so many more women in the workforce these business/social activities can be a minefield if you don’t have your story straight. If you are with an escorting client it is important to have a simple, bullet proof, cover ready to go when a woman he works with and who probably knows his wife starts, in the nicest possible way, to “get to know you”.

Again, this is a network. These people went to the same schools and the same universities and they are working together. So, first rule, don’t have any connections they can trace. Which is why not going to Harvard is a good thing. That is a very small world. So I have a simple story about being a freelance researcher based in Boston but travelling a lot to New York and Washington. I want to put the travel in simply because the next time I see a person it might well be at the same sort of reception but in a different city. If asked my research is confidential and I am more than happy to leave the impression that there is some government connection. But my business card says nothing more than my name and “historical research”. Which is, as it happens what I am actually doing in my off hours, I am working on a book about tycoon’s restaurants in the age of the Robber Barons.

The other thing about escorting in this group of men is that they are themselves both incredibly discreet and very, very confident. I’ve been in several social situations where I am working as an escort and I run into one of my clients. This might be awkward with other sorts of clients but with these guys it’s actually somewhat fun. Because I am only known as Jenny to all these men it is no big deal for a guy I’d seen the week before to come over and say hi. And because I do talk about my research work with my clients we always have something to chat about.

Obviously I don’t talk about my clients’ consenting adult activities but, frankly, it is all pretty normal. I do get the occasional special request but that mainly for spicy bits of lingerie and I have two wonderful shoe fetishists where the dates always start buying a really nice pair of heels. One of them can never make his mind up on colour so buys two pairs.

I know escorts just love regulars and I have lots of regulars. But with this group of men it is not any particular client who is a regular, it is the whole group in three different cities. It wouldn’t be fair to say they are interchangeable; but they are really very similar.

I’ve been doing this now for a little less than four years. My book is almost finished and then I am not entirely sure what I will do. The truth is that I am young enough that I could keep doing this for five or ten years and really make a lot of money. Which would be fun. I’ve just been socking most of the escorting money away, even paying tax on it. Plus, once in a while, one of my clients will give me an investment tip. There is no surer thing. I have a nice but not luxurious apartment where I never see clients. “Jenny” has a life completely separate from mine.

The one thing which these guys seem to have in common is that they prefer a very understated life. They wear suits which have buttoned cuffs. The buttons actually work on the sleeves. It is a detail that no one can detect. But it matters a lot to them. Many of them have their shoes handmade in London. Again, something you really can’t tell at a distance. They wear wonderful, old, very plain watches which may cost a fortune but look very ordinary. Which is the secret of my success I guess. “Jenny” makes a point of being very expensive, attractive, subtle and very, very understated. A pretty young girl making her way in the world who happens to know more than her fair share of America’s unacknowledged ruling class. That I am paid for my company is not something which is any of anybody’s business. Which is how I like it and how my clients prefer to leave it. It works for me.

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How to approach a younger man as a male escort
April 3, 2014 | Escorts on escorting, Male escorts

In my last article, I explained how to approach an older man as a male escort. I did this by discussing places to meet older clients and ways to advance them from start to finish in these particular environments. In this article, I will expose the differences and similarities in both age groups, while maintaining a special focus on how to pick up and seal the deal with younger clientele.

by Jake S.

Firstly, it can be said that young men have a much shorter attention span and tighter window of opportunity to work with than their generational counterparts. Older men on average are used to a longer hunt and therefore are better at investing their time and money accordingly, especially if the pay off is worth the wait.

It can also be said that older clientele have more disposable income, but a bit more of an outdated expectation of the fees associated with particular services. However, older men have the same needs as we do and if you play your cards right, an older man will be willing to pay handsomely if you speak to him on his level. The differences in speaking with older and younger johns are vastly polarized.

Older men work harder and expect less. Younger men expect more and work smarter. Older men have longer attention spans and have likely spent most of their youth in a world that had much more mystery than it does today. Older men have experimented with psychotropic drugs during a time that was much safer than now. Younger men have shorter attention spans and are likely to use prescription drugs to escape from a world that is becoming increasingly smaller. Older men trust more, talk more and deal with real life better. Younger men text more, tweet more and would rather live in a virtual world of their own creation.

Most men in search of sex with men – regardless of age – go online first and then meet some place public for their first encounter. They go from virtual reality to break the ice, then meet in public to give real life a shot. Often with the younger male, if what they meet in real life does not match what they were expecting during their online romance, the deal will likely fall short of its intended outcome. He will move on to some other stimulus. He will likely complain to his friends on social media about never being able to find someone and you, the escort, will be left without a client that evening. This is why it’s so important to cater to these idiosyncrasies and to learn how to adapt to the quickly changing tide as best as possible.

Be clear when you are scouring for johns online as to what your intentions are. Be direct, but know that there is a certain level of fantasy that entices these young people, who usually have more money than you think they do. These are the young entrepreneurs, the trust fund kids, or the tech start-up gurus who don’t really know the value of money because it came so easy to them at such a young age. Older men know the value of money, but have more of it later on in life and are willing to spend it on a quality experience.

Given all these differences, the way you approach younger johns is going to differ tremendously than their older counterparts. Let’s walk through the scenarios as we did in the last article.

At the park

Let’s say you are meeting a potential john at the park. The difficulty is you’ll be waiting around a long time if you haven’t already pinged him to meet you there first. No young man will likely be meandering around a park without a destination or a few technical devices lodged in his orifices. Today, boys are working in tandem with a whole slew of projects and can’t cope with a world full of impending doom. Therefore, they are attached to their phones and electronic devices if not for work, then to escape the madness of reality with the latest video game or social media craze.

That being said, if you as an escort wish to remain current and profitable, you must adopt these strategies if you haven’t already done so. Once you meet somewhere public like a park, you’d better know clearly what it is you are going to be paid for. A lot of young guys with money tend to be quite sincere, but quite flippant as well. They haven’t really had to personally deal with a lot of negative stuff that would otherwise make their older counterparts quite jaded. Therefore, there isn’t that added layer of oppression or negativity that you would normally have to sluff off during your interactions with them. Still, they come with a different set of thick skin to pick through that includes the walls they’ve built around them to insulate them from a fear-based existence.

The virtual world

Living in a virtual world, it’s hard to be satisfied with the here and now. One major impediment is a short attention span and the shear sadness that comes from experiencing having so much but actually obtaining so little. This doesn’t have to be a sad thing, but I’ve found that often these young guys spend lots of money expecting to be satiated from an opportunity and often feeling less than fulfilled when the experience is over. That’s why it’s so important to get your money up front, to work you magic once the payment has cleared your online bank account and be gone before they have a chance to fully evaluate themselves in front of you. You are not a counselor, you are an escort and they are paying you for your time.

With older men, this appreciation is much clearer. They know life is tough and they don’t expect as much in return. Therefore, when an older man buys an escort for the evening they have a full understanding of what they are purchasing and the experience is often quite positive for them. You don’t have to live up to the expectations of a perfect porn star or a runway model since back them a perfect ten looked shockingly healthy. However, your quality game has to be up for older men. Your savviest game has to be on for younger men. They just expect so much more.

I’ve also found that younger men are into fantasy, fetishes and roleplay; more so now since they are so popular in the mainstream culture. When you would expect to play cops and robbers with older men, you will likely be adorning a furry costume or playing puppy with a young tech geek in his livingroom between conference calls.

At the bar

Meeting at some place like a bar is pretty standard, but again you will likely have already touched base about this meeting through a variety of social media channels merely hours beforehand. Perhaps, he heard about it through a social site for singles or an ad posted around the subway station, etc. Either way, the marketing machines worked their magic and in order to carpe noctem, you’ll have to get the right passes and wear the right wrist band in order to obtain entry into this coveted, one-night-only event. When you get there, it will likely be a lot of hype and nothing else. But that’s the generation that we all live and work in at present. You might as well learn to profit off it, because someone else is.

Once you’ve passed security, you will use a variety of homing devices and aps to secure a meeting with your client. Hopefully you will have requested to put a geo-fence around him at this location, so that you can stare at your phone while you are pushing through a crowd of twinks in order to see how close those two blinking lights on your screen are together. Eventually, you both will meet and he will buy you a drink. You will probably be inundated with stimulus and will have to quickly adapt to what’s trending and hot at that particular moment. You will have to work very hard to be as superficial as possible to keep the fleeting interest of your potential john. Here’s crossing fingers the business deal goes through and he doesn’t find someone else there willing to give it away for free.

Public bathroom

You will likely not pick up a younger client in a public restroom, except if it’s at a college or university setting. It is doubtful this will be a lucrative venture – unless you can somehow forge a sexopoly on campus – so you’re better be suited for online searches that require a great deal of anonymity and a multitude of avenues. Please stay away from malls and department stores as this method of pick-up is no longer fruitful and it can lead to a slew of negative consequences due to the added video surveillance of these areas. Truck stops have often been a viable place to set up shop, but more and more managers are privy to these types of service engagements and therefore take every measure to curtail these interactions when possible.

Nowadays, since escorting is so popular and sexuality is no longer as taboo as it once was, many business owners are aware of the economic benefits of getting in on the sex business. However, I would recommend you stay as in control of your dealings as possible and to always remember that there are many alternatives out there to making money, even in the sex industry. All it takes is a computer and an iPhone and you are pretty much in business.


If you are working with an agency it is unlikely they will hook you up with a younger male client. There just isn’t that kind of demand out there. Most men have so many more options out there and the accessibility to obtaining those options have increased exponentially. Now, everything is at our fingertips including sex. If you do find an agency that caters to younger male clients it will likely be a new one and you will be hard pressed to find a better opportunity out there, however you will likely pay more in fees and percentages to the house.

If you find a company that works with you and treats you well stick with them for as long as you can, because youth and beauty are fleeting. Thankfully, there is so much great preventative treatments out there for sex-workers that they’re making the sex industry not only safer, but more mainstream as a source of plausible income. When before sex was considered repugnant, now sex is seen as just another way of generating revenue.

Massage parlor

These are still quite popular, but are often masked as spas. The one place I worked was touted as a spa and I did have a significant amount of younger clientele, but the services we offered paled in comparison to a traditional spa experience. Our retail section claimed to sell massage oil, which was merely watered down oil that was in place just in case the cops showed up we could show them we were legit with a cash register and all. Interestingly enough, no cops ever showed up except to receive a massage from a cute boy.

The Internet

As explained previously, the Internet is really the only way to approach younger clientele these days. You will have to be on the up and up with the latest male for male sites and have the corresponding aps downloaded onto your phone to receive push notifications and up-to-the-minute updates.

You will have to know your look and what you are willing to do for money. Many sites correspond to certain fetishes or communities, so it would behoove you to have a handful of accounts with different sites in order to maximize your search profiles. Remember, this is a chance for you to hold your own business future in your hands so use it wisely.

The more popular a site is, the better your chances at casting a large net. You will have to create a profile that demonstrates your business. If you have a huge cock and are looking for young guys, then market that. If you have a nice ass and are looking for young dudes who are hungry for it, then make sure to sell this in the proper format. I would recommend recognizing what you are good at, but also staying a little to the center so that you understand the benefits of versatility.

Versatility gives you the opportunity to say yes and no to a wide variety of potential leads. However, if you specialize in one area you may turn out to become the next escort sensation and thus my words of wisdom will have little to compliment to your success. Still, for an escort who is looking to approach a younger male, it’s important to know what’s hot and what younger men are looking for these days as opposed to just the older crowd.


A lot of young guys I’ve noticed are bisexual. This is no longer part of a gender or sexual binary, but a spectrum, which is what sexuality is largely seen as these days. Many young men may not feel so comfortable with an older man and therefore are looking for a slightly older man to either experiment with or to bring into the bedroom with either his girlfriend or his boyfriend. This is a potential opportunity for an escort to enter the picture.

Many young bisexuals have friends with whom they are able to experiment with, however what happens when these kids grow up and have relationships in their late twenties and good jobs and don’t have the luxury of playing house with their best friends? Looking to an escort is great, because they are professionals who have the anonymity needed to assist the couple in following through with their desires. Much of this leads to the discussion of open relationships.

Open relationships

Open relationships are extremely common these days. With the advent of marriage equality, many couples understand the benefits of partnerships in ways they never knew were possible. Many couples love each other, share a life with each other, and are not interested in breaking those bonds for a many reasons. Still, there may be something that both individuals feel are lacking and therefore look together to find what will quell their desires. This is a great opportunity for an escort to chime in.

One way to market yourself as an escort is to have an online profile dedicated to a few certain specializations. One way to do this is to offer your services to couples. If you are only willing to work with a gay couple or are willing to work with a heterosexual couple, you can market yourself accordingly to fit the specifications of your business model.

Create a website

There are many ways to do this. You can find create a free or purchased online website and set up a payment option for visitors or subscribers. This can be done through recommended purchasing agents. Make your website as exotic or as down to Earth as you’d like it to be. But be clear that a pseudonym is more popular, because if you ever are interested in pursuing other work in a different field, having your real name on a sex site may not be too appealing for potential employers.

By having your own website, you are much more likely to attract younger clientele who frequent the net in far greater numbers than the older generation. Of course this is changing. Depending on your preferences, this is a great way to keep your business booming during slow times and to ensure your survival in hard economic times. After all, sex is a business and it’s a rather lucrative one at that. Anyway you can work smarter and not harder, I’d recommend trying. And always remember, you must understand the differences in approaching younger and older men. Cater your behaviors accordingly and you will continue to remain a successful escort.

About the author
Jake used to be a male for male escort in New York.

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Lessons I’ve learned as a male escort for men
April 9, 2014 | Escorts on escorting, Male escorts

Over the years an escort can certainly develop thick skin. It’s pretty much a requirement of the job and is something we all either try to pretend we don’t have or put on airs that we do. Still, the fact remain our work is both fun and dangerous and it’s up to us to remain as in control of our lives and the situation as best as possible.

by Jake S.

On the flip side, I’ve experienced the most incredible opportunities and adventures with my johns. Others, I kinda wished I didn’t. But in the end you are really just a conglomeration of all your life including the good and the bad, the short and the tall of it, and the stuff in between the cracks that you didn’t know was there. In the end, you have your whole life to look back on and be thankful for the ride!

I wanted to write an article about some of the lessons I’ve learned as a male escort. I’ve included these below and will likely add to them in due time. But, I think I have a lot to share with other young escorts in the hopes that my advice and words of wisdom can somehow help shape and protect those out there who are searching for answers.

So, enjoy and be safe out there.

Never judge a book by its cover

It’s clear as a part of our job, we never know what to expect. There’s a fine line between thinking you are going to be able to foresee a john’s actions and actually being on the receiving end of a stranger’s meltdown. I’ve seen it all from the most human of experiences to the most inhumane behavior. Luckily, for me I’ve relied heavily on my own intuition and my intelligence to get me through the stickiest of situations.

One takeaway is never assume you know someone completely. It’s just not fair to you or that person. It pigeonholes them and makes you vulnerable. You have to always understand that a person is very complex and to never try and outsmart someone when the only one you have control over is yourself. Remain in control of you and always have a plan b, c, and z.

This is also true for johns. I’ve had all kinds of men: short, fat, tall, skinny, hairy, clean, dirty, sexy, hot, old, young, etc. The point is, we can only assume we know what someone wants until they tell us. That’s why it’s a really good idea to ask a client what they want in a clear, concise way.

You can skirt around the subject by using your coyness, but often men do respect straightforwardness as much as possible. “What can you do for me? What am I getting in return? How much is your time worth?” These are all questions your client will ask you and how much you must also ask yourself before, during and after any business exchange. It’s not only a matter of money but of survival.

I’ve had a john once who had one hand. He affectionately like to refer to himself as the “One-Handed Bandit”. He certainly was not a bandit by any means. One may have said he could have easily stolen a boy’s heart, but he certainly did not have a mean bone in his body. In fact, he was missing a few of them on his left hand, he would add.

I met him at a bar. He had his hand in his pocket and looked quite adorable in his jeans and t-shirt. We were in the South at the time and gay bars were few and far between. I was off tour for a while and was in the city looking to make a few bucks. But more importantly, I was looking to just occupy my time and enjoy myself. Luckily, he was looking for the same.

To make a long story short, we ended up going back to his place. He explained to me that no one ever picks him up. People find out he has one hand and they get freaked out. I was stunned. I never even knew this about him until he went to pay for our drinks. I was much more intent on listening to his stories about growing up and working on a farm back home. He was intriguing and had a kind heart. He was lonely and wanted some company. I was happy to oblige.

Not only did he have one hand, but he was also an incredible lover. For an average height joe, he was also seriously packing down where it counts. It was seriously a night of surprises, and I enjoyed myself so much that instead of taking his money, I asked him to buy me lunch the next day. He not only agreed, but did so the following day as well. That weekend I ate like a king and had everything I needed taken care of by this guy, this – to some people – “freak”.

Of course there are other men who are not so nice that you also have to deal with. And this is why it’s all too important to trust yourself. Often, we as escorts find ourselves in compromising positions and places and it’s vital that we have a clear picture before we take another step into the unknown. Whether the unknown is a conversation or a physical location, be confident in heart and mind that you can escape with your life, let alone your dignity, if need be.

Dignity is not imposed externally

I’ve done some pretty crazy stuff, but it took a while for me to come to the realization that my dignity cannot and will not be defined by someone else. Whether that person is a parent, my parent, a john or a lover. My self worth must come from myself and the lessons I’ve learned along my journey. After all, it’s my journey and no one elses.

So many people want to qualify and quantify people into certain boxes based upon one’s own measurements of good and bad, right and wrong, or worthy or unworthy. Everyone has their own opinions on how you should and should not live your life. What matters most and must be appreciated as a valiant survival mechanism is how you see yourself. How do you measure your own success? How do you see what your doing and how do you justify your behaviors to yourself? Does what your doing make sense to you, to your own unique version of yourself?

After all, if you don’t understand why your doing something, listen closely to that still small voice inside you. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing, but what does it feel like? Does it make your stomach hurt, do you want to vomit, or do you feel confident and whole? Listen and feel where you are hearing and sensing the answers to these questions and there you will realize your worth.

You will comprehend that we live in a world that is inundated with stimulus and opinions. Truth is extremely relative and is based on agreed upon sets of beliefs. Those beliefs eventually become truths and human laws and eventually form the basis of our society in which we live and learn and thrive and have our being and our families. None of which matter unless it matters to you. Therefore, you must learn how to define things according to how you feel and what you want. Make decisions or you will be decided upon by someone else.

Mark your territory and stand your ground

As an escort, it’s so easy to have people take advantage of you. You allow yourself to be open and vulnerable in ways that many people would only allow themselves to be with certain people and in certain intimate situations. We however, think our work is not only important but it’s something we like to do, are good at, and get paid well for. This is no different than anyone else who chooses to work in an office all day. The only difference is the lighting and the fact that we get a bit more exercise in the process.

There will eventually be power plays involved in our work stemming from john to john. Many men like to feel powerful, but are you savvy enough to allow someone to feel powerful while you remain in control? That is a question that is very important for a male escort. You will likely be fucked and fucked hard. You better like it that way or figure out a way to take it like you like it. You will also be forced to fuck someone you probably would not want to if they weren’t paying you. You have to be okay with that as well.

But in the end, it’s you. It’s your life. You are alone. You must act for you and you alone. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. No one is forcing you and if they are and if you don’t like it, don’t do it. It’s that simple. There will always be johns. There will also be men biding for your attention. The most important person you have to be most considerate of is yourself. Life’s just too damn short, my friend.

There was a time when a client tried to force me to swallow his cock and his load while chocking me. This raving lunatic really wanted to hurt me. It was clear, he had something really wrong upstairs. I was young and I had never experienced anything like that so I was really confused, but luckily I woke myself up out of the chaos that this guy was trying to create around me and I stopped it. I woke myself up out of the trance of the moment and said, “No”. I waited to hear his response.

He grabbed my hair and tried to ram his cock down my throat again and I wouldn’t budge. I got up and he pushed me against the door. My head hit the hard metal hinges and he tried to smack my face, but I wouldn’t let him. I realized that it was go time. It’s in these circumstances that I feel very sad for women escorts who are not as strong as men physically; who don’t have the built-in blessing of sufficient testosterone to keep calm and collected under stress. It’s a rough game out there and it’s not always glitz and glamor, by any means.

I realized, no one was in control of me. I had no agent, I was working for myself. I have medical coverage that could withstand serious injuries. I was responsible for me and my life and I had absolutely nothing to lose. I had to act and stand my ground. I got up, blocked his punch, and kicked him in the balls. With my knee shaking, I kicked his face with my other foot and ran out the door.

I was so afraid he was going to come after me, but I had to make it seem like I meant business; because for the first time, I really did. Every negative scenario went through my head. What if he called the cops and said I assaulted him? What if, what if… I realized, he didn’t even know my name. I had complete anonymity. Thank God I never take my wallet with me to dudes’ places. It was seriously a wake up call and something I had to listen to if I was to continue working as an escort.

Find friends who care for and about you

Friends are critical for your well-being and survival. Choose your friends wisely, because you eventually emulate them and vice versa.

You spend a lot of you time at work, at school, with your friends and your family. If a part of you is lacking it will show up externally and the other way around. If you have bad friends you will learn to be a bad friend. If you’re not smart you will remain that way. If you are smart, you will learn what it’s like to have good friends and what a crappy time it was hanging out with bad friends, and you will learn how to be a good friend. You will attract good people and good experiences in your life the more you learn, grow and develop.

The same is true with your family, your work and with school. You will learn through each experience what you want out of life. Do you want to be the kind of mother you had as a child? That’s hard because people are quite complex. Are there aspects of your mother that you’d like to emulate with your own kids, if you so choose to have them? You are continuing to create who you are by every decision you make and every outcome of every experience you have. So choose carefully and consider all the options before clicking “OK”.

Friends can be the deciding force sometimes whether you live or die. Friends can be there for you in ways your family cannot. They know a part of you that you’d never share with your parents or grandparents, let alone your sister or brother. It’s a special kind of relationship that goes beyond the superficial. A true friend will tell you when you’re being an asshole when you are really being an asshole.

Your brother or sister will just tell you you are an asshole because they feel like it. It’s different. A friend can tell you when you are making a wrong decision because they care for you in such a way that is not really as intrinsically tied into who they are. There is a bit of anonymity there with friends that you don’t really have with family. Therefore, there’s much more honesty with friends that with family.

Many times, we don’t really know how our friends will help us, but eventually they all do. Everyone in our lives are there for a reason, I feel; it’s up to us to figure out what that reason is, to learn from it, and to thank them for their role in your process. If it wasn’t for a number of friends of mine I’ve made throughout the years, I don’t know where I would be. I know I would not be here today.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, if you at least have one friend you can call, you are a rich man. A friend is that lifeline that you call when you are down and out and need advice, a hand, or a guidepost. There are so many times, I’ve been let down and have to call on a friend for help. Be careful though to reciprocate the relationship. There’s nothing worse than taking advantage of a lifeline long past it’s due date.

Learn how to be considerate and to trust people. That takes learning what types of people are trustworthy and that takes time. For us as escorts, it’s not in our job description to trust our clients, because they are paying us to pleasure them. When pleasure is involved that adds a level of human emotion that is unpredictable. What pleases some people may not please others. Therefore, the fact that much of our clientèle are strangers for the most part does not bode well for trusting our johns for anything. Therefore, you get your money upfront and you pay later.

Your friends, if you have good ones, will be there regardless of your ability to please them fully or not. They’re level of pleasure is not dependant on your prowess to bring them to extreme levels of satisfaction. You are there to simply bear witness to them and their journey and vice versa. Any long withstanding relationship takes time to build, time to grown and time to heal.

An escort’s work is fleeting and always in search of the next big fix. So, have a clear delineation in your life as to who your friends are and who your johns are. If you mix them both, you will be stuck in muddy waters. That’s not to say relationships don’t change and evolve as we do. I’ve had a few johns who have later become friends, but that’s because we both respected the boundaries we put in place. It takes two to make a relationship, nothing is ever one sided. I’ve also had friends who have become johns, but those usually don’t last long, because that was usually what they were after anyway.

The term friends are used lightly here to define the vast array of human connections we’ve felt and experienced over the years. All friends are not meant to be in our lives forever. But every connection is vastly important. Each step and chord leads to something and someone else. The one thing we’ve all learned from the Internet is that indeed everything is intertwined in a vast web of connectivity.

Be kind

You never know who you are going to meet along your journey. Being kind does not mean being a pushover or being weak. In fact, it takes great strength to be kind to people who often don’t deserve it (even though nobody “deserves” anything more than the next guy). But we have to consider our definition of worthiness.

People who are often the most cruel are sadly the ones who need the most love. That doesn’t mean we are the ones who need to give it to them. But if we have the opportunity to share one act of kindness to someone who it is difficult to do so for, then we have grown as a person, because we’ve challenged ourselves to take a step in the right direction.

Being kind does not mean giving it away for free—it means treating all living creatures as equals

Even if you are having a tough time and don’t know how you should be treated, there is a part of you that knows—deep down—that you want to be treated well and so should others. Listen to that part of you and learn how to operate from that place of compassion and grace.

After all, in the end, the only thing we take is ourselves. How you define that is up to you. So, never trust a book by its cover, define your own dignity, stand your ground, find true friends and do your best to be kind to people. It’s really the only way I’ve learned to get through tough times and to always remember that we are all really one and the same, in the end.

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How to get a man off quickly: Male escort perspective
April 7, 2014 | Escorts on escorting, For escorts, Male escorts

As a male escort, there are a number of techniques one can use to get a guy off faster. Sometimes, this is not the most logical course of action to take when time is the product being bought and sold, but when it comes to rendering sexual services – time may very well be of the essence and therefore – knowing how to get to the point when it counts is not only advisable but highly beneficial.

by Jake S.

There are several ways in which an escort can help a client reach their ultimate level of satisfaction. Pillow talk is one way to get the brain working, while massage is always an excellent avenue for physical titillation, and the same can be said for visual stimulus. In this article, I’ll go through each of these techniques and assist the male escort in creating a pleasurable experience for their clientele.

Pillow talk

I call pillow talk anything that soothes the ear and stimulates the mind. Here, we’re really striking the cord between mental and aural arousal for your john. Whispering into a man’s ear can be a major turn on. Some men don’t like to talk, so be sure you are feeling your client out as to what his needs are when you begin pulling in closer to start a more intimate conversation.

By now, you’ve found a nice quiet place for you to work on your john. Even if the place is not so quiet, still find the opportunity to really dig deep into the guy’s mind. Don’t poke around too much in their, but at least you can use your smarts to get some real nuggets of information from him that will help make your job a lot easier.

I recommend being observant; find out what makes him tick. Is he wearing expensive clothes? Does he have any special accessories on that make you curious? Start asking him questions and see how he responds. Is he aloof? Is he not interested? If so, then skip the pillow talk and head straight for the massage. If he is interested, then you’ve got a whole lot to start working with.

Use your experience to imagine him in particular scenarios. Once you’ve heard from his own lips what he likes you can then go in for the whisper. Tell him what you’d like to do to him. Ask him what he’d like to do to you. Be open to exploring the uncharted territories of his fantasies and seeing where you both can connect, if at least for the next half hour or so.

Does he like to be teased, does he like to be worshiped, does he like to be defiled? You’ll figure out what he’s into, more so than not, so be open to what he comes to the table with. I like to start this process in public, then move on to something more private. It’s a little safer that way. You can certainly feel out a john more safely in a public place, then move onto a more intimate setting quite easily after the initial business meeting was successful.

Have a soothing voice. Does he like older guys, then deepen your voice. Does he like younger guys, why don’t you try and sound like a young, naive kid? That may be exactly what he’s interested in experiencing. Once you figure out what makes him tick, you can go right for the jugular by giving him exactly what he wants. It is a bit of a performance and rightfully so.

You are the star in your own stage production and he is your adoring fan. He is your Adonis and you kneel beneath the alter of his cock. He is the naughty boy who’s been bad all year, who deserves a spanking. Take him there through the use of your voice and he will love it.

Don’t forget to use your voice like a homing beacon. Manipulate your voice in as authentic a way as possible, so that you figure out what the right frequency is to get him squirming. Does he like a bit of a squeal, a satisfactory moan, or intermittent spells of heavy breathing? Try it all until you know what works for him. After all, you are in control here. Show him what you’ve got!

Once you’ve decided what makes him tick, then slowly begin to add a bit more physical sensation to your work. Try rubbing your lips against his ear, tracing his stubbled cheek with your nose, while you whisper sweet nothings into his ear. Is he appreciative of your attention? Does he want to hear more? Or does he want to move into something a bit more attention grabbing?

If your john is ready to move on to the next level, then it’s time to add more physicality to your routine. Begin to use your hands at this point. Feel free to see what his spots are by interacting with a few specific places on his body. The neck, the thigh and the stomach are three places that can tell you a lot about a man.

Start with the neck, and see if he’s ticklish or sensitive in that area. Many men like it when a dude brushes his face against their neck. It’s sensual and sexy and very erotic. Is his shirt unbuttoned on top? Why not try and unbutton one more. Don’t go too fast just yet, but at least here you can begin the process of moving forward. Does he have a hairy chest, is he smooth, or does he trim or shave? All this is excellent information for how best to proceed.

A hairy chest usually means the man is either wild or lazy. Both can be useful to observe and will point you in the right direction of what to do next. If he’s smooth, you’re gonna have to take over, but be gentle because he’s likely to be a little newer at the game. If he trims, let him take the lead. He’s tamed his wild side and is an action-oriented person who’s interested in going for the gold. If he shaves his chest, be prepared to take over at a moment’s notice. Normally, men who completely shave their chest are overly critical and will try to start off taking the lead, but will get bored quickly, so be prepared to blow him in the backroom at any moment.

Massage his chest, play with his hair, his nipples. Grab a pinch or tuft or two. Straddle him if necessary. Does he want to let you ride it? Does he want to thrust his cock inside your tight ass? Have you even taken the opportunity to feel what he has in store for you down there?

If you are still in the process of “feeling things out”, then move from his neck to his stomach. Is he skinny, does he have tight, rock-hard abs, a bit of a belly or big belly? All these are also good indicators of how you are going to go about handling your job. Guys with rock-hard abs are usually fun. They will want to play and try all challenging positions, especially since they are paying for your services. They will get bored with just a blowjob in the backseat, they want and need more of a challenge. After all it’s tough to keep that kind of body.

If he’s skinny, they usually love to just sit back and let you handle things. They usually don’t move around too much and your job is usually quite easy. Be careful though, skinny boys are usually pretty quiet when they cum so be prepared to get a mouthful when the time comes without warning.

If your john has a bit of a belly and an average build, I’ve found these guys to be the most fun. They are your typical, average joe. They run the gamut, but often they like a little bit of freak in their play. They will probably like you to go down on them, then they’ll mix it up and maybe take care of you for a while and later jack off on your face. They want to feel like the man. They are not the jocks or the nerds, but just your average dude who needs to be supported and encouraged. I understand these types of guys and so I’m okay with them taking a little advantage when they see it.

Then, there’s the fat guys. It really depends on what you’re interested and okay with, but a lot of fat guys are either real nice or total dicks. Either way, they are surprisingly agile creatures. You wouldn’t expect a 300-pound dude to want to bend you over and pump his Boston cream pie-filled dick into you, but usually they do. You’d think you’d be expected to just blow the guy, but he’s the one who actually wants to face fuck you. He will likely have a small dick, and there won’t be too much work to do to get him off, but in general, he’s going to want to take control throughout and try and show off. After all, he’s got a lot to prove.

After you’ve passed the stomach region, be sure to move onto the thighs. This is where a dude knows he’s gonna get some action. You’re in the zone, the place that is the closest to his dick. You can obviously see how hard he is and what he’s packing, there’s no hiding any longer. Rub his thighs, straddle his lap and ride his dick, grab his pecs and draw his head close to your chest. Whisper into his ears and mess up his hair. Get his juices racing and his blood boiling. You are about to get paid, so now it’s time to move on to the next level.

Visual stimulus

Now that you’ve successfully grabbed his mental, aural and physical attention, now we’re moving on to the easiest of senses. The eyes are usually our first and last most widely used sense. It is so easy to overcomplicate our sight, when there is so much information we constantly take in through our vision. This is why I save this for the last, when we need it the most.

Hopefully, by now you’ve got your john right where you want him. Next, is the opportunity for you to strut your stuff for him in a way that is pleasing him visually. This may take the form of simply wearing the right clothes, walking or smiling a certain way that conjures a flirtatious and intoxicating charm, or even slow dancing a bit for him.

A lot of guys like to watch how a guy moves. Some men are really into go-go dancers, still others like the fact that they’ve paid for their own personal Chippendale’s dancer. Whatever the case may be, make sure you are being compensated handsomely for your time. However, sometimes your sole reason for taking the visual approach is to get the guy off as quickly as possible. If this takes a little dancing, while he slowly strokes himself, then more power to you.

Some men just like to be held closely. Feel his cock rubbing up against yours, your leg or your butt. Help continue to create the story for him that will bring him to the ultimate level of satisfaction. Have you talked about any specific fantasies he likes, any celebrity crushes he has or any dance move he likes the most? Doing a strip tease really isn’t all that much hassle at all. If you don’t like to dance then don’t do it, but if you don’t mind a bit of solo work to get him going, then by all means.

If you are not much of a dancer, that’s totally fine, just make sure you dress the part and now how to provide him with his own private porn viewing session. Recreate your favorite porn movie, but slowly undressing yourself in front of him. A lot of guys also like to watch. Enjoy the attention. Make sure there are boundaries, make his wait and work for it.

Have his sit on a chair and you take the bed. Slowly take off your clothes and start to touch yourself. Ask him to do the same to himself. This will be great because you won’t really have to do any manual labor. You are now just the show, which can be quite freeing and terrifying depending on the escort. I would recommend staying with the discomfort for a bit, while you begin to appreciate how freeing and encouraging it is to have a man watch you pleasure yourself.

Remember there’s always an additional touch fee. If your patron wishes to touch you, it’s always extra. Of course, it depends on what you’ve agreed to. If you’ve agreed to have sex, that’s different, but if you’re being paid to put on a show for him always make sure you charge extra if he wants to touch you. That’ll increase your sales and still keep you safe.

Most men love jacking off to porn. It’s their favorite past time. I know some guys who masturbate three to four times a day. I don’t have that kind of devotion, but to many it’s a way of releasing tension and perhaps breaking up a stressful workday. For them, they merely click on the computer and up pops two sexy dudes getting it on right in front of him. He gets off and moves on. He retains the most vivid scenes for his on-the-go library, when he doesn’t have the ability to access porn online. That’s where you come in.

You can be his muse, his personal, private sex god. Helping use the visual stimulus may be just what the doctor ordered to bring your client to his climax quickly. There are also other techniques used to facilitate a quick cum. The following are just a few ways in which you can maximize your efforts in the shortest amount of time, to increase the likelihood of a larger payoff in the end.

Master techniques

The head of a man’s penis is very sensitive. If when push comes to shove, you are having a hard time getting a guy off stick with the head and go to town. Of course, make sure not to get your teeth involved, but a couple of simple slurps and jerks can begin to do the trick.

Mix things up. Use your hands to twist and turn his cock, rub around his head to polish off his prized trophy to perfection. Get your neck involved. Make it an interactive experience. I find that the more I listen to a client the better. When he moans you stay there and keep doing exactly what you were doing. He’s bound to orgasm at some point. Even if he doesn’t, you can still use the other three techniques above to assist the process.

When you’re riding your john’s cock, make sure to take time to ride it to the top of his dick down to the top of his balls as much as possible. Really get in there and take it out every once and a while. Show him who’s boss. Then let him show you! If you’re taking it from behind, see if he likes a little squealing and moaning. Tell him how much it hurts so good, tell him how big his dick is, make him feel even more powerful than he is or may be.

If you’re jacking him off with a condom, twist that sucker around. Use the material and the lubrication to help you in the process. If you’re blowing him, make sure you are using your hands as well and concentrate on the head intermittently. Grab his nipples and pecs and chest and stomach; anything that will bring him down to Earth to experience his moment with you.

You can even try a few slaps here and there and see if this is something he likes. Does he like a little pain, a little emotional or verbal abuse. Don’t take it too far, but sometimes a client is asking you to play a part in his fantasy that he knows will bring him to the edge. Perhaps, you are his old gym teacher in high school, or his English TA in college, or maybe his last boss that he wanted to get even with. Either way, know what you’re up against and what you’re working with.

If you are already knee deep in the dirt with your john and you into the realm of anal sex, don’t be afraid to go there with him. Is he slapping you on the ass, do you like it, is he being too rough? Tell him so, but give him alternatives. If he’s being too rough, pick a different position to switch it up and take your control back. It’ll give him the opportunity to see things a bit differently and it may distract him enough for your to get your bearings straight again.

If you have to pull out your trusted dildo for a little ass play, then by all means. You wanna get that guy off and get paid, don’t you? Is he asking for it, is he afraid of it, but still interested? Tease him with it, but make it more about the experience than the apparatus. Use your trusted condoms or gloves to protect yourself and if a little finger play is in the cards then find that prostate and start massaging.

Pull out all the tricks to get a guy off faster. Use your smarts to know which technique will work best for certain situations. Talk dirty, talk soothing, use your hands, use your brain and use your imagination. He is paying for your time and you are the star in the movie you both are creating together. Make it worthwhile, and the pay off you seek will most assuredly be just around the corner.

About the author
Jake used to be a male for male escort in New York.

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A popular misconception regarding escorts that I’d like to set straight

June 12, 2014 | Escorts on escorting
Okay, this story begins with a photo that I decided to post on Facebook a couple of years ago. It was just me sitting at my desk, wearing only a bra. The bra was no more revealing than a bikini top would be. The photo was only from about my mid-stomach up, so that’s all that was visible.

by Ashly Lorenzana

Of course, there were the first few comments from guys praising it and complimenting me. Flattering naturally, but I posted the photo because I thought it turned out good. That was MY opinion, whether or not anyone else shared it with me.

Everything went fine until people from my family started to inevitably see it. They were not exactly happy and their comments reflected that rather clearly. One of the first to chime in was my grandfather, of all people.

For some context, I was raised by my grandparents and so they are more like a mother and father to me than they are grandparents. They are who I grew up calling mom and dad, so really this is more like my father than anything else.

He’s always rather brief in his written communications and if I recall, he simply posted a comment to the photo that said, “I don’t like.”

Ouch. Only three words, but they carry so much weight.

As I said before, I felt good about this picture and that’s why I posted it. People are saying nice things and then along comes my own flesh and blood and they tell me they don’t like it…as if my family hasn’t rejected me enough as it is.

Remember that old saying that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? I can literally remember my grandfather saying these words to me as a young child. I thought it was so stupid back then, but perhaps I should have echoed them back to him after all those years.

I obviously don’t want my own father saying that he DOES like a photo of me in a bikini or a bra. That would be creepy. But if I was visiting him and my grandmother at the coast and was wearing a bikini top on the beach, would it be appropriate for him to say that he doesn’t like me wearing it?

I think not.

I find it troubling that if the article of clothing I was wearing in this photo was simply made using a different and more water-proof fabric, people’s opinions would change so drastically. At least I assume they would.

Besides, guys walk around during the summer time with no shirt on at all. And I get negativity from my family for wearing something that was essentially designed for swimming?

I call bull shit on that.

So as if that wasn’t bad enough…then people started adding more comments, criticizing my grandfather and even asking him if he was gay. Obviously these people were completely clueless to the fact that he was related to me, which I had to explain.

Still, that was hardly a valid excuse for making someone feel shitty about themselves.

I replied to his comment, making it as clear as I possibly could that yes, I was a sexual creature and that no, I’m not going to apologize for it no matter what people say to me or how negative it might be.

Forgive the language, but fuck that.

Things seem to calm down in the thread of comments for a moment, then a female cousin who is about five years older than me decides to chime in as well…

She starts off by acknowledging that we are all sexual creatures, but then tries to tell me that when I claim that my work is something I do of my own free choosing that I am making excuses for what I do and then insists that there is inevitable shame and disgrace in my work. She ambiguously states that there is “a reason” why I do it in exchange for “stuff or money,” but fails to share what that reason could possibly be in her mind.

I find this kind of bull shit enraging, to be honest. Clearly this would be an outstanding candidate for most presumptuous comment of the year for several reasons. What I found most appalling was the part where she implied, rather ignorantly, that I don’t have sex unless someone is paying me to with some form of compensation.

THIS is the misconception that I would like to clear up right here and right now.

I had to go on to explain that I have PLENTY of sex OUTSIDE of my work, and that as shocking as it may be to someone like her, I am not paid for the sex I have with significant others or random one night stands that I have for no reason other than enjoyment.

Do people really think this, or was she just crazy?!

Sadly, it seems she is not the only one. Since then and even before this incident, I’ve encountered many people who seem to share in this mind-boggling assumption:

Since she has sex for money, she must be having no sex unless the guy pays her

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

And really, who the hell does my cousin think that she is exactly? I would NEVER in a billion years think I had any right to stumble onto her Facebook and leave comments about how what she chooses to do to make a living has “inevitable shame and disgrace” or tell her that she was making excuses when she defended it by saying she worked to feed her family.

Why? Because that would make me a total idiot and an asshole, among other things I’d rather not be. Who am I to judge anyone else, and who are they to try and judge me?

It’s fine if others don’t understand how myself and many other women can possibly work as escorts. To each his own, right?

But when you start making judgments about other people who are doing nothing harmful to anyone else, that’s when your narrow mindedness becomes crippling and you start putting out negative energy that does nothing but make others feel shitty while reinforcing your erroneous sense of being high and mighty.

This is something I feel strongly about. The attitudes people have of women who are sexually free really needs to change. People should stop slut shaming and making outcasts of those in the sex trade. It just stigmatizes and isolates people who are usually decent human beings and want to live a happy life like everyone else.

If only the world would stop trying to make that impossible.

About the author
Ashly has over five years of experience working as an independent escort in the Portland, OR area. She is also the author of “Sex, Drugs & Being an Escort”—a memoir about her life and various adventures.

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When sugar turns to escort
November 20, 2017 | About escorts

Is there a difference between sugaring and escorting? Is there a line? And what happens if you cross it? There are fairly radical feminists willing to argue that pretty much all relationships between men and women amount to prostitution of some sort because of the inherent imbalance of power between the sexes. And there are men’s rights advocates who seem to be arguing that all women are essentially on the game and men are on the hook financially in every male female relationship.

Our own view is that money is one of the many factors which comes into relationships between men and women (as well as man and men – with lesbians, well its complicated.) Obviously money is an essential element in the escorting transaction but the sugar baby world is more ambiguous.

We’d been in touch with a few girls who are working in the very grey zone between sugaring and outright escorting and thought their stories were interesting.

“There is a bit of a dance in the sugar baby game.” said Sharon who lives in a suburb of Cleveland. “A lot of girls start sugaring with the idea that a nice, older, gentleman will pay them a lot of money every month for the pleasure of their company once a week for a fabulous dinner and that will be pretty much it. Which is crazy if you know the first thing about men.”

“My experience: a guy takes you out to a sports bar and, unless you are very clear, wants to take you to a motel for a sample before a dollar changes hands. I mean, ladies, be real. Men are not lining up to give you money for a kiss on the cheek.”

“There is a lot of nonsense about sugaring not being “transactional”. An escort wants to be paid up front for her time, a sugar baby supposedly wants to find a wealthy gentleman who will give her nice things and an allowance paid monthly. Somehow the “paid monthly” is supposed to change the nature of the transaction. I don’t think so.”

“When I answered my first ad for a “sugar situation” I had the whole sports bar and a quick grope routine. I was pretty naïve but I smartened up fast. My mistake, and it was a classic sugar baby mistake, was to meet in a casual, built in a mall, chain restaurant and expect my date to be dedicated to the “finer things in life”. As if.

“The next time I picked the spot. Upmarket. Three of the guys who contacted me, when I told them where we would meet the first time, vanished. But the next guy was delighted. Now it was my turn to panic a bit because, truth to tell, I had never been to this particular restaurant. But I borrowed a really pretty cocktail dress from a friend and, on spec, bought some really pretty heels. I looked great and, other than being about fifteen years younger than any of the other guests, looked as if I belonged. My date was a nice man in his early fifties and knew his way around a menu and a wine list.”

“We had a great time and, over desert, he came to the point. He was interested in seeing me but didn’t want the obligation an allowance implied. He proposed paying me for each encounter.”

“Now he also promised some shopping and things like spa days and hair appointments; but the fact was I had to make up my mind about being paid “transactionally”. It was actually a pretty easy decision – he was a very nice guy, reasonably fit and good fun. I understood about not wanting to be obligated and what he was offering was pretty attractive. He had the money with him and had booked a nice hotel pretty sure I would say yes.”

“So my second sugar date turned out to be my first escort encounter. I was not worried by this but it certainly made the so called difference between escorting and sugaring seem pretty tiny.”

“That was two years ago. I still see this guy once every couple of months. But I left my sugar baby ad up and it has worked out pretty well. I find most of the sugar daddies who can actually afford an allowance are happy to have a girl for a while. But “a while” can be as short as a month. Then, all of a sudden, they would have their company get re-organized or a big bill would come in and that was the end of my allowance.”

“Not fun. So, to protect myself I always try to have a couple of sugar daddies at the same time. And, very discreetly, I have done a little advertising as an escort. I am really choosy but I like to have a couple of dates a week when my sugars are not around.”

“If I am honest I know there is, for me at least, no real difference between sugaring and escorting. Which is fine. I like the money coming both ways.”

Carmen, a vivacious brunette in her early twenties who spoke to us from Houston, tells a completely different story.

“I actually got into sugaring after escorting for a year. I won’t say I hated escorting. It was a bit fun some of the time but you never knew if you were going to get a call or if the guy who wanted to book you was OK. I screened of course. But the other thing was that the cops in Houston were really down on escorts. And not just street girls. They set up stings and were just looking to arrest girls for nothing. They never got me but it made the whole escorting thing riskier for the girls and for guys looking for a girl.”

“The whole sugar baby thing seemed a lot safer. First off, you got to meet the potential sugar daddy without any expectations you know. Just go and have a couple of drinks with a guy. He checks you out, you check him out.”

“You have to be careful on the sugar sites. They are really harsh with escorts. Which is ok if you know what you are doing and take a look at the ads from the other girls. I like to look a little sexy but I dialed it way back for my sugar ads.”

“So I was still escorting when I hooked up with my first sugar daddy. He was a nice guy, mid thirties, married and making way too much money. He liked to take me shopping for shoes, then lingerie and, for a treat a nice dress or a bag or something. And he totally got the allowance thing. He wanted me to have a nice, safe apartment. So that was good.”

“I was with him for nearly four months and then, well then he wanted to move on. You don’t think about that when you sugar. The thing was that I had pretty much given up my escorting business. Big mistake.”

“All of a sudden I had to make my rent but, instead of the $900 I’d been paying I had $1800 to come up with. Not fun. I had a couple of potential sugar daddies sort of circling around but that was not going to hit rent. So, I got in touch with a couple of my old escorting regulars and, delightfully enough, they were happy to hear from me.”

“I then discovered something I had thought was true but had never really been sure. I saw one of my escorting regulars in a downtown hotel. I wore a nice dress my now former sugar daddy had bought for me, some really pretty shoes and I carried a great bag. I had been getting my hair nicely cut and my manicure was pretty perfect. But, more than anything else, I had been to this hotel with my sugar daddy and the barman – who was really good at the job – remembered me. So I sat and waited for my date who, expecting the old me, walked right past where I was sitting. I called him.”

“He told me he honestly did not recognize me. Being a guy he really couldn’t explain why but the whole package was way different. And he was right. And he gave me a huge tip. And booked a week later.”

“I saw my other regular at my new apartment. Now, I am not saying my old apartment was a dump; but it was nothing like this. Just a one bedroom with minimal furniture. But a really nice black leather couch and chair and a great coffee table. Bedroom was just that: a bed side table, a gorgeous piece of black and white art over the bed and that was it. All very simple, all screaming money.”

“My regular was just amazed. He couldn’t get over the view and the security and the whole vibe of the place. I was wearing another up market outfit my sugar daddy had bought me and, honestly, I looked right at home. My date remarked, “You’ve come up in the world, I hope your prices haven’t doubled.” They hadn’t but he gave me quite a tip and he booked for two weeks later.”

“Which got me to thinking. I definitely wanted to keep sugaring. But I was never going to find myself looking at rent without a guarantee. So, rather than trying to pick only one of my sugar suitors I decided to pick both. Not too hard to do. And I decided to keep replying to the more interesting sugar ads. I had to take my own down because sugar daddies get totally paranoid if they see you advertising. Even though they are on the sugar daddy site themselves to find your replacement.”

“But I also decided to keep seeing a few of my old escorting regulars. Plus, I did put up a very discreet ad for gentlemen visiting Houston. And for those “new” clients I took my regulars’ advice and raised my rates…A lot.”

It all takes a bit of juggling but, honestly, if you treat your sugars with a firm hand they stick around longer. They each have their evening and one weekend day a month. Regulars book well in advance, out of state visitors have an evening on the town and a happy ending. It’s all manageable. Not to mention lucrative.

“I’d never escort.” said April a 32 year old sugar baby in Orlando. “Never. I have my gentlemen callers whom I suppose you might call sugar daddies but our arrangements are entirely different.”

We wondered if April was entirely getting the distinction between escorting and sugaring. “Of course I do. Escorting means that you take money from men who will then expect things to move on to activities between consenting adults. None of my gentlemen have any such expectation.”

“Of course, I am a friendly girl and I like to see my gentleman happy. But you sure as Hell can’t just phone me up and pop over a quickie. No, I take my sugaring seriously. I expect a gentleman to make his contribution monthly and I expect him to be generous.”

“I do see a number of men. Each of them wants different things and I try to be accommodating. I don’t advertise but I do read ads gentleman place. If one catches my fancy I will get in touch and arrange a nice date. But I make it very clear, no “activities”. That’s just one of the things which makes me very different from any escort I know. And, I should add, I don’t discuss “activities” either. We might talk a bit about what they enjoy when they are with a girl but I don’t say a thing.”

“The way I see it sugar daddies come in all shapes and sizes. One might want to see you three times a week, another is more than happy to spend time just twice a month. I don’t for a second pretend I am exclusive. And everyone has to wear a party hat. And, as you can figure out yourself, a sugar daddy who wants to take up a lot of my time will wind up paying a lot more than a gentleman who would like to spend a Sunday evening once in a while. However, it is a little more complicated than that because I don’t set any “rate”. That would be much too much like an escort. Instead I make it clear to my gentlemen that a lady has certain needs and she very much appreciates having them taken care of. I never have a problem.”

“One other big difference, my sugars almost never stop. I mean I am still seeing the second man I ever went on a sugar date with and that was nearly eight years ago. My gentlemen are loyal and I aim to keep them that way.”

For Julia, a mid twenties blonde from the suburbs of Philadelphia there is very little distinction between sugaring and escorting.

“I have a nice, comfortable, mid-range escorting business in the burbs. Lots of married guys who like to have a bit of extra fun once in a while and are willing to pay for it. I am all about “discreet, no drama, no regrets” experiences and, frankly, I am good at what I do.”

“I do a little advertising which keeps a steady stream of new clients coming in but I am choosy. And I love my regulars. What I love about my regulars is that I know them. I have checked them out. I know what they like and I am good at making sure they leave with a smile on their face and a promise to be back soon.”

“With new escort clients there is always the hassle of screening and then the fact that when they arrive at my place they don’t know me and I don’t know them. Which can be, let’s face it, awkward. I’ve done this long enough that I get through it but I don’t love it.”

“I saw the whole sugar thing as something I was not interested in. Too much commitment, not enough money. But a girlfriend, who escorts as well,d tried it and really liked the experience.”

“Here’s the thing: the whole sugar daddy world is set up so that you can spend some time looking for guys you think might work for you. Yes, you still have to screen and there are plenty of time wasters and cheapskates. But a bit of emailing back and forth sorts them out pretty well.”

“I don’t tell them I escort. I mean escorts are prohibited on the sugar sites. But I don’t tell them because it would spoil the illusion they are buying. At the same time having my escorting income means I can be a lot tougher about things like allowances and how often they can see me. I like the sugar money but I don’t depend on it.”

“I dress well both escorting and sugaring. I am pretty enough that with a nice pair of heels and a kiss of make-up I turn heads. Sugar daddies always seem to want to meet in mid-range restaurants which, I suppose, in the burbs is pretty much what there is. But I like a little more commitment and there are a couple of great places not too far from where I live. One French, one Italian. I put on a pretty little Donna Karan black knit dress which gives a fairly good hint of what is on offer and do the date. I can usually tell in five minutes whether a guy it sugar daddy material. In my escorting business I am only concerned with whether a guy has the money that particular date will cost him. With a sugaring arrangement, I am looking for a serious allowance. Watching how a man orders dinner and wine gives me a pretty good hint. So do the old signals of shoes, watch and if he’s smart, tie.

I reserve one night a week for sugar. The rest of the week I am escorting but I don’t see escort clients on the night I see my sugar daddy. I like to have time to bathe, choose a pretty dress, make-up and be ready. Now I like to do the same thing for my escort dates but I often don’t have the time.

So far I have only had one sugar daddy at a time but I can see how easy it would be to cut my escorting back a little more and have two. Economically, it would be a little less money but, in theory, more stable money.

“I think of the whole escorting vs. sugaring thing as a bit bogus. Frankly, your escorting clients and your sugar daddy are visiting you for much the same thing. One is buying wholesale, the other retail. I suppose the “nice” girls of the world would like to have their sugar and eat it to. I’m a realist. Men enjoy what I have to offer. How they chose to pay for it is entirely up to them.

Over time I can see myself moving away from the escorting business and more into the sugaring world. But I’d keep as many of my regulars as I could. You never know when a sugar daddy is going to bail.

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Escort Agency Talk – 192

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The fading taboo of transsexual escorts
May 22, 2012 | About escorts

Meeting up for a steamy date with a beautiful woman who just happens to have something a little extra down there is a fantasy of many individuals, although the concept of having a sexual experience with a transgender person is still officially taboo.

Whether it’s taboo or not, the trend of transsexual escorts is a growing one, with providers in every metropolitan city in the United States and across the world.

A transgender man, derogatorily referred to as a shemale, usually dresses and presents himself as a woman. In addition to presenting himself as a woman, she also identifies himself as a female.

Tranny escorts have often undergone surgery to obtain breast implants, remove testicles (to stop the production of sperm) and Adam’s apple shaving (to reduce the appearance of a man’s Adam’s apple). However, the penis of some transsexual escorts is still intact and working.

There is a growing interest in meeting up with a transgender escort, and a client’s sexuality is usually not questioned when an appointment is booked. Most transsexual escorts don’t classify a client as straight, gay or bisexual. Sexual preference is not an issue to escorts who cross both lines themselves.

Most male clients are attracted to transgender escorts because they are curious about what the other side of life might be like. By exploring it with a transsexual escort, a client may be able to do it without feeling gay, since the escort does, indeed, look like a woman. Many men and women explore their sexuality in college, but many others wait until later in life to address their curiosities. However, later in life it’s not as easy to explore one’s own sexuality. An escort is the perfect way to do it discreetly and privately.

Some male clients visit transsexual escorts, because they are experiencing gender issues of their own. By exploring what it’s like to be with a transgender escort, they learn a bit more about what it’s like to be a transsexual. They can investigate the way another person’s body feels and performs as a transgender individual.

Additionally, some clients are just turned on by anything that is taboo. From exhibitionist sex to intimacy with a transsexual escort, anything that is considered taboo is a huge erotic rush that makes the loins throb. Many clients get their kicks by visiting a transsexual escort, because she has the best of both worlds: boobs up top and a wiener down below. The biggest taboo for a truly straight man is to have sex with another man — and here is a way of doing it without going the whole nine yards.

The same cautious mentality has blessed the world with the eternal wisdom “it’s not gay if balls aren’t touching”

Transsexual escorts face a lot of danger as they move through their life. Because of people’s prejudices, they must carefully screen their clients, asking for references along the way, in order to ensure that a client is safe to be around. Many transsexual escorts have been beaten and killed as a result of their status as a woman with male parts. Some potential clients make dates with a transsexual escort simply with the prospect of “teaching them a lesson” or “to beat some sense into them.” Many men take offense to an attractive transgender person and accuse them of trying to fool real men. Transsexual escorts do nothing of the sort, but they must always be on the alert to those who wish to put them in danger. Additionally, they face the same threats of robbery and rape that all escorts do, plus the legal bullying.

Like cyclists on the road, wholeheartedly despised by both motorists and pedestrians, TS escorts are the pariahs in the adult industry world. Gay male escorts judge them; straight female escorts ridicule them. Regardless which group people try to classify them into, they don’t fit. They are on their own.

Transsexual escorts deserve as much common courtesy and consideration as any other living being. If you date a TS escort, show them the same respect as you would to a natural escort (refer to our guide “How to behave with an escort: a few dos and donts”). Arrive on time and leave at the time you and she discussed. Express gratitude for any services provided. And, don’t forget to tip: these working girls enjoy being tipped just as much as other escorts do!

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What do guys want – and get – from male escorts?

March 6, 2014 | Escorts on escorting, For escorts, Male escorts

My escort name was Jake. If I wanted to know more about you, I’d tell you it was Jacob, off the bat. You can tell a lot from someone by the way they respond to a person’s name. Would they make fun of it, would they test it, or would they think it’s cute? Does it remind them of someone from their past and is that good or bad? After all, we’re in the business of pleasure and it’s bad for business to choose a name that your client may have negative associations with.

by Jake S.

There is a lot I’ve learned over the years: much of which contradicts normal stereotypes about human behavior, while others ardently confirm it. Still, throughout all my adventures one thing remains true. It is that all men are not entirely created equal. Now we’re not talking about penis size, or how much money a man has here. We’re talking there are countless persuasions that turn men on and no one is ever the same. You have to get to know your client in more ways than one.

Yes, men in general do tend to be rather aggressive and assertive to a larger degree, perhaps even considered a bit “penis-forward” when a decision has to be made regarding… well, just about anything. But from my experience as an escort, men are fascinating creatures. I never get tired of them, which was a good thing in my profession. It is a unique challenge to discover what makes them tick, and more importantly what gets them on your side.

One mistake young escorts make is that they assume all men want the same thing. They think they all want a quick fuck and that they’ll never see them again. That’s not exactly the reality. It can be, but I’ve found there’s a story involved that gets lost in assumptions as well as expectations. It would behoove escorts to always be on their game and to always expect the unexpected. That way they’re always in control and never get too bored. Just like any service, repeat customers can certainly have their benefits, if this is something you are looking for. I’d recommend it for a few reasons.

Repeat customers establish long-term economic stability and a pleasant working environment. If you both know what makes each other tick and consent to the agreed upon business terms, it takes a lot of the danger out of the equation. There can also be the situation where a john gets too attached, but this is truly up to the escort to establish clear boundaries and not to push the envelope too much so that the ball is left solely in the customer’s court. You can still have a lot of fun and remain professional at all times.

I’ve noticed while speaking with other escorts that there is a perception that sex work is all the same, which is very wrong. Escorts are, on average, highly intelligent people. Most don’t assume this for reasons of social perception, but it’s clear to me that over the years the more knowledgeable you are about human nature and the complexities of the human condition, the more successful you’ll be at any job…quite literally, I must say. It’s my opinion that escorts are more than just hard working sex-workers. They are fantasies incarnate, entrepreneurs of resourcefulness, and masters of survival and persuasion.

I remember I had a customer once who was an older gentleman. I wasn’t expecting much. I just wanted to do my job and I had only had a few johns before. I was young and didn’t really know what I was doing at the time, but he picked me out for some reason and I began to go about my routine as I had been instructed. The table was set, the lotions were aligned, and the light was lit just enough to make us both look and feel attractive and safe.

He began to take off his tweed jacket and hang it up on the hook on the back of the door. He explained to me that he had just finished teaching a class that afternoon at a local university and hadn’t had much time to go out looking for anyone later that evening. He was a bit of a regular there and his smile was quite cordial. He had obviously grown up in a time much different than today and still he had the moxy to retain a sense of dignity and adventure amidst it all. So, I allowed the scene to play out as it would in order to remain present and vigilant in case anything out of the ordinary occurred.

At this point he was naked and lying on the massage table face up, which was different than what I was used to seeing so early on in the session. I began to lotion up my hands and proceed to touch his thighs when he stopped me. He looked at me dead in the eyes and said, “I just wanna talk.” I had never had anyone say that before. I mean, talking was always in the cards. In fact, it was encouraged in order to gage the client: his likes, dislikes, fantasies, expectations, etc.

I took his lead and pulled his hand off my wrist and placed it gently into my smooth hands. I sat down next to him on the table and he began to tell me stories of his life. I sat there for almost an hour listening to him talk about his experiences as a gay man and a teacher in England; his tragic losses and his deepest desires. All the while he was telling me the stories of his life, he was naked and occasionally touched himself, but never became fully erect. I asked a few times if he would like me to help, but he just smiled and said, “You already are.” I thought that was sweet albeit not at all what I was expecting, but the session continued.

I realized then and there that a lot of what men want from male escorts is to be heard, listened to and acknowledged for something deep down that may be continually overlooked and undervalued by others. Whether that’s their wives, their girlfriends, their students, their bosses or even their parents to a large extent. I’ve had men of all ages and persuasions come to me for services and not once was it ever the same. Sure, a tight ass and a smooth face doesn’t hurt. But you’d be surprised to find out that men are much more complex than we give them credit for.

Men want to be shaken up a little bit. They want someone to talk to that won’t judge them because of all their idiosyncrasies. Guys want to feel from someone else the way they want to feel about themselves. If you can give them that, you’ve done your job, and hopefully you’ll be compensated well for you work.

As the old man left he slipped me $250 as a tip. He wished me luck and hoped he’d see me again: The old man whose life just flashed before me in a series of vignettes spoken aloud, some for the first time. A man who appeared to me with a youthful smile and a belly full of life just wanted to be completely vulnerable with someone else, if even just for an hour. Something transformed in him in that hour and it was such a pleasure for me to witness it. I was happy to give that to him and it made the rest of the day’s work that much more interesting.

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