Transient feeling of happiness- Dayana@TGF

It’s been some time since I last posted a review here. But after my wonderful session with Dayana, I couldn’t resist sharing my delightful experience. So, here it is…

Dayana @TGF has been on the “must see” list of many and I have to say she has been on my for quite a while as a “Maybe one day…” But my procrastination was getting me nowhere.
Well gentleman that day was today.

I looked at her schedule and fired off a quick text and communication with the booker at TGF was seamless and the date was set. I was the first person in the line to get a time with this beautiful Latin beauty!

Finding her incall location was bit of a maze but booker made it easy giving perfect step by step direction!

I have to say I was a little intimidated entering into this date. There would be a number of reasons for this.

I have been waiting for such a longtime to meet up with her.She has quite an established image already and much has already been said about this girl. A sort of benchmark you may say,all this played on my mind leading up to our time together but fears were quickly awashed as the door was open.

She is quite a stunning beauty which in itself can be intimidating but is so down to earth I actually believe that she maybe unaware on how stunning she is, so you fall at ease almost immediately. To me that is a sign of a successful beginning. As is that first kiss.Well I didn’t have to wait long and no little peck from this lass. Nor was it a fake ram her tongue down your throat. It truly was the “I have been away for months and god how I’ve missed you” type of kiss.

I judge service by the way an escort kisses me. If she is going through the motions, she will just purse her lips which then leaves me feeling as if I am forcing her to kiss me. Dayana kissed me as if I was her boyfriend and she would smile at me during rest intervals. Her passionate kissing was amazing.

The BBBJ was the best I ever received and the sex was so breathtaking that I had to stop, so I wouldn’t prematurely ejaculate.

I know there is a good reason why incall location have mirrors and we both made sure to make best use of it, standing doggy was the highlight of the session followed by a 10/10 experience. Aka..CIMWS.

Today was a great day! Thank you TGF and Dayana!

Written by havocsolver in a review forum