Toned spinner Darcy @ TGF made my head spin! πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« ❀️ πŸ‘

It was my first time booking with this agency. The responses by text were prompt and polite and no issues there. Completed the screening process by sending an EMT because the option of screening via terb wasn’t available to me since my account is too new. Everything was discreet and handled professionally.

I reached out about Darcy because I read about this agency offering a discount to try new girls so I called up about it. Darcy is my type. I found her attractive facially at the door in a girl next door kind of way, she doesn’t speak English much, told me she is from Mexico.

I loved her body, she has a small waist and a very nice toned ass. Her breasts are small so I wouldn’t recommend her for those who like big boobs, but if you are an ass man then she is a good fit. Specially for those who like the pear shaped girls with generous hips and an amazing ass.

Sexually this girl was a powerhouse, her kissing was deep and sensual, blown job was skilful with a combination of hand and mouth and she got down low on the floor to get under my ballsack and gobbled my balls and licked them while stroking my junior. I eat her pussy and made it wet, we switched to 69 then she grabbed the condom and got on top. She rode me hard and vigorously alternating between grinding her pussy and pounding. I couldn’t hold it and came. After I came she took off the condom cleaned me up and licked it like a lollipop.

I had fun and I would recommend Darcy to anyone who loves spinners and the agency is top notch.

Written by Mr.CarsonJr in a review forum