She’s sprightly

Facial features are the least important thing for me. I doubt they will ever factor into any of my yay/nay decisions. I’m going to say she is attractive. Huge bonus surprise. Amazing eyes. I am such an eye guy.

Usual greetings. But first impression. “She’s sprightly”

Shower done.

I knew all about her reputation for kissing. As we started exploring each other verbally and physically, she was kind enough to warn me. So endearing.

My experiences with another WG has opened me up some to DFK ( it’s been a boundary forever). We continued for a decent amount of time. Kissing, touching, talking, laughing. A really good balance of LFK/DFK. During sex, that continued during a few positions and transitions.

I like switches, because I’m one. Today I wanted a sub. She is. Took all directions and allowed me to control both acts and transitions between. Numerous positions. One of which she’s never done. She was quite pleased with it.

After foreplay, I started with daty. She is both receptive and responsive. Than to BBJ-BLS. Very good technique, quite good. Allowed me to guide with a hand no hesitation.

Different positions tried.

mis, Doggy, CG, one of my favs, mish again, standing doggy

and she allowed me to pick her up, for standing mish feet off the floor and lots of LFK/DFK.

Time was running out so back to mish. Finish cim.

A: 9-10. Great personality. Lots of chat during, some laughs. More during the few minutes we had for pillow talk.

S: 9-10

not once did she hesitate while transitioning and a few times when-she trusted me to support her weight and not let her fall.

recomend. You bet, ymmv

Repeat: very likely if/when schedules Align.

/edit forgot a key word.

high energy. By the time we were done sweat was dripping.

For: Jasmine- Toronto Girlfriends.
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