Round 3: El Vergazos Vs Ariel @ TGF – a 3rd Latina slayed by the monster

When dawning the mask of El Vergazos is not all fun and games amigos, I have a reputation to uphold as a Latina pussy destroyer; the monster in my pants loves tight Latina pussy. Naturally, I had to check out Ariel on her first day.

Cute, girl next door in her mid to late twenties in appearance with a pinkish red hairdo. Opened the door in her lingerie looking a little shy. Money and shower out of the way we stood there toe to toe, face to face, me with my towel around my waist. I reached out for a kiss and initially she was shy about using her tongue until I started to probe her mouth with my own. She reached for my manhood through the towel and fondled the monster while we were DFKing.

On her own, without me asking her to, she got down on her knees and started sucking on my cock. She seemed pleased when she saw him grow in her mouth but she can’t take it deep at all. Big time gag reflex, which was kinda hot because she kept on drooling spit all over my member, sloppy spit and stroking. Couple times I had to take her hand away from my cock because she was using a little too much hand.

She’s a small girl but she’s got toned muscular legs, I skipped DATY becsuse her pussy was already wet so I put on the condom and put it in. She was very wet. In our wrestling match, the first round went to me since she couldn’t deep throat or tame the monster with her mouth; however round two went to her pussy because she got super horny and rode me like a porn star. This girl must have been cock starved because she just zoned out rolling her eyes and used me as her pogo stick to bounce aggressively on my cock. I didn’t have much of a choice and she got the nut out of me without giving me a choice lol

Looks: 7/10 cute Latina girl next door, I liked her hair and hairstyle. Nice lips

Body: 7/10 small, slender, fit legs, b cups, don’t remember any tattoos

Service: 7/10 mainly for the blowjob with her using a little too much hand, she needs to be coached by one of you guys. Her pussy pounded me so I am thinking of giving her a .5 point more for that aggressive focus lol

Attitude: 9/10 very friendly, speak good English and kept on making sure I was ok.

Written by vergazos in a review forum