Nava has the most perfect B cups I’ve ever had my hands on, & her ass wow…

All awhile throughout these futile bookings, the booker had mentioned Nava & assured me that I would enjoy her services. So I took the bait and booked an hour, man I am glad I did. A special thanks to the booker at TGF.

On with the review, I all ways ask the booker about a sf2, as its my thing, & Nava was ok with it. Once I get there & the door opens & I get my first glimpse of Nava, I think to my self wow she’s cute, she’s pretty, with long dark hair & a perfect body. Her bio on the tgf website is accurate, her pictures with the Christmas outfit does her justice.

We talked for a bit getting to know each as much as we could, & we eventually hit it off. She was excited & eager to start that shower, that I explicitly explained my erotic intentions to her. lol. While in the shower we were making out like 2 horny teenagers, our hands exploring each other’s body. She has the most perfect B cups I’ve ever had my hands on, & her ass wow, & a flat stomach. I had the time of my life exploring her body all soap’d up, massaging every inch of her. At one point I went on my knees & wrapped my hands & arms around her stomach my face on her ass, then my wondering hands massaging her legs.

After about 10 / 15 minutes we made our way to the bed room, where my hands caressing her entire body again. I eventually made my way to the prize, she was waiting impatiently for me to start licking her box, a few minutes in she had an orgasm. She switched it up & she started on me with a great bbbj, after only a few minutes I had to stop her, before I blown my load. So I got her to sit on my face as I went to town on her again, which turned in to a 69. I was so close to popping I asked for the condom & instructed her to go slow as I was close to popping, she laughed & agreed. Well she got on top of me cg & she did start off slow then I picked up the pace, we went back & forth for awhile, she felt amazing, minutes later I felt she had her second orgasm, we were going at it until I told her I was really close, she want to switch positions & we did, me on top from behind. A few minutes of that & I couldn’t hold it any more & had a wild orgasm, I was spent.

She proceeded to get a warm wet hand towel to clean up my member, then we laid on the bed cuddling & we talk some more. After my shower she a had a warm towel ready for me, what a nice touch to end a great time. Of course I told her that I had a great time & that I will be seeing her again & again.

Do I recommend, yes definitely, just wait another week or 2 before you book her, so I can book her with no problems 😊
As always ymmv.

Written by unique69 – taken from a review forum