My first impression of Baby was amongst my top first impressions recently.

As mentioned in my earlier review, more and more I am gravitating towards the white girls and non-Asian places because some of the prices for the Asian girl are getting ridiculous. They say lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place, but that adage couldn’t be further from the truth. After seeing Sugar Dolce from the same agency (Toronto Girlfriends), I thought I had found myself a regular because our sex chemistry was terrific. Then I see another new to the industry girl being advertised and of course I had to try her out. Little did I know, lightning was about to strike my dick for a second time.

My first impression of Baby was amongst my top first impressions recently. She was dressed in a super cute Kawaii outfit, had her makeup done in a cosplay style kawaii cat like mascara, and she had the sweetest high pitch girliest voice. I felt like this girl had been exported right out of an anime and brought into life as a flesh and blood person. I love those super girly voices, not sure if I have mentioned that before, and the getup was just too much for me. I made my hands busy right away and she reciprocated till we both ended locked in arms and lips.

We got the business out of the way, since she asked, and then off to the showers I was. Once I came out, she was waiting for me on the bed. We locked lips, traded licks, and exchanged spit in some messy sloppy DFK. I made my way down her body moving her lingerie to the side while sucking and licking her body parts previously covered by clothing, very slowly but deliberately heading straight to downtown pussytown. There is something special about white vaginas, it is just the bright pink hue that they have, specially as they get more and more horny. I licked it and fingered it, but she did not squirt like her friend Miss Dolce. Sex was intense with her, and to my surprise I lasted for a very long time.

After our hot sweaty sex, we pillow talked extensively about common interests. Videogames, culture, music, social media, etc… This young lady is very smart and easy to talk to as well. Unfortunately, I cannot say whether CIM is on the menu or not, but I can say with certainty that I will be seeing this little cutie again.

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