Missy @TGF

Thought I would add a review for a well deserving provider.

As always TGF’s location, with ample parking, and comfortable units is a prime consideration for me. Long drives and 60 minute appointments make for a long “me day” when I feel in the mood for some decompression.

I’ve spent some quality and quirky time with Missy twice now. I’m not going to dive into the physical gymnastics too much. I’ll include some, as I know, it’s helps others decide.

My initial visit as always is exploratory. I was greeted by a genuine, articulate and thoughtful lady. Greeeting and getting to know each other a bit included some LFK/DFK.I politely asked “ before we get carried away, is there anything I should know”. She was upfront with her reply.

On my second visit the things I look for were there right away. Then again, I had so much fun the first time, my customary wait between was way shorter.

I would say she is orally gifted. Certainly knew how to push my bottons and get my attention. On the flip side I had a ton of wet fun finding and pushing hers. She is naturally abundantly responsive and that is hugely important me.

FS we’ve pleased each other in numerous positions, and she has, at times been both submissive and a little assertive. That said, imo, she is on the submissive side.

a few last thoughts on some of my priorities. I don’t take “flyers” very often. Long drives, etc. My time is important to me. Happy I took one with her. I always like spending a little time just as people, chatting about this or that. Within realistic boundaries we have that elusive “connection and chemistry”.

Not much more I can think to add. So much is subjective for each individual . I can say, and will say, in the box of chocolates this industry is, I look forward to savoring her again and again.

Along with another TGF regular I’m pleased to see is back.

Thanks TGF and Missy.

Written by Not Getting Younger in a review forum