Lovely Encounter with Sweet Eastern European Nikita @ TGF

I introduced one of my friends to TERB and the whole hobby lifestyle, he couldn’t believe how wordy I can be when I write my reviews. We work together and at the job site I am known for being a man of few words. My friend nicknamed me the construction poet lol I don’t see anything wrong with working with your hands and playing with words. It’s been a while since I felt motivated to write a review. Nikita inspired the wordsmith in me to come out to play because of how wonderfully she played with my dick.

To begin with she opened the door in this sexy erotic black lingerie set that hugged her curves so nicely. A see through robe covered her bum, and when she gave me a peek I started to feel my dick getting hard. She greeted me very warmly with a kiss and a hug and in her broken English tried to make me feel welcome. The pictures on the site are very accurate for what you can expect her body to look like. Facially i found her to be attractive in an Eastern European way. She kinda reminded me of Miranda Kerr, but don’t hold me to this comparison, it could just be me.

Her body was slender with curves and her ass was a pleasure to squeeze and play with. Eating her pussy was a joy, clean and responsive. Her clit really became enlarged when I was licking it, she was hesitant to allow digits so I stayed in the outside of her vagina. I am not one to push girl’s boundaries and digits is not a deal breaker to me anyway. For those that care, just be aware.

Blowjob was the highlight of the session because while she was sucking my dick she kept looking up at me with a flirty look and she winked a couple times before going for a deep throat. When she hit the back of her throat she would come up for air and look at me with those eyes like a puppy looking for a treat. I love this submissive, approval seeking dynamic and it really turned me on.

During sex she got really wet and I loved the feeling of her ass cheeks meeting my thrusts. The right amount of cushion for the pushing, it didn’t take me long to cum.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that her English is very poor. She told me she is an international student, just arrive, trying to save money to establish herself here while she’s studying. I would see her again.

Written by alex1985 in a review forum