Katherine @ TGF

So normally I stay away from EE women unless they are highly recommended, like Ukrainian Anna used to be (Miss her, she was great). I just find they are not very passionate or interested in the session. I was recommended to see Katherine at TGF. So, I decided to give her a shot. Jesus, thank you. 🙏

Where to start? Looks, that’s always subjective. She looks like your girl next door Ukrainian that you wonder if she’s a freak in the sheets (short answer: Yes). She practices yoga so she has a slim build, muscular but in a toned way and flexible. Braces on her teeth in case that bothers people. Very nice ass for a slim girl.

From the moment she opened the door, sexuality was in the air. Kissing as I came in. She took my jacket and from there we never looked back. Dfk all over the place, ended up in the chair. Took off her clothes and giving her digits, for those that like that she’s down. Pick her up and move to the bed. Go for DATY and I swear to God, this girl cums multiple times. Her clit is the key, so focus on that if you want to see her moan in pleasure.

I was ready to go in, but she wanted to give me BBBJ first. Good call, cause she’s a champ. DT all the way to the base, light FF. Technique is top notch, slow and wet. I could have stood there all day just getting head, but I needed to get in her. Tight and DFK, legs all over, I didn’t bother anything other than missionary the first shot.

Second round, it was so good that I just couldn’t finish before the hour ended. Happens sometimes. But not from a lack of trying on Katherine’s end. You name the position, we were doing it. She was determined to get my second nut. She wanted it in her mouth so she hopped into a 69. I see her reach for the lube and she reaches back and puts some down her ass crack and says nothing. So, I took it as an invitation to stick my finger in her ass. DPing her with my thumb and finger while getting incredible head. This girl was unstoppable. Who knows how long we would have went on, because the hour alarm on her phone went off.

What a session! Katherine knows sexuality and knows how to use it. Please treat her well, as I wanted to keep her to myself. But I’ve been lazy and haven’t reviewed in a long time, so was time to give something back.

Written by Charlie Mack in a review forum