Dayana@TGF by Carson

After reading @VERGAZOS review of Dayana:

I was very excited to meet this lady. Booking was even easier now since I have become a verified member. The person on the phone was top notch polite and answered my questions promptly.

Location is convenient close to my work, but I try to arrive early so as to not delay anyone’s schedule. I was very pleased with this lady when she greeted me at the door with a one piece lingerie outfit. Very sultry look with dark hair and dark eyes but light skin. We got the introductions out of the way, and she offered me a towel. Right before I headed to the washroom she kissed me and told me to hurry up because she was horny.

I saw Darcy at this agency the week prior and I thought Darcy was sexually energetic but comparing her to Dayana, I think Dayana is on a different league. She was a very good kisser, I enjoyed her technique and we made out passionately for a long time before she asked me to show her my cock. I looked down at her crotch and she was already visible wet, reached for her pussy and she just moaned in anticipation.

Mutual 69 followed, her pussy was fresh and clean. She started gyrating her hips and grinding on my face. I was drowning in her pussy juice. As we were fucking after I could feel her cumming and her pussy pulsing on my cock. I couldn’t make her squirt but the wet was incredibly wet.

I had so much fun I plan to return to see her asap.

Written b Mr.CarsonJr in a review forum