Ayesha is young, with gorgeous, silky black hair, and her body was absolutely stunning.

I don’t usually write reviews, but my experience today has prompted me to share. Here’s my story:

My work often takes me to different places, and today I found myself in Markham, where TGF has a location. I decided to reach out to TGF to request some time with Ayesha for 1 hour.

Unfortunately, the timing initially didn’t fit into my schedule. Then along came Stacey, the booker, with some options. After a bit of back and forth, she managed to make it work and was incredibly helpful. Kudos to Stacey for ensuring I didn’t miss this opportunity, and my guiding star!

The booking process was smooth, and I’ve always found TGF to be excellent at communication. The location was their Markham condo, which I’ve visited a few times without any issues. It’s definitely one of my preferred locations to go to.

When I arrived at the door, I was greeted by a stunning, brown-eyed, somewhat shy girl in sexy lingerie. We started with some conversation, which was a great icebreaker.

After a quick shower, we got started. This girl is truly beautiful, at least in my eyes. She’s young, with gorgeous, silky black hair, and her body was absolutely stunning. Her derriere was particularly amazing, and her breasts were ample enough to bury my face in. I also found her small chest tattoo quite sexy.

Now, onto the services. She’s fantastic at riding in the cowgirl position and seemed to genuinely enjoy herself, which motivated me to put in even more effort. We had fun exploring various positions.

Throughout our time together, she was professional, accommodating, and attentive to my desires. She also had a great soft and gentle personality that I die for.

I would definitely recommend her and will be seeing her again!

Face: 9.9/10 (truly beautiful, that bollywood type face gets me immensely excited)
Body: 10/10 (absolutely in love with her well-rounded figure, especially her grab-worthy derriere)
Hygiene: A+
Service: 10/10 (incredibly accommodating and attentive to my requests)

I didn’t regret a single moment and would love to have her all to myself, but such is life… gentlemen, treat her well.

Written by Kusa in a review forum