Anushka @ Toronto Girlfriends – Chapter 1 in the Best Indian Girl in the City Series –

Looks wise, she has always been in the upper tier of the Indian escorts category with her pretty face. She is my type facially. Her face shape is a bit round, with delicate chin, big dark eyes, cheeks that become perked up when she smiles, and what a great big smile she has. Natural full kissable lips, and thick black mane of hair that would make all middle-aged balding men jealous. She looks a little older than when we first met, and I would put her age at around 28-30 years old based upon a visual inspection. Her body is still slender but soft and feminine, there are some parts that are downright fluffy, like her ass. Her boobs are generous and soft, I am pretty sure they’re manmade but they could fool anyone since they fit her frame and feel very natural in my hands. Overall her body build would be average, leaning towards the fluffy but not quite getting to the skinny fat mark.

She is tall, and her legs are long and slender; with the high heels on she easily towers around 6 feet. Without the heels she is about 5’9 (175 cm). Her hair is long and almost comes down to her lower back, actually I am pretty sure she cut it shorter because I remember it was longer. The hair color has some blond streaks/highlights, I mention it because aside from the hair color, I find the pictures to be a fair representation of her in person. Pictures are fairly accurate.

The attire of choice was a sexy green lingerie with a robe split in the middle parting way to give a peek of her cleavage upon our greeting at the door. She was happy and smiling and made me feel welcome. Our familiarity allowed for a less structured session, and we just got into chatting on the couch before neither one of us removed any items of clothing. Until it was time, I excused myself to the washroom and rinsed off my balls to give Anushka a fresh set (of balls) to gobble on. Back in the bedroom we began kissing, awkwardly at first but quickly warming up and getting into a nice rhythm of DFK. I appreciated the fact that she was fresh in the breath department.

Anushka is a party girl, who likes to have a good time and is an avid fan of wine and spirits, let’s put it that way. Offered me a drink but I declined because I wasn’t in the mood to drink, We continued to kiss and fondle on the edge of the bed, transitioned into her kneeling in front of me sucking on my dick. The session was slow paced with interludes of foreplay interrupted by giggles and jokes, resuming slowly building up towards the condom on my cock. Noteworthy, and this is one thing that sets Anushka apart, she has the softest pillowy pussy I have ever felt. As I was fingering her, it felt like my fingers were swirling around on a piece of cloud and I went off on a daydream imagining what that velvety soft pussy would feel like around my dick.

Overall, it was a good session, multiple positions but no MSOG due to the fact we got carried away chatting, she is a great conversationalist and very smart and in my experience you have to be vocal with her about what you want so I should have mentioned MSOG to her but I am not complaining per say. Anushka is someone that I may see again in the future; however, in terms of being the best Indian girl in the city I think she could be a contestant facially

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