How to keep your escort encounters discreet

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The reason that indulgences with the escort industry are so successful is discretion. The business would not be beneficial to anyone if it were conducted openly, in the public, in the view of clients’ family members, friends and colleagues. As they are learning the ropes, escorts discover the significance of acting in such a manner that their dalliances with clients fly under the radar, both with clients’ lives and their own privacy at stake. But, many clients fail to realize the roles they play in keeping their escapades under wraps.
When you book an encounter with an escort, there are several things you should be doing to keep your actions a secret. This is especially true if your interest in an escort is not an isolated whim. Take these precautions to ensure your secret remains just that:

  • Use as many anonymous email accounts as you can manage. Even if others don’t have the passwords to your main email accounts, they may be easily accessible from your computer or phone. Access to any emails that disclose your communications with escorts will expose your activities to family members, friends and colleagues. The best way to avoid accidental discovery by others is to limit all correspondence to anonymous accounts that won’t be innocently seen by accidental viewings. For example, if your wife is attempting to find information about the gas bill, she might check for the updated statement in your email account, unintentionally stumbling upon your last email from the escort you’re going to see Thursday evening. Don’t put your secret at risk by failing to protect it. It’s easier than ever to establish a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account that isn’t linked to anything else you regularly use. Avoid checking this account on your home computer or other personal devices you allow others to use. Additionally, you should never use your work computer or tablet to communicate with an escort, either. In your absence at work, another colleague may utilize your computer to complete a task, inadvertently running across your sexy emails.
  • Use a prepaid phone. Use cash or a prepaid (with cash) credit card to buy a cheap, basic phone + airtime in convenient increments from TracFone or a similar company. This is the most untraceable option. Be sure to keep this phone out of sight. Turn it on only when needed, then turn it off.
  • Act diligently to hide your escort communications if you use your work equipment or personal mobile phone. Some clients choose to use one phone for business, personal and escort activities, because shuffling around different mobiles is confusing and inconvenient. If you choose to incorporate all of your contacts onto one phone, realize that you run a high risk of someone finding out about you and an escort. But, there are ways to hide your actions. The first thing to avoid doing is saving your escort’s contact information. Even though it’s much handier when you can just look her up in your contact list, it provides access to her number and information to others. And, if you call or text her or him, the name will show up in the call or text log. Also, carefully delete call logs or text messages that show communication with your escort. Get rid of pictures that you exchanged, and password protect your phone. (This won’t ensure that your phone is secure from prying eyes, but it will help.) Consider installing a protective application that will safeguard your phone. One to try is BlackBook, available for iPhone and Android users. It hides your secret contact list, provides a fake name and number when contacts call or text and doesn’t show up on your phone’s app listings. It can only be accessed through a keypad code, ensuring that your details stay private.
  • Keep your browsing history clear. If you have been exploring the options in the escort industry by browsing escort directories, you should hide your browsing history to eliminate the chance for discovery by others. You never know when someone may pop open your laptop to check their Facebook account or checking account balance. Odds are that nobody will check your browsing history, but it’s better to have no history in the first place. (And, if your spouse or partner is suspicious of any of your recent actions, your browsing history will be the first thing he or she checks.) One of the easiest ways to keep your Internet habits to yourself is to only browse in private. To start a private browsing session in Chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+N; in Firefox and Internet Explorer – Ctrl+Shift+P. Instead of hiding your browser tracks, you can go one step further and create nearly zero tracks by using a virtual machine.
  • Be a safe and smart driver as you travel to your encounter. It’s always best if your escort has an incall or is able to meet in a location that is common to your normal routine. Going far out of your way to an encounter could get you in trouble if you’re seen away from your usual stomping grounds, causing questions that you’ll have to lie to answer. Additionally, when you drive to an encounter, be extremely cautious to avoid wrecks or traffic violations. Any documented incidents could “out” your activities or, at the very least, attract unnecessary attention to your whereabouts. Use care when parking your vehicle, as parking tickets can come back to haunt you, too. In general, if you’re going to be places that you normally don’t travel to, be extra careful to avoid issues that result in revealing your intentions. Turn off Waze before you head out, or clear “Recent destinations” in your GPS unit when you are back.
  • Pay with cash, everywhere, always. As you travel to or from your escort, you may need to get gas, buy a bottle of wine or get a sandwich. For many clients, it’s common practice to whip out a card. Avoid this at all costs, as it creates a record. Your activity can be traced easily on a credit card statement, causing questions about why you were in a certain town or away from the office at a specific time. The best method to avoid being caught this way is to pay with cash. And, be sure to throw away your receipts. If you buy milk at a grocery store across town as you travel home (instead of the store on the corner), that receipt could create a lot of curiosity about your whereabouts.
  • Implement bank account smarts to avoid your secret getting out. For some clients, an escort’s rate is a pretty serious chunk of change. Withdrawing cash from your account to pay your escort may make a fairly obvious dent in your balance. Even if it doesn’t significantly influence your balance, it may be a sizable enough withdrawal to gain attention. Don’t act in ways that will make others with access to your account suspicious. Consider making smaller, more numerous withdrawals days ahead of the encounter as a way to accumulate enough money for your escort’s fee. Or, as you get paid, funnel money into another account (at a different bank) that is used exclusively for your intimate activities. Nobody else’s name should be on the account, and you can make deposits and withdrawals with confidence. Just make sure that the amount you funnel into this account isn’t missed in your household budget.
  • Shower after an encounter. Going back home to your partner smelling like someone else is a sure tip-off that some hanky panky is going on. Even if you’re not going back home, the scent of an escort’s perfume or lotion may linger enough that it would be noticeable at the office or other environments you may find yourself in. Avoid suspicions by washing off any traces of your tryst. A quick shower also wipes away an make-up or lipstick evidence that may remain on your face, neck or other body parts. As you shower, avoid using scented soaps or lotions. If that’s all that is available, simply rinse off well and towel dry yourself vigorously. That is typically sufficient to rid yourself of any residual odor.
  • Dress for your excuse. Many clients use an excuse to get free time for an encounter. Some may go golfing and others have to go to the office, for example. When you utilize an excuse, make sure that you dress accordingly and take proper accessories with you to give your activity legitimacy. If you’re “going golfing,” take your clubs and golf glove with you. If you’re “staying late at work,” don’t show back up at home in cargo shorts and a polo shirt, already changed from your business attire. Look the part for your excuse and you will attract less attention to yourself, which is the best way to get away discreetly.
  • Make sure you know where you are going. Many perfectly discreet encounters have been ruined by a client mistakenly knocking on the wrong door and making a suggestive or unusual comment. Going to your escort’s neighbor’s apartment and telling the lady who answers the door that “you’ve been thinking about her all day” isn’t going to get you the discretion you are hoping for. Plus, your escort is probably going to be extremely upset with you for your brazenness and inability to follow directions. If you are unsure that you have the right address or know where you are going, call or text to verify your location. Don’t knock on a neighbor’s door and ask if “Sue” lives next door. (Sue is not the name her neighbors know her by.) Not only does it demonstrate your lack of discretion, but it also endangers your escort’s reputation and privacy.
  • Don’t attract attention. Avoid being loud or intrusive in hallways. Your behavior may easily attract the attention of passers-by and security personnel in a hotel or other building. Dress for where you are going, if possible. (If you’re seeing an escort in an upscale high-rise, don’t show up in an old t-shirt and basketball shorts.) If you look out of place, you will certainly be noticed, and not in a good way. Acting suspicious by looking around and trying to get your bearings may also get you unwanted attention. If you’re unsure where you’re going, pause in a hallway and call for further directions. Or, simply wait in the lobby for more specific instructions. Gadding about looking lost won’t help you in your efforts of discretion.
  • Avoid loud exclamations during the encounter. Clients who have a habit of being vocally excited during the height of climax should realize that some incalls have thin walls. Be conscious of how sound travels in your escort’s bedroom, quieting things down if neighbors can hear loud noises from your activities. This is really her problem to solve, but it ends up being a part of the discretion issue you should be concerned with. If calming your vocalizations is difficult, try out being muffled or gagged with a soft scarf during a moment of pleasure. This little taste of bondage may be even more exciting than ripping out a loud groan of ecstasy. If all else fails, plan to meet elsewhere
  • Keep quiet about your trysts. The best way to let the cat out of the bag about your activities is to boast. Confiding in friends may be fun and make you feel even more studly, but it may also leak out to others you don’t want to know. News like the fact that you’re seeing an escort is an interesting topic of conversation that is hard for others to avoid talking about. Keep the details to yourself and you are ensured discretion.
  • Never show up to your escort’s incall unannounced. Part of the way that discretion works so well is that it is planned and calculated. When you start being reckless with your actions, the discretion is lost. Showing up at your escort’s incall as a surprise could put her in a precarious position with friends, family members or a partner. If they are unaware that she escorts, your unexpected appearance may cause her questions that will reveal her secret. Not only is your privacy at stake, but she attempts to maintain discretion for the upkeep of her lifestyle, too. Respect her privacy and time, just as you expect her to with yours.