March 18, 2020



Dear Lovely Ladies,


Yesterday we announced our intentions to remain open indefinitely while we keep a watchful eye on the evolving situation of covid-19 in our beloved city of Toronto. As you are all well aware, the province of Ontario has declared a state of emergency which will last for two weeks; at which point very likely the governor general will be appealed to extend this state of emergency and quite possibly have a full scale lockdown of the city similar to what is happening in Italy. We pray that it doesn’t come to this, but we have to prepare for the worst & hope for the best.


Our decision to remain open for as long as possible is to accommodate all the ladies wanting to work, for as long as ladies need to work. We feel it is our duty to provide them a safe place to work from given the fact many are caught unprepared for the crisis. Sex workers everywhere face the same stigma and challenges living without social securities, so it is time for us to band together and prepare. Let us once again, stress the fact, should any lady choose not to work during this period of time, it is perfectly ok to do so. As it always has been, this job is meant to be a flexible source of income for us ladies.


Today, I address you primarily to expand on our plans on how to stay safe if you choose to work during these times, and what options you have if you decided not to work during this period of time. Yesterday I touched briefly on a Go Fund Me campaign that I am starting to be able to provide for the ladies in our agency as well as in the industry in general.


Safety Protocols (incalls)


  • When greeting clients at the door, avoid physical contact until the client has had a chance to wash his hands, mouthwash and shower. This does not mean to be unfriendly, smile and be cordial but remember hygiene is imperative before any contact (such as handshakes and greetings)
  • If the donation is given in cash, please make sure to wash your hands after handling the money.
  • Client should thoroughly wash hands and face.
  • Please remember to use Lysol wipes to clean all surfaces touched after appointments; additional down time will be provided to facilitate thorough cleanups.
  • “High Traffic” areas such as faucets, door handles, etc… should be given special attention and wiped constantly.
  • During your off time, we ask you to abide by the social distancing practices and practice constant handwashing, and other hygiene habits as recommended by the government.
  • Be responsible all the time and take the situation seriously. If you can afford to take time off work please do so.


In Preparation for a Rainy Day

Be aware of the current situation and know we are staying open to provide an opportunity to work where there would otherwise not be one. As I said at the beginning of this communication, we feel that there is not much time left before our city is likely mandated into a full lockout to flatten the curve of new cases of covid-19. When this happens, Toronto Girlfriends will have to shut down indefinitely until society has been normalized once more.

Although, these are not high-volume times (specially with the new procedures in place) and  we cannot guarantee a lot of money, we hope that a lot of you are able to save some money and prepare for what is to come.

  • Save as much money as possible and be frugal during this time
  • Contact family members and if possible ask to stay with them during this time.
  • If you have issues paying rent or basic necessities please be aware Ontario is extending credits to everyone due to the crisis – unsure how to get help? Please reach out to us.
  • If you have any anxiety or concerns please reach out to us, these are stressful times and we are here for you.
  • For those who have dire needs of extra cash we are setting up a fund available for the girls in the agency and industry in general.

We will be in contact throughout this entire time to update you all as the situation continues to evolve.

For those ladies choosing not to work, the same benefits will be afforded and we will continue to provide you as much support as we can.


Go-Fund-Me Campaign

We have started a relief fund for the future on gofundme, and as of this time it is imperative that we begin to draw attention to this cause. Please share the link to our gofund me campaign and contact me should you wish to volunteer to help us with the campaign, or simply raise awareness of the cause.

Share the link, and if you the ability to donate anything please do so.

For now, the campaign has been created but it hasn’t taken off yet. I am reaching out to as many people as possible to get this started but we all need to work together by drawing awareness to the cause with other sex workers, friends and family.


In closing, we will continue to provide a safe work environment for the girls wishing to work for as long as we can. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our plans accordingly.