Cachet Model
5'6" / 167 cm
32D Natural-27-37
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
130 Lbs. | 58Kg
Companionship Services, Evening Strolls, Dinner and Movies, Fine Dining, Star Gazing (YMMV)


Look: I would simply put it like this, the photos are spot on. Nice lean body and natural boobs, dyed dark hair.

Service: LFK, MPOS; Her body was truly appealing so as rare as it was I skipped the BBBJ and got into the main course. CG first, god those bouncy racks and her tight pussy was pumping me like crazy, on to the Mish and that was the money position for her GFE service due to her facial expression (go check it out yourself). Doggie is again a girl’s favorite position and it rocked. Turned back to Mish and finished with some dirty talk.

Overall, great gal with great attitude and a smoking hot combo.



Saw her last week. Pics are accurate for body (hard to tell face from the pictures provided – for privacy of course). But they are definitely her.

Exotic european look – possibly not for all but I liked what i saw. Early 20s IMO.

Tight, slim body, very nice butt, perky boobs. Started a bit slow but heated up very quickly. BBBJ, lots of DFK to multiple positions. Extremely tight.

Cleaned up together, enjoyed some small talk, and on my way.

Don’t do ratings – she is repeat worthy.


Texted TGF this morning to see if Natalia was available today near the beginning of her shift (2pm). I got a prompt reply with a time that I wasn’t sure would work so I told them I’d get back to them. Not 15 minutes later they text me with an earlier time that worked for me. I accepted. Less than an hour after that I get a pile of work dropped on my desk and it made it seem like I wouldn’t be able to do a half day which I had originally planned. I texted them back letting them know that I can’t make it as I didn’t want to cancel last minute and waste a prime slot for them. They were ok with it. A couple of hours later I plowed through everything and was able to get out early so I text them back to see if she’s still available around my original time. She was so I went to see her.

When I arrived at the hotel I was given the room number fairly quickly. Natalia greeted me at the door in a white with black trim bra and panties. She gives me a hug and hangs up my jacket for me. Natalia is exactly as advertised in her pictures. She has a very pretty face. Her facial features remind me of some Greek girls I know and it was definitely working for me. After a quick shower I return to the room and she’s on the bed waiting for me.

She quickly removes her bra at we start with a nice long dfk session that only picks up in intensity the longer we go at it. Every few minutes I come up for air and decide to taste her ample breasts. They are perky with very plump nipples. As I’m playing with them she gives off a few nice soft moans. I go back for more dfk as we both seem to be really enjoying it. Now we move to the bbbj.

Before she starts, she pulls out a hair tie to make sure no hair gets in her way (or my view lol). She starts off with a nice slow and sensual bbbj. As she goes along, she starts to vary the tempo and makes sure that the boys aren’t left out. She then starts flicking the head with her tongue all while keeping her mouth on jr. Now she starts to throw in a bunch of dt. She goes deep and holds it there for a few seconds then comes up for air and right back at it again. She asks me if she should grab the condom or keep going? Honestly I could’ve let her continued but then I’d wonder what the main event would be like.

We start in cowgirl and unfortunately we don’t get passed this position. First off she is very tight and it felt amazing. Once she’s worked it in she takes off the hair tie so now her long black hair is flowing. She starts off slow with nice up and down motions. As she gets into it she gets louder and louder and louder, oh and she also increases the speed. It looks like she’s about to climax so she starts grinding me very intensely which I oblige and just loved. As she’s doing this she maintains eye contact and keeps up the intensity of her moans. The view of her breasts bouncing was off the charts. From time to time I would grab them but I found myself grabbing her hips or her ass especially when she was in one of her heavy grinding sessions.

As I stated above we did not make it out of cowgirl because we both got off, so I did not get to try out doggy. After I finished she just stayed on top of me of me just gazing intensely. I’m still pulsing a bit and she just adds to it by giving a little wiggle. Once she dismounts, we end up laying on the bed and having a nice conversation.

Natalia another great addition to the TGF roster and I will definitely be repeating with her. I am so glad I was able to see her today and more importantly that they allowed me to see her today after cancelling on them.

My repeat list is starting to get pretty long! lol


I had won a free session with TGF and decided to see Natalia today. I found her to be quite attractive facially; her body is slender, not necessarily toned like an athlete, but very sexy. She has a D cup rack as per stats with perky niples and a nice ass. Service wise she was stellar and was up for anything I could think of LFK, DFK, multiple positions and CIMSW finish. She is bubbly, giggly and flirty, I will definitely repeat.


I had won a free session with TGF and decided to see Natalia today. I found her to be quite attractive facially; her body is slender, not necessarily toned like an athlete, but very sexy. She has a D cup rack as per stats with perky niples and a nice ass. Service wise she was stellar and was up for anything I could think of LFK, DFK, multiple positions and CIMSW finish. She is bubbly, giggly and flirty, I will definitely repeat.


Okay, this is my first review ever. Please let me know if there’s anything wrong or anything I can improve upon.

First off, the location.

Nice upscale condo downtown Toronto, everything about it was clean. The bed was clean, kitchen, washrooms, shower, they were all clean and superb. 10/10.

and my experience with Natalia:

Face: Okay, I’ve had many meets where I followed a review that said “really cute GND look” or “really hot” to only be disappointed when the girl was below average. Trust me on this, Natalia is actually really pretty. I was shocked with a wow when I walked in. She’s not like a girl next door type, but more of that really hot girl at a club that you want to take home with. Point is, facially, she’s stunning. 8.5-9/10.

Body: Not much to say here, her body is amazing. It’s fit with the right curves and it just feels right to the touch. Her tits are amazing. But her pussy. God, it’s really tight and amazingly enjoyable. Her pussy tastes, feels, and fucks superbly. 9.5/10

Service: The usual with BBBJ and FK (She does DFK apparently but that’s really not my thing). Amazing bj’s really, and great kisser.
Hate to say this, but as good as the sex was, I really enjoyed her companionship. She really is amazing at making conversation and that whole girlfriend experience. She makes you feel like you’re loved and as if she wants you, and for me, that’s the most important part. 10/10

She is actually amazing, and I would definitely see her again.


Natalia – Her services was so sick. I asked what her restrictions are and she looked at me and said the obvious (BBFS) and island was at an additional cost. This is cool as i dont like to partake in grk anyway – its a shitty job :nod: lol All else was provided to me. dfk, daty, cimsw, digits, just about everything i asked for.

Repeat is just a matter of when. I’m not a numbers guy but for those who are :

looks : 7/10 – in my humble opion
service: 10/10 – very sick (in an excellent way) service – just wow after i exploded – knees were weak
body: 8/10 if ass was actually 39″ then “10” as i am an “ass” guy
attitude: 11/10 – better than her service because all she wants to do is you and please you……


After reading various reviews of this gem, I decided to see for myself whether the hype was true. Booking was easy, and after texting my arrival, I was given the buzzer code and suite number and went up. Upon entering, I was greeted with a deep, warm kiss from this young beauty. The pictures are accurate, both on the website and on her twitter account. What the pictures do not capture is how really sweet she is, and very easy to talk to. I was immediately captivated. After the quickest shower in history, she accosted me as I exited the bathroom. Full breasts with luscious nipples, a cute bum, not too big, not to small, a winning smile, and a beautiful kitty, I did not know where to begin, so I started at the top and worked my way down.

All of the gfe acronyms applied, genereous dfk throughout, bbbj, daty, digits, multiple positions were available, although I do not know about cim,cob, cof since I do not indulge. I am a one shot guy, so I do not know about multiple shots. I assume that too is available. Natalia is multi orgasmic and gets very wet – no lube required. She is very responsive, and together we went from one wave of pleasure to the next. Did I say she is multi orgasmic and gets very wet? She made it very clear that my satisfaction was her only goal. All I can say is that she achieved her goal, and I left happy, drained, and with a warm glow that lasted for hours. Natalia easily rocketed to the top of my ATF list, and even at the VIP rate, is well worth it. I am definitely looking forward to my next encounter.


Saw Natalia few months back at their DT incall. I feel Natalia doesn’t get the love she deserves around here, so I wanted to offer my thoughts in support. Natalia has one of the best attitudes, and truly wants to make you happy. Service level is well above and beyond what I’m used to with agency girls (usually stick with Mirage/EC, TGF, SFT)

I prioritize facial appearance, and I would say she is certainly above average. Very GND/college type look (ie a 3rd/4th year uni student). I’d guess her age between 22-24. Check out her twitter, and you’ll get a good representation of her body and general look.

It’s hard to imagine someone not having a positive experience with her. A pretty university student that is super eager to please. Will eventually repeat as my schedule allows.