5'6" / 167 cm
32C Natural - 23 - 33
Eye Color
Hair Color
110 Lbs. / 49 Kg
French/ Ukrainian Mix
Companionship Services, Evening Strolls, Dinner and Movies, Fine Dining, Star Gazing (YMMV)


I dont know whether it’s being over the wrong side of 30 or stress at work but for the past couple of weeks I just couldn’t get a good erection. I didnt masturbate much and if I did, it was with a semi floppy . I saw another girl the week before and I finished with my semi within 5 minutes and couldnt get another boner in the hour. Another girl was great but I just wanted more of a massage and conversation with her.

That all changed when I saw Abigail this week. I dont really have much else to say about her other than she’s very pretty. I’d compare her unique face and slender body to a Victoria Secret model. I was rock hard seconds after seeing her and my boner persisted for the entire hour. I’d pay full price just to look at her face.

Good bbbj, daty, tight Beauty

A repeat for me. I’m kind of reluctant making this review because I’d like to book her again soon and dont want to have to fight for spots but at the same time I’d feel bad keeping this beauty hidden.


Saw her today and it was excellent, she opened the door with a warm smile as I was feeling sad, but her presence made me feel happy after. To start off she knows the exact angles for bbbj and I came in 5 minutes , She was not hesitant throughout, all was good as she angled her position to rub my hand on her kitty throughout the bbbj, it was a quickie, and I usually don’t cum that fast but if I had money I would have extended the session. Overall looks 9.5/10 took care of me as I remember her touching me in sensual ways as if to get me to go some more , however I didn’t feel like doing that so the session ended as a quickie. For sure you should take a looky on this girl she is amazing service.


I met Abigail a while ago but have been too busy to put up a review until now. She is a tallish dirty blonde who is slim. In fact, she’s slimmer than what I expected. Looks-wise, she is above GND with a slender face. When we first met, we greeted each other with light pecks on the lips. After I emerged from the washroom, she met me just outside with lots of kissing and light caressing of my body with her fingers. This was a pleasant surprise to me because most times, the girl would wait on the bed. Her kissing were more of lips and the occasional LFK (I did not get DFK during this session, maybe YMMV). She loves to be kissed on her neck and was moaning softly in response. This went on for quite a few minutes until I suggested we proceed to the bedroom, which she led me by my hand.

Once on the bed, the gentle kissing continued while our hands started exploring each other. I asked if she has any restrictions and she said she’s open minded. She is very responsive to being kissed in her erogenous zones as I proceeded down from her lips to her lower region. She has great hygiene and I spent a lot of time on her orally with gentle digits, which both of us enjoyed. She proceeded to give me one of the best bbbjs I’ve experienced alternating between her mouth and hands, with adequate focus on bls. I came while she was stroking me. Afterward, she cleaned me up and then started kissing and stroking my body again. She was not a clock watcher but I was because I had an appointment immediately after so I knew there would not have been enough time for the main event because we had spent a lot of time at foreplay. So we ended up with pillow talk while we laid on the bed kissing and caressing each other until time was up.

Overall, she provided good GFE service because of all the sensual kissing and caressing, making it feel like I was reuniting with a long lost girlfriend. It would have been top notch if she had offered DFK to me as well(YMMV).


Pretty 8/10
Body 9/10
Service 10/10

Repeat: Have done so at least 4 times now.


Abigail from toronto girlfriends.This babe is awesome right from the get go wen the door opens theres this gorgeous runway model with a beautiful tan with lines.She greets me with a nice long kizz,this went on 4 many mins while my hands ravaged her body taking in her intoxicating scent.She is a very sensual woman which is my favorite type,she has a paralizing pleasure 2 her touch that can make u cum fast.Wen I got out of the shower she takes me by the hand 4 more dfk that lead 2 a amazing bbbj very sensual with a slow teeze of her tongue as she grazed up n down the shaft followed by swirling around the head then darting her tongue under the rim of the head that sent me whirling with bliss I would have finnished in her mouth fast so I had 2 stop her and moved into daty shes very responsive her skin is scary smooth and she tastes incredible.We then moved into doggy and finnished in mish with some lite dfk,and kissing and licking her neck which drove her wild she really responds to this.After we talked she’s very intelligent and easy 2 talk with a hell of a lady treat her rite and she delivers.


I have been meaning to write a review on Abigail and finally got around to it.
She is an amazing girl that loves her job.. you can tell by the amount of effort she
puts into looking good for her clients. When you walk in the door she is dressed to kill and she
has that sexy sultry look on her face, she is hot woman your eyes are drawn to across the club.
She greets you with a nice hug and kiss and she is comforting in everything she does and says.
After your shower she leads you into the bedroom already changed into some super sexy lingerie and high heels. She loves loves loves to kiss, nibble, dfk… you could almost spend you entire session kissing…
Honestly is the kind of session you forget about the time and let the natural flow take place. You know how some sessions its almost planned, kiss, suck, rub, cover on and finish. well not with abigail, it honestly feels like a true gfe experience. She really enjoys daty and is an expert at bbbj.. slow and sensual. No cim, but she pretty much brings you close enough to make it feel like you almost are. Her body is amazing, not large breasts but im not into large breasts anyways but surely they are good enough for me.. her legs.. omg her legs are like a bikini supermodel…

If you want a true GFE this is the one. She is a stunner.. sultry slow moving and sooo sensual.
face she is a 9/10, breasts for me 8.5/10 depends how big you like yours, body 11/10!!!!
overall i give her a 9/10.

YMMV, maybe she is a chameleon and can become a wild sex fiend, but i enjoy her slow GFE sensual style.


got to see abigail and man is she worth it

she greeted me in a super cute flower dress so i hopped to shower and when i came out she was waiting in heels and sexy lingerie
she has soft skin an incredible long legs

great foreplay, great bbbj, then mpos and she really got into it
lovely conversation in between rounds and once again for round two

defin a repeat and glad i got to see her

face 7.5
body 9
service 10

amazing. thank you .


Review for Abigail:

I’ve seen Abigail recently. I can definitely confirm that what all the reviews were saying is true.
She is gorgeous, sexy and her service is unparalleled.
However, I’d like to mention something I haven’t seen in other reviews and that is: her sex IQ.
She’s above average intelligent sex wise and able to match your rhythm. Whether you like it fast or slow, she’ll match it easily. Furthermore, she has a few handy tricks up her sleeve, for example grasping a root of penis with one hand and spinning the other around the tip of penis. Or, my favorite, using her legs to reel you in from behind, thus not allowing you to create big distance which can result with loss of sexual tension. Anyway, I immensely commend her sex IQ and will, unequivocally, see her again.