I would not describe myself as stunning, although a few men have called me that. But I am blond, hot, and European. Always well dressed and groomed ready to impress. If you were to see me in the streets, you would look twice 😉 I can be that naughty secretary you fantasized about when I wear my white blouse and pencil skirt. I work out regularly, I have a tight toned body that I worked hard for. My personality is warm, kind, and gentle… I have been told I am just plain awesome. That is exactly what you are getting when you choose me as your companion, an awesome girlfriend experience that you will not soon forget.
5’3” / 160 cm
120 lbs / 54 kg
Eye Color
Hair Color
Vaccination status:
Fully vaccinated (Pfizer)


Life is rough lately, recently I received some bad news that had me feeling down and depressed. Needed an escape from the stupid reality of life, but I also needed someone that I can just relax with. I was recommended to try the new girl Sophia. Taking one for the team can be stressful, but I felt comforted that it was a booking through TGF. I have booked with them before, and have not had a bad experience; I decided to give her a try.

I was scheduled to be her first client of the day, so I arrived really early to the location. It was sunny outside so I chilled outside sipping on my coffee while I waited for her. I saw a hot blond with a pencil skirt, white blouse, high heels and designer sunglasses walk past me…. What a looker! Made me horny just to look at her walking past me.

As it turns out, that hot blond was Sophia! I put down my coffee on the side table there and greeted her. She was now wearing a black robe, but confirmed she had the pencil skirt and blouse outfit. She gave me a sneak peak of the lingerie under the robe and asked me if I wanted her to change. I said, no this lingerie is fine hahaha

She went into the shower and prepared the shower for me, to make sure it was the right temperature. No shower for 2 offered, and I didn’t ask. I will point out that the shower was spotless, almost shiny and it smelled like a hospital which really made me feel safe specially nowadays. Koodos to Sophia and the agency for keeping the location so clean.

I walked into the bedroom to find Sophia in her bra and panties, so I went and grabbed her and pressed her close to me in DFK. I reached down to feel her pussy through her panties, and to my (delightful) surprise, it was one of those crotchless panties. This is like an invitation to an all you can eat buffet and drivethrough merged into one! I gently pushed her onto the bed and went to town on her beautiful pink pussy. She loved it and was skirming with delight while I was licking and fingering her at the same time. She shook and shivered, as I felt her pussy clamping my fingers still inside of her.

We embraced in DFK again, till we were sweating. Then she went down on me, till she had me rock hard. We were still on the edge of the bed, so I put on the dome and flipped her over for some standing doggy. I loved the sound of my balls slamming against her wet pussy, it got pretty vigorous and I couldn’t hold it no more till I came. We kissed from this position while I was still inside of her, and she then told me how disappointed she was that I came too quickly and didn’t give her a taste! Hahaha

She was game for a round two, but we got to talking and to be honest we connected on so many levels. We had a magnificent conversation that never felt awkward or forced. I told her on more than one occasion to dump her boyfriend (she did not admit to having one, but I know this girl is too much of catch to be single) and run away with me instead. All in all, a fantastic session in multiple levels beyond the just physical. A definite repeat for me.


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Saw her on her first day (ever). Really nice!
– Very talkative and friendly. Total extrovert. Just a regular girl doing this on the side.
– Nice body. Works out. Tanned. Bit of a bubble butt. Don’t remember any tats.
– Above average GND facially. Fake eyelashes. Mid 30s I would say.
– All GFE acronyms delivered with the utmost most enthusiasm. Seems like a natural.


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