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5’10 / 177 cm
138 lbs / 62 kg
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French, English
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Usually, I give myself a cooldown period before I write a review. I do this in an effort to remain as objective as possible and not let my hormones do the talking, or in this case, do the writing. It’s been well over 24 hours since I met Selena at TGF and my dick still tingles with excitement when I think about this girl. I have been looking for this exact kind of look from a white girl for a while, but I have not found anyone. The options in Markham are slim pickings, some of the other white agencies such as Mirage or TDL regularly bring the same white girls up here but nothing exciting. And let’s be honest now, how many times can I see Sophia or Ruby before I need a little change of scenery.

Normally I walk into these appointments with my gaze towards the floor, I don’t know why, maybe because I hope the neighbors don’t see me or what have you. Once the door opened and I had entered the room, as I looked up my jaw almost hit the floor. Selena was so pretty; it is possible that she is my type facially. She has long blond hair, with big round brown eyes, nice eyelids, and nose with a very Italian or Mediterranean look. She also had a nice smile with medium size lips, although if her upper lip was a little fuller that would take her looks to a next level. Nonetheless for me she was still really pretty and pleasant to look at.

She bends over, revealing a high caliber booty that sent my brain to heaven. The id part of my brain took over and I lost all use of logic or reason. PAWG 100% and the kind of ass you will never find on an Asian girl (maybe the old Kiss @ BH can compete in this category) for those of you who are not familiar with this acronym, it means Phat Ass White Girl. It is used to describe white girls with shapely pretty hot and tempting asses.

I heard her voice talking to me but I could not make out anything she was saying, I was in a trance walked into the shower, took care of my hygiene and got out. Once in the bedroom she was still talking, and I think she laughed at me because I was not even listening to her. I started to undress her. She is also tall, maybe between 175-178 cm tall and on a couple of occasions I felt she was taller than me. The shape of her body is a pear shape, meaning her upper body is smaller than her lower body. Her breasts looked like C cups and they were enhanced with a scar still visible under the boob. Canadian doctors are awful at breast augmentations, she should have saved the money and gone to Korea. With that said, the feel of the implants was really nice and lifelike; not hard or plasticky but the scars are a travesty on her beautiful otherwise flawless body.

I got on my knees while she laid on the bed, then I pulled her close to the edge and moved her panties to the side to uncover a pretty little pussy. I started to dialogue with her labia, getting more acquainted with her clit, once I felt it was getting wet then I went in for a finger. This is when my mind was blown away again, and I struggled to get one finger inside her pussy. I could not believe this because I rarely encounter white girls with tight pussies. Given her height and body build I was not expecting this at all, my dick was happy and rejoicing at the thought of going inside this young little pussy. While we are on the subject of age, I would say she is somewhere around 23-25 years old. She was also wearing no makeup, which was refreshing to me. I cannot tell if she resembles the pictures on the site or not, because the pictures don’t show you anything at all. For what is worth the ass is probably bigger in person than in the pictures.

Service was very GFE for me included lots of kissing, her giving me a blowjob kneeling before me – mixing some ball licking and stroking while giving me a view of her ass cheeks. The sex was over very very quickly for me because of her tight pussy. The view of her ass in doggy was a sight that I cannot wait to experience again. Overall, I left very happy and I am eager to see her again.

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