THUR 12pm – 5pm Downtown
FRI 11am – 4pm Markham
5'6" / 169 cm
34D Enhanced - 27 - 36
Eye Color
Hair Color
130 Lbs. / 58Kg
Companionship Services, Evening Strolls, Dinner and Movies, Fine Dining, Star Gazing (YMMV)


Hello, just to let you know about Alana from Torontogirlfriends that she is absolutely gorgeous, she has the cutest smile and the cutest eyes including a great personality as well!

She is also very friendly and in great fitness ! Totally worth to see her !


Last week I saw Alanna for the second time and I just have to tell you all about her. She always greets you with a smile when she answers the door. Her pictures don’t do her justice as her face is probably one of her best qualities eyes so piercing green they have a way of making you get lost in them.
After my shower I was greeted by her and we engaged in dfk for a moment. I could feel myself getting hard so I let the towel drop as she proceeded to take my hand and lead me to the room. I layed down and allowed her to give me a bbbj. It was perfect, not to soft or hard, not too slow or fast. I could feel her lips adding pressure as she took me deeper and deeper. She looked up at me with those eyes while moving slowly up and down. I was about to cum and she knew to stop before I finished.
she put the condom on and I took the lead as I bent her over. The warmth that surrounded me when I entered was amazing. Her lips would grip me each stroke. I errupted with a huge load.
After she casually made conversation and we had a great time. I will be back and definitely recommend her.


Very pretty, green eyes, was easy to get hard for. Didn’t talk to much. Knew when to take the lead and when to be submissive. Body 8.5/10. Would see again. would recommend.


Noticed Alana on there web site, she is relatively new. Not many pic of her on the web site, but what was there peaked my curiosity. I read the 2 reviews she had, I thought to my self, I’ll take a chance & I’m glad I did.

I texted TGF asking if Alana would be ok with an erotic shower together, the booker got back to me, with a yes, so I booked Alana. Side note, I always bring a shower cap, just incase the sp doesn’t have one on hand. I know most sp don’t want to get there hair wet, I get it.

Once I arrived at the door, a few seconds & the door opened to find this beautiful woman letting me in the condo, I thought to myself wow. Yes her profile pic’s are accurate, along with her stats, but seeing her in the flesh well, what can I say imho she is hot. We chatted for a bit, breaking the ice. We did talk about her profile, I told her that there was only 3 pic’s, she said that she has a photo shoot soon. I did tell her that I checked out her Twitter account, she seem surprised, I told her that it actually helps. @alanna_tgf
There’s a short vid that made me want to see her, it’s her playing with herself & it also shows her piercing, yes she has a piercing down there, what can I say, I love it lol.

She asked me if I would like to start the shower together, I gave her the shower cap, we undressed, oh she looked cute as hell with that shower cap on. We started to make out in the shower, the hot water cascading down her slender body, she raised one of her arms, the water running down her arm onto her breasts, it looked like a steamy hot sex seen. From there it just got hotter & hotter, we lather up, my hands were all over her body. I turn her around & gave her a back message, with in seconds I could tell she was enjoying herself, she even told me she was & that I have strong hands. Only after a few minutes she turns around to face me, our lips lock as we kissed each other. My hand are now all over her body, starting from her neck down to her breasts around to her back eventually making it to her plump ass continuing down her leg. She lifts her leg & raps it around me, as my hand continues to message her leg. I just loved this shower with Alana, I could tell she actually enjoyed the shower, with all her heavy breathing, it just fueled me more & more.

Well we finally made our way to the bedroom, I laid down, she laid on top of me, we made out some more, as she slithered down to my fully erect penis. Wow she can really preform an amazing bbbj, I was in pure bliss. Perfect suction, with fantastic tongue action. I told her that I wanted to reciprocate & to taste that beautiful pussy. I got her to sit on my face, I started to softly kiss her inner thighs & eventually her lips. After a few minutes she was getting wet & she started to move & rock her hip in such a way that I just had to keep my tongue out. Well I did more that that, eventually I ask if we could do a 69, she obliged & we were like 2 freaks pleasing each other. After a few minutes I couldn’t hold out much longer, I asked her for the condom, as I wanted to feel my self in her. It felt incredibly, she got on top of me in cg, she started to ride me with this rocking motion & a side motion, well i didn’t last to long, I had an amazing climax. We cuddled for a bit talked for a bit, eventually I made my way for a quick shower, got dressed, kissed her & told her that I would see her again.

For me top marks, across the board.
Repeat oh ya
Recomend ya