5’1" / 155 cm
32B Natural - 24 - 30
Eye Color
Hair Color
100 Lbs. / 45 Kg


Maya is really cute and playful.

As soon as I got in she complimented me on what I was wearing and gave me a nice, girlfriend-like kiss.

She offered shower for 2 but I declined because I just wanted to be out of there quick and get to the good stuff.

I came back to the bedroom and we just passionately kissed while we ran our hands through each others body and eventually started fingering her. I’m rock hard at this point but decided that I couldnt pass up on eating such a nice wet pussy.

So I teased her clit for a few seconds while nibbling on her thighs and then I went for it with my tongue and she gasped in pleasure. After making her cum a few times and soaking the bed, she tapped out and needed a minute to recover. She was real appreciative.

She told me I was enormous while slowly sliding it in. I loved the feel of her .I switched up a few positions just to see how they’d feel with her and they were all great. I love how she made eye contact and really gave back instead of laying there.

It seems like she likes it rough, but of course ask her first before doing anything like choking, smacking, etc and go easy first unless she asks for it harder. It might be a YMMV thing.

She asked me to CIM and then appreciated a nice BBBJ and nice view with her on her knees while I unloaded. She kept sucking even after I was done and that felt great.

I really do think I found a gem that will get better each time since the comfort level will increase. Definite repeat.


Buongiorno amici,

It was a cold, cold weekend in Toronto, but I had the pleasure of finally seeing the lovely Maya from Toronto Girlfriends. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to warm up than Maya and a nice espresso with sambuca.

She was exactly as advertised and looked even better than in her pictures. She was so shy and cute, very submissive demeanor but very willing please like the Filipinos usually are.

I fell in love with the people from Filipines after I started by banging my babysitter, they are truly something else these women from Phillipines. Hard working honest people and horny submissive women.

She is so tiny and cute, and always looking up at me. With eyes that just begged me to take charge. I gently hugged her and kissed her, then next thing you know I was in between her legs. I dived right into her pussy like an oyster hunter looking for the pearl of the Mediterranean.

Mamma mia! My chin was soaking wet, I should have put on my bib.

She asked if she could return the pleasure, and I said yes I will allow. Her little tiny hands were stroking my cook with two hands making me feel like the porn star. For the rest of the session, I can get pretty kinky and she was open to pleasing with my every desire. We had plenty of hours together so I can’t get into every detail.

Ultimately she always gave me that nice warm girlfriend feeling and for that I will repeat.

Back at home now, I can only yearn of my next visit to your icy cold city.