I am originally from Brazil, my parents are of Eastern European descent, so I have a very fair skin, pale complexion, with freckles to prove it. I also have the Latina personality of a Brazilian woman. Although I easily get sunburnt, I still love to spend time at the beach playing with my girlfriends in a bikini showing off what my mamma gave me hehehe I work out religiously and I am very fit and toned. Most people when they meet me think I am younger than my real age, but in fact I am what you would refer to as a sexy MILF. I have worked in the hospitality industry all my life which makes me dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. I am a passionate lover that likes to give and receive. I feel I am best suited for the more mature gentlemen given my MILF status. I am very classy, I love fine dining and social events. In short, I would say I am the classic girlfriend experience with a hint of fiery Latin spice.
5’4” / 165 cm
127 lbs / 57 kg
38C (enhanced) - 23 - 35
Eye Color
Hair Color
Copper brown
Vaccination status:
Fully vaccinated (Moderna)


Recently I met Marcelina from TGF, and I had a great time. When I met her, she did not have her pictures up on the site yet. I went going in expecting a tanned big booty Brazilian brunette, but Marcelina is neither brunette nor tanned. In all fairness, as soon as Tom mentioned the word Brazilian, I completely zoned out, and do not remember anything else he said, except he also uttered the word MILF.

I will say it again, when I saw her there was no pictures on the site. I went in there purely fueled by my own imagination of what a Brazilian girl should stereotypically look like, but Marcelina sure put my ignorant ass in place when she opened the door and a very elegant, fit, and sexy European lady was standing before me. As I write this, Marcelina’s pictures are up on the site, so I can tell you guys the pictures are 100% accurate so please make sure to look at them. I can also assure you that she is certainly Brazilian, speaks Portuguese and everything.

As for her age, the term MILF as it is used nowadays is a befitting moniker for Marcelina who appears to be somewhere in the 30-35 age range. She was very attractive in her own milfy ways with big beautiful green eyes, blond / redish hair and even had some freckles which are always adored by me. Her body was banging and the dress she was wearing was letting her cleavage command too much attention. Later on I found out her boobs are enhanced but they felt pretty good to me, not hard or unpleasant in either appearance or texture.

She did not even give me a chance to finish closing the door behind me when she started groping me and trying to kiss me. I put one hand on her toned gluteal and with the other one I grabbed the back of her neck and we started passionately making out right at the door. She sure kisses with passion and enthusiasm; this is definitely Latina levels of passion at its finest. She was just groping me and reaching for my dick right then and there, so I asked her “aren’t you at least going to check my temperature?” she told me “Aren’t you already hot and ready for me?” while grabbing my cock.

I pushed her towards the bed and started eating her pussy, and I really appreciated her pale white skin because her pussy is expressive in a multitude of red blushing tones as the blood rushes into her sexual organ. As she was getting ready to cum she looked like a tomato, and she quivered and screamed while suffocating my face in between her legs. She was shaking and smiling on the bed, then I excused myself and went to shower so she could suck on my clean dick. Her blowjob was excellent but a little too much saliva for me – note, I like sloppy blowjobs when I get to watch the saliva dripping from the girl’s mouth but I don’t particularly like when my dick is swimming inside a pool of saliva of the person’s mouth sucking me – that is a personal preference. For most of you this may not bother you, because her blowjob contained all the right elements of good proper fellatio, such as hand action, BLS, DT, gagging, spitting, etc…

We put on the condom and I pounded away at her bright red pussy till she started quivering again. I should nickname her clit Rudolph because it was just glowing and leading the way to more and more pleasure. I honestly was spent after a couple of positions and used the rest of the time chatting with her about Brazil and her life. I hate it when girls do this, but before leaving we started talking about anal sex and she told me she loves it. Unsure whether she told me that to get me to come back, or because my penis size is not intimidating to her at all; either way I will have to find out. Overall, nice girl, very horny and expressive, I would recommend her if you like European MILF types.

Posted by Frank Underwood on a review forum.