5'4" / 162 cm
32B+ Natural - 26 - 38
Eye Color
Hair Color
120 Lbs. / 54 Kg
Companionship Services, Evening Strolls, Dinner and Movies, Fine Dining, Star Gazing (YMMV)
Vaccination status:
Fully vaccinated (Pfizer)


What a crazy day I had yesterday in the morning fighting with everyone at Costco. Fucking packed as fuck and everyone’s in such a rush to get in and gtfo.

I digress …back to Kelli.

One thing led to another and I ended up seeing Kelli at TGF.

As always, booking with TGF easy. Couple of texts and boom I’m in. Saw her at the Markham location. Great location easy access ample parking yaddy yadda.

Kelli…I haven’t with a black chick for a while. Last time was with TGF forget her name wasn’t Mona but the other one that is back on shift under a different name from TGF.

She’s easily one of the top ebony providers in the area. She is very young, fun, energetic, takes direction well, friendly and bubbly.

Look wise google “pretty black women” you’ll know what I mean. She’s got slender face with big lips. Dark dark chocolate skin.

She has no blemishes, no prickly hair, super soft skin everywhere. Bald Eagle super super soft all over. The saying Black don’t Crack – her skin just wow.

Body wise, thicc, ghetto booty, not the cellulite type. I’m talking thick black ass. 40 inch type Ghetto booty. You know the type on bangbros where they measure the girls ass with a measuring tape? THAT type of ASS.

Chest she is a solid B’s with pierced nips.

Hair was braided.

Session started off with some nice dfk, the soft juicy lips kissing all over my body was amazing. Her lips are so soft (making me hard again think about how soft they were).

BJ was nice and sensual. DT for me and lots of bls from bot to the tip. Very wet but not sloppy. Nothing is hotter when you’re getting a bj and on hand is on the balls, mouth on shaft and the other hand on the chest.

Out comes the cover, slipped it on easily (she said she isn’t that good at doing it – teamwork). Started off with missionary. Nice a slow.

The best way to describe as I first slit my dick in. Was NEAPOLITAN ice cream. I don’t know how to add pictures so here a link.

My dick with a rubber on was the vanilla … her spreading her legs and showing me that bald soft pink pussy, surrounded by that amazing dark chocolate skin.

It was such an amazing view. When those legs spread and the pink insider her was opening up. HOLY FUCK it was so amazing. I can’t even describe this shit in words.

She took my deep drilling like a champ. she had one hand playing with her clit, the other grabbing onto her tit. Lots of moaning. It was like making love and fucking at the same time.

Switched to doggy….and it was over…I died and went to heaven.

The view OH LORD have mercy on my soul. The view will make those shed a tear of joy.. Her ass was so soft. She took my dick like a boss. The bounce back was real and the rhythm we had going was on point.

During doggy she was moaning so much and her pussy was so wet and felt the pulsation gripping on my hard cock when she O’d oh so hard. Finish with cob (her ass). Chatted afterwards for a bit. She was trying to guess my race. Talking about skin routines. Showered say goodbye.

Texted TGF to thank them.


Face – 8.8-9/10
body 10/10
bbj 8/10
fs 9/10

overall 9/10

you’re welcome.

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