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I have been described as fun-sized, all-natural Canadian girl next door. I am always smiling and I’m always fun! I feel that I am a bit shy socially, but my love and attention is poured on boundlessly once you get me going. Speaking of which, once you get me going, I will be your little energizer bunny of nonstop fun. I love what I do, and I guarantee that you will love me too. Any man who chooses me will have a very enthusiastic girlfriend experience.
5’1” / 157 cm
95 lbs / 43 kg
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dirty Blond
Energetic GF


Recently I have started to prefer doing an outcall rather than incall. It’s partly due to COVID, because I feel more at ease in my own certified disinfected house/hotel room. It’s also a feeling of relaxation, something about being in your own space. Don’t get me wrong, I still love incalls and will continue to support my favorite establishments but the allure of staying in my own place is just too convenient.

My search began with the usual agencies, but the availability wasn’t working out for me. I admit, some of my incall habits don’t translate well into the new outcall playground. I am still a last-minute hobbyist following my urge when it comes. Browsing the advertisings I saw a new girl at Toronto Girlfriends named Hailee. I have always had a good time with the TGF girls, in fact I remembered my last encounter with Anushka Nair was out of this world.

The arrangements were made, and so I wait.

When I first laid eyes on Hailee, I was completely mesmerized. She was so petite, big smile on her face with the cutest dimples, and a great set of bright green eyes. Her advertised age of 24 seems perfectly accurate, she had a very fresh, young girl vibe with a coy smile but devilish eyes. I do not do celebrity comparisons well, so I will leave that for someone else to fill in that part.


I invited her to come into the room because it was a chilly night, and so she scooted past me and sat on the edge of the bed. She looked so adorable, because the bed was really high, and her legs were not even touching the floor. She is really really petite! I pointed to the donation on the table, and asked her if she needed to freshen up pointing in the direction to the bathroom. She grabbed the donation and excused herself for a few minutes in the washroom, while I patiently waited in the room. Just as I took my eyes off the bathroom door to glance at an email from work, when I looked up she was standing in front of me now dressed in just a sexy set of lingerie.

I exclaimed “what the hell happened to your clothes baby?!”and she looked at me innocently, almost uncertain if she had done the right thing or not. “Don’t you like this?” She asked. I took a good look at her tight fit spinner body, and I replied “I freaking love it!” then I hugged her and we locked lips into passionate DFK embrace. I was still fully clothed as we rolled around on the bed making out. I worked my way down her body as I undressed her paying close attention to what areas made her moan.

Her body was very smooth with a little peach fuzz, I adore when white girls have that blond peach fuzz hair covering some parts of their bodies, it would be even hotter if she was tanned. Her body was also very tight, everything was being held together where it should be, and not an ounce of fat on her. Her breasts were perky, they feltlike little mango shaped stress balls that I just wanted to squeeze and fondle. I cannot recall with 100% certainty, but I believe she had a very small tattoo on her arm, besides this her skin was just smooth blemish free milky white.

I continued to make my way down her body, found myself at the golden arches marking the sweet sweet spot and I was loving it! Her pussy was visibly wet through her panties, and I started to lick around the edges teasing her wet pussy with my tongue. I removed the panties and continued to lick till she pressed my head down almost suffocating me against her moist mound.

She has a beautiful peach pussy with a larger size clit, that just begs to be sucked on. We were having so much fun at some point she told me “suck on my clit daddy,” need say no more. I put a finger in, and it was very tight. The session just kept on getting better from there. For an inexperienced girl in the business, I appreciated the fact that she was paying attention to what I liked. For instance, she noticed I liked it when she called me daddy, and she went on with the dirty talking throughout the entire session. Another highlight of the session is how when she was giving me a BBBJ, she was using her tiny hand to stroke my dick while licking the tip. I will definitely be repeating whenever she is on schedule again. If there are any details I may have left out please ask in this thread.

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I saw Hailee @ TGF today. She popped up on their terb ad last night so I texted them this morning to see if I could get a booking. Thankfully I was able to so I made my way to their Markham location this afternoon. Dealing with the agency to make the booking and get the condo info was very easy and straight forward.

When Hailee opened the door, she was wearing a nice one piece lingerie outfit with a short skirt. Gave off a naughty office vibe which is awesome. She is very tiny and petite. She is definitely fit. Quick chat then off to the shower.

When I returned we started with some nice dfk. She has very soft lips and provides a nice sensual dfk. We start to remove her clothes, since at this point she is clearly over dressed lol. She has nice perky breasts that really suit her frame. Not too small or too big. She is very receptive to nipple play. Daty was very responsive and she is very vocal. After making her cum a couple of times, we switched it up and it was my turn. She provided an ok bbbj. She is all smiles throughout. FS was definitely the highlight as she was very vocal and responsive throughout. MPOS is available. Finished in-cover during cowgirl as the view was too amazing.

Afterwards we chatted some more and ended with a nice shower for 2. She is a sweet girl who definitely enjoys sex. If your are receptive to her queues, a great time can easily be had with her. I will definitely see her again.
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