5'3" / 161 cm
32C Enhanced - 23 - 30
Eye Color
Hair Color
110 Lbs. / 49 Kg
Companionship Services, Evening Strolls, Dinner and Movies, Fine Dining, Star Gazing (YMMV)

I was feeling rather randy & in the mood for a spinner & noticed Emma Kingsley from TGF was working in Markham.
So I checked out the numerous reviews on this little hottie & decided, I have to see her.
I texted TGF to see if she wouldn’t mind an erotic shower together, I also mentioned that I could supply a shower cap if she didn’t want to get her hair wet. They got back to me in a timely manner with a “yes” so I booked an hour. Dealing with TGF is a pleasure, a great agency.

When Emma open the door, she was behind it & as I turn to see her for the first time….. well wow she is, imho hot, her stats on the web site are accurate.
I have to say her eyes are just mesmerizing. We got the pleasantries out of the way, we started to talk, getting to know each other & eventually made our way to the shower. I gave here the shower cap & mentioned that I like the way she look with it on, she looked at me with this smile (& what a smile it was). She asked if we can try and not get her face wet, she didn’t want her make up to get all messed up. I told her that wouldn’t be a problem.

Well the shower was fantastic, we got all lathered up, I began to give her a full body message, which she apparently like very much. My hand were all over her body, caressing every inch of her.
We kissed ever so softly as my hands exploring her cute little ass. I then turned her around & gave her a soft touch back message, then I move close & put my arm around her with my hand caressing her little A cup breasts, (there perfect) as I kissed the side of her neck. She turned around & started to kiss my neck as her hand made there way to my balls teasing them with her finger tips & then with her nails, she then began to strock my shaft, after only a few minutes I had to stop her as I was close to climaxing.
Her hands then caressed my back, as I continued to explore her fantastic body. I did find a couple of ticklish parts of her body. She’s got the cutest giggle ever, so being me I had to tickle her every once and a while.
She told me that she has never experienced a shower like that & that she quiet enjoy the sensual, eroticism of it all.

We finally made our way to the bedroom, she asked me “do you want me to keep the shower cap on or off” as she smiled at me. I told her she can take it off, as she has long beautiful dark hair.
I lay down on the bed & she climbs on the bed on all fours, like a cat on the prowl with a flirtatious smile.
She lightly caresses me with her fingers & starts a wonderful bbbj, after only a few minutes, I was, again about to climax. So I told her that I wanted to taste her, I began daty & she looked like she was enjoying it.
Well by this point we used up most of the hour, so I told her to put the condom on as I knew I was close & would orgasm quickly. She got on top riding me front cow girl, I asked her which position she likes, she responded from behind. So we switch to doggy, once I entered her she began to lower her self, almost laying flat on the bed. She turn her head to look at me with a satisfying smile & I began to kiss her while penetrating her.
Well it was all over in that instance, I climaxed it was a full body climax, my left leg twitching involuntary, wow.

Well over all I had a awesome time with Emma Kingsley, top marks across the board do I recommend hell ya.
Repeat that’s another hell ya, if u see this Emma thanks for a great time & your welcome cause I know u had a great time lol!!!


Taking a break from my usual routine, I decided to try the new spinner advertised by TGF. They are always reputable and my top choice for non Asian girls.

My expectations were exceeded is an understatement. She is so pretty with milky white skin, beautiful blue eyes and dark hair. I Don’t know why but black hair and blue eyes is my kryptonite.

She was polite, attentive and made our entire encounter feel natural like a tue GFE should be.

I am glad I stayed in town for this long weekend.

I would greatly recommend her and will repeat if given a chance.


I saw her pictures late Tuesday night when they came up and I knew I had to have her as soon as possible. Since I booked an appointment, I’ve been going to her pics and just jerking off to my imagination of what a session would be like with her. Petite girls with toned back muscles and tattoos have never disappointed me.

I get to the incall location and I see her and I’m taken aback because she looked different than I imagined from the pics. She looked way hotter. I was expecting an average looking eastern European type girl with a great body. Instead I got a younger, sexier version of that actress Rosamund Pike, who I’ve always thought was a unique beauty. I awkwardly handed over the money and went to take a shower and to regroup my thoughts and redo my fantasies of what I was going to do with her.

My imagination couldnt have prepared me for what I had waiting for me. First thing I had to do was kiss while exploring her tight body. She goes to the gym a lot and it’s noticeable. She definitely isnt one of those cardio bunnies who just go to chat up the guys and take selfies. I’ve had a handful of girls in good shape but none who have actually used their physical fitness to enhance the experience. We took turns with bbbj and daty, both which were great but what I really want to talk about is the sex.

She did all the work and at first I was trying to match up the pace which wasnt working out too well for me. Then I just decided to let her have her way with me and it was a great choice. I just sat or stood back while she worked her herself all over my dick and all I had to do was sit there and enjoy the view. Some guys like blowjobs more than sex because they could sit back and enjoy it, I’ve never felt that way until now. She can use her core and vag muscles to really get a good sensation going. Im usually a quiet guy in bed but my mouth just couldnt help but make random noises due to the pleasure. I had a nice intense orgasm both times that I finished.

She seems really nice to talk to as well. I’d be interested in getting to know her more because she seems interesting.

It seems like shes very new to the industry. It’s only her second day at TGF and it kind of seems like it might be her second day ever. She was really attentive to what I like and asked me if I wanted to do anything differently. Not like some of the girls who have been around for a while and just go on autopilot.

It’s one of those few times I wish I took out more money because I wanted to tip her to show my appreciation. I guess itll just have to wait until next time.


Just saw Emma today. This girl is gorgeous. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Emma greeted me warmly at the door. She has an amazing smile to go along with her beautiful face. She has amazing blue eyes and a true spinner body.

Session was full GFE, DFK/ LFK , DATY was awesome, BBBJ was quite good, DIGITS were accepted, and MPOS. She also took instruction very eagerly.

Doggie style was incredible, she has a tiny bum and a beautiful kitty. She’s quite tight as well.

Emma was easy to chat with after the deed which culminated in a very memorable session.

This girl is a true gem and I will repeat for sure.

Face 9
body 9
service 9


Just saw Emma today. This girl is gorgeous. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Emma greeted me warmly at the door. She has an amazing smile to go along with her beautiful face. She has amazing blue eyes and a true spinner body.

Session was full GFE, DFK/ LFK , DATY was awesome, BBBJ was quite good, DIGITS were accepted, and MPOS. She also took instruction very eagerly.

Doggie style was incredible, she has a tiny bum and a beautiful kitty. She’s quite tight as well.

Emma was easy to chat with after the deed which culminated in a very memorable session.

This girl is a true gem and I will repeat for sure.

Face 9
body 9
service 9


I saw Emma twice. I had to return because of how beautiful and sweet she is. The girl has the face of an angel and a delicate petite body. I wanted to enjoy my time with her which was easy given her relaxed attitude. We listened to music and made love. DATY was awesome. DFK. I was feeling like giving at the time so I mainly focused on her. I enjoyed my time with her tremendously and will see this gem again. She’s gorgeous and has a great personality.


Overall, it was a great experience.

Looks wise, she is pretty girl. Her hair is dark and definitely facially pretty. She has a symmetrical face, green eyes, and slightly enhanced lips.

As always, I shower before I see an SP. I explained this to Emma, but she still asked me to shower. She asked if she could shower with me, and I accepted her self invitation. We helped lather and wash each other, but it wasn’t as erotic or passionate as I thought it would be. It seemed more perfunctory. Oh well.

When we eventually made our way to the bed, I just soaked her in with my eyes for a minute or so. She has a petite and firm body. Her breasts are a smallish B cup with pointy, erect nipples which I loved stroking, kissing, and sucking.

She was very enthusiastic with her LFK, with her tongue seeking mine out. One caveat though – she is a smoker. I could slightly taste it, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

She enjoyed the DATY. She became more and more moist, and her labia were fully engorged . The body don’t lie.

However, she’s not very demonstrative or vocal with her pleasure.

I’m typing this damn review on my iPhone, so I’m going to skip a lot of parts.

I always finish off in doggy style. I was watching her in the mirror, and even though she had her ‘O’ face going on, it was still so pretty. She dropped down from all fours and I was lying on top of her. She would turn her head so that I could kiss her. The way she was thrusting back in rhythm with me was too much to bear. I couldn’t last too much longer.

We lay down in bed for a few minutes after. Her legs was draped over my body as we chatted. As I got dressed, she asked me to see her again.

I only started this hobby two months ago, I can tell you with confidence that I will repeat with Emma.


She’s been reviewed before, but I just wanted to confirm with another good review. She is a total sweetheart who aims to please. She is quite attractive facially with a toned slender body. One of her best features is her great ass and a her nice flat stomach.

Face: 8
Body: 8
BBBJ: 8 – good stamina, speed and suction, several DT attempts
Service: Open to many positions and can really throw that ass back
Repeat: YES, as soon as possible


When I reviewed Charlie@TGF I was fortunate to win a free half hour session for posting my review of a new girl so I decided to see Emma. Originally, I was booked for later in the day but when I confirmed my appt TGF noted that I could see her earlier if I wanted and I jumped on the opportunity but also asked for an addition 1/2 hour because I read great things about her and I’m glad I extended my time!!!

I saw Emma in Markham (love the location). Buzzed up and was greeted by Emma at the door. As usual when meeting a new girl things were a bit awkward at first… I paid her for the additional time and jumped in the shower. When I came out she asked me what I like and I told her to “work her magic.” And that she did!!! We first did a bit of kissing and then she dropped to her knees. The BJ is definitely a strength of hers. She was devouring me and I quickly had to switch things up because otherwise I would have only lasted a couple of minutes. On went the cover and Emma jumped on top of me. She rode me and rode me and god I could have stayed all day in cowboy. I flipped her over and banged her in missionary. F…..king awesome!!!She’s definitely on the quieter side when you’re having fun but her breathing and sounds she was making were definitely a turn on.

Thinking back of the past reviews I’ve read the first thing that came to mind was a word that teach used in one of the reviews. Emma is authentic. No BS. In another review, a guy had one SOG and got talking and then his time was up. I was thinking how can you let that happen??? Guess what… that happened to me… LOL!!! God I was pissed because during our conversations we were touching each other and I couldn’t wait to go again But that just shows you what a great girl Emma is. When I was saying goodbye she mentioned she’ll definitely make sure that doesn’t happen next time!!! Can’t wait. So in conclusion, when I first met Emma I thought she was at a GND level but not even 5 minutes after I left I was already trying to figure out the next time that I can see this babe. As other reviewers have said… be nice to her… she’s a keeper!!!


I saw Emma @ TGF last weekend at their Markham incall location. Booking was very easy and straightforward.

When I entered the unit, Emma greeted me with a big hug and a nice smile. From the get go I can tell that she was going to do everything in her power to ensure I had a great time. She made sure I had everything I needed for my shower. When I returned from the shower she even asked if everything was up to par in the bathroom.

Now that we’re in the room she asks what I like. I tell her and we’re off. Kissing is nice and soft with the right amount of tongue. As the dfk picks up we begin to explore each other. She’s very tiny but with curves in the right places. I remove her bra and begin to gently kiss her nipples. They are very responsive. We move on to daty which was very well received. She’s on the quieter side but her body gyrations let you know when you’re doing a good job.

Bbbj was solid. Good eye contact, always smiling and varied technique to ensure maximum pleasure. Bls and DT were well executed. Fs is a sight. MPOS was available with cowgirl and doggy being the main highlights. She really knows how to ride in cowgirl and periodically checks in with you to make sure you’re enjoying it as much as she as. Emma may be tiny but she has a nice round ass to look at and grab onto during doggy.

Finish came after another amazing bbbj. No CIM as she’s not into that which to me isn’t a big deal as it didn’t impact the quality of her bbbj.

After cleanup we had a nice conversation before I headed back to the shower.

Overall I had a very good time with her and I will definitely see her again. I am confident that if you play within her rules you will have a great time since she will go all out to ensure that you do.


Heard a lot of good stuff about this one. I just loved the sound of the name Emma Kingsley too. It gave me some sort of fantasy that im about to get with a royal or seeing a courtesan visited by Winnie the Poo and his crew with all those sophisticated British names, but I digress.

Booking and finding the location was easy. Got sent up to the flat and was met by a very pretty lady and for the next couple of minutes I was her poo bear. The flat was neat and had some decent furniture that I sadly noticed at end of session. Would have been nice to use in the festivities.

I can confirm that Emma is quite beautiful. She’s pretty chill and easy to get a good vibe with. She has been working as an SP for about 3 months and is pretty solid. She told me there are restrictions such as CIM and FIV but I was very satisfied with her service. Got LFK mostly and with DATY she was responsive. There was a nice mirror in the room and it was cool looking back and forth in 69 between her ass and the mirror. RVCG and Doggie are quite the site with Emma! Highlight of the session was watching poo bear slamming away in doggie with Emma lookin right back in the mirror with a big ol smile on her face. She was definitely in it to win it. Her BBBJ was enjoyable with great depth. She allowed 2 rounds of fun. Can’t go wrong with this one boys, highly recommend! Definitely made me feel quite welcome here in Toronto!

Review 11

Shes very pretty imo DDG, great energy and great body, small tats if i recall, can carry a converstaion.

Great dfk, sloppy bbbj a few attempts to dt, very sensual, digits, great view from the back, msog was offered from a 45min session.

Overall 9/10, repeat eventually and recommend yes.