I am a confident and intelligent young woman, currently studying in university. I have never done this before but I think I would be a great Girlfriend experience to any man because I am open minded and always willing to learn. I consider myself a good conversationalist and a great listener.
5'2 / 158cm
105 lbs
Eye Color
Dark Brown
Hair Color


This is gonna be a long one so skip to the bottom if you just want a tl;dr.

Another day of the 9-5 shift where i’m too distracted from work as usual as my mind was elsewhere. I initially tried booking with hpl for olivia but wasn’t going to waste my money on someone I didn’t want to so I could see olivia and I’m glad they turned me away as I wouldn’t have ran into Daisy otherwise so I appreciate the backward rules they have for once as it worked in my favor.

So now onto Daisy. I heard good things from the other review that were posted so I was intrigued for sure and booking with the teller was easy like usual but this time I was told going forward rates will be going up to $270 which I’m not a fan of as currently there is no loyalty program which I was told is being worked on so hopefully it works similar to mirage.

I was once again told to temper my expectations as she is new to the business and is just a uni student and to take things slow which I’m glad I listened because as I got to the incall location she did really fit the criteria.

She looks like a young gnd exchange student you would find around your uni. What caught me off is how most sp you usually see are dressed in nice lingerie but she was just dressed in a nice red dress like she’s going out on a date. She looked stunning in it and it was a nice change of pace from what i’m used to.

Now onto the actual session: I’m glad as I followed the advice of the booker as she is a very shy person and her voice was shaky at the start. English isn’t her first language but you can tell she is really putting effort into everything she says. So we conversed for the first bit until she got more comfy and I was gonna go shower and I didn’t expect it but she wanted to tag along as well. I was caught off guard as she was so reserved and shy before but once she opens up you really feel it too.

After a bit of foreplay in the shower we decided to take it to the bed as there was no showering being done at that point and once she is comfy with you she gets really intense with her dfk. She also has a nice slender figure and some nice c cups with perky nipples. Now this may be a turn off for some but she doesn’t excessively moan so it’s more of a gfe than pse, keep that in mind.

However in daty she is suuuuuper responsive as she has a nice clean shaven kitty. From what it felt like 2 minutes she was quivering hard from daty and she cums pretty easily. I would recommend bringing a raincoat from how wet it gets down there if you catch my drift ;)

She wanted to return the favor so she did some bbbj and I gotta be honest I think the technique was one of the better ones. Alot of spit and suction and no teeth so, once again, this technique coming from such a shy and reserved chick really catches you off guard. Cim is a no but cob was offered instead.

Now onto the main session it was pretty standard with your cg, miss, and rcg but doggy was the highlight as how easily she cums from it. After a bit we both needed a break from this workout and a half as she said she gets super worn out from constantly climaxing so we ended it with bls and cob.

Overall the chemistry was once again great with her constantly dfk’ing me any chance she got and that continued until we finally checked our phones and realized she had another person coming in 10 minutes…… we were well over time by this point so she is not a clock watcher by any means either. This seems to be a reocurring problem so I’m sorry to the dudes who are after me because i’m the dick running you guys late :(


Looks: gnd chinese exchange student looks. Age was accurate as well. About 5’2″ with c cups with a small slender frame and a nice small firm booty. Nicest grey eyes I’ve ever personally seen on a sp.

Services: Dfk, dato, bbbj, cob, digits and the other standard positions. (No greek or cim i believe) was shy and reserved at start but really gets into it when she gets comfy.

Repeat and personal score: will repeat for sure if I get the chance and I personally had a 10/10 time. Treat her well!


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